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From the ever-reliable CVH:

[The Crabb] ‘reunion’ demonstrates two truths.

First, because audience’s tastes are so easily satiated and because they don’t discriminate between a reunion of significant magnitude and one of trivial importance, they’ll probably fill quite a few seats. And commercially speaking, more power to the Crabbs if they can.

But the second truth is that to call a concert a ‘reunion’ after barely two years cheapens the whole concept and contributes to the entropy that southern gospel music finds itself in. But hey, why maintain a sense of dignity or good taste when you can make a few bucks on an audience that doesn’t care.

The Crabbs remind me of guests at a party who say they simply must leave because they have other pressing matters to attend to…and they say they’re leaving and say they’re leaving and say they’re leaving until…they’re the only ones there and no one cares.

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  1. CG wrote:

    Kind of reminds me of the whimsical Country song title “When You Leave Me Walk Out Backwards So I’ll Think You’re Coming In”.

    Have/did they ever REALLY left/leave?

    Maybe this is really like the old “Dallas” episode: we’re only dreaming. Soon we’ll wake to find that there have been no Crabb reunions (they never answered individual “callings”)…the siblings never parted ways…they still sing Daddy’s songs…Debi never happened…Gerald is still preaching and (occasionally) singing on the same stage with the kids…Kathy never had all the…oh, never mind…guess I really am dreaming.

  2. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Hey, if the Hoppers, Greater Vision Trio, Talley Trio, Booth Brothers or any of my favorite group retired today and have a reunion next week, I be happy to go.
    I like what Bill Gaither, in summary, once said, “it not what is on the wrapper but what is inside the wrapper what really counts.”
    By the way, Gaither Vocal Band had a reunion last summer and Gaither Vocal Band is still going like the energizer battery.
    Bill Gaither is on the right track most of the time during the past forty-five years.
    I do not think we have to worry too much about the Crabb Family having a reunion concert.

  3. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #2: The Gaither Vocal Band doesn’t reunite every 6 months, though.

  4. quartet-man wrote:

    #2 The type of reunion that the GVB had is a reunion of a different sort (like the Cathedrals, Kingsmen etc.) which is get former members together to sing through some of the old stuff in combos that are no more (or sometimes combos that never were.) People started asking Bill to do one in the early nineties as I recall. He said it sounded like a good idea. However, he didn’t do it even when people kept asking. I suspected part of it was the lack of availability of some former members, the fact that he was so busy with the Homecoming things etc. I also thought it might be Michel English’s prblems. Those may well be true, and I imagine at least the first two played a part if nothing else. Bill also was quoted not too long ago as saying that there hadn’t been enough former members to really do a reunion. However now there must be enough alumni (even if 3 didn’t make it.) I also think a couple of other things play a part. (My opinion. I don’t know.) First, a lot of the Homecoming legends are gone. He probably needs something exciting to boost that up again while he continues to try to get more people in those. He might be thinking that eventually he will wind down. Also with the current financial problems perhaps people are more careful in what they buy and this is something they will go for. Maybe he needs to generate excitement for the GVB. I repeat, I don’t know for sure if any or all of these are true or not. Just things I wonder about looking at it from the outside.

    The fact remains that these reunions are different than a group who breaks up and then gets back together again. The latter can be good too, but at least with someone like the Martins, they were apart longer and I don’t know how many they do. I also have no problems with the Crabbs getting back together if they want. If they want to and people are willing to go, more power to them. I guess too it depends on how often they do and how many can go. It would seem that they would be less special if they aren’t apart too long and do them regularly. But, if they are happy, the promoters are happy and the fans are happy and they break no laws or morals they are within their rights. :-)

  5. Faith wrote:

    The Crabbs will never leave; they crave the attention too much.

