NQC 08: Defining characteristics

Responding to my complaints about tonight’s performances, Eric asks:

[Then] why listen if you don’t like it?

Because one pretty decent definition of a southern gospel fan is that no matter how bad it gets, we always hope it will get better real soon, and who’d wanna miss that?

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  1. Trent wrote:

    Yes. There are always some surreal moments at NQC. Several times this week–and you never know when it will occur–something magical will happen when the music, the vocals and hopefully the spirit mesh and become one. I actually thought the Monday night finale with the Perrys & Triumphant was one such moment.

    As a sidebar, I had a hard time taking my eyes off Jeff Stice’s masterful piano playing during Triumphant’s set. I was sitting fairly close to the piano. That guy just keeps getting better. I see on the schedule that he gets 5 minutes by himself on the main stage Wednesday night. He can flat get it done.

  2. Norm Graham wrote:

    Dead on Doug. In the past 37 years of listening to SGM, I’ve sat through some bad performances. That’s forgotten when I’ve seen an amazing set by the Oaks, Imperials, Cathedrals, Dove Brothers or a number of others. There are poor groups; they are good and great groups who have an off-night but when a top-notch group has a great night it more than makes up for all the awful stuff.

  3. Jim E. Davis wrote:

    Truthfully, I enjoy the warts and moles right along with beauties. There’s something near to smug satisfaction about looking over at your wife and raising the eyebrows knowing she is thinking the same thing. Train wrecks are horrifying yet we seem to enjoy watching them. We talk about the worst groups we have seen as much as the best. So there you have it. Human nature exposed in all of it’s glory…and shame.

  4. Eric Melton wrote:

    Doug I will admit that you have a point. As much as I disagree with you that is a good point. I just don’t get into bashing people like some take theie liberty in doing.

  5. volscot wrote:

    Eric, I don’t think it’s bashing. The tagline under the site name at the top of the page says “critcism and commentary on southern gospel music and culture”. NQC is unique in that you can see/hear most of the top groups in the industry multiple times within one week. This gives you the opportunity to compare and contrast them with their peers, and to see whether or not their performances are consistent (either consistently good or consistently bad).

    I offered commentary above on what I saw/heard via the NQC videocast. They are my observations on how I perceived what I heard. I truly enjoy listening to many of the groups I mentioned. I’m not judging their spirituality, their morals or their intentions. I’m simply reporting my perceptions of a single musical performance.

    Is it criticism? Maybe, if you consider mentioning areas that need improvement as criticism. Is it commentary? Definitely. Is it bashing? Again, I don’t believe so. I would be happy if every group spent some time today working on the “issues” that people have identified here and had them all corrected before their next performance. That would make for a better experience for everyone in attendance (including me beginning Thursday) or watching/listening at home (including me Mon-Wed).

  6. AG wrote:

    Volscot (#5) I enjoyed your post because I too feel it is possible to critique a group’s performance without giving way to “bashing” them.

    Some might suggest that critiquing a group’s set should not happen at all; however, when you consider that this is the biggest SG event held each year and the emphasis that’s put on a mainstage performance, I personally don’t think it is unreasonable to expect to hear an A-Game performance. When that doesn’t happen it tends to be a let-down BUT when it does happen? It can make for a magical night.

  7. Kevin Custer wrote:

    I attended the Monday and Tuesday evening performances. I seldom feel the urge to add my $0.02 here, but here goes. I’ll start with complaints, and end with praises. Someone should really workout the NQC sound issues. Someone should really clean up the Freedom Hall. Can’t someone perform a miracle and represents the Christians better on this? And the aromas in the food/restroom areas — peeeyooo! I will say it was nice that the artists booths were much closer to the auditorium. The Perrys were the worst I’ve ever heard them — my mom even asked me if I could understand their lyrics — if a person can’t hear the message, the artist has failed. When does screaming equate to good singing? Why does Connie Hopper come across so hateful and can’t-be-bothered at their table? Who told Kim Hopper she should dress like that on stage? She’s prettier offstage. Was Doyle Lawson a bit tipsy; his tobacco joke totally crashed on the audience. Why are The Lesters allowed to sing? Shouldn’t the rules be tightened up on what equals talent worthy enough to be on stage? Praises — The Mark Trammell Trio, I’ve never paid them much attention before, but they were quite magnificent. Soul’d Out was awesome. Brian Free & Assurance rocked the stage, although they cleared the audience. I think everyone was scared of his son’s (the drummers) hair — it was reminiscent of how the older folk tended to dislike the look and loudness of the Crabb Family at NQC. I actually enjoyed them, though! Sheri Easter is classy. Reggie Saddler doing the tribute to rock-n-roll, at NQC — Lawd, what would Vestal think?! Oops, that should’ve been before the praises! I adore southern gospel music. I just hope it can stay classy and showcase real talent. One more thing, I hate soundtracks. I miss real piano artistry. On another note, it was a sad day to walk by an empty booth with Dottie Rambo’s name on it — someone could’ve at least put a tribute or something there (like they did for Anthony Burger last year). Yay to Brian Free for doing one of her great songs in his set. I could’ve missed it, but I heard nothing about us losing one of, if not THE, greatest songwriters of our day.

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