The Plague

David Bruce Murray flags the typo of the day from Ty Gilpin at Crossroads, who sent out a press release giving the Kingsmen a plague instead of a plaque. I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere about putting the Ty in typo but I’ll leave that aside for now. Instead, let me offer my deep commiseration to Gilpin; in college when I was an editor at the campus newspaper, I once gave the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs a very similar affliction when we ran a photo of him receiving an award commemorated on that wall-mounted token of acknowledgment that is so easily misspelled … and not picked up by spellcheck. But Sandy MacLean forgave me and I’m sure the KM will forgive Gilpin too.

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  1. judi wrote:

    No comment, just a smile… :)

  2. Tony Brown wrote:

    Well, if I gotta have a plague, I guess one of commemoration would be the nicest one to have. LOL

  3. Cliff Cerce wrote:

    I think it’s more forgiving when it is in print (and obviously a typo) than when it is spoken.

    When pastoring a church years ago, I am told (though it can’t really be true) that I actually said while preaching that Jesus climbed up Calvary’s tree (instead of hill - you’ve gotta picture that) and also made reference to Jonah and the “whale of the belly”, instead of the “belly of the whale”. Of course, I doubt that’s true. :)

    But, when announcing a banquet that was to involve the churches within an area or section of the state (the denomination referred to these areas as “Sections” in their language), I referred to the event by the title given to it on the brochure - as a “Sectional Banquet”.

    Several thought I had announced a “Sexual Banquet” and lined up to talk to me about it. (Again, I’m sure they were mistaken). But, I’ll never forget the remark by a thirteen year old girl, who often tried in vain to get her backslidden father to come to church with her. She said, “I could get my father to come to that.”

  4. Mickey Gamble wrote:

    Ty’s newly revised email address:

  5. cynical one wrote:

    Cliff — My brother, who is a pastor, told of a gentleman making a plea regarding inviting friends and family to Sunday School. The genleman stated, “I’m sure you remember the story of James bringing his Peter to Jesus.” Hopefully he meant James’ BROTHER Peter.

    Again, print is different than verbal.

  6. oldtimer wrote:

    Here is my favorite - it occurred at a chruch about 10 miles north of my church. In advertising the menu for the Wednesday night fellowhsip supper the bulletin announced that for the midweek meal the church would be serving “porn and beans.” I understand there was a record sign-up that week.


  7. huked one phoniks wrote:

    How about being at a wedding and during the vow ceremony the minister says to the groom “to love and NUETER you”, the groom actually repeated it! But when the minister said “NEUTER” to the bride, she replied with a stern “love and NURTURE you”. I would take a typo over that any day.

  8. Jes wrote:

    My favorite experiences are:
    1. “I’ve got soap in my hole; and, it burns like fire.” Translated: I’ve got hope in my soul; and, it burns like fire.
    2. “If yall will turn to First Glasses, while I pull out my Peter…”
    3. “The Little Mothers’ Club will meet next Tuesday. Any women wishing to be Little Mothers should meet the pastor, in his study, after service today.”

  9. jbb wrote:

    This is great. Show’s us that we all get a little tongue tied. WE had a pastor one time that was known for getting tongue tied. One Sunday, as he was walking down the isle and really preaching with passion, he stopped at our pew and with earnest said “Jesus was, omni, oh ah omni”..I was thinking don’t say it then right out it came. “Jesus was impotent”. Immediately he said, no he wasn’t. HE was trying to say omnimpotent. Course we were trying to get our composure back and he was trying to continue with the sermon. He decided the sermon was over and looked at a very sweet sainted lady and said “Juanita, will you dismiss us in prayer”. Her name was Lucille.

  10. ty wrote:

    I am glad I could generate so many funny and uncomfortable memories. And I will not use this opportunity to replace memories with a funnier word.
    Blessings and happy typing


  11. ty wrote:

    I cannot type and make a run on sentence work at the same time

  12. Grigs wrote:

    I remember seeing “BRAIN Free and Assurance” listed in the NQC program several years back. I didn’t notice until Kenny Bishop pointed it out while presenting a Singing News Fan Award.

  13. ST wrote:

    I knew a pastor who got new pagers to give to the mothers while their kids were in the nursery. He never could think of the word “pager.” So he announced to the congregation that he had new “Viberators” for all the young mothers.

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