Happy Thanksgiving

Consider this your Thanksgiving open thread. See you in a few days.

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  1. Revpaul wrote:

    D. Mounts reports that Dallas Rogers has left Cross4Crowns, being replaced by Matt Felts. Here’s the link:
    Not sure I agree with the statement “Dallas Rogers is an Appalachian tenor in the style of Archie Watkins, while Matt Felts is a power tenor in the style of Ernie Haase.” Dallas like Archie?? You gotta be kidding.

  2. Alan wrote:

    May each of you have the happiest Thanksgiving you’ve ever had. Even with all of our difficulties as a nation and world, we have SO much to be thankful for. Above all, we have our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the peace of God which surpasses all human understanding, and Heaven will be our eternal home!

  3. steven wrote:

    I would agree that dallas could do a great job with the inspiriations. When dallas was with the DE there was rumor that he was going witht he inspiriations a few years back. I read on one of the message boards that dallas is going with the inspirations…of course i take everything with a grain of salt that i read on boards and the like. Dallas is a really nice guy and a great tenor! I’ll be interested to hear cross4crowns with the new tenor.

    Happy thanksgiving to Avery, his staff, and all the contributers here to the comment section!!

  4. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Dallas sounds a great deal like Archie Watkins.

    I disagree with Daniel, though, because it’s the way Archie pronounces his words that makes him a mountain tenor singer. Dallas has a similar tone, but he doesn’t clamp down on his vowels or sound like he’s in a perpetual strain.

  5. scope wrote:

    Saw Cross4Crowns tonight, and Matt was indeed with them. He did a great job.

    It looks as if Dallas is indeed joining the Inspirations in January.

  6. scope wrote:

    Saw Cross4Crowns tonight, and Matt was with them. He did a great job.

    It appears to be true that Dallas is joining the Inspirations in January. At least that was the buzz at the concert.

  7. Nate wrote:

    # 1 Yeah I agree with you Dallas does not really remind me of Archie at all. I have not heard Felts so I can’t comment on that one. Oh well hope you all had a happy thanksgiving.

  8. Irishlad wrote:

    Here’s something for all of you who don’t visit Southern gospel blog,DJM has posted a youtube video of GVB sing O Love with Joel Rutherford from Acoustix. Must say it’s the first time i’ve heard them sing with a bass. Lol.

  9. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    #1 - Guess you haven’t heard the project he did with the Dixie Echoes, Sounds of Sunday. On that project, more than any other he’s been on, he was turned loose to let it rip in a traditional style. His solos, “If We Never Meet Again” and “I Won’t Have to Worry,” were both Inspirations / Archie Watkins classics, and he did them in a fairly comparable style.

    I think his voice has all of Archie Watkins’ good qualities without most or any of the drawbacks.

  10. The #1 Music Man wrote:

    So is Archie leaving the Inspos in Jan? In the post on the SN forums, someone said that Dallas Rogers would be joining the Inspos in Jan. Sounds interesting, if you ask me.

  11. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #10: They said on the SN forums that it’ll be another deal like when Darren Osbourne was tenor for them. Archie will still travel and sing when he’s up to it.

  12. Brett wrote:

    This dude thinks the Crabb Family is too worldy. Yet he only uses one verse and is verbatim on the same points.


  13. Brett wrote:

    The Talleys back in the day with Christmas Music.


  14. Ron F wrote:

    I am glad that Dallas is going to join the Inspirations. Ive been listenng and playing the Inspirations for years and years. I love the guys. but I am ready for a new sound. Dallas Rogers will give us that. My question is this ,,, Will he Stay with the Inspirations??

  15. scope wrote:

    My thought exactly.

  16. c wrote:

    that cat on the crabb family being WORLDLY is jacked up!!

