Dance, then, wherever you may be

Or, what would happen if you crossed Norman Vincent Peale with Ernie Haase and Signature Sound? Find out, if you dare. (Hat tip, Jrod)

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  1. natesings wrote:

    Oh my!

  2. Snickers wrote:

    Norman Vincent Peale with pink eye shadow? I don’t THINK so. Careful not to confuse gay with happy.

  3. j-mo wrote:


    you suck at taking time off!

  4. Jrod wrote:

    How about that dance break? Pass the offering plate!

  5. Mickey Gamble wrote:

    The lead singer looks like Dracula.

  6. pk wrote:

    sheesh that was painful to watch… I didn’t know whether to laugh hysterically or cringe….that’s just ugly.

  7. Harry Peters wrote:

    “Lord of the Dance.” I KNEW Avery was one of us.

  8. Mike McIlwain wrote:

    Aaaauuugggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I’ve been severely traumatized watching just half of that clip. I must take some time off to listen to some great gospel music and try to recover from this.

  9. Revpaul wrote:

    I once hear a preacher say:
    I find Peale appalling, and Paul appealing.

    BTW, the video, thats wrong.

  10. Charles Brady wrote:

    Was that from NQC? LOL!!!!!

  11. GC wrote:

    That had to be a Saturday Night Live skit!

  12. Chris wrote:

    This looks like something I’ve seen on the BYU network. Yip, you guessed it…Mormons.

  13. Wade wrote:

    Charles # 10 the best post yet on this performance… the answer is NO it is not from the NQC… the sound was too good and their are no gay guys there either!!! LoL;-))

  14. No Shame wrote:

    That blonde is kinda hot. They were entertaining. If they had Tinker Bell for their choreographer, I’ll bet they would look more like SSQ.

  15. jminor1 wrote:

    Looks like Ernie, moves, dresses and all!

  16. jbr wrote:

    That is without a doubt the most rediculous things I’ve ever seen in a place that calls itself a church! What has music ministry come to? The Spirit doesn’t need all that mess to move people to repentance - and isn’t that what all ministry should be about? Just a thought.

  17. CVH wrote:

    Good clip…it’s been floating around on YouTube for a couple weeks along with this one…

    The first one is courtesy of the cult The Way International…to me the guy looks like John Travolta in Pulp Fiction. And I’m with No Shame…the blonde is hot in that repressed Baptist PK kind of way. Been there, done that.

    The second one scares me in a different way…I mean, are there degrees of gayness? Wow…let’s just hope these are like from the 80’s and not more recent.

  18. Harry Peters wrote:

    That blonde reminds me of Fonda Peters. Did my Pentecostal brothers teach her to move like that? Harry Peters is going to send Fonda to spend some time with the Pentecostals.

  19. Brandon M wrote:

    Well, I have to say that was funny. Yet, I need you all to clarify something for me. Are you calling Ernie Haase gay? Please tell me you aren’t. It sounds like you arent being a very good Christian.

  20. Chris wrote:

    I just found something almost as good.

    At least have the excuse that they were from the 80s.

  21. Bryce wrote:

    She is kinda cute. Wonder if she lives on the compound with the other Stepfords…

  22. KEW wrote:

    Why was the dude the only one to wear the garth brooks mic? The women are left to dance and use the hand held mics. This is a sexist video!

  23. Dexter wrote:

    Because if he had to hold a mic he couldn’t get his groove thing on toward the end…dig the moonwalk…..Lawrence Welk is spinning in his grave….

  24. Harry Peters wrote:

    Calling Ernie Haase gay? Harry Peters is one of the only people on this site to take up for Gay Christians. The reference was to Tinkerbell. I suppose people will connect dots and draw their own conclusions.

  25. Mojo wrote:

    You all are just calling Ernie gay because he is so effeminate. Wearing pink eye shadow and dancing and singing like a girl doesn’t make you gay. What does it matter if he is. He wouldn’t be the first gay Cat, now would he? Look up the definition of narcissist and you’ll see his picture. I happen to have seen his Un-Christian, nasty side. He is vicious, but what goes around comes around. He is all of the things I have just laid out, but gay? Only he and his wife (significant others) know for sure.

