NQC 08: Quote of the day

Via DBM’s liveblogging of the Solid Gospel Monday-night feed:

9:20 PM - The Inspirations begin with “Amazing Grace.” Fans are already applauding by the end of verse one. Archie Watkins sounds like a rooster[.]

Heheh. Sounds about right to me, though it seems awfully unfair to roosters.

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  1. jbb wrote:

    We must remember that most fans listen with their heart, not their ears. I thought that I read somewhere that Archie retired.

  2. Leebob wrote:

    ROTFLOL!!!! LeeNonstinkingBob chooses to walk away fromt his one.

  3. Aaron Swain wrote:

    They’re saying at SoGospelNews forums that Matt Dibler left the group and his church position. Looks that way on The Inspirations’ site as well.
    Anybody at NQC care to confirm?

  4. SGFAN65 wrote:

    Appears maybe Matt Dibler is travelling with his own family group ? After a google search - I found this


  5. gina wrote:

    Matt Dibler does have a family group that sings on a local (regional?) level and has done so for some time. Looks like the project on this page was put out in 2006 though, and the page has no recent updates. I would be surprised if he left the Inspirations AND the church he pastored to pursue this ministry. Does anyone know?

  6. J wrote:

    Who cares about the Matt thing. I’m starting a support group for the roosters. This kind of thing can scar a rooster for life!! Wait till FogHorn Leghorn hears about this.

  7. pastsupporterofsg wrote:

    I haven’t heard the Inspirations in a long time, but. I used to love to hear Archie sing Amazing Grace.. Especially when they were out on that Mountain at Inspiration Park. To hear it echo from those hills. It was beautiful. “A rooster???”

  8. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #5: Never mind, they changed the wording on his bio. When I looked recently, it sounded like he had left both the church and the group.

  9. Chuck Stevens wrote:

    I love the way on the Audio Feed, they cut in all the time when there is no need to do so. Bad radio. Always when the song is at it’s best or Dennis Swanberg is telling one of his better jokes, you get the point. They have done this every year for years, so i should not be shocked. That being said, I enjoy them providing us the chance to listen in.

  10. Bryce wrote:


    You were initially correct. Matt is no longer an employee of the church.


  11. chuck wrote:

    what is the thing about ARCHIE???????? i agree with “jbb” you listen with your heart no matter who is singing the gospel this stuff of putting gospel groups down you need to look at yourselves because they are trying to spread the word in GODS MUSIC, he is the one that gives these songs and they sing the special message of CHRIST the INSPIRATIONS are going though a lot right now and do not do not need to be put down we need to pray for MATT and the group
    write something cherrfull about them

  12. Rebekah Benton wrote:

    Chuck i sooo agree with you! These people have nothing better to do with there lives so all they want to do is trash people, who they probably are jealous of. My family and i are really good friends with Matt Dibler and he does need our PRAYERS not there TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Part of the way Archie sounded over the internet feed was due to the distortion.

    The combination of his unique, piercing tone, compared with the streaming audio breaking it up resulted in a sound not too distant from many roosters I have heard over the years.

  14. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    I don’t know if you were addressing my initial quote or not, but I did write something nice about the Inspirations as I do from time to time.

    Doug just didn’t quote it.

  15. Callie wrote:


    Matt has his wife and daughters and the Lord….. We need to respect his privacy and his marriage and his family during this time……Prayers is the best solution for all !! May Christ be exalted !!

  16. Rebekah Benton wrote:


    Im not putting Matt down in any way. I know he needs prayes and thats exactly what im doing. I have not said one thing about his personal life, which by now alot of people know. And i dont need you telling me what to do.

  17. Callie wrote:


    Please don’t be defensive …. just Re read your response to me…… If you truly care about the Dibler family, then respect his marriage.

  18. Rebekah Benton wrote:

    How am i not respecting his marriage? What have i said to you to make you feel that way?

  19. Matilda wrote:

    I MUST comment on the Archie thing. Archie is a fine singer - like most of us, he is getting older and his voice is getting tired-er. I’m with the guy who loved to hear him sing Amazing Grace at Inspiration Park. I still do - and Buleah Land is almost as good when it bounces off the mountains surrounding the park. WOW! What a blessing - just to see and hear a man that has walked with the Lord and proclaimed The Word in song and been faithful as long as Archie has. Pray for him too. In fact, we just need to pray for all the members of the Inspirations. There are not many around like them and I thank the Lord for them.

