The beginning of the end?

Of the Gaither Vocal Band, I mean. I confess, that was one thought that crossed my mind when I saw Guy Penrod is taking a “sabbatical” from the GVB. I don’t know anything to make me think there’s more to this than meets the eye. Rather, it just seems like a particularly visible evidence of the Vocal Band’s diminishment and the general decline of the Gaither brand in recent years.

Lovin Life, the GVB’s latest album, might as well have been phoned in. More energy and thought appeared to have been put into the lighting, makeup, and hairstyles of the cover photo for the album than anything else. Indeed, the album art rather nicely captured the album itself: highly coiffed but largely vapid.

Rick Hendrix sent round an email this afternoon saying Penrod is fine and just wants to take a few weeks to rest, and maybe that’s true. But it’s hard to believe he doesn’t have one eye on the door, and hasn’t for some time. He was intimately involved in creating the music and image of the GVB at the height of its Homecoming fame, so he knows which way the wind is blowing for the group in these sunset years.

Meanwhile, it’s gratifying to see that my crystal ball is not entirely crusted over and that Jason Crabb will indeed be making some appearances on the Homecoming tour. Daniel Mount wonders what Crabb will sound like in a male-quartet, and I myself raised questions back when Crabb signed with Spring Hill about what kind of fit he’d be with the Homecoming set. But lately it occurs to me that, thanks to Russ Taff’s stint with the GVB, we’ve already seen what happens when you try to make a histrionic emotionalistic diva  divo do ensemble work. The more I think about it, the more I imagine that, like Taff, Crabb will generate some minor excitement among the faithful at first, and then just as quickly make people miss the other guy. And evidently Gaither might suspect this too, since Lowry and Phelps are sharing Penrod’s workload with Crabb.

Gimmicks and nostalgia … GVB’s starting to look more and more like just another gospel group.

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  1. Norm Graham wrote:

    Two weeks to rest to me is not a sabbatical. In colleges and churches (and the rare company that provide them) sabbaticals are a paid leave for at least three months if not longer to study and reflect. Two or three weeks is a vacation.

  2. ST wrote:

    Gaither Concert was in Columbus, GA Thursday Oct. 9th. As promised, no Penrod. However, Jason Crabb was not there either. Mark Lowery showed up and took the baritone part while the current baritone took Penrod’s part on some songs. The current tenor singer also took some lead parts that Penrod would have done. My understanding was piano player Gordon Mote actually took some lead parts as well.

    Also, Gaither indicated this could be a leave of absence for months. My wife went to the concert and filled me in.

  3. C.W. G. wrote:

    Anyone close to Guy could see that he was not doing the best - it is good that he has been given this time to get things back to normal.

  4. harmonyrules wrote:

    Could it be a Jason Crabb tryout? What’s the need in having Lowry and Phelps’ services? I must be missing something there.

    I’ve never heard of taking a few weeks off unless its a health or family situation. I don’t want to speculate on Penrod’s situation, but it is odd.

    Step forward and shine on Wes Hampton.

  5. Wade wrote:

    Won’t that be strange for David Phelps to sing lead?? Be interesting to hear. Hope some one will give us a report?!?!?

    Speaking of The Beginning of The End… what is the story going on w/ the Fake Florida Boys??

    Has anybody bought the Phil Cross Special DVD yet?? Did POST work help any??

    Does anybody have a guess who Jim Aben REALLY is??

    Cliff C - PLEASE COME BACK & please forgive me I was just bustin’ on ya. You can get me if you want. I miss you and need to sleep. I have not slept well over this.

    QMAN- I love you to Bro. Next time you have a group in holla at me and I will help you with promotions. We are gonna build you in to a MEGA Church. But not like SGFAN’s mega church… yours will only have 400. But that will be a mega church for YOUR AREA!!

    Non SG Fan- I know your Hot I just love a feisty smart women. Especially if they are a little elitist & judgmental. THAT’S HOT!! I wanna take you to The McKamey’s Concert!!

    I hope you are all happy that DH is back… let’s talk some music!!

    Why are there are 2 pages in Nick Bruno’s web site not working. Especially with all the attention he just received from The Booth Bros. smoking the awards show recently. Where you not glad to see him/ them do so well. Like the first year Gold City swept the awards.

    DH… thanks for all the hard work!!! Most ppl just do not understand how much work goes into this. regardless of how many INTERN’S you have slaving & moderating. I know I am about to be MODERATED when my post holds in Q even AFTER other post are released.

    I still think [Edit] had that affair and [EDIT] like the preachers more than the preachers wife.

    Dr. Joe - Miss you…please come back, unless you are the Incredible Jim Aben (then it is OK to continue but come back as Dr. Joe too, if LeeBob can do it you can too) there are plenty of musical things to talk about now and you said you would when there were. I am behind on my scripture reading and need a few cites.

    LeeBoB- Seriously if you ever need a date in chattanooga or north ga. would love to hook you up!! I will get ya more than a love offering too!! But don’t bug DH when he is on vacation about stuff like you did. Ernie has still not bothered DH yet and look at all the things Old Harry Peters says about him. Whoa unto the man that ALL SPEAK well of!! Tim Riley taught me that one.

    I really need to sleep. But just got in from a show. Need an Elvis solution.

    Old Harry Peters- I miss you Brother. I am glad you turned me on to all these wonderful ppl. Hope Fonda is well and y’all are keeping BUSY!!! Hey how did the vote at that church end up?? Did they let that member come back if they were willing to meet with the pastor and go to the class??

    Lastly, Rick O’Shea’s F/K/A Irishlad - Hope you are keeping the Mother Land Safe. How BIG is mega church OVER THERE??

    I really needs me some sleep… Where’s Cliff when you need him???

  6. Harry Peters wrote:

    Old Harry Peters doubts that GVB will go away any time soon. All they need is a warm body with a stage presence. So little of what they sing in a concert appears to be live (real) singing anyway, I’m guessing they will just stand somebody in front of a microphone and let the tracks roll. Kinda reminds me of weekend at Bernies, but for anyone who has ever actually stood beside Bill Gaither on stage, they know that he has never had a single one of those GVB bass notes in him.

  7. Dave Martin wrote:

    Maybe Guy P is reflecting on whether the time is right for a total makeover. Wouldn’t it be cool for him to come back with one of those bed hairdo’s, no beard, a sport suit with some Docker pants, and a belt with a regular size buckle. This nation needs change, and Guy is the man!!

  8. jeanne wrote:

    In the past few years, Guy has buried both his father and his mother. His mother’s last year on earth required quite a bit of daily medical care, as anyone who has ever taken care of an ill and aging parent knows. Guy was at his mother’s side on a daily basis providing care for her. That he was a good and faithful son is beyond question and there must be some lingering grief over her passing. Beside the obvious grief of burying his parents, his wife’s parents live on their land. His father-in-law is wheelchair bound. In addition he cares for his wife and 8 children, is on the Homecoming Tour and is busy with other responsibilities with Gaither.(recording, etc). He teaches a Sunday class in his church and is known around his home town as being a man who always helps a neighbor in need. If he has reached a point in life where he needs to just sit down and rest for a while he certainly deserves it. If he’s not feeling well, or just burned out, it certainly is understandable.

  9. NonSGfan wrote:

    ( I look great in a pencil Skirt)….

    My wife and I recently sat and watched some of their new video and we both said the same thing..”This is bad”. Marsh Hall is great, but has NO songs that demonstrate his abilities and vocal control. Guy is the consummate professional, but is getting old to the eart. WES HAMPTON IS NOT GOOD. Period. He is almost always consistantly 1/4th under pitch (if thats possible) and strains so hard his neck veins pop out like he’s eating snakes. The songs are pushing him up way to high, and pushing the baritone way to low. They dont have a good blend, mix, or and vigour right now. My new GVB…

    1. Lead-Wesley Pritchard

    2. Baritone-marsh hall

    3. tenor-Beg Phelpsy back. I hear that he’s only in a 7 album contract with word, and after that they’re dropping him..i believe this coming christmas album is his 7th.

    4. Bass-me.

  10. quartet-man wrote:

    #5 Wade, no worries and no big deal in the grand scheme of things. As far as the definition of mega church, I don’t know that 400 would be considered mega I think there is missing a big church description in there. :-) I think mega would describe the large TV churches whether there were any in my area or not.

    I do question your comment on the affair and your motivation in making it. That is none of my business, but something you might ask yourself.

    HP, Gaithewr hit a low Bb I think on a special with the Goodmans. He also claimed to hit a low note (I think G) on one of the GVB recordings and said people didn’t believe it was him. A lot of times you can’t hear him live, but remember even Rex Nelon had days where he was less bass than others. I am sure Bill is the same way and in the studio you can have another shot and do other things to thicken it up and strengthen it.

    ST, thanks for the report. I figured Lowry might do baritone on the songs he did before at least since he has a harder time learning other parts. Penrod had a few times where his voice has shown wear which is understandable. He is human and uses an awful lot of range. :)

  11. dd wrote:

    I think he’s just tired and was showing it…. He’s got a heavy load. As the ole saying goes, if you don’t come apart, you’ll come apart.

  12. rr wrote:

    I believe “back in the day” the Imperials auditioned Larry Gatlin, and for the same reasons DH mentioned, decided it was best for him to remain in his own universe.

  13. j-mo wrote:

    Yeah, Harry, all those floor rattling low notes you hear in GVB songs couldn’t possibly be Bill.

  14. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    #6 - Actually, as a matter of fact, someone went to the GVB concert last night. They said there were some Guy Penrod stacks in the mix, but if that was anything like normal, the stacks were so light they were quite surprised.

