Dissent of the day

I don’t know exactly when it was, but at some point along the way I think this site’s critics lapped themselves, so that now the job of the dissenters is not so much to say something new but to level a version of the same basic critiques in more and more innovative ways. And boy howdy, is this, from reader SR, ever innovative. Seriously:

I was just recently exposed to your site. I am shocked at how many idiots there are in SG music. Your concept of invoking argument must enthrall you. Knowing of course that your liberal slant on things will only fire the coals of the conservative christian. I would be curious to know if you yourself ARE a christian. I will admit that a site imposing criticism has been needed for some time in our industry. I do not agree however with your obvious agenda. You sound much like a disgruntled sideliner who has no idea about the true nature of what it is to be in SG. Obviously you know your stuff, half of the time you sound like you swallowed a dictionary. that in itself is an attempt to mask the fact that you are most likely an idiot with an opinion. I do not mean to be harsh simply put I think you are destructive. I am a believer that our industry can change and could be something great. people like you hinder that change by focusing on issues that are best suited to pastors and leaders. You sir, are no leader. You seem to enjoy the conflict and confusion of your writing. And without them knowing it, make fun of the very people who support you. i am always amazed by people like you, the gift to express your ideas with your words while choking on obvious truth. I have been told by some that you are a renegade, a knight to carry the shield of truth. i have yet to find that in your writing. I have found however a coward. Masking yourself with postures of offense while others debate who is wright or wrong. You do it well. I hope for your sake that it does not come back to haunt you. there is nothing wrong with truth, or even pointing out sin and corruption. You do not do that. You seem to thrive on illusion and the power of colorful words. I applaud your ability, I pity your lack of integrity.

“Like you swallowed a dictionary …” Heheh. I like that (and betimes this analysis may accurately diagnose the prevailing tendencies of my discourse it’s not entirely untrue) . I just might have to use it some time.

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  1. Irishlad wrote:

    Boyohboy and a myohmy for good measure. Was that nameless pratt for real? Methinks election fever’s setting in. I’ve got it and i’m at least 6000mls away.lol.

  2. Wade wrote:


    How are you hiding?? Can she not read??

    Most ppl in THE INDUSTRY know who you are.

    How much in THE INDUSTRY could she be if she was JUST exposed???

    She was concerned about being HARSH. I am glad she WASN’T!!!

    Probably The MoM of a GV Tenor!!! LoL;-)))

    SR welcome to The IDIOTS Club!! lol

  3. Dean Adkins wrote:

    Doug may have “swallowed a dictionary” but obviously SR didn’t take his “punctuation pill.”

  4. KEW wrote:

    Would that be abridged or unabridged dictionary you swallowed DH?

  5. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    “Swallowed a dictionary” :lol:

    That was the line that jumped out to me, too, even before I read your comments. :P

  6. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Poor old Doug living somewhere near the banks of the Suwannee River in Florida.
    He probably dreaming of living on the northern banks of the Charles River in Cambridge, MA where all the Intellects do their thinking.

  7. jbb wrote:

    I thought that line was pretty funny myself and had some truth to it. I don’t know or care who Doug is. He does lose me in thought sometimes, but, I’m no theologian as I’m sure you can tell.
    I agree that some on here are harsh, hateful and critical, but, I just read and go on. Everybody needs to remember that the people you drag over the coals also read this blog. Words can sure be hurtful.

  8. wackythinker wrote:

    SR — “who is wright or wrong”? Maybe you ought to consider injesting a little of the dictionary, yourself. Improper punctuation (or lack thereof), run on sentences, and lack of proper capitalization, etc, seem to be a hallmark for you.

    And you seem to be as full of venom as our host. HMMMMM

  9. Obeserver wrote:

    Isn’t it interesting when the most critical of the posters judge grammar when they can’t seem to come up with a good response to the original post. We are called to be witnesses not judges or lawyers and the majority of posters here do a good job of witnessing their ignorance. And by the way, I would much rather be known by my faults as an English major than my faults of my faith. Call it judging if you must but the posts speak for themselves.

  10. Ben Harris wrote:

    Geeeesh Doug. I never knew you to be so “destructive”. Now I know you must be an agent of Osama Bin Laden, and this cover of SG interested fan is a fluke.

  11. RF wrote:

    Sounds like someone got their toes stepped on. Swallowing a dictionary is a major feat. If it’s true, you should be an act in Vegas–or at least in Disney World (since it’s closer to you).

    Where do these folks come from?

  12. passerby wrote:

    Is this a christian website or a place where sinners bash christians?

  13. Butch wrote:

    Everybody take a Viagra and settle down.

  14. Howland Sharpe wrote:

    I think the piano player is Tedd Smith.

  15. Irishlad wrote:

    #12.Both….and much more.

