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Even though being bogged down at work has kept me  away from the blogosphere, I get the impression not a great deal is going on out there in the world of sg right now. Bad economy? Too distracted by the election? Fortunately we’ve moved on from politics around here, but we have had to go back three or four decades and relitigate  Goodmanium and, of course, all things Gaither. Not that I’m complaining. I heart Goodman stories … Remind me tell you the one about Vestal doubleparking her little red  convertible at TJ Maxx, darlin. Oh wait … I already have.

Here’s an idea: How about we hear from some concertgoers. Give us your best frontline report. Here in Florida we’re still waiting for enough snowbirds to return for the good acts to book dates in Del Boca Vista. So how about those of you with the embarassment of concert riches spread the wealth a little.

While we wait, enjoy this wonderful bit from reader Bones, responding to the recent thread about the tired old lines that certain groups reliably reach for when they want to whip up some a live batch of sentiment:

What about the Singing Cookes and The Primitives? You always hear about poor dead grandma and her grave on the side of the mountain. If she is alive you hear about her gray hair. Teddy Huffam said that the Cookes always sing about graveyards.

Heh. I heart Teddy Huffam stories, too.

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  1. Tommy tyros wrote:

    I Need a little help. I posted this on another thread and didn’t get a reply. Maybe someone here can help me since it is an open thread.

    I know this isn’t a reprint of a benson master but I did run by a record I had never seen this week on ebay. Can anyone tell me if this is truly Mark Lowrys 1st solo project?

    and if it is How old is he really? The ad says 10. Is this true?!? was he really in gospel music at that young of an age?

  2. Tom wrote:

    Tommy (#1),

    Yes, Mark Lowry was probably around ten at the time of that album, and yes, he has been singing that long. He released a string of albums between this one and the time he went off to college. But I don’t think this is actually his first album. It may be his first “label” release, but I’m pretty sure he had at least one custom album prior to this one.

  3. Detective Reports wrote:

    The Billboard Bandits are back! I live in Nashville and was driving home from work, as traffic was halting to a stop, what do I see? I bigger than life photo of Young Harmony right in front of me on I-24. This time there is another couple on their with them. I think their names were Tim & Libby Thomas (or something like that). Who ever they are. Why does Jonathan feel the need to do that kind of crazy advertisement? I am almost positive that it doesn’t work. If so, why aren’t more groups doing it? Help me on this someone.

  4. Irishlad wrote:

    #1.Dunno about 10,but,i saw him on an old Singing Jubilee clip, solo, when he was around 15. Close your eyes and you just knew it was Mark;the nasally twang gave it

  5. Irishlad wrote:

    Here’s a tasty little titbit,with an Irish flavour of course. At a concert a while back in a fairly big Pentecostal church we were all gathered to hear George Hamilton 1V. Now on the menu that night also was Calvin Newton and others. At one point CN, Ken Turner and Wallace Nelms got up to do their Sons of Song routine. Of course Big Ken didn’t know what to be at, like in a middle of a song shouting out”IT’S OFF,IT’S OFF” and when he was asked what was off he replied, pointing to the audience”THAT MAN’S WIG!”,much to our amusement natuarally,as we hadn’t heard the likes of it before (CN was equally full of mischief,but,i’ll leave that for another time.

  6. Curious wrote:

    The Bond Bandits are Back, Bearing Buddies

    Just sounded funny!

  7. quartet-man wrote:

    Mark’s first one was called “He Touched Me.” His mom at least sells a CD of it.

  8. Phil Taylor wrote:

    i immagine the bill board serves the same purpose as the idiotic burger king commercials… it’s grabbed your attention and got y’all talking…

  9. morningmist wrote:

    You have to admit, it does look cool. And what a way to show that the Gospel music industry has something going.

  10. shanjenkins wrote:

    morningmist: You’ve got to be joking…right? Tell me you’re joking.

  11. morningmist wrote:

    I have seen both of these groups and let me tell they are a great face for this industry. SJ have you ever listened to their music? Not bad.

  12. j wrote:

    For what it is worth.

