Reunion nirvana

The Crabb Family (minus Kelly Bowling) is reuniting for a “rare” concert together early next year. Thus the press release, as quoted in this a.m.’s ShowPrep:

Less than a dozen years ago, the Crabb Family took the Christian music industry by storm when they burst onto the scene. Then after a relatively short duration, they retired as the Crabb Family in August 2007, mostly due to the members’ individual passions to extend their ministry into other musical endeavors and directions. Nevertheless, the siblings and extended families remain close-so close, in fact, that they have scheduled this special musical reunion event to be held in Ashland.

I love that “mostly” in the second sentence - so much history submerged beneath such a slight adverb. Indeed, you gotta pity the writer here (and no, I don’t mean for using “less” where “fewer” should have been, though given that the comments threads have recently turned into a grammar police state, I’m sure this wouldn’t have gone unnoticed). The reunion is only momentous if it’s billed as a night that will recapture that old Crabb Family magic - and when it was good, it was really magical. Thus the reminder of not-so-bygone glories.

But now you’ve got to explain why a family of talented musicians in their musical prime would choose to disband and undertake separate careers that have, over the past few years, mostly confirmed that indeed one cannot unbake the cake. Well, whatever the reason, it wasn’t because they didn’t get along or because success caused any dissent or strife … no no no … no ma’am, no way, no siree … The siblings and extended families remain close … so close, in fact, that they have scheduled this special musical event. All together now: Kumbaya my lord … kumbaya

Anyway …  as I’ve said before, we can’t miss them if they won’t go away, but nevertheless this should be a good concert. Seriously. I’ve heard different recombinations of different siblings a few times since The Disbanding, and “retirement” seems to have freed them a bit to come into greater self-possession professionally and stylistically, so that when they return to the more conventional gospel they popularized as a family band, the sound is reinvigorated, somewhat reimagined.

Which is a good thing, not least of all because, given how young they all are, the Crabbs could easily become the first group to periodically reunite over the course of more years than they were actually ever originally together. Deep thoughts.

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  1. RealOne wrote:

    Oh, what a treat that will be. It’s such a relief to know that “the siblings and extended families remain close.” The way it’s worded though, I’m not sure that includes Cathy. Is she gonna be there too? I mean, with no strife and such, I’m just thinkin’ . . .

  2. Dean Adkins wrote:

    And for an extra $20.00….

    “Fans are also invited to an intimate, pre-show dinner and meet-and-greet with the Crabb Family, at Daystar Studios, in Ashland, just five minutes from the Paramount Arts Center. The dinner will include a lovely buffet with drink included.”

  3. ken wrote:

    If you dont want to go dont go,its just an offer to rub elbows with the clan again(for a price) they may need a new bus,however it may be good,be I want to know is why Kelly wont be there and will Guy Penrod make an appearance?

  4. Shane wrote:

    Kelly won’t be there because her and mike are booked. If you had any sense you could go to their website and see that for yourself. I know it kills everyone but there is no story here to tell except that someone needs to learn to write a press release.

  5. wackythinker wrote:

    Shane #4 — “If you had any sense . . .”

    Well, there you go. That little phrase may say it all.

    And I think you’re right. It appears to be a not-well-written press release. Since these reunions seem to happen on a near-monthly basis, it looks like they’re trying to drum up some excitement that may not be warranted.

    And RealOne, what about Gerald? Will he be there, too?

    I will say, at a event I attended in Auguest, where all the siblings showed up (unannounced), Cathy wasn’t there, but her hubby was — cheering the kids on. That led me to believe there may not be much tension between the Cathy and the kids. I think Cathy had a business appointment that kept her from attending.

    It’s all interesting to watch, but maybe less drama now that we assumed a couple of years ago.

  6. wackythinker wrote:

    Oops! I meant August.

    Sorry for the mistype.