  16. Irishlad wrote:

    #13…a website where Christians bash Christians.

  17. passerby wrote:

    #16….LOL….i don’t think bashing christians makes you a christian. But then again, who cares? If there really is a God, do you really think he would tolerate this mess or be a part of it. I’m just looking from the outside in. The more I look at this mess, the more I’m sure of the fact that there is no God whatsoever.

  18. CG wrote:

    Weren’t these the identical words spoken to Dan Quayle in the ‘88 VP debate when Lloyd Bentsen finished by saying (with a VERY accusatory tone), “you, sir, are no Jack Kennedy”?

  19. Janice wrote:

    In my opinion, JR is almost totally correct and I agree with #9 Observer. I have been reading this blog since almost the very beginning. I have always been in awe of Doug’s amazing ability to craft words. What a gift he has! However, it has been disappointing to me to see what has happened to him. Of course this is his website, though, and I have a choice whether to read it or not.

    But another disappointment is that some of the contributors who I respect from other websites–some greatly–seem unwilling to speak out against the type of things that are said here. They post some mildly amusing comment that won’t offend Doug and his liberal buddies and I find that, well, just sad. I suppose they feel that maybe they are lights in the darkness, but where is the light? There is plenty of darkness.

  20. Rickee wrote:

    Janice (#19),

    Please don’t be disillusioned by what appears to be contributors’ failure to speak out against some things. Some actually do, probably more than we both realize.

    But as you said, it IS Doug’s website/blog, and he DOES moderate comments. Some get through, some don’t.

    While I accept and respect the fact that this is Doug’s right as the owner/author, I too am disappointed that some comments don’t see the light of day, including some of my own.

  21. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    #19: Don’t know if I’m one of the ones you’re talking about. If so, sorry about disappointing you!

    However, I happen to have an overall policy that I won’t attack people, online or in person. That applies even if they’re liberal or wrong (and the two are generally one and the same. ;) )

  22. LW wrote:

    Well this person does raise some good questions and points.

  23. JM wrote:

    Janice (#19) - Rickee is correct. Just because some fellow posters choose not to respond to every stroll along the left bank of the river, doesn’t mean we’re not here or we don’t care about certain issues. My slant on this blog is quite simple; this is Doug’s “house” and I am a guest. Doug invites a vast number of guests into his home, having a wide variety of opinions and points of view. If I find some of Doug’s other guests borrish or ill behaved or not in agreement with me, I can respond to the conversation, keep silent or leave the house and get some fresh air. To suggest that Doug’s sympathies are a bit left of the normal SGM fan should not shock or surprise anyone. I have worked in the higher education field for over 25 years and find Doug’s positions very reflective of someone who works in that vocational area. I enjoy his grammatic gymnastics and appreciate the opportunity to Google over to Dictionary.com. I am concerned about the recent tendency on this site to negotiate away basic tenents of the faith. Regardless of whether we fancy ourselves liberals or conservatives, urban or country, college educated or common sense grounded, we will all see or not see Jesus based upon our acceptance of his finished work of Grace upon Calvary. So, while I sometimes find myself on the opposite bank of the river from Doug, I trust that our daily walk will ultimately lead us to the same place of eternal harmony and peace.

  24. jbb wrote:

    #17 passerby: If you truly mean that last line “i’m sure there is no God whatsoever”, you might want to search again….
    If you deny him, he WILL deny you.

  25. Kyle wrote:

    I contribute when I feel I have something worth contributing. If I feel it’s gonna turn negative or cruel, I walk away. Why should I waste my time getting involved in online shout matches?

  26. passerby wrote:

    #17 jbb….how can you deny someone who does not exist? And where do you search? Surely not the bible. It was written by man. The problem with the world
    today is religious fanaticism. You have muslim and christian extremists saying they’re the ones with the truth. Who do you believe? I think it’s funny that people will base their whole lives and purpose over a bunch of silly stories compiled into one big book. Can you prove that this so-called God exists? No. Can you make him come down and talk to us? No. Why? It’s because he’s not real. You can’t depend on the bible or the koran simply because they were both written by man. Many people have an inspiration but it doesn’t mean it came from god simply because they said so.
    I think this website is fun. The thoughts and comments on this site validate my reasonings and beliefs. If there was a god, you wouldn’t be posting some of the things I’m reading on here. So lets have some fun and tear more people down. Let’s get back to doing what this site wants us to do.

  27. passerby wrote:

    jbb …lol…i typed the wrong # on my response. It should be #24

  28. gc wrote:

    Doug is Liberal? Your Kidding?

