Ron Blackwood

New groupsame-old habit of fleecing people (h/, H).

PS:  it’s worth the free registration at the Mountain Press to read about what Blackwood was up to before forming his new “super” quartet.

PPS: While we’re on this subject, it would be remiss of me not to note this story, which has been making the rounds recently.

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  1. SgDoc wrote:

    While I don’t agree with some things Mr. Blackwood has done. What you’ve just done STINKS!

  2. Rick wrote:

    Re:#1- It does stink. (The thievery, that is.) And whoever is guilty of such shameful behavior should be called to account. Why shouldn’t their actions be brought into the light? Perhaps it will prevent future victims.

  3. truth wrote:

    What STINKS is knowing that this gentleman may prey on other religious old women at the concerts now, and con them in to losing their money as well. I understand things going bad in business, taking a gamble on something and it not panning out, but fraud? Avery has done nothing wrong. I applaud him, in fact, for posting the information. People need to know who they are dealing with, if possible.

  4. Mark Crary wrote:

    Don’t throw Ron under the bus, the newspaper said, Alba Hughes invested $75,000 with the Blackwoods in 1998. The key word is INVESTED, you know going in to it, that you can make money and you can lose money. . . it’s just like WALLSTREET. IF Alba Hughes invested $75,000 in Ford or GM she would have still lost her money and would not have her day in court. The Newspaper said “The Blackwoods said they started performing at Eddie’s Heart and Soul Cafe shortly after accepting the money. According to a transcript of the trial, they told Hughes they spent her money on advertising their appearances at that site. They later told her that the cafe went bankrupt”. A very year there is a new theater opening up and don’t make it, just ask the new Florida Boys. I hope that Ron Blackwoood will appeal to a higher court

  5. Mallory J. wrote:

    perhaps ron has done somethng wrong. WHO ARE WE TO JUDGE? seriously! just because we don’t agree, doesn’t put us in a position to be the judge! also, who’s to say that is he is guilty,that he hasn’t repented and asked for forgiveness? Can our God not forgive? Oh how quick us Christians can turn on a brother, especially one in the Gospel music field.

    I’m sure it will be denied on here, but I have a strong feeling that poster #2 is [edit]. It sounds so much like it would be a former employee that would want to “bring their actions into the light”. Sounds like a good idea… instead of forgiving and forgetting, let’s just put out the word. seriously folks!

  6. John wrote:

    Isn’t this the same Ron Blackwood that spent time in jail for tax evasion, or somethig like that?

  7. Tom K. wrote:

    I’m of the “senior class” so I’ve been around and have seen all the versions of the Blackwoods, including the original Blackwood Brothers. Example of how they operate - went to the breakfast show in Pigeon Forge a couple of years ago and Ron had a 3 CD package that was on special only because the owner was allowing it for a limited time. Transparent marketing - I don’t think so.

  8. DarrenK wrote:

    Unfortunately the Blackwood name has suffered the past 15-20 years because of the “money” talk. Not just Ron but Cecil also. I wouldn’t drive across town to see Ron Blackwood. When I saw the press release for the “Super group” I laughed. Everyone needs to be supporting Jimmy Backwood and “The Blackwood Brothers Quartet”. He has done a great job of rebuilding the family name as only Jimmy could do. It’s called integrity.

  9. Steve wrote:

    My advice to Josh Garner: RUN!!!

  10. NG wrote:

    The Appeal Court’s decision on this case is online at

  11. AggiebassinTx wrote:

    James Blackwood would roll over in his grave (again). James was a man of integrity and taught his sons well. Yes, Ron was in “prison ministry”. J.D. was there to pick Ron up at the bus stop when he was released. J.D. was the one who had a huge heart and was compassionate beyond belief. I HOPE Ron can keep it “above board”. James was one fine man. May the family name be restored, not ruined.

  12. Faith wrote:

    “Oh, Christians are so quick to turn in a brother!” Sigh. Eyelash flutter. Another sad sigh.

    I would bet, Mallory J., that if you were fleeced for $75K, you would want the perp brought to justice, n’est-ce pas? And I would also bet that if the person who did it to you was someone in your own church, you would make sure that everyone else in the church KNEW about it.

