NQC 08: Wedensday open thread

My friend B from Nville kicks things off:

Based on the discussions, I’ve tuned into the SolidGospel.com live feed.  I’m up to the Kingdom Heirs and I have to wave the white flag and quit for the night.  Here’s my statement for the small investment of time I’ve made tonight:  The Mike Lefevre Quartet has now proven that you don’t have to suck on a live feed. It was live, so, of course, there were imperfections, but those were the ones that give the performance its character and not the ones that make me cringe.  So, now, there are no more excuses.  It’s kind of like Michael Phelps in the Olympics–now we know it can be done.  Everyone should be chasing that goal relentlessly because one has to assume that if they can sound good on a live feed without being overpowered by stacks, then they probably sound pretty good live, too.  I’m not necessarily a fan of the Lefevre Quartet, either, but I’d sure as heck take them over this miserable Kingdom Heirs mess with which I’m currently being punished.  :-)


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  1. JB wrote:

    I still wish I knew why anyone would listen to the Pfeifers. They are the most horrible group I have EVER heard. THIS along with the McKameys and others is why this genre is a joke. Am I missing something?

  2. Baritone77 wrote:


    You’re exactly right. Those groups have no business being on SG’s biggest stage and taking time from the top tier groups. The NQC is too watered down. It needs to be cut back a day or two and let the ones that deserve to be up there do so and not for just 19 minutes at a time.

  3. geri richey wrote:

    i just litend to the insprirations and i thought they sounded nice but need to get the second tener out if he is taking matt’s place ohhh!!!!!!!!!! my word get on it MARTIN COOK

  4. Trent wrote:

    Sorry, #1 and #2. The McKameys are still a big draw and just because they have more of an Appalachian singing style doesn’t mean they are worse or better than the so-called 5-star quartets. It’s kind of like saying Ajax cleaner doesn’t work because you’ve got 409 and Fantastik on the market now.. Well, some people still like to use Ajax.

  5. Trent wrote:

    In regards to the Pfeiffers, I’m pretty much with you guys. The appeal of the group is the incorporation of the instruments into the set. Also, Mary Jane Carter has a splendid voice when the group actually keys their songs in her range. The group’s vocals are built around Mary Jane’s voice.

    One set by the Pfeiffers during NQC would be plenty for me. Three is way excessive.

    What would it take to get the group Heirline back on the main stage? They deserve a spot, as do the Crossmen and the Collingsworth Family.

  6. JB wrote:


    Some people may still like to use Ajax, however the youth use 409, and the youth are our future. lol

  7. gh wrote:

    Just finished being fairly impressed by Tribute Quartet, which I’ve never heard before other than a few times on the radio. Then we have to endure Jeff Stice playing the only song he knows on the piano for the 10 millioneth time. Come on, such a talented person can surely learn a new song for a solo after so many years on the road….good grief. When are some so called pros in the industry going to realize that some of us have memories and that creativity is not of the devil?

  8. Lauren wrote:

    Tell it like it is, Baritone. I agree.

  9. Baritone77 wrote:

    If you want Appalachian music, give the Isaacs three nights instead of only one.

    George Jones can still draw a crowd of country music fans but it doesn’t make him an upper tier country star just as the McKamey’s aren’t an upper tier group in SG.

    NQC is a watered down event because of the mid-level groups.

    There should be 3-4 nights like Friday night.

  10. Trent wrote:

    #9, I will agree with you on one thing…the Isaacs get one night and the Pfeiffers get something like three? I can promise you the Isaacs will bring their “A” game and the crowd will be eating out of the palms of their calloused hands.

    Back on the McKameys…you probably dislike the Inspos and Primitives as well; it comes with the territory and it’s a prerequisite that if you hate one’s music you hate all three.. You can probably stomach Doyle Lawson, but you’d really rather he stay home as well, even though he’s got the #1 song in the country right now. Just guessing.

  11. Puzzled wrote:

    question: Who is Patrick Henry Hughes and why does he get a spot on the main stage?

  12. oldtimer wrote:

    I am not at NQC and have no video feed so this observation is based on strictly the audio feed (which I did not find nearly as objectionable as so many here and on other blogs did.) The Perrys were on fire tonight. The weak link vocally is obviously Nick - he did a feature tonight that was adequate at best. But as we know the great groups are not built around perfect pitches, soothing tones, and dreamy blends. The great groups have something that transcends these fairly innocuous standards of measurement. Greatness in Southern Gospel Music is primariy a feature of connecting with your audince and then stirring up within that audience a reaction that leaves them satisfied. The Perrys did that. Nick was only serviceable, Libby was hoarse, and Tracy was largely missing from the mix. (Joseph on the other hand was amazing - he is a lead singer to be reckoned with.) And yet their stand was electric. The D J noted that the crowd reaction was the best of the week so far. I have not done a very good job of explaining what makes a group great, but whatever it it the Perrys had it tonight in excess. I can say of the Perrys what I can say about few SGM artists - I would drive a considerable distance to hear them and would even buy a ticket. Great job Perrys!