  26. djbuff wrote:

    Okay, all of this Ernie bashing is enough, already. I have to weigh in. I am a D.J. at a “Gentleman’s Club,” but I happen to love the Lord and Southern Gospel Music. I can see how one could watch that video shot in Chicago, Wet Dreams, I think it’s called and see that all of the dancing and prancing make up most of SSQ’s “show.” It covers up Ernie’s pitch problems. Do I think show tunes, bazookas and dancing has a place in Southern Gospel Music. Absolutely not, but the cheese takes money off you folks who are willing to pay for the act. The good book says not to conform to the world, but be transformed…
    Ernie Haase is no Harry Peters, but being a sissy doesn’t make you gay. What shocks me most, though, is how he got 3 other guys to wear that rediculous, mussed up, bed-head, spikey hair.

  27. KEW wrote:

    the dude reminds me of one of those cavemen from the geico commercials…as a matter of fact, that is how a caveman would dance isn’t it?

  28. irishlad wrote:

    I notice youtube categorise it as comedy. Have a look at ‘It is no secret’, one of the guys looks like one of the Inspos,forget his name.

  29. irishlad wrote:

    Melton Campbell was the guy i was thinking

  30. LW wrote:

    That is the most cheesiest thing I have seen. Someone should tell these folks not to give up their day jobs! It is just BAD. My question is WHY???

  31. Irishlad wrote:

    #30.That’s what happens when you join a cult.There was something horroribly hypnotic about the whole routine.Look into my eyes now…..

  32. Elisabeth wrote:

    i’m still speechless. and i originally watched this on FRIDAY!! lol wow…

  33. Leebob wrote:

    I am calling my therapist…NOW!!!!!!!!

  34. OpticalWitness wrote:

    EVIDENCE… This year at the together showcase at NQC. Doug Anderson Slapped/Popped/Spanked Ernie Haase on the butt. in the middle of a song.
    “this could be a regular habit from the bus that made it’s way to the stage.

    Also… Ernie sat with his arm around Tim like they were boyfriend and……………… uh….. boyfriend?
    or husband and………………….. uh……… husband???

    I’m just sayin……

  35. Leebob wrote:

    #34 Optical Witness…Now you are dragging Tim Duncan into this conversation? When will it ever stop? Just last night I had my arm on the pew when our adopted brother sat down to talk to me. I am looking for the gay police to come to my door any time now according to you. Give it a break. We Christians are looking more stupid all the time because of these arguments of nonsense….BOTH SIDES!

  36. dd wrote:

    thats just disturbing…on so many levels…..

  37. NonSGfan wrote:

    In the days of Christ there was ONE DEFINITION OF A CHRISTIAN!!!!!

  38. SgDoc wrote:

    Is that Groucho Marx playing the drums?

  39. SgDoc wrote:

    Oh I’m sorry thats just a shadow under his nose…my bad.

  40. Jake wrote:

    I agree with Leebob (#35). I’ve heard enough slander about Ernie Haase & the guys of Signature Sound. This website is getting as bad as the National Enquirer. Enough already.

  41. Wade wrote:

    Jake #40… the difference between you and LeeBob is… he was joking!!

  42. snickers wrote:

    #34 Optical Witness. I’m sure a lot of people are not going to believe you, however, look at this youtube clip. It validates what you say.

    You may have to cut and paste it, but it is worth your while.

    Ernies been into the butt grabbing for a while now. Add that to the make up, pink eyeshadow, metrosexual hair styling and prancing around and if it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck…it ain’t no eagle.

  43. NonSGfan wrote:

    Many of my comments are being deleted from this website, I want to know why i’m being censored when I use no profanity at all.

    What ever happened to freedom of speech?

  44. NonSGfan wrote:

    I must go back and retype what I wrote yesterday to Harry Peters…

    Gay Christian
    Murdering Christian
    Blaspheming Christian
    Incestuous Christian
    Wiccan Christian
    Satanist Christian
    Buddhist Christian
    Hindu Christian
    exhibitionist Christian
    gambling addicted Christian
    Drug addict Christian
    thief Christian

    Can I really be all of those things and still be a Christian?