    I remember a person back stage at the Long Beach, CA Auditorium with the Goodmans. Vestal came and put her arm around that person’s shoulder and said darlin aren’t you tired runnin from the Lord that loves you. That person broke down and mended a fractured relationship with the Lord. I have not strayed since.

  13. Matthew C. Moore wrote:

    -from the link the post about the Goodman’s-

    “ending… ‘Eastern Sky’ like a harmonized pig-call”

    Hillarious…don’t know how i missed that the first time.

  14. David Bruce Murray wrote:


  15. MP wrote:

    Hey another topic I’ve been wondering about… How long would it take for a full time singer to recover from having vocal polyps removed? I’ve been thinking about the whole Guy Penrod sabbatical thing. If they are saying 3 months is how long it will be that he’s gone and thats about on par with recovery from that kind of procedure then we would probably know with some accuracy if that is one of the reasons he could be making himself scarce for a bit.

  16. T wrote:

    So, tonight I went to a family Christian bookstore for like the first time in 3 or 4 years. Great to know that like Wal-mart, they all are pretty close to the same, but still a very small selection of SG. So i went over and was looking and I saw the new Isaacs CD. Got very excited until i turned the CD over and saw the price $18 bucks and I literally cussed in a Christian Bookstore because my brain forgot where it was because of the overpriced cd. Why would I pay 18 bucks for the same CD that I can buy for 8.99 and not have to wait to put it on my iPod from

    Now I remember why it’s been 4 years since I’ve gone to a Christian bookstore.

  17. Tommy tyros wrote:

    #16 T,
    18 bucks might be a good deal! I Noticed where many groups at NQC had raised their prices to $20.00 a cd. This includes Brian Free and assurance and Gold City for sure, I can’t seem to remember who else was on that list. I didn’t care for the price increase that much so I didn’t buy any thing from them.

  18. quartet-man wrote:

    At one point Family Christian here in town had great buys. They had bought a local store here, but after a few years or so, closed shop here. I don’t know if their prices was to get people to the one in town and try to close up the other local store, or if they did it chainwide back then.

  19. The #1 Music Man wrote:

    To answer the question, Mark Lowry is 50 years old. I can’t remember which month of the year, but I do remember his saying last year at NQC that he would be 50 this year. Has anyone heard the new Janet Paschal cd?

  20. AnnD wrote:

    ooooooooooooooooooh MP….wow, is this the way rumors get started and folks like me are found wondering “where in the world that one came from?????” :)

  21. Wade wrote:

    Yeah I have to agree with AD… believe me if that was the issue they would have told that…that would be a badge of honor and create a great deal of sympathy.

    I respect, enjoy and admire BG… but as in ALL show Biz…things are not always as they seem!!!

  22. Gayla wrote:

    Since this is an “open thread”, I just had to post because I’m so thrilled that The Melody Boys Quartet will be at my home Church in Irving, TX tonight (Sat. Nov. 1), and they will be in this general area of TX for the entire week! I would love to meet any “posters” if you live around here! I can even share some Goodman stories with you that the late and great promoter W. B. Nowlin shared with me!

  23. Irishlad wrote:

    Arthur Rice,what a lead singer,the guy’s phenomenal.His range and control outstanding.I have to admit i probably listened out for him more when he played and sang occasionally(when big jim let him)for the Kingsmen,but,recently i heard him sing Sonrise with the KH’s. He easily hit a high Bflat maybe higher in full head voice. The guy’s grossly underestimated. JMO.

  24. mp3guy wrote:

    #15 and Ann,
    That is NOT the reason, so put that rumor to rest.

  25. Ted wrote:

    Canada’s oldest and largest Christian book chain is going bankrupt. They sent us a letter stating that too many are buying online from Amazon and they can no longer compete.

  26. Deron wrote:

    Has anyone ever noticed that “Something’s Happening” by Mercy’s Mark and “Look No Further” by the Perrys are essentially the same song?

    No kidding. The melody is the same. The lyrical plot lines are almost the same. It just hit me the other night.

  27. Wade wrote:

    Gayla… Come on Baby tell us some Goodman Stories. I can’t make it out to Texas this week. If you will not do it for me, do it for our illustrious leader. He HEARTS Goodman & Teddy Huffman Stories.