  17. Derek wrote:

    Maybe Dallas has just been waiting for this opportunity to come. Maybe that’s the edxplanation for the short stint with the other groups? I saw him live once with the DE’s and thought he was a good, strong tenor. No screaming, just good quality tenor. Happy Belated Thanksgiving to everyone and an early Merry Chsitmas to all!

  18. Brett wrote:

    I am with you. Speaking of Inspirations, I was watching their 2005 appearance at NQC and I think they need a new sound. All of their songs sound the same. They need more variety.

  19. Andrew S. wrote:

    Yeah, #18-I agree. You can’t keep the same singers for several years and expect to change as each album is released. Aren’t the Inspirations getting a new lead singer in January as well? If so, that’ll be something to look forward to!

  20. Extra Ink wrote:

    Topic change. I love the Whisnants, so this is not a cut on them at all. The cover photo for the Singing News this month left a lot to be desired as far as quality goes. Again, the Whisnants just happened to be the recipients of a less-than-perfect photo shoot. Pick up your copy of the Singing News and take a good look at the cover. All the faces are washed out (too white or bleached out looking) and the people on the edges of the picture are out of focus. The Whisnants deserved better than that, and Singing News should demand better work than that from their photographers.

  21. quartet-man wrote:

    #8, When you said O Love, for some reason I thought of Love of God. I did find them doing O Love That Will Not Let Me Go. :-)


  22. Andrew S. wrote:

    I think the reason for the photo shoots lie in the names of the photographer. Paul Wharton was doing the photo covers until a couple months ago when Kim Lancaster started doing it again. IMO-Paul’s pics were clearer and didn’t have problems w/lighting. But like I said, that’s MY opinion. :D

  23. NonSgfan wrote:

    Okay….I’m back.
    Only for this cause…

    HAS ANYBODY heard Kenny Hinson’s son sing “Call me gone”…His name is Weston…
    Youtube it
    Its reincarnate Kenny. Its fabulous.

    I’m very happy about this.


  24. The #1 Music Man wrote:

    About the Anti-Crabb Family dude…he sounds a little different anyway. B/C he is also against the internet for personal purposes (like e-mail,Facebook,random items) and the “new” calendar (the one we use today). So I couldn’t listen to him for sake of chuckling out loud when I saw his other videos..:L Pretty interesting if you ask me…

  25. Pedantic wrote:

    I also found it interesting that the AntiCrabb has disabled comments on any of his videos. He wants to have his say but is unwilling to listen to anyone telling him what a nutzo he is. Hellllooooo from 6014 or whatever year he thinks we are in!!

  26. Tom wrote:

    #12 (Brett):

    Well, it appears that the Greek Orthodox have their fundamentalists too. As #24 pointed out, this guy sure is “against” a lot of things–especially the “new calendar” (there’s a tempest in a teapot for you, although that debate has occasionally caused some disruptions to the social order in Greece), Roman Catholics, ecumenists, Greek dance festivals, and a whole host of other internal debates within Greek Orthodoxy. What’s next? Complaining about the beer that flows so freely at the Greek fests put on annually by every single Greek Orthodox church?

    This guy certainly does not represent the mainstream of the Eastern Orthodox tradition. Although I can’t name any Eastern Orthodox people in the southern gospel community, there are Eastern Orthodox Christians who are active in the various strands of contemporary Christian music–including rock (the Strawmen–a band closely tied to the 77’s), industrial (Thymikon), and pop rock (David Teems, and Ron Moore–an early Jesus Music artist who is still recording and performing). [See http://saintromanosrecords.com/ for a whole slew of “worldy” Eastern Orthodox pop music.] I would imagine that this YouTube guy’s critique of the Crabb Family could equally be applied to all of the above Eastern Orthodox artists.

    And in that respect he’s not a whole lot different than many of the southern gospel fans who are evangelical fundamentalists and rail on an on (including in the comments on this blog) about one or another tempest in a teapot. I suspect that a good chunk of southern gospel fans would be equally vitriolic in their condemnation of the Eastern Orthodox use of icons in worship.