  13. Eric Melton wrote:

    Geri Richey wrote:

    i just litend to the insprirations and i thought they sounded nice but need to get the second tener out if he is taking matt’s place ohhh!!!!!!!!!! my word get on it MARTIN COOK

    Acutally I talked to both Martin and Mike Holcomb last night. He is not taking Matt’s place and they do not have a replacment named. Martin is very selective and looks for a certain type of individual. They are one of my all time favorite groups and they put people in the seats in all towns they go into and they sell product. That is the bottom line of this business. Secondly they still bless many people and their songs do not skirt the truth in the gospel. That is why God has blessed these men so much and I have the utmost respect for what they do.

  14. Eric Melton wrote:

    Secondly what is wrong with the Kingdom Heirs. You may have listened to the radio but I heard it in person tonight and they nailed it! Plus this morning’s chapel service was incredible. It was good getting to hear the Kingdom Heirs in a full hour long performance. The ending to their recent number one song “What We Needed” was phenononal!

  15. Justa Singer wrote:

    Ok, sorry that I didn’t write before tonight, just busy. I have a confession. I bought a ticket to a show case for Tuesday. Two of my favorite groups were singing and Young Harmony was singing. I had never heard them but you know what I have heard about them. So I wanted to hear for myself. They did a song that started out as a news story and was about helping hurting people. I have to say that it was a great song. well and even though I will be spit on, they did really good. I think their son played the guitar and sang the baritone. I could almost secretly be a yh fan now. shhhhhh!

  16. Mac wrote:

    Naomi and the Segos gave an outstanding performance tonight…probably the best of the night. Her new guys compliment her very well.

  17. Ed wrote:

    Trent- What group are you with? Have we heard of your group?

  18. jbb wrote:

    WEll, it is hard for me to say how well the Kingdom HEirs, or the Perrys did last night. I stayed up, but, the audio went down. We purchased TV Web. How can you NOT know that you are having technical difficulties. If you offer the service, you better have everything in line to keep it going. Last night could’ve been amazing, but, for us at home it was very disappointing.

  19. FirstNighter wrote:

    I just got to NQC Wednesday night, and only went in to hear the Greenes. While I’ve never been a fan of Tony’s incessant joke-telling, and it did go on too long in my opinion, it was somewhat inspiring to hear him laugh and try his funny stuff knowing what all he’s going through health wise.

    After sharing an encouraging “set” speaking about his dialysis and the struggles and toll that can take on you, the crowd fell quiet when he simply said “For all of you going through your own storm…and I know you all are….let me tell you God is not mad at you”. He finished a most inspiring mini-sermon and Taranda and Paul joined him onstage and sang “Hold On”. A very powerful follow-up to what he said. And the crowd rose to their feet at the conclusion. As a side note, Paul is a nice addition to the Greenes…I just wish he didn’t make such awful faces when he sings.

    From there, Tony introduces his “little sis” Kim, which I only assume he’s referring to her stature since she’s older. :) For Kim’s first solo appearance on the stage, she sang her current single, “Gospel To The World”. An outstanding performance, only slightly hampered by her mic not being on at the beginning when she started to introduce the song AND her background singers’ (Charlotte Ritchie, Jim and Melissa Brady) mics were horribly low in the house. A nice touch to have Dean playing bass and Mike on the drums for this milestone in her career.

  20. quartet-man wrote:

    #4, you realize that Ajax can be pretty abrasive. ;)

  21. Baritone77 wrote:

    Back on the McKameys…you probably dislike the Inspos and Primitives as well; it comes with the territory and it’s a prerequisite that if you hate one’s music you hate all three.. You can probably stomach Doyle Lawson, but you’d really rather he stay home as well, even though he’s got the #1 song in the country right now.”

    Actually, I love Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver and the Isaacs and don’t mind listening to the Insps, McKamey’s or Primitive Qt. Regardless of the style, my point is that they are not on the same talent level. They just have longevity going for them, that doesn’t make them any more talented. I know they are hard working and appreciate them spreading the message.