  6. RF wrote:

    Ho-Hum. It’s nothing new. Gerald Wolfe, Mark Trammel, Ernie Haase, Scott Fowler, and even Danny Funderburke have been doing this for years in the name of the Cathedrals. Fans love it and it makes money. Fans of sg love nothing more than seeing the old guys reunite. This Crabb “reunion” is a little much, though. With fanitical fans (I guess that’s what fans are–fanatics) and a more than loyal following, the Crabbs are doing this, in my opinion) to “test the waters” for getting back together.

    Maybe that’s one of the things sg needs right now because interest may be at an all time low. CD releases seem to be very sparse these days. Maybe it’s the economy. Maybe it’s not.

  7. Wade wrote:

    Oh Sure Dr. DH… snip that part where CVH said he agreed w/ me!!! I see how it is with ya!! lol

    Hope every one is having a Fun FIlled Blessed Christmas Season!!!

  8. Rita Stacy wrote:

    you all sound like sour grapes!!!! all of
    us Crabb FANATICS will be at any concert
    we can get to!!!!! One Crabb, two or 10
    Crabbs, it makes no difference to Us.

    Ps. There are enough BABY CRABBS too
    Be around FOREVER!!!!!!!!! GERALD
    CHRISITANS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. quartet-man wrote:

    #8, Oh come on Rita, their being together doesn’t bother me and I am sure many others. I actually like the group and didn’t want them to break up unless God was leading them in other ways.

    Just because we are discussing their breaking up and then getting back together regularly and in short intervals doesn’t mean we have sour grapes or that it is driving us crazy.

  10. Faith wrote:

    Rita, ever heard of spell-check? Also, try not yelling at all of us. No need to turn militant.

    What, am I not allowed to say what I really think because it is…gasp!…not flattering to the much-revered Crabbs?

    Well, while I am writing, I might as well say a bit more. Honestly, I don’t really need the thrice-married Gerald to write preachy songs for me. Rather than preaching at all of us, perhaps he could spend more time reading his Bible instead.

    Let me say that I do not know the Crabb family personally…and before you freak out on me, also note that none of you do, either. (Of course, now that I have said that, some rabid fan who has attended forty concerts of theirs will answer back and tell me that the Crabbs are the real thing, because one of the roadies shook your hand at concert # 27, and a REAL Crabb signed a CD for your Aunt Matilda at concert # 36. Whatever.)

    I just find it incredible that the two driving forces behind the Crabb Family divorced and remarried in, what, a couple of minutes? I am sure that there was nothing going on before the remarriages, right? Whatever. If any of you believe that, you are bigger fools that I thought.

    So now the kids need to have a reunion? Why? They never left us! They must need the money to keep up those big houses of theirs. I will just home, thanks.

  11. Faith wrote:

    Sorry, I should practice what I preach, right? I meant I will just STAY home, thanks. Okay, Rita, I deserved that, I guess. (blush!)

  12. Shellye1206 wrote:

    Rita Stacy, you & I agree! These people are CRAZY! It’s getting really old talking about the Crabbs are “out for the buck” and whatever sells seats! Just makes my blood boil! Apparently these knuckleheads have never had a conversation with Jason, Adam, Aaron, Kelly, Terah or any of the others…. By Webster’s definition, “Reunion” means ‘to bring together again’. As far as I’m concerned, The Crabbs can have as many “REUNIONS” as they OR the promoters want! Families have reunions ALL the time, several different family reunions every year - why can’t the Crabbs do it? Because it’s very popular and other artists can’t stand it! That’s why - too much jealousy in this business! Last comment: Lay off the Crabbs! and their so-called money-hungry way of ministry. You obviously don’t know who you’re talking about & tearing down.

  13. cynical one wrote:

    Do we not have anything better to argue about?


    I liked it better when we discussed Joel Hemphill’s theology, and such, although talking about multiple marriages and divorces on this thread is kinda interesting, too, albeit old news.

    And it’s been a few weeks since anyone’s been accused of homosexuality here. Can’t we start some juicy rumors or something?

  14. CVH wrote:

    cynical one (#13):

    Let’s see…Joel Hemphill’s questionable theology is about as relevant as his career these days. Nothing there. With the divorce rate among professing evangelicals the same or higher than the general population, those Christians who attempt to moralize to the broader culture have limited credibility. Bummer for the legalists.