  20. Callie wrote:


    Your Actions speak louder than your words…..

    Unless you know something that we don’t, Matt is a married man and that holy bond should be respected……

    As we are all praying for the Inspirations, pray for their families that sacrifice and allow them to travel and be such a blessing to so many lives across this great nation!

  21. musiclover08 wrote:

    Rebekah deff knows more than some of you because she is so overwhelmed by Matt Dibler. I personally know Bro.Matts daughters and have been told way too much information about Rebekah and her family.She is not as Godly as she proclaims to be on here.
    Matt is a married man with a fine family and she needs to lay off of him.
    I agree with the other post on here maybe she should try finding a man her own age instead of one old enough to be her daddy!!

  22. Rebekah Benton wrote:

    Alot of people are overwhelmed by Matt Dibler. I wouldnt go so far as to say that i am overwhelmed, especially since you dont even know me. And his daughters dont relly know me or my family. I can take people talking about me because i know whats true but there is no reason they should be talking about my family. Oh and by the way i do have a man if you or his daughters really knew me like you think, you would know that. Sorry you feel that way.

  23. Rebekah Benton wrote:

    Im sorry if ive offended you or came across wrong. That was not my intention. I know as much as everyone else, nothing more. Again i am really sorry.

  24. EHS07 wrote:

    What happened with Matt and his family really doesnt need to be shared around the net.. eventually it will anyway… but its b/w him and God and his family. Now that I know what happened I really wish I didnt know because it hurts to know now, but all we can do is pray for him and please if you dont know and you care about Matt dont ask what happened. Its just something that you dont want to hear.

  25. Callie wrote:

    I got saved in the summer of 1988 and the Inspirations group was a part of the Holy Spirit conviction in my life! I want to thank Martin Cook for being such a pillar of Godliness in the Inspirations and keeping the consistency of Christ honoring music! and Archie, to me, has the power on him… he could just hum and you could feel the moving of God….. I hope the Inspirations do not get discouraged, but that God would give them a cup overflowing for their needs and encouragement to keep on singing the Word…… As for me and my home, we are uplifiting them all in prayer.

    Have a fantastic day !!

  26. onetbytby wrote:


    Does your prayer include Matt Dibler or just the current Inspirations?

  27. Inspiration fan wrote:

    I just wish Martin Cook would make a statement and let us know if any of this gossip is really true. I’m beginning to wonder if any of it is true because nobody will say what has happened. The Inspirations have always been and always will be my favorite group. They just sing and don’t play around when they are on stage. I firmly believe they know what they are singing about. They have been a blessing to me and my family for years and we have followed them since nearly the beginning of the group. Before anybody asks, yes I would like to know what happened, but I think that whatever it is, the problem is only magnifed by the fact that Matt is in the public eye. When God forgives who are we not to forgive? I’m not saying it won’t really hurt me, but I know Matt is just like everyone is, he is HUMAN!!!!! He is just a sinner saved by God’s Grace.

  28. stunned1 wrote:

    Our family has also been an Inspirations fan for many years and always will be. We love them all including Matt Dibler and no matter what has happened that will not change. We will miss him greatly. As far as Martin Cook making any kind of public statement, I really don’t think that will happen.

  29. John E. Tuck wrote:

    I just found out about Matt no longer with The Inspirations. The last time I saw the Inspirations, I had Matt pray with me after a concert. I was in a spiritual slump in my life. He is a very genuine man. Let’s pray for him and his family.

  30. inspirationsgroupie wrote:

    ok. So this has really gotten out of hand with Matt. Unfortunatly, the news has spread like wild fire. Simply because he holds a position in the church and the inspirations. I am close friends with the family. Matt is like my older brother. Please stop the gossiping and start the praying for the Inspirations, that God will send them who he desires for the group and for Matt that he will seek God’s will and feel his grace during this time in his life. Also pray for our church as we will miss Matt, and are seeking a new pastor. Also you should think about what you are writing because his family has been reading stuff, and there is no need in them being discouraged while they are down so bad. I know everyone is praying for the Inspirations, and Matt, but please pray for the other family involved.

  31. Wishwewereallperfect wrote:

    Let’s all encourage Martin Cook to keep Matt Dibler as the leader singer of the Inspirations due to his remarkable talent and humble spirit in repenting and asking for forgiveness.

    Apparently, he gave in to temptation, as did David in the old testament, yet repented of it and should be forgiven. God may use him more than ever to reach others who acknowledge sins, yet never feel accepted by the “perfect” ones.

