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I’ll be traveling most of this week so posting will be light. Talk amongst yourselves. In case you need some kindling:

  • A friend of mine in the industry texted me this the other night: “So…is EHSSQ the next casulty of Gaither’s ax of reinvention? just go tour with his new formed boy band?i mean when Bill is done with you…He’s done. Since he’s swinging… after all he has a pattern that would make me nervous if I were eh.”
  • The Bowlings are auditioning for a tenor singer (h/t, J).
  • Something called GospelMusicTimes is now has been up and going for some time now.

See in you a week or so.

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  1. AnnD wrote:

    Maybe I don’t understand the blogging world very well, but I just don’t understand (regardless of the subject) how it’s ever appropriate to post something that a friend said they had an idea about concerning a person’s character. I’m referring to the comment “when Bill’s done with you he’s done with you”…as if it were a proven fact rather than heresay concerning an opinion. That’s ridiculous with so many things that ARE obviously true to talk about…or give an opinion about.
    Ok…that’s the “10cents worth” of what I thought when I read that “kindling”. ad

  2. Brad wrote:

    So does anyone know the real/whole story behind Guy’s deal? It’s more than just a sabbatical, I know that. I was at Liberty at the same time he was there. He’s a great guy (No pun intended) and I just hate to see things like this. There has to be more to the story.

  3. Bill Johnson wrote:

    I have been reading the Gospel Music Times for close to a year now and enjoy it a lot. They seem to be one of the few sites that aren’t afraid to tell things the way they are and aren’t worried about stepping on a few toes in the process. Not as polished as some online publications but very well done never the less

  4. rr wrote:

    Gaither is a good man. Could we please stop crucifying him on here? Most of you who print those hateful things are just envious because you’re not in his inner circle, I would guess.

    The man is brilliant, and he has used his smarts to help SG music regain attention. As far as I am concerned, he has the right to hire whom he may wish.

  5. Wade wrote:

    Ann…what are some topics you would like to discuss???

    Tell us some funny stuff that went on in the 70’s. I am sure you have some great stories.

    Like were the Rev. & Mrs. Mull as frisky w/ each other as I have heard???

    Who were the best & worst promoters to work with???

    Who were the best & worst artist to have to perform on the same show with???

    You have to have some road stories???

    As Hot as you are why have you not gotten remarried!! From some of the messages you have received here seems you would have some suitors??

    How long did Dickie Mathews play for y’all???

    That should get ya going???

  6. Gayla wrote:

    Since this is an open thread I thought I would post this. I went to see Ron Blackwood’s new Blackwood Quartet last night in Garland, TX. I must say I was “compressed” (my family’s word for impressed.)! Of course, John Rulapaugh and Josh Garner are two of my favorite vocalists, and, I believe, two of the best. They sang “straight ahead” driving Quartet songs without loud stacks and tracks, and they were also able to do slow touching ballads. Trent, the young bass singer, and Joe (I think that is his name) on the piano both did an admirable job. Ron did an great job of being an approrpriate emcee without talking too much. The baritone, Tracy, filled in his part adequately. The blend was suprisingly good for a group that has been together such a short time. We truly enjoyed our evening and hope to hear this Quartet many more times. They will be going on the Jubilee Cruise with us next week. Highlights to me were: John doing “Hide Thou Me”; Josh doing “For God so Loved”; and the Quartet’s “Statesmen like” arrangement of my favorite hymn “When the Morning Comes”.

  7. Jake wrote:

    What’s interesting in all the discussion about Gaither is that so many things are being said based on assumptions. Does anyone here have the real, true, unadulterated story of what really happened with the GVB? Unless someone has the inside information, then all we are doing here is spreading rumor, gossip, and inuendo, which may in fact be false, but in the process damaging innocent people’s resputations.

    Does anyone know why Guy “really” left? Is it possible after 14 years he was just burned out? (Mark Lowry has as much as stated that was why he left the first time after 13 years.) And does anyone “know” with absolute certainly that Marshall is being pushed out? Is there any possibility he is leaving of his own desire or need?