    And as far as who’s gay, I say we switch the conversation from focusing on gay men and look at which women in southern gospel are or could be gay. I have a few hunches but sometimes speculation is more titillating, so to speak, than reality.

  15. Rita Stacy wrote:

    Thanks Shellye, guess FAITH DOESN’T live in glass house!
    is annoying — GOOD!!!!!
    WANT THEM!!!!!!
    would you like every move you make to
    be open for judgement, good thing you
    can hide behind a tree. you must have a
    song somewhere Gerald could look at!!!!!!!!

  16. Grave Digger wrote:

    I’ve never claimed to be a Crabb fan . . . wouldn’t go to the next street over to hear them . . . but I had a wonderful conversation with one of their drivers in a motel parking lot a few weeks ago. He was such a fine gentleman. He didn’t know that I knew the Crabbs from Adam and didn’t have anything to prove. However, he had a wonderful Christian spirit and brightened up my day.

  17. Wade wrote:


    Since you ask I heard it about [edit].

    But CVH… Joel does have a charting song with Gold City. You know they had to be beating their head in the wall. Right after they chose “Cast Your Bread…” was when it all hit about Joel and was too late to take all the advance they had done on the single.

    Speaking of Hemphills… but not on the homo front, I have heard for years about a funny rumor involving [edit]!!

    So… CVH…since you brought it up what have YOU heard???

    I have a heard a few others but concerned it would really blow things up on here…

  18. Just4Fun wrote:

    I had the Crabbs once. . . . . Took me 6 months to figure out what that itch was…

  19. Irishlad wrote:

    At the start of this thread Doug said they first jacked it in Aug ‘07. Well now i clearly remember Sept’06(11 months earlier) Nqc on their final set publicly announcing they were disbanding. The stunt they pulled was this: just at the end of the song they asked every one to close their eyes in prayerful supplication. Well with one eye open i watched them put their instruments down and proceeded to disapear,thus giving the impression they had truely ‘left the building’.

  20. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Sounds like some people have their minds made up about their viewpoints even before the cement is pour and dries out enough to carve it into cement.

  21. Tom K. wrote:

    I’m really amazed that you professed Christians continue to vent against two (2) of the most successful gospel ventures - The Gaithers and The Crabb Family. In spite of all your criticism, it appears their popularity with most fans, including me, is in no way diminished. God Bless!

  22. cynical one wrote:

    Irishlad, you weren’t supposed to peek! But I confess, I did too. I think it was an attempt to get off stage without the usual hoopla. I thought it was quite tasteful.

    We could use more tasteful in this business, from time to time.

  23. quartet-man wrote:

    My goodness (goodness is not a replacement for God), why is it that every time someone disagrees with a Christian artist or thinks they could do better they are accused of being hateful, jealous, etc? These people are not perfect, nor should they be given a free ride. Of course there are those who are hateful, jealous, vindictive etc, and should not be, but just because someone is a Christian, in the ministry or popular doesn’t mean they make every right decision or are exempt from someone either disagreeing with them or not liking what they are offering. (Especially if charging money for said product.)

    The GVB is one of my favorite groups. I have listened to them since 1987 and bought all of their recordings. That doesn’t mean that much of the last several years haven’t been as preferable to me as some of the earlier stuff. I love some of the Crabbs music: Please Forgive Me, Through The Fire, and The Cross are excellent. There are others I like as well, but those three are among my favorites.

    I can’t speak for all the people here and whether or not their comments about the Crabbs are made out of disagreeing with what they do, or not liking them. However, not everyone here who comments on what they do is a hater.

  24. Irishlad wrote:

    Cynical one. Re: the ‘06 “departure”,tasteful debatable,a stunt definitely. The dates speak for themselves.

