“Jump on it, Jesus”

Via reader MM, a vintage Hinsons clip. At MM’s recommendation, I’d urge you to skip to around the 6:00 mark when the song slows down and Kenny Hinson improvises his way through a long verse. I have no idea what Ronnie Hinson means when he says, “Jump on it, Jesus” in response to Kenny’s vocal embellishments, but it seems like exactly the right response all the same. Take a look, and listen:

That’s a pretty lame tune, but the formal weakness of the song itself only reinforces the Hinsons’ ability. You won’t want to miss the endings (plural, natch) … ignore Yvonne going flat (you try holding down your note in a situation like that) and pay attention to what Kenny Hinson does. It’s country gospel baroque with a perm.

Update: Grigs says Ronnie is saying “jump on HIM, Jesus,” which makes slightly more sense … but still … I think I’ll just keep shoutin’ my way through it all and let the spirit move … heheh.

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  1. pr wrote:

    WOW! Real singing, real musicians, some apparently real spirit, and a tambourine to boot! As Ronnie says, “if that don’t stir you your spoon’s fell out of your bowl.”

  2. Grigs wrote:

    Jump on HIM, Jesus! Not “it”.

    C’mon, Doug, admit it: You were shouting so loud that you misheard what Ronnie was saying!

    I liked that golf swing that Ronnie did with his microphone! Cool stuff.

  3. Wade wrote:

    If you know Ronnie Hinson you would know it does not have to make sense. He was probably responding to something he heard from the night before!!! This is pretty good stand up as far as his message.

    Think Kenny kept Ronnie in check because ever since his death ever time I saw Ronnie he would talk WAY TO MUCH!!!

    The Band in this video should be in The HALL of Fame.

    Kelly Back from ALL the Gaither videos.
    Darrell Lecroy is playing steel. Both he & Kelly played with The Best Version of The Band of Gold.

    Couldn’t see the drummer that much but would guest it was Kerry Beaty frm PSQ.

    Somebody help me with the Bass Player & Piano Player???

    I am sure I have butchered the spellings of some of the names but remember from me this is code.LOL

    But besides The Band of Gold version I mention where Jeff Hullender played bass, The Many forms of The Kingsman Band, The Hemphill Band & I always thought the MaGruder Band Back in The Day Smoked…who are some other Bands you folks consider Great???

    The Hinson’s always brought it and left it all on the stage. I have seen them play for 3 hours in a few churches.

    Back in MY DAY the Best concerts were. Gold City, Hinson’s & Kingsmen it was HEAVEN on Earth. The days before stacks & Sony Bands.

    Ahhh The Day!!!

  4. Kyle wrote:

    Kenny Hinson could sing the menu at Denny’s and make you wanna shout, “Hallelujah!” (especially when he got to the desserts).

    I do have to question Ronnie’s hair, though….at first, I thought I found a 1987 clip of Weird Al.

  5. Justa Noutsider wrote:

    Back during that time frame, the piano player was likely either Dirk Johnson or Rodney LaShum(sp?)…

    IMO, there will never be another Kenny Hinson. Many wannabe, but never will match him. No offense to him, but every time I’ve heard Bo Hinson sing, I’ve always felt he had wished he was born Kenny. Tries to sing like his late uncle almost to the T, but there will NEVER be another Kenny Hinson.

  6. MityCats wrote:

    All I want to know is … where can I buy the full video?!?!

    As Ronnie would say … they Lawd have mercy …

    HALLELUJAH for sure! My regret will always be that I never saw the Hinsons in person. Can’t wait til I get to Heaven and can hear Kenny sing “That I Could Still Go Free” like I’ve always wanted to hear it.

  7. FormerDJ wrote:

    In this day of overstacked tracks and the over Gaitherization of SG music, I sure miss Kenny Hinson.

  8. NonSGfan wrote:

    Kenny Hinson is the most amazing “Perfomance” singer of all time. I have a video of him singing at a local high school,and he even had the kids on their feet in awe.

    And, by the way…this is not “the spirit”…its simply performance and trying to bring a baptist church alive.

    They were the best at it

  9. Jim2 wrote:

    Crabb Family band was a huge part of the “Crabb” brand success - another band that rocked!

  10. j wrote:

    Saw them many, many times and they were always astounding. How I long for that again. Sitting on a bus with them afterward was as good as seeing them sing. They were all falling down hilarious. When Larry, Ronnie and Kenny were together they would make your side ache with laughter. How I miss them.