    And if you say that you wouldn’t, then you’re a liar.

  13. Not Likely wrote:

    Re:#8 - I agree that the Blackwood name has been hurt. However, from what I know about Jimmy Blackwood’s past, integrity is far from the word I’d use to describe men like him.

    Integrity? No. You really have NO idea.

  14. Mark Crary wrote:

    One thing I have learned in life, that no matter how flat the pancake. . . it still has two sides.

    And the second thing I’ve learned is, you must look BEYOND the article that was written by someone who only wants to sell newspapers and not PRINT all the truth,

    I wished the newspaper had taken the time to interview Ron Blackwood and get both sides of the story. Ron is part of one of the biggest names in gospel music, The Blackwood’s, he’s a Southern Gospel Music Singer and a part of the Christian community. So before we judge him maybe we should try to get all the facts. Did anybody call or e-mail Ron today and ask him his side of the story ? God knows that Ron is not perfect and nor am I or you for that matter.

    But we must keep working heard and praying for each other.

  15. AnnD wrote:

    Not agreeing at all with what Ron has done (and I’ve known him and the Blackwood family for 50 plus years), I fail to see why this would be rehashed here. It’s not been hidden…it was “out there” while all of the proceedings were going on. None of us like to think we’ve been duped, but my goodness gracious!!! Would you want Jesus to bring your past up again and again? I just don’t think He does it that way, and I, for one, am eternally grateful!!! I have to say (and I’m waaay too quick sometimes to “call it the way I see it”), I’m thankful God doesn’t judge me this way. And that’s not overlooking sin, either. ad

  16. Steve wrote:

    To # 14

    The pancake does have 2 sides. The court looked at both sides and said “this is as close to flim flam as I have ever seen and also that Ron Blackwood was “absolutely unequivocally unbelievable.”

    You stated “before we judge him we should get all the facts.” That’s what the court did. Read the Judgement.

  17. Just_Pete wrote:

    For what it’s worth, I was at Eddie’s Heart & Soul many times before the Blackwoods came about. It was a great place to eat and to hear good music.

    I was there one night when “out of the blue” R.W and Donna Blackwood, who were there, got up to sing. About a year or so later the Blackwoods were signed on to sing there on regularly. I called, being a fan and inquired if it was really was the Blackwood Brothers thinking that was what I seen on the sign.
    The man on the phone identified himself as Ron Blackwood and got very nasty with me. He said I am a Blackwood and I own the rights to use the name. I honestly was taken back by his tone and response and I told him so. My call was just to see if it was the “Blackwoods” or if it was someone using the name of a “star” as often is the case in the Pigeon Forge area. (ie: The Partons are performing tonight. Yes it is the Partons but the 5th cousin of Dolly twice removed type of thing).

    So when Mr. Ron answered me like that I let him know I was not questioning his ownership, only if it was the actual Blackwoods that I had enjoyed from the Gaiter videos. He said he just had so many people quesiton the use of the name and was tired of it. Needless to say it left a bad taste in my mouth and I never once went back to Eddie’s to eat because of it.

    Over the years they have preformed at Eddie’s, then for a short time they were at Louise Mandrell or the Alabama Theater for about a year and then more recently have been at the Black Bear. It’s like they move around town so much that you know they are always there just not sure where.

    All I know is that I had one conversation with Ron Blackwood…one too many that I will not forget.

  18. gina wrote:

    Back in the early 1990’s, a local promoter in my area announced a concert featuring the Chandlers (who were going pretty strong at the time), another big named group that I can’t recall, and a local group. The night of the event, the only performers there were the local group. The promoter sat down on stage and gave a sob story about how the Chandlers had demanded so much more money at the last minute, blah, blah, blah, and he couldn’t afford them. I think he blamed a medical condition for the other group not appearing. Because I heard several conflicting reports, I contacted the Chandlers personally to make them aware of the situation and they were devastated. Obviously, they never agreed to appear in the first place and planned to look into their options. Of course I never heard anything else about it, and didn’t really expect I would. I thought this was an isolated event at the time, but sadly, this practice seems more prevalent than most people think. It’s a shame.