  25. Channing Ford wrote:

    In doing research and googling something about Southern Gospel Music, I always seem to come across this site. This saddens me more than you will ever know. Why? Because it means that if I can be led to it so easily, then it also comes up for others, who may not know anything else about SGM than what they read here. What they find here is not factual information, but criticism and gossip, by some who feel that they know something about the industry. Even more than that, misinformation is given here that could influence finders’ opinions of a genre of music that should be seen in a positive light, as a ministry to win souls. It may also hinder some from ever listening to or appreciating Southern Gospel Music. How sad!

    Since I am here, whether this is where I wanted to be or not, I guess I have a right to also give my opinion. I played the video of Jason Crabb singing “Strange Way to Save the World,” to see just what you had critiqued as problems with his presentation. However, what I found was a very spiritual arrangement by someone who obviously knows how to help his listeners understand the meaning the writer was portraying in the song. He also knows how to present that in a touching way, with feeling, from his heart. It showed me that Jason Crabb knows what he is singing about. I did not find anything to criticize, only praise. And before anyone wonders…no, I am not related to the Crabb Family, nor do I work for them.

    As I read more, I saw how everyone condemned the Crabb Family for their parents’ divorce. Have any of you come from a broken home due to your parents’ decisions, which were beyond your control? Were their choices your fault? How can you blame them for decisions their parents made, which not only hurt them personally, but rocked their ministry as well, at the peak of their career? How can you criticize them, especially when they separated themselves from the mess, and went on to hold their heads up high, and to pursue their individual ministries with grace and dignity.

    Lastly, there is misinformation here about how dates are put together, i.e. Crabb Family reunions. Is anyone familiar with the process? It does not sound like it at all, when you make statements about the Crabbs putting these reunions together. Artists do not usually book themselves when they are signed with a booking agency. The bookings happen between the promoters and the agency. The artists just show up and play where they are booked. That is the whole purpose of having an agency book an artist. It takes all the pressure and work off the artists, so they can do what they do best…use their talents for God, to present songs and minister.

    A smart promoter takes a look at which groups are at the top, go over well in their area, or whom they can afford. Then they put together a concert with those groups, by contacting the agency and making a deposit on the date. A smart promoter may also look at past concert attendance, or even retail sales, which can be found in the Singing News each month, to see who is in demand.

    Now, if I were a smart promoter, I would see that the biggest draw in SGM in the recent past was the Crabb Family, who sold out huge venues…Love them or hate them, you cannot argue with that. Take a look at the facts…

    In looking at retail sales, the Crabb Family over all sold more CD’s than any group in the history of SGM, other than the Gaither Homecoming projects. Their #1 Hits project is still near the top of the sales charts, even though they are not touring to promote it. Even the splinter groups from this family have monopolized the top of the retail sales charts in SG for the last year, or as long as they have had projects out. Go back and check the magazine. So, keeping all that in mind, and knowing that their fan base still longs to see them as a family unit, would it not make sense for a promoter to book these splinter groups, with the opportunity to put them back together at the end of the concert as a family again and satisfy their fans? Would this not possibly sell out a venue and make more money? Promoters may promote for their love of the music, but at the end of the day, do they not need to make money to pay their expenses, and go home with something in their pockets? No matter how you feel about the Crabb Family, their track record proves that the fans love them. A smart promoter would see that and book them together. Crabb Revival alone last year sold out the very venue in Ashland, KY that you are talking about. This same promoter, who saw the interest in this family from the comments at the concert last year, is promoting the concert this year and is a very smart promoter.

    I would highly recommend Psalm 37:14, Psalm 50:23, Philippians 1:27, Ephesians 4:29, Hebrews 13:5, James 3:13, I Peter 1:15, I Peter 3:16, and II Peter 3:11 as good reading for those who want to slam groups like the Crabb Family, Jeff and Sheri Easter and their children, Bill and Gloria Gaither, the Freemans, and on and on. My mother always said, “If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.” I would also highly recommend that you talk to those directly involved in the gospel music industry or do research yourselves, instead of relying on outsiders with very few facts, only opinions.

