GVB Reunion

A clip from the forthcoming Gaither Vocal Band Reunion. This excerpt is a reprise of GVB’s Classics cover of “Satisfied” (h/t, dd). 

Boy howdy, what a mess. Nevermind that Terry Franklin is conspicuously missing from the tenor spot here (I’ve heard Terry Franklin; Terry Franklin was a favorite of mine … and Wes Hampton is no Terry Franklin … even still Hampton’s voice is one of the least bad aspects of the performance). In fact, judging by the performances that the other former GVB members, Mark Lowry and Michael English, turn in, maybe it’s a good thing Franklin stayed away. Lowry likes to joke about his hyperactive personality, but here he’s left hyperactivity behind and entered some advanced stage of self-induced mania, acting as if he’s trying really, really hard to BE Mark Lowry. But along the way, he seems to forget to sing his lines, which end up being either a vocal afterthought or pure schtick. And English sounds like an overweight, out of shape middle-aged amateur trying to sound like a young Michael English.

It’s not that they ought to be able to sing at 45 or 50 the way they sang at 30 or 35. It’s that they thought it was a good idea to try. The moral of the story: think twice about reunions if all your famous songs rely on extra-tight ensemble work with centers of energy arranged around hyper-gifted vocalists possessed of virtuoso voice control and/or stratospheric range in their musical prime.

On the other hand, the bass playing on the turnaround is masterful … almost makes it worth enduring the vocal catastrophe a second time. Almost.

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  1. Aaron Swain wrote:

    It’s really no wonder Michael English sounds so out of shape here. Drug use destroy’s one’s voice like I don’t know what. This is almost painful to listen to.
    I noticed that “I Bowed On My Knees” is on the tracklist for this video. I can only assume English will be featured. Hoo boy…

  2. Oldtimer wrote:

    Wow. I figured this was quintessential Avery hyperbole - but not so. This is truly a mess. Wes ( of whom I am a fan) seems to be ignorant of the arrangement. English seems uncomfortable at best and just plain inadequate at worst. Lowry seems to be aware of what is falling apart around him and attempting to make up for it by drawing attention away from the trainwreck and onto himself ( something he has never minded doing.) Of course the crowd is filled with people who were paid to be there and who are going to have their turn on the stage so they are predictably faux inspired by the whole thing. Don’t get me wrong - I think sometimes including the mess-ups makes a project like this more enduring. For instance the Kingsmen’s “perfecting the Crown” reunion project was magical, largely beacuse it was off the cuff and filled with those moments. But the GVB ain’t the Kingsmen and one does not expect this from them. If this is the clip that was chosen to hype the upcoming release, it makes me wonder what was left to choose from. But having said all that - I’ll be first in line to get mine.

  3. rr wrote:

    I think they are having a great time. This was not a formal recording session, and there’s no need to pick them apart like that. Yes, they are out of shape vocally. Could that be because they are not on the road constantly using those vocal chords? Does that mean a reunion should never take place? Not at all, in my opinion.

    People have expected way too much from Wes Hampton. I think he’s a good team player, and he’s had to change positions on that team frequently here lately.

    Who is the dude singing the low note?

  4. 1 old fan wrote:

    Oh c’mon. How can you get that much criticism from a junk Youtube clip? Unless your system plays Youtube clips a lot better than mine does (which may or may not be highly possible) I think you’d have to be looking for ugly things to say. Sure English is older and heavier, Mark may not be the same clown he was years ago, and Wes may or may not be the singer Terry was all those years ago, it still looks and sounds like a great time of a bunch of old friends getting together singing (still pretty well) the songs they sang years ago.

    I don’t remember anyone saying about the Gaither videos 10 - 15 years ago “The Cathedrals and Goodmans sure don’t have the chops they used to have”. or “Ben Speer doesn’t sing like he did 40 years ago.”

    No, instead we just enjoyed it for what it was. Why can’t we do the same now?