    If any of you have genuine “inside” information that you have been given permission to share, please do so. Otherwise, it would be wise for eveyone else to keep their ignorant opinions to themselves. This blog is quickly becoming the SG equivalent of the National Enquirer. And Doug, that ain’t no compliment!

  8. AnnD wrote:

    Hey Wade,

    I’m gettin’ emails telling me not to respond to your questions…..they don’t seem to like ‘em :)….I’m thinkin’ about it

  9. DMP wrote:

    The Penrod situation is odd. Everything about it suggests that it was not necessarily an issue concerning him (not a Ray Boltz situation) so much as someone near to him. That said, we know quite a bit without actually being in the inner circle. Last year, the big news was that Penrod was recording a solo album, an album we never saw. A few years before that, I read an interview with him where he was quoted as saying that he had no desire to record a solo album because it would require him to be on the road more supporting it. I think it is very probable that his family was against the idea of him recording a solo album which would take him away even more, and he took some time to think about what he should do. That said, it doesn’t explain the secrecy. There has to be more…

  10. cynical one wrote:

    Ann, you could, in clear conscience, respond to the first half of some of those questions: the best promoters and artists you’ve worked with, without saying anything negative about the ones who were less-than-desirable to work with/around. And I’ll bet you’ve got some very funny and heart-warming stories from the road, too. Maybe you should consider writing a book. I’d buy it, even (or especially) if it were all positive.

  11. quartet-man wrote:

    I got my pre-order of the Gaither Vocal Band Reunion DVD;s yesterday. I will try to comment later. There was humor sprinkled in, it was cool to see the hearts of some of the guys and further see Michael English’s transformation (I “saw” a lot in his book). I do want to say that when people watch them, be sure and hang in there past the credits. There is a funny moment with Lowry and Gaither.

  12. MP wrote:

    If the Bowlings can wait a few more weeks Wes Hampton should be available :-)

  13. Dean Adkins wrote:

    Re #10…
    Ann’s website indicates that she has a book to published soon…”Skidmarks on the Road of Life”.

  14. RF wrote:

    #7 Jake - remember this is a blog and is owned by Mr. Harrison. You do not have to agree with him. It is your right to misinterpret everything he says, though. I would suggest not reading here if it is so bad it seems like the National Enquirer to you. You have a right to not read the National Enquirer or this blog.

  15. quartet-man wrote:

    Here is most of a post I made on the Oaks board about the GVB reunion set I got yesterday.

    I watched the DVD’s and took down some notes. Although I am guilty at times of analyzing these things when I watch them, this was different in stopping to type or typing during it. So, after doing that, I watched them again about as uninterrupted as I could to try to get more into them as a whole. I will likely comment more later but here it is.

    I don’t want to give too much away to those who are getting copies. I will try to be more general in some areas.

    One comment I want to make is that it is so cool to hear about or see God work in some of these lives. Mark Lowry, Steve Green, Jon Mohr, and Michael English in particular. It seems pretty obvious that Michael had been broken and remolded. His impromptu verse on “I’m Free” that Bill called out was far from technically perfect (it’s hard to sing when you are crying), but it seemed obvious he had lived and was living the words “I’m free from the guilt that I carried from the dull, empty life I’m set free. For when I met Jesus He made me complete. He forget the foolish man I used to be.” The version of the song with Mullins, Hampton, Lowry and Gaither and then Michael coming in on the encore and Michael sharing afterward was a high point where I feel the Spirit hit. Another high point was Bill calling another quartet that had not worked together to sing He Touched Me (Phelps, Mullins, Hall and Young) was very good. Gaither was loving it and showed it. Young, Hall, Mullins and a tenor could easily form their own group. Phelps or Hampton could do it, but they are with the Vocal Band now. Of course there are several former members who could do their own groups. Guy would be a great addition to a group. He can sing any part, but I think lead fits him best, but he could do baritone too.

    Something else that seemed evident in the room was the love shown by some. From Green putting his arm around Michael when he was testifying and crying to Lowry being so happy and excited when Michael sang, to others cheering other members on. It was great.