  11. Olan Witt wrote:

    The band on the video is Kelly Back-Guitar, Dayrl Lacroy-steel, Rodney Lashuam-piano, Tracy Richardson-drums, and Kerry ? on Bass.

  12. chuck Stevens wrote:

    Olan has it right. Kerry’s last name was Huckaby or Huckaba or something of the sort. I saw them many times with that very lineup. Now keep in mind Scott Sanders was there and left and came back again about that time, I would not be surprised if that is him on Steel. he played for a while with Steve Wariner. And i agree, Hinsons, Kingsmen and Gold City were at the top of their game in those days. Those three and that was all you needed.

  13. Leebob wrote:

    Here’s agreeing with you NSGF. We were once singing and I happened to add a little “flare” to the song. At the time I wasn’t really “right with God” but I was amazed at the number of fellow and sister singers who came up and claimed how “into the Spirit” I was.

    Just goes to show how little we Christians can read what is going on behind the scenes.

  14. ST wrote:

    “Old-Time Feeling” was not a lame song. It was a barn burner when the Hinsons performed it. It reminded you why you were at church to begin with - just to feel God and worship him the way we used to. Many in this generation today have no idea what old time worship is. Kenny encored that song night after night just like that. This video was made a year before they come off the road in 1988. They left the road while holding the number one song, “Jesus Built A Bridge.” They did a reunion tour a few years later. It’s hard to believe Kenny’s been in heaven 13 years.

  15. Kyle wrote:

    This song was featured prominently on their “Lift The Roof Off” album from the early 80’s.

  16. onemadeupmind wrote:

    Steve Dixon played lead guitar about that time as well. Went on to play with the Goads, and then TG Shepherd.

    Bass player might have been Greg Taylor, but not for sure about the time frame for him. Greg did play in the band that included Gary Primm back in the late 80’s/90’s

  17. onemadeupmind wrote:

    Hinsons also had a fill in drummer from time to time from Bowling Green, KY named Chris Ray. It could have been him. Maybe??? I’m just saying…..

  18. chuck stevens wrote:

    Gary Primm was much earlier than that, and they were off the road in June of 88, so there was no Hinsons in the early 90’s.

  19. Scott wrote:

    that is just shameles…i love it….

  20. RDC wrote:

    Thanks for posting this. It sure brings back memories. chuckStevens is correct. The Hinsons, Kingsmen and Gold City were IT during that period of time. I got to see a concert at our state fair in the mid 80s will all three groups, and they had the number 1,2 and 3 songs on the Singing News charts. (I can’t remember which order, though.)

    I agree with ST, it’s hard to believe that Kenny is gone. Also, Rodney LaShum, the piano player in the clip, was killed in a car accident in April of 2002.

  21. Jim E. Davis wrote:

    Now that brought back a lot of memories!

    The Hinsons (before the “Lighthouse”)came to our part of Northern California when I was in the third grade. Our family group opened for them and I remember we were blown away by their singing and stage presence. My older brother loved Kenny’s voice and to this day can do a pretty good impersonation. Later, as a young teenager, I remember breaking up with my girlfriend because she went out with Kenny. Wounded puppy love!

    Our family music was heavily influenced by the Hinsons along with the Goodmans and Rambos. It always amazed me how they could pentecostalize most any crowd - no matter the denomination.

    We did not imitate the hair. Good choice.

  22. JimT wrote:

    There was a Dixie Melody Boys project of ten years ago or so, when Larry DeLawder was playing harmonica for them, when the phrase “Jump on him, Jesus” was also used. It was a live album, and Ed O’Neal relates they were playing in a large church when DeLawder played a fairly restrained verse of “Amazing Grace.” A black man in the audience then allegedly said, “Jump on him Jesus” causing DeLawder to tear it up on the second verse.

    Ah, the days when the music was spontaneous and live. If they ever return I’ll start going to concerts again.

  23. Dexter wrote:

    Hold on there brother…you start treading on thin ice when you call THAT song lame…that’s classic Hinson! Love it!

  24. chuck Stevens wrote:

    Jim, I agree. I only go to live concerts about once a year during Singfest here in Tulsa. The groups with live bands you can count on one had, and Frank Arnold does not bring them all to town. The stage at a Gospel show used to be crowded with all the groups intruments, and now it’s just a bunch of plants to take up some room, I can’t get past that. So, I only go about once a year. Some groups i would still go see without bands. My favorites that still put on a good show are The Hoppers, Jeff and Sheri, Dove Brothers, Perry’s and now Gold City bringing back the band on select dates, that’s a good idea. Groups should get some good local pickers, get them to learn their stuff and then take em out on the road for select dates, that would beef it up a little and they would not have to be on the fulltime payroll. Until more groups bring back some live musicians, the live get up and go has got up and went.