    I wan’t to know Harry Peters answers to these questions.

  45. Leebob wrote:

    Wade, I may have been joking about the gay police but the I was absolutely serious about how stupid we look from both sides of a number of issues.

    Sometimes God uses people such as Ray Boltz simply because He will not allow His Word to return void, in spite of the sin. Rumormill material such as the posts in regards to EHSS serve absolutely no purpose except to destroy. I personally believe, just as in the Ray Boltz situation, that, whatever the truth may be, it will be revealed if and when God chooses it to be revealed.

    Let’s take the whole truth of scripture and apply it to the situation and perhaps we can gain a little insight into the mysterious ways of God.

  46. Dread Pirate Roberts wrote:

    You have total freedom of speech on YOUR blog. as john shore says on his blog “Commenting is a privilege, not a right. Good comments will be cherished, bad comments will be deleted.” he doesn’t have comment moderation enabled, but reserves the right to delete idiotic comments Doug just makes sure in advance.

  47. Sexy Kitten wrote:

    It’s interesting to note that southern gospel fans (isn’t that what y’all are?) get more passionate about sex than music. Especially when somebody drops the “gay” word. The last few weeks there has been as much about sex here as there has been about music. I think I need to hang out here a little more. Who knows who I might meet!

  48. cynical one wrote:

    Kitten — #46 — I don’t know if I’d advise hanging out here. You might catch something.

  49. Leebob wrote:

    Kitten - interestingly enough, SG fans are as passionate about everything as much as they are about their music. This is good in many respects but the passion gets carried a little overboard at times, however misguided that passion may be. Okay ALOT overboard but you get the picture.

  50. quartet-man wrote:

    Kitten, it isn’t just sex, it is anything that challenges the Word of God, it is defending right. If someone tried to say stealing was okay or abortion (okay, that is somewhat sex related, but the sex part isn’t what upsets a lot of us. It is the murder.)

    If you looked around more, Kitten, you would see that if someone says a particular artist isn’t good or is sinful you will see some passions come out too.

  51. quartet-man wrote:

    I have no idea what is being edited or not posted or why. Of course this is Doug’s site and he has the right to run it as he sees fit. I am sure certain things really should be removed. I doubt he is doing this, but since we are talking about it, if he or someone else would refuse to post opposite views other than his own, although within his rights, it is a bad move. Both sides should be treated equally in being able to state their cases. Let the truth win out or let people decide for themselves. Now, I have seen a lot of posts here that I am sure are the opposite of what Doug believes. I have made many myself, I am sure. :-) Doug has allowed them to be posted, so I don’t know what he is doing to others. It does sound like he is doing it a lot more lately though. I can’t say why.

  52. jebbar wrote:

    You know Im sure some of these comments about Ernie were started from McCray Dove acting as an alias. He made a fool of himself trying to shove “Get Away Jordan” in the NQC fans faces. I heard him piping off about Ernie and the guys doing the song on their set. He doesnt even touch them. Who could even understand the mess coming out of his mouth. LOOSER

  53. David Stuart wrote:

    No, this one is better than those!

  54. Defender wrote:

    #52, first of all you shouldn’t make such accusations although to your credit, you didn’t state it as known for sure. Second of all, I believe you meant loser.
    Also, Get Away Jordan was better by the Doves and it is in poor taste to take another groups songs or at the very least do them on the same program.

  55. Bones wrote:

    The Statesmen were the best at Get Away Jordan.

  56. cdguy wrote:

    #54 Defender — I don’t know that there’s anything wrong with multiple groups recording or singing the same song. It’s been done for years. Besides, as Bones pointed out indirectly, EHSSQ was not the first to do that song.

    Now, as to what you said about multiple groups singing the same song on the same program, I don’t know about poor taste, but I think the audience deserves more/better than that. Now, if it were not the same night at NQC, I see no problem.

    And I’d venture to say McCray’s jabs at EH were probably meant in jest.

    I’ve never met MD nor EH, so I don’t know either of their intentions (other than the obvious one of entertaining the audience), but I bet neither of them really care whether the other sings “their song”.

