Time off

I’m taking some, away from the blog for a bit. NQC for me compresses what feels like a month’s worth of intensive daily listening, processing, writing, and revising into three days that leaves the sg part of myself more or less exhausted, and I need some time to recharge and attend to the rest of my world. I still have some NQC final thoughts I’ll get to when I come back from the brief hiatus. But there’s nothing I have to say that won’t keep for a week or so.

In the meantime, consider this an open thread if you need some sandbox space to occupy yourselves with while I’m gone, assuming you can extract yourself from the latest round of cultural warfare going on down below.

See you soon.

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  1. Glenn wrote:


    Nothing brings them out of the woodwork like the gay boys. Who would have thought that was the biggest problem in the world today. Have a great time. You deserve it.

  2. SGfan wrote:


    You brought on the “cultural warfare” youself by bringing up the subject and citing two extremely liberal sources with one being overtly homosexual in nature ( by the way, it would be nice to see you bring some balance next time you start this type of conversation). If that was an attempt at a complaint, get over it. I suspect your traffic was running a little low so you decided to reignite some controversy to get an uptick in that traffic though. That was smart in a way, just don’t complain when the conversation gets lengthy. After all, you started it. I still find myself questioning why you feel the need to support and uplift such a lifestyle if it has no personal meaning to you. Just a thought. LOL!!

  3. James wrote:

    Hey Everyone! were cleaning house again! Just wanted to let everyone know we have put SEVERAL items on ebay in packages to where you could really save some serious cash on buying cds. we just have too many cds laying around the house!

    Misc. package

    Performance tracks pakcage

    Mike Bowling Package

    Piano Player Package

    Ernie Haase Package

    Anthony Burger “a night to remember

  4. George Alben wrote:

    Since when do we use these bolgs as an ebay advertisment. Very tacky!

  5. Obzerver wrote:

    Dougs gone? Does this mean the inmates are running the SG asylum? Oh no….its dark…and I hear laughing. Be afraid…be very afraid…Mommy?

  6. RobinAshley wrote:

    George..I didn’t think it was tacky. I just thought they were trying to make sure that SoGo fans knew it was up. I know I don’t get on ebay every day.

    Idk…maybe it was tacky. LOL. It just didn’t really strike me wrong.


  7. sammy wrote:

    taking time off because nqc “compresses what feels like a month’s worth of intensive daily listening, processing, writing, and revising into three days that leaves the sg part of myself more or less exhausted”…must be getting old…i’m thoroughly dissappointed

  8. BUICK wrote:

    What? Nothing by Ray Boltz???

  9. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Ray Boltz’s website stated that he retire from contemporary Christian music a few years old.
    Its raised the question why are we discussing a artist that stated he was singing CCM music on a southern gospel music oriented blog.
    Maybe, for all reasons, we should retire the subject matter.
    It does no good good to hang out the laundry in public view.

  10. James wrote:

    ok…seems like i’ve struck a chord with some people here…Let me take a moment to explain. These cds aren’t up for me trying to make money or anything like that. Over the year I seem to collect duplicates of many cds. rather than them just sitting around my house I’d rather them be passed along to someone else that could enjoy them for a much lower cost than what they would pay for them brand new! My way of thinking would be most people would see them on this website and would be interested. I’m sorry if you found this “tacky” after all this is an open thread though…Its not like I posted on a topic thread…and another thing…how is it tacky to let sg fans know about a good deal they could get in on, but yet not tacky to be talking about homosexuality of gospel artist? Now don’t get me wrong…I don’t agree with it, and I don’t support it. but I do feel that we should be trying to help them and try to get them back on the “straight” and narrow not break them down.

  11. Mr. Music Fan wrote:

    When is TaRanda gonna make a new solo cd? She hasn’t made one in 3 years and desperately needs to so Kim’s voters can go to her side in the fan awards… :D.

  12. Revpaul wrote:

    Okay, I appreciated the heads up on the Ebay auction and I placed a bid on the Performance Tracks. If I win, great. If I don’t win, that’s when I might call the whole thing sorta tacky. ;)

  13. Obzerver wrote:

    OK let me get this straight…mentioning a SG Ebay listing - UNACCEPTABLE. Posting under the name of “Harry Peters” on a thread about homosexuality - ACCEPTABLE. Talk about straining at the gnat and swallowing the camel…

  14. Bryce wrote:

    There is a bit of an SG connection with Ray Boltz. The Dove Brothers recorded his song, “I Pledge Allegiance To The Lamb;” Ivan Parker occasionally performs “Thank You;” and Guy Penrod sang the demo vocal for one company’s soundtrack for “The Anchor Holds.”

