NQC 08: Monday Open Thread

Consider this your open invitation to post about Monday night’s NQC opener, whether you’re in the hall or one of the splurgy homebodies who ponied up for the $60 NQC tv feed.

Update: Regarding the Matt Dibler/Inspirations question raised in the comments, Mickey Gamble,  of Crossroads Records (the I’s label), wrote to say that Dibler resigned just before Labor Day for “personal reasons.”

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  1. Joshua Cottrell wrote:

    Watching the live feed, stupid lines going through it, been doing it off and on all night. Sound is off as well. I would rather be there live.

  2. Trent wrote:

    I was there Monday night.

    First, we must talk about hair. Brian Free apparently stopped at the Dollar General Store and bought some flat black spray paint and applied it to his hair. No more salt-and-pepper hair for Brian. Let’s just say it didn’t look natural tonight.

    Then there were the Kingsmen. Brian Hutson looks like the rooster in that feature-length cartoon about the rooster who plays guitar and sings like Elvis. The tenor singer for the Kingsmen had the bed head thing going on, except it was even more horrendous than you can visualize at home.

    Musically, the Triumphant Quartet closed the program and they were absolutely, stunningly good. They continue to improve each year. Actually the Perrys came up and helped them finish with “I Remember The Day The Lord Saved Me”….what a big finish tonight. Both of these groups are the class of SG right now.

    The Kingsmen had a pretty good set, but the aforementioned Hutson was pitchy on “When God Ran”. The tenor for the Primitive Quartet was pitchy. The Booth Brothers had a nice set of several of their older songs. Michael Booth got a big response to his song, which I think is called “This Love Is Mine”. Legacy Five did OK, but they are still missing the stage presence of Roger Bennett. I think the answer for them is to give the emcee duties to Frank Seamons, who always has a special rapport with a crowd. Seamons never said a word tonight. Scott Fowler is doing the talking.

  3. fromthenosebleeds wrote:

    I really like the way that the NQC is breaking up the 17-minute sets in various ways. At least the NQC is thinking of how they can make the ‘grandaddy event of SG music’ better by utilizing the talents of Aaron Wilburn, Roy Webb, Reggie Saddler, King’s Herald Quartet acapella tunes, etc. for 5 to 10-minute blocks.

    Gold City’s new lead singer Bruce Taliaferro. Gold City has no Jonathan Wilburn antics anymore, and they no longer have any legendary-type singers (like Trammell or Tim Riley). So they really just bring it vocally…and they do a great job of it. They are one of the rare artists who have energy in their set that is not conjured up via comedy/goofiness/movement/etc. That’s a wonderful attribute, to hold the audience in your hand without a gimmick. They just sing.

    As one would expect, the masses loved the old standards (the Kingsmen’s Beautiful Home and Gold City’s In My Robe Of White…Randy Shelnut singing Little Is Much to close the Dixie Echoes’ set).

    The Mark Trammell Trio is getting better and better. Phillips and Sweatman continue to improve vocally (less of a shrill sound from Phillips), and the song they sang on Monday night (What Good Would A Crown Be) is terrific. It’s a Rodney Griffin tune that is well written, a ballad that sort of thinks outside of the box. I’ve not been much of a fan of Griffin’s recent work, but that song is just great. It contrasts the myth that we’ll ‘wear a robe and crown in heaven’ by simply saying ‘what good would a crown be, in the presence of royalty.’ Kudos to Griffin and to MTT and its production staff for the arrangement and to Sweatman for the delivery.

    Jim Brady just has it together. Despite his recent high-charting songs, Brady is probably the most unnoticed/underappreciated of the Booth Brothers because he doesn’t have a distinctive sound (Ronnie Booth) nor a uber-personable - borderline goody (yet endearing) - demeanor (Michael Booth). I suppose he’s the underappreciated member of the Booth Brothers because well, he’s not a Booth. However, he does a wonderful job of delivering/communicating a song despite not having an elite voice (not that there’s anything wrong with his voice…it’s just not a high-caliber voice like Daniel Riley, Gerald Wolfe, etc.). Brady is a big-timer. Stand up and notice. He’s the glue. They’ll lose a lot if/when they lose Brady. One would have to wonder if there will not come a point to where he’ll enter into some type of professional endeavor with his talented wife Melissa Brady (who filled in for Joyce Martin at times this summer).