  57. quartet-man wrote:

    In the sixties and to some degree the seventies, groups recorded the same songs at the same time. The Oaks and Inspirations were two that had Jesus Is Coming Soon at the same time, I think. I also believe others did it pretty quickly too. The Oaks and Blue Ridge had “I Know” I think the Kingsmen, Cathedrals and Oaks had “King Jesus” (and I am sure others did.) However, eventually SG became more like most other popular music styles and for the most part found different songs. Sure you have something like Legacy Five, Talley Trio and Gold City record Truth Is Marching On (I saved the best for last :-)) just like you had Leeann Rimes (SIC?) and Trisha Yearwood record “How Do I Live Without You” (I think that was the song both recorded), but for the most part not anymore and I think that is the best approach. However, Get Away Jordan is almost a standard, so it might be an exception. Also, although it has been the Dove’s sugar stick for several years, I guess EHSS waited a good while to record it. Both singing the same night might be a bit much though. :)

  58. Barry wrote:

    Someone said its not cool to take someones song and do it better. Well if the Statesmen and Dove Brothers couldnt get it to # 1 somebody had to do it..glad it was Ernie Haase and SS….. Get Away Jordan will forever be McCrays lost love afair HA. It does make you think of two guys fighting for a girl…..But, I have never heard Ernie Haase fight over it or about it. He just recorded it took it to the top….I am a HUGE Signature Sound fan….. And find most of this post typical garbage

  59. Radioguy wrote:

    You that are badmouthing EH should be ashamed of yourself even if what you’re saying is true…and I have no idea if it is. If it is, he will not have the longetivity that others enjoyed…in other words he will cook his own goose. Regardless you are not acting very Christlike. I recently bought the Get Away Jordan dvd and I liked it. Though I don’t feel they are as musically tight as some other groups, I still liked it and plan on buying more of their stuff.

  60. Jim Alben wrote:

    You would be amazed at the folks on this site that don’t live a “Christlike” life. It shouldn’t be suprising though as 60% of professing Christians say there are more ways to Heaven than Christ. That is a AP Poll, not at Jim Alben poll.

  61. quartet-man wrote:

    #58 Barry, one of us needs to read better because I never saw anyone say it is wrong to do a song better. As far as which version is better, you will likely get many different answers to that one.

  62. Radioguy wrote:

    By the way, check out Take 6 sometime on You Tube doing their version of Get Away Jordan. It’ really different from the above 3 versions.

  63. Barry wrote:

    Speaking of Ernie Haase and his machine….. I noticed today they are the
    # 1 artist on myspace…. Maybe our world is expanding….

  64. Brandon M wrote:

    I am fed up with this nonsense. Why in the world do you think you can say things that arent Christ like at all. Ernie is not gay. He does it for fun and it is a good witness to the younger people. I am absolutely fed up with this nonsense. Kirk made a mistake ya, yet I know people who are very good friends with him. He has made changes. So do unto other…………………..

  65. NonSgfan wrote:

    The same site that allows a man to call himself Harry Peters, and call his wife Fonda Peters, edits my comments.

    I still want an answer….what can you be and still be a christian?

  66. Jim Alben wrote:

    Nonsgfan-why are you here and exactly what purpose do you serve if any?

  67. blogzgngdnhill wrote:

    #65, OMG!!!!! I just caught that. I thought that was probably their real names!!!!!!! OMG!!! I just never thought about it any other way until I read your post.

  68. Wade wrote:

    # 65… The same site that edits many ppl. A SGM site that even allows some one calling them self a NON SGM Fan to post anything.

    If you believe Jesus is The Son of God and came to earth to die for a sins is a Christian. So you can be whatever you want!!! John 3:16 LIVES. All the other stuff some ppl bang on is personal preference. God Bless their hearts!!!

    I get [edited] as much as anybody I guess…some make it some don’t some parts make it others don’t. But that is why it is MODERATED.

    You would have some ppl on here telling ppl they need to get saved again everyday if it was allowed. Enough of that gets through any way!!!

    This is gospel music music and all it makes up… if you want theology I am sure Bob Jones U has a blog.

    Hope that answers your question.

  69. Brandon M wrote:

    Wade, I want to add something to what you said. If you believe that Jesus is the son of God and has died and risen for your sins you are not a Christian. Now if you believe that and have accepted Christ as your personal savior then your a Christian.