    What goes around comes around. My Advent prayer would be for a little bit more tolerance for others from all Christians.

  27. quartet-man wrote:

    #12, and he disables comments and ratings. I understand if he thinks he is right, that in his mind if God said it, it is settled. However, God’s word stands up to scrutiny.

  28. wesK wrote:

    The so called guy that thinks he knows the Crabb Family should spend a day with them, he would find more spirituality than he probably has in his little finger. Adam, Aaron, Terah, Jason and Kelly are some of the finest musicians and singers I know of. Granted they have changed their style some, but the word is still the same. To be called a pagan is arrogant and un called for IMO. Also, I agree that the cover of singing news leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to the Whisnants, they do deserve better than what they get most of the time from the industry.

  29. CanadianSGFan wrote:

    Open Thread - Open New Can Of Worms

    Branson Festival - Do we really need another pay to play event like the one that moved from Chattanooga to Gatlinburg? Good grief - it is sad enough to see that the NQC has turned in to a Southern Gospel Flea Market to allow wannabees and neverwillbees set up their junk. Now we have a few more ways for non-pro groups to pay someone to make a small crowd listen to their sub-standard, uninspired, copycat music. The gravy is getting so watery that it pours right off the potatoes and over the edge of the plate!

    I am just waiting for the stone to read. . . SG Music - RIP

  30. Brett wrote:

    # 26 Tom - Thanks for shedding light on the Greek Orthodox. The guy is clearly mislead.

    #28 Wes - ITA. the Crabb family may wear “worldy” clothes but so do I , I get mine from Walmart. LOL. The man clearly doesn’t know them.

  31. Larry wrote:

    #19 said Inspirations may be getting a new lead in Jan. I know Darrin has been filling in on lead, but I never heard what happened to Matt Dibler, or else I missed it along the way.

  32. Richard Beck wrote:

    31…nice try. Just pray for Matt.

  33. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Dedicated to the spirit of the open thread.
    Nothing to say.
    Nothing to respond to.
    Just the way I like it!

  34. Trent H wrote:

    A new Jason Crabb & GVB YouTube clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61WSyMjXEOM

  35. wesK wrote:

    #34 What a powerful version of that song, I have heard Jason and his family do it, and he just as powerful with it. Jason doing what Jason does best, giving the message through song.

  36. Canuk wrote:

    re: #34

    Is it just me hearing the severe mutilation of the last chorus?

    Good grief. Somebody find Guy Penrod.

  37. Trent H wrote:

    I agree. It takes a strong voice to do that song and he does it very well. I think that it’s the first time that I’ve heard him do that song though. I know that I have never seen him in person and left disappointed.

  38. MM wrote:

    Anyone know why EHSS kept the lilkeness of Roy Webb on the cover of the “Family Album”? Here’s the link: http://erniehaase.musiccitynetworks.com/index.htm?inc=80&prod_id=2867&sid=4517
    scroll down to the bottom of the page and you can see the cover. Click on it for a bigger image

  39. jbb wrote:

    Does anyone know yet when or if Guy will return to the GVB?

  40. Non Goodman Fan wrote:

    Ricky is at it again! This was sent to me by a friend who I guess must still pay to be a member of a deceased couple’s website. Pray for the telecommunications! I had to get a tablecloth to blow my nose and wipe my eyes.

    I am working on a way to have what they now have available, a teleconference. This would be something where you can call in and hear me talk & I’ll answer as many questions as possible in about a 30 minute time frame. I am working on just how to set it up and when I get it arranged I’ll be sure to let everyone know!!!!! I promise!!!!!
    It’s late and I’m going to bed now…. the workers just left today from repairing the flooded laundry room & the front hall guest bath. Ok, that will give you an idea just what all has been on my plate besides the ministry things & the weight of the finances…. Like ok, I’m NOT asking for anyone to feel sorry for me…. or send me an offering! I just wanted you to know how to pray in your prayers for us. I tell you this one thing, before I close. I am honored and humbled that you all are my friends and have kept us in your prayers & I promise even though some of you might not think I’m thinking of you, I can tell for sure, I pray for you all & thank God for you all everyday! We are all so blessed to be on this journey together and know that we love you!