  15. Janet wrote:

    This must be like Christmas for ya’ll - another opportunity for Gaither-bashing. Whatever.
    I have my own theory as to what the behind-the-scenes reasons are for Guy’s sabbatical. They’re just my own thoughts, so I’ll keep them to myself for now. (I don’t want to start any unsubstantiated rumors!)
    I am heartened to see David Phelps pitching in. I was worried for awhile that he would become a disenfranchised member of the Gaither family. (You know, like Jonathon Pierce.)
    You may continue with your bashing…

  16. Kyle wrote:

    Has anyone heard the new GVB Christmas album? I still think that “Still The Greatest Story Ever Told” is the best album to come out of the Lowry/Penrod/Phelps era, but this new one, in my opinion, is a MAJOR step backward.

  17. 1 old fan wrote:

    I realize, as was stated on this and other sites regarding this topic, professional singers work hard at what they do. But let’s face it, GVB doesn’t sing full-time. They work about 20-25 weeks a year, 2-3 nights most of those weeks, and they’re all back home to go to church with their families (and in Guy’s case, to preach) most Sunday mornings.

    A look at GVB’s schedule shows they took most of the summer off. And they’ll take a week off at Thanksgiving, then a few more weeks off around Christmas. Now he needs another vacation?

    I wish I had a job like that.

    I contend there’s more than meets the eye. Maybe it’s none of our business, until the parties involved choose to let the cat out of the bag, but this looks like a crazy way to word whatever is going on.

    My speculation is that he wants to quit, and Bill’s trying to salvage him by giving him some time away, before they do anything permanent. But that’s just speculation, for whatever it’s worth.

    Love to hear the guy sing, though. And I’ve heard him speak. He’s deep.

  18. Cliff Cerce wrote:

    Hey Wade,

    This is America. You have the right to speak your mind. Even to be a cheap-shot artist, if that’s what you really want to be.

    Thanks for your help. Quite a few have gone to our website and heard our music, seen our videos and have become better acquainted with us. Also, Industry people have been calling and Emailing me, and I have actually made a few new friends.

    Some that have themselves been the recipients of petty jealousies have been very quick to recognize them when they surfaced.

    I just forgot what my Dad told me years ago - “The best way to save face is to keep the lower half shut”. I shouldn’t have tried to explain. People that reallly know me didn’t need the explanation. They understood what was happening immediately.

    So, thanks again for the free publicity.

  19. Irishlad wrote:

    Wade, hija doin’? our wee Baptist has only around 150 attending now,but when i was a kid in the 60’s there was a membership of at least 600(shifting population for you.) THE mega church in N.Ireland is James McConnell’s Metropolitan Tabernacle in Belfast where the two Irish homecomings were taped. Great night was had,also Gold City and Tony Gore were over until someone imparted a bit of wicked(but juicy)information about Tony. Tut tut.

  20. Andrew S. wrote:

    Jason Crabb is a little too preachy/churchy for the Homecoming tour. He has the voice but lacks the calmness of people sitting circled around a stage. I’d love to hear Wes Hampton drop to lead and David Phelps take over the tenor again. That would be absolutely PHENOMENAL!!

  21. NonSGfan wrote:

    Kyle: you are right, this one IS a step backwards compared to the other one

    Andrew S: You are also right, that would be dynamic.

    I hear word records is dropping David, anybody know anything else about this??
    Also Andrew
    S. Jason totally disproved your theory that he’s too church for a sitting circle, watch one of the latest videos where he is singing “id rather have Jesus”…I forget which one it is…its a tribute to classics. He does wonderful.

  22. WesFan wrote:

    I don’t usually POST on here but I MUST POST THIS TIME!


  23. Irishlad wrote:

    #9NonSgfan. Boy you’re a genius.Did you ever get that line-up perfect,except yourself that is. Which of course should go to the one and only Gene McDonald,or,Jeff Pearles if he could only be tempted away from the KH.

  24. Josh Cottrell wrote:

    I actually thought the new GVB Christmas was pretty good. No it is not as good as the old one, but if it is a “Backward” step, it wasn’t by much.

  25. quartet-man wrote:

    #24 I just finally listened to part of the GVB Christmas tonight. Some I only spot checked, but I much prefer the first one. It has some stronger songs on it. The best song on the one from what I heard is the bonus cut on the Gaither special version. It was different from everything else stylistically, but I liked it. :)

  26. Eric wrote:

    Bill Gaither has to be the single greatest entrepreneur in the history of Southern Gospel Music. I don’t understand why so many people still doubt his business intuition.

    So the last album wasn’t as great as some of the previous releases, big whoop. GVB still outsold every other SG artist (aside from maybe Signature Sound) last year. If you all haven’t figured it out by now, Gaither likes numbers. Specifically, numbers with more than 7 digits and a dollar sign affixed to the front.

    As he’s shown before, Gaither will reinvent the Vocal Band yet again if Penrod leaves…if Gaither wants to continue at all.

    Southern Gospel is on life support right now. I believe we could be a little more supportive of the cause during her last days because I believe in miracles.

  27. Eric wrote:

    One more thing…

    If Penrod does leave Gaither should consider snagging up Scott Allen. Y’all remember Scott for his short stint with Mercy’s Mark. He’s recently filled in with the Imperials.

    Scott sounds EXACTLY like a young Michael English. I think GVB would sound great going back to the soulful sound of the GVB of the late 80’s early 90’s.

  28. NonSGfan wrote:

    Irishlad-I was kidding, im not a bass, but I agree with you on Gene.

    WeSfan-Wes hampton is a terrible singer. He may be good in lead, but not as a tenor.

    Eric- Scott would be fine, if he would stop talking about himself for 2 minutes to let God use him.

    Eric- Also, yes, Bill is best..but when you’re USED to exceptionalism, it’s hard to sit and see mediocrity.

    Can I get an amen somebody?

  29. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #27: Scott rook the full-time lead position with The Imperials a couple months ago. I do agree that he would be a great fit should Guy ever leave the GVB.

    I’ll tell ya what, if Bill decides to retire, he should snag Gene McDonald to take his place. The man’s range would fit great with the GVB’s arrangements; not only could he sing the “high bass” stuff, but he could also add some powerful, deep bass in it as well. All without the aid from the sound system that everyone likes to accuse Bill of.

    I guess my “dream lineup” of the GVB would be this:

    Tenor: David Phelps
    Lead: Guy Penrod, Mike English, or Scott Allen
    Baritone: Mark Lowry or Marshall Hall
    Bass: Gene McDonald

  30. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Spelling Edit: Above comment should say, “Scott took…”

  31. Irishlad wrote:

    Anybody out there remember Jon McBroom?He sang baritone about 15yrs ago for whom i forget,but,he had a marvelous and distinctive voice.

  32. Scott wrote:

    I’m way into the Pet Shop Boys. I remember Neil Tennant saying years ago that they wanted the group to evolve into a situation where they could hire interchangeable people and still have a concert. Lots of it done via lip-snyc–just like a big old drag show.

    Anyway, why not do the same with the GVB? Nothing to really prevent G from not showing up at all to sing…he could just come out and introduce them and three men could sing another rousing verse and chorus of He Touched Me or some such. He could even be dead or something….

    A while back The Surpremes came through town–not one of them EVER sang with Diana Ross. Additionally, I think the Lawrence Welk orchestra is still performing…you get the idea.

    I mean, back in the early 80s, The Happy Goodmans toured for a few years after Vestal and “Happy” Howard left the group. Just line up a pseudo-Vestal (Johnny Cook) and a baritone (M. English) and get on with it….

  33. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #31: John McBroom sang for Brian Free & Assurance, shortly after they went from a trio to a quartet.

  34. Tori Taff wrote:

    “…histrionic emotionalistic diva divo ”



    Hateful, much?

  35. Wade wrote:

    #28 - NoNsgFaN… Amen.

    Scott had a great idea I was actually kinda thinking about.

    They could just have the GVB and let different Homecoming Artist come out and sing lead on different Songs.

    Back in the 80-90’s I when the Kingsmen where so hot and they had so many different ppl singing on stage. I often thought they could have 2 groups. Send Ray with one and BiG Jim w/ one and do 2x the dates.

    I know that Gene McDonald is a good bass singer. But with the death of George a few years back and the retirement of Tim Riley from the full time road. I wondered a few times why Bill does not have Tim sing some REAL BASS. Bill could blend in where ever… and then Tim could knock the bottom out. Tim sings a great low lead and has an incredible range.

    I miss Tim and wish he would round up a scrap iron quartet and work 4-6 dates a month and get good flats.

  36. Wade wrote:

    # 34. Tori - Great Blog. Would have left a comment there but there was not alot of men, if any.

  37. Irishlad wrote:

    Wade is he not doing that with the Southmen.Check youtube.

  38. Wade wrote:

    Irishlad… from what I understand they just get together for the reunion around the Gold City Homecoming. If they are taking dates I am sure NoN or SGFan will let us know…lol

    Now lets get ready for the Ballgame & ButterMilk! lol

    Hope the Dawgs do their part in helping the vols get a NEW COACH!!!

    Coach Fulmer said the other day in a presser, after getting their brain beat out again, that he did not get STUPID over night. I AGREE he has been stupid for several years!!

    Go DaWgs

  39. Wade wrote:


    I assure you there is NO jealousy. NONE. Maybe of Bill Gaither, Guy Penrod, David Phelps or Russ Taff… but NOT YOU!!! I can puff up and be self important without any of your good example.