  5. Grigs wrote:

    What are y’all gripin’ about? I thought it was a foot stompin’, slobber slingin’ humdinger!

  6. AnnD wrote:

    I’d be anxious to know who in the audience was paid to be there :)…..do you know that, Oldtimer? Lordy, I guess my bar is set rather low, but I thought their voices were many cuts above most…and sometimes it isn’t about trying for perfection in these kinds of settings as it is in enjoying that little part of the “journey”. ad

  7. onemadeupmind wrote:

    The guy in the video on the left who sings with a mic (not Bill, but further to the left, kind of off stage) who is that?? He looks like a fellow by the name of Jamie Wilson, but I don’t know for sure.

    Anybody know??

  8. DJPhil wrote:

    Hmmm, when filmimg I thought you could go back and redo it if you FORGOT YOUR WORDS AND DIDN’T KNOW WHERE TO COME IN! Seems to me theres nothing wrong with Michaels voice that a treadmill and 40 less lbs wouldn’t take care of…unless he was lip-synching and it was Buddy Mullins singing that part.

  9. RF wrote:

    Avery may be the only other human alive (besides me) to use the expression “boy howdy.” But I have to agree with most of what he said. Time does awful things to your voice. Some days I’m as good as others and other days, well…Must have been one of those days.

  10. rod wrote:

    Well said rr…Also They sing better than 90% of most SG quartets out on the road and these guys (Bill, Mark, Michael, and Wes) do NOT even sing together on a regular basis…I AM a little bias as GVB has always been one of my favorite groups…However as a singer (pretty good one I might add :)) these guys are still a cut above mistakes and all.

  11. Wade wrote:

    Hi AD and others… if you do not know yet their are many Gaither Haters on the threads. I am sure you are familiar with that since you actually did what so many on here could never do and that is make a living in entertainment…or ministry. Take your pick.

    There are folks on here that just because they were in a group that OPENED for some one and sat on a bus with them are all of a sudden very judgmental about not only the WAY some one sings but the life they live.

    I am sure I’m not telling you any thing you have not experienced. But just in case. It is nice to have some one who ACTUALLY DID IT and does not harshly judge. Thanks…

  12. Chuck Peters wrote:

    I thought it was pretty cool.. I am so glad I am not as smart as the rest of you.. and I can still listen.. and enjoy.

  13. oldtimer wrote:

    #6 - You are right Annd - the “audience was paid to be there” comment was an (apparently) bad attempt at sarcasm. I did not mean that they were paid to be there in the sense that they literally were written checks. What I did mean was that most of the people that I could see in the crowd were performers who have benefitted greatly from appearances on Gaither videos, concerts, etc. In that sense their smiling and enthusiastic faces would seem to portend well for repeat appearances more than faces that would reflect the disappointment that some of us felt when watching. And as such it would seem that enthusiasm would pay better than realism. But that is from someone who admittedly has never had the status or talent to be invited to such an endeavor so if my comments seem a bit bitter and snarky then I would have to plead guilty. I assure you if I had a seat on the set I would turn carthwheels if so needed!

    Thanks for the call to clarification thought. I stand corrected ( and by Annd no less - this has been a good day for an oldtimer!!!)

  14. jmm wrote:

    Wow, I thought this sounded great. I have heard Michael English live since he turned his life around and have all the respect in the world ofr him. He maybe be a bigger guy than he used to be but the guy could still sing anyone in that room under the table. And on a personal note, anyone who dated Naomi Judd is A1 in my books.


    Is that Rod..as in Rod Hamilton?

  15. quartet-man wrote:

    Onemadeup, I presume you are talking about Buddy Mullins. He was the lead singer after Michael English left. He sang with the Mullins prior. The speakers I am listening with aren’t that hot (built in a borrowed monitor), but it sounds like Bill singing the low note (unless someone overdubbed.) Buddy Mullins is singing a sixth, Mark the root, Michael the third and Wes the fifth, with Buddy being the lowest except for Bill of course. That is at least one reason why he would have a mic, to add the fifth part so Bill could do the bass run as on the recording. Sometimes live Bill left out the bass run and sang the sixth as I recall.

