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Alt title: A bunch of stuff that longtime avfl reader NG sent me and I thought was worth passing along, plus this first thing that reader DA sent to me and then later I saw on Musicscribe too:

That didn’t last long: as many probably saw already, the Smoky Mountain Showcase where the Fake Florida Boys had just started appearing was unexpectedly shuttered recently.

Brutal: the New England Daily Collegian absolutely destroys the new project by Mike Walker, who is – if I’m not mistaken –the act that the FFB replaced at the now-defunct Smoky Mountain Showcase. The review probably won’t help the Boys pay their bills, but it’s good for a little schaudenfruede to while away the time the group will now have to spend on the bus to make up for those lost theater dates.

Meanwhile, in Silver Dollar City: Reader NG drew my attention to the SDC weeklong sg and bluegrass festival back in August and September. Did anybody attend this and wanna  let us know how big of a draw it was?

How’s it play with the folks in Peoria Ada, OK: Not so good, evidently. After 43-year run of featuring southern gospel, the Konawa All-Night sing ditched sg this year for a two-year old “blues and Southern rock style Christian group,” whose music the local paper describes as “innovative and unmistakabley [sic] about the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s a whole new genre in Christian music.” Cause you know, southern gospel is often mistaken for all kinds of other music. And it’s really, really not new. 

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  1. Kyle wrote:

    I read that review, and I must say….OUCH!! Although, it appears that the reviewer has no clue about country music, as “Who’s Your Daddy” was a big hit for Toby Keith (if it’s the same song), and “Memphis Women and Chicken” was a T. Graham Brown cut.

  2. Jim Aben wrote:

    The review reminds me of some of the comments our moderator makes from time to time. But everyone has their favorites.

  3. Rick wrote:

    re- How’s it play with the folks in Peoria Ada, OK.. I’m the program director of The Gospel Station Radio Network who promoted the Konawa event..The local newspaper article was incorrect.. Yes that group did perform in the “preshow”.. And did a fine job.. But the rest of the event was all southern gospel. And proud of it.. Kevin Spencer and Friends along with Charles Johnson and the Revivers were the featured groups as well as regional groups, The Homesteaders, the Link Family and Southern Sonlight. And finally a special appearance by Eric Hinson…We also had a tribute to honor the late Dottie Rambo(she was also supposed to be there).. As for how “it’s playing”.. We just turned on our 8th southern gospel radio station in Oklahoma.. The station covers Oklahoma City. A population of one million in the coverage area. Southern gospel is alive and well here in Oklahoma!!

  4. Donnie Williamson wrote:

    I have a traditional SG group called The Homesteaders Qt. We performed at the Konawa All-Night Sing this year and I wanted to clear up a slight misunderstanding.

    The Blood Washed Blues Band (a local Konawa group) performed a 20 minute pre-show set at the event. Not exactly my cup of tea but they did a great job.

    When the concert began it consisted of my group, the host group Southern Sonlight, Kevin Spencer and Friends, The Link Family (a bluegrass group from Mo.) and Charles Johnson and the Revivers. Also there was a special “mystery” guest, Eric Hinson. I brought him in because my wife is very much a Hinson fan and the concert fell on her birthday. I scored a few points with that.

    The concert is sponsored by The Gospel Station, which has stations and affiliates in Oklahoma, Texas, and Mississippi and operates the most listened to Gospel station on the internet in the world. I assure you that the Southern Gospel format for the Konawa All-Night Gospel Sing (which doesn’t actually go all night anymore) is safe for the forseeable future.

    Donnie Williamson
    The Homesteaders Qt.

  5. cynical one wrote:

    Rick — WHAT? A newspaper reported incorrect info? What a shock!!! Especially when it has to do with anything Christianity.

    BTW, October is “Sarcasm Awareness Month”.

  6. Norm Graham wrote:

    #5: The newspaper report said “After 43 years of strictly Southern gospel music at the annual Konawa All-Night Singing, this year the award-winning Blood Washed Blues Band will perform in Veterans Park.”

    The report did not say there would be no Southern Gospel but for the first time there would also be another type of gospel.

    I assume the small paper simply published a press release from the blues group.

  7. buttercup wrote:

    Can you believe that Jason Crabb, Mark Lowry, and David Phelps will be filling in while Guy is on sabbatical? Be interested to hear how all that works out, but I guess after 14 years, Mr. Penrod deserves a few weeks off.

  8. KD wrote:

    Re: SDC
    Silver Dollar City’s sg/bluegrass fest was a hit. Although the main stage concerts didn’t have the best matchups (usually two groups per night), the ampetheatre was packed all nights except for when the remnants of some hurricane blew through.

    Turns out that the SDC event is a great lead-up to NQC. And, word is that the sg/bluegrass fest is on for next year as well.

  9. bhh wrote:

    Southern Gospel Picnic at Silver Dollar City is 11 days of concerts (12 next year) sponsored by Singing News. Many SG groups perform throughout the park during the day and in the Echo Holler amphitheater at night. Huge crowds. Some of the largest crowds of the year for SDC. Highly recommended.

  10. bhh wrote:

    And all concerts are included in the price of admission to the park.

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