    My Teddy Story was in The Memorial Auditorium in Chattanooga it was The Hoppers, The McKameys, Inspos & Teddy.

    The 1st round the first 3 groups did their sets and then and intermission. What was funny is during the 1st round the crowd was real restless. Ppl in and out and talking during the set among themselves. I admit I went to see friends and to the rest room during Inspos.

    After intermission the place filled up while the 1st 3 groups came back and did 10 minutes a piece. The crowd was polite but you knew what everybody was wanting. After The Hoppers did 45 turn arounds of Shoutin’ Time (or whatever the song it was that Kim screamed the ending) seeming like they were trying to wear the crowd down…

    Next there was NO introduction…Teddy came out started playing and the place exploded. The Gems came out and the place went WILD. No STACKS, NO full band, just Teddy, The Gems with one of them playing bass. It was the MOST incredible thing I had ever witnessed.

    NONE…NONE of the 1st 3 groups went to the bus or product table you could see them all off stage left & right.

    EH&SSQ would have been jealous of the suits and the dancing…& Teddy & The Gems did not look gay doing it…AND NOBODY COMPLAINED!!!…well except the 1st 3 groups after it was over.

    Teddy sold everything product he had. He could have written Gems on a post it note and I think he could have sold it for 50 cents.

    There was money all over his table as ppl were literally throwing money at them so they could get product before it was all gone… and they had the WORST table position you could get all the way down on one end next to an exit.

    I bet that was the easiest count outs any group had ever had at any venue.

    So come on now…some of you Fans, NoN, Qman, # 1 Music WHATEVER, AD & INSIDERS, please join me and eventually Gayla Hidee and give up the stories.

    If you want to do it for me, do it for DH… at least there will be a permanent record kept.

  28. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Rick Hendrix’s worst nightmare:
    The challenger in the North Carolina 10th Congressional District upsets the incumbent on Election Day.
    Add this to the nightmare in 2010:
    and this to nightmare in 2012:

    so no matter where you are in your small corner, just do this today:

  29. wanderer wrote:

    Is it true Doy Ott was fired from the Statesmen in the late 70’s or is that a vicious rumour?

  30. cdguy wrote:

    Mitchell and other stores may claim on-line buying is the reason they can’t survive, but it really goes much deeper than that. IMO it’s a matter of not working smart enough. Is it only in Christian stores are going out of business right and left? Are independant shoe stores, dress shops, car parts stores, et al, experiencing the same thing? Or are other types of retailers finding ways to adapt to the new consumer? Are they finding ways to keep their customer base and attract new ones? Are they advertisings?

    Yes, there is a lot of on-line purchasing happening, and music downloading, but it’s got to be more than that. At least that’s my opinion.

    And it ought to be everyone else’s. :-)

  31. john masters wrote:

    Wade said, “EH&SSQ would have been jealous of the suits and the dancing…& Teddy & The Gems did not look gay doing it……”

    Interesting that they didn’t LOOK gay . . .

  32. oldtimer wrote:

    Say What Wade? (#15) - You saw Teddy Huffam and the Gems on a program that featured the Kim Greene era hoppers doing “Shouting Time?” There seems to me to be some problems with the time frame there. I thought Teddy was gone before the Shouting Time days.

  33. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    #30 - Yes, in my area, all sorts of independents close. The local butcher closed—said he couldn’t compete with Wal-Mart anymore.

    #26 - Yes, I have noticed that. Actually, they are musically quite similar (by the same author) but the lyrics differ.

  34. Ben Harris wrote:

    #29, Yes it is true. Doy did not want to work but a couple of weekends a month since he had his practice up and running (he was a chiropracter) and he was replaced by Chris Hess, Jake’s son. Probably not a good idea as handsight often allows, but it is true. I think it was 1979, but not sure. I was attending the same church with Jake, Joyce, Becky and Chris at the time in Nashville and I remember when it happened. Chris is a fine singer, but the history was with Doy. I am afraid the decision was not well received by Statesmen fans.

  35. Wade wrote:

    31- John… Many on the site, NoN, old Harry Peters just to name a few, claim EQ&SSQ look gay doing their dance routines in their suits…it is also a common bomb thrown their way. This was a pretty conservative crowd as SGM crowds go as evidenced by the other acts….nobody there that night seemed to mind the dancing and the fancy suits.

