For the curious or those just wanting a distraction from the wait for election returns, here’s a clip of Jason Crabb holding down the center of “Worthy is the Lamb” with the Gaither Vocal Band at a recent Homecoming event (h/t, S).  I kinda had the same reaction as a friend of mine: “mmm…i never woulda thought it before but move in to about 2:26 and tell me guy shouldn’t be concerned.”

PS: If you haven’t already: go vote.

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  1. PS wrote:

    I’m buying it!

  2. Andrew Plesk wrote:

    The whole thing is just a little far fetched to me. Show biz at its best!

  3. Jennifer wrote:

    That was awesome! He rocked it. Does anyone know why Gordon Mote was brought to the piano halfway through the song??

  4. quartet-man wrote:

    He did a great job of filling in.

  5. Jeff wrote:

    Jason is great. I don’t mind him singing until he does the black sound like on the TBN telethon on “Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus”

  6. jon wrote:

    why does guy need to be worried? He’s already made millions….
    They all sound the same to me…nobody has a very distinct voice…except bill, cause he doesnt really sing, he’s just the draw…i wonder what will happen when he passes on…goodbye gvb,ss,randel,etc., they won’t continue to do concerts like this, cause they dont have the star power or marketing genuisness of ole billy boy.

  7. natesings wrote:

    With Guy so heavy in the stacks it’s hard to tell what Jason would sound like blending with the rest of the GVB.

  8. Phil wrote:

    for some reason there is something about Jason i just do not like. I cant explain it…..and he clearly went for the Guy Penrod parody there with the “Worthy, Wooooooortttthhhhyy The Lammmmmb” bit. :S

  9. chuck Stevens wrote:

    Seems they are back to doing shows in the round?

  10. Eric wrote:

    I think Jason would make a nice replacement for Penrod. Guy is one of my favorite singers but, I think it’s time for both he and GVB to do something different.

  11. DJPhil wrote:

    I liked it, now if the guy videotaping it could just get his goofy girlfriend out of the lens…:o)
    I was surprised that Jason did that well, he showed good range on that song, I wonder how long he would last singing it several nights a week. (But he’s still no Guy Penrod…unless Guys voice is gone, never to return…)

  12. Baritone77 wrote:

    Can you say square peg in a round hole??

    I love Jason with the Crabbs and as a soloist but a fit for the GVB he is not.

  13. jbb wrote:

    I don’t think the veins in Jason’s neck could handle it. He makes me hurt when I watch him, but, I do like his voice.

  14. SG Baritone wrote:

    Guy has more important concerns than Jason (or anyone else) taking his place. I was at the Myrtle Beach event last weekend and heard a lot about what he is going through. Don’t look for him to be back anytime soon.

    Jason did a wonderful job and he would be a great addition to the lineup.

  15. Ward Hodges wrote:

    Can someone shed any light on what exactly he is going through? I don’t mean to be too nosey and am not looking for any juiciness…I’m just completely in the dark.

  16. SGFAN65 wrote:

    Yes #14 - Give us a hint of what he is going thru. We have been praying for Him regardless - but of course if there are specific needs or concerns in His life - then we’d like to be specific in that line of prayer. Regardless, While Jason is good - I just don’t see him settling in the position by any means. Wesley Pritchard would make a better fit than Jason. Wesley is an underated talent on the Homecoming tour if you ask me. He can sure sing the pants off some of the others.

    Guy - Our prayers are with you - regardless of what you are going thru. God will certainly honor your Faithfulness to Him. Hold on !

  17. quartet-man wrote:

    I like some roughness in Jason’s voice, but yes there are times he puts a bit too much Louis Armstrong in there. :) He didn’t this time. Jason is great on songs like Please Forgive Me, The Cross, Through The Fire and I’m Amazed.

  18. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #16: You got that right. Wesley Pritchard needs to be singing in a quartet somewhere.
    I wonder how this group would sound:

    Tenor: David Phelps
    Lead: Josh Feemster, Jason Crabb or Wesley Pritchard
    Baritone: Wesley Pritchard or Marshall Hall
    Bass: Gene McDonald or Paul David Kennamer (with less vocal acrobatics)
    Piano: Roy Webb

  19. natesings wrote:

    Personally I’d like to hear how Matt McFarland (Crossway) would sound with the GVB.