    Is every performance the best they have ever done them? No. Is every voice or range as good as they were in their prime? No. But many of these guys seem to have come a long way as Christians and in their journey. They have lived it and come out of the other side better for it.

    Russ, Mark, Jon, Michael and even Phelps commented on how Bill and Gloria helped them along the way. Lee tells Bill he does a good job on the records and not so sell himself short. Bill says he is intimidated with basses like Lee and Jon in the room. :) Another change in Michael is seeing more of his sense of humor. Bill and Michael talk about Mark Lowry joining the group. Most of this was posted last month on You Tube by Mark Lowry if someone wants to watch it. He also posted First Day In Heaven.
    Michael also makes a couple of other quips. One about the first Vocal Band harmonizing on the word Ice Cream. Another is when Wes talks about growing up listening to the GVB.

    Guy said he doesn’t feel like he belongs there (with all the former singers of the Vocal Band.) Wes asks him how does he think that HE feels.

    There are some gripes I could have. One is Bill continuing to use the date 1981 as when the group started. It was 1980. Product that is put out by the leader of the group as a historical in particular should have the correct date and info. Some of the spellings on the Closed Captioning are incorrect. (At least on mine it was on by default and I never messed with turning it off yet. :))Now, both might be anal for me to mention, but Gaither generally puts out top notch projects and little details like this that slip by, but so easy to fix seem to be surprising, but not the first time. On some of the previous videos Younces last name would be pronounced to rhyme with ounce instead of awnce as it should. But, those are just minor quibbles that made it a little less than it could have been. The blend isn’t always perfect, every word and note are not perfect, but I think they were going for more live and raw things and that is a good thing. There have been too many too slick and sterilized things released at times. Things that have heavy stacks and stuff that lose their authenticity at times.

    That is not to say that it is totally sloppy or not fixed at all. From something Bill said, I think they are going for something closer to the old days when they gathered in the same studio and did things more off the cuff before they rehearsed them, took them other places and had it more down to a science.

    Bill spends time talking with each member before (and maybe sometimes after) the taping. These are spread out throughout the two DVD’s.

    It also seemed to me that English (of course), Lowry, and Taff in particular’s voices have shifted down a bit in range. This is natural of course, just an observation. I suspect that Lowry or Russ could sing Bill’s part (Mark would have to be taught it I am sure) if they had to. Along the same lines, Bill made a comment that Wesley Pritchard has filled in on every part of the Vocal Band (except Bill’s) when they were in a hole.

    Bill recognizes the Imperials connection and mentions Murray, McSpadden and Russ having been ex Imperials. He said had he thought about it, he should have invited Morales to have been there for the taping.He didn’t mention Jonathan Pierce having been a member, but I suspect this is more in his not being there that day and the fact that his tenure with the Imperials was much later than the beginning of the GVB. Not only was Jonathan’s part of the Imperials not something that Bill modeled the GVB on, but I am not sure if Bill even followed the Imperials by then.

    Larnelle tells about a time when the GVB were in a rough neighborhood.

    Bill and Michael talk and laugh about when Bill and Gary steps their parts down due to both of their voices dropping and calling Bills part “the other part” or “the next part down” instead of bass.

    Bill and Larnelle talk about Bill having to hard sell Larnelle into joining and Larnelle making quips about the graveyard of tenors.

    Also, Mark talks about English’s licks and makes a self depreciating comment about himself and why he doesn’t do any.

    Bonus cuts: Daystar on first DVD (English lead, Wes tenor, Guy baritone.) Second DVD: I Believe, Help Thou My Unbelief with Bill, Marsh and Guy then everyone on the encore.

    Be sure and watch past the credits on the first DVD to hear Bill and Mark talking and Bill teasing Mark.

    Something else that is discussed on these is the demands of singing GVB arrangements on the voices. Not just for the tenors, but each voice gets pushed a lot.

    Bill recognizes Anthony’s contributions.
    Gordon Mote has some nice licks on Temporary Home and others.

    Steve Green talks about coming up with the name “The Gaither Vocal Band” how he did it and he, Mark and I think Wes have a laugh over Bill.