  70. Wade wrote:

    Brandon…Thanks for the help. Help to me is like prayers… get as much as you can!!!

    FOR ALL COMPLAINERS… REMEMBER WHEN ALL THERE WAS WAS FLUFF LIKE SINGINGNONEWS??? and maybe a regional publication or web site supported by ads from thousands of no name local groups??

    If you do not remember that time well… God Love Your Heart!!!


    DH may edit things like specific names like [EDIT]… who are gay!!!

    or [EDIT] who knows what season is BEST to have had affairs in hot tubs.

    But atleast now you know it happened and IS!!!

  71. NonSGfan wrote:

    Jim Alben….why are YOU here, and what purpose do YOU serve?

    There is a clear biased here concerning certain individuals…

    Harry Peters….Fonda Peters… and my comments which were not explicit or vulgar gets edited?

    Could it be that the moderator IS Harry Peters?

    Wade, you are wrong. Even the devils believe that Jesus was the son of God and risen from the Dead, and they certainly are not christians.

    Profession is not posession.

  72. Matthew Moore wrote:

    Can someone post the youtube clip again. The link has changed, and I want to show some of my friends this video

  73. NonSGfan wrote:

    I’d like to know the name of the young man that is singing with the Greenes, (if he still is) i’m not sure….

    And also….did Jason Crabb give him his stage performance lessons?

  74. Wade wrote:

    NSGFAN…Well of course I am wrong… I did not expect you to think I am right. But the devil does not invite him into his heart. But I know that will be wrong some way. God Love your heart. But we need you around to B & Complain.

    LeeBoB… don’t sweat it. If Jim A does not have enough guts to tell you then there is nothing you can do until then. Just pray for bitter ppl like him & NSGF. If they are not the same ppl they are at least the same devil!!! LoL;-)))

  75. HarryPeters wrote:

    Some of you are worried about how Harry Peters will defend himself. I’m not defending Harry Peters at all. I am only trying to be a Christian. If the worst thing you ever did in your life was lie, would you want to be labeled as a “lying Christian?” If the worst thing you ever did in your life was to be like Bill Clinton and be a whore mongerer, would you want to be known as a disbarred Whore mongering Christian? If the worst thing you ever did was be attracted to the sam sex? Lets say that it is even within the realm of what we control and what we dont. This is all so silly to Old Harry Peters. If I can find a way to have love in my heart from all of you, is it not just possible that God loves Harry Peters?

  76. quartet-man wrote:

    #75, Let’s say it again. Being attracted does not mean you have to do it.

  77. seriouswannabe wrote:

    A co-worker that knew that I loved SGM, sent me a link to this blog several weeks ago. Some of it, I’ve laughed at and some of it I’ve been disgusted with. What really gets next to me is the fact that I love someone who is involved with SG and I love him most dearly. However, after, reading all that I’ve read lately, I’m afraid to become more involved with him, than I already am. I’m so afraid that he might be one of those men that hides his homosexuality. I’m afraid that if something did happen between us, that I would catch a terrible disease. Maybe I’m not trusting the Lord, but I sure don’t trust man. I don’t know where to turn, or who to turn to. I thought he loved me to. Now, I’m not so sure of anything. I read another blog, about gays, and it sure did sound like things he might would say. But I’m not sure that he reads this, but I beleive he does. What would you do? This is tearing me up inside, I can’t sleep or rest or work. All I can do is think of the possibilities. I really do love him so much.

  78. SGfan wrote:

    #75 Harry Peters

    I am sure that God loves you. However, I think you are making it difficult for others to love you by constantly carrying on in 3rd person like you are missing a few chromosomes and making arguments that make less sense than Joe Biden describing the Great Depression and stock market crash of ‘29.

  79. Irishlad wrote:

    #75 Harry you’re a good enough Christian for me and in that case you should be good enough for all the other Christians out there too, we’re no different after all: just sinners saved by Grace,to churn out an over used clichĂ©.

  80. Leebob wrote:

    #74 Wade…Thanks again for your encouragement. You have no idea what it means to me.