    As far as cheapshot artist… don’t think that calling it WHAT IT IS = a cheapshot. Also that usually = doing it behind some one’s back. I did what I did out in the open. JUST LIKE NOW!!

    I am sure you will be performing with the GVB as a guest lead singer in no time. With all your industry connections and friend you make performing with the Top Artist, having them drive and fly thousands of miles to be with you and see you in concert no matter if you only sing 3 songs & there are 200 more artist on the bill.

    As far as keeping the LOWER HALF SHUT!!! Well… you could surely take some of that advice too!! You often leave NO DOUBT, if you know what I mean.

    I still have not heard of the preacher you used to edit for, heard of you before this blog (and I been around a while) nor do I consider the magazine you so proudly write for A NATIONAL PUBLICATION!!! LoL

    But ya know… You do often contribute to the FINEST BLOG about SGM on the WORLD WIDE WEB. You do often appear on it with the finest industry insiders and performers in the biz. In just this thread you have performed with the Hot Wife of Russ Taff. It is the most HIT BLOG in the biz and you often write multiple LONGEST ENTRIES on multiple threads. AND you often make me laugh and put me to sleep at night.

    Listen… I love ya and am sure for your sake you to take over the Gaither Empire when it is passed on. I can use puffery & hyperbole with the best of them. But when I get called on it like Dr. Joe, NoN & SGFan often does. I either cop to it or keep quite.

    THAT is the lesson that you might learn,my friend. I do not think you even know when you are doing it. You are so good at it.


    So now you can claim me as a fan!!! LoL :-))))

  40. Becky wrote:

    Saw the concert in Bossier City last night. It seemed awfully scarce to us. About 1/2 of the concert was old videos.. but we decided on the way home that was the best part. Vestal brought the house down. Mark sang with the GVB. It was a treat to see him again. Overall good concert, but definitely not even close to the best.

  41. quartet-man wrote:

    #39 Wade, I am not going to reply to any of the rest of it (at least not now :-) ), but I think when Cliff made the comment about keeping the lower end shut, he meant he should have just kept his own mouth shut and not tried to explain himself. I don’t think he was telling you to keep yours shut. Cliff, correct me if I’m wrong.

  42. Tori Taff wrote:

    Wade: I actually do have some men readers/commenters– but if you’re uncomfortable in Estrogenville, just sign in as a girl. I think Bill does it all the time.

    And, um, also? The official title is “SMOKIN’ Hot Wife.” Just so you know.

  43. Irishlad wrote:

    Thanks #33. I have the tape at home. On orginally listening to him i thought his voice was different,really stood out as a baritone,someone who could comfortably take lead as well,but was truely in the baritone range. Too many today are tenors singing the baritone part think ehss for one and there’s loads more. When i think baritones i think Tony Peace,Eldrige Fox,RW,Mark Tramell and i could go on,but i’m sure you get my drift.

  44. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #43: I do wonder where he is now. I was a fan of his voice as well.

  45. CVH wrote:

    RE: Tori’s comment…SMOKIN’ hot is right!

  46. Wade wrote:

    QMAN… I am sure he will correct you!! LoL;-)) Hey How as the service @ The Future Mega Church this AM???

    Tori… OK I will go comment. I just did not see a male on the DRESS BUYING THREAD!!! It Was funny. As a man that ENJOYS Shopping with a woman I have been in the uncomfortable seat you mentioned several times, after GETTING the ROOM STARTED!! It made me think of ALL THOSE TIMES!!

    As far as Russ fitting or not in an ensemble or diva/divo… Most of the BEST singers in The World are Diva/Divo and well… he did sing with THAT LITTLE GROUP called The Imperials for a few years and I think they did OK. Before he even sang in GVB.

    So with ALL the different singers that could have been picked for those spots he did well in a couple of the SMALLER groups in Gospel Music. Think those are RESULTS despite opinions. The one thing I have never had a doubt when I’ve heard Russ sing was if he was HAPPY!!! LoL;-))

    My original adjectives for you were… OMG The Keen Bodacious [Edit] Voluptuous SMOKIN’ Hot Wife… but figured that was over doing it. Old Harry Peters & Doug H use big words like that. Also did not want ppl to think you had taken up a bad habit. LoL Contributors around here often take things the wrong way. Did not want to START any Gossip.

    AND I did not want to openly LUST right here on the thread. Dr. Joe, NoN & SGFan would have taken me to task. AND Irishlad & Old Harry Peters would have joined me. I did not want to get something started. I am just HAPPY for RUSS!! lol

    We are trying to stick to music around here!!! lol

    I will be over to comment. If Bill can then Cliff C & I can too!!!

    Except Cliff’s will be the one telling you all the Top Stars he has performed with and ones who had traveled many miles to see him. Just in case we comment in DRAG.

    Harry’s will be the one talking about [Edit] and how he and Fonda [Edit].

    I don’t mind Estrogenville. Something does not have to make sense for me to enjoy it!! lol… Plus I like women. Kinda like throwing Briar Rabbit in the briar patch.

    Thanks for bring us some of Estrogenville. I been trying to make NoN & SG Fan women for a couple of threads. Glad you admit to it.

  47. Celia wrote:

    Just discovered this blog through a Michael English Google alert since his name has been mentioned a couple of times above.

    I’m a huge gospel music fan and have been a big GVB fan until recently. I don’t know what has happened, but they just can’t seem to “get it together” in recent years. I’ve wondered if Bill having them do appearances and videos with Signature Sound is because they’re just not “making it” themselves lately (and I really prefer Signature Sound without GVB so they can be more their usual fun selves).

    As for my “dream GVB”, it would be with Michael English and Mark Lowry back. :o) I think God has truly annointed Michael since his repentance and his voice is better than ever. Just this old lady’s opinion.

    I’m so excited to hear about the GVB reunion video that is coming out next year! Can hardly wait!

  48. Harry Peters wrote:

    #42 “SMOKIN’ Hot Wife,” your reply to Wade made old Harry Peters day. You gave me a chuckle and I needed one today. All that said, I wouldn’t quibble one bit with your “official title.” lol. Next to Harry Peters (with my beloved wife, Fonda), Russ Taff is one blessed man and I’m sure he has his hands full with you. lol Keep Wade straight (if you can). ;-)

  49. Harry Peters wrote:

    Irish Lad, we have the same taste in baritones. You named the cream of the crop.

  50. SGfan wrote:

    #46 Wade

    You said:

    “I been trying to make NoN & SG Fan women for a couple of threads.”

    Huh? God can make women, but you can’t. I was born a man and will remain one with or without your approval. So unless you have been given some authority by God to change someones gender at your spoken (or in this case typed) word, then quit trying to make assumptions. You just draw attention to your ignorance when you do that. Hope that clears up any misconception you have.

  51. Wade wrote:

    SGFan… PLEASE CHILL!!! It was a joke…If you are going to be anonymous and you have a writing style most forensic writing examiners would say is like a women then it might be thought you are one.

    If you are like Tori & LeeBob and a few others that it is KNOWN who you are then you’d have a point. I had thought both you and NON SGFan WERE.

    So I had it wrong… either sack up and come out of the closet or here’s is a diagnosis I know I am right about… take a Xanax a CHILL!!! Better yet find a sense of humor.

  52. Cliff Cerce wrote:

    #41-quartet man.

    You are absolutely right. The whole controversy and misunderstanding on the other thread began with others reading what I had posted and misunderstanding what I was saying and what I meant by it. I attempted, through additional posts, to clarify what I meant - but it soon became apparent that my “friends” were not looking for correct understanding or clarification of intent. Because - they apparently had an agenda.

    And, that’s why I posted in #18 that I would have better saved face if I kept the lower half of it shut. But Wade thought I was talking about him. You are right, quartet-man, I was referring to myself, not Wade. I still think anyone re-reading post #18 will get that - except Wade didn’t get it.

    Also, I certainly wasn’t saying in #18 that Wade was jealous of me. How absurd! For what? Why would I ever suggest that Wade would be jealous of me? He doesn’t even know me? And if he did, there’s nothing to be jealous of. I was referring to the petty jealousies that provided the agenda for the original posters on another thread who chose to publicly misunderstand what I was saying - and then to also ignore my attempts to clarify. Several of the other posters who regularly post on this blog contacted me by phone in the days that followed and mentioned the term “petty jealousy” to me after reading that thread - but then - they know me. For the record - I certainly was not saying Wade was jealous of me - just re-read #18.

    And - this is exactly what happened on the other thread. I asked that some not jump to wrong conclusions regarding my motives in what I had posted and also said, ““Do not automatically attribute to malice that which could be attributed to plain stupidity,” - referring to myself. Then the person criticizing me said I called HIM stupid, when I was referring to myself-not him.

    Sounds like what just happened. Maybe Wade and he are related.

    As for the preacher I mentioned - he was the radio speaker for a major denomination’s broadcast for 17 years with an Arbitron rating of 1.2 million listeners per week, is now one of the 10 top national elected officials of that denomination, had his own program on TBN for years - and is now down in DH’s neck-of-the-woods, very well-known in that area and around the country.

    And - the magazine Wade mentioned has a present circulation of about 22,000. Seems like everyone thought the Singing News was a pretty big deal when their circulation was around that number. In fact, there is a thread on this blog dealing with SN at a time when its circulation was in that area.

    So - choose to understand or choose not to understand what someone is trying to say. I think quartet-man understands what I am trying to say just fine.