    If I missed your point let me know.

    32 - Oldtimer - I did say WHAT EVER the Hopper’s song was at the time…might have been HERE I AM!!!

  36. Mr. Music Fan wrote:

    So what actually did happen to Teddy Huffam? He vanished…for those of us 20 years or younger…

  37. john masters wrote:

    Oldtimer. Let’s just say that factual history is not what Wade is full of . . .

  38. Charles Brady wrote:

    #36 Mr Music Fan:

    Teddy died on April 3rd, 1991. Sad day for those of us who loved TH & The GEMS. Put them on a ticket with Dale Shelnut & The Dixie Echoes and you had one of the best nights of your life. It just didn’t get much better than TH & The Gems and a big tall white dude who could sing the socks off a negro spiritual. I can still see Teddy peeking around the curtain as Dale got into one of his songs. Those were concerts I’ll never forget!

  39. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    The Hoppers recorded “Shoutin’ Time” in 1997. “Here I Am” was recorded in 1990, so it’s possible that’s the song in question. Kim joined the group in 1989.

    I went to a concert in the late 1980s or early 1990s when Huffam was supposed to be on the bill. He didn’t show up, and the promoters never explained why. Perhaps it was due to his health…but you’d think they would have mentioned it if that had been the case. I never had another opportunity to hear him and his group, unfortunately…sounds like it would have been a blast.

  40. justmy2centsworth wrote:

    I always like Teddy Huffman, and the Gems, and Charles Johnson, and the Revivers. I saw Charles sometimes this year, and he looked ill. It just seemed it was all he could do to go. That would definitely be the end of an era huh?? These days I like the Reggie Sadler Family really well. He is a “funny” man.

  41. Angie M wrote:

    #26 Deron: Same is true for “Pay Day at the End of the Road” by the Perry Sisters, and “I Won’t Have to Worry Anymore” by…a lot of people (I have the Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver version). The first verses of those songs are very, very similar. As an example, both have, “A brighter day is coming…” in exactly the same spot.

  42. The #1 Music Man wrote:

    So what’s this rumour about Teddy Huffam? BTW-Are any of the group members around today??

  43. AnnD wrote:

    mp3guy……uh, I don’t believe I said that the rumor was true as to why Guy isn’t traveling right now….I meant to be challenging the rumor :). ad

  44. john masters wrote:

    #42 - Rumor? Only Wade couldn’t see something like that!

  45. oldtimer wrote:

    I caugt EH & SS in the “Dream On” video and as someone who has been a fan (under all the stuff the guys can sing!) I found myself wondering what in the world they were thinking. From the opening song which was about a five minute snoozer to the odd rendition of “Chicago” I( I know they were there but it comes across as just plain weird) I just found the whole video odd. Note that I said odd - not gay or sinful or somehow blasphemous as some try to label them - just odd. I will give props to the lullaby song that they did that Ernie wrote - high point of the video to me. But overall - just odd.

  46. Wade wrote:

    Love ya John!!! Don’t know what I did to give ya a bug in your [Edit]…but I hope ya get over it!!! You will feel much better!!! :-) ;-)

  47. Bones wrote:

    I think Willis Canada was with them. He shows up at NQC every year. Jonathan Bond is another Cecil Blackwood and Ron Page and others. Full of hot air. At least it got Cecil somewhere, and I really loved the Blackwoods. Jonathan will never get there. If it was going to happen it would have already happened. Groups are not out for years and then have a big hit. They have it quickly.

  48. john masters wrote:

    Oh, Brother Wade, just can’t sit still for uninformed opinions, and double talking. Funny you can bad mouth folk, but can’t take it when someone has a few little things to say about your comments.

    I don’t have a bug in my . . . but I do have a brain in my head, and unlike you, the most reliable gaydar in the SG world. EH, no reading, TH . . . bing, bing, bing!!!

  49. The wonderer wrote:

    What is up with the Stamps Quartet? Another vocalist gone (bass) after just a few months. Ed Enoch was one of the great leads of the seventies and was in one of my favorite lineups. He supposedly had some business acumen too, but never answered emails for product information I have attempted at least a few times over the years and can’t seem to keep members too long.