  15. jeff b. wrote:

    This blog has really gone down hill as of late. Both from our moderator and the folks posting. No wonder it is so hard to witness to people today.

  16. Angie M wrote:

    Anybody know where I can find some 70’s and 80’s SG projects that might be out of circulation? (In particular, I’m looking for the Greene’s 10th Anniversary Project, “Home Folks” by Jeff and Sheri Easter, and some older Nelons stuff, including “Feeling at Home.” I’d also like to find some Hemphills stuff.) Sorry if this is inappropriate, but I haven’t had luck locating these through more traditional channels. You know, I wish some SG artists would do what Dallas Holm has done: You can download just about all of his albums in high-quality unprotected mp3 format for quite reasonable prices.

  17. Trent wrote:

    #16, I would try Harold Timmons, who sells a lot of old Chuck Wagon Gang stuff (I think he used to play piano for them). He also sells other classic recordings. He sells on eBay, but his eBay name escapes me…it may be Gospel Gallery.

  18. RobinAshley wrote:

    Jeff…what does this blog have to do with witnessing to people?

  19. rr wrote:

    Harold Timmons

    Harold played for the Chucks, but also for the Hemphills at one time.

  20. Diva0427 wrote:

    AngieM - you could also try David Miller. He’s the guy at NQC, G’burg Gathering, & the Bill Bailey singing with all the old albums for sale. I tried looking in the back of the NQC brochure for his company name, but couldn’t find it. He’s based out of WV, but also Sevierville, TN, during different times of the year.

  21. jeff b. wrote:

    I’m sorry, As Christians witnessing is supposed to be included in every aspect of our lives. And before you come back, it’s not judging if it’s scripture.

  22. Dean Adkins wrote:

    #20: I have David Miller’s contact info if anyone needs it.

  23. Leebob wrote:

    You know, I watch the responses on here between people and even with family and friends in my life and we Christians are very good about building walls and not so good when it comes to building bridges.

    Our responses are woven together with bitterness and anger, even when we are trying to explain an answer. I would encourage EVERYBODY on here to somehow strive to be a little more gentle in their responses and help tone down things, expecially in matters of preference.

  24. Jim Alben wrote:

    From some of your antics behind the curtain you are a fine one to talk LeeBob

  25. BaritoneBob wrote:

    Since this is an open thread I would like to ask about Parker Jonathan. I have seen on various message boards when someone asked about him, that he was seen driving a tour bus, but that is all i found out. The Kingsmen have always been my favorite group and the time he spent with the group brought a lot of listening pleasure to me. I still get chills when hearing the live version of “The Cross Has Won Again” in which Parker is featured on. Do any of you know if he still sings, even in just local church services? Its like he dropped off the face of the earth.

  26. NOnSGfan wrote:

    The fact that this moderation listed this as a :

    “Cultural Warfare”

    Lets me know that he doesn’t understand the premice whatsoever.

    This is spiritual warfare, not cultural.
    It almost lets me know that he is in the crowd that believes that homosexuality is comparable to slavery, women’s rights, etc.
    The dumbest argument of all time.

  27. CuriousInquirer wrote:

    Hey, I’m looking for some feedback on this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-NOZU2iPA8.

    So, what do you think?

  28. CuriousInquirer wrote:

    Hey, I’m looking for some feedback on this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-NOZU2iPA8

    So, what do you think?

  29. gc wrote:

    I have noticed the bitterness in some responses. We have all failed in our personal walk with Christ. We all should strive to make our witness as strong as possible so that others will take notice of our compassion and love for them and the struggles they are currently dealing with in their lives.
    It is easy to quote scripture, it is not so easy to define scripture without allowing our personal feelings to cloud our interpretation of the Word. I personally don’t understand how it would feel to be Ray Boltz but I fully understand that he will be judged by the same God that will judge me! Do I know what that judgement will be? No.