  53. SGfan wrote:

    #52 Wade

    “a writing style most forensic writing examiners would say is like a women ”

    I doubt highly that you are qualified to make that kind of judgement. Last I checked, you are the only one that has made those judgements and drawn those conclusions and all in an effort to show that you were smarter than you really are. Here is the humor for you. In all of your posts, there are so many typos and misplaced or mis-spelled words, a “forensic writing examiner” might say that you have the writing style of a high school drop out. Now just because I have a college degree and my mistakes or typos are few and far between comparitively, that does not equate to having a writing style like a woman. My point was that you were making assumptions that you did not have the evidence to back up (once again) and it proved itself in this instance. That just shows ignorance. My dad always said, “when you assume something, it just makes an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’.” Just a little more humor for ya, but it is also good advice.

  54. Mike McIlwain wrote:

    I think that there are many who know who Dr. Dan Betzer is. I used to listen to his Revival Time program, and was always impressed with the professional production done on the program. I was thrilled to learn when I came down here to Southwest Florida that this was Dr. Betzer’s home base at First Assembly of God in Ft. Myers.

  55. Rob wrote:


    It seems we’ve lost the whole focus of what this thread is about. Let’s get back to Guy and the GVB. Just a couple hit and missed here:

    • Guy deserves a break. He’s been a constant and relaible face for the GVB for over a decade; he deserves some time to refuel the tanks. Unless there is some vocal problem not being publicized, I imagine he’ll come back better than ever.

    • Wes Hampton is not a terrible singer; he’s not Phelps, but he is a world better than terry franklin and jon pierce. Give the man a break!

    • “Lovin Life” is not mediocre, nor phoned in as the blogger suggests. It lacks 1 or 2 strong ending ballads, but over all boasts some of the best material gaither has had since “everything good”. Great record, but definitely room for improvement.

    • I seriously doubt that Phelps is going to be dropped from Word. He’s only done 4 studio albums, the other three being live records. BTW, Legacy of Love Live went gold. I think that his newest record, The Voice, will do as well and better. A couple singles will also do him well on adult top 40 too. Wait and see.

  56. Southern Gospel Fan wrote:

    Sorry it had to be Guy taking time off to set up this topic for Gaither Bashing. Not an unusual thing on this site.

    Anyone who had seen or heard Guy in the last 4 months could tell he was exhausted.
    Think the time off is what he needed to regroup just as the announcement said.

    Travels only about 3 days a week. hmm
    Consider the work in studio ,the farm,8 kids the exhaustion from caring for his Mom and losing her. Know for a fact before her declining health she was a big part of helping Angie with the kids.The Church work he does,sounds like a full plate to me.

    Rest and enjoy the time off Guy if it does take months. Your health is most important.

    This Southern Gospel Fan will take the GVB any way Bill chooses to arrange it.
    They have been and continue to be my favorite group.
    Never been to a HC and there have been many when I didn’t get my socks blessed off. Expect that to Happen at Oct. fest in MB on Oct.31& Nov. 1st.

  57. Wade wrote:

    SG Fan… Gosh your so predictable. I know you would go there… yeah this is not a formal english class so get over it… if that’s all ya got WHO’s SHALLOW!!! But yes there is a forensic writing examiner on here and that is what he said. You are so correct it was not me. Thanks for taking time to grade the writing though & to join my [Edit] club.

    Sorry for attempting to include you in the fun… it won’t happen again. I was assuming again that ppl with their head in their [Edit] could possibly join in.

  58. scope wrote:

    To SGfan and Wade:
    PLEASE SHUT UP!!! If you two want to carry on like two-years-olds, go do it on your own. Quit hijacking this blog with your petty and selfish rants. I want to read and talk about SG music, not how the two of you want to one-up each other. It has gotten very tedious and boring.

  59. Cliff Cerce wrote:

    One of the things that concern many traveling singers is that their kids are growing up too fast.

    Back in 1980, The Couriers quit - at their peak with 3 recent Dove awards, and doing 325 dates a year. The main reason was that their tenor, Duane, never recovered from a nodule surgery gone awry, and he clearly couldn’t keep singing that kind of a schedule. He was treated by the same New York City doctors who treated the NY Metropolitan Opera stars, and they said it was doubtful that he would ever really sing again.

    And - The Couriers had no desire to replace him. They just disbanded. Neil went solo, taking his family with him at times, and Dave traveled with his family - for the first time. I traveled with him as piano player on some of those dates, when he wasn’t on tour.

    Then, Duane’s voice started to come back and I was his piano player for about a year and a half.

    The Couriers re-grouped and started doing dates in late 1982, 2 1/2 years after they disbanded - while I moved to Missouri to work for Dan Betzer. And now, Dave, Duane and Neil are all in their 70’s and still singing superbly - doing about 100 dates a year.

    Here’s my point - for the first time, they got to spend much more concentrated time with their kids before they grew up and left home. Though their disbanding was oriiginally viewed as tragedy, they look back now and see that God allowed them to have several years of “normal” family life - before most of their kids left the nest.

    And, when I heard that Guy was taking a break, one of my first thoughts was that this would be a real blessing to him and his family. Instead of having to “piece in” family times (missing some events the kids may have been involved in), Guy can really have a chance to kick back and enjoy the family.

    Our lead singer missed attending several college vocal performances of his oldest son this past weekend because of being on the road with us. I missed many events I would have loved to attend when my 3 kids were growing up. That’s just how it is.

    When there is a real calling of God on one’s life, the family understands that Dad really wants to be there for ALL of the events - but it is great that Guy will have a chance to be around more while his kids are still at home.

    Blessings to you, Guy - and kudos to Bill Gaither for making this possible.

  60. NotAfanOfAVFL wrote:

    Goodnight. Why does everyone try to make a mountain out of a mole hill? There is no cat to let out of a bag here. You have a guy who has been with the same group longer than any of the other members stayed with this group. Why does it surprise anyone that he wants to take some time off? And it’s not just 2 weeks. If you see the dates of those artists filling in, you’ll see that Guy is off at least for a month and a half. He’s lost family members this year, he has 8 kids to help raise, he’s tired! He’ll be back. He’ll look the same, but he’ll be rested. Then you all can go analyze another topic that doesn’t warrant this much analyzing. And for those of you who think you wish you had this kind of easy job, you wouldn’t last at all. All I see on this board is a bunch of jealous people with nothing but time on their hands.

  61. SGfan wrote:

    #58 scope

    I am sorry if I have hindered your ability to read about SG. I do, however, not apologize for setting the record straight when it comes to the mindless dribble and assumptions that are made by someone like Wade on who I am.

    Now to the original subject at hand. The GVB remain the best thing going in SG today. Wes Hampton may not be the type of tenor that hits an F above high C like David Phelps, but neither was Larnell Harris, Johnathan Pierce, Terry Franklin, nor many of the the others. That does not take away from the fact that each fit the part well and were great singers in their own right. There is no better singer in SG today than Guy Penrod. He is awesome, enough said. I hope he gets some much needed rest on his time off. Marshall Hall is also a fantastic singer. He is a far better singer than Mark Lowry was and has to be to make up for the difference in stage presence. The only weak spot is Bill, but then again its Bill Gaither. There are definitely better bass singers out there, but Bill is still one of the most recognized song writers in SG history. So he does have something to bring to the table. Hence the name, Gaither Vocal Band.

  62. Dread Pirate Roberts wrote:

    NotAfanOfAVFL, (#60)
    As we say on Sunday morning “We Welcome You” I think you’ll fit right in!

  63. SgDoc wrote:

    Remind me on which song David Phelps Hist a “F above High C”?

  64. NonSGfan wrote:

    “When God dips his pen of love in my heart”…It was ont an irish homecoming or something.

  65. NonSGfan wrote:

    Rob…..Wes Hampton is NOT better than Pierce, or Franklin…..OR ANYBODY ELSE. He is NOT A good singer. Period. he’s constantly under pitch by a fraction…and strains to hit the notes that he does hit well.

    Guy Penrod is a fabulous singer…needs a hair cut, but he’s great.

    Marsh hall is spectacular..he is simply amazing..but has absolutely NO SONGS to demonstrate what he can REALLY do.

    PS. I’m a man. At least…my wife thinks so.

  66. quartet-man wrote:

    #63 I can’t recall an F, but he does hit an E above high C on the Christmas song, Hand Of Sweet Release.

  67. SGfan wrote:

    #64 NonSGfan was right. David hits the F5 on “When God Dips His Pen of Love in My Heart”. He actually holds it for some duration, so it is not just touching it and going on.

    We do disagree on Wes Hampton, but disagreements are bound to happen. I believe Wes is a great singer. Following David Phelps has to be a little difficult.

  68. Wade wrote:

    #65 ..NoNSGFan… Thanks for having a sense of humor.

    Like them or not. Bill Gaither could go to a quartet pick up game and come away with a group that would rival any other group in the industry.

    # 61 is a fine example of mindless dribble.

  69. NonSGfan wrote:

    SGfan, I admit..following David has to be hard. In my opinion, Phelps is the greatest voice in Gospel music hinsonry..oops sorry I mean history. Kenny Hinson rivals him though as far as raw talent is concerned, lots of Davids abilities are learned. I digress on Wes..I was just infatically romantically in love with David. LOL. Just a joke.
    You’re right, Gaither’s expertise would shine through if he had 4 cats out there meowing.