  41. Tele_D_Trooth wrote:

    #40…I would be interested to delve deeper into whatever he refers to as a “ministry”….lol

  42. NonSgfan wrote:

    Wow, Jason is spectacular on that song. Whoever says otherwise doesnt know talent…at all.

  43. NonSgfan wrote:

    Also, the main problem with the mess up at the end was NOT jason, it was Bill’s throwing him up there without rehearsal.

  44. Canuk wrote:

    re #43

    That might make sense if you were attempting to explain a monumental screw-up on a new song, but we’ve heard the GVB sing this arrangement for almost 18 years.

    JC certainly seems to know the song well enough to do his best Michael English impression. I’ll have him that.

    Like I said, somebody find Guy Penrod.

  45. Andrew S. wrote:

    #44- I do have to say that we have a lot of Michael English impersonators…including Michael himself… :D lol…he’s not the same as he used to be… :D

  46. NonSgfan wrote:

    I find that humurous, because I dont think jason sounds ONE BIT like michael on that. He may have done some of the same things, but who in their right mind is going to try to “re-do” that song after Mike made it an anthem of Christianity for over a decade.

    Also, the ENTIRE vocal band were the ones that botched that…not just Jason..had it been just Jason, the rest would have continued on and left him behind..they ALL messed it up.

    Also, hearing a song for years and singing it is two totally different things.


  47. reeksofjealousy wrote:

    I saw Michael English last Saturday night on tour with the Casting Crowns Christmas show and let me tell you what, he’s not impersonating the old Michael at all. He WAS the old Michael. It was the best I have heard him in 10 years. He was strong, powerful, and was spot on all night. He was the highlight of the show for me. In fact, the entire show was amazing.

  48. Larry wrote:

    To Richard Beck #32 I have no idea what you’re implying here. I just missed him because I enjoyed his singing and a really nice guy when I met him. Just hoping he wasn’t sick or maybe voice problems because as I said I’ve heard nothing about him. WASN’T TRYING TO DO ANYTHING!

  49. Irishlad wrote:

    Any elephantinesque(huh?) folk out there know anything about Dale Shipley that quintessentant lead late of Perfect Heart? He always struck me as being almost painfully shy thus giving him that overused status of being “underated”.

  50. Irishlad wrote:

    This is old stuff,but,how come the*offical* imperial.com(the young guys) and the offical imperial.us(joe,terry,andrus and gus) don’t appear to have a conflict of intrest. Operating in different markets or what?

  51. Mike McIlwain wrote:

    I don’t think that Gus is still singing with the group. I think that he now sings with the Mike Lefevre Quartet. I wonder who is now singing the tenor part with the Joe, Terry, Andrus Imperials.

  52. Grigs wrote:

    Last time I saw Dale Shipley was on the broadcast of Adrian Rogers’ memorial service. I think I read somewhere that he was a member at Bellevue. BTW, he looked about the same and sounded terrific on “The Anchor Holds”.

  53. Wes wrote:

    #49, Dale Shipley lives here in the Memphis, TN area and is a featured soloist in the Bellevue Baptist Church (formerly pastored by the late Dr. Adrian Rogers) choir. He is still an incredible vocalist.