  30. RobinAshley wrote:

    Jeff…I wasn’t going to say that you were judging anyone. I’m just still foggy on what this blog has to do with anything. But moving on…

  31. RobinAshley wrote:

    Oh! And Jeff…I’m not sure what exactly our moderator did that would make you feel as though he’s making it harder to witness to people.

  32. sockpuppet wrote:

    Charisma Magazines website has an amazingly levelheaded approach to the whole when- Christians- come- out- of- the- closet uproar that is going on right now.

  33. Leebob wrote:

    Jim, I am usually above board and don’t do anything from “behind the curtain”. I leave my website up to where you can reach me if you have a question about something I said. Even NSGF and I have come to agreement on some things on here and when we do disagree we have tried to keep it civil. I have made many friends on here and, for the most part, it is because I have been more civil than most.

    Other than that I am not real sure what you are talking about.

  34. Radioguy wrote:

    On a another thread lately, people were debating what keeps Brian Free and Assurance from the next level. My question is What does everyone think keeps Kevin Spencer and Friends from the next level? Please don’t get nasty. Just wondering your thoughts.

  35. insider wrote:

    Kevin’s voice annoys me. His hair and image is really bad. He’s a great guy, and has had some great songs…but it’s always the Kevin show. Saw him at GMT this past year. Just too over the top for me with the voice.

  36. Anonymity wrote:

    Kevin’s got a good voice and so do the others in his group..but why does he overstate his voice? I understand it’s KEVIN SPENCER & Friends…but still…we’re sorta tired of hearing him on every song… Let’s not forget to remember Rusty…

  37. Glenn wrote:


    I went to the website and one comment stuck me. It said “A 2007 Barna survey showed that 90 percent of young non-Christians and 80 percent of young churchgoers believe Christians display “excessive contempt toward gays and lesbians.” Could this be one reason we are not reaching large numbers of homosexuals with the gospel? If we don’t show genuine love, we can expect them to ignore us.” This could probably be a reason that we are not reaching young people at all.

  38. irishlad wrote:

    #27 Hahahahaha. A very grim caricature of a bad sg group. V funny nontheless.

  39. SgDoc wrote:

    Hey james!

    Watch out for the FBI, You just admitted to copyright infringement!

  40. nonSGfan wrote:

    I’m looking for Harry Stinking Peters.

  41. sockpuppet wrote:

    I’m sure that is a big part of it. “Hate the sin, but love the sinner” just doesn’t translate to today’s youth - no matter if they are saved or not.

  42. KDM wrote:


    Perhaps what we need is a different way of stating things. While ‘love the sinner, hate the sin’ is accurate, I think hate is an awfully strong word for people who tend to be emotionally tender in the first place. Let’s face it. An openly gay individual fully expects to be hated by the religious right. So any statement with the word hate in it goes right to the bone, whether it was meant to or not.

    I work with youngsters (elementary age), and we have a statement that says “All feelings are acceptable. All behaviors are not”. We try to make kids understand that, when they act out, it’s their actions we find unacceptable, not them as individuals. It’s important to differentiate between the behavior and the person.

    I know someone’s going to come back with “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” But the fact is, we don’t know what anyone else thinketh in their hearts. We don’t know what truly motivates anyone to act as they do, good or bad. We only know what we see, so that’s all we can deal with.

  43. quartet-man wrote:

    #42, have you considered “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he?” :-)

    I understand your point, and I suppose one could hate sins of child molesting, rape, murdering etc. more than lying etc., but I do hate sin. Both sin in my life and in others. I can see the person beyond the sin, but sin is a cancer and disliking it isn’t strong enough.

  44. Brett wrote:

    Was up with Christians saying you are not to judge. If I see someone at church stealing from wife’s pocket book am I supposed to use the verse I am not to judge. You are not to judge when you are doing the same thing.

  45. Glenn wrote:


    I love it!

  46. James wrote:

    whoa whoa whoa! sgdoc. When I said duplicates I wasn’t talking about me burning or duplicating. I was referring to the fact that I had picked up more than one of that cd from the artist. I Have not committed Copyright infringement. the cds that are being sold are the REAL DEAL with no copies being made of them. As far as I know everything is very legal with what I am doing. The cds have not been copied in any way form or fashion.