  70. SGfan wrote:

    #70 NonSGfan

    I agree that David Phelps is an awesome singer. I feel that he is one of the greatest voices in gospel music history, but maybe no the greatest. There are several that will hold their own and have made just as big of a mark vocally as he has. One of those spent a lot of time with him. Guy Penrod is incredibly talented and has one of the greatest ranges of any lead I have ever heard (and he deserves a rest). Kenny Hinson was one of those, but it was more in presentation and less in vocal ability. Grant it, he was an awesome singer, but what made Kenny great was his presentation. There are a few others, but David does rank in the few that manage to get above the crowd in modern day gospel music. I hope that was not too much dribble for Wade, LOL.

  71. not a grammarian wrote:

    Drivel!!!! It’s mindless DRIVEL!!!!

  72. SGfan wrote:

    #71 not a grammarian

    Sorry about that. Didn’t take the time to double check about “dribble” or “drivel”. You may not be a “grammarian”, but are you a “spelling bee champ”? LOL!! Didn’t mean to get your blood pressure up. Thanks for calling us to task. Keep up the good work.

    Definitions from

    noun 2. saliva spilling from the mouth [syn: drool]
    verb 4. let saliva drivel from the mouth; “The baby drooled” [syn: drivel]

    noun 1. saliva flowing from the mouth, or mucus from the nose; slaver.
    2. childish, silly, or meaningless talk or thinking; nonsense; twaddle.

    verb 3. to let saliva flow from the mouth or mucus from the nose; slaver.
    4. to talk childishly or idiotically.

    Seems the two are related, but “drivel” would have been the better use. Thanks.

  73. not a grammarian wrote:

    I’m glad you took it as a criticism of the spelling or misuse of the word. I was not sitting in judgement of your commentary.
    My blood pressure is still slightly elevated, but I’m sure it is mostly because Ancient Harold Peters posted a sentence I found myself in agreement with.

  74. WA wrote:

    On Guy Penrod, I just reread all of the comments, and I don’t think anyone failed to agree that he’s possibly the best lead singer in the game today, as well as one of the greats in the history of sgm. Not too long ago, at a friends’ house, I watched the DVD featuring Penrod. It hit me that indeed the few hours the public sees him on some weekends is just a fraction of how busy his life is. Having cared for loved ones until they died, I also feel deeply for him and the emotional and physical toll that takes on anyone. Rest well, Guy; and if you decide to come back, make sure that it’s only when you’re ready for it. The man is the real deal in every way; deep and thoughtful. Like Mark Lowry’s humor, there’s a lot more to Penrod than his hair.

    I had the honor of working with Marshall Hall prior to his GVB days, and every comment so far has been true - he’s a remarkable singer, and to date, hasn’t been pitched a song that shows his full talent.

    Wes Hampton has had one of the most unenviable tasks in sgm history in being the one to follow David Phelps. Yes, he shades his notes a touch flat, and no, he’s no Phelps. But hey - he’s there, and was Mr. Gaithers’ choice. Thus, he’s a pretty fortunate man.

    Finally, of all of the group owners and managers in history, I’d wager that Bill has had the best list of replacements for each of the three vocal positions of anyone. One by one by one, he has introduced new people to sgm, and well beyond. Should Guy decide to pack it in after 14 years, I have no doubt but that whoever Mr. Gaither taps to replace him, it’ll be someone dynamic. For my two cents, it shouldn’t be Jason Crabb, but I’ve been wrong before.

  75. SGfan wrote:

    #73 not a grammarian,

    Not a problem, I appreciate it when someone calls my attention to something that needs to be corrected. I understand the blood pressure issue also. I just about had a coronary when I saw that I and Ole Harry Peters agreed on something. I guess if you hang around long enough, anything is possible.

  76. NonSGfan wrote:

    New GVB…

    Lead-Dean Hopper
    Baritone-lauren talley
    tenor-Jerry Goff
    Bass-Ernie Haas

  77. Wade wrote:

    NoNSGfan… think you got a good plan there but should not maybe Lauren & Ernie SWITCH??? Think her voice is lower.

  78. Luke wrote:

    Jason Crabb, first of all, is too Godly for the Gaither Homecoming tour. He has that old time Holy Ghost annointing. The best thing that can come out of him being a part of the homecoming tour is he will be the only spiritual part of the whole program. And I take emphasis on the word PROGRAM, Jason Crabb doesnt need to be a part of a program, Have u attended one of his dates? The boy has straight up church. He has too much of a Good thing goin to get caught up in the world of the Gaither Homecoming tour. Right now the only thing GREAT about the homecoming tour is that TaRanda Greene has agreed to do some selective dates only. Her schedule with the Greenes Is so full she has to limit what she does solo. I think she is too awesome of a talent to waste away on one song on the Gaither homecoming tour. My opinion, but these are also facts……. I hate the world of Southern Gospel. Its ridiculous. Take me to a Greenes, Freemans, Shepherds, crabb service anyday over the “circle” of wanna be stars.

  79. CVH wrote:

    A few random thoughts after reading the comments…

    David Phelps is one of the best tenors in the business…SG, CCM, whatever…his biggest problem is he can’t decide what he’s going to be. His newest record suffers from the same problem his Christmas project did last year - he’s all over the place stylistically. He never stays in one place long enough to master it…is he pop? Rock? A Josh Groban knockoff? Honestly I was worn out by the 6th track. It’s obviously a deliberate approach but other than hardcore fans his lack of focus may hurt him in the long run. He’s too musically schizophrenic, hence ‘The Voice’. That’s not a label of distinction as much as it’s a resignation to the fact he’s not marketable in today’s Christian music economy.

    I like nonSGfan’s new GVB lineup but Wade has a point on who has the lower voice. Lauren has a unique voice but it has to be produced much better than it has been thus far in order for her to really excel as an artist. If she had the right trajectory, the right material and a different mindset to work from (read: leave the fam behind and define who you are for yourself) she could raise her game significantly. I think she could give Natalie Grant a run for her money. The question is, does she want to.

    I didn’t think much of “Lovin’ Life” either but that’s neither here or there. It’s a franchise and, no disrespect intended, is capable of surviving regardless of the consistency of the product.

    Talked with Mark Lowry yesterday and he said he had a blast filling in for Guy and that if Bill calls again he’ll go if he has open dates. He’ll also be on their Christmas tour again this year.

    And for the record, Tori Taff IS hot.

  80. Friend of SG Music wrote:

    Many of you are so right, David Phelps is an outstanding musician - but his ego is even bigger than his voice. He can be very difficult to deal with and it is so true he does not know what genre he wants to be in. What is up with the title of his new album, he should have just called it “Me”. Just my thoughts! Terry

  81. Take America Back wrote:

    # 78 Luke Baby…Jason Crabb TOO GODLY for the Gaither Homecoming Tour??? OMG. EVIDENTLY NOT. I am not much of a wordsmith as some on this site so I am going to let them do the heavy lifting here but jeesh.

    I guess some of y’all are Gaither Bashers!!! Hateful.. I think it was called earlier in this thread!!! Dude what do you smoke or drink to GET THERE???!!! Are you the type too that likes going to a SMALL CHURCH cause THE SPIRIT, just isn’t in THEM BIG OLE CHURCHES???

    I THINK Jason will do just fine… and hey he might just bring some EXTRA Church to The “CIRCLE of WANNBE’S”. DID YOU REALLY SAY THAT???

    I Love The Greene’s too, but wished many times Tony & Tim would SHUT UP AND SING. Miracle in ME, makes me cry every time. Sometimes Tony makes me cry cause he is talking and not letting Taranda sing.I do not see The Freeman’s as especially SPIRITUAL. I like them well enough. But who is The Shepards??? IS that your group?? Sounds like on of THOSE Big MEGA Mid West Groups that kept the US GOSPEL NEWS in Biz all those years.

    Next your gonna tell me your group out sang GVB one night??? How bad it is because THEY CHARGE and don’t do it for a LOVE OFFERING so it can’t be real?? Do you know Jim A. or NotaBOOTHBROfan??


    Some of you have NO freakin’ clue how good Bill Gaither is for this kind of music!! What ever you wanna call it. I call it Gospel/Inspirational Music. His sales rival any secular act. ANY. The TOUR of WANNA BE’s out grosses ALL but a few other artist of ANY KIND!!!

    But I tell you what…I will give it to ya that they are WANNA BE’s… just for the sake of this. Try having 13 of the WANNA BE’S & NOT HAVE BILL OR GVB and see what happens???

    I will tell you… you get your ass handed to you. I KNOW. I lost $45K one night. You would not believe the difference in 4500 vs 7800 paid makes on the REPEATABILITY of an event. You know a week out you are gonna get killed, DEAD MAN WALKING, you just don’t know how bad until you check out after the event.

    SO that tells me WHO THE BIG STAR is???… it’s BILL & GVB. Bill had not played Cape Girardeau, Missouri probable ever. But he did the next year and it was standing room, rock star Chaos . I went and stood up and clapped for him. No reason in being bitter. HE PROVED THE POINT TO ME!!! I was just wanting to make a fun event. BUT believe me… THAT NIGHT… Bill, Mark, Guy & David where THE STARS!!!


    Somebody HELP ME HERE!!!

    I THINK this is The BIG ONE!!!

  82. CVH wrote:

    Take America Back: I think a hundred milligrams of Thorazine ought to do the trick.

  83. NonSGfan wrote:

    Luke, You’re right. Jason has found a market in the desperate need people have today for a living faith and living music. People are tired of dead religon, they wan’t life, not death. They want to be reminded of the goodness of God in the land of the LIVING, not just “Heaven” every other song.

    Also, CVH, I was totally joking about lauren talley, i think Lauren talley cannot hold a LIGHT to natalie Grant. you need to get Grant’s new CD. Lauren is an ametuer. She can’t control her vibrato, and she’s often off-pitch in a LIVE setting where she doesnt have in-ear monitors.
    CVH- you’re right about Phelps. He wont stick to a genre’. I hear that word records is dropping him after the next album because record sales are down. AND he refuses to work with a producer.