    #75 HP…(Still can’t bring myself to type the name without feeling the need to take a shower) Just be a Christian and quit trying to be one. God made you who you are and also gave you an instruction book for life called the Bible. Read it and go by it to the best of your knowledge and in the power of His Spirit. When you fall off the wagon of righteousness, get with God and His grace, get back on and continue on in your walk with Him.

  81. NonSgfan wrote:

    WADE- Show me in the Bible where you “invite Jesus into your heart”.

    Harry- Of course God loves you, and every other sinner in the world, but Christ talked more of Hell than heaven, he hates Sin, he died for it so that we can be FREE from it. “How can we that are dead to sin live any longer therein”?

    Irishlad- “Sinner Saved by Grace” Is not biblical, if you are saved, you are not a sinner. The Sin nature exsists, but a “Sinner” is somebody who lives life according to that sin nature…which I KNOW you dont do that because…

    Romans 8:1

    “there is therefore no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus, WHO WALK NOT AFTER THE FLESH BUT AFTER THE SPIRIT”. They both go hand in hand.
    No where in the bible is a sinner called saved, or the saved called sinners. Thats oxymoronic.

    Wade, again……What the HECK would you be talking about if I wasn’t keeping this pleasant exchange of idiocy going?
    Also, there is no bitterness in my heart……how quaint that somebody who thinks “Judging” is wrong, would judge MY heart.

  82. NonSgfan wrote:


    Read the history of homosexuality. not JUSt the bible. but all other history as well.

  83. Leebob wrote:

    #77 SWB…I would not want to be single in today’s world. If you are for real about what you have said (many people throw out stuff that they have never done in order to make a point), my wife and I will pray for you as you seek out the wise thing to do in your situation.

    In the meantime, do not let this site and all that goes on here be your source of direction. There are a great number of good people on here that would probably be able to give you great advice. Then there are a few knuckleheads on here that will really screw with your head. They act as if the whole industry is totally void of any sense of morality adn will do anything in teir power ot destroy a person in order to fulfil their own delusions of grandeur as to their self-importance to the Christian society and God cannot judge His children without them.

    I have to believe in my heart of hearts that most of the people involved in SG have regenerated hearts but are still human. The majority of the fine men and women of SG have their sexuality straight and are not disease ridden as some on this site would indicate. For the most part, I have had nothing but positive interaction with the SG people, locally and nationally. If the perusers of this site are any indication, they probably approach singers with the same arrogance shown here adn thus bring out the very worst of human emotions.

    I shall return to the anti-stone barricade.

  84. blogizgngdnhill wrote:

    #79 Irishlad, it doesn’t matter how good a Christian you think someone is or isn’t, it only matters to the Lord. He’s the one that we have to worry about pleasing and living up to his expectations. NOT yours or mine or anyone else. In the Bible there is a verse that says, if you don’t believe in truth, you’ll fall for anything.

  85. Tele D. Trooth wrote:

    #77 to add to your already insanely sarcastic diatribe, you best check to see if he listens to solid gospel because he may also be deeply in debt, a chain-smoker, and working the three-step plan on the side, lol

  86. Janice wrote:

    #77 - You didn’t say what kind of things he says that worry you. I don’t follow this website like I used to, and I am not sure of everything that is being said these days. But just because someone is a SG fan, they aren’t more likely to be gay (and maybe not less likely either.) If you aren’t sure what to do, it might be good to get some counsel from a trusted friend or pastor.

  87. seriouswannabee wrote:

    #83 LeeBob, I”ve never been more serious about anything in my life. God knows my heart and he sees whats there. He sees the love and the compassion. It isn’t all about desire and lust either. I’ve heard rumors about this (him), thats why I am so concerned. I am thinking of asking him straight out, but I am not sure that would be the thing to do. Also, not sure that I would get a right answer. Thank you and your wife for your prayers.

  88. rod wrote:

    #77 Tell me who he is and I’ll tell you if he’s gay. :)

  89. seriouswannabee wrote:

    #85, I don’t know what in the H… you are talking about? It sounds like you don’t think I’m serious. Well, I am and I don’t need your sarcasm to deal with to. I’ve never seen anything to indicaate that he is gay, he has all kinds of women chasing him. But some of his close friends are and I can’t help but wander.
    #88, I sure am thinking about that offer.

