NQC 08: Self-image issues?

I just got a chance to log on to Solid Gospel to catch a few minutes of the NQC mainstage lineup and mostly have heard a bunch of ads: ads for smoking cessation, ads for religious organizations pushing their “election guides” (uh huh), and ads with Gary Casto promising to put your group in touch with 500,000 sg fans (royght). We’ve talked a lot lately about sg culture clashing with outside viewpoints, but if Solid Gospel ads are any indication, sg’s self-image may be a much bigger problem. I mean, honestly. Judging by the commercials I’ve just heard, sg seems to think of itself as a bunch of nicotine addicted, publicity obsessed, politically gullible strugglers.

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  1. Marlin R. Taylor wrote:

    While we were not granted permission to broadcast the entire evening on enLighten34, you heard no ads or interruptions of the feed from Freedom Hall during the three hours we aired it.

  2. Dean Adkins wrote:

    “a bunch of nicotine addicted, publicity obsessed, politically gullible strugglers”…
    sounds like mostly bass singers! LOL!

  3. CVH wrote:

    Riiiiggghht….and your point is?

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