  54. harmonyrules wrote:

    Caught Legacy Five’s show recently, and as solid as the guys are, they’re just boring. Spice it up a little. I know that they come from the ole-school Cathedrals style of just-stand-there-and-sing…and I’m not implying that they should dance around like EH&SS. However, their leads are just boring…fine but boring. Their ensemble work is solid, but they have do something to spice it up a little. Glenn Dustin, kudos to him though as he has continue to improve since coming on the SG scene almost 10 years ago with L5. He is among the top five bass singers in the industry. Maybe the reason it comes across as boring to me has something to do with the material. There’s nothing wrong with the material itself, but it just doesn’t seem to fit their solo voices well. Find songs that you can sing well and incorporate those. You’re too much of a big-timer in Southern Gospel music to be producing such ordinary work. Do stuff that is more comfortable for Frank so that he can showcase what I feel is a very solid - though not insanely high - tenor voice. It would probably be smart for he and Glenn to do more of the solo work. I like L5, but I want to like them even more. I’m being critical, but it’s because I feel that they’re capable of better. If our top SG artists are settling for solid - yet barely better than mediocre - recordings and performances, then where is the industry actually headed?

  55. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Looks like the thread is still open considering this blogger is extending his Thanksgiving break:

    Finally I found a blog that is similar to this blogger’s mindset coming from the “Christ-like values” point of view.
    The keywords on the logo sounds familiar “Guaranteed to make you think, make you laugh, or make you mad. I’m happy with any of the three.”
    I like this this solicitation for funds…”Help keep HolyCoast.com going. Anger a liberal and donate today!”

  56. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Irishlad: My guess is that the fact they are indeed working in different markets is the reason. My mind is drawing a blank on whether the imperial.us guys were even remotely involved in the lawsuit a while ago or not.
    And just an FYI; Gus Gaches is no longer with the imperial.us guys. He sings with the Mike LeFevre Quartet.

  57. Wade wrote:

    # 40 NoN Goodman Fan - Rick will sooner or later be selling undergarments that is how STRANGE that all is…

    # 46- NoN - I agree and could not stop laughing at the ending. Fun to see you back. CVH says he has been missing you!! LoL;-)

  58. BrianK wrote:


    I knew Dale Shipley when he sang with his mother and stepfather’s group, the Songmasters, along with with Debbie Talley (before she married Roger). I also used to see him at Bellevue Baptist in Memphis when I lived there about 5 years ago. If you search Youtube you can probably find video of him singing “The Anchor Holds” at Bellevue. You’re right - he is a great singer but his lack of “showmanship” probably held him back in SG.

  59. wackythinker wrote:

    MM #38 — Since the cd’s that are included in that offer are old (out-of-print for retail) projects, I’d think it safe to say the “Family Album” book is probably old, too. They’re probably trying to clear them out of Ernie’s garage, to make room for his new Beemer.

  60. Grigs wrote:



    Couldn’t find “The Anchor Holds”, but here’s a Shipley fix for his fans.

  61. Irishlad wrote:

    I would give my right arm to hear more of Chris West . I first spoke with him personally around ‘97 when he was with the Men of Music. In fact he was the youngest and only decent singer in the group. Anything of him is poor quality compared to the Aaron McCune stuff. In racing parlance it would be photo finish between them. I just wish i could hear more of him.

  62. Irishlad wrote:

    Apologies! I meant to say anything on youtube of Chris is poor quality compared to the recent stuff posted of GC featuring ‘Tex’.

  63. Irishlad wrote:

    Thanks Grigs,i really enjoyed those PH clips. Boy, they were the business when they first started off. I remember them being dubbed the”million dollar quartet” then after a few months the backer pulled out and Danny i think took the head staggers and literally jumped off the bus! However,they were a great quartet and Mike Presnell,what a bass,he had real cut to his voice along with a humble attitude. Did Gary Shepherd take Danny’s place?

  64. Grigs wrote:

    I got to hear Chris West in person at a little church with Mercy’s Mark for a 90 minute concert with no other group on the program back in ‘04. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that night and yes, Chris was excellent.

    I hope none of the Roy Pauley wing of the party is around to read the Men Of Music comment. Irishlad might be in trouble if they see that!