    Also, a friend that knows one of his former drummers said that David is the most anal person on earth to work for. His exact words were “A male diva with more makeup than a woman”.

  84. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Ya kno, I’m reminded of what Rory Rigdon said on the GVB/EHSSQ Together video: “Bill, sabbatical is an old German word for… fired.”

    (Tongue planted FIRMLY in cheek here, guys.)

  85. Wade wrote:

    CVH… Thanks, but no schizophrenia here… but would love a xanax or any benzo on a Friday afternoon. That was a great way to make the point to Gaither Haters. But Luke needs something… to say Jason Crabb is TOO CHURCH for The Homecoming Tour!!

    I apologize to everybody for inadvertently changing my name on that post. I pulled a LeeBob, Jim A, Doug and how ever many other ppl post under plural ID’s. When I posted something fun on the political thread and forgot to change it back. It must have been TOO crazy for Douger (IMAGINE THAT…lol) to let through the filter. But it would have blown them up. But DH is The Boss and conscience of AVERY!!!…AND it was not good for his candidate.

    Regardless, Bill Gaither is the BiG Star in this or really any other music. If his sales out pace even secular artist and everybody else STRUGGLES, secular & gospel alike… does that make it THE MUSIC??? ME thinks that means it is the ARTIST(S).

    Harry pass the wine!!! TGIF EVERYBODY!!!

  86. Ruth Meyers wrote:

    I saw the Gaither Vocal band last night in Amarillo, TX. The sound was quiet impressive and the audience didn’t seem to mind that Guy was missing. The look was better too. Bill may be onto something!! Those 4 put chills (or glorybumps, etc.) all over this ole’ fossil. Whatever he does, I’m just glad to go to a Gospel concert and not hear all that preaching or political talk.

  87. Wade wrote:


    Thanks for the review!!

    What was the make up of the GVB??

    Yes it must be refreshing to go HEAR SINGING and not hear someone preaching AT YOU!!!

  88. Harry Peters wrote:

    I know Lauren. She is a great girl…and EH ain’t no “lady.” Queen of SG, maybe, but no lady.

  89. Canuk wrote:


  90. CVH wrote:

    NonSGfan: Sorry I missed your point. I’m not suggesting that Lauren is competitive with Natalie. I’ve heard Natalie’s newest record and it’s great, as always. A lot of the credit goes to her husband who produces her. That was kind of my point; what Lauren needs is more vocal coaching and to be stretched by a producer who can push her forward to see whether or not there’s a further horizon to reach for. My sense is that there is, but it’s hard to tell whether she wants it or cares about it. So my point wasn’t that she is competitive with Natalie, just that I think she has the potential to be an artist on that level (in SG/inspo/light AC) if she really went for it. And while Natalie’s a great artist (not just her music but her advocacy for human trafficking, etc.) let’s face it: she’s won the last three female artist of the year Dove awards and last year she didn’t even have a new project out. This year she’ll no doubt be nominated again and she actually has the new record, so what will be it…four in a row? Are we continually nominating and voting for the same few people over and over because they’re there? Are they really deserving? Look at the difference with NARAS and the Grammys - much more diversity, not many repeat winners. Nothing against Natalie, I love her, but the lack of development of potential talent only fuels the cycle that we see repeating over and over in the business. And since radio dominates the voting for the Doves, and playlists continue to narrow year after year, it’s not surprising that repeats happen and it’s harder for new talent to be recognized. I wouldn’t nominate Lauren for anything she’s done so far, I’m just saying she and other artists like her who have potential need to develop it if they want to, and I hate this phrase but it’s appropriate, move to the next level.

    Love the comments on Phelps - I hear the same things and my first hand interaction has not been different.

  91. Wade wrote:

    Thanks Canuk!!!

  92. Pianoman wrote:

    Is it really the begining of the end, or is it just an extended vacation? We won’t know for sure for a couple of weeks. All I know is that Guy Penrod adds a lot to the Gaither Vocal Band. I’m not saying he IS the Gaither Vocal Band, but he’s pretty close to it. And is it just me, or did the latest GVB CD sound…Oh, how do I describe this?… BAD! And what’s up with that cover? Looks like someone’s been hittin the Botox a little too hard. I also wouldn’t have minded hearing some new songs on that album instead of that remake of that old Cathedrals song, “Build an Ark”. Not that that’s necessarily a bad song, I just think that maybe the Cathedrals do it way better than the Gaithers. Sounds like they’re trying to reform the old Gaithers AND get Jason Crabb back into SG music. But what do I know? I’m just a 14 yr. old kid who happens to sing in big auditoriums in front of thousands of people and is the keyboardist for a large church.

  93. Wade wrote:

    Pianoman… don’t fret. For years whenever some one would leave the GVB I would think… well it is never going to be the same. Then much to my surprise Bill finds someone else and makes it good. So don’t worry. As good as Guy is, there is always some one ready to step up.

    So all you Gaither haters don’t get to excited… worse case it will be the Beginning Anew… if it needs to be.

  94. NonSGfan wrote:

    Gotta disagree there. Lauren HAS had great vocal coaches. Her dad and mom have given her all the resources in the world to become great, she just doesn’t have a good voice. It’s just WEIRD. And also, I think she gets her hand motions FROM David Phelps, as odd as it sounds. Watch one of her ballads, then watch phelpsies…they do the SAME EXACT MOTIONS. Weird.

  95. NonSGfan wrote:

    Also, i’ve heard SEVERAL signers as good as Guy Penrod, including Jason Crabb. There are people who could fill his void easily.

  96. Keith Prater wrote:

    The beginning of the end of the Gaither Vocal Band began when they started this Homecoming thing. Oh, I’m sure Gaither has made more money than ever, but the music was much better when they were contemporary. In my opinion their second recording, called “Passing The Faith Along,” is still one of the top 10 albums in all of Christian music. And whatever you want to call Russ Taff, it was a shame that Gaither did not know how to use his talent. Armand Morales did and the Imperials reaped the benefits.

  97. CVH wrote:

    Tori Taff is still hot. Just felt I needed to say that.

  98. quartet-man wrote:

    #92, Build An Ark was a Gaither Vocal Band song before it was a Cathedral’s song. The GVB originally did it on their New Point Of View lp. (Their third.)

    #96 - Passin’ The Faith Along wasn’t really contemporary when it was released, let alone now. It might have been sort of in the middle, but probably not contemporary for that era. It does have great songs though. The New Point of View album was a lot more contemporary and One X 1 even more so. They did put out some great contemporary music, but they have also done stuff since Homecoming too. One of their biggest problems is not doing so much on their own or doing very little songs during a Homecoming set. I was blessed enough to see them in a full concert once. This was I believe just after the Homecoming CD was released. Murray was still with them, but it sounded like he might have been filling in, at least by a comment made, but it may have just been the way Bill introduced him, and I read it wrong. I can’t recall how or what was said. This was before any later CD was done, and getting news in turnover of members was a lot tougher then pre-internet.

    Granted, this version of the GVB isn’t my favorite, but I still think they could put on a good show by themselves.

    Part of the problem today is material IMHO. I like some, but not as much as some previous ones. They do seem to be all over the place as far as styles, but I guess to some degree I am not sure they have had an album on which I liked all songs. :)

    Russ Taff did some great stuff with the Imperials (and that was one of my favorite versions of the Imperials) and did do some with the Gaither Vocal Band, but I am not sure the GVB was a great fit for him. He did a good job, but if nothing else he was an abrupt change from Lowry. Marshall is kind of in between the two somewhere. :)

    Somewhat off topic, but although I have liked stuff from every version of the GVB (except with Lemuel, because I never heard him with them), these next combos are some of my favorites as far as members themselves (there was good material in some configurations I didn’t care for as much as these combos)

    Larnelle, Gary, Bill, Jon
    Larnelle, Michael, Gary, Bill
    Jim, Michael, Mark, Bill
    David, Guy, Mark, Bill

    Note, I do like others, these would just be my favorites if I had to choose.

    I think it would be interesting to hear the following version (though it didn’t exist)

    David, Larnelle, Gary, Jon. Don’t get me wrong, I would also love to hear English in place of Larnelle too, and would prefer his lead to Larnelle’s. However, I think these four would work well together and have similar sounds. (At least the top three voices.)

  99. NonSGfan wrote:

    Its going to be

    and Bill


    This is just a media stunt so that Davids Pride wont be destroyed when he comes back. He cant admit that his solo career tanked so he’s got to set it up where it looks like “Bill begged him back”

    Yes i’m going to beat this dead horse.

  100. quartet-man wrote:

    #99 Interesting theory, but I’m not sure it will happen.

  101. quartet-man wrote:

    #99 Maybe he is restoring the following group”

    and going to move Marsh to solo. :-)

  102. Canuk wrote:

    ‘Let Freedom Ring’

  103. Kara wrote:

    You know, I’m really surprised by the tone of some of these comments on this thread. You guys say you are fans of Southern Gospel music, but you obviously haven’t listened to the words of many songs.

    There is no reason to attack people; there is no reason to call names. There is no need to spread whatever your negative opinion is of any of these artists. Remember that they are serving the Lord; they are out to please Him, not you.

    Whatever your opinions, if they aren’t, as Paul said, edifying and — ironically, as GVB pointed out in a song, “everything good” — then keep them to yourselves.

    I shudder to think about the impression lost people have of Christians if they happen to stumble on to these comments.