    I do want to comment on one comment made elsewhere about how Guy and Marsh ministered and that with some of the people back in the group being more about show. I am not going to get into the long debate about ministry versus entertainment, but even if they did and will again, to say that these days English and Lowry will not minister or don’t believe what they sing is not right in my opinion. Lowry did ministering before, and English has a whole new dimension that he never had before.

  16. Wade wrote:

    K…Ann you think about it. lol… Just trying to get some convo going that you might like since so many ppl complain.

    I know you have a book coming out and thought it might give you a chance to tease us with some stories.

    If you listen to the fuddies on here that email you to not answer my questions… well you know how it is trying to please every one… you just can’t do it.

    Not many ppl on here want to have fun convo’s they either want to criticize, gossip or moan.

    Say what you want about the ENQUIRER…they have busted many ppl in the recent past. Many ppl in SGM want to make it ALL NICE and KEEP their head in the sand!!!

    I want to pull their head out of the sand and make them look!!! lol

  17. Wade wrote:

    RF… Ole Jake reads the Enquirer too be sure… or how would he know about it… he will keep reading here too!!!

    Oh and Ann… like I said I tried to throw you a couple of softballs but if you don’t feel comfy don’t answer but if you complain as in your # 1 post here and don’t do anything to change it, especially when given an opp…then stop complaining!!

  18. Wade wrote:

    RF… Ole Jake reads the Enquirer too be sure… or how would he know about it… he will keep reading here too!!!

    Oh and Ann… like I said I tried to throw you a couple of softballs but if you don’t feel comfy don’t answer but if you complain as in your # 1 post here and don’t do anything to change it, especially when given an opp…then stop complaining!!

    Same goes for you Jake and all the other fuddies… don’t just bitch with out trying to contribute to change

  19. quartet-man wrote:

    #17, Wade, there are other things that can be talked about there other than what you mentioned to Ann, That is sort of like saying let’s not talk about those things, but let’s talk about who is gay or not in SG. :-)

    No, I didn’t email her and some of the things could be interesting. The point remains, that there are plenty of other things than what she or you mentioned. :-)

  20. ng wrote:


    How about telling us why the Oak Ridge Boys and the Downings did not perform at the 1973 National Quartet Convention?

  21. Bob M. wrote:

    Guy Penrod’s personal life and decisions are his and his alone. He owes us NOTHING in the way of explanation for why he is no longer in GVB. If I remember correctly from the video Best of Penrod, he has 8 children. That’s probably reason enough to make a change. Repeat: Guy Penrod owes us NOTHING. We would do well to remember that. Here’s a thought: Let’s pray for him and his family.

    But we’d rather get the lowdown gossip instead.

  22. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    You might not want the answer to the promoter question that many of the shakers and movers in the southern gospel music would give you.
    It would be Bill Gaither.
    The attempt to incite gossip stories relative to singers of God’s music is contrary to Ephesians 4.
    Further, you heard our new President urge all of us to live up to responsibilities.
    Hope and pray that we act responsibly here and everywhere else starting today and forever.

  23. boothbro_fan wrote:

    But we LOOOOVVVVEEEE gossip around here!!!!! LOL ;)

  24. ng wrote:

    In ancient Greece Socrates was widely lauded for his wisdom. One day the great philosopher came upon an acquaintance who ran up to him excitedly and said, “Socrates, do you know what I just heard about one of your students?”

    “Wait a moment,” Socrates replied. “Before you tell me I’d like you to pass a little test. It’s called the Triple Filter Test.”

    “Triple filter?”

    “That’s right,” Socrates continued. “Before you talk to me about my student let’s take a moment to filter what you’re going to say. The first filter is Truth. Have you made absolutely sure that what you are about to tell me is true?”

    “No,” the man said, “actually I just heard about it and…”

    “All right,” said Socrates. “So you don’t really know if it’s true or not. Now let’s try the second filter, the filter of Goodness. Is what you are about to tell me about my student something good?”

    “No, on the contrary…”

    “So,” Socrates continued, “you want to tell me something bad about him, even though you’re not certain it’s true?” The man shrugged, a little embarrassed. Socrates continued. “You may still pass the test though, because there is a third filter - the filter of Usefulness. Is what you want to tell me about my student going to be useful to me?”