    And if they’re really such a big draw, have an all Appalachian/Bluegrass night and see how the crowd is.

  22. David wrote:

    I listened to the last hour or so last night, and it was a strain to hear any bass singers in the mix at all.

  23. jbb wrote:

    Who were the 2 ladies with Mike Speck. I’m assuming 1 was his wife with a different hair color. I don’t think they need to be on main stage, but, that’s my humble opinion. I did enjoy Naomi. She has a sweet spirit about her and can still sing.

  24. Leebob wrote:

    I have a new idea…how about having a Hillbilly Night, Traditional Night, Progressive Night, Quartet Night, then The Best Never Rest Night. It would be kind of like the Westminster Kennel Dog Show gospel style. That way you can go to the particular breed that suits you and we can stop all the bickering.

  25. Tony Watson wrote:

    last I heard the two ladies singing with Mike Speck are his wife Faye and daughter Melody

  26. music lover wrote:

    Baritone77 wrote:


    You’re exactly right. Those groups have no business being on SG’s biggest stage and taking time from the top tier groups. The NQC is too watered down. It needs to be cut back a day or two and let the ones that deserve to be up there do so and not for just 19 minutes at a time.

    So what you are trying to say is this, You would rather hear a bunch of stinking stacked vocals and big production on a machine!!!!

    Man, what the heck are wrong with you people!!!! Everybody is saying “this one sang flat and this other did this, and that sounded awful” At least these “traditional groups” have the balls to get up there and sing some real music!!

    Unlike the groups that get up there basically singing with a copy of their own cd!! No stinking wonder they don’t sound bad, They are singing with a choir
    thats been spoon fed with a pitch machine!!! Maybe they can invent a pitch machine that can be surgically inserted in their throat!!!

    I don’t think that any of you guys have been to a concert where people actually sang and used live music??? If you had, you would never settle for any of this other garbage….. I bet the “hillbillies” make more money than any of these other clowns!!! JEEEEZE!!!!

  27. fromthenosebleeds wrote:

    Anybody smell something fishy with the Toney Brothers/Dan Keeton Quartet? There were fliers lying in the foot court area detailing the Toney Brothers NQC special or something, and the fliers had listed the four members of the group were George Webster, Terry Toney, Royce Taylor and Dan Keeton. I thought Dan was looking for a baritone to keep his group going?

    Also, I know that Aaron Hise has been with the Whisnants a few years now, but did he start out really young? Are he and Ollis close to the same age? Ollis plays for a lot of groups at NQC. You musicians fill me in on this. How good of a piano player is he?

  28. Gospel Doc wrote:

    Mr. Keeton told me, he was just helping some friends, leave Dan alone.

  29. fromthenosebleeds wrote:

    Good to hear. It was just curious that he was listed on the Toney Brothers’ flier for their NQC product special I believe. I enjoy the DKQ. Hope he finds a singer soon.

  30. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    The Toney Brothers had a great stand. Once they get a permanent tenor, they should have a strong sound. The other three positions are solid.

    It was fun watching the video guy in the artist circle as he chased George Amon Webster trying to get a shot. As soon as he got in position, Webster would move.

  31. Insider wrote:

    Did anyone here about what happened with a small local group out of Alabama? Their young bass singer was picked up by a quartet there on Tuesday night, and the local group’s owner went bi polar. The other two members were happy for the bass singer getting the new job, but the group owner, to make a long story short, threw all their things off the bus, in the parking lot, and left them sitting there at 2 AM. The group that hired the bass singer was kind enough the go and pick up those poor kids from the bus parking lot and took them to get a hotel room. As far as I know the local group owner lost her bass singer, and her money man…who was the bass singer’s grand father. Guess I could see why she was so upset, but to kick those poor kids….one was 17, and the other two were 18 and up, off the bus, is just uncalled for. Very unprofessional. I also heard the owner started rumors about the girl that sang with her, saying that she slept with a prominent artist there. I’m sure it ruined the poor girl. So please pray for Hope’s Journey that the Lord will work in that situation.

  32. quartet-man wrote:

    #32, Your post really bothers me. Of course SG performers are human and will get upset, envious etc at times, but to behave in such a manner is sad and I hope she never graces a stage again. I am sure that is not nice, but that behavior was abominable.

  33. quartet-man wrote:

    #31, is this the group? http://www.hopesjourneyonline.com/home.php

  34. rr wrote:

    Is there a place online to hear music by the Pfeiffers? Or even a biography of them? I don’t know who they are, but they have been mentioned often on here. Where are they from?