    The Perrys’ song The Potter Knows The Clay is just magnificant, and I really don’t know why I think that is. I believe I just like it’s simplicity (lyrically and vocally). Is Libbi sick? It sounded like it. She was having some vocal issues. She’s marvelous though, even sick. Habedank’s improving. He’s getting more comfortable singing in a consistently-higher range. Trammell is better too, more fully filling out the part. They have to get to a point to where Trammell sings more leads, even if it’s not a great sound. Find songs that fit his voice well enough. His voice is more full now. And as crazy as this might sound to some, Tracy Stuffle has made considerable strides vocally in the last 7-8 years. He’s a pleasant-sounding bass singer.

    There’s a lot of group interaction that is seeming to be emphasized this year. The Booth Brothers came up and sang with the Dove Brothers. The finale was the Perrys coming up to sing I Remember The Day with Triumphant. They’re starting every night with an opening act and concluding every night with a finale (short in each case). They’re also following the opening act with a short sing-a-long, which Gerald Wolfe led on Monday.

    Gas prices must be affecting the ice cream industry as well. Large waffle cones are up to $6. That just hurts.

  4. jbb wrote:

    I totally agree about the live feed…Can’t believe they can’t get it straigtened out and for the price you pay, you expect it to be better than it is. Our sound kept cutting in and out and it was every few minutes. The lines drove me crazy. Some groups, it didn’t matter, cause we were wondering how they got on the main stage anyway. And speaking of, how did this group Southern Sound (I think that was the name) get on main stage. Never heard of them. Are they full time/part time/ regional or what?
    What was your thought on why Riley was in tan and the rest in black. I thought he stuck out like a sore thumb. I know it doesn’t sound like it, but, I actually enjoyed it last night. We projected it to our wall in the living room.
    While I miss the waffle cones, I sure wouldn’t pay $6 for one. I’m making home-made ice cream for our party…..Have to say my favorite was the Perrys and Triumphant. Joseph is doing great and adds so much as well as Nick. You could sure tell Nick’s parents are proud , and rightfully so. Can’t wait for tonight.

  5. gina wrote:

    I didn’t make it to NQC this year or get to see the live feed last night, but saw on another blog that Matt Dibler is not there with the Inspirations. Can anyone confirm? If true, who replaced him?

  6. notaboothbrotherfan wrote:

    Well the first right thing that has been said on this forum is that Jim Brady does not have a distinctive voice. You missed the point on the rest of them though.

    Some of you may think that I am being hard on the booth brothers but I have decided to take a stand against the false element of SG music.

    I love this ministry and I am going to see it thrive if I have to tear it down and rebuild it myself.

    Long live REAL ministry minded groups.

  7. PR wrote:

    What is up with the onstage group finishing up their final song with the group members following them? One of the special things about NQC has always been having this kind of cross-singing and playing (think from years past some Speers joining the Dove Brothers on “Didn’t It Rain”, Karen and Kelly together for a chorus of “Robe and Crown”, Mike Hopper drumming for lots of folks). I know it happens in concerts with multiple artists but it remains a nice touch at NQC because it promotes that whole idea that the NQC is the one place where almost all of the stars align. But already on Monday night the “phenomenon” occurred at least four times. Most anything in excess loses its novelty.

  8. volscot wrote:

    I was watching the video feed last night. Dibler was not with the Inspos. I didn’t recognize who was singing, and Martin Cook didn’t introduce him.

    I also had the same issues with the lines rolling through the video and the audio being distorted. Curiously, the audio was also at a very low volume. Even when I had the volume on the Media Player and the main volume on my computer maxed out, I could barely hear it. When I turned both of them down, the distortion was still there, so the distortion problem is on the front end.