  65. Irishlad wrote:

    Thanks Grigs for the PH clips.I remember them starting out,they were dubbed the “million dollar quartet” then their backer pulled out ,Danny threw a wobbler and that was that. However,they had a great sound and Mike Presnell had some cut to his voice,i don’t know if it was an advanced technique of vocal fry like Ken Turner,but boy did he have an incredible range. In closing did Gary Shepherd take Danny’s place?

  66. Irishlad wrote:

    Sorry about posting twice this latest phone is even more difficult to use than the old one!

  67. Irishlad wrote:

    Grigs i’ll be specific and give you my reasons for the comments about Men of Music. The line-up i’m refering to was Bobby Clarke tenor,Buddy Burton lead,the millionaire wannabe baritone owner and Chris on bass. Bobby as good as he was with the Cats in the 60’s had lost it, his tone threw the sound off,too pseudo-operatic. Buddy was out of his range and the owner couldn’t remember his words. Not suprising Chris didn’t hang around too long.

  68. Grigs wrote:

    Danny left Perfect Heart in late summer of ‘94. There were fill ins including Kirk Talley before Shepherd was announced as PH’s tenor on Friday night of NQC ‘94. I was there.

  69. Irishlad wrote:

    Grigs i just hope i haven’t already posted this. I would like to be more specific by throwing some light on my somewhat disparaging remarks about the Men of Music.When they first arrived on the scene at the ‘96 Nqc Cleon Yates threw a (lovely) buffet reception for industry types at the Executive Hotel in Louisville. I was sat next to Jake Hess and had a marvelous chinwag with him. Now to my point: Bobby Clark on tenor firstly messed the blend up completely with his shot, pseudo-operatic tone quality. Buddy Burton being a baritone couldn’t hit the lead notes,and,millionare Mr Yates unfortunately couldn’t buy himself a million dollar voice,several times fluffing his lines. That left the excellent C.West to carry the can,no wonder he didn’t hang around. The following year same place same time only with Mike Bullock on bass they were even worse. There now i think i’ve got myself in enough trouble.

  70. Tony Watson wrote:

    Irishlad - Perfect Heart was certainly the industry “buzz” there for a while around 1990 when they were indeed dubbed the “million dollar quartet”.

    Danny was indeed followed by Gary Sheppard as tenor singer who sang with them until almost the very end. Dale Shipley was replaced by Darren Doyle who had already replaced Mark Lanier. Mark Lanier was replaced by Darren Doyle and then Joseph Smith (then Joey). Presnell was the only bass singer they had and he was the only one left standing at the end. Jeff Stice was there almost until the end until he joined Kingdom Heirs. Aubrey Stephens started out as bass player and was replaced by Robbie Novell. Kevin Metz was brought on as drummer a year or two into it and later was succeeded by Presnell’s son Jonathan.

  71. Andrew S. wrote:

    I was looking at an older “Singing News” sourcebook the other day, and I read the info regarding the Fan Awards winners from 1998. Does anyone have any clue about who the “Florida Melody Boys” were? I’ve never heard of them before…

  72. Grigs wrote:

    Irishlad, I only saw the Men of Music for a 10 minute set at the NQC in the mid 90’s and I honestly can’t remember anything about it. Just saying that the GOGR/RoyPauley types raved about’em. I think they did have an ok radio song or two. At least you got a good meal and a chance to interact with Mr. Hess….lol.

  73. Tony Watson wrote:

    Florida Melody Boys came on the scene fast and left fast. They were a young male quartet that got a bit of attention there but about the time they won the award they kind of disappeared. I don’t remember who the members were except the tenor, Matt Throgmorton. Matt currently sings with an outstanding trio in Illinois called One Voice with my friend Bryan Cowling and a guy named Deon Baker. Check them out at http://www.myspace.com/onevoicesoutherngospel

  74. Revpaul wrote:

    Re #71, the Florida Melody Boys was a young quartet from Monticello, FL who became very popular in the southeast, primarily as the result of being heavily booked by promoter Bill Bailey. The fans loved them and when it was time to vote for Horizon Group of the Year, they won handily with a large southern vote.
    I seem to recall (though I’m not certain of this) that even though they won, they were not scheduled to appear on the main stage at NQC because they were not nationally known, or didn’t have airplay, or something like that. So I think it was Ed O’Neil who gave up some of his time on main stage and called the Florida Melody Boys up on stage to sing.
    The FMB’s are no longer together, but I hear it said regularly here in Florida even today, “I’d love to hear the boys again.”