    According to Luke 12:10, the only sin that will not be forgiven is blaspheming against the Holy Spirit. Let’s all forgive Matt and encourage him to be stronger than ever for the Lord.

  32. stunned1 wrote:

    To: Wishwewereallperfect: That would be great if Bro. Matt returned to The Inspirations. If that is not possible then maybe with another group. Can’t wait to see him singing again!

  33. Callie wrote:

    To: Wishwewereallperfect:
    This is not the first time that he has given into the temptation… but repeatedly, now how do I explain this to my teenage son to keep himself pure when a man in leadership position in the church and singing across the country has continually been unfaithful to his wife, but people like you want to put him on a pedestal because of who he is…

    I am teaching my children that we do sin as we are all sinners saved by grace, but there is a consequence for your sin - even in the secular world, this would never be permited, but somehow in the religious world, we justify it loudly and we wonder what is wrong with the youth of the church ???

    This lukewarmness is causing our Christ to throw up….. using scriptures to back up wrong…. would you be saying this if he was caught with a man ????

  34. stunned1 wrote:

    Are you making assumptions are do you have solid proof such as witnesses? I don’t know anything about his personal life and it is none of our business but I just find it hard to believe that Martin Cook would allow him to be a part of the Inspirations for so long if this was a repeated pattern and public knowledge. Unless what you are saying happened long before he became a member of the group.

  35. Mary wrote:

    It’s a sad state of affairs when most of you have nothing better to do than to be informants of something that you know nothing about. Wow! People need the Lord! Share the gospel, not the gossip.

  36. this is rediculous wrote:

    To: Callie.. You seem to be the only person making the accusation that this has been a repeated offense. What exactly are you trying to prove? He’s already paying the consequences of his sin. Maybe your just jealous that he wasn’t involved with you…or maybe you are the person he was involved with and mad because its over. And when it comes to explaining to your teenage son..why would you anyway? If he is not directly involved this should not have to be discussed. And if he is directly involved, it should be discussed with respect and a spirit of forgiveness. I think we are all accountable for our own sins…including making accusations that are untrue!

  37. Ephesians 4:32 wrote:

    And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another,even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.

  38. Vernon wrote:

    “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her” John 8:7
    Who are WE to cast stones at Matt? Which one of us can say that we have never sinned and that we will never sin? It’s a good thing that God doesn’t use our standards to judge us! Thank GOD that we don’t have to stand before a jury of our peers on judgement day!

  39. ehs07 wrote:

    That passage of scripture about the adulterous woman (John 8) is the same message that my pastor preached Sunday morning, my pastor also happens to be Matt’s Brother. We dont have the right to judge Matt, because we are sinners saved by grace just like him. Hes a Christian and JESUS paid for all of his sins even sins he commited after he got saved. Jesus knew that Matt was gonna give in to that temptation before he was even born. I know personally that Matt is getting right with the Lord now, and is workin hard to keep his family together. So dont be those acccusers like in that passage that acted like they had never sinned. We all deserve to be stoned to death and sent to hell anyway.. Jesus is the judge, not us. Just pray for him and his family, that is the best thing that you can do. You know all this “talk” isnt going to help anyone at all.

    God bless everyone

  40. ehs07 wrote:

    that was supposed to be John 8, sry…

  41. stunned1 wrote:

    I just read wonderful news concerning Bro. Matt over on the singing news forum. God is good!!!

  42. ehs07 wrote:

    thanks for posting that stunned1 i just went and saw the thread. I am so THANKFUL. My pastor, Matts bro. was telling us last night that he and his family were doing really well, and when I read that thread that put the icing on the cake lol I was worried about him, and now I see that he is back!! Gos is starting to turn this thing around for his glory and that is awesome. We;’ve all got alot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone

  43. BigFan wrote:

    What is the good news? I can’t find anything about him. I have always loved Matt and pray that things work out for him. As was stated in another comment, we are all sinners saved by God’s grace. I don’t think we should be throwing any stones here, I can surely find fault in my life, I only pray that with Gods help we can all do more for His sake. That’s all that really matters. I would love to hear some good news for Matt.

  44. ehs07 wrote:

    Thats true BigFan. all we do should be to the glory of God. The good news is on the Singing News Forum its on a thread called “Whats up with the Inspirations??” its like three pages back I think.. but thats where it is.