  9. SGfan wrote:

    #6 notaboothbrotherfan

    Give it a rest. You are really bitter aren’t you? The only stand you are making is up on a podium so everyone can see your jealousy, arrogance, and ignorance.

  10. Leebob wrote:

    Doug - are you ever going to require people like NBBF to come out of anonymity and take account of his comments. There are groups I don’t care for and I will say as much, usually due to sound or style. HOWEVER, I have never knocked their ability to minister.

    On the contrary, I have found the BB to be extremely ministry oriented even in venues that are not condusive to ministry. Sometimes, not in every case, it is the listener’s heart that is not prepared to be ministered to. Been there done that on both sides. NBBF, please re-spin the wheel and bye a clue when it comes to inflammatory comments that are so vague that you cannot even place your real name on here. If you don’t like them because they are not your taste simply say so but don’t knock another man’s ministry. It seems like you have an axe to grind as I have seen nothing else from you but this. Maybe you have something a little more constructive to add?

  11. Leebob wrote:

    3. fromthenosebleeds…I agree totally on Jim Brady. Having added someone to our group who is not family and now having them becoming as close as family, I can say that by now Jim probably feels pretty close to being one of the Booths. Every encounter with him has shown me nothing but class and a sense that he is at peace with his current situation.

  12. Greg from VA wrote:

    #6- It is evident that you do not know the Booth Brothers at all. And I’ll just leave it there. You can’t tear down and rebuild something that you cannot control. Southern Gospel music is just like the church. It is the people that make it.

  13. Mike McIlwain wrote:

    I think the Southern Sound group to whom you referred in your post is the same group that is led by Ben Harris. Ben occassionally posts here at times. It seems as if I read sometime in the past that Ben has said that he doesn’t know exactly how to describe the group when it comes to being part-time, regional, or full-time. I know that he runs a studio, knows his stuff when it comes to music and to sound equipment, and has a passion for excellence when it comes to gospel music.

    Southern Sound does cover a lot of territory when they travel. I think that they are coming to South Florida in January 2009. I didn’t get to see the group on the live feed, but I’m sure that they did a quality job of singing. Ben is committed to ministry, class, and excellence as he leads his group.

  14. jbb wrote:

    #13: Thanks for the post.
    The live feed didn’t do anything or anyone justice. I can only hope that someone was watching and will certainly tell whoever is in charge. This is only Tues. We have 5 nights to go. The continual moving lines across their faces and such and then the sound, pretty annoying.

  15. KC wrote:

    Did the Kingsmen have a band or area they still doing tracks?

  16. D. Ann Bailey wrote:

    Dear Not a Booth Brothers Fan; your anger and jealousy are showing to a huge degree. You may not like the Booth Brothers but YOU have NO control over SGM as a whole to build, tear down (other than by malious comments) or rebuild anything.

    Last time I checked (and even if I hadn’t checked) God is in charge - not you! You don’t like the Booth Brothers, we get it. You aren’t going to hear them, we don’t care. You wish they weren’t singing, well they are and will continue to do so. Get a life and get over it!

  17. Trent wrote:

    Southern Sound definitely deserves to be there. They are a great group.

    The Booth Brothers are classy all the way and Jim Brady is both personable off the stage and a great singer/songwriter. Truly his vocals are a MAJOR part of the Booth Brothers’ sound today.

    #15, the Kingsmen used tracks for the whole set Monday night. Looked like the young guy squatted down by the stage running the tracks machine was Ray Dean Reese’s son. Didn’t he formerly play drums for them?

    I would add that although Phillip Hughes doesn’t have much stage presence, the guy can forevermore sing a gospel song. He’s a tremendous vocalist.

  18. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #5: It’d be pretty cool if players from other groups helped them out during their sets. As far as I know, The Kingsmen are without a band.

  19. BaritoneBob wrote:

    What happened to the Kingsmen band?

  20. cdguy wrote:

    Southern Sound and Ben Harris HAVE been around for a long time. Good group of guys, and they do a good job, both musically and ministry wise.