  75. GD wrote:

    I haven’t heard a lot about Greater Vision’s new cd with their new tenor. I finally purchased it last week. I think the new guy sounds a lot like Chris Allman. On one of the tunes, he even sounds a little like Kirk Talley. Overall, I think the cd is pretty good. I was a little disappointed in the track mix. The quality, in my opinion, was not that great. Anyone else have any thoughts on that??

  76. 1 old fan wrote:

    I have the new Greater Vision cd, and I like it. I think the songs are good, even considering it’s heavy on Rodney’s songs (surprise, surprise).

    Not sure they sound a lot different with new guy. I’ve seen them in concert with him, too, and since his voice is not on the stacks on the older material, they didn’t sound ANY different on those songs.

    I think their existing fan base will like this cd equally as well as the last several.

  77. Bryce wrote:

    I agree with you, GD, about the mix. It’s very different from their previous CDs. Any clue what went awry?

  78. Extra Ink wrote:

    What was the undoing of Perfect Heart? Stice’s departure? They were a fabulous group. What are Presnell, Shepherd, Doyle, and Smith doing nowadays?

    After Funderburke left the Cats, they soared to even greater popularity in the ’90s. I’ve often wondered if Danny’s shins got sore from him kicking himself for leaving since he only stayed with PH for 3 or 4 years.

  79. Here I Am wrote:

    In reference to #40 - what questions would you ask if you had the “awesome opportunity” to talk with Rick G. via telecommunications?

    Mine would be What Ministry?

    Let’s get a list so we can call! lol

  80. scope wrote:

    # 78 It was most certainly not Jeff Stice leaving that spelled the end of Perfect Heart. In fact it was quite the opposite, from what I remember. Everyone baled on Jeff, leaving him to deal with the debts and everything else.

  81. Extra Ink wrote:

    I remember at NQC like a year later there was a reincarnation of Perfect Heart (all new members). Not sure if they ever even put out a recording. Anybody remember that? Did they cut a record?

  82. quartet-man wrote:

    #81 EI, I remember heating (and seeing online) that all new guys started a group with the same name Thy somehow got permission or permi$$ion (I am not sure which), but I don’t think they lasted a real long time.

  83. quartet-man wrote:

    New subject: Why in the world would groups that even have websites insist on using “order forms” to get merchandise? Well, I guess it is probably money, but they could set up a paypal car system or something. Even charge a little more if they had to (if you used it.) I don’t think there is much excuse for that anymore. I detest having to go through the trouble of printing a form, filling it out, filling out a check, mailing them and then waiting forever. I do about all I can online and if I can’t, it often doesn’t get done. This is costing some people some sales.

    There are other problems I will address later, but the above is a pet peeve of mine. SG typically seems to be behind the times, but not having the ability to order and pay from the website these days is pretty sad.

  84. wackythinker wrote:

    Subject change: Whatever happened to Leebob? He hasn’t posted in about 2 months, and he’s no longer on his family group’s website. Did he make any pronouncement that I might have missed?

    Or Lee, are you posting under another alias?

    (That was a stupid question. If you were, you wouldn’t respond. Duh!)

  85. Andrew S. wrote:

    I saw an ad about them in the SN about 6 years ago. I think it mentioned something about a new cd…but never heard any single or other songs from it..

