NQC 08: Twitter check-in

Reader (and twitterpater) RF weighs in here on the the avfl Twitter feed, and/but I’d like to hear from some others of you twitter readers. Is it worth the trouble? There are so far about two dozen “followers” signed up for the avfl feed. Are other people reading directly from the avfl Twitter page or are feed subscribers the main audience here? In either case, is there any added value in this from readers’ perspective? I’m actually asking.

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  1. AG wrote:

    LOVED the Twitter updates! I read them as a subscriber and found myself hitting the refreash button at a ridiculous pace as I watched, listened and read online. It made for a wonderfully unique online NQC experience.

    Keep it up tonight and more frequently. This is assuming of course that you have unlimitted texting or, at the very least, could case-less about the cost of said.

  2. K. Allen wrote:

    I agree with AG. I was refreshing my Twitterrific application as soon as each group ended their set.

  3. Bryce wrote:

    I’ll be reading and refreshing while listening also, all without a subscription. As AG requested, keep those Twitters coming.

  4. Wade wrote:

    Been checking right off the page feed… yeah more often and little more zingers… kinda like the sound sux in the pit…

  5. Jim2 wrote:

    I’m reading directly off of the avfl Twitter page - so not signed up or anything. I enjoy the off the cuff version, but it’s not going to kill me if you’re too busy taking notes for the Real Deal on AVFL blog page

  6. judi wrote:

    Like Jim2, I’m reading your Twitter page on the web and didn’t sign up for a feed. Mostly it lets me know what you’re thinking during the concerts, which is interesting. But I’m still eager to see the full roundup on avfl.

  7. Jessica Black wrote:

    Hey, Did anyone see Amber Thompson of the Nelons? She looks as beautiful as her mother unlike Joyce Martin who looked scary.

  8. sgused2b wrote:

    EHSSQ….holy crap! I hope it’s better live….maybe SG’s NSync should take a page from the boy bands and lip-sync, cuz I’m sure the dancing was superb!

  9. sgused2b wrote:

    listening to GVB, great start, but the sound man must not hear that just b/c Guy is soloing the verses (Sinner Saved By Grace) he doesn’t stay on the melody from 2nd chorus, SO get him in the blend……But they sound great!!!

  10. DRL wrote:

    Following along mostly tonite, and enjoying it. Probably won’t be around tomorrow though. Thanks!

  11. Harry Peters wrote:

    #8 sgused2b,

    Harry Peters has tried to go a week without saying anything negative about EHSSQ. You seem to have taken over the dirty work and made a very clever comparison. If not NSync, maybe the Back Street Boys. :-) Not sure which group grooved better on the dance floor. Neither group could have made it in a pre-techno world on sound and Old Harry Peters remembers when dancing wasn’t cool in a lot of churches. I’m sure EH is probably seething at you over your comparison and would not have “approved your message.” [edit]

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