    A quick check of their website shows they’re pretty busy the next several months, from Florida to Oklahoma to Michigan. (They’re based in Nashville.) That’s not very regional, IMHO.

    Congrats to Ben, Trevor & the gang on the main stage performance.

  21. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #19: The Band disbanded sometime last year, with bass player Grant Barker and pianist Nick Succi leaving. Brandon Reese moved to running sound.
    The group is looking for a piano player at the moment, then they will look for a bass player, after which Brandon will return on drums.

  22. Jim Lee wrote:

    So glad to know that Southern Sound was on the main stage, though I was not able to attend this year. Listen carefully to this group! There are few, if any, that can put together the tightest of harmonies as they do. They are always a pleasure, very professional but very sincere.

  23. notaboothbrotherfan wrote:

    Ok…to all of you so willingly chide me for saying I don’t think the Booth Brothers deserve their fame and then turn and bash my groups ministry without knowing anything about us……shame.

    I HAVE witnessed the things that I have said about them. You can disagree with my statements but to say that my group is bad or all of the above…you have never heard us and know nothing about us so who is judging unfairly now.

    This blind hero worship that exists in SG
    is one of the biggest problems in SG.

    I stand by statements that they are very average singers at best. They prance around on stage and wear their shirts unbuttoned 2-3 buttons so you can see their pretty boy chains. They gyrate their hips and legs and call it ministry.

    If that is ministry…..Heaven help us.

  24. SGfan wrote:

    #23 notaboothbrotherfan

    I don’t recall anyone bashing your group, but merely asking you to put your money where your mouth is. We have made assertations from the info you have provided and the attittude of the comments you have posted. If you think we are being unfair, then prove us wrong. Provide proof to back up your claims. Link us to audio clips of your group so we can decide who the better singers are. I would point out to you that the Booth Brothers ministry has been far more effective than any of this garbage that you have posted. Man, the best thing for you to do is to grow up and get a life and a clue. Quit acting like a jealous two year old who is mad at someone getting more attention than you. If your comments are a representation of what ministry is, then God help us. Heaven itself will not be enough.

  25. doesheknow wrote:

    I heard Matt Dibler had an affair with church pianist and was fired…

  26. Trevor Haley wrote:

    Thank you all for the kind words you have shared about our quartet. This was our third year to be asked to be on the “mainstage”, and it is indeed a very humbling and special experience for us to be a part of. We have been blessed through the years to have attracted a very dedicated group of supporters who believe, and appreciate the kind of music we are commited to. We may not gain the mass appeal of some of the more commercial groups, but who wants to be a sound-alike anyway? We have tried to forge our own identity and sound, and thankfully our audience is growing. It appears this will wind up being our busiest and most successful year, and we are very thankful. We hope the board of the NQC will see fit to have us around for many more years to come. We hope everyone in Louisville has a great week and will come by and see us!

  27. Ben Harris wrote:

    We of Southern Sound have been around for ten years now, and three years running on the main stage at NQC. We have been at GOGR for 6 years in a row. We are very thankful to be a part of NQC and the great tradition it is. Also, this year at NQC I was asked to be a board member of the SGMA, which I was thrilled to accept. Trevor is very right in that we take our role in this industry very seriously. We sing a different style than most, and we are not about screaming our lungs out to ellicit a response. If it cannot be done with good tight harmony, then we are not your cup of tea. Sometimes I wish people would stay in their seats and listen to the groups they don’t already know. They might find in them music and ministry to their liking. Not only Southern Sound, but all those newer groups that are presented at NQC. The board at NQC so fit to include names you may not know. They made those choices for a reason.

  28. Larry wrote:

    I have never heard nor do I know the Southern Sound, but, I learn a lot by reading and listening. Every time I’ve read any thing Ben Harris has written it has never been critical of anyone. I believe he does what he does for the right purpoce, serving God. And NO ONE can critisize that.

  29. Rebekah Benton wrote:

    You need to really think before you speak!

  30. Wade wrote:


    Would not be the first time something like that happened… it make sense for the suddenness and the quite matter it has happened…especially since it is the Insp… most groups would have had him come do this week to get through it. AND I woud not blame them… it is a biz.