    It is a shame that his talent and the Stamps name have not been better real estate the past several years. J.D. was a big part, but I don’t see why they aren’t doing better at finding and keeping members and having a bigger place in the industry.

  50. The wonderer wrote:

    #48 John M translate please. Ernie Haase no and TH (whoever that is) yes?

  51. Wade wrote:

    50 - The Wonderer… yeah I agree… I don’t mind some one getting in my grill but make sense doing it Johnny Boy.

    Tell me what double talk I did and what uninformed opinions I have we are all curious???…

    Least when I get up in some ones grill I spell it out pretty well… no mystery talk that begs for translation.

    If you got something to say Johnny Boy… SAY IT!!! I never have to wonder what sgFan, NoN & Dr. Joe have to say…. they get me all the time and I still love them.

    So come on BRING IT!! Let’s see what ya got…it will make ya feel better!!! :-) ;-)

  52. walks like a duck wrote:

    john — how is it your gaydar is so much better than anyone else’s? I’ve been under the understanding gaydar was something gays had better than anyone else?

    So, what are you trying to hide between the lines?

  53. Bones wrote:

    It would be nice to relive a Teddy Huffam and the Gems concert. He didn’t have to bust it like Ernie. I don’t think Glenn and George would approve of their concert presentation.

  54. CVH wrote:

    I’m not sure if it’s been discussed on another thread but what’s anyone’s reaction to ‘Dream On’ by EH&SSQ? I didn’t get a chance to listen to the whole record until earlier this week and while I usually enjoy the group’s projects (choice of material, arrangements, performance), I thought this one fell short. Not as many top-shelf songs and the vocals (and even the orchestration) seemed very understated. Not in a restrained, refined way but in a ‘they can’t quite push it over the top’ way. It’s still a good record I’d say but not as powerful as some of their earlier projects. Or maybe they’re on a deliberate new direction that’s reflected on the project and I’m just the last one to get the memo.

  55. Irishlad wrote:

    54 CVH. I hadn’t really been taking too much notice of Ernie and the boys recently,but,since you mentioned the ‘Dream on’ project i thought i’d have look at what youtube had to offer. I only looked at one clip,the ‘My kind of Town’ song. My goodness i hadn’t realised how much they had gone down the poofy line. When they blew kisses to the audience then started dancing with each other i just about threw up. Having said that the audience seemed to be enjoying it,although that could have been selective editing.

  56. Wes wrote:

    Reply to Young Harmony Billboard. For those of you who thinks its funny that Young Harmony has a billboard, I will say this real slow so you can get this. It called MARKETING. Ok now for those of you who are making fun and asking this question “does it work”?. Let me tell you that they stay booked up all the time and dont have to worry if there check book is over drawn or not. Because most of you who dont market yourself probably has over draft fees that you have to pay. SO the next time you want to laugh at a billboard and make fun, ask yourself this little question. Who is more sucessful them or me. Oh wait it must be them because I dont have anything else to do then to run someone down on here. If you would change the way you think and stop making fun of groups that is trying to do Gods will then maybe you can have your own Billboard !!!

  57. CVH wrote:

    55 Irishlad - very, very selective editing. And the look is more Vogue than GQ. A few more steps in this direction and they’ll be doing covers of Judy Garland and Streisand tunes….”somewhere, over the rainbow…” Yikes!

  58. Irishlad wrote:

    57CVH. Just one final thing on EH&SS. If George and Glen were around to witness his antics,(EH i mean because i feel there’s a certain amount of compliancey with some if not all of the others),i’ve no doubt there would be a grin and bear it attitude from George. As for Glen, i just don’t think it would be his cup of tea at all. JMO.

  59. SG-Yesteryear wrote:

    There have been numerous artists under the “gaydar” long before Ernie Hass and his

    My tenure as a musician started in the 70’s
    and concluded in 2004.
    I have seen it all with “those under the
    SG music seems to be a haven for the
    “alternate” lifestyle.

    Not to be slanderous or call out certain
    individuals but, there has been and will
    continue to be those “in/out of the closet”
    performers until the world as we know it
    has concluded.
    Yes, that means SG music!