  29. jb wrote:

    Passerby, I can tell you God exist because he lives in my heart. I couldn’t make it through a day without him. He has never failed me or forsaken me. I have failed him and will continue to because of my flesh, but, he died for me and you and his Grace is Sufficient. Why do you not want to believe in God or trust in his word? Who do you call on or pray to when your back is to the wall and there is no way out? It takes a whole lot more effort not to believe than it does to believe in the one who came to save us….God Bless You Anyway.

  30. jbb wrote:

    #28:sorry, that post was from jbb not jb, I deleted a letter.

  31. passerby wrote:

    jbb your basing your belief on what you feel. What you feel does not vindicate there is a god. You can’t expect people to believe what you feel. Christians can no more prove what they believe than satanists or wiccans or any other religion for that matter.

  32. jbb wrote:

    Passerby: No, I am basing my belief on what I know. You didn’t answer my question: Who do you pray to?

  33. Obeserver wrote:

    Passerby-Prove to me there isn’t a God and then we’ll talk.

  34. JW wrote:

    passerby, “If there really is a God, do you really think he would tolerate this mess or be a part of it. ”

    Yes there is The God and yes he tolerates our messes and in fact loved us so much he became part of us, and his name is Jesus.

    Don’t take my word for it, and I applaud you not just taking what someone feels or says. Please read and study the history to make an informed, educated decision.

    I highly recommend “Reinventing Jesus” by Daniel Wallace and others. It’s written so ordinary people can find out the truth of the New Testament for themselves.

    I believe Jesus is God because the New Testament has much more manuscript evidence than any ancient document, that it is accurate because we have so many copies, and that the witness of Jesus is true because of it.

    Jesus said He was the same as God The Father and demonstrated the proof by rising from the dead the 3rd day.

    I hope you will give it a fair shot.

  35. passerby wrote:

    jbb…i do not pray to anyone. Especially some man who lived 2000 years ago, who could have been a raving lunatic for all we really know. JW, manuscripts can be manipulated and changed. Just because a man says he is the son of god does not mean he is. There is no proof of a god. Who cares if Jesus rose from the dead. Can you find Peter’s grave? or Timothy or Mary, Joseph? Just because you can’t find their graves does not mean they rose from the grave. I believe Jesus lived, history tells us that. But to accept a bunch of fables as truth is ridiculous.

    Now, answer me this. Is the bible the infallible word of god? Are there contradictions in it? Answer: it is not the infallible word of god. It does have many contradictions. Primarily in the gospels. Remember the story of legion? The gospels can’t even agree on the city in which this supposedly took place. They can’t make up their minds if it was 1 or 2 lunatics. If this is the word of god, then you’ve got a problem. It is not “accurate.” So how can you accept this as god’s word?

  36. WA wrote:

    Passerby, suppose as Christians that we’re wrong. What will the end result of that be? If there’s no God, no afterlife, and we die as animals who have no soul, then we’ll simply be dead. But, then suppose - as most of the readers here believe - that there is a God, and His way is indeed the correct way, and that the Bible (and every word in it) is true. Is your view the wise one?

    JM, #23 - a fine post. Perhaps many of the readers of this blog have been through “higher” education, probably not as faculty, but as University and/or college students. And, undoubtedly many of us have counseled our children through their University years. We see it for what it is, and recognize what the Dougs of the world espouse. We’ve seen the rise of environmentalism, lead by people who worship the creation yet deny the Creator. We’ve seen too many who choose the way of mankind yet deny God’s way. It’s been that way since Cain. Even on a blog devoted to a tiny genre of Christian music, we’ve seen proponents of homosexuality being nothing more than an alternative lifestyle. All of this was covered a long time ago, in Romans 1. And sadly, of this type, we find them perfectly described…”professing themselves to be wise, they’ve become fools”.

  37. Janice wrote:

    I apologize for my earlier “outburst.” Several of you replied with some good insight that was better thought-out than what I said. Thanks for your replies. And I was wrong to infer that there was no light in the darkness, because I see that there is.

  38. scope wrote:

    For someone who claims to not believe in God or His Word, you seem to know a lot about the contents of the Bible. Did something happen to you that caused your unbelief?

  39. passerby wrote:

    #38…Nothing has to have happened to me for me to know about the contents of the bible. I just believe in knowing who my enemy is and how to combat them.

  40. Revpaul wrote:

    I’m beginning to miss the good ole days when Avery placed a fresh, new brown paper bag over his head almost every day, and titillated us with his unique insights into Southern Gospel music. Seems now the brown bag’s a little tattered, often discarded, and some guy named Doug takes over every once in a while. I long for the good ole days.

  41. Irishlad wrote:

    passerby,you’re simply expressing how you see things. Nothing malicious or purposefully insidious in your comments, as far as i can tell. But tell me this,do you like southern gospel music,or,are you even aware of it’s exsitence? As old Harry Peters and his ilk would say, ‘welcome to the fold my child ’cause we take all sorts’.