  31. Wade wrote:

    Rebekah… Believe me many of us here will pray for Matt & his family. God Bless all of you. The edit that Doug chose to use was nothing bad about Matt or even the Inspo’s.

    I simply referred to 2 similar situations I thought was common knowledge. I do not know why he would edit that and not the stuff above but it is his club.

    But believe me many great men have fallen and came back to be even bigger blessings. Since DH does not want me giving you those examples King David is My FAV!!!

  32. Callie wrote:

    Doessheknow was absolutely correct about Matt Dibler….. and the reason he was fired

  33. Rebekah Benton wrote:

    I know he was correct (Doesheknow) Matt Dibler is very close to me and my family. And it really hurts me for some one to just come on here and blurt that out. Matt needs our prayers and support. He doesnt need people tearing him down. Anyone of us or our family members could be in Matts situation and we would not want people so willingly to blurt it out. We are sup to be Christians let try to handle ourselves that way by praying not tearing down. This whole website i a joke. There is no reason for poeple to be trashing southern gospel. That is the music we need reaching a lost and dying world so lets support it. Whoever started this website obviously has NO LIFE WHATSOEVER OR EITHER IS JUST SO JEALOUS!!!

  34. SCBOY wrote:

    Rebekah I am not supporting Matt, I am supporting his poor wife who he cheated on…. and the only reason you are supporting him is because it was also you…. I have seen you hanging alllllllll over him…. Girl get a man your own age!!

  35. SCBOY wrote:

    and if you are any kind of christian you would not be supporting matts sins either!
    that is just rediculous!!

  36. Rebekah Benton wrote:

    I am not supporting his sin. People (christians) sin every day, no one is perfect but that doesnt mean we just toss them to the curb. Imagine if God did that to us when we sinned? And i do have a man i hate you feel that way toward me when you dont even know me. Oh by the way i have nothing with him (Matt), If i did i sure as heck wouldnt be on here defending him or asking people to pray for him!!!!!!! So get that right.

  37. Rebekah Benton wrote:

    To whom it may concern,
    When i say we need to support him (Matt), im meaning his family too. Im sorry i didnt make that clear i know his wife needs far more support then he. Again im sorry for not making that clear.

  38. Matilda wrote:

    And, he has also inflicted great hurt on the members of the Inspirations and their families. And why would any Godly group even consider overlooking his mess just to have him present at the convention. The Inspirations stand for more than that. Praise the Lord.

  39. EHS07 wrote:

    I was shocked when I first read what happened with bro. Matt. I have known him for years.. and he used to be my pastor back in south carolina… I will still love him and pray for him and his wife and kids. As Christians we should try to build him up to get him back where he needs to be… weve all failed the Lord.. and pastors have the same if not worse temptations then you or I do… please be in prayer for not just his family but for him too.. hes a very special man to me… I know what he did was wrong.. but when youve known him for so long you cant just turn your back on him. and also please pray for me im really burdened about him.

  40. Callie wrote:

    I truly do not believe that anyone is turning their back on Matt….. we live in a generation that says just forgive and go on, which we should all forgive as Christ has forgiven us… but we all have to remember in our lives that we have to be responsible for our sin ~ this is a very serious situation and we need to let God do the mending, not man !
    May each of you have a blessed and wonderful day !

  41. stunned1 wrote:

    I agree with all these post about Bro. Matt as well as his family needing our prayers. But lets not forget there is was “another party” involved. I don’t know anything about the situation but she also needs prayers, as well as her family, if she has one.