  47. Wade wrote:

    LeeBob # 33 is quoted. “Jim, I am usually above board and don’t do anything from “behind the curtain”.”

    LoL;-)) Hey LeeBoB… the word USUALLY above is called a HEDGE…GOOD one… you know you do stuff behind the scenes with different names…
    like NOTABOOTHBROS FAN!!! LoL:-))

  48. LuckyDog wrote:

    By and large, I read many of the posts on this site, yet try and stay out of the viciousness sometimes demonstrated by limiting my posts.

    #37 - I think the comments regarding “love the sinner, hate the sin” bring about this valid point…perhaps the quote is too harsh.

    Perhaps “Love the sinner, RECOGNIZE the sin” would be better.

    Whether it is homosexuality, adultry, greed, fornication, envy, gossip, etc., these are ALL sin and all leave us far short of God’s will for our lives. We should not pick and choose which ones are acceptable “these days” simply because we are guilty of living them.

    The biggest difference (as I see things) is that as a flawed human being, with many shortcomings and Spiritual failures in my past and present, I do NOT try and convince people that my SIN is and should be an ACCEPTABLE LIFESTYLE, to be embraced, dignified and accepted. I also do not attempt to twist the Word to fit my struggle.

    I have had several friends through the years that were homosexual. I love each one of them dearly. I cannot embrace their SIN anymore than I would ask them to
    embrace MY SINS. (Yes, I am a Christian who admits to sinning! HA!). I am not making light of my own sins, just openly admitting that I am keenly aware of my own failures.

    Perhaps our reluctance to speak of these type things (our sins) causes the world to see us as “holier than thou” and sets up a situation where folks in need respond defensively to their own personal issues rather than seeing the example we Christians can set by showing them the way to an ever-loving, compassionate, forgiving God.

    My point is this, we all could stand a dose of compassion and love for one another, recognizing that we are all the same…flawed humans with an unfailing Redeemer.

    We must not, however, attempt to change the Scripture to “fit” our sin, be it adultry, fornication, lying, greed, lust, envy, homosexuality, etc.

    Love the sinner, RECOGNIZE the sin. God loves each one of us. God does, however, RECOGNIZE our sin, whether we do or not.

    It is up to us to RECOGNIZE our own issues and make an effort to be as He would have us be.

  49. Anonymity wrote:

    We should recognize the sin, but we should also hate it because of its nature…the dude was correct in his statement…which we should all model! If God hates sin, why can’t we do any better in response to sin? just wondering..

  50. LuckyDog wrote:

    #49 - Because it is God’s role to judge, not ours. We are all sinners who fall short of the glory of God.

    I am not suggesting we shouldn’t point out when people try and pervert the gospel with their own agenda. That is certainly our duty as witnesses to the word.

    I am merely suggesting that if we are honest with ourselves, we must realize how lowly and undeserving of God’s grace we ALL are. Love the sinner, RECOGNIZE the sin. Surely, God does hate the sin and will surely judge it one day. But that is not my place. It is my place to pick my brother up out of the ditch and help him or her along the way. Hopefully, he will do the same for me. Prayerfully, with my help and support and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, my fallen brother will recognize his error and repent.

    Also, just because I like women doesn’t change God’s word and instruction on the subject of adultry/fornication, etc.. If I fail, it is MY fault, my sin, not a subject to be re-interpreted to fit my behavior.

    It certainly should not become an acceptable behavior to be embraced as “an alternative lifestyle” only because many live it.

  51. LuckyDog wrote:

    One other thing I meant to mention…when Christ said, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone,” he was warning us not to be judgmental with one another.

    Many people who are confronted in their sin love to quote this scripture. They then usually leave out the part where Christ tells the sinner, “go, and sin no more.”

  52. Mike McIlwain wrote:

    #28, Curious,

    Here’s a link to the entire album Sonseed recorded. While the song in the video you posted is corny. (However, it is catchy.) The album this group recorded in the early 80s has some positive moments. The group was a large ensemble and had some good vocalists.

    Here’s where you can get the entire album from Sonseed. http://www.cabel.name/2008/09/sonseed-full-album.html

    The album is titled “First Fruit.”

