NQC 08: Twitter

So the interns (and M and C) have convinced me to try Twittering NQC this year. I emphasize “try” because I’m only half-sure I know how this whole thing works (if you’re unfamiliar and want to jump in the deep end, try this as an explainer). Nevertheless, I gather that if you want to be a “follower” you can add me (”averyfineline”) to your “following” category, assuming you’ve got a (free) Twitter account (and yes, the culty rhetoric does skeeve me out a bit, but I’ve found you get used to it pretty quickly). Alternatively, you can just visit my Twitter homepage and see my updates there if you don’t want to subscribe to a (free) Twitter feed.

The idea here is that for those of you who just can’t wait for my late-night post-facto reports on avfl, you can use Twitter to get some off the cuff real-time updates from me throughout the evening at NQC that, as per the Twitter policy, do not exceed 140 characters, including spaces. So if you’ve ever wondered what shorter Avery looks like, Twitter may be your bag.

Thus, if I were to Twitterpate this post, it might look like this: I’m atwitter, you can twitter, be atwitter too, http://twitter.com/averyfineline. [With 34 characters to spare, thank you very much]

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  1. Scott wrote:


  2. judi wrote:

    You are braver than I am. I’ll follow posts on your twitter site since I refuse to pay for text messaging on my phone. Those of us in Luddite land will be curious to see how useful Twitter is for something like NQC.

  3. Leebob wrote:

    Twitter? Great - here comes the gay bashing gang again.

  4. Mac wrote:

    No gay bashing here. I’m still amused by (#1) Scott’s “WTF?”.

  5. Scott wrote:

    Now–ok–how did we get from twitter to what I said to gay bashing?

    Are you all picking on my Kirk Talley comments again?

    I can’t connect these dots….

  6. ngraham wrote:

    For those who can’t keep up with all these new ways of messaging, can you please combine all your writings on the NQC in one hard copy missive and snail mail it out a couple of weeks after the NQC ends. Trust you can find some advertisers willing to pay the postage and handling costs.

  7. RF wrote:

    I’m following Avery’s comments on Twitter spot on. I lsitened to XM’s broadcast (which I high recommend for the sound quality and lack of commercials) tonight and had some of the same thoughts as our leader did.

    I did notice a real change in the sound of Gold City with the new lead singer. I mean a real change–not that it’s bad. Just different. So different, in fact, that only the tenor’s voice seemed familiar. That can’t be a good thing. Nothing changes the blend of a group more than a change of lead singer. The one constant through all of the changes GC has had ove rthe last few years was Jonathan Wilburn. Jay left and Steve came on with little change in sound. Same for Mark and Daniel. Even Tim left and Bill came on (and later Aaron) with little change in sound. But this change is dramatic. I hope it works out.

  8. Leebob wrote:

    “Twitter” is a new form of media connection I suppose but I just couldn’t resist the double meaning especially for those a “little light in the loafers”.

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