  42. Harry Peters wrote:

    Old Harry Peters appreciates this website and has made friends that will remain throughout eternity…Irish Lad, Wacky Thinker, Wade, Dr. Joe, NonSGFan. Some of us butt heads now and then, but at the end of the day we’ve got each others backs. On behalf of Fonda, Needham and Old Harry Peters, himself, don’t trash this blog….we’ll take care of that ourselves. lol

  43. SGfan wrote:


    I want to ask you a question or two? Do you really believe there is no God? If so, do you believe that the intricacy of the world and universe around us just happened? If so, you have to have so much more faith than I do. I don’t think you can’t make some kind of machine, put dirt and water in it, shake it up for a million years, and some mammal will come walking out of it. You see, faith is the evidence of God. It is through that faith that I have seen people healed of deadly diseases to the doctor’s dismay. It is through that faith that I draw every breath I take. It is through that faith that God gives me the strength to have patience when someone like you decides to bash my faith while not having a clue about what he or she is talking about. You questioned scripture. Scripture is the Word of God. There are things that seem contradictory until you look at them in context. You can’t just take one piece of scripture and compare it to another without looking at them from all three areas of context (spiritual, historical, and literal). You have no enemy in us Christians, only love if we are living the life. The only enemy you have is yourself. I challenge you to do one thing. Read scripture and really take time to ask yourself what its saying. Ask yourelf if your life is better when its principles are applied. When you do that, notice how it starts changing your life. No, I can’t call God down out of heaven to show Himself to me or you, but I don’t have to either. I hear Him in my spirit. I have all the proof I need because I’ve seen his fingerprints all over my life. One last point. The amazing thing about Christianity compared to other world religions is this. It is the only one where you can do anything to earn your salvation. Your salvation is not based on works because you could not possible pay the penalty for sin. God gave Himself to forgive our sins. That is a tenant that you will find in no other world religion. There is probably nothing I can say in this short blog that is going to change your mind, but I will take the time right now to pray for you. I will pray that God will reveal Himself to you in a way that you will not be able to deny. There is no way for you to prove there is no God, but I would love to see you try.

    By the way, the story of Legion is in Mark Chapter 5 and Luke Chapter 8. They both take place in the region of the Gerasenes. This is not a contradictory. There are other stories of Jesus casting out demons, but these are the only two mentions of Legion. Also, in both stories it was one man who was perfectly normal after the demons were cast out. He was no longer a “lunatic” after he met Jesus. It seems you have pointed to another life changed by Jesus.

  44. Jim E. Davis wrote:

    Sigh…yes, Rev. Paul. Methinks there are many of us who do long for the good ole days.

    Passerby smells like a sock puppet playing devil’s advocate (pardon the pun) to stir the pot. I was amused by his reference to man calling God down to talk to us. Hmmm…if we could do that then He wouldn’t be God, would He?

    This site isn’t about whether there is a God or not. I think that was established a long time ago. It’s supposed to be about the marvelous dissection of Southern Gospel music.

    sigh…the good, good ole days.

  45. Barack Obama wrote:

    I actually swallowed a paperback dictionary one time….I was hungry.

  46. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    My political mentor of yesteryear had a interesting perspective on the labeling people in political world.

    Liberals are really conservatives because the Liberals would like to conserve all the power for the government. The Liberals are think the government should makes the decisions for the masses.

    Conservatives believe are very liberally in giving the people the power to make decisions based on the U. S.Constitution.

    The people in the middle are independent are confused most of the time. They make decisions at the last minute based on keeping government out of my life but I want my basic government services like streets , sidewalks and quality education for my children.

    The smart people in the world tends to pick their spots to speak out in the community and the internet.
    The have learned their lessons while because either the got burnt by the bashing on the internet or got burnt by
    having their privacy violated in the outside world.

    Expressing anger in life is like a fence in the real world. Fence separates people.
    It is a feel good experience that carves relationship in stone.

    We need more sidewalks in life.
    Sidewalks connects people and established longtime relationships.

  47. WA wrote:

    RevPaul - #40, and Jim E. Davis - #44: I understand your points, and even agree with them. I think most of us would. This thread began after Doug posted an unusually harsh piece of criticism against him, which seemed to delight him. But then it was Passerby who jumped in, all the way back in post #12. And then in the second post, #17, he or she came right out and stated their belief that there is no God. Since then the comments have been largely sent to him/her, which should be the normal reaction of a Christian who hates the thought of a soul eventually dying and being lost for eternity. I just reread the comments directed to Passerby, and haven’t found any of a vitriolic nature.