  16. Janet wrote:

    Looking forward to the release of this project is making getting through winter a little easier. I loved the clip. Have I heard better? Yes. Have I heard worse? By far. Take it for what it is - a good time.
    My only disappointment: When I saw the song list, I was hoping for the other “Satisfied,” which I dearly love. But, I’ll still take Michael English on a “bad” day over a whole lot of others on their good ones!

  17. Kyle wrote:

    That fifth vocalist was Buddy Mullins. Not sure why he would have a mic except to add a 5th harmony to the end of the song….

  18. rw wrote:

    I thought it sounded fine; things don’t have to be perfect to be enjoyable. I’m anxious to hear the entire project. As for the happy-faced audience — I’d have gladly paid to be part of it.

  19. SG-Yesteryear wrote:

    After a painful second listen, I have to agree, the bass playing was about the only

    I think the phrase “better with age” is
    highly overated for this one!


  20. nashville ear wrote:

    I recently saw Micheal English on TBN attempting to do a live version of “I Bowed on My Knees” - it was painful. I don’t know if he had a cold, or was just awfully out of shape, but he could not hit the notes and you could tell by watching him that he was almost embarassed by the performance. It was so bad that twice he asked the audience to sing along with him and practically stopped singing himself. I think the ‘way’ he sings has taken its toll on him. You can’t strain the voice like that all those years and not do some damage. Plus, the other lifestyle issues have not left him physically strong either.
    As for this clip - with Gaither’s history of editing and polishing the finished product to near perfection it is hard to believe this clip is the finished product. Obviously they intentionally left it “raw” - maybe to try and catch some sort of folksy, casual nostalgia - like they are just a bunch of old friends cutting up and having a good time without trying to sound their best. ?????

  21. Burt wrote:

    Wow, this was pretty painful. Take 2 please.

  22. wanderer wrote:

    I liked it. It may not be as slick as some of GVB stuff from over the years, but I liked it. I’m looking forward to be able to buy the whole thing.

  23. rr wrote:

    I think most of the seasoned performers from years past would be less critical. It’s the “rising stars”, or those who view themselves already as “parallel performers edged out by the success of GVB” that will be most apt to speak unkindly.

    And for those of you who criticize BG so consistently, may I just remind you that he is the glue that has held the group together through all the changes. And he has been a catalyst to reviving the acceptability of SG via television, and also for renewing the careers of a number of performers in their twilight years.

    A wise person once said to me, “Every dog has its day”. If Jesus tarries, the day is coming when each of us will find our talents weakening, but that will not take away the desire to use those gifts. Additionally, if you have friends/fans that have followed you through the years, it will not take away their love for what you do. You just may find yourself the object of a reunion event some day. “Think on these things.” :-)

  24. jbb wrote:

    #14: I don’t mean this sarcastic, but, why does dating Naomi Judd make someone A1??
    I’m sure it’s just your personal opinion, but, that sorta jumped out at me.

  25. reeksofjealousy wrote:

    I guess I am missing something here. Now, I freely admit to ingesting gallons of the Gaither koolaid over the last 25 years of my life. But I guess I am just not seeing a problem with anything I am seeing in this clip. Mark is being Mark…funny, but I can’t remember him ever flubbing his lyrics or forgetting to sing. He was clearly helping Michael come in on a part that was supposed to be a duet with Bill on the first verse. Wes, God bless him as he seems to always get bashed, sang a nice smooth tenor part, very reminiscent of what Terry Franklin used to do. And if there is anyone on the Gaither team that knows the old stuff by heart, it is Wes…as he is probably the biggest fan they ever had. But he has always reminded me of Terry Franklin…the ability to be smooth and pleasing..a perfect harmony quartet tenor. And Michael had complete control of all of the gymnastics he does with his voice. I had the guy at my church about a month ago, and he was singing better than he has in 7-8 years. He is still an amazingly gifted singer whose voice is still better, than most people that step on a SG stage. For people who want “off the cuff” moments and can’t stand stacks and overdubs…here is a video that is raw, and yet still very tight on harmony, along with the flair and excitement of it being the GVB, and people still aren’t pleased. This is just a site full of bitter folks who just like to stir stuff up and find something to complain about. I guess being in a ma and pa local yokel group just isn’t enough for some folks in here!

