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As promised, here’s the article I recently published that we were discussing earlier (and if you’re a Thought & Action reader just joining us, welcome). I am not unaware of the irony of an article about the internet age having to be scanned from paper and converted into a .pdf in order to appear online. But such is the life lived in the transition between paper and pixels, I suppose, and since a version of that inbetweenness is one main point of the article, perhaps this copier flecked, whopperjawed, low-tech scan is not just ironic, but a little fitting.

Anyway, the usual disclaimers about tuning your ear to the academic frequency and remembering that we get paid by the syllable etc all apply. I always try to pass along copies of my articles to people who show up in the acknowledgments, and this case, that means you. Thanks again. And Happy New Year.

Update: Here’s a much cleaner copy of the essay that’s now available on the journal’s website.

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  1. Wade wrote:

    Great Read… pretty fun to watch some one pull their pants down in a crowd!!!

  2. Kyle wrote:

    I’m not gonna write it, but here’s a hook for an up-and-coming songwriter….

    “From stone tabs to papyrus, His word brought before us/The Bible will live on, from paper to pixels”

  3. RF wrote:

    Fantastic read in a publication I know well. Congratulations. Being a life member of the NEA, I’m pleased.

  4. Revpaul wrote:

    I guess in academia “having to be scanned from paper and converted into a .pdf” is the equivalent to “so just listen to the words, y’all pray for me.”

  5. SG Obzerver wrote:

    Which brings me to my next point…If religion is the opiate of the masses then Southern Gospel is the Red Bull of the handfull.

  6. CVH wrote:

    Gee, and I was hoping for some reference to Harry Peters.

    Well done. Self-revealing and honestly questioning yet with a sense of self assurance and certainty in what you do. Nice job.

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