    Frankly, I believe that some of these anonymous comments are staged, just to get the reactions that they receive. I hope I’m wrong. Nonetheless, when - as a Christian - I read some of the well-thought out responses, it thrills me. A long way removed from sgm to be sure, but fascinating in their own right. The basis of any kind of Christian music should be Christ; His work, Word, and deity, along with many other attributes. When these are assailed, true Christians come out of the woodwork. I just have to believe that this is important, and undoubtedly more so than differences of opinion concerning the Homecoming personalities and the like.

  48. passerby wrote:

    So you have 2 gospels that agree on a certain event and one that does not. My point is still this: the bible contradicts itself. You see, you forgot to read Matt. 8. Compared with the other gospels, it happens at the time. This suppose to be the same event. Read it. There’s a storm, he calms it, he goes into the land of the gergesenes(matt 8) gadarenes(mark 5), he’s met with a lunatic which mark and luke describe but matt says 2 lunatics, in all three stories the devils are sent into the swine and then in turn go drown themselves. It’s the same story, same timeline. The bible has contradicted itself.

  49. faithgirl wrote:

    #43 SGFan, preach on!!!!!! I’m standing with you on that…

  50. SGfan wrote:

    #48 passerby

    There is no contradiction.

    (These three names (Gadarenes, Girgesenes, Gerasenes) are used indiscriminately to designate the place where Jesus healed two demoniacs. The first two are in the Authorized Version. Mt 8:28; Mr 5:1; Lu 8:26 In Gerasenes in place of Gadarenes. The miracle referred to took place, without doubt, near the town of Gergesa, the modern Kersa, close by the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee, and hence in the country of Gergesenes. But as Gergesa was a small village, and little known, the evangelists, who wrote for more distant readers, spoke of the event as taking place in the country of the Gadarenes, so named from its largest city, Gadara; and this country included the country of the Gergesenes as a state includes a county. The Gerasenes were the people of the district of which Gerasa was the capital. This city was better known than Gadara or Gergesa; indeed in the Roman age no city of Palestine was better known. “It became one of the proudest cities of Syria.” It was situated some 30 miles southeast of Gadara, on the borders of Peraea and a little north of the river Jabbok. It is now called Jerash and is a deserted ruin. The district of the Gerasenes probably included that of the Gadarenes; so that the demoniac of Gergesa belonged to the country of the Gadarenes and also to that of the Gerasenes, as the same person may, with equal truth, be said to live in the city or the state, or in the United States. For those near by the local name would be used; but in writing to a distant people, as the Greeks and Romans, the more comprehensive and general name would be given. –ED.)


    While Mark and Luke describe only one demoniac, Matthew informs us that there were two. There is no conflict, however, for Mark and Luke have apparently focused their attention on the most striking of the two.


    That site does a good comparison of the stories. You see, Mark and Luke never say the one Jesus cast demons out of was the only one in the story. Its kind of like you focusing on the main villain in a movie forgetting the supporting characters close to the villain that also share the same issues. They are telling the story from their perspective. You have three perspectives of the same story and they all support each other. Between the three, you begin to get the full context. Neither perspective can be, nor should they be, taken alone. Try reading it again. In the end, whether it was one or two is irrelevant and never disputed. There is no contradiction. You see, Matthew never names the demons. Mark and Luke did. You have three different people presenting the story from three different perspectives. This provides more of a foundation for the story and actually works to validate the story. It is no longer just one person validating what happened, but three witnesses to the same miracle. The evidence would hold up in court. Nice try though. Care to discuss any other contradiction you think there is in scripture?

  51. passerby wrote:

    The timeline matches up if you STUDY the scriptures. What I said is true. It’s the same event except 2 gospels agree and one disagrees. Bible is supposed to be the inerrant word of god. But it cannot even match up a particular event such as this one. Your god sucks.

  52. faithgirl wrote:

    #50 are you a minister? I would love to hear you preach if you are? Are you a pastor or do you evangelize? How can I find out where?

  53. SGfan wrote:

    #52 faithgirl,

    No I am not a minister. I do love to study the word and I am a musician. I do concerts and record for several SG groups. God has blessed me more than I deserve. Thanks for your kind words.

    #51 passerby,

    I just told you why there is no contradiction in the story you cited. Read #50 again. God is awesome enough and wonderful enough to love me and even someone like you who is rejecting Him. I don’t worship a god but the God. There was no disagreement in the gospels of the story you cited as they all cite the same area. Two gospels focus more on the individual that showed the worst of the demon possession while one gospel makes it clear that there were two that were suffering from the posession. Neither gospel disputes the other saying the other was wrong. Your argument has been destroyed at its very base and no longer has a leg to stand on. Prove the contrary. Show me where Mark or Luke say Matthew was wrong in the recalling of the event or where Matthew says the same of Mark and Luke. You want find it. The three fit together to tell the whole story in this instance. To read from just one is incomplete. The Word still remains infallible. My friend, the only thing that sucks in this whole situation is the attittude that you approach God and this topic with. But nevertheless, I welcome the challenge. Again, read post # 50 and check out those sources I listed. They explain more thoroughly than I can in this blog atmosphere.