  26. Burt wrote:

    In defense of Michael, this doesn’t showcase him very well. Mike has always been able to re-invent himself. He’s not the Michael English of 1990 anymore…it’s ok, he still does things his way.

  27. Jeremy F wrote:

    I guess I am in the minority here, but my favorite version of the song is when David, Mark, Guy, and Bill sang it on the “All day singing at the Dome” homecoming. So needless to say I would have liked to see that lineup sing it again!

  28. Don wrote:

    This is for those who like to bash on people and think that they can do a better job. First if you were better than the one you are bashing on, you wouldnt be on here. You would be out in the field proving it. But apparently you are not, so you have to be on here under fake names. You say that Michael cant sing anymore but please tell me who on here is any better? Please let us know so we can get you a contract with someone and you can get on with your pethatic life. Its no wonder that people arent getting saved anymore, because if they did there would be an article on here bashing them. So if this is what christianity is. Leave me out. If I am going to hell then I am going not under false pretense. I would like to know how many ” so called christian on here get up and sing in chirch Sunday Morning about how they love Jesus. I would say about 90 percent of you. But I do applaude some of you who stand for the right. Thank you from a sinner.

  29. art wrote:

    After reading the comments, I had to listen a second time. I feel I’m a somewhat discerning layman as far as SG is concerned, but I enjoyed the clip. Perfect? Probably not. But perfect enough for me to enjoy it.

  30. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    If you really want to hear Mike English bomb a line, watch _Homecoming Picnic_: “Sweetest Song I Know.” I was surprised they included his encore in the final cut.

  31. quartet-man wrote:

    #14, Naomi Judd is the mother and Wyonna is the daughter. They go to church with Michael I think. Naomi was married to Larry Strickland when Michael’s problems happened. Wyonna got pregnant (by someone else) so they were both friends during tought times in their lives. I am not aware that Michael and Wyonna ever dated. They did sing a duet together.

  32. NonSGfan wrote:

    “SatisHHUUUUHfieeed”. Notice that big breath between those phrases. Proof of the fading of Michaels breath control. I also seen that TBN show of bowed on my knees, it was horrible…but I love Mike.
    1. He has killed his voice trying to hit notes to high for him.

    2. Thats some of the best singing from WES i’ve heard, he actually doesnt lose pitch more than twice…

    3. Mark was being goofy from the VERY start, which makes me think he KNEW was coming.

    Its not AWFUL, its just not great.

  33. Marty Funderburk wrote:

    After Avery’s set-up, I braced myself for the worse, but was pleasantly surprised. This performance is what it is…or, at least, what it’s supposed to represent - a bunch of old friends gathering around for an “impromptu” trip down memory lane. There’s no vocal tuning, no fancy digital effects…just raw and unplugged exhuberance. I thought it was great.

  34. avery wrote:

    you suck

  35. Tom K. wrote:

    Since I am a 69 year old “Gaither Junkie”, I have to say I loved it. As mentioned before, some of you would bash anything Gaither does regardless of the outcome. As Janet #16 said above, have I heard better yes, worse yes. JEALOUSY REEKS!!!! Why don’t you cool it a moment and thank Gaither for what he has done for all of SGM and especially the Jakes, Georges, Glens, Rexs, etc. He certainly helped extend their careers and have a great time in their heyday? I just returned from Myrtle Beach and have tickets for Greenville, SC, Gatlinburg, TN, North Charleston, SC and Myrtle Beach again. Can’t wait for the release of this video.