    “No, not really”

    “Well,” concluded Socrates, “if what you want to tell me is neither True nor Good nor even Useful, why tell it to me at all?”

  25. DMP wrote:

    You know Bob, I’m not so sure I agree with you. Guy does owe his fans something, they are the reason he owns a ranch and can feed those 8 children. I’m not saying he owes us details, but I think he does owe us a statement of some kind. An artist like Guy enjoys popularity because of the relationship he cultivates with his fans, and I think to have him simply drop off the radar, despite the reason, is a bit awkward. So, say what you will about us being evil people for considering the possibilities, but we all know that you are just as curious and would burn a hole in your keyboard if you knew of a website giving the straight story. If guy really is going solo, he’d be wise to continue the relationship with his fans that have them all scratching their heads right now. And by the way, isn’t it a bit pompous to assume that because we are curious means that we have failed to pray for him?

  26. CVH wrote:


    Thanks for the synopsis on the reunion DVD. Very helpful.

  27. AnnD wrote:

    Oh my goodness, Wade…surely you understand how your #5 post came across. Are you sure you stuck to the subject? :).

    And ng #20, was that the first year we didn’t go to NQC? I remember that the decision was made not to go, but can’t remember why. Sounds like you know :)…hope whatever you remember is the truth LOL.

    And BobM…I like the way you said it!!

  28. Wade wrote:


    No I promise I was actually trying to do good.

    You had complained in # 1…

    “I just don’t understand (regardless of the subject) how it’s ever appropriate to post something that a friend said they had an idea about concerning a person’s character.”

    I knew you had a book coming out.

    I thought it would be nice to throw ya a SOFTBALL with those questions which I thought might be topics you’d cover in the BOOK!!! Giving you an opp to plug the book and maybe tease us with some insight that only some one like you would be able to share.

    I really did not think the questions were that controversial. I forget how touchy some of the GOODIES are. But ya have to admit too…there were some GOOD ONES!!! lollol

    While I see why you like the way BobM made his say as an Artist. But DMP also has a point don’t ya think???

    Q-Man let me join CVH and say thanks to for that run down!!!! UDA MAN!!!

    ng- Great triple filter story too… but come on Ann does not remember and has given you permission to tell us why they did not perform that year. Q-Man & I are curious because they did it with The OAKS!!!

  29. Jake wrote:

    ng (#24) — Good story, excellent moral lesson, and you make a wise point.

    Unfortunately, it isn’t going to fly with this group. If everything posted on this site went through the triple filter test, most of the replies and responses would be deleted.

    Good try, though. I applaud your attempts.

  30. Bob M. wrote:

    Your response to me indicates that you yourself are the one who would burn a hole in the keyboard looking for that website. As for being pompous, YOU are the pompous one. I assumed NOTHING. I made the suggestion to pray for him and his family. Therefore, YOU are pompous for telling me and others what my motive was. I COULD CARE LESS whether Penrod releases a statement or not. It’s none of my business. Unless we know artists PERSONALLY, we don’t need details. Period. The end.

    AnnD……Thank you. You are one of SG’s treasures. God bless you and yours.

  31. Jake wrote:

    DMP (# 25) — I understand your point re. Guy Penrod, but for what it is worth, I don’t think he has dropped off the radar. At least, not yet. If he is heading for a solo gig, then we are undoubtedly going to hear from him. I’m sure a singer of his stature will land a recording contract. Maybe Gaither give him one, I don’t know. Whatever his reasons for leaving the GVB at this time, that is up to him whether or not he wishes to share it or not.

    As for him owning a ranch and having 8 kids — that life may be possible because of the financial success he has had with Gaither, but it doesn’t make him any more answerable to his fans. The fans didn’t buy his ranch. They bought the CDs and videos he was on, and they bought tickets to the concerts in which he sang. How much Gaither paid him is between the two of them, not the fans. Furthermore, once he receives a paycheck, it is his to do with as he pleases. Whether he buys a ranch, gives it to charity, or invests it in the stock market, it is his business, not ours.