  54. WA wrote:

    SGFan - #50: Well researched. Having been to Israel, and that exact area, on five occasions, your writing was entirely accurate.

    Poor Passerby will never agree with you or anyone else, no matter how true or convincing the rebuttals. I’m sure that will be no surprise to you. The dear folks like him/her can only respond due to the unique ministry of the Holy Spirit. When I read Passerby’s posts and sense the venom in them, I don’t despair at all. In my experience, he or she is exhibiting some of the symptoms of a person actually under conviction. I pray that will indeed be the case. And friend Passerby - there is honest and real forgiveness, grace, and mercy available to you. God’s gift of His Son is the greatest gift that mankind has - or will - ever be offered. I pray that you’ll allow yourself to be open to all that a very loving - yet entirely holy - God wants for you. He wills not the eternal death of anyone, including you. Not a single Christian here wants that for you either. You’re in my prayers.

  55. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    I am glad to see SGfan & Friends have swallowed the Bible.

  56. SGfan wrote:

    #55 GospelMusicFan

    LOL!!! I try to swallow more of it everyday. I guess the old saying is true, “You are what you eat”. LOL!!!!

    #54 WA,

    Thanks for the compliment. I agree on your assessment of passerby, but I would like to add one thing to that. I see in passerby’s responses someone that has been wounded or feels they have been served some injustice by a Christian or someone claiming to be one (hence the use of the word enemy). Anytime someone shows such a disdain for Christianinty and faith, it is almost always rooted in pain from something or somebody they feel wronged them in some way. When that happens, a seed is planted that (as probably in this case) the person begins to nurture until in grows into a full grown tree of hatredness. It is up to us Christians to offer them the tools to cut that tree down and to dig up the roots. It is up to passerby and people like him/her to decide to remove that tree. We can’t do it for them. The only thing we can do is be a witness and representation of the God that lives within us and show them the picture of love and grace that He has created in our own lives.

    Many before passerby have tried to discredit the Bible, and all have failed in that attempt. Passerby was not the first to present this particular argument, and I was not the first to present this particular rebutal. The Bible has stood the test of time. It will continue to stand the test of time. It is still the all time best seller. It is still just as relevant today as it was yesterday and will be just as relevant tomorrow.

    You are right. Passerby is probably wrestling within him/herself right now. The very complexity of the world around us and even the very complexity of passerby’s own existence argues for intelligent design. To deny that creates a contradiction that can not be reconciled by the created. That is part of the reason atheist have so much bitterness toward religion (especially Christianity). Keep praying for passerby (as I will) that he/she might experience God. That is what passerby really needs in this time in his/her life.

  57. WA wrote:

    Amen, SGFan. I’ve prayed a few times already today for passerby, and won’t be stopping anytime soon. Couldn’t agree with you more about the sad reason that’s likely behind their bitterness. If it’s true, shame on us as a church. Even on this blogsite, the battering between posters at times is a disgrace, isn’t it? I don’t say that concerning anyone who argues from the strength of Scripture, by the way…just those who on occasion allow personal opinions to make them write pretty egregious things. Somehow, I believe that this weekend there’s a full-court press of prayer going on for passerby.

  58. Wade wrote:

    SGfan… Thanks for the lesson. If I bang on ya for the other things I have to say thanks a good job when you do it… Great Lesson. If YOU taught the REQUIRED CLASS I might just join the Southern Baptist Church I play at every Sunday!!

    Well as long as you toned down the elitism that comes through every once in a while!! LoL;-))

  59. SGfan wrote:

    #57 WA,

    We are in total agreement it looks like. I hope passerby has more prayer surrounding him than he knows what to do with.

    #58 Wade,

    Thanks, I think. LOL!!! As far as “elitism” is concerned, you want find any in me. I understand that I am no better than you, passerby, nor anyone else on this site. I have no authority of my own. What authority and knowledge I do have comes from the grace of God and the ability He gives each one of us to study dilligently in His Word. I don’t teach that “required class” at my church. The one who does is far more qualified than I am. I learned a lot from him and I am still learning. I am glad we finally found some common ground. Wow, common ground with Harry Peters and Wade in the same week. Is it just me or is it getting a little scary at averyfineline.com ! LOL!!!

  60. passerby wrote:

    SGFan….2 gospels say 1 person….1 says 2 people. You can’t see that. This IS a contradiction. I’d hate to be person listening to you preach if you don’t know the difference between 1 and 2. Of course, “christians” are never wrong. You’re so dogmatic that you can’t even listen to reason. You should be ashamed.