  20. sissey wrote:

    I have never been a fan of Jason Crabb but he did a nice job on this song. You can tell that Bill was pleased look at his big smile. I hope Guy will be back soon. May God be with Guy and his family as they go through this storm.

  21. Wade wrote:

    # 14 SG Bari - Yeah come on and give it up?? If you do not want to post it under your ID just do what LeeBob does when he wants to gossip, make up another one!!!

    If you don’t ppl will just think he has the [Edit] Hot Tub Disorder!!

    We would not want that?!?!? lol

  22. Jim E. Davis wrote:

    Very surprised. Didn’t know Jason had this range. He really nailed the final line in GVB style without inserting Crabb family into the mix. Not sure if he has the versatility for all the vocal bands songs but I’m willing to give it a listen. Now I’m really looking forward to the Fresno, CA concert.

  23. Ima Fan wrote:

    Ref. #14 - If that’s the case, what’s the plan for the long haul? Are Jason and David on board? Mark is doing some Christmas shows, but his solo calendar’s looking pretty full otherwise.

  24. Robert wrote:

    As far as this song goes, Jason nailed it. Where is Guy? I guess I’ve been out of the loop for a while because we have been so busy.

  25. Irishlad wrote:

    18-What about Harold Gilley,now there’s a bass singer. Wonder where he is? MH0 is, his impressions were impressive,but,they seemed to undermine his singing somehow.

  26. Eric wrote:

    I think y’all are underestimating Jason. Have you ever tried to sing any of his songs??? They get up there.

  27. Tom K. wrote:

    I was there also and to say “he nailed it” is absolutely true! He was awesome on all the songs but especially what I would expect are the two hardest - “Worthy The Lamb” and “It Is Finished”. As big a fan as I am of Jason, I was totally blown away! For all you naysayers, I am certain that he is not looking for a job as I am sure this is not his calling; however, he could certainly fill this spot and since he had already been booked for the west coast tour, this simply made sense and he is a total “fit”! You bet Bill was impressed - he was laughing and crying at the same time.

  28. 1 old fan wrote:

    We’ve read all this same stuff before, every time there’s been a personel change in one of the top-tier groups. He’s better than that one, or he’d be a better fit, or this one’s my favorite. Opinions are like noses — everybody has one, and it’s right out front for all to see. (There’s another familiar analogy, using another part of the human anatomy, something about opinions stinking, but I’ll keep it clean here.)

    And as for #14’s comment on Guy sharing what he’s going through, and the requests that followed. Pul-eeze!!! If Guy wants us to know what’s going on in his life, he’ll tell us. Specific praying? That’s just an excuse for gossip, and we all know it. We’re as bad here as the old women in my church. We don’t have to know specifics. God knows the specifics, and He’s the only one that really needs to know.

    Let’s all get a life, now that this crazy election’s over. What are the campaign-aholics among us going to do?

    And congratulations to America, for electing it’s first Hawaiian as President.

  29. Dexter wrote:

    It’s called a head tone, and if you’ve been trained you can do it all day long….

  30. Faith wrote:

    I can’t take Jason’s screaming. What’s with the hobo look?

    And Bill Gaither has got to go down in history as the WORST (and highest) bass singer of all time. But I guess it doesn’t matter.

  31. bbq wrote:

    Jason absolutely is a fit for this group, assuming Guy does not come back. What I heard was very good and I was not surprised. Jason can flat sing it! He is one the singers that I respect the most for his vocal ability.

    I want to hear more of this! Anybody have more videos of this concert?

  32. Gaither Secrets wrote:

    I doubt seriously anybody knows the real reason.There have been some unbelievable things BG & The Organization have been able to keep from the general public.I am sure this is no different!

  33. justmy2centsworth wrote:

    It seems rather simple to me what is wrong with Guy Penrod. He has a wife and eight (8) children. A large farm and then he tours with the Gaither Homecoming. I would assume he is JUST TIRED!!!!! Eight children and a wife (Husband) would wear any body down. Don’t you agree?

  34. NonSGfan wrote:

    Since I know you’re ALL missing me SOO bad, I had to chime in on this one.

    1. Jon…none of them have a distinct voice? I dare you to find one person that sounds like Jason Crabb…wait…your time is up..there is none.