  53. SGfan wrote:


    You make some interesting points, but lets look a little more deeply. I totally understand where you are coming from in regards to recognizing sin, but I do feel that when we die to self and are alive in Christ, the very nature of Christ (which should become a part of us) is the opposite of sin and therefor hates sin just as God does. I feel that indeed we should hate sin (that becomes part of our nature), our neighbors and our own, but we have to learn to separate the hate of the sin from the love for the sinner. We have to be an example (image) of God to the sinner because it was in His image that we were created and through His work of grace we are to be transformed to be a more precise reflection of that image. We have to allow others to see the work of grace in our own lives, and with that they see our flaws and yet see the process of God redeeming us. In the end, we do have to call sin exactly what it is, sin. But we do have to love one another as well. The fact is that so many (including some on this website) homosexuals feel that any aknowledgement of their lifestyle as sin is based in hatred and is somehow discrimmatory. Excuse any mis-spellings, its late. The problem is, they pretend that we are hating them. It is their way of escaping the reality that it is God’s love in us that loves them so much (hates their sin as well as our own) to just sit by and watch them throw their life away without at least trying to reach out (some do better at this than others). These people wear that sentiment on their sleeves and anyone that calls “a spade a spade” is wrong in their eyes. They want you to believe their sin is part of them, it defines them. They want to call their sin acceptable instead of unacceptable. I agree, we as Christians can not and should not go around beating people over the head with the Bible, but we should never just sit by and watch someone disrespect the Word of God by trying to distort it to fit their “lifestyle” and justify their sin. We have to be willing to stand up, but be willing to do it out of love.

  54. irishlad wrote:

    Re:Sonsee. It has to be somebody taking the p**s, it’s obvisously contrived. Some of the lyrics are ridiculous’ Jesus like a mounty, always gets his man’,there are other double entendres as well, if you listen.I have to conclude it’s a fake.P.s.I wondered how Donny Osmand was filling his time in.lol. Btw,’N harmony are coming to Belfast 17th Oct,so,i’ll be in the enviable position of being one of the 1st to hear them. I’ll give a concert report (won’t be as good as Doug’s though).

  55. irishlad wrote:

    Sorry, Sonseed.

  56. Mike McIlwain wrote:

    #54, Irishlad,
    I’m not so sure that the Sonseed album and video is contrived. Back in the late 70s and early 80s when Jesus Rock music was trying to move from a simple expression of faith by counter-culture kids who had found the Lord to becoming an organized music business, there were many lame albums and lyrics being written. There are many lines in the song that seems to have a double meaning, but that could simply be some terribly lame writing instead of an intended double meaning.

  57. Angie M wrote:

    #39 SgDoc: Unless James has produced those extra copies himself, he hasn’t infringed any kind of copyright. Once you own a copyrighted work, you can resell that particular copy of it.

  58. art wrote:

    My wife and I just saw the Booth Brothers in Bloomington, IL, and I was disappointed. I guess the guys performed well enough but the sound system muddied things up so that I couldn’t make out many lyrics. Most of their spoken ministry/patter/jokes were also muddied up beyond comprehension, for me anyway.

    This show was performed in a large, new church where, one would think, there would be an interest in the spectators hearing the words.

    Another disappointment: This concert was organized by a very worthy cause, whose representatives made their pitch before the show and (at length) before the intermission and at the end. In fact, the Booths’ performance ended somewhat awkwardly with another pitch by the worthy cause, which seemed to take the performers by surprise.

    I know the pitches and the worthy causes are, well, worthy, and yes I did donate. But I wish organizers of this concert and others would show a little sensitivity to pacing and showmanship — for the sake of the audience.

  59. art wrote:

    PS: Now I know why so many of you folks get so irritated about sound systems. Oh well. I guess I’ll have to see the Booths again — some other time and some other place.

  60. Leebob wrote:

    #47 Wade…Good one. At least you didn’t have me as NSGF which would make me a severe mental case arguing with myself. LOL!!!

    I used the term USUALLY because I too can step outside the boundary lines like the last night of the NQC post, which is where I was expecting Jim to go. If I feel like I have gone too far then I will gladly apologize when having it brought to my attention. Hence, this is me being above board, USUALLY.

    BTW I googled Jim Alben and the first time those two names come up together is on page 3 when he is addresing Leebob in his first post. I thought THAT was hillarious.