  36. Burt wrote:

    I watched it again and although Doug critiqued English and Lowry pretty hard, Gaither was by far the worst part of that performance. Here’s the original…

  37. davidbmc wrote:

    you’re an idiot. that was great for a live reunion. and english made no mistakes. he did everything he intended to do.

    of course it doesnt mean you have to like it. but i sure was satisfied.

  38. quartet-man wrote:

    Michael English (one of my all-time favorite performers) may not be the vocalist he was in his prime and that might be due to his hard living and putting on weight (something I have known too well) or even due to age, abuse to the voice, or even just a bad day (we all have those), but he still has a good voice and I think “Lord Feed Your Children” that he did on the Homecoming DVD was great and I think he could still do well. At best he might just need to realize his voice is different than it was back then, but he is still one of my favorites and there are songs on his new project that are good and were done well showing he can still do it.

    David Phelps is my favorite GVB tenor overall. Larnelle was great for them in a different way. Same with Jim Murray. There are others I liked too and one I didn’t much care for and another one or two that were okay and had their merits one of which would have done better as a lead. I find Wes to be a cross between Phelps and Franklin. He has a nice sound and like every past and present GVB member has his own merits, style and brings his own combination of things to the table.

    When McSpadden (a great vocalist) left and I heard Lowry (Jubilate ‘88) for the first time sing his leads I was really disappointed. However, Lowry brought his own gifts there and used his strengths and I grew to really, really like him. He helped make a more smooth sound IMHO as well as helped them with their pop sounding stuff too.

    The new Gaither Christmas CD is one of my least favorite GVB projects and I prefer the previous one (although as I recall I don’t like nearly all songs on it either.) The Gaither exclusive track was sort of modern country nearing a barn burner turn into a convention song was really good. Had they done those types of things I would have liked it a lot more. Not that it wasn’t well done, but stylistically it wasn’t my favorite and maybe even song selection in at least part.

    I am a huge GVB fan and have bought every new CD and DVD as they have come out since Wings (I bought the preceding ones first, but after they had already been released for a while because I started listening to them in 1987.) Admittedly I have not bought all of the Homecoming CD’s / DVD’s, but that was due to money and how many were released and not liking some of the stuff on them. Had they been all GVB or add the Cathedrals, Gold City and other groups and solo performers that I like (and there is definitely others I haven’t mentioned), I would have likely done so. There are some real gems on the ones I have mixed in with the stuff I am not so fond of. (Like much of the choir singing.)

    So, I have listened to the GVB for over two decades and they are in my list of favorite groups. As far as men’s quartets are concerned (my favorite type of group), they are in my top six for sure and three of those are no longer performing.

    I have wanted a GVB reunion since it was suggested in an old magazine interview that was likely done in the early nineties. We finally get live instruments, no stacks, no too slick and more raw. Is this performance as well as they did in the day? Of course not. I am still looking forward to seeing and hearing the project, seeing the reunion of people and their pulling out songs from the past, talking with each other and to us, sharing history etc. I am glad Gaither decided to release it early next year instead of nearly a year from now as was originally projected. I would have paid to have been there listening. I wouldn’t have had to be on camera or singing, just listening (even if I had had to be in another room. :))
    Am I disappointed that Franklin, Pierce and Miller weren’t there? Sure, but I am glad they got everyone else. Do I hope that Gaither puts the correct starting date on the video (1980 not 1981 as Gaither himself falsely remembers)? Sure. Will I pre-order it from Gaither.com when available and be waiting with bated breath? Absolutely.

  39. jjack wrote:

    The criticism was over the top. Get over yourselves - they were better than 99.999% of the wanabees touring today. They’re not hitting the road together, they just reunited for one song. I enjoyed it. No, it wasn’t nearly as good as the early years - but I’m not as good as MY early years, either. Are any of YOU?