  32. GoldCityGirl wrote:

    Has anybody seen or heard anything on the Jody Brown Indian Family in the past year? I know they came off the road, but are they still involved in music anywhere?

  33. gina wrote:

    Does anyone know the status of Naomi and the Segos? I saw them recently and during an interview, Naomi made no mention of retiring and actually indicated new projects were in the works. They advertised their website and when I just visited it, it announces their farewell project. Is this a case of a site not being updated, or is Naomi just not bringing her departure to the forefront?

  34. SGfan wrote:


    Guy Penrod owes you nothing. Why can’t you except the explanation that has been offered in the official press release at face value? When he feels the time has come to make an official statement of his own, he will. If you are really a fan, you will be fine with that and look forward to hearing more from him. And the reason he owns a ranch and can feed those eigth children, God! The fact is he is one of the best voices in Christian music. He has worked hard and used that God given talent and has been rewarded. You did not give him that ranch. Hard work using the talent God give him paid for it! Just like your house and your finances are a blessing from God through your work, so is his. It just so happens that his work is valued by hundreds of thousands of people who pay $15 or $20 bucks to see him in concert or buy a CD. When Guy decided it was time to take a break (sabatical) you were probably like all the others that started making up crazy “possibilities” in your head about what was going on. May I suggest that after 15 years of traveling, he may have just needed what he said (a rest)? Few on here can imagine the toll that traveling and singing so much can take on you. Sometimes you need a rest and quite frankly a renewal. Sometimes you need to be able to spend time with family and church family, and just take some time to focus on God and allow Him to rejuvenate you spiritually, physically, and to refresh or redirect the calling He has placed in your life. How about we allow Guy the time to do that instead of trying to make his departure from the GVB some big dramatic soap opera? If you are really a fan, you owe him that!

  35. Bobby wrote:

    gina….Naomi & the Segos are still singing. They aren’t on the road as much as they were in the past. They have a concert coming up next month in our area. I think you could find their schedule on their website

  36. Scott Spangler wrote:

    In response to your post, NO, Naomi is not retiring. At a time, she had considered slowing down, but those plans have changed. After Kasey Kemp and Judson Horner decided to leave her group last year, Naomi asked me to re-join her group, and in July of 2008, she re-hired Jerry Gill, who sang with the group in the late 70’s/early 80’s after her husband James had died. People all over the country are really enjoying the sound…saying we sound familiar to the original Sego Brothers and Naomi.

    As far as the website goes, the site you went to is not owned by Naomi Sego and has not been updated since February of last year. After unsuccessfully trying to get that site back in Naomi’s ownership, a decision was made to get another domain name. At present, our website is under development at Hopefully, that site should be up and running in the immediate future.

    We are still working dates, and in fact, are now exclusively represented by the Beckie Simmons Agency of Nashville, TN. You can visit her site at and click on our name to see a portion of our dates. You can also visit to see updated road dates as well. We are very excited because we are working in March foor the first time ever at the big Mount Sterling, Ohio Men’s Club concert in March, we are going back out west to Iowa, Nebraska, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, California, Arizona and New Mexico in July, and will have been invited back to appear on the Main Stage at NQC in September. Especially since the death of Naomi’s dear friend Dottie Rambo, Naomi feels that the Lord still has a work for her to do. Contrary to previous reports, her mind is sharp, she remembers words to her songs (in fact, she at times feed some of the words to me and Jerry!!!), and things are starting to pick up financially as well for the group.

    Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you would have.

    Scott Spangler
    Naomi and The Segos

  37. Andrew Stephens wrote:

    So what happened to Jody Brown Indian Family? That’s something I would certainly like to know. I believe Stephanie performed on one of the Singing at Sea Cruises as one of the members of a backup band for one or several groups singing that night. They did, however, have some interesting songs near the end…(i.e.-Mad Mary!). but Stephanie was/is a great singer!!! She did marry former KP&NR musician, Dale Scragg.

  38. Bryce wrote:


    May I present to you a direct route to the horse’s mouth?