  25. LW wrote:

    Well that was show!!! But did anyone notice that they all have the same hair do?

  26. CG wrote:

    The bassplayer was most likely Kerry Huckaba. He is frequently the house bassist on “Johnny High Country Music Review” on RFD-TV (pretty good show).

    Greg Taylor was already playing at that time with TG Shepherd (as did 3 other previous Hinson band members). Greg now builds custom cabinets here in the Chattanooga area.

    That does look like Rodney Lashum playing keyboard on the video.

    Dirk Johnson is currently pianist for Bill Anderson with James Gordon Freeze playing bass )Goodmans/Hemphills/Segos).

    Last I heard (3-4 years ago), Tracy Richardson was one of the top salespeople with Men’s Wearhouse, he was a fantastic drummer.

    Southern Gospel pushed away a LOT of very talented musicians when they decided to “save money”. One of the unintended consequences was the loss of an audience IMHO.

  27. onemadeupmind wrote:

    #18–I didn’t know time frames exactly, I was just saying that Greg Taylor played bass for them at some point in time, and was a long term member, best of my recollection.

  28. Irishlad wrote:

    I have just been strolling thro’ the Hinson clips on youtube and came across the Crabbs ft Mike B singing”That i could still go free”,an old Hinson song. And do you know something, there probably isn’t a more cynical blighter walking God’s earth than me,yet this song struck me way down deep inside. There has to be something to it all,yet i continue to be the rebel and openly play Devil’s Advocate. Perhaps i’m just a complex guy, nothing more,nothing less.

  29. Obzerver wrote:

    #8…Why do you claim that it is not “the spirit” and simply performance? How do you know this? Just curious…

  30. Irishlad wrote:

    #28 A footnot:the feeling i was demonstrating is maybe the closest an Irishlad will ever get to shoutin;i always wondered what exactly my American friends meant by ’shoutin’. One must realise we’re far more restrained over here. Lol.

  31. NonSgfan wrote:


    Same way I know a dog is not a duck.

  32. onemadeupmind wrote:

    Obzerver. It’s called, “planned spontaneity.” The Hinsons, Cathedrals, Goodmans, Crabbs, Greater Vision and others, are all fabulous in pulling it off. When done properly, it is a mighty close second to a real move of the Holy Spirit.

    I’m not commenting negatively about it, but that’s what it is. It’s a planned script that is so well rehearsed that it looks spontaneous. The only thing that gives it away is if you were to follow them night after not, you’d hear the same script.

  33. Wade wrote:

    “planned spontaneity.” onemadeupmind is RIGHT!!!

    The VERY FIRST TIME I had a JADED thoughts about Gospel Music was as a YOUNG Man of about 10.

    My Uncle dated a daughter of a well known GM Player. I lived in Chattanooga, but we would go to Mull’s Singing Conventions in all the markets her was in. Knoxville & Chattanooga for this story.

    1 night Thanksgiving in Knox & Friday in Chatt.

    Goodman’s on the line up.

    They came out without Vestal, After the first song which was some SAD SLOW song Sam told us that Vestal was sick. Had been at the hospital all day, they did not know what was wrong with her. She’d had a HIGH FEVER!! HE HAD SPECIAL PRAYER for HER!!! They sang a couple more songs… then they introduced a song and said that normally Vestal did it but rusty was going to try to sing it.

    “…pray for Rusty as he tries to sing GOD WALKS THE DARK HILL…”

    Rusty does his best and struggles through the tears of the first verse and chorus.

    What do you think happened BOTH DAYS!!!??? 2 nights in a row…

    JUST IN TIME to come out from behind the curtain to sing The Second Verse…

    Sister Vestal got HEALED!!!

    BOTH NIGHTS the PLACE BROKE freakin’ DOWN!!!

    People were screamin’, shouting and yes Irishlad they were running up and down the aisles SPEAKING IN TONGUES & Looking for SNAKES!!! LoL;-)))

    Have seen Peg kick her shoes at the same time every night, Ronnie Hinson & Both Greene brothers had the same spirit, same word of knowledge night after night…etc…etc..

    But it is not just singers… most evangelist have only 7-8 sermons they do week after week. IN these days you might only have to have 3!!! LoL:-))

    It is much harder than most ppl know to do live performance night after night. Some ppl think most stand up comedy can be spontaneous… it is so memorized it would ruin it if you really knew.

    In any kind of performance about the time you get SICK of doing something is about the time you are getting GOOD @ IT!!