    2. speaking of Jasons voice “holding up” night after night. Jason is also a preacher and preaches harder than he sings. Look at his website tour gigs…it is hilarious…he does more gigs than almost anybody i’ve ever seen in the business.

    3. I have said ALL ALONG that Wesley Pritchard needs to be in a quartet. Go back and look at my posts on “beginning of the end”
    I said
    and me….i’m not a bass, so that was a joke.

    ALSO, there is a new Youtube video that is comparing Wes hampton and David phelps thats hilarious :)

  35. Kyle wrote:

    Jason’s sound is very similar to Russ Taff’s - gruff and loud. He also has that strong pentecostal background (although, to his credit, it appeared to be greatly restrained in the clip above).

    You gotta think, the last two long-term lead singers for the GVB were Guy and Mike English. They both were freaks of nature with their range, allowing them to sing just about any part if needed. English was much more of a soulful singer, though, compared to Guy’s straight-ahead country sound. Bill tried that out again with Russ Taff, but it didn’t last too long, and if he wants to continue with the vibe from that new Christmas CD, I don’t think Jason Crabb would be the obvious choice….

  36. quartet-man wrote:

    Guy showed some soul sound on “Count On Me” and occasionally has some of it on songs like The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference and I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary. Granted his style is different and Michael pretty much always had soul sound.

  37. NonSGfan wrote:

    no, there is no comparison. “Gruff and loud” describes millions of singers. You describe their styles, not their voices. Their VOICES have NO similarities.

    Jason can hit any note that he wants at any given time, he has proved that over and over. Russ Taff days with the GVB were some of the best, and that acapella album won them several awards.
    Jason is powerful, blends well (listen to the Crabbs old albums) and PEOPLE ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIM because of his down to earth personality

    I think he’s a fittt

  38. rr wrote:

    #3 (Jennifer) I believe Gordon Mote was brought to the piano to segue to the next segment (the followup with “O Come Let Us Adore Him”).

  39. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #35: I sure hope Gaither doesn’t want to continue in the trend of the GVB’s last two projects (Lovin’ Life and the Christmas one.) Niether of those two projects impressed me in the least. Sure, Lovin’ Life had a couple good songs, but nothing as good as their past material.

  40. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Spelling error: neither

  41. Ron F wrote:

    Come on #14 Please tell us something, if it is another Ray Boltz, or kirk Talley Situation I am going to Jump from the highest building. We Need Guy Penrod in this Industry.

  42. SG Baritone wrote:

    I will not go into details about what I heard regarding Guy. That is his story to tell and I will respect the confidence in which I was told. Sorry.

    As for Jason, his last words to me were something to the effect, “You’ll be seeing more of me.” [insert wink from Jason]

    Take that as you will.

  43. To Ron F wrote:

    YES!!! Its the same as Kirk Talley and Ray Boltz!!

    Thanks for jumping!!! :)

    Ok, I have no clue, but at least we are less one Idiot.

  44. James wrote:

    Wesley Pritchard filled in as lead when Gary Jones and Shane Dunlap left Signature Sound. He was offered the permanent lead singer position with EHSS, but he did not want to be on the road that much.

  45. rr wrote:

    Why come in with an “I know something you don’t know” posting? If Guy’s situation is a private matter, why bring it up here? There is nothing admirable about that. I have more respect for people who mention nothing at all when they have been told something confidential.

  46. rr wrote:

    Wesley is very talented, and extremely versatile. He has filled in for many singers through the years. What a lot of people don’t know is the commitment he has to his church. He has been worship leader there for a number of years, and with his dad nearing retirement, I believe he is preaching some, too.

    Wes has a brother, Byron, who also is a good singer. Byron has a degree in music.

  47. NonSGfan wrote:

    maybe wesley didnt want to get smacked on the rear….haha

  48. KEW wrote:

    rr #45
    Surely you realize that sgm is loaded up with diesel sniffers. No telling where he “heard”, maybe it was at the Cracker Barrel. lol
    A friend would not come here and make that sort of post.

  49. Kyle wrote:

    Oh, knock it off people. If you wanna know, go ask Guy. Otherwise, it’s none of your business. If someone comes on here and says they know why, that should be confirmation that the reason is valid and being dealt with. Why must everyone INSIST on knowing every detail?!