    I have been a part of SG music my entire life.
    For those of you that believe SG is entirely
    a “ministry”, you have been deceived somewhere along the way.
    SG for the most part is entertainment.
    Nothing more, nothing less.

    Yes, there are some emotional stimulating
    moments at “some” SG concerts, but I
    would not call it a ministry or a spiritual
    atom bomb exploding to cover you in
    a holy ash!

    The church is exactly that, the church.
    No matter what religion, doctrine, denomination you may choose to be or believe, the church is where I believe the
    ministry takes place, not the SG music

    Some artists may want you to believe they
    are “extending” their ministry from their
    local assembly, but I have never bought it
    and never will.

    SG artists, in my opinion are entertainers!
    I enjoyed the time I spent as an entertainer not as a minister.


  60. used2befanofsgm wrote:

    I want to thank all of you for straightening me out on the music that I loved so much. I have been so disillusioned all these years in thinking that my favorite artist(s) were actually feeling the spirit that I felt. Now, I have come to realize it is all manufactured, and “put on.” That it is actually just a mockery of what the Holy Ghost is supposed to be. How it’s supposed to make us feel. Now, IF I attend another concert, I will look at them and wonder if they’re gay, or sleeping with other members of the group, or if they even know what spirituality is. I’ll know they’re there just to make a buck. I don’t remember who intoduced me to this site, but I sure wish I had never seen or heard of it. It sure makes me look at people that I love differently. I have ALL of you to thank for that. May God go with you and be with you.

  61. american wrote:

    #60 Please don’t be dishearted by the gossip that you see, I am certainly no insider to SGM, but I have loved it and been blessed by it all my life. I will continue to do just that, and let God take care of the rest.

  62. Irishlad wrote:

    Oh dear 60 just woke up to the smell of freshly(or should that be fleshly)brewed coffee.

  63. Wade wrote:

    # 60 - used2be… The best thing I ever learned from a Christian Counselor friend of mine was that your relationship with God should be so personal that the actions of PEOPLE should not EFFECT THAT relationship with God.

    Once I heard that… it no longer bothers me if a Minister gets up and tries to use guilt bombs or shame arrows to manipulate you to do or not do something… or if the minister or leader in the church fails as a person.

    Much less worry if a singer is or isn’t living or feeling the spirit. IF YOU FEEL IT and it helps inspire, makes you feel better or helps you understand God in a better way then use it…

    King James of Bible translation fame was just a terrible person. David, Noah & Abraham all did terrible things. But we all benefited from things they did too in a positive way!!!

    Don’t look to the person…look to God.

    Gold City is my favorite group. Although I know negative things about Ivan & Brian, I still love them and enjoy their music even today.

    Let’s face it… if you get up in the morning and listen to Gold City sing…” If God Be for US…Who Can Be Against US”… it is much harder to have a BAD DAY!!!!

  64. Irishlad wrote:

    63.Hey Wade my man.Did DrJoe up your med? ’cause that was way too

  65. CVH wrote:

    #60 - used2beafanofsgm,

    Grow up.

    This blog is designed for anyone, but it attracts a number of industry people and sometimes the dialogue is a bit ‘inside’, unlike other SGM fan sites. Sometimes the conversation wavers and goes off track and sometimes things are said that range from mildly to very inappropriate. But as you no doubt understand, despite your protestations to the contrary, SGM is no different from any other genre of music in that the people who write it, produce it, perform it and enjoy it are all over the place in their moral, ethical and spiritual pursuits. That’s life. They key is to learn how to navigate successfully through it all.

    Some artists do “feel the spirit”; others do it for a living and manifest none of the characteristics you might associate with someone who supposedly believes the same things you do.

    If you’re not mature enough to go to a concert without wondering if they’re gay or sleeping around or vegetarians or socialists, save yourself the angst and don’t go.

    This site isn’t for the faint of heart. But trust me, it’s only scratching the surface of what’s out there.