  19. truth wrote:

    Are we not to abide by the laws of the land? I could understand doing wrong, maybe out of a mistake or mishaps, but to continue on and on? Are we not to repent and turn from our evil ways? Go and read the court documents. The Judge called him a flim-flam. These are not just rumors, but facts of events that are current. Do I pray for Ron? Sure. Do I pray for the guys on the road, that they may know the truth, and make wise decisions about this? Yes. Do I pray for all the poor old ladies that will get approached about money for an investment in a super group? You betcha!
    Yes we all have pasts, and most of us would love to not have them brought up. But this man is in the public eye, promoting himself and the group to the Christian world. I know if I were a pastor, or a concert promotor, I would want to protect my people from a “flim-flam” coming in and swindling/fleecing/frauding my folks out of their money just to support a “super-group” that really isn’t all that “super” anyhow. I doubt those gentlemen would even see the money anyhow. I pray they see the truth here and as poster #9 says: RUN!!!!

  20. BaritoneBob wrote:

    Ron Blackwood has already been involved in more than one episode of criminal activity and has spent time in prison for part of the activity. At this point how could a reasonable person trust him?

  21. marie hardy wrote:

    From the quotes of the judge, we don’t have to throw stones. The Judge already came to her decision. She termed Ron “absolutely unequivocally unbelievable”. That’s one of the most declarative definitions I have ever read of a defendant in a lawsuit. There is no tinge of doubt in her decision. I’d say Ron and Shelly are guilty of scamming this poor lady out of $75k plus interest. Since he has served time in prison already for mail fraud, I think it was, I would give her the benefit of any doubt you might have of Ron’s guilt.

  22. Videoguy wrote:

    It was interesting to see Fowler v. Happy Goodman Family used as a legal precedent of promissory fraud.

  23. MM wrote:

    What I don’t understand is why Doug is so willing to expose the “sin/crime” of Ron Blackwood but refuses to even approve my comments (on another thread) about Judson Horner’s gay dating site profile. I’m not “outing” anybody. It’s there for all the world to see. It’s Doug’s blog and he can pick and choose the sins he exposes. But it sure makes me wonder what he’s so afraid of.

  24. marie hardy wrote:

    #13 NOT LIKELY, I have heard the same sordid, frightening stories to which you refer from very reliable sources.

  25. jbb wrote:

    Who is Judson Horner?

  26. marie hardy wrote:

    jbb, he’s little jack’s brother.

  27. MM wrote:

    Re: #26 marie hardy

    I just sprayed coffee all over my keypad…laughing hysterically.

    “little jack’s brother”

    Hilariously brilliant!

  28. Steve wrote:

    Judson Horner was with Naomi and the Segos.

  29. Real One wrote:

    Little Jack said “What a good boy am I.” Judson, on the other hand . . .

  30. rr wrote:

    marie hardy, you’re a breath of fresh air to us. :-)

  31. jbb wrote:

    Sorry I asked!!!!

  32. Gloria Baxter wrote:

    It seems to me that there are several issues here being treated as one. There is a difference between personal opinion and legal decisions. The article was about a legal decision in a court case, not about sin and forgiveness. Being a Christian does not guarantee sinless behavior or integrity in business operation. No one is without sin in his or her past. Having a sinful past does not keep one from conducting areas of their life above legal reproach. A sinner can operate with integrity in certain areas of their lives as well as a Christian can do wrong things in their life. I’m sure we would all rather be judged on our current behavior rather than past mistakes.

  33. truth wrote:

    This is current behavior. He was caught and is now in trouble. It’s not his first time. He was in prison before, for fraud. Now he conned another woman, and has been found guilty of it, and he lost his appeal to overturn it. This man would never be allowed in my church or concerts. EVER!

  34. Debbie & Delbert wrote:

    Okay folks…………enough is enough. We have spent a lot of time with Ron and Shelley Blackwood. We also spent a lot of time with J.D. Sumner. He was a fine and very intelligent man and he knew people when others didn’t. The Bible (hope some of you know what that is) says he who is without sin cast the first stone. We believe in Ron and Shelley and know that he would not have intentionally frauded anyone. An investment is an INVESTMENT!!! You either make money or you lose it. Just ask the people on Wall Street and everyone who lost their retirement monies. We really are sickened that part of his family have turned against him. But that does not suprise us. From some of the comments on this blog, some of you do not know the actual facts of Ron’s past. Until you do, DO NOT spread lies. The Bible says you must forgive seven times seventy to be forgiven. Guess what, you folks are in trouble.