  50. justmy2centsworth wrote:

    #48, There’s an expression that I haven’t heard in a long time. Diesel sniffers. lol Yeah, there are A LOT of them around. Just sniffing up that diesel smell and especially the men who ride on them. lol

  51. gene wrote:

    I don’t think there’s a great deal of diesel fuel being used to fly the private jet that the GVB uses to get to all their dates

  52. 1 old fan wrote:

    Gene — no, but the GVB does ride their bus to and from the airport and arena. They do occaisionally stop at a Cracker Barrell or Waffle House, and and rabid fans know that.

    They do use the busses some on tour, between dates. I think the jet is primarily used at the beginning and end of the weekends, then getting B&G back-and-forth between Alex and Twangtown, and parts unknown.

  53. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    And a lot of other people will be able to get
    Homecoming music in Cracker Barrel Stores this month.

    By the way, Wesley Pritchard has many friends and is devoted and loyal to <ministry and God’s calling

  54. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #46: Didn’t Byron sing in the Christian Brothers?

  55. scope wrote:

    #49 Kyle, get real. Just because I come on here and say I know such and such doesn’t make it true. I’m okay not knowing something until some smart aleck teases with “I know something you don’t.” It’s childish; I know that because my children do it a lot. So SG Baritone, from now on either put up or shut up. Either tell us what you know, or don’t tell us you know it. How simple is that?

  56. natesings wrote:

    #54- Yes. Also if you have Old Friends Quartet’s Feeling Fine CD (the last quartet CD that Jake Hess and George Younce recorded), he sings on It’s Almost Over with Wesley Pritchard, Ernie Haase, and Christian Davis.

  57. Ron F wrote:

    Hey #43 I jumped , and I survived. Wow!!!. So #43 Why dont you go jump now.

  58. NonSGfan wrote:

    I seen Marsh Hall in a Cracker Barrel outside of Nashville, he was very nice and cordial to everybody, and even signed a napkin for a waitress.
    I was impressed.

  59. apathetic wrote:

    #30, Faith…”What’s with the hobo look?” referencing Jason Crabb’s appearance. The “Hobo look” as you put it is called style. It’s called modern. It’s called hip. It is what Southern Gospel needs more of to relate to a younger generation as the traditional fans are dying off (literally). Does his appearance take away from his incredible vocals? Does it take away from the anointing on his ministry? Does it impact his personal relationship with God? Don’t think so.

    As for Jason becoming a permanent feature with the GVB, I don’t see it happening. Jason has a great thing going already as a solo artist. Great band (yes, a live band, real musicians and great ones at that), great ministry. I’d venture to say the busiest artist in the Southern Gospel industry.

  60. Wade wrote:

    # 58…NoN…ok if I bust on ya for having your own reality I have to say that 58 was funny… get 5 minutes together and come Do Chattanooga’s Funniest Human next Sunday Night… I am Producing it… www.thecomedycatch.com

    That goes for anybody that has The Guts to take the MIC and get on stage… Dr. Joe, Old Happy HarryPeters, IrishLaDDY, SGFAN, LeeBoB, DH, CVH and the one with NO [Edit] Johnny Boy.

  61. SG Baritone wrote:

    #55 I did not start the thread - just a contributor like you have tried to be.

    I never came on here with the attitude of “I know something and you don’t”.

    Just be ready for a perminent GVB replacement in the very near future.

  62. LW wrote:

    A dear friend of mine was at this Gaither Event in MB and she indeed said that Jason Crabb brought the house down. Said next to the Isaacs he was the best there.

  63. Richard Beck wrote:

    Dear Gold City fans: GC will be going full-time with their band at the first of the year, more than likely with a new bass player. Consider it a rumor now, but after the first of the year :)

  64. Janet wrote:

    A thought: If Guy is indeed on the verge of leaving the VB, then is it time to start thinking about shutting it down? Bill won’t live forever (and he’s had health issues of his own) & I don’t see how you replace Guy. It was hard enough to replace Mark, then David. Guy has been there for the “glory years” - would it just be downhill from here?
    I’m sure ya’ll have an opinion, so share!

  65. Jake wrote:

    Janet (# 64) — I think there is only one person’s opinion that counts as to if or when to shut down the GVB, and that would be Bill himself. (OK, Gloria might have a little input as well.) The point is, Bill hasn’t asked any of us for our opinion, and I doubt that he will. If he wants to keep singing, I am sure he will find a replacement for Guy if and when he needs it. When Bill has had enough, that is probably when we will be saying Goodbye to the GVB. In the meantime, he has a way of finding talent.