    Please — let us speak to, and about, one another in love.

  104. NonSgfan wrote:

    Kara, what the heck are you talking about? This thread hasnt been negative at all. Opinions about music are going to happen no matter what. No where in the bible does it say “Thou shalt not have an opinion about your entertainment”. This is a website that discusses the entertainment side of music, primarily. it’s not that big of a deal. It’s not heaven and hell.

    You are another pseudo-spiritual person not understanding that MOST of the people writing on here are IN THE BUSINESS, so they are basically talking about themselves, and SINCE they are in it, they have a right to write ABOUT it.

  105. cindy wrote:

    I am a HUGE david phelps fan, but you can say what you want to about wes hampton…he shows more christianity in his pinky than most of you people show period for being so gracious as to not only share the stage with david phelps but support him. HOW DO YOU THINK HE FEELS? Thats what i see when i look at wes hampton…..true christianity.

    And the lineup of David Phelps Russ Taff Guy Penrod and Bill Gaither was the best one vocally.

  106. Luke wrote:

    Been outta town, so just getting caught up.

    First of all, God is anywhere, everywhere all of the time. Its up to us to praise him, and praise our way to his presence and then he shows up in a wonderful powerful way.
    Someone made it sound like that I said God is only in small churches. God is in any size church. Its up to us to let him make his presence known. In order to do so like i said We gotta Praise.

    Yes I do think Jason Crabb is to churchy for the Gaither Homecoming tour, because tehre is no spirit on the platform or in the arena whatsoever. I just dont get it. Take me to the Church of God General Assembly at the astrodome in Houston, TX anyday and let me sit in on a service with the Shepherds, which by the way is not my group like somone had stated. The Shepherds wrote “Miracle in the Making” one of the biggest songs in SOUTHERN GOSPEL HISTORY. You should go to one of their services, or revivals, because it may do you a world of good.
    They dont play the SG industry circuit, they play alot of very large churches in the CHURCH OF GOD ASSEMBLY, They are in ministry. And doing quite well at it.

    Anyways, NONSGFAN stated that i was right. and you are right, this world is in bad shape its in a crisis and people are hungry for an old time moving of the Holy Ghost, Not spirit. (lol sorry), They want something that is gonna take em into a spirit realm, something thats gonna make a change, not something to make you feel good durin church and not last when you go out the door. Im sick and tired of all of the politics of the industry, although I do know it takes that to build a career, but sometimes it does get out of hand.

    We can be annointed and still have God very much a part of the process. If I ever lose the annointing, Ill go home. It wont do me any good to stand on stage and dance around like some clown, and ACT like im holy. Give me a revival.. GIve me an encounter with the Holy Ghost, I wanna feel a stirring in my heart. This world longs for something that is gonna break yokes. They are tired of being performed to.

    That was just my opinion, sorry i caused whatever his name was to have a small stroke or heart attack, That must of been Bill Gaither himself……Which wouldnt mean anything in the world to me. lol

    God Bless and remember that God is working it all things for your good.

  107. Luke wrote:

    I was also meaning when I said wanna bees in my first post, I meant wanna b in a spiritual sense, not professionaly, because obviously they arent wanna bees in that circle.

  108. NonSgfan wrote:

    ow can you say that Wes Hampton singing with David Phelps proves his “Christianity”. Thats ridiculous…Dude’s getting PAAAAID out the waaazooo for singing on that stage. He’ll probably buy a cedes’ after 2 concerts. Hes getting the opportunity to learn from THE BEST MALE TENOR IN THE WORLD, AND he’s getting national recognition, and he’s proving his Christianity?? whatever. He’d sing up there if it was stevie wonder filling his spot.

    Also’re right my friend. We need something REAL today.


  109. Max D wrote:

    I am absolutely apalled at your continual bashing of Gaither and most especially of Wes Hampton.
    Wes is huge! Not only his voice but his love of God. I think you folks bashing Gaither need to get a life! A Gaither Concert is soooooo much a huge blessing and Wes Hamptom is among those providing it. If you have a problem with it - don’t buy a ticket and go. AND then keep your face SHUT!

  110. NonSgfan wrote:

    Max D…a cousin? brother? sister maybe?
    Nobody is “bashing”

    Bashing is “what an idiot, the guy is a moron”…we’re not saying that..its clear Wes has some talent..

    but hes NOT an exceptional singer.


  111. GaitherFan wrote:

    Look, David is very talented. But let’s be honest. At times, he has sounded and looked ridiculous. There are times when he is so over the top that I can hardly stand to listen to him. That giant blonde perm made me want to switch channels. The lyrics of his self written songs are 4th grade level at best. All that to say, he can, and has sounded exceptional in the GVB, but has also made me cringe at times. Not to mention, when he started in the GVB, he was BAD. Really bad. Is there anything on that first Christmas album that showed he had great talent? That horrible dramatic breath style he used almost drove me over the edge.
    Give Wes the time he needs. He has some amazing style that I think could really go places with the group. There is life after David, and some of it sounds pretty good.

  112. NonSGfan wrote:

    you obviously have never had any professional coaching or training. David Phelps came out of the box with brilliant stage performance, and style. From the VERY FIRST video that he did, he had everybody on their feet on EVERY single solo he did. You, my friend dont understand music, obviously. David’s “Big breath” style is called “SINGING CORRECTLY”. I dare you to go find ONE early video with him where he did not have the crowd on their feet in amazement. Hes the best tenor in the world. Period. AND HAS BEEN since he started.

    You are right, at times he has LOOKED ridiculous, and still does, but he has never ever ever ever SOUNDED ridiculous. In fact, I cannot remember ONE single time he was off pitch in ALL of the videos I have, and I dare you to present ONE time he has been off pitch. I can show you about 1 thousand of Wes.
    He arranged MOST of the songs on that Christmas album his-self. Besides the unbelievable range and control…the fact that he has structural talent as well is only adding to the fact.

    You my friend….are nuts.

  113. GaitherFan wrote:

    Calm yourself. I sing professionally, so I assure you I have a basic understanding.

    If David “Came out of the box” a remarkable singer, then why did he have two solos on that first Christmas album (I think that is correct, I’m not looking at it). Why did it take until his 30’s for someone to discover him if he always amazed crowds? On the Hawaiian Homecoming I thought he was fat, breathy and average. I’m not refering to his deep breathing, but the the dramatic breath style in the mic he used in the beginning. He stopped doing it, so I’m guessing I’m not the only who annoyed by it. I love David’s work with GVB, but for the love of Gaither, accept the fact that he came A LONG way from his start in the vocal band. He evolved from a fat, balding guy who was way too over dramatic into someone with style (He still has no genre that I can spot). It took time for him to evolve into the artist you now bow down to. Wes needs time too. Don’t tear him apart until he has the time to come into his own.

    Oh yeah, and Pavarotti was the best tenor in the world…

  114. KJ wrote:

    To: NonSGfan

    I believe Scripture has a lot to say about what we say or speak. Ephesians mentions that we as Christians should say only what builds one another up or encourages with our words. I don’t assume that you’re a Christian, yet I hope you are or will be. Sure, you’re entitled to your opinion and have a right to express it however discouraging or encouraging it is. I haven’t seen where criticism or a critical spirit was ever listed in the Bible as a spiritual gift. Please share with me if you’ve found something that differs from my take.

    Are you a professional singer?? If you are, you’ll know that any of us can miss hitting a note straight on at any given time. Try singing two notes, an octave apart & see how well you do. God gives us the gift of ears to ADJUST.

    If you are perfect on your pitch, why don’t you record an acapella piece, sing all the parts and put it on YouTube for all of your potential fans to see. If you’re under 29, why not audition for American Idol?

    I’ve heard the GVB many times in person over the last 20 years, 5-6 times recently and I’ll put everything I have on this current group’s blend. And, they truly enjoy singing with each other. Each of them are servants of Christ foremost and they sing in praise and celebration of what Jesus has done for them. They need no defense here, because our Heavenly Father is our Defender. Bill Gaither wouldn’t be where he is and as generous as he is IF it weren’t for God’s will & blessings. He’s always shared the stage.

    Shall we all pray the Serentity Prayer and ask God to use us as He chooses? Encourage somebody–they need it, and you’ll need it to when it comes back around. God bless you all!

  115. Bones wrote:

    Jason learned to ACT with the TBN crowd. There is no such thing as being “too spirtual”.

  116. GaitherFan wrote:


    I’m behind you 100% of this group’s blend. Phelps was very good, but always stuck out. Again, he was good, but the blend they have now is very nice. I think Wes was a good pick. Gaither doesn’t get it wrong very often, even when it takes a little while to see he knew what he was doing!

  117. NonSGfan wrote:

    Gaither fan

    1. 2 solos is alot when you are first starting with a band.

    2. David didnt get discovered untill his “thirties” because he studied at Baylor for years, taught, and did other things OUT of the spotlight. There are MANY stars that dont get discovered till later in life.

    3. His breathiness was due to the fact that he is trained. You say you are a professional, where did you study music? Also, different microphones will pick up breathiness more than others. You’ll notice, that sennheizer will give you more audible breaths than the audio-technica’s being used now at the Gaither-farm.

    4. His “Style” may have evolved, you are right. BUT HIS VOICE has always been powerful and controlled and DEAD ON PITCH.

    5. YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGHT! he has NO genre’, thats dissapointing that he is so musically scattered stylistically that he cannot find a niche. But he will eventually.