  61. quartet-man wrote:

    #58 Wade, Haven’t you heard that you aren’t supposed to play church? ;-)

  62. Wade wrote:

    QMAN… Bunches of ppl play church… but I know you are not supposed to… but was referring to… I PLAY PERCUSSION for a OLD… I MEAN OLD… I mean Blue Hairs, walkers, wheel chairs & hearing aids for over 70 % of a First Baptist Church. I am quite a shock for them and you should see the faces when we play a P& W song like Awesome God!!! Ugly smellin’ stink faces!!!

    Thanks Goodness the Music Minister is really cool and loves the fact I can follow him no matter where he takes off to… he is so ADHD he never plays a song the same exact way twice.

    SgFan… don’t let it scare ya. Sit Back & Relax the feelin’s fine. We all love Jesus and SGM here not matter what we think about OTHER ISSUES!!! Your elitism comes through when you can’t reason away another persons view… then you have to break down & point to your superior writing & grammar skills, which I stipulate to. But I love ya. God Bless ya.

    Well except Passerby as far as we ALL love Jesus… Passerby… SGfan gave you a good explanation about the 1 vs. 2 thing…so seems you don’t read, reason or play well with others. You have to love SGM or you would not be here. God Love your heart!!!

  63. SGfan wrote:

    #60 passerby,

    What are you not getting about my explanation? Let’s look at it again, shall we? Matthew’s words in Chapter 8 are:

    28When he arrived at the other side in the region of the Gadarenes,[d] two demon-possessed men coming from the tombs met him
    Mark’s words in Chapter 5 are:

    2When Jesus got out of the boat, a man with an evil[b] spirit came from the tombs to meet him
    Luke’s words in Chapter 8 are:
    27When Jesus stepped ashore, he was met by a demon-possessed man from the town. For a long time this man had not worn clothes or lived in a house, but had lived in the tombs.

    Neither Mark nor Luke are denying the existence of the second man, but most likely focusing on the one that had most of the dialogue and the worst of the demon posession. It is kind of like watching a movie and focusing on the main character’s while not focusing on the supporting characters. I know the difference very well between one and two. You need to learn what a contradiction is. The gospels here do not point to each other disputing one another’s claims, rather they work in tandem providing the support to get a well rounded look at the events described. It does not matter that Matthew mentions 2 and Mark and Luke focus on the one. Mark and Luke never say there was no second. They never say that it was only one man. These would be contradictions. I am very capable of listening to reason. What I don’t listen to is irrational thought and accusations from someone who’s anger has done nothing but blind them to the truth that is staring them in the face. If I were a betting man, I would almost be willing to bet that you didn’t read the sources I cited earlier. You have made up your mind and are unwilling to be taught. Unwillingness leads to ignorance and eventually stupidity when it is not kept in check. As far as me being ashamed, I will never be ashamed of defending the gospel and standing up for my beliefs. I will never be ashamed for showing patience, love, and understanding to people like you who lash out in anger because of the conflict within themselves.

    Passerby, I am very well aware of the “contradiction” you are pointing out that does not exist. I can point to others that seem even more obvious if you use them out of context as you are doing in this case. Again, Matthew’s account does not stand on its own. Neither does Mark or Luke’s. All three work together to complete the whole. To use one against the other is to try to separate the whole into parts. I don’t know what else I can say that I haven’t already said. I challenge you to read those stories again. Read all three of them. You will see that they all fit together and build a picture of what the scene looked like. I kind of wish I had a video of a portrayal to reference you to. I get the feeling that you may need the picture drawn out for you. At least you finally realized they all pointed to the same place.

  64. JL wrote:


    You just might be able to “pass by” (for now)the Word of God, citing “errors” which have been explained to you perfectly, with apparently no change of heart on your part. Please understand that this Bible has totally changed our lives, from the inside out.

    You might be able, in this life, to think that you can “pass by” God, saying nasty things about Him to those who love and trust Him. Please understand that this God has rescued us from the flames of the lake of fire forever, and has given, for us, His One and only Son to the terrible death of Calvary, then raised Him from the dead for our justification.

    But if you pass by the cross, and God takes that as your final answer, please be aware you will one day stand before Him, and the bravado you show here, will be long gone.

    Just in this one thread, you have Christians warning you, explaining Scripture to you, and praying for you. Amazing, isn’t it?

    Please stop. And think. On that day, maybe closer than we all think, it will matter not which eyewitnesses wrote of 1 demoniac, or 2. What WILL matter, the only thing that will matter, is whether or not “passerby” will have his or her sins forgiven.

    We hope you get saved. Soon.