  35. wackythinker wrote:

    Debbie & Delbert - Madoff’s ponzie scheme was just a series of “investments”, too. But if it’s illegal, it’s illegal. And apparently the Blackwoods’ judge (who doesn’t have to follow the “without sin” rule) says it’s illegal.

  36. truth wrote:

    Debbie n Delbert, we aren’t judging him. The court judge did that for us. Guess he’s conned you too! Everyone knows the truth about Ron, so this is really no surprise, just more proof to what everyone already knows. He’s a joke, save for two members in his group, the rest of them are a joke as well. Super group? Ha! It people like you, Debbie n Delbert that fall for his mess day in and day out. Take your blinders off and see the truth.

  37. Debbie & Delbert wrote:

    Well……….we don’t have blinders on. What kind of people are we. Do you know us?? Or do you just think you know everything??? If it weren’t for the fact of possibly getting ourselves sued, we could tell you lots and lots of things on a lot of the groups out there today. We went on tours with J.D. Sumner and the Stamps, Delbert was J.D.’s business manager for a while, and we stayed in J.D.’s home many times. There are things that go on behind stage that you would be sick to find out about. So if you want to talk about jokes, look around at some of the other groups. I wonder if we opened the book on everybody’s past, how many people have not had something in their past that would have embarrassed them. Ron is not out there “fleecing” old women. Family money talks in some of the “best” courts in this country!!!!! There have been many judges rule for the good ole boy or family friends. Many judges error in their rulings too. But, I don’t suppose you’ll believe that either. It seems all you want to do is crucify Ron. Hmmm….were you the one on the cross?????

  38. marie hardy wrote:

    Debbie and Delbert, I wasn’t at the trial. Were you? I did read the transcript and I know the judge who heard both sides made what was a definitive statement in her judgment. Ron Blackwood was “absolutely unequivocally unbelievable”. The supposition that all of us would do the same thing, like fleecing the elderly of their hard-earned money if given the chance, is just indefensible. All of have sinned and we pay for those sins. The judge ruled that Ron defrauded this woman. It’s not the first time for him. He was jailed years ago for fraud
    so he has a track record. Those of us who sin hopefully learn from those mistakes and don’t repeat them time after time. Yes, God is merciful and will forgive but the judge said that wasn’t enough! Ron and Shelley should pay this lady. She deserves to get her mother’s money back.

  39. Bones wrote:

    All this is new? It’s history repeating its self. JD loved Ron like a son. I guess because of his father. Promotors have learned from the best!

  40. heyhey wrote:

    Hey hey got some news. the piano player and the bass singer are leaving at the same time. Them two should start their own group since they leave and go together. Can’t seem to stay with any group long.

  41. iluvgospel wrote:

    News FLASH! The bass singer is back with Ron and the piano player has worked a very long notice and left to become a music minister. Why do all of you pitiful people delight in tearing a brother down? Surely there is something very wrong about this. Shame on you all. Good things are going to happen for Ron and his group. You watch. God is going to bless him. A Very Fine Line is WAY OUT OF LINE! Leave the gossip to the pagans. What have you become with all your backbiting and failure to speak the truth IN LOVE?
    You should be proud..Gospel music has its very own tabloid. Tearing town brothers and sisters and throwing stones at those who slip & fall. BRAVO!

  42. iluvgospel wrote:

    Yeah, I know there is a type-o in the above message, I was just so upset when I saw the horrible things people who claim to be Christians are writing about a brother. What if I were a lost person who stumbled across this website? Would I want to have any part of this? Let’s be about building one another up. Perfect? No. Seeking grace? Every day. Even Ron.

  43. momof3 wrote:

    Did you know their bass singer totally wrecked the group he was with back home…Dear friends and very kind people that treated him like a son…but he is determined to be the best…better than anyone…..PRIDE COMETH BEFORE A FALL TRENT!

  44. everynoteHisglory wrote:

    Why is this article being brought up now? Didn’t this happen in 89?????