  42. EHS07 wrote:

    yea thats true I was thinking about that too, she also needs our prayers

  43. outsidelookingin wrote:

    I frequented Matt’s former church often and I must say that the fact that anyone would put information on this website or any other website about his personal life is completely discusting. It is not ANYBODY’S business but the two family’s that are involved in this situation. It is funny to me that some people claim to be such devoted christians yet you have the nerve to cast a stone at someone for the choices that THEY made. I am sure that we have all sinned and felt horrible about what we did….the only difference is….that sin was more than likely not posted on the internet for someone to google and find… how do you think that would make YOUR family feel? Or YOU? They all need your prayers….not your opinions….not your judgement….not your sudden dislike….not your INTERNET postings…..just your PRAYERS. That is all. Some people are just so hung up on gossip and everyone elses life…here is an idea….worry about you and your family then maybe next time you wont be so quick to exploit everyone elses personal affairs….. I am sure that none of Matt’s family or the other partys family would appreciate any of the stuff that some of you have posted on here….however I am sure that they would appreciate your prayers and appreciate you respecting their privacy as they all try to work through the issue. He made the right choice by admitting his sins and RESIGNING from the church….he needs guidance and so does his family and the other family but nobody can give them that but GOD and nobody can judge any of them but GOD. Please remember that the next time you decide to talk about something on the internet….. of all places…..or anywhere else. It is not your business nor your place to judge anyone. So please…be quiet.

  44. Callie wrote:

    HMMM……. Nicely written and sounds good…. But you don’t have the right spirit as well, see you are being judgmental yourself and sounds like, I am sorry, but promoting Matt and there is another family involved, who may have a different version that what you are trying to paint…. so you are just as guilty as using this posting for your own benefit ! !

  45. Callie wrote:

    Your posting seemed right at first, until you carefully threw in that “Matt had admitted his sin and RESIGNED” - vs. that Matt was confronted and dismissed…… you see in actuallity your posting caused more harm than anyother on this site thus far ……. That did not have to be mentioned at all to make your point, but you threw that in there purposely and deceitfully……

    We are all praying for both families and for God’s mending in their homes and hearts ! and that has been stressed in most of these posts…a lot of people are hurting right now

    May each of you have a wonderful and blessed day !

  46. Galatians 6:1 wrote:

    I have been readin over these comments and I am very heartbroken over the things that are being said. I know Bro. Matt personally and he is one of the best Christians that I know. Yes, he did wrong, but why should we throw him under the bus for a mistake that he made? What Bro. Matt needs is some people that are willing to try to help restore him. Galatian 6:1 is a verse that some of you need to read. I know about the situation and some of the facts are not being presented accurately. Bro. Matt was not dismissed from his church. He was confronted, but he admitted what was done and did the right thing and resigned. It is because of people like some of you that he does not feel like there is a church that he can go to and be restored. Some of you need to examine your own lives and worry about your own sins before you start tearing down someone else. If he had not been a part of the Inspirations then this would not be an issue at all with you. Luke 6:41. Bro. Matt and his family need prayer and support during this time. Websites like these should not contain any information about this situation. It is none of your business. How can anyone ever move past this if there are things like this going on?

  47. Concerned wrote:

    I am just curious as to what you (Callie) mean by there is another family involved, who may have a different version that what you are trying to paint??

  48. stunned1 wrote:

    I absolutely agree Galations 6:1 - I too believe this is getting so much attention because of him being an Inspiration. And it is a shame that when we get in situations that we feel like there is no church that will accept us and love us regardless of what has happened in our lives. I know personally how it feels. No matter what church you visit its like everyone looks at you as if you have no right being there. I think this is what has turned so many people away from even going to church. God help us all that we will love as Christ loved the Church.

  49. Callie wrote:

    Galatians 6:1

    You will also be held accountable for your words, as we are all held accountable for our words.

    Saying that no church will take him in and restore him is a lie of Satan because God will take care of his Own ! Never doubt that!

    and because of his position as pastor and Inspirations, there are many hurt families including the woman that he was involved with that I am sure is suffering just as much ! and unless you have personally talked with all the parties involved, you cannot say that you know the situation !! If you have, then correct me..

    In the churches, we like to play on people’s emotions and that is what I feel like your posting was for…. not an encouragement ??