  61. BaritoneBob wrote:

    So, I can safely assume that Parker Jonathan has indeed dropped off the face of the earth?

  62. quartet-man wrote:

    #61, no just that either people don’t know where he is or aren’t sharing it here.

  63. Wade wrote:

    # 60 LeeBoB… We all know you change persona’s on here faster than Old Harry Peters gets Fonda Down for a nap on Sunday Afternoon after his Sunday Worship Service & Dinner @ The Cracker Barrel.

    I thought you might have been playing the part of all the ppl rushing out of the closet last week just to tweak us. Not that you really are but just to mess with us like Harry does.

    IrishLad… Greetings from SE USA. Hope you are keeping all things GREEN in the Land of The Irish!! Love Irish Babes. They just have a craziness about them that draws me to them like a Kitty to Cat Nip!!

    I wrote a post on the Dancing Queen Post but DH would not even [EDIT] it just kicked it all together. But I now why the Dude does not have a Stick mic!! LoL;-))

    Think BariBob has a man crush on Parker Jonathan.

    Wish I could figure out what to enter in the website to go to my facebook page. I know who to do myspace but it might be to much for this site. I use it to get ppl to my stand up shows and it is OUT THERE!!!

    Speaking of OUT THERE… dr. joe to answer your question. You answered old Harry Peters question just as I thought you would. God Love your heart.

  64. quartet-man wrote:

    I’m still waiting for NotABoothBrothersFan to tell me a SG group doing it right. I am beginning to think he (or she) really does think they are the only one or else it truly is envy.

  65. Irishlad wrote:

    Hi Wade u keeping good? We’ve at last got a bit of sunshine over here after a total washout July and August.Re:JP and his wherabouts,someone (on this blog,an other thread) hinted that he was ‘batting for the other team’,allegedly of course.

  66. chuck Stevens wrote:

    When Hamill passed away, Parker was at the services. if you go to the Kingsmen Myspace page, he is in a couple of the pics, though not in all the group shots. i heard he was driving a tour bus as well, but who knows. That’s about all i know. Just hearing that the Kingsmen are using tracks is probably spinning Jim in his grave.

  67. BaritoneBob wrote:

    Chuck , do you know if Brandon and Nick have taken other musician jobs?

  68. scope wrote:

    Brandon is still with the Kingsman as soundman and road manager. Nick has moved back to Canada and I believe he is going to school.

  69. Chuck Stevens wrote:

    I heard as soon as they hired piano/bass guitar, they would go back to having a band, but sometimes after saving some money, that’s the way things stay. I just hate to see groups lose live musicians. You can do so much more in your show with a live band.

  70. Faith wrote:

    #61/62…”What happened to Parker”…the simple answer is…don’t ask.

  71. Faith wrote:

    I know that sounds cryptic and ominous…but it’s just that nobody is really able to comment on that at this point. Yes, he is driving a bus. End of story.

  72. Irishlad wrote:

    Batting for the other team then??

  73. Irishlad wrote:

    Seeing this is an open thread i just thought i’d bring this up. I love good good bass singers but out of todays crop there’s no one to touch JD. I include all of the current basses.The only one to come close was/is Gary Evans jr. Come on prove me wrong.

  74. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #73: Gary used to be the bass singer for Acappella, right?

    If that is him, I think that Paul David Kennamer came closer to JD. Kennamer has a much better sound on the lower notes than Gary had, IMHO.

  75. Irishlad wrote:

    Hi Aaron,greetings from the Emerald Isle,btw good blog you have,i first picked up on ‘N Harmony re-forming there. Getting back to bass singers and i know it can be a pretty subjective topic,but,here are a few thoughts for what they’re worth.JD when he went down into the sub-bass range could be growly but he .had clarity and volume just like GEjr has on Roll Jordan(Youtube).PDK on the other hand is very breathy and whisperey. Having said that he’s good on Ezekiel saw( Vocal Union cd) and The Old Ship(Valor).

  76. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #75: I’ll have to look that Youtube clip up. I was speaking from having listened to Acappella’s Live In Paris album (Gary sang Roll Jordan on there as well), but it sounded like some wierd back-of-the-throat growling when he dipped down to the lower stuff.
    I’ve heard PDK live, and a lot of people are skeptical of his range simply because of how he sounds on CD. He sounds inifinitely better in a live setting, and has very little (if any) help from the sound system as far as power in the lower range. His higher range is not too shabby either!