  45. Carol Echols wrote:

    One thing that I have learned in my 60 years on this earth, is that people are human. Sometimes they make mistakes, sometimes they make bad choices, even preachers and gospel singers. I’m just glad that God’s grace will always be greater than sin, and when He forgives, He forgets. He is the God of second and, yes even third chances.

  46. Eldon Wright wrote:

    To All Responding about RB, PLEASE pay close attention. God requires certain conditions to be met before He forgives our sins. #1 admit we are sinners, #2 acknowledge that Christ paid our sin debt,
    #3 repent of our sins, #4 ask for forgiveness, #5 profess His salvation, and #6 TURN FROM THE SIN. RB has neither admitted any wrong, repented of his thefts (that is exactly what it is because he DECEIVED the ones from whom he took money) nor turned away from his stealing. In the 50+ years I have known him he has NEVER admitted doing anything wrong. Therefore, because none of us are bigger than God, how can we forgive without even the minimun requirements God Himself requires?

  47. S.M.Billy wrote:

    Does anyone know where Ron is now? I really need to get in touch with him to give him a gift.

  48. crime_buster wrote:

    Ron is still up to his old tricks!! He hasn’t changed at all. That is why his past keeps surfacing.

  49. waco wrote:

    ron blackwood is in waco texas

  50. Osie Jackson wrote:

    I have known James, Cecil, Ron, & R.W. for 34years. People who put them down do not know the whole story. I was with Ron when he had to go to jail, & I know the true story on that. J. D. & I both stood up for him then and still stand behind him. Bottom line was Ron was the fall guy, & the truth will never be known because the other person went into federal protection act & moved away, changed his name, occupation etc. One thing this man was not in gospel music. So lay off of Ron & give him a chance. I for one am not perfect, we have all done things we regreted later. Jesus is the perfect man, not any of us.

  51. Charlie wrote:

    A woman, a crowd of accusers, a message scrawled in the dirt by our Savior, a stone… I worked for Ron, Shelly, R.W. and Donna years ago. I was a Bible college graduate, working in the radio broadcasts of Southern Gospel when I met them. Many of you knew and know him for much longer than my few years, but there has never been a more giving, loving family. I don’t know what has been “the scoop” since we had parted ways, but I know first hand that the Lord has used each of them mightily. I have spoken after concerts, on the phone, in follow ups, the whole gamout, and the Holy Spirit has used them to build up my Lord’s kingdom. I am reminded of the adage, when an accusatory finger points to another, four fingers are pointing right back at us.
    Perhaps a judge has ruled against him in this case. Our Bible is chock full of God’s chosen in tight places, whether justified or not. Please remember, though, that even in those storms, God is still with us, and will use the situation for His own glory. Job’s friends tried to get him to repent, to mend his ways in his suffering, didn’t they? Even his wife told him to eat worms and die! Yet, their finiteness was incorrectly directed toward him.
    Legalism is holding many of you captive in your stance toward Ron and Shelly. If an investment was made, it was an investment not in Ron, but in God’s work, I would hope. And as such, it will not return back to this person/persons void. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills!!! If it were not made to honor our Father, then it too was made incorrectly, and for wrong reasons. God gives us a spirit of discernment, encouraging us to rely on Him to guide us in our decisions. The problem lies not in Ron, but in the church, the pastor and spiritual leaders, and the training and teaching done within it’s community of believers.
    You see, Satan is trying to use the legalistic beliefs of many of you, and has used those same narrow minded, judgemental views from many others to destroy the work of Ron and Shelly for the Lord. God is going to once more grab hold of the situation, and thwart the attemps of the enemy. I am thankful that God doesn’t give up on us, UNCONDITIONALLY extending His love to us, not on our own merit, but just because. Isn’t that what we are instructed too? To love as God loves us? Don’t throw out Ron with the dirty bath water! Each of you may be in the same tub with him…sort of like sawing off the branch you are sitting on… Instead of condemnation, they need support, encouragement, prayer…
    No, I didn’t have the priviledge of knowing them very long before I left to return to NY state, but my soul was impacted through them for the Lord. I lift up my eyes to Jesus inpraise for having known them. Jesus had enemeies. Not every one gets along with you, nor me. That’s life. But Paul shook the dust off his feet when encountered with opposition. Perhaps that’s what some of you need to do, or agree to disagree, as again Paul did with Mark in his missionary endeavors.
    Enough rambling…Bottom line… a well worn cliche from the past comes back to mind. Seriously consider WWJD… what would Jesus do? “Father forgive them for they know not what they do!” Intercessory prayer exemplified by our Lord ON THE CROSS!!! Were they asking for it, as someone in this blog wrote against Ron? Naw, but Jesus stepped right up and did it anyway. What would Jesus do? Stop throwing the knives at a man serving the Lord, and seek forgiveness yourselves for not loving and supporting your brother in the Lord during this time.
    Nuff said.