    6. I didnt “tear him apart”. All I said is that I dont think that Wes Hampton is a great singer. I JUST DONT. I’m speaking of tone, pitch, control and other things. He just isnt fabulous. David was fabulous to START with. Dont care what you say.

    7. Yes, Pavaratti was the best. But David is now.

    KJ, you take things WAAAY to serious. You’re trying to equate “Ungodliness” to me saying that I dont think Wes Hampton is a great singer.
    Thats ridiculous.

    Also, I’m a singer, but not a “Professional”. And NOOOO I dont have perfect pitch.

    Wes loses Pitch on almost EVERY song that I hear. THATS what i’m saying.

    “No defense here” LOL yea right. You act like i’m “Persecuting them”. If little ole’ me saying that I dont think Wes is a GREAT singer and that he is AVERAGE is “Persecution”…God help me, I’ve been martyred, and so has every other singer in the world.

  118. GaitherFan wrote:

    I think you live in a world of generalizations.

    David says himself in countless interviews that he had all but lost hope of ever making it in the music business. Trust me, he wanted to be IN the spotlight. His string of failures had nothing to do with his years at Baylor. He just wasn’t very polished yet. He describes all of this in interviews, one of which can be found here.

    As singers, we are always laying ourselves out to be criticized and torn apart. You’re only as good as you last album. Wes has a great voice, and his spirit is unmatchable. Most of what you say you hear in Wes flatting is from live performances. You have no idea how many things can lead to that happening, none of which has anything to do with his ear for harmony.

    He had two solos because he was new? I don’t buy it. Show me a pattern in other GVB records that supports that. Guy was all over his first album.

  119. NonSgfan wrote:

    I’m done.
    Wes is flat almost everytime I hear him. Period. Almost every song there is one flat note. And David not being discovered till his thirties is not a testament to his dis-talent, no more than Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen being discovered in their infancy is a testament to their talent. It just didnt happen for him till later. And in SG music, being “Polished” is hardly a requisite to success. Guy is anything but “Polished”.

    Wes is decent, David is fabulous. Even secular artists are amazed at him. His fans are unmatchable. They go to every concert, buy every record, and listen to every youtube video.

    When I was a youth pastor, every kid in my youth group was listening to “THE GAITHER VOCAL BAND” because of David phelps.

    David always stuck out? Listen to the acapella album…Not only did David arrange almost every song, but its the best blendability i’ve ever seen. (look at the awards that album won)

    Gaitherfan, I cannot continue dialogue with you anymore because your lack of ability to see logic.

    Sorry, im done :)

  120. GaitherFan wrote:

    Done? David would be so Disappointed in you.

    Now you’ve crossed the line into insanity. Guy is not polished? Have you lost your mind? The man has a better ear than anyone in that group and his ability to hear parts and sing in such an array of styles is unmatched by anyone I have ever heard.

    Please, for the love of David, give me a link to one of these thousands of videos where Wes can not hold his part. I’m begging you.

  121. GaitherFan wrote:

    I also forgot to ask…

    If David is the demigod you claim he is, then why did you claim in post #99 that his “solo career tanked?”

  122. GaitherFan wrote:

    It’s okay. I’ll wait. I understand you may need time to dredge one up…

  123. american wrote:

    I think that David Phelps has the greatest voice in SGM today! Wes is great, but he is no David. jmo, of course

  124. NonSGfan wrote:

    Everybody and their mother knows why Davids solo career isnt going good. BECAUSE HE CANT FIND A SPECIFIC GENRE’ TO IDENTIFY WITH. Is he going to be Gospel, or pop, or CCM, or maybe even RAP (check out his song satisfaction).
    Not because of lack of talent. My friend, you are obviously waaaay out of touch with talent if you do not see the sheer ability that David Phelps portrays.

    And because of this. I am no longer continuing dialogue with you…sorry!

  125. brad wrote:

    i wouldnt say Davids career isnt going well just because hes not singing SG doesnt mean hes not having an effective ministry.
    there is no one quite like David no matter what style of music one would listen to..he is the most amazing singing ive ever heard.
    More talent in his pinky than most of us will ever have.

  126. GaitherFan wrote:


    At what point did I say I did not think David was talented? I have said over and over that he is very talented and that I have enjoyed his GVB work over the years. You’re arguing with something I never said. In fact, you ignored every question I asked you and made one up to answer. I’m starting to wonder if you are a Clinton. I simply asked you to justify your criticism of Wes with some proof, something it appears you can not provide. You said that he is “flat everytime” you hear him. One link is what I asked you for.

    Michael Jordan had TONS of talent- but guess what, he tanked at baseball. Picking the right song is everything.

  127. american wrote:

    About Guy Penrod, I just spoke with some relatives and they ran into Guy and all of his family in the great smokey mountains. Guy seemed relaxed and was having a great time! He and his whole family were so friendly, and talked with the relatives a long time.

  128. Wade wrote:

    # 126 G -Fan… NoN always ignores or deflects when he can’t think of something else…or he just goes off on a rabbit trail that has nothing to do with the current convo… so get used to it… he is harder to nail down than jello to a wall… hey that is kinda clinton like huh??? kinda feminine too..although he claims to be a man… much like many women he lives in his or her own reality regardless to what is going on or being said around him/her… kinda hears what he wants despite the words

    Once he gets something in his head it is tough to knock him/her out of his reality regardless of logic. LoL lollol :-) ;-)

    But he says his wife is the only one that understands…THAT MAKE SENSE!!! lol

    OK I am going to stop before I over whelm him with logic… it frustrates him/her… hey that is fem huh ??? :-) :-) ;-)

  129. GaitherFan wrote:

    Very funny Wade! You pulled several of those observations righ out of my head!

  130. friend2friend wrote:

    I love GVB for their integrity, hard work, amazing vocals plus their desire to be a blessing to others.. I’ve always wondered how any performer could stand up to the pressure of being on the road 12 months of the year basically. Guy has consistently performed above and beyond what could be expected of anyone in the music industry. Whatever lies ahead for them, I wish them all the best. Guy, you’re an awesome member of the Body of Christ..

  131. godlysigns wrote:

    I know the real truth behind Guy’s sabbatical.

    Guy needs some rest and time with his family. So please lift Guy up in your prayers daily as he gets some much needed rest.


  132. dmp wrote:

    I’m sure there is more to it than that. Perhaps we should just come to grips with the fact that it is none of our business.

  133. NorthernIrelandgirl wrote:

    I was surfing to find some news of Guy Penrod and his return. We attended a homecoming concert in Belfast in March and it was absolutely fantastic, the concert hall was completly packed out. My only concern was that Guy looked very pale and tired. I just hope he enjoys his well deserved break with his wife and young family.
    “Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.”

  134. Alexander wrote:


    I know for a fact that Guy Penrod was nursing an Ear Infection that night in Belfast and the following night in Glasgow.

    Still “Worthy The Lamb” was impeccably performed.:)

    I dont think Guy will be back however, just a gut feeling. :(

  135. C wrote:

    Wow! I found this thread while looking for
    an update on Guy. Very disappointing, for
    so much of it has been wasted on people
    fussing with one another, and insulting
    each other. Why is it, as the body of
    Christ we spend our time in this way? It is
    a waste of time for the parties involved
    and for the rest of us who have to wade
    through it! Sigh.

    Now, for the subject we are all interested
    in, Guy’s return to GVB. Does anyone have
    an update? I realize they don’t sing again
    until the end of the month, but I am really
    getting worried. It just seems we should
    know something by now…
    He is one very special singer, and a Godly man. I personally would be very disappointed if he did not return. Obviously,
    at least one of you is privy to info the rest
    of us do not have, and that is o.k. and proper, but can anyone share an update?
    Any info would be much appreciated!

  136. NorthernIrelandgirl wrote:

    134 Alexander,

    Yes he and the rest of the performers were excellent - 4 hours of wonderful music.

    I would love them to come back to Northern Ireland and bring some more artists, particularily the Booth Brothers, Ivan Parker and more!!

    Perhaps a different venue as the Kings Hall would not have the best sound - the newly furbished Ulster Hall would be great.

    135 C,

    I agree, couldn’t believe how cruel some of the comments are.

    Hope to hear of Guy’s return soon.

  137. C wrote:

    Thank you American #127 for getting this
    discussion back on track!

    I spoke with someone from the Gaither
    organization today and asked about Guy’s
    return at the end of this month. The
    answer was “doubtful, very doubtful.”
    Whatever the situation may be, I pray
    God will be with him, and the loves he loves.

  138. hopeguycomesback wrote:

    oh no…I hope so bad he’ll come back!!!
    doubtful, very doubtful….thats what I thought. I wrote Jason Crabb, and asked him about that, and all he said was ”believe me thats not up to me if he (Guy) comes back.”
    I honestly can’t imagine the Vocal Band without that tall man, with long gray hair, beautiful eyes, and powerful voice.
    I want him to come back!!!!

  139. stunned wrote:

    You guys need to for
    a sad and incredible announcement!
    I am in shock!

  140. hopeguycomesback wrote:

    I’m in shock,too! I can’t believe Marsh also left =(

  141. WhathappenedtoWes wrote:

    I don’t know why but Wes sang on very few songs on the new reunion CD’s. I wonder if Bill doesn’t think Wes is a good singer.

  142. Pedantic wrote:

    Possibly it was because at the time it was taped, they were focusing more on the “reunion” aspect, so the “old” members were featured more than the “new”?

  143. Maggie wrote:

    This is mostly a “sorry” blog.
    Does everyone live to critique and bash
    other singers?
    We are listening to Christian music
    and should be thankful that we can be
    blessed and lifted up towards God.

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