  66. Gene wrote:

    I don’t know why people assume Guy Penrod is leaving the GVB. I mean, if he was leaving, why wouldn’t they just say so? Other people have resigned from the group and it’s continued. I don’t think it would be so difficult to say, “Guy Penrod has left the Gaither Vocal Band.” So, maybe, Guy Penrod is taking a sabbatical. Whatever the reason….maybe they’re saying he’s taking time off because that’s all that is happening…he’s taking time off.

  67. Janet wrote:

    Jake (#65) - Ok, that was a teeny bit snippy. All I meant was - with all of the speculation on here about who was going to be filling Guy’s shoes - that maybe his shoes can’t be filled. That’s all. In the realm of possibility. I, for one, would like to see them go on forever, but that’s unlikely to happen, now isn’t it? I mean, where are the Cathedrals? The Goodmans? The Statesmen? Get my drift?
    Thanks for playing! :D

  68. Irishlad wrote:

    #67. They’re dead,Janet.

  69. Irishlad wrote:

    #67 Was that the right answer?

  70. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Question of the day!
    Why is everyone so quick to shut something down instead building it up?

  71. Bryce wrote:

    GMF, I wonder the same thing when commenters badger the moderator to close a thread.

  72. Janet wrote:

    (deep breath) Here goes:

    Irishlad - LOL!! You win!!

    GospelMusicFan - I wonder the same thing reading stuff on this site. Many, many times. Any artist or group particularly popular & successful seems to be the favorite target. Food for thought.

    Bryce - Huh?

    Finally, I earnestly pray that - whatever Guy is going through - the grace & peace of God is showered upon him & his family. As well as upon all of you. Blessings.

  73. JW wrote:

    I saw the Cathedrals last week. They were great! They opened for Elvis at this little out of the way place. Me and Bigfoot enjoyed it.

    Oh, I know why Penrod is taking time off! Send me $10 and I’ll tell ya!

  74. Bones wrote:

    Jason has been hanging out with the purple wig TOO much. He’ll start crying those fake tears.

  75. quartet-man wrote:

    #73 I am appalled you would state such an outright lie on this board. You couldn’t have seen the Cathedrals last weekend with Elvis. The Cathedrals were with me and they were opening for Buddy Holly who now has a career in Southern Gospel Music. Maybe you saw J.D Sumner and the Stamps with Elvis. :-)

  76. Olan Witt wrote:

    #74 Typical Southern Gospel…..If someone gets too much visibility we must pull them back down. We wouldn’t want national TV exposure, the public might realize this genre exist.
    I promise you if Jason sheds a tear it’s real.

  77. jjack wrote:

    Edit your posts, people!!! It’s “I saw” not “I seen”, it’s “permanent” not “perminent”. Please don’t make it appear that the only people that follow SG are hicks or the uneducated.

    SG Baritone - you’re disgusting. Take your insinuations and go home. We don’t want to play your guessing game. Guy’s business is Guy’s business. Next topic please.

  78. SG Baritone wrote:

    #77 If you will give me your email address I will run all my comments past you for approval.

    Also, thanks for supporting the point I made in #42. I’m glad to see we agree on something.

  79. 1 old fan wrote:

    GMF — Tearing people down is not unique to sgm. It’s something that happens in every walk of life. When I see this going on, I always think of the old psycho-babble book “I’m OK, You’re OK”.

    The philosophy, in a nutshell, is that we are all either ok with ourselves, or not ok. We want to feel ok, so there are basically 2 ways we can make ourselves feel ok:

    1. Find someone else who’s not ok, and bring them up.

    2. Find someone who appears to be a little TOO ok, and bring them down.

    I could expound, but it appears there are a lot of people who choose the latter. They seem to make themselves feel better about themselves by tearing down someone they perceive to be proud of themselves, maybe. If Bill, or Guy, or David, or Mark, or Jason, or Rick (or anyone else) seems to either have it too good, or be more successful, or be too arogant for our taste, we want to knock them down a notch or two.

    Think about it. Not just in sgm, but other people you know at work, church, in traffic, at the grocery store. . .