  40. Connie Siders wrote:

    I am a Michael English fan! I have probably gone to more of his concerts than all of you put together. He is still the best voice out there. Most of those complaining are caught up in perfection of which I thought no one was perfect. You don’t have to be perfect to be entertaining. Michael is the first to admit that he can’t hit the high notes like he used to, however, he is so unique that he can make it sound good no matter what he does. I went to a concert a week ago where the church was packed and he received two standing ovations. That sounds like many other people agree that he is still the best. Michael considers his testimony to be the main reason for his ministry and many of us are thankful for that. Another thing about Michael that many of you might think is unimportant is his humbleness, his devotion to his fans and his sincerity. He stands for over an hour talking to people after concerts….something most new performers don’t do. All these things combined are what make Michael…Michael. His voice is still the best voice God gave to a human being. And as far as the video, I saw it before reading all of this criticism and I also though, did we all watch the same video? I loved it and will also be first to get it. Like some people said earlier…this is a reunion not meant to be perfect but to meet again and have fun. Have any of you complainers gone to a high school reunion lately? If not, go…you won’t complain nearly as much.

    Don’t criticize Michael or you will have to deal with all of his fans. I know I have been a fan for a long time and many people I know have been fans longer than I have. He still packs churches and he can still belt out those power songs so he is doing a whole lot of things right.
    You will find that Michael’s fans are the most loyal fans ever.

    Connie (I’m using my real name)

  41. Burt wrote:

    I’ve watched both this clip and the “original” clip at least 2 dozen times. I believe that Lowry was acting silly because it was part of the “shtick” of that song. We would probably have to see the set-up for the song to understand that though. The two videos are fairly similar…they’re standing in a “round” with English and the tenor playing the straight guys while Mark is acting like……well, Mark!

  42. Irishlad wrote:

    Re: Mr English,what exactly does’hard living’ involve. C’mon all ye who are worldly wise,enlighten me if you please.

  43. quartet-man wrote:

    #42, I don’t know how much you know, but Michael was very forthcoming in his book. As far as hard living that might have affected his voice would be prescription drugs, drinking, not taking care of himself etc.

  44. BobB wrote:

    Somebody must have had second thoughts about releasing this clip as a premiere promo for the upcoming DVD, because it has been taken off You Tube.

  45. Angie M wrote:

    Well, the link took me to a video. Is this not the same one that was up before?
    And here’sa questiontha hasn’t yetbeen addressed, and I think it’s really, really important: Why was “they did, too” changed, to “they were, too” in the chorus? :) I thought I was misremembering, but I checked the older clip someone posted and the lyric was indeed changed.

  46. Momma Lloyd wrote:

    The link didn’t take me any place and I was terribly disappointed. I would have given my eye tooth to have been in that audience and I can’t tell you how excited I am just thinking about when I will receive a dvd of the Reunion.

    You who run down the artists should be ashamed of yourselves. There is great talent there….and y’all probably can’t sing a lick. If you don’t like them, then don’t buy the cd….it’s just that simple. I can’t imagine you wasting your time even talking about them….go out and get a job.

  47. quartet-man wrote:

    The embedding of the video was removed, but you can find it on YouTube.

    As far as the lyric change, I had noticed it too at the time, it might have been nothing more than not remembering the proper word. :-)

  48. arlie petree wrote:

    Please let me say,I appreciate everyone who is doing the work of the Lord.

  49. arlie petree wrote:

    Sorry,I posted before i finished.I also have
    a concern and commitment to use whatever
    means is available,to lift up Jesus in love for
    the sake of the unsaved.Music,being the
    main focus on this site,let me say,we have
    a great oppertunity to show them,Jesus is
    the best thing that ever happened to anyone.Constructive criticism can be a means of improvement,but let the world see
    that we respect one and all.Thank you wade!