  65. Irishlad wrote:

    Hi everyone, do you not realise Legion is really Wade. Lol.(thought i’d rattle your cage Wade,you’ve been very quiet recently).Anyway on to Doug and his allegedly amazing dictionary trick, the guy’s an English professor,what do you expect him to write like? All i can say is:people who are domicile in structures of patent fragility shouldn’t cast petrous formations as projectiles…..hic,i’ve just swallowed something.

  66. SGfan wrote:

    #62 Wade,

    The “scary” comment was definitely a joke. I think it was about time that you, Harry, and I found some common ground. We rarely agree on anything on this blog.

    “Your elitism comes through when you can’t reason away another persons view… then you have to break down & point to your superior writing & grammar skills, which I stipulate to.”

    I don’t know where I have ever done that on this blog, but I guess that is not important to the issue at hand. If you consider my writing style a form of elitism, boy I would love to hear your opinion of our dear moderator’s (Doug) writing style. In the end, I found the “swallowed a dictionary” comment pretty funny. I have a theory that he probably depends more on a thesaurus. I understand that he is an English professor, but I have had the privelege to have some of the best English professors in the country with doctorates from Ivy league schools. None of them write like Doug does in a blog setting. Just an observation and he can feel free to set the record straight if he wants to. Either way, it is fun sometimes to see what he will come up with next.

  67. Wade wrote:

    SGfan… OH…I knew it was a joke. I am high strung but not hyper sensitive. I was trying to tell ya I loved ya and appreciated your lessons. As far as elitism…there was some thread where my writing style was compared to a high school drop out. But I am sure I inflamed you as well, probably justifiable, lol about something. IT IS ALL GOOD!!! For me most of it is entertainment value. If we all agreed on everything it would be BORING!!!

    I am BIG ADMIRER of WORDSMITHS. I have been told since the 5th grade I write like I talk. I love a good word pic. Never will I be accused of SWALLOWING a dictionary. Maybe a fried chicken, but not a dictionary.

    I pray daily that we can all learn something from each other. I also thank the GOOD LORD for all of you cause I remember a time when there was NO OTHER news about the music we love except for the SN. Even now with so many web sites and blogs much of what we say would be MODERATED off the pages.

    For all the ppl that criticize DH and this site this is one time I do not LONG for THE GOOD OLE DAYS!! For all the ppl that wish the PERFORMERS where more GODLY things like this site surely help shine the light of TRUTH on the things they wish did not happen.

    I love even The Gaither Haters cause without them there would be NO audience for the local and regional and even some of the national groups and they need love too and do it ONLY for The Ministry.

    I still can’t believe some of you did not help me take Luke to task about thinking Jason Crabb was too church to sing at a Homecoming Event. That is the kinda thinking Vestal & Jim Hamill used to have about The Oaks singing Gospel Music. The Oaks owe them big time for being that way!!!

    IRISHLAD… I do not know who the LEGION is but hope he is a good guy and maybe you can decode that for me. The Love of My Life has the last name CADIGAN and she is a pure bred. She often talks in code I do not understand so know I love you too, but God I Love HER More, I am sure you understand.LoL;-)) Something about Blue Eyed Brunettes that hurt me in GOOD WAY!!! Green Eyes, Especially REDHEADS are too crazy and Brown eyes are cold and of THE DEVIL!! LOL;-))

    I did not think I had been quite, I have had the luxury of being off the last 2 weekends and thought I had thrown my 2 cents in way more than enough.

    QMAN - Love you to Brother. I hope your mid size church is a MEGA One some day soon.

    Old Harry Peters… you need to tell us the story of Kenny Parker and Jean Bradford. I just hate it when you try to be cryptic. It does not become you. Get it out Brother it will help you.

    I been missing NoNSGfan where is HE BEEN???… and I REALLY MISS DR. Joe. Speaking of Missing I have not seen LeeBoB around much. He is a trip and I want to get his group a date if they ever come to SE Tn or NW Ga.

    If I can figure out where the url is to my face book page I will start dropping it in the website so y’all can’t accuse me of hiding. I know I should be able to paste what is in the browser window but it seems to change every time I refresh. I would drop myspace in there but I use it for getting ppl to my stand up shows and I would never hear the end of it from some of straight up kinds. Some of you would dis me while looking at the pics of some of my friends…AND ENJOYING IT!!! LoL;-)))

    Well I have to go visit and friend who is sick. He loved Homeland Harmony Qt from back in the day and I am sure we will talk about Jack Clark, Connor Hall and hear how George Younce used to sing with them. LoL ;-))) I love those stories. May be even hear the stories about BiG Chief and ALL the ppl he loved!! LoL;-))

  68. Irishlad wrote:

    #67 Wade,i have a feeling you are being deliberately obtuse…..but i could be wrong.(and this is not code,nor is obtuse a particularly big word either).Greetings to you my bro.in all things sg.

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