An experience like no other

I don’t want to alarm anyone accustomed to the generally deplorable state of southern gospel online, but the National Quartet Convention has redesigned its website. And it is now abnormally attractive, uncharacteristically intuitive (though beware of getting rabbit holed in the PRODUCT pages, which launch as a separate site with a completely new home base), and comparatively functional on the whole. You know, like what you’d expect from most self-respecting businesses in the world (unless you’re godaddy, and then you will, apparently, take a certain deeper-into-the-wormhole pride in being the most user-unfriendly website about websites in cyberspace).

But don’t worry … judging by the schedule for the 2009 mainstage, NQC has not surrendered its commitment to unbearable imbalances of talent in the evening lineups (a more or less randomly chosen four-set sample from the Friday night concert yields: Couriers, Diplomats, Dove Brothers, Gaither Vocal Band), conspicuous omissions that are either brazenly capricious or stunningly dumb (whither Mike and Kelly Bowling, of the SN’s No. 1 song of the year?), and a generally baffling aversion to innovation, unless it counts as innovative to see just how mediocre you can make the Saturday night concert before the place simply empties out after the Fan Awards. And no, mixing the Perrys and Janet Paschal into the mix doesn’t make up for subjecting us to the Hunters, the Primitives AND the DMB, no matter how good of a storyteller Ed O’Neil is or how many talented singers have left his group to sing with someone else. This does indeed constitute “an experience like no other,” as the new website proclaims, but probably not in the way the PR folks intended.

So don’t let that snazzy new website fool you … NQC promises to be just as uneven, frustrating, vexatious, and flea-markety as ever. Get your tickets today! I already have (seriously).

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  1. Aaron Swain wrote:

    I expect a report on the McKameys/Inspirations showcase! Haha.
    In all seriousness, if I do actually go to that, it’d be for The Inspirations.

  2. Grigs wrote:

    I hope I get back there this year. I missed it really bad, especially the part where I read this blog and wonder if we were at the same concert. LOL or, as they used to say in the Chick comics, HAW HAW HAW!

  3. Mark wrote:

    Since we have most recently been speaking about reunion concerts did any one else notice the “Cathedral” reunion in the showcase section? Why bother when the 2 people who made it so magical can’t be there. I guess it could act as a tribute concert to Glen and George but not really a reunion.

  4. Wayne wrote:

    You wrote, “(a more or less randomly chosen four-set sample from the Friday night concert yields: Couriers, Diplomats, Dove Brothers, Gaither Vocal Band)” - Lineups are always listed on the site in alphabetical order.

    The page for showcases stops after Thursday. I don’t see mention of a Cathedral reunion. Was it under Fri or Sat?

  5. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #3: Same difference as the “Cathedrals Remembered” concerts, I guess. I’m hoping since it is NQC and it’s being called a “reunion” that they’ll go a bit larger-scale and have as many Cathedrals alumni as possible there.
    I heard from someone that they might be taping a video of it as well.

  6. Mark wrote:

    #4:The showcase page goes past Thursday you just have to scroll down on the inner scroll (I’m sure there is a more technical term than that) to see Friday and Saturday. It is at 1:45 to 3:00 on Friday.

    #5:Yes, “Cathedrals Remembered” makes more sense as a descriptor. I just don’t think it is really a reunion without the biggest personas associated with the name. IMHO

  7. NS wrote:

    Can I ask a question WHY do the Pheifers (sp) get three prime nights and the Kingsmen get only one and thats on a Monday. Something is wrong with that picture. But other than that I am looking forward to NQC.

  8. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    #7 - There are factors other than quality and popularity that go into NQC’s decisions. That’s the “why.”

    If popularity was the only factor, groups like EH&SS and GVB would be on main stage every night.

    If quality was the only factor, I can think of several groups that wouldn’t be on main stage at all.

    There’s legacy that factors into the equation.

    There are business deals that factor into the equation.

    I don’t know what the arrangement is between the Pfeifers and NQC, but I agree with the consensus among critics that they’re over-scheduled every year.

  9. jj wrote:

    I am just wondering how the Roarkes got on mainstage. I mean come on they cant carry a tune.

  10. Homer Watson wrote:

    Seriously, why aren’t groups like Mike and Kelly Bowling on main stage? They have a number one song, been together I think at least 2 years, and have a cover on Singing News…what is up? I really don’t care, but it just doesn’t make sense. Kind of reminds me of our Senate…control matters I guess…maybe they aren’t getting pitched by the right people? If I was them, I would be talking to my booking agent/record company or whoever is responsible for the lack of representation…Who does book them? Shame of them whoever it is….On a positive note, I was glad to see that the Roarks were added….me and my wife love Jetta!

  11. JJ wrote:

    I am happy to see Mike & Kelly Bowling got added back to mainstage for Tuesday night!!!

  12. Menendez41 wrote:

    It does my heart good to see the Diplomats on mainstage, and with a prime spot too!! They deserve every minute of being on that lineup.

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