  50. EHS07 wrote:

    I dont like that this was exploited on the internet either. I dont know any info on this situation other than from on here… it really needs to stay “unspoken”. I wish I would have never known because it hurts really bad to know someone so close to me fell like that.
    I hate that it had to be on the internet where I found it… but theres nothing we can do about that now.. its already been said. What we can do is pray and not share anything else we may know.. this situation is b/w Bro. Matt and God and his family… this is how untrue things get said and it makes the situation worse.

    I know there are some of you who just know him as an Inspiration like stunned1 said… but I know him as a loving father, husband, and pastor. Bro. Matt is a true man of God. His sin was wrong, he knows that, God knows that, and God will take care of it. we don’t have the right to take God’s place in judging him, or whatever God may do. He’s a Christian saved by grace just like you and me. We really need to pray for him and the other person. As Christians we need to bare one anothers burdens (Gal. 6:2). I believe it would be ok to be on here as Christians to show compassion towards Bro. Matt and who ever else involved and pray for them, but not to talk about them behind their backs and share stuff that we may not know is accurate, and tear them and each other down. That’s not what God would want us to do.

  51. Galatians 6:1 wrote:


    You apparently misunderstood what I said. I did not say that there was not a church that would take him in. You have to realize though that a lot of people know him. I’m sure he can’t just go anywhere he wants to church without feeling the stares and answering the questions.
    I seriously doubt that you have taken the time to talk with every party involved, but you did make the statement that someone else was wrong about whether he was dismissed or resigned. It sounds like to me that you are doing the same thing as you accuse me of doing and only hearing one side.
    I am not trying to play with anyone’s emotions. All I want is to see things like this stop so that all the people involved in this can try to move on. This needs to stop because the families should’t have to read about this stuff on the internet and see comments like have been made here so far.

  52. callie wrote:

    galations 6:1

    Unfortunately, for you, I have spoken with both parties involved…..

  53. callie wrote:

    The truth will come out and yes, I believe that God will do the judging as He is not blinded to the truth

    This is sadder that any of us can imagine - there are actually so many hurt families involved presently and in the past

  54. stunned1 wrote:

    Referring to the statement about them not being able to go to just any church without feeling uncomfortable: This is true. But where are the pastors that Bro. Matt has been affiliated with? What about the deacons or elders and the “spiritual leadership” in these churches they pastor? Why doesn’t one or more step up and say “Hey church, we have a brother in need that GOD would have us take in and love and help him and his family get through this.” This is what the church is suppose to do. Not only Bro. Matt and his family but the other family as well. We could all as saved church members learn a lesson from this!

  55. Galatian 6:1 wrote:

    Since I am very close to the Matt Dibler family, I know the people that have talked with Bro. Matt. Knowing this there are only a handful of people that are concerned with his side of the story and not just yours because it is becoming more and more obvious who you are.
    Well you are right; the truth will come out in time and Bro. Matt is not the one who has to be worried about that. He has done nothing but admit what he did and confess it to the Lord. That is all he needs to do. And I’m not sure how you know everything that has happened in the past, or how you know the people involved, but it would be good if at least some things could be left unsaid. I think there has already been enough said to hurt than is necessary. There is no reason for more to be added to it.

  56. outsidelookingin wrote:

    I agree with Galations6:1, Nicely said.

  57. Callie wrote:

    Galatians 6:1

    You would be very surprised about who I am and not the obvious….

    and yes, the truth will prevail… Aren’t you so thankful about that !

    Our God is so good and faithful…. We serve an awesome God and my burden is for the loss and dying…. sorry you got so personal about all this, but keep your eyes on Christ and not man !

    Have a blessed day!

  58. EHS07 wrote:

    I really do pray that God will lead them to a church that will lovingly take them in.. there are some churches I know that would not let them in the doors because of their situation.. which isnt right.. but I at least know of one church that they will be loved at. Im not meaning to be boastful so forgive me but Matt’s brother is my pastor and I know he would take him in in a heartbeat. If Matt and his family were wanting to come to our church I know that they would be accepted.. so if all else fails then he will always have a “home church” he and his family can come to. So dont worry about the church thing. I think he knows he has a home with our church family.. but its just a matter of him accepting it or not.. and also his family and our church are in two different states so that would be a hindrance.