  35. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #31: That’s sad that anyone would be treated that way. Very ridiculous for anyone to behave that way, but especially a gospel group singer.

    I’ve heard of that group and that young bass singer, Trent Adams. He’s a VERY good bass.

    Do you know which group picked him up?

  36. Insider wrote:

    Yes, that is the group. Please pray as she is trying to destroy the members that took up for Trent, and stood up to her. She has made some very bad accusations. And I believe the Old Paths picked Trent up as their bass singer.

  37. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #36: Yes, it was the Old Paths. Saw that on SN forums just now. Great fit.

  38. DEB wrote:

    The Phieffers are out of Washington Court House Ohio. heritage Memorial Christian Union Church . The same church that is home to the Toler Brothers, Stan Toler, The big Nazarene author and Terry Toler, The song writer.

  39. Just Me wrote:

    Hey, Insider. Maybe that local group owner could start a new group with Judson Horner and Kasey Kemp. Sounds like a match made in Heav…..well, made somewhere.

  40. Vonda Easley wrote:

    A friend of mine told me about this blog today………………
    My name is Vonda Easley. I would like to be upfront and tell you who I am. I am hiding from no one and I am not Bi-Polar.
    Let me now lay this to rest and tell you all the truth about what happened at NQC>
    On Wednesday, my group performed at NQC in the Artist Spotlight Showcase.After the showcase, my former record company, Lamp Music Group along with The Old Paths Quartet approached my bass singer and offered him a 90 day trial as their bass singer. Later that night (around 1 am) I was alsleep on my bus when Trent came and told me. Trent can and will vouch for me that we never argued.
    I never through anyone’s clothes out of the bus nor wer they left in the parking lot. I not only lost a bass singer, but a son.
    I hired Trent when he was 15, a rebellious teen on his way to boot camp. This is his testimony and he will be glad to share it with you. We have been through alot together. I am like a Mom to him and I would be very proud of him whatever his life choices are.
    As a matter of fact, I sang solo last night and Trent was there to cheer me on. I had him stand up and I told the congregation just how proud of him I am. I understand this is a Blog, but many lies have been told about me on here and I don’t appreciate it. I pray that God will convict the hearts that wrote these lies.

  41. John wrote:

    I dont mean to get overly involved here but excuse me if its his testimony let him tell it. Its not your place to tell someones life story . Its his testimony allow him to share it you probably dont even know all the details anyway leave it be !!!!!!!! Thats just my opinion!

  42. RoadRunner wrote:

    This is the first time I have ever been here and I can’t believe what I have just read in these comments. Are the people that are making comments about these gospels groups Christians??? I’m 48, Christian, musician & a singer since age 7 & I love all kinds of gospel music, even though I, like everyone else, have certain types of music that I enjoy more than some of the others, mine being Southern Gospel and Bluegrass, which I also play and sing. But I do enjoy a variety. This world and our lives would be very boring if we all liked exactly the same things, which is why God made us all with different looks, likes, abilities etc… But setting all things aside, I can’t believe that people who attend the conventions & gospel sings would speak about these groups like I have read and more importantly speak to each other on this site and be so critical of each other and of the groups in your comments here. I am still stunned at the comments that I have read here from people that I am assuming claim to be Christians. The world would be in much better condition spiritually if they could learn to do a simple little thing “Agree to Disagree” and leave it alone. Godly people don’t speak to each other this way. I’m not being critical, but if you all just carefully read back over your comments and just realize how you all are talking to each other, about each other and about these gospel groups. God’s not pleased with this kind of behavior. When God calls someone into any type of ministry, the bible plainly says “touch not thine annointed”. That includes gossip. I don’t apologize for this comment because I am very disappointed to have come here and see this kind of behavior on what is supposed to be a christian site. You all need to pray about the way you are carrying on here. It’s like reading something kids do on myspace etc…

  43. Bryce wrote:

    Who do I contact about setting up a boilerplate rebuttal to automatically address comments like #42?

  44. EA* wrote:

    This is ridiculous. As CHRISTIANS aren.t we supposed to pray & lift one another up. I have known Vonda for 3+ years now & have dated Trent! These two people are two of the MOST amazing Christians I have ever met. Not only are they christians, they are christian leaders. Godly people DO NOT speak to each other this way. Whatever TRENT decides to do with his life is up to him. That’s why GOD created him as a individual, cause it’s his life. God will lead both Vonda & Trent in the right way for their life & careers. God Bless anyone who has the nerve as a CHRISTIAN to bash someone elses name.


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