NQC 08: Cognitive Dissonance

Friday night the Easters had Connie Hopper join them for part of “Thank you, Lord,” in what I assume was a continuation of the effort to pair up different groups that’s been going on all week. Hopper sang this verse:

I know I’m not wealthy
These clothes, they’re not new
I don’t have much money
But Lord I have

Except, she looked like a million bucks, her clothes were quite obviously new, and everybody knows Claude Hopper has more money than God. Usually it’s not difficult for me to suspend my disbelief and project the singer into the role that the lyrics creates for him or her (I have no trouble believing Jeff Easter singing the first verse of this song even though I suspect the the Easters aren’t exactly poverty stricken - and of course it doesn’t hurt that Easter’s father wrote this particular song), but this was one time when the cognitive dissonance reduced the musical moment to almost patent absurdity.

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  1. JT wrote:

    It wouldn’t have made much difference if Jeff or Sheri would have sang the verses if your going with that view point. Wealthy compared to who? what?

  2. FirstNighter wrote:

    She may have looked like a million bucks last night, but it’s not always been that way for her…so while possibly a bit of a stretch last night, one only has to know her beginnings to make the transference and allow it to work.

  3. love connie wrote:

    Just so you know,Mr ignorant, that outfit was not new as she has worn it before at NQC. Secondly, artists do not have to live the words of each song to make them meaningful. It is too bad that you are so jaded, cynical, and hard hearted that all you were thinking about during this wonderful ladies singing was something so petty. Grow up and get a life!

  4. DRL wrote:

    I’ve actually thought the same thing about that song many times. Not that it’s unbelievable, just that I’m cynical I suppose. Perhaps because we’re so money focussed in this society, I dunno.

    Friend of mine sang it years ago, when the quartet had just gotten new suits …. “I know I’m not wealthy, but this suit, it’s brand new “…. Was good for a laugh.

    The other song that always has the same effect on me is, “When I get carried away.” …. “I don’t know why I become a little shy when I get around a whole lot of people.”

    Might be a rhyme, but Ivan Parker is singing it right now in front of 15,000 ppl, and he doesn’t sound all that shy! I’m just sayin’, that’s all ….

  5. Dexter wrote:

    They should hear a poor starving regional artist sing that second verse…boy oh BOY does it ring true! LOL

  6. american wrote:

    Being raised out in the country, and, being very poor, I do love that song. I do think that Connie Hopper is a lovely lady. But in my opinion she does not have a strong alto voice. If the hoppers are wealthy, good for them!

  7. Oldhandatgm wrote:

    WHO in the world was the woman shadowing John Lanier, wearing the outdated and ridiculous Tafetta? I didn’t see her on stage at anytime, but I did see her making moon eyes at John. I saw him several times and she was always right under him. We were standing watching John hosting the GMT thing, and there she stood, and if she could have she would’ve eat him up right then and there. We followed John on to Tn, (it was on our way home) and she was there all over the place then. Surprisngly she was even behind his table. Are they going together? He is an inspiring wonderful singer, minister, but does he need this? There were several talking about her at NQC, and her fawning over him like she was. I thought I’d catch Judy Brannin, and ask her abouth them but I never saw Judy alone to ask her. I don’t know that he was really comfortable with all that attention and moon dog eyes, but you have to wander.

  8. nonSGfan wrote:

    I understand the basis for the song, being “thankful” or “content” whatever state you’re in. But come on…God wants his people to be blessed and to be a blessing. This song basically glorifies poverty as part of “Gods will”. So many Appalachian mountain pentecostals, and many southern baptists for that matter, really think you’re lost if you’re rich. I grew up appalchian pentecostal holiness, so I know how they think. I came out of that bondage……..
    and I do quite well now, thank you :)

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