Everybody loves a survey

And I promise this isn’t about Sarah Palin. Gosh darn it.

Daniel Mount has a surveyMonkey thing going that attempts to figure out if music was better in the good ole days. Good luck with that, I say. But it’s fun seeing how many songs from less than recent memory that you remember. Check it out.  You betcha.

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  1. Norm Graham wrote:

    Knowing a song doesn’t make it better than a song you don’t know. I did the survey and knew way more of the earlier songs because I followed SGM more closely than. I suspect (maybe it’s my age) that if the survey included songs from the 60s and 70s lots of folks would know those especially since some groups still sing them.

  2. Jim2 wrote:

    The 2003 chart was heavily weighted to Daywind Artists - Crabb Family just coming into their own at that time? I think Gold City was on the Daywind label at that time as well.
    Interesting to me because I have a lot of those Daywind Artist CDs

  3. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Was this the link you were looking for on PBS.org?
    If not, I offer your choice of link about Sarah Palin from PBS.org!

    I can’t wait for the Rick Hendrix’s t-shirts and his theme song for his campaign.
    It might even makes the charts.

  4. NonSGfan wrote:

    What we see is this..

    CONTENT is much better in 83. Lyrically, the older songs are much more powerful. They touch the heart, not just the head.

    We are seeing a shift in that though. I think people are hungry for depth. The BIGGEST change is not quality of lyric, but quality of SOUND. It is so obvious how much better we’ve gotten in technology. I love it.

  5. Wade wrote:

    GospelMusicFan… Thanks for those links!! Is she not the Hottest thing in years??? She’s INSPIRED ME TO CARE AGAIN. Fox News Should pay her just for getting me back.

    Also GMF… Of course Rick’s Theme will chart… but only on the stations he knows that report. I bet it will also get 2 # 1 on the Sogospelmusic.com web site, like it matters. Is that not the biggest waste of internet space EVER, well it’s tied w/ Jerry’s Journal.

    #4 NonSGFan- You are right, but you knew that!! lol ;-))))

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