  26. CVH wrote:


    Yeah, I heard the same thing about L[edit] and C[edit]. Then there’s S[edit] who I didn’t believe when I first heard it but, you never know. Just like J[edit]. Well, can’t say any more, you know those pesky libel lawsuits.

  27. Irishlad wrote:

    As the insightful CVH once commented that this site was not for the faint hearted,so,wise up .The truth shall set you free. Look up who orginally said that and be shocked.(at what he really meant).

  28. CVH wrote:

    Channing (#25),

    You’re incredibly naive. While a newcomer to southern gospel music may initially question the site’s content (especially since most people Google for information on specific songs or artists), the discerning ones will quickly understand its purpose in the greater context of southern gospel music. There are plenty of fluff websites filled with regurgitated press releases, self-congratulatory articles and predictable album reviews that cater to the type of person you seem to represent.

    Your generalizations and accusations are tiresome. Even given the small percentage of misinformation or gossip that may make its way onto a thread, readers will be more informed about the totality of what comprises southern gospel music and its related culture by this site than they ever will sifting through others. To his credit (and unlike other websites) our esteemed host does not act as the ‘thought police’. Are the comments critical? Occasionally, yes. We’re not sitting in Aunt Blabby’s Sunday School class talking about Adam and Eve’s naughty bits. Southern gospel is a business like any other and this is real, unvarnished dialogue. The people who understand that get this site. Those who don’t…well. Just add it to your browser’s blocked sites list along with hemphillheresies.com and southerngospelhotties.com.

  29. Faith wrote:

    Yo, Channing…don’t lecture me about criticizing the Crabb divorce(s).

    Listen, my parents divorced a couple of years ago. I actually encouraged my mother to leave my father, because I was tired of watching him abuse her (and us!) for over twenty-five years. Sometimes the only thing to do is divorce; would you rather someone stay battered forever? I personally do not believe that God wishes that on anyone. So I am certainly not “blaming” the Crabb kids for the parents’ divorce.

    However, when someone is in public ministry, preaching to/at other Christians, I DO expect them to live what they preach. Those in leadership positions are held to a higher standard and will be held accountable for leading others astray. Please note, Gerald is STILL trying to have a “ministry”. So…as far as I am concerned, he can start preaching to the man in his mirror. I do not need or want him telling me how to live a holy life. Do you?

    CVH, that response made for very funny reading!


    Enough said, I suppose.

  30. Joe wrote:

    Channing (#25)- as one who is on his way out from posting here again, I just had to respond to your well-written post, and the obvious concern of your heart.

    You have nailed it about this site. I will be amazed if this post is posted…but this blog has degenerated steadily over the past few years.

    Not only has it become the single most negative board out there, with the criticism of SGM personalities, groups, singers and songs, there is almost never heard an encouraging word.

    I smiled as I saw you list a number of Scripture passages. They are not welcomed here. The Bible is a non-issue on this site. Folks like you and me who cite relevant Bible passages, are labeled “thread-stoppers”, “sanctimonious”, “holier-than-thou”, “judgmental”, and “hypocritical”. Applicable Biblical points, passages, and principles, are not applicable here.

    However, spiritual pygmies like Harry Peters, Wade and Irishlad, some of whom deny the absolute relevance of Scripture, are given almost free reign to say whatever they wish, and chastise ANY who are trying to live godly lives.

    This is why sincere Bible-believing and fundamental conservative Christians such as Alan, Buick, Ben Harris, LeeBob, and many others, will never be back here.

    This site has become pro-homosexual, pro-liberal thinker, and anti-fundamental Christianity. One of the most prolific posters here, Wade, has a MySpace page that glorifies his disgusting lifestyle- among other things, public drinking of vodka while doing his comedy routines, idolizing ungodly and foul-mouthed comedians and making no bones about it, and longing for “girly-girls” with whom he can get naked.

    Yet if you were to disagree with him here, and (perish the thought!) use Scripture to do so, you would immediately be labeled a sanctimonious hypocrite, a Bible-thumping cultist, or worse. I know. Just scroll through the archives, and look for the exchanges he and I have had on these boards.

