NQC 08: Odds and Ends Wrap-up

At long last some, some final thoughts I’ve been kicking around since NQC. First, some odds and ends.

Dottie Rambo: To answer many email queries and comments I’ve received on this, there was no formal memorial or remembrance of Dottie Rambo on the weekend evening mainstage, assuming anyone remembers what happened almost a month ago in Louisville. As we’ve discussed before, NQC seems quite carefully to avoid memorials. I did kind of halfway expect to see some mention of Rambo at NQC, arguably the most influential gospel songwriter in the twentieth century, during the fan awards songwriter award (you could easily justify naming the award after her). The only reference I heard made to her was Phil Cross’s brief tribute during the songwriters showcase on Saturday.

Speaking of showcases: Angel commented that the Phil Cross Songs of a Lifetime showcase was the most profitable in NQC history. This sounded a bit overzealous to me, so I put the question to Clarke Beasley, executive vice president of NQC. His response:

“The most profitable showcase in NQC history” is somewhat overdoing it, but it was a tremendously successful showcase in both attendance and appeal.  It was challenging on the technical end as you can imagine with a 200 voice choir and 60 piece orchestra, but the end result was stunning.  We have received many favorable comments about the showcase from those who attended.

There you go, for what that’s worth. Cross really is flogging the DVD of the thing on his email newsletter, which I was evidently signed up for automatically (I will refrain from speculating about the origins of this unsolicited subscription). The orchestra and choir were pretty powerful additions, so much so that it made me wish they could have made guest appearances one night and been both performers and supporting musicians for and with the other mainstage acts. A logistical nightmare and a cultural clash of unspeakable irreconciability (think Martin Cook, counting off the strings section to “I Have Not Forgotten”), and it would be impossible unless the technical issues with the sound could be lined out, but imagine the Perrys doing “Holy Shore” with a 200 voice choir and a 60-piece orchestra.

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  1. Angel wrote:

    I receive emails from Phil and the service he uses requires you to sign up in order to receive the email. Also each email sent has an “opt out” link. You sure seem to have some sort of gripe with Phil Cross. Instead of taking cheap shots of half truths at the man, why not let it go. Look at the response at your last attempt to tear the man down, you had about a dozen posters - nobody cares to be involved in a thread of hate.

  2. Sissey wrote:

    The Songwriter’s Showcase was on Friday NOT Saturday.

  3. Irishlad wrote:

    The powers that be at Nqc did not avoid remembering Doug Riley, Anthony Burger and the guy from Canada who got squashed to death beside his tour bus.Warren Parker may have been his name.A short clip of each of them was show on the big screen at one of the main evening concerts.(2006). Very tastefully done i might add.

  4. wackythinker wrote:

    Angel #1 - You wrote “nobody cares to be involved in a thread of hate.” Not sure that’s true. You may not want to be involved, but from the looks of the comments on this sight, LOTS of folks want to be involved in a thread of hate.

    I wish it weren’t so, though.

  5. Harry Peters wrote:

    Old Harry Peters bets as long as it stays the four of us on this thread, there will be no thread of hate.

    Phil Cross seems to really be getting heavy into the choral and orchestral music…and he is doing a good job with it. Our choir is doing a Christmas contata by Phil this year titled, “Hope Has Hands.”

    It seems very strange that NQC would render video clips of Doug Riley, Anthony Burger and Man vs. Bus guy and leave Dottie Rambo off the list. Irish Lad, what do you think is up with that? Incidentally Harry Peters and Anthony Burger took piano lessons from the same teacher in a studio upstairs over Anthony’s Dad’s piano and music store. Funny, same teacher, same piano, but it sure didn’t sound the same when Harry Peters played it as it did when Anthony did. :-)

    Back to Dottie…it seems to me that country music would call someone with her obvious talent “the Queen of Country Music.” Now Old Harry Peters does not believe we need “Queens of SGM.” I did not enjoy hearing Dottie sing, but she sure could turn a phrase on a lyric. That alone, would qualify her to be remembered in my opinion.

    Harry Peters wonders if with the old school NQC people, she didn’t suffer under some degree of stigma for divorcing Buck. There are people who will mark a divorcee with a big scarlett letter, “D.”

    What say you folks?

  6. Harry Peters wrote:

    Harry Peters mistakenly said Tim Riley when he obviously meant Doug.

  7. wackythinker wrote:

    Harry, you may be onto something about Dottie’s divorce from Buck, but I sure could not say for certain. There have been a LOT of folks in the bidness who’ve been through divorce, and continue(d) to perform. (As I’ve not been a regular at NQC [only attended a few times], I don’t really know who has or has not received a tribute from the main stage.) But they were still revered.

    And there are, of course, others who have divorced, and are still performing on the main stage. I’m not going to name names, but I’m sure any of my fellow posters who’ve been around for very long can think of a few or more.

  8. Irishlad wrote:

    Harry and Wacky, AB was divorced if i’m not wrong and it didn’t proclude him. I think it was probably because the three chaps mentioned were ‘quartet men’ that made the difference,jury’s still out on that one though. And Harry,i don’t think you mixed up Doug with Tim,hope you weren’t supping the old devil’s buttermilk. Lol.

  9. Irishlad wrote:

    #8 preclude(sorry it’s the buttermilk!)

  10. Wade wrote:

    Irishlad- Thought you were going to become Rick O’ Shea’s??? LoL;-)) I think you and Old Harry Peters both get in the buttermilk!!! But not hating… I will lave that for the others.

    Speaking of… So WHO IS AB???

  11. Irishlad wrote:

    Wade.He was one of the three gentlemen mentioned.

  12. Wade wrote:

    Irishlad… could you just not tell me??? I had to go back and disect the entire thread. Helpa Brutha out.

  13. Harry Peters wrote:

    Me Irish Lad,

    Old Harry Peters doesn’t sup the devil’s buttermilk. :-) He might sip on a little of that Baptist Communion Grape Juice, but…Fonda always brings a big glass of it out to my study every night wearing a leopard print something or other and a devilish smile. Come to think of it, Fonda might be the devil’s sister. ;-)

  14. Irishlad wrote:

    Upmost apologies Wade for being a bit cryptic. It was of course the late great A.Burger i was referring to. And Harry i almost choked on my fine single malt with that last post of yours. Here’s a thought:why can’t the fundies be as devilishly funny? Is that only one of numerous points i perceive to divide the two great houses?

  15. Wade wrote:

    Old Harry Peters… why you wanna get on here and write something you have to repent for??? What you drink is more like Episcopal Communion Juice. Or maybe more like Irish Midleton Communion JUICE!! lol

    I do not think Fonda is the Devil’s Sister… more like the Devil’s Wife or The Devil’s Daughter!! LoL;-))

    Speaking of The Devil…does she still pray for you in the Dorcas Sunday School Class?? LoL LoL;-)))))

  16. Harry Peters wrote:

    Me buds, Wade and Irish Lad, Fonda is Fonda…but I’m concerned she is taking this Sarah Palin thing too far. She is seriously talking about wanting to go moose hunting with her. I’m beginning to think she might really be attracted to her in more ways than political. Does anybody know if Sarah Palin likes SGM? Dear God, please tell me she is not hot for EH and SSQ.

  17. Harry Peters wrote:

    Irish Lad, the “fundies” use all of their best material at church and have no funnies left for the internet. ;-)

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