  45. ILikeInspirations wrote:

    If Matt Dibler committed adultry, he can confess his sin to Christ, repent and receive forgiveness. However, I am glad he is not in the Inspirations any longer if it is true he had an affair.

    I’ve always admired the group’s moral fiber and can totally understand why they would not want him in the group. Nothing is wrong with wanting to maintain moral standards. If this was Martin Cook’s decision, I support him whole heartedly, though I expect that the entire ordeal was hard for all members. They are in a time of adjustment.

    Yes, we should pray for the Insprations, as well as Matt Dibler and family.

  46. Richard Nash wrote:

    I am praying for Bro. Matt & his family. God will sustain us in our trials. But for the grace of God, we could all be in a very similar situation. They are to be admired for trying to work it out. God Bless Bro. Matt & his family as well as the Inspirations.
    Just seen them last night in Valdosta, Georgia and they were good as they always are. God Bless.

  47. namid wrote:

    You people should get a grip. What has been posted on here is accurate. Callie, I dont know who you are, but I’ve known the Dibler’s since the 80’s on a very personal level. You obviously have some gossip connection with Open Door Baptist. I too would like to know your point. Also, even though I love him very much, I think you all are being way too lenient on him if you know the history.

  48. hello wrote:

    I knew Matt in the 80’s too. If you cannot find a reason to forgive and restore Matt in your Bible, then just try a secular book on general ethics and morals. If you think you love him and are his true friend and you want to talk about his mistakes on the internet, and if you can’t find find a reason in your Bible why not too, then check out a secular book on true frienship and loyalty. Maybe Matt should come home to Michigan with his beautiful family and roll up his sleeves, we could use him here. His music continues to be an inspiration to us, but we are not the Bible belt and tend to be more Christ like in our ability to love eachother in the way God intended. Do not be decieved, you are showcasing your failure here, not Matt’s. He can come home anytime to open arms and all the suport he and his family needs here, without your blatherings. We know who he is, we know how to overcome and move forward and we know most of all how to love and appreciate. You can come home anytime Matt, we love you and we have all sinned and come up short. We will not single you out here but welcome you with open arms and open hearts.

  49. Gina Gullett wrote:

    I don’t know what happened with Matt nor is it any of my business. I just pray that he is right with God and he and his family are doing well. I really miss him being with the Inspirations because he is an awesome singer and was a perfect fit with the group. The Inspirations still sing good and I still go see them and buy their cd’s but it is so different without Matt and now Archie.I only wish the best for he and his family. Love and Prayers,
    Gina Gullett

  50. Mary wrote:

    Hello: It is so easy to be so loving and forgiving when you are not the one hurting - the hurt and deceit that Matt Dibler has done is very serious and has hurt a lot of lives - You should just be held accountable !!

  51. Just another fan wrote:

    This is for Mary, maybe you should read your Bible KJV, it says (and I’m saying this in my own words) ye without sin cast the first stone. And I can only speak for myself, but my stone is still in my pocket. We all have faults and failures in our lives. Talking about people, like you have talked about Matt here, without any hint of forgiveness, is just as big a sin as whatever Matt has done. I know he will pay for his sins, if he is a saved man and I believe that he is, but on the other hand, so will you and I. It the same for us all.

  52. Mary wrote:

    “just another fan” sums up the reasoning behind your response - Yes, we are to forgive, but there is an accountability -

  53. fable wrote:

    Mary, this is for you…
    A senior monk and a junior monk were traveling together. At one point, they came to a river with a strong current. As the monks were preparing to cross the river, they saw a very young and beautiful woman also attempting to cross. The young woman asked if they could help her.

    The senior monk carried this woman on his shoulder, forded the river and let her down on the other bank. The junior monk was very upset, but said nothing.

    They both were walking and senior monk noticed that his junior was suddenly silent and enquired “Is something the matter, you seem very upset?”

    The junior monk replied, “As monks, we are not permitted a woman, how could you then carry that woman on your shoulders?”

    The senior monk replied, “I left the woman a long time ago at the bank, however, you seem to be carrying her still.”

    Let it go Mary, holding a grudge only hurts you.

  54. Someone wrote:

    Callie - you need to shut the he** up. Get a life, stop gossiping on the computer, and worry about yourself. You have no idea what you are talking about.

  55. Mark Davis wrote:

    Callie- here is my email address, please contact me I would like to discuss some things with you….rhs85drummajor@yahoo.com

  56. a question wrote:

    Has anyone done any digging as to why other members of the Inspirations have left in the past?

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