  34. NonSgfan wrote:

    LoL. Planned spontaneity…I love it. I’ve seen it my whole life in the business. BUT, however…I must say….there is NO substitute for the real thing. For instance..

    Mike Payne and they Payne were singing at our church, and he was preaching also. I was only 5 years old, when Mike came off the stage in the middle of a song…walked back to me and laid hands on me…prophesying that he was imparting a “Gift of songwriting and musicianship into me”…

    Amazingly, now…I write, play several instruments…and am actively involved in the ministry.

    thats REAL spontaneity. Hearing from God and obeying his voice produces real results..the fake produces excitement.

    This is just entertainment.

  35. NonSgfan wrote:

    the paynes* (correction in spelling)

  36. Wade wrote:

    NoNSgFan… do you get anything form the doc for that OCD??? lol ;-)

    On a serious note cool about playing multi instruments…what all you play???

    Since you like those DEEP meaningful spirit created songs and you like The Paynes… I am sure I AM A JESUS FAN means much to you!?!?! lol

  37. NonSgfan wrote:

    I’m not much of a Paynes Fan lyrically…but Mike Payne was an anointed vessel early on..dont know much about what hes up to now.

    Piano, guitar, organ, bass, and i’ve been a drummer for 17 years.

    i’ve mastered none, but became fluent in about all. Self-taught, but learning to read. Know Nashville Numbers tho…thats fun.

    Also, believe what you want..i’ve been traveling the world preaching, writing, and singing since I was very young. :)

  38. Wade wrote:

    WoW NoN… if you and Cliff got together y’all could maybe have a MEGA GROUP!!

  39. nonSgfan wrote:

    maaaybe so!

  40. Angie M wrote:

    The final number 1 for the Hinsons was “Mercy Built a Bridge.” “Jesus Built a Bridge” was Poet Voices. Mercy… was very popular when I started listening to SG. I was so disappointed when I heard they were disbanding…

  41. NonSgfan wrote:

    Now we must cross but we must cross the calvary way.

  42. Jason D wrote:

    Rodney LaShom - piano
    Kerry Huckabee - bass
    Scott Sanders - steel
    Kelly Back - lead
    Tracy Richardson - drums

  43. Gwen Brantley wrote:

    Would NonSg fan be willing to allow me to have a copy of his video of Kenny Hinson singing at a high school. I am prepared to pay very well for this. I hope this person sees this since I have no idea to whom I am referring. I am a die-hard Hinson fan.

  44. Lonnie wrote:

    #42, you are correct on the lineup. I remember it well. And a lot of the time I was right there with them. Rodney was my baby brother. He played for many groups. Hinsons, Gold City, Segos, to many to name. He truly loved Gospel music. Rodney turned down offers from some pretty high up performers to keep playing only gospel music. Our family misses that kid more than words can ever express. It is funny how me being older than him that he is and will always be my HERO and inspiration.

  45. REV. Lorraine Ward wrote:


  46. AaronS wrote:

    I happened to be AT this concert. Several of us from our church in Tampa made the trip. I remember it because it was the only time I saw them with Eric.

    That was not a steel guitar. That was Steve Dixon on guitar. The reason I recall that is because I was a guitar player (not nearly in that league, of course) and Steve, at a quiet part of the service, just happened to hit a wrong note. He turned red, though I doubt many others even caught it. I told him afterwards that it was good to see that he was human, too! We had a little chuckle over that.

    It was a great concert. Yes, the Hinsons absolutely brought “performance” to their concerts. They realized that people came to be both blessed AND entertained (J.D. Sumner grasped this somewhat, but seldom went beyond entertainment). However, the Hinsons also brought the anointing, and it could all–entertainment, performance, and anointing–blend together into something incredible and memorable. Of course, sometimes, like with any group, mere performance can be a bit cringe-worthy.

    But they have long been my favorite group. Even today, you could play most of their songs on the Southern Gospel radio shows and they would EASILY hold their own with ANYTHING out there today (even though there’s lots of good stuff).

  47. Bobby Davidson wrote:

    I posted 17 songs on you tube of the Hinsons in Shreveport, La. on December 1979. It was one of Chris Hawkins last concerts with the Hinsons. The band was Greg Taylor on bass,Tracy Richardson(deceased) on drums, Steve Dixon on guitar, Gary Primm on piano.

  48. Robin wrote:

    Rodney LaShum was not only my brother-in-law, but also my friend and he was a fantastic person. He was an amazingly talented pianist. I loved watching him play. I miss him!!!!

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