  7. Payton wrote:

    I know this has been said many times before regarding The Crabb Family, but I feel the intense need to say it again… How can we miss you when you WON’T GO AWAY????? Apparently it isn’t sinking in with the whole clan and especially Kathy Crabb (who I’m sure is the brainchild behind this reunion). She does her family quite similarly to how Ricky Goodman does the legacy of his late parents…. Trying to squeeze every last dollar they can out of it because they can’t seem to make their own…

  8. Shellye1206 wrote:

    I usually don’t post on this website, I just enjoy reading it mostly. But I feel that the Crabb kids are taking a hit on their character and it’s not justified. The Crabb Family Reunions are usually organized and setup by a promoter, not the Crabb kids themselves…don’t blame them because their audience wants to see them all together in one venue. The promoter is the one trying to make the buck! If you know ANY of these Crabb kids (Jason, Aaron, Adam, Terah, Kelley, their spouses, their kids, their bands & “roadies”), you’d know that their hearts are in ministry not trying to make big bucks! They are all so talented that they could easily make HUGE BUCKS in the contemporary or country genre but they have a calling on their life and they are doing what God has called them to do! People that criticize the Crabbs are those that either don’t know them OR are jealous of them. Neither is acceptable and should be not tolerated! God has called them all into different areas of ministry, including Gerald and Kathy. Quit attacking their character by questioning their motives…??? God has a purpose for all of them and they are doing the best they can within this wicked world we live in. Pray for them - don’t try to tear them down.

  9. Shane wrote:

    Payton, you obviously don’t know what you are talking about concerning kathy which makes you sound stupid. While kathy is involved in all of the kids lives, obviously because she raised all the kids…. She is no longer involved in their music careers. Anyone knows that. And anyone that knows her knows she wouldnt touch a reunion concert this close after retirement She has a successful career in
    real estate. I would get my facts correct
    before speaking.

  10. RLMSU wrote:

    Well, I for one am genuinely excited about witnessing Crabb Reunion next month (I’m getting tickets for Christmas!). I only had the opportunity to see CF once, but since that time, I’ve been following each of their ministries. I have seen Crabb Revival twice (once last month) and am looking forward to the excitement and enthusiasm that they, Aaron and Amanda, and Jason will bring to the stage. It is very apparent that they love the Lord with all of their hearts, and standing with one another on the stage, proclaiming the word of the Lord… I predict the Spirit will be moving in Ashland, and I am looking for great things to happen!

  11. nonSGfan wrote:

    love the crabb’s…nvr wanted them to break up in the first place, but I see what they were attempting,and totally understand.
    Jason is fabulous, not only singing, but preaching as well. He’s a genuine guy.

  12. Phil wrote:

    So Shane #9,

    Are you implying that Kathy is not involved with “Big 10″ Entertainment?

    Talk about getting the fact correct before speaking.

  13. jb wrote:


    Oh trust me I have my facts correct. Again Kathy is in realty in Nashville TN and is happy doing what she is doing.

  14. Shane wrote:

    #12 I’m pretty sure I have my facts right on. LOL you may wanna check yours

  15. Rita Stacy wrote:

    # Shelley 1206!!!!! You go girl, The Crabb
    family does a fantastic concert, I’ve seen
    all of them, since their Explosion concert.
    I saw Jason in Nov. and Gerlad in Dec.
    I would go monthly to see any of them, for
    any price, the blessing you recieve from their
    music doesn’t have a price!
    I pray the Lord keeps his hand of protection
    upon them and keeps them safe in their

  16. hank wrote:

    Blame the booking agency and the promoters. Kathy is not involved in this. If she were there would be a hit song to accompany the tour, 20 cities, and a major marketing campaign in place. I have worked with her and I see her now occasionally. The Crabb Family accompolishments were pretty amazing when they were at their prime. She has been finished for a while. I heard on the radio that she is involved with Century 21. I think the family is intact and happy. I agree with someone who said, there’s no story here.

    They appear to have moved on. Everyone except the booking agency and the promoters.

  17. scope wrote:

    Yes, Kathy and her husband have a very successful real estate business, which is taking up all their time. Kathy has nothing to do with this concert specifically, or the management of any of the kid’s ministries.

  18. blancopantera wrote:

    Hank- “I think the family is intact and happy.” Oh, really? Families split up by divorce are NOT ‘intact’, and probably not happy.

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