  80. Irishlad wrote:

    i agree with 77jjack.the grammer on this sights getting worser and worser!

  81. wackythinker wrote:

    I’m with jjack, too. Chekc your splling and gramer before you past. It might make your thaughts clearrer, and yer idias taken more cereablly.

    OOH!!! That last word sound like something W would make up! I now seem presidentially. I may run against SP for prez in 2012.

  82. CYNOTSYF wrote:

    Wackythinker, you never change. Always the same weak off-topic slams on Republicans or GWBush in particular.

    “The man who has no imagination has no wings.” - Muhammad Ali

    You give a whole new meaning to the idea of being “grounded.”

  83. wackythinker wrote:

    CYNOTSYF — Maybe W is just an easy target. Too easy.

  84. wackythinker wrote:

    CYNOTSYF — I might also add that do hold a lot of the conservative values promoted by the Republican. I just don’t happen to like some of the people touting them. It has nothing to do with the party or the platform.

    The comments may be weak and off-topic, but the fun in posting them is getting a rise out of narrow minded people like you, who feel they have to take everything personnally, when it wasn’t directed at you in the first place.


  85. wackythinker wrote:

    Oops! I should have re-read before hitting “post”. Should have read: “I do hold . . . ”

    Weak and off-topic

  86. CYNOTSYF wrote:

    1. Or maybe you’re just a lazy thinker. Too lazy.

    2. That target is shredded. There’s nothing left of it to shoot at. But hey, knock yourself out. At least you’ll crack yourself up.

    Back to Jason Crabb (the point of this blog post):

    He’s exactly what Gaither Vocal Band needs — vocally, spiritually, emotionally, and relationally. I hope they give him the full-time spot, and let God lead Guy in a new direction.

  87. jonathan wrote:


    That was awesome! Jason you did a wonderful job it was truely anointed! :-)

  88. jonathan wrote:

    I love Guys voice as well!!! He is a great Man

  89. Katie bean wrote:

    Jason did a great job! He is one of the best singers of our time… I love his voice, but more than that I see his passion for God!

  90. GaitherFan wrote:

    Why not try putting your post into MS WORD before posting it? Funny thing though, it always tries to change Obama to Osama…

  91. LW wrote:

    Maybe everyone’s grammer isn’t bad, but their typing is. Geez give me a break. You people will argue over anything.

  92. Wade wrote:

    # 91- LW… You are so right!!! Often times here when some one engages and can’t make an arguments on the merit they often result to spell & grammar checking.

    Reminds me of a story that an Attorney friend of mine told me… ” If you have the facts beat on the facts… if you have the law beat on the law… if you have neither…BEAT on THE Table.”

    Their table is …spelling & grammar in an informal setting such as a blog thread!!

  93. dmp wrote:

    I disagree. As an educator, I feel that any argument worth making must be made intelligently. If your post is riddled with typos and mistakes, I find it hard to take you seriously.

  94. Irishlad wrote:

    93dmp. I agree with you. I feel my point is somewhat diluted if it is poorly written.

  95. Jeniboo2 wrote:

    Wow! Jason did an awesome job on that! He has a great voice–very powerful

  96. C wrote:

    I hate to get into the middle of things, but
    cannot let this one pass!
    I cannot tell you how strongly I feel that
    the remarks regarding Guy/Jason are
    TERRIBLY INAPPROPIATE! Guy is going through alot right now, and has NOT announced that he is leaving. Some of the
    above remarks are just inaccusible!
    Jason has a great voice, and I am sure
    he is a fine young man, but he is no
    Guy Penrod!
    Alot of fans are sitting on pins & needles
    right now, and it would be nice for this
    situation to play out before we “bury”
    Guy. Very frustrated!

  97. YES! wrote:

    C, I totally agree with you!!!
    lets pray for Guy, ya’ll!

  98. stunned wrote:

    Go to Gaither.com. I cannot begin to
    explain how I feel.

  99. Robert Wimberley wrote:

    Well boys… Bill has ended all the speculation. GUY IS GONE! Marshall Hall too!…

    Check out this press release on these 2 links.

    Now you have something more to banter about.



  100. Karen wrote:

    Jason Crabb does an awesome job singing, yes, Guy will be hard to replace but I have to say Jason rocks it for the ROCK in the in mean time :)

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