  86. Grigs wrote:

    Re: #81

    I’m thinking it was 2000, maybe ‘01. They did an album of old PH songs, not sure if they did any others.

  87. quartet-man wrote:

    I went to archive.org and found the old site for Perfect Heart (the newer group.) The first entry is August 15, 2001 and the last entry that was for the group and not whoever else took over the site was August 3, 2002.


    Here is a copy of the bio:


  88. sockpuppet wrote:

    #83 q-man,
    if you read some of the horror stories of businesses that have been forced into bankruptcy because of unethical paypal users and refusal by said company to do anything about it, you might go a little easier on those “technologically challenged” groups or websites.
    Paypal can be a nightmare - check it out, just “google” paypal fraud or paypal ripoff and you’ll get an idea of just how messed up your group could be if you trusted the weasels at paypal.

  89. Extra Ink wrote:

    I have been using Paypal for years as an eBay seller and also our singing group uses it to sell CDs from our website. I’ve never had any major problem. I’m glad the service is there. It has been beneficial to my business.

  90. quartet-man wrote:

    #88 Sockpuppet, that might be a point, but taking checks through mail isn’t exactly foolproof either. It would be pretty easy to commit fraud that way too. All they would have to do is wait until the payment cleared into paypal. I have used it as a buyer for about 8 years I think. Even businesses like Wal*mart and several other places accept paypal. Also, paypal isn’t the only way to take cards online. Some groups use that, some use other merchant accounts. The important thing is to offer some sort of online buying that is going to work for the seller and buyer.

  91. jb wrote:

    OK I went to the NQC website and noticed they had posted the new lineup. WHAT A JOKE!!!! The biggest joke is the once again absence of Mike & Kelly Bowling from mainstage. I mean come on folks….. The Roaks, Browders, Diplomats, Hissong, I could go on and on. Who can logically say that anyone is going to buy a ticket to listen to any of those groups.

  92. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    #91 - Actually, the Diplomats will make a difference in my schedule choices.

  93. afan wrote:

    Can somebody enlighten me as far as N’Harmony’s comeback? Is N’Harmony just going to essentially be part-time, only doing select dates on the weekends? I’ve visited the N’Harmony web site several times recently and see no tour dates. They have a big sound. They’re young. They have energy. A lot of people will take notice as far as what they’re doing, but what are they doing?

  94. afan wrote:

    NQC…I just read something over at Burke’s Brainwork about who is and who’s not on the NQC main stage. I will love seeing Ricky Atkinson and Compassion back on the main stage, but how is it that they (who sing together once or twice per month max) get a slot on the main stage? I thought the main stage was reserved for full-time performers. I hope that McDonald is with them for that appearance. Congrats to the Collingsworth Family for getting on the main stage and to HisSong too. HisSong really seems to work hard at what they do. I respect HisSong a lot, but I have to laugh out loud about Chris Unthank saying that they’re the finest live performers in SG music (except for the Dove Brothers and Imperials). Give me a break. What would be the rationale for the Kingsmen only being on the main stage one night? That just seems ludicrous. And why no Mike and Kelly Bowling? They’re not my cup, but when there’s a lot of talk about them not being on the main stage, then they probably should be.

  95. wackythinker wrote:

    afan — #94 — Maybe the Kingsmen only want to spend 1 night at NQC, and spend the rest of the week making money?

    I can’t speak for all the artists you’ve mentioned, and don’t know about the Kingsmen (just speculating), but SOMEtimes there are valid reasons why NQC schedules the way they do.

    Not always, but sometimes.

  96. Jb wrote:

    I just read a press release that said mike & Kelly bowling had the #1 song of 2008. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t be on.

  97. afan wrote:

    Maybe I had forgotten that the Steeles had been a part of the Gaither regime, but I came across this youtube clip. The rest of the homecoming artists seems to be really into it, know the song and enjoy the song. It’s good to see a group that never quite reached that elite level seeming be so appreciated.


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