  52. Charlie wrote:

    Oh, and Mr. Wright, please get your facts straight concerning God’s forgiveness. We have a well known hymn titled JESUS PAID IT ALL. Once we accept Him as Savior, our sins are ALL forgiven. We are set free from ALL CONDEMNATION forever through the blood of Christ. IF not the case, why did He die in the first place? He would have to do it all over again, every single day of your life, and mine. The words are beautiful…

    Jesus paid it all…all to Him I owe! Sin had left a crimson stain, He washed it white as snow!

    Again, a legalistic, do this or don’t receive that stance that our churches have driven deep into the crevices of our souls, but an untruth regarding God’s marvelous grace. The unpardonable sin is not of lack of confession, but lack of belief in God’s provision for our sin in the person of His only son, Jesus Christ. And when we reach that point of belief, the unpardonable is removed from us, never more to seperate us from His unconditional love.

    Hope this causes a deeper searching in your own heart, and that Jesus through the Holy Spirit brings you into the Father’s arms once more.

  53. bertswan wrote:

    we have all sinned and come short of the glory of god not one os perfect and im going to see the blackwood quartet on the 21 0f jan in arkansa

  54. gene wrote:

    The Blackwood name was tarnished all the way back to James he asked me to promote his concert promising to pay me for the money I was out….he paid with a tax write off

  55. Edward wrote:

    Ron Blackwood: I owned The Ambassadors Quartet and we had a contract to sing in a Pigeon Forge Theater. I was at JD Sumners House at Echota where Ron had a booking office after he got out of prison. Somehow, he saw our contract and undercut us and beat us out of our deal. This was the theater that was beside the Elvis Memories Theater. Ron didn’t last there long and has been moving about ruining venue after venue for Gospel Singers.

  56. BringingLight wrote:

    To Momof3 (43).

    You are unbelievable! To twist a forum to speak untruths about a young boy. If you really knew the guy — not just as a business investment or personal commodity — you’d know he is a very humble guy and has a pure heart for ministry. Look at how the Lord is blessing his life now — and it doesn’t even require the fame and fortune that SO MANY groups are looking to achieve. That kid was proverbially raped by the people that sought to exploit his young gifts. Were you also one of those???

    If you KNEW the things that were happening on the bus and the incredibly perverted/pornographic comments that were being made, you’d be appalled.

    No, I’m not a supporter of RB…. anyone with discernment can see past the smoke and mirrors!

  57. Michael wrote:

    I have dealt with Ron Blackwood for several months now as a promoter. In fact, I have signed contracts on my desk that will be scanned and emailed back to Ron today, that will provide the groups for my 2013 quarterly events.

    Ron has been above board…there has been no smoke and mirrors. I am very happy to work with him.

    One of the first times I spoke to Ron, he brought up the IRS situation. He was very open and honest, very detailed. What I felt from him that day was very sincere. I knew about it, yet he brought it up! Didn’t hide one thing. It isn’t just words of repentance…it was the real deal.

    I can not speak to what has gone on before. I do know that there a lot of folks in a great deal many fields that have made mistakes. I really thought it was the job of God’s people to restore.

  58. Daniel Childs wrote:

    Just wanted to comment…

    No one has a perfect past. My cousin Ron Blackwood may have had his share of ups and certainly downs, but I assure you he is a good man. I visited with Ron recently in Texas, and can tell that he is living a life that is in close relationship with the Lord. He gave me some Godly advice and some career guidance.

    Ron Blackwood is a genius booking agent, concert promoter, and artist manager. I have respect for anyone who is great at what they do.

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