    Best advice for you, my friend? Stay away. Not only will this site do you no good, it will drag you steadily down.

    2 Timothy 2:19 bluntly states “let everyone who names the Name of Christ depart from iniquity”. Some of us actually take that seriously.

    But many on here thumb their noses at that very thought, much less ignore it as a command from the God they profess to know. And that is why you will never get positively ahead here.

    There’s more iniquity here than meets the eye. That is why departing is not such a bad idea.

    Tom (#21) calls these many here “professed christians”. He is spot on. That is all some are. Many here will say that we are never to judge one another- however, the Bible never says that. We ARE commanded to be fruit-inspectors. And there is a huge amount of rotten fruit at this produce-stand.

  31. Irishlad wrote:

    Yes Dr Joe there’s plenty of fruits about,you got that right. Give me big bad Wade anyday. Also don’t try to Bible quote me into believing someone leading that sort of lifestyle is going to hell,he just happens to be open about it.

  32. Wade wrote:

    LoL;-)) Good ONE dr. joe… :-)))))

    I will have to post that on my blog…

    But I was going through the archives recently, like you mentioned and you been saying for over a year you were out of here!!!

    That is the most obvious proof you are a hypocrite!!!

    Admit it you love it don’t ya??? You can’t stay away!!! We will always know you are there!!! lollol

    So will all the other ppl… LeeBoB checks in at least once a day!!!

    Hi LeeBoB!!! LoL;-)))

    Happy New Years to EVERYBODY!!! Even you dr. joe… No matter what ya say about me… I STILL LOVE YOU BROTHER!!! For REAL!!!

    Still come back and write too… your perspective is fun no matter how screwed up it is… think you been exposed for what ya are!!

    See and Dr. DH even posted it for us all to read. I am the only one that gets [Edit]ed… and I am not complaining about it.

    All other folks that agree with dr. joe write away…please do!!


  33. Rita Stacy wrote:

    # 25 Channing, very well said;FAITH I understand
    what you are saying!!!!!!!!! Keep your nose
    in the air, if you fall in ditch,maybe someone
    will help you out!!

    Good nite Jason
    Good nite Adam
    Good nite Aaron
    Good nite Terah
    Good nite Gerald
    Good nite Debi
    Good nite Kelly & Mike
    See you all soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Faith wrote:

    Goodnight Rita
    Goodnight John-Boy

    Yeah, I love the folks who say that this will be their last post. SURE it will. And they are never reading this blog again!…until they do, and post again after reading someone’s response.

  35. Channing Ford wrote:

    CVH #28…”incredibly naive” ??? Hahaha! Anything but!

  36. CVH wrote:

    Irishlad, Wade:

    Happy New Year my friends. Would that we were at the pub downing a few…enjoy.

  37. Wade wrote:


    Many Happy New Years to you too!!!

    Ole Harry Peters said to tell y’all high… he has a NEW CHURCH where he is the Music Minister. So he has been terribly busy between that, his wine tasting and fonda women chasing, plus ehssq worshipping and looks forward to seeing some of y’all at the choral conference in atlanta next week.

    I was there the night IrishLad and C 1 talked about the way they (CRABBS) left the stage…. what happened was this…they could sing RIGHT up ’til their time was up and if they went into prayerful chillin’ to get the crowd back down for the next group, it does not count against your time. lol

    If they had tried to get off the regular way they would have been delayed past their time and would have been fined.

    I always wondered why they did not fine some of the acts cause they are just bad. But it has been a tough year for inspos, mck’s & those trumpet - sax playing and soprano singer singing out of her range group!! They might not be able to pay the fine.

  38. Guest wrote:

    You are fans of the most dissolving genre of music on earth and you are pulling the walls down on yourself and your favorite genre. This is a “gossip” ring for the personal lives of artists and everyone here eats up any filth talk and garbage that people may or may not make up and write here. That’s all it is.

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