  90. seriouswannabee wrote:

    I wanted to let you know, my guy called and while we were talking I asked him if he was gay. I told him I wanted to know the truth, and about the rumors I had heard. He very strongly said NO!!! he was not gay, not ever even thought about being. He said he likes women maybe to much. But I do think he told me the truth. I want to believe that anyway. I do feel better about it now. I found out something I didn’t know to, he was married in high school, but her family had it annulled, because of religious beliefs.

  91. Wade wrote:

    # 88 Rod… Good One.

    # 81 NSGF… John 3:16 lives Baby… what counters that??? I know and you do such a good job at keeping your idiocy going. You are The Best Baby. I bet your a Hot One!!! Believe me I ain’t judging NOBODY just the Fun of see LeeBob Squirm on the other thread.

    Buttercup there is probably his wife or girlfriend!! LoL:-)))))

  92. Leebob wrote:

    Wade…not squirming just trying to make it right. I know my wife hasn’t posted anything on here and I don’t have a girlfriend. As far as I know I have no idea who most of you are on here except for the few who have bothered to contact me directly. This is the part of the anonymity that I do not like. You have basically a blank check to say whatever wickedness your mind can come up with and have absolutely NO accountability for your words.

    #89 SWB…I think the people on here have been duped so many times that when they see such a post as #77 they are skeptical. That having been said TDT #85 didn’t have to show his doubts by being down right rude.

  93. NonSgfan wrote:

    I’m still wanting to know the name of the young man singing with the greenes, if he still is.

  94. Tele D. Trooth wrote:

    seriouswannabee I apologize for offending you…I honestly thought at first glance your post was tongue-in-cheek since there were so many references made to other posts…or so it appeared to me. That is why I made the remark about the solid gospel commercials, also a reference to some sarcastic but hilarious posts made here. I was trying to add levity to the situation. After reading your further posts, and knowing you are serious, I again apologize and I wish you the best in this situation. God Bless!

  95. seriouswannabee wrote:

    #94 Tele D. Trooth Thank you for that. I didn’t think you took me serious. My birthday is the 29th and my guy is flying to be with me on that day. The group will be on the road, but he will fly out to meet them. I can’t wait to see him.

  96. rod wrote:

    Serious…Again the offer stands…Tell me his name and I’ll tell you. :)

    The truth shall set you free…

  97. Bones wrote:

    I heard that Paul Lancaster was the new guy with the Greenes.

  98. Harry Peters wrote:

    NonSg Fan. Your thought process is the problem. You think that saints cannot be sinners. Why would Paul say that he counted himself “chief among sinners?” Hmmm? You line of erroneous thinking that the same self righteous, my sin nature may exist, but I’m better than that attitude that has crippled the church in furthering the gospel. It was also a huge issue for the Pharisees and going all of the way back to Lucifer himself. Wake up, man and smell the coffee.

    I ran it up Fonda’s tree and she said it shook out a couple of monkeys pretending to be Christians.

  99. Harry Peters wrote:

    Barry, 63, maybe our world is expanding, but it could never keep up the EH’s head. He is a slick marketer. They used to call them snake oil salesmen. He does it with meterosexual appearances, sound enhancements and the internet. Try again.

  100. Harry Peters wrote:

    #79 Irish Lad, love you like a brother. As a matter of fact you are. Wish more people could get it. Always your friend and brother, Harry

  101. Wade wrote:

    Harry… NonSgmFan is a woman not a man… get it right. No Man could EVER BE THAT right!!! But I bet shes HOT!!!

    I miss Jim A… I hope he and LeeBoB have made peace. LB was squirming. He was wishing he was anonymous. But when you use DH’s Blog to promote your group… then you have to take the BAD w/ the Good. BUT if you are even in the Chattanooga/ North Ga. Area I will try to get you a date NOT in a church like QuartetMan’s. So see that’s good!!!

    Old Harry Peters… good to see you around again. I missed you while you where taking your extended break from bashing EHSSQ and loving everybody else. I am glad EH has not bothered to write DH like LeeBob did imposing on his well deserved vacation because somebody was banging on him in The Dancing Thread.