  50. mab wrote:

    The criticisms may be technically all that, but when I listen to old friends and family, I am not listening as a professional… I’m listening to them because of who they are and what they have done and what they have meant to me and many others and of course what they have done for the Lord’s work. Of course, I realize it’s business to them, the performers, but its not to me, and if I want to indulge in some nostalgia at the cost of musical perfection, than I’m in.

  51. gaithergirl wrote:

    Different than any of the above comments my concern was w/Guy. He looked very tired and very thin. I hope he is not all, especially in light of the recent retirement from GVB. Am I the only one that noticed?
    I thought he sounded agreat though!

  52. Gaitherfan wrote:

    I agree Gaithergirl. I haven’t watched many of the Homecoming shows since David Phelps left, and I was shocked by Guys appearance. He looked frail and unwell. He looks like he has aged 10 years in the last 3.

  53. Jeff wrote:

    The old statement, “Christians are the only ones who shoot their wounded” has never been more true than the shit I see put out by you so-called music critiques. You guys are the most bitter, unhappy, critical, pieces of garbage that have ever existed. This website would work best if it were shut down. Jealousy is rampant on this website. Obviously there are enough people who like it to put it on the Billboard charts for the last 5 weeks straight. Obviously there are managers and agents and record labels who are in 100% support of this project.
    You should be ashamed of yourself, and how poorly you represent this God you claim to love.

  54. Bart wrote:

    I am surprised at how biting some of these comments are regarding Michael English.
    I remember when I first heard him with the Gaithers, and how much I enjoyed his solo projects. He was then and is now a truely gifted and blessed singer.
    No one here can point to a singer that 20 years later sounds exactly the same as they did when they first started. We all start to miss a step along the way as we grow older. But I was so very pleased as I heard the New Gaither Vocal band sing the other night in concert. How amazing those voices as they blended and sang. I was most pleased to hear how strong Michaels voices sounded, and when he did his solo, he brought the house down.
    Lets be honest here, we all have our favorite singers, we think that some are better than any others. But lets not discount the man that faced his demons head on, worked hard to do exactly what God wanted him to do, and is now sharing thru both song and testimony his journey home.
    I think Michael English has many years of singing and sharing left in him, and he has aged quite nicely. I encourage him to continue to sing, to make that joyful song heard. I for one am very happy to hear him sing once again on stage with Bill and company. Its been way overdue.

  55. Arlie Petree wrote:

    All of my life I have been listening to singers, some I have enjoyed, many I have tolerated. the only song, in the gospel vain that I have been seriously critical of, as far as I recall was, “MAMA WAS AN OLD TIME PREACHER MAN”. Come on, it takes all kinds to make up the world of gospel music. My mother was not a good singer as I recall, however, one night she, sitting in her pew, began to sing,”STAND ON THAT ROCK WHERE MOSES STOOD!” A revival broke out and more than fourty sinners were saved and baptised. I heard it said,” God would just as soon hear a crow sing as a nightingale.” What,s the point in a lot of critizem if God and Christ are lifted up.

  56. Nora van Wyk wrote:

    I saw and heard Michael English for the first time on the Reunion dvd’s and though I have many Homecoming dvd’s bought my first Gaither cd and dvd as a result of him.From now onwards I’ll buy everything that he is involved in. He was asolutely the best on both Reunions.If that is how you sound when you cannot sing anymore, in other words that no one is ( and they are good) comparable to him it just shows that his tremedous talent.

  57. Jorge wrote:

    And Now, a year latter, after the projects REUNITED and BETTER DAY are out i ask myself where are the people who were conmenting on Michael English’s voice, or Mark’s way or even Wess? for some reason they are the best, is not only the way they sing but the way the enjoy together

  58. Frank White wrote:

    The folks criticizing the Gaither reunion must not be very musically astute. I don’t care who or what they say or think they are, they just simply have no idea what they are talking about. Or maybe like an earlier poster said, they are just biased against GVB.

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