  77. Irishlad wrote:

    #76. At 2006 NQC i had a chat with PDK at their booth,his speaking voice is not that deep but his vocal cords are freaky looking,he certainly is unique.Unfortunately i didn’t get to hear him sing (must have been on an afternoon showcase which i missed)but i’ll take your word for it,that he’s better live.

  78. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #77L You may not get the chance to anytime soon either; Valor is no longer on the road.

  79. Irishlad wrote:

    #78 Beggars can’t be chosers,i’ll have to make do with ‘N Harmony October. I remember their bass from the Journeymen days and he was refreshingly different.

  80. Irishlad wrote:

    #78 Just to add something.It doesn’t surprise me that Valor are off the road,they seemed to have trouble finding a niche market,which i think they were looking for. Back in ‘06 they struck me as having a sound(and look)which was too edgy and dare i say it-sophisticated for the greater part of the sg fan base.They had a really good sound,there’s an earlier version of them on youtube singing Satisfied at a (i think) SDA gathering.

  81. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #80: I had heard a different reason as to why they’ve come off the road (that I won’t share here, as it is a personal thing), but I agree that the reason you mentioned probably had something to do with it. Heaven forbid that anybody do something a little different in this genre!

    In all seriousness, that’s one of the reasons I was very impressed with the Mike LeFevre Quartet’s newest project; it was something atypical to SG. The guys have a fresh, new sound, and I hope they get the recognition they deserve in the coming years.

    As far as the Youtube video, I’ve seen that, and there were some other ones of the group as well. Nothing in an “actual” concert setting though, which is pretty disappointing.

  82. harmonyrules wrote:

    It has been kind of amazing how that there have been so few group changes after NQC. That’s a good thing obviously. However, in years past, there is usually some - if not a lot - of group turnover once they make it through NQC week.

  83. harmonyrules wrote:

    Is a powerhouse group emerging? Ricky Atkinson sent out a newsletter yesterday detailing how that Gene McDonald may begin doing some dates with RAC (though they only do two or three dates together per month), though that is not a done deal apparently. Placing Gene with RAC would be great. I don’t know a lot about Cook, but if he can still really sing tenor (as he apparently could at some point back in the day), they could have a big sound. I wish they’d decide to hit the road full time. Who doesn’t miss Loren Harris’ voice? And Ricky is obviously an immensely talented songwriter. Can’t wait to hopefully hear RAC with Gene.

  84. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #83: That news started circulating at NQC 2008 when Gene showed up at a showcase that RAC sang in.

  85. harmonyrules wrote:

    This is kind of nosy question, though I’m really just wondering about the situation (the Southern Gospel lifestyle really) not specifically about these artists. How does LordSong survive financially? I mean, they do a few dates with Mark Lowry each month, but a lot of the venues he performs in are not huge (nor does he sell all of those out). LordSong is great. I wish they’d hit the road a lot more than they do, but if I could make it without being gone all of the time, I’d probably do the same. I just wish they were producing more projects and were more accessible to those of us who love their music.

  86. harmonyrules wrote:

    Who has been filling in singing baritone for the Dan Keeton Quartet? Also, the guy who just left them recently, did he leave them to join another group?

  87. natesings wrote:

    #85- LordSong minus Michael does dates as “Sisters.” Although the schedule looks nearly identical to Lordsong’s, I’m sure they do additional dates this way.

  88. Bones wrote:

    Why don’t you find out what happened to Parker? Kirk’s story is nothing.

  89. LeviSJ wrote:

    #86 Chris Little was the baritone with DKQ (and at one time for the group I sang with, not that it matters). He joined Forgiven Trio http://www.forgiventrio.com/ from Lawrenceburg, IN.

    Last I heard Dan’s sister was filling in from time to time ( http://www.southerngospelblog.com/archives/1055 ) and they’ve changed their name to the Keetons http://www.keetonsong.com

  90. LeviSJ wrote:

    Dan Keeton posted an update to his baritone situation. Can’t find it on his website yet, but here is where he put it on the Singing News Forums:


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