    Speaking of Dancing Thread… Cliff C is back and dishing out his advice previously saved for the multi nation magazine and world wide heard preacher for which he used to write for & edit. Y’all leave Cliff alone or he will pout more and resign from singing like he did on that event someplace in Branson.

  102. NonSGfan wrote:

    okay, we’re are ALL sinners….then, if that is the case..we are NOT saints. You cannot be both. “light and darkness”-”Bitter and sweet”…the bible is clear, you have to be one or the other. It’s not self righteousness, you are “made” rightheous and holy by the blood..but then you must BE righteous and holy by life. Paul was referring to his PAST, not his present…if Paul was going around sinning all the time, then making phrases like “how can we who are dead to sin live any longer therein”..don’t ya think people would have called his hand on it? Paul OFTEN referred to his past as a means of testimony.

  103. Harry Peters wrote:

    Old Harry Peters has been trying to do better lately and to ignore all of the homosexual haters rants and raves and talk about subjects like SGM and church and such.

    I’ll bet there is not a person on this blog who has responded to me that even knows who Old Harry Peters favorite Southern Gospel Quartet is.

    Wade, #101, Harry Peters stands corrected in regard to NonSgmFan” but does not quite understand what you mean by “NonSgmFan is a woman not a man… get it right. No Man could EVER BE THAT right!!!”

    If you are saying that no man could ever be a woman, I’m not certain. Fonda’s twin brother had several surgeries and swears it can be done. When he started the surgeries he was the biggest Gold City Fan you could find. Now, he’s jumped the fence and likes that tenor singer who slept in the tenor bus bunk that EH got. See how much better I’m trying to be? I didn’t even say anything negative about EH. I just keep telling myself, “Harry Peters, you can do ALL things through Christ, who strengthens you.”

    Non Sgm Fan may be hot, but hell is hotter and that’s also what Fonda would beat out of me if she even had an idea that I was lusting after another woman.

    On the day of my wedding, my brother, Needham, made me promise him 2 things. He said, “My little brother Harry Peters you have to promise me that you will never stop listening to SG Music and you have to promise that you will not do anything to give Fonda a reason to whoop up on the side of that little head of yours. That girl has got a nasty and can probably fight like a man.

  104. quartet-man wrote:

    #101 Wade, Why do you have to make those smart remarks about Cliff? I, for one, enjoy reading his input. Just because there was confusion over the post he made in the past, doesn’t mean he doesn’t know his stuff and can’t offer input.

  105. Payton wrote: The only blog in the world where every blog’s comments turn into a debate on gay people. Homosexuality makes me sick personally, but why must you all continue to discuss this in just about EVERY comments section? Huh? Please give it a rest. The debates continue to go around and around in circles every time. One would think that someone just might pick up on this….

  106. Richard Head wrote:

    hi, My name is Dick. I’m wondering if my name is going to be censored.

  107. Harry Peters wrote:

    God loves every Tom, Dick and Harry. Dick, no one could have been made more fun of than Harry Peters. You don’t have a dirty mind, so you probably never thought much about it, either. Welcome to the blog. This group doesn’t always play well together, but I do believe that what we have in common is loving the Lord. Now some of the fundies voice their hatred for gay people (which they call loving the person and hating the sin). God help me to never be loved like that. I guess you could say that God has called my family to accept abuse because of names and try to love everyone in spite of it all. As far as my wife Fonda, my brother Needham and old Harry Peters himself. Welcome, “bruthu from a different muthu.” Isn’t that cute? My brother at the AME church that I worshipped in last week taught me that. It’s ALL good! Harry Peters needed a savior and God, through SGM, and a gay SGM “superstar,” reached out to touch old Harry Peters and saved my soul. If that gay man gets a mansion next door to old Harry Peters, I’ll be happy to live beside him while eternity rolls….GET AWAY JORDAN! ;-)

  108. Harry Peters wrote:

    Old Harry Peters says let’s get back to the original question posed by our moderator. What would happen if you crossed Norman Vincent Peale with Ernie Haase? Since Brother Norman’s name doesn’t end with an “ie,” I guess Ernie gets the dress.

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