  66. used2befanofsgm wrote:

    Maybe I was naive, but I expect people to be what they say they are. Maybe it’s “acts” like I’ve read about here, that make it difficult for legitimate Ministries. I know that people aren’t perfect and there are problems in EVERY field, I just never thought about it being so wide spread in Gospel Ministries. Sorry, that I was so naive. But it does matter to me whether someone is just talking or if they are walking what they talk. It matters a WHOLE LOT! What makes you think I’m just a fan, I could be just new to this “industry” because of marriage or family. Don’t just assume!!

  67. Wade wrote:

    # 64…IrishBud… Yeah how did ya know… Dr. Joe upped my dosage of benzo’s and even helped me get signed up for medical weed!!! It really chills my [Edit] and helps the pressure from my glaucoma. Makes me appear more asian, but slows me down enough to keep from wanting to strangle ppl like CVH does NoN.

    used2be… are you ever moved emotionally by what you see @ The Movies, TV or a Play??? Guess what…those ppl are actors…it’s not real!! If you just married in to the biz…lol… God Bless Ya… you got a rough ride ahead…Did you know WWE was not real???

    May I introduce you to Dr. Joe??? lol :-) ;-)

  68. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    To some of you and the rest of you:

    Food for Thought

  69. Irishlad wrote:

    67. At least Paul had an original thought in his head. Think about that the next time you have that uncontrollable feeling to quote.

  70. 1 old fan wrote:

    used2be - I’m not sure we should be all that surprised when we find out Christian singers “fall short of the glory of God”. What about that bank teller sitting next to you in church, singing “Blessed Assurance” at the top of her lungs? She was out drinking and dancing til 2:00 Sunday morning, but got her make up on in time to make it to church. And the construction worker behind you, raising his hands in glorious praise, while wailing “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me.” Did you know he was sleeping with the accountant on the other side of the aisle. . . the one who gave the emotional display during the choir number?

    Now, I think the pastor and choir director are genuine, but the organist? Not sure.

    And do we quit going to that teller’s bank, because we know she’s a hypocrite? Do we use a different contractor, because we know that worker isn’t living like he professes?

    And should any of this get in the way of our worship? Absolutely not. Jesus addressed this; Paul addressed this. Keep your eyes off people — keep your eyes on God.

    As the old hymn says, “Turn your eyes upon Jesus, . . . and the things of earth will grow strangely dim.”

    Now, do we really need to know what’s going on in these people’s personal lives? Maybe not. But when we do learn bad stuff that’s going on, whether it’s the person sitting near you in church on Sunday morning, or the guy up on stage at a sg concert, it should not make us lose hope in Jesus or the church. But maybe we should pray, not only for that person we’ve heard rumors about (and some of may strictly be rumor), but also for ourselves and others, that we not fall into the same temptations. ‘Cause we’re ALL suseptable!!!

  71. Irishlad wrote:

    Wade bud,my 69 comment was for 68GospelMusicFan,not yourself. Just as well you’re heavily sedated. Lol.

  72. Don wrote:

    1 old fan,

    Would it be different if the pastor of your church was sleeping with your wife, Would you keep on going to the same church and over looking it , or would you think differently and keep on going to him for marriage counseling.

  73. 1 old fan wrote:

    Don, of course it would be different. But none of the people we’ve discussed are our pastors. And they’re not being accused of sleeping with MY wife.

    And we should not hold them in the same regard as a pastor. We are all called by Christ to a standard of holy living. But I think we sometimes lose sight of the fact that the singer on the stage is not our pastor. He/she should not be considered any more of a hypocrite that the worshipper in the pew.

    I sure ain’t gonna cast the first stone!

  74. Wade wrote:

    IrishLaddy… I knew who you were referring to…FOR SOME REASON…lol…my comments are held for review a little longer than most getting them out of order when they finally hit. Especially since Old Harry Peters has not posted in a while.

    I miss Old Harry Peters…he’s not been on here busting a nut for us in a long time… lol..speaking of nuts I miss LeeBob too… Dr. Joe is finally back being RIGHT despite history. Me thinks Dr. Joe could use some SELF medicating!!! But I love him!!!

  75. Carol Y wrote:

    Hear Ron Blackwood is starting a new quartet at the beginning of next year. Anyone heard the rumor. It is to consist of Ron, John Rudapaugh, Trent Adams and Josh Garner, with Joe Cox on the piano.

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