  39. gina wrote:

    Scott - Thanks for the clarification! I am glad to hear that this pioneer is continuing on in the ministry. You all sounded great on WGGS recently. I hope others didn’t catch the old website address on screen as I did and think this is the end of an era. Thanks again and God bless you all.

  40. ng wrote:

    Re Oaks and Downings absent from the 1973 NQC: I don’t know officially why they were not there which is why I asked AnnD.

    There were both there in 1972 but I don’t recall reading anything about the 1973 situation (there was no Internet back them).

    I recall asking at the convention and someone saying that it had something to with the talent agencies who booked the main SGM acts those days.

    Don Light Talent represented about a dozen acts at the time including the Oaks and Downings. However, seven other Don Light acts did perform that year: Cathedrals, Florida Boys, Goffs, Rambos, Wendy Bagwell, Thrasher Brothers and Kenny Parker Trio.

    Sumar Talent Agency, which JD Sumner organized, represented about 20 acts including the Stamps, Blackwoods and Speers. Sixteen of those acts performed at the NQC in 1973. Don Butler, who worked for Sumar, was the MC of the NQC.

  41. DMP wrote:

    If I thought the real answer was out there somewhere, yep, I’d check it out, and I don’t think that makes me evil. Following your reasoning, I’m not sure how knowing them personally would entitle us to answers while being fans does not.
    I said (though SGfan overlooked it…) that I didn’t need details. I just feel as loyal fans that we are entitled to a statement of some kind. To me, the whole situation was PR disaster. Guy takes a sabbatical (has anyone ever heard of a singer doing that before?) for 3 months to get “refreshed,” then all of a sudden quits. We then found out Gaither new for a while that he was not returning. A little bit of communication on Gaither’s part would have been nice. Lack of credible information always leads people to form theories of their own. Why can’t I accept it? Because Gaither’s “face value” statement has turned out to be not so valuable.
    Again, I never said Guy or Gaither owes the fans details, but perhaps we are missing the point. Singers, like companies, that are successful and wish to have continued success communicate with their fans and customers. That’s why singers have websites and blogs. Guy doesn’t have a website, so I think his fans feel a little confused (at least the ones I have spoken to do…). From a financial standpoint, I think he should communicate.
    SGFAN, there is no need to pose for holy pictures on my account. I understand that God gave him the ability, but we, the fans, are the very reason Guy can afford those things. God gives us a free will, and we chose to buy CD’s. Ability alone does not feed the kids.

  42. The Art Coach wrote:

    As far as the Segos goes…lol. We sang with them in October in Erwin, TN. The two fellas with her then, are not the guys with her on the website. I have send couple messages and phone calls to contact them with no sucess. Scott…holla back at a brotha.

  43. SGfan wrote:


    What you don’t seem to understand is that yes you provide finances through buying his CD’s or paying to go to his concerts. However, you are not buying rights to the details of his life or decisions. In a sense, you don’t own that farm. You don’t own the food that feeds those kids. The money you paid for those CD’s or concert tickets, he earned. Until you have proof that there is some reason he left that would change the effectiveness of his ministry, then you have no right to bring up or highlight skepticism. Again, give it a little time. I am sure everything will be cleared up in time. Until then, take a pill and move on. Atleast discuss an issue that has some merrit.

  44. blabber mouth wrote:

    does anyone know what is going on with crossway and young harmony? i have heard alot about them being together on solid gospel. anyone with any ideas? does anyone know if gina (young harmony) is coming off of the road and jonathan (young harmony) is joining crossway? i emailed rick hendricks and had no response.

    just wondering

  45. Mark Crary wrote:

    What’s going on with the Singing News ? Just got the new February/2009 issue, really is thin, only 68 pages. . . the February/2008 had 96 pages. . .that’s 28 pages less.

    The same thing in January. . the 09 had 76 pages and the 08 had 120 pages . . that’s 44 pages less.

    With 44 pages total and 50% news and 50% adv., that would be 22 pages less adv.

    At $2300.00 per page that would be a lose of $50,600.00 and 22 pages less news.

    Could the writing be on the wall ? Will The Singing News go the way of CCM/Magazine ?
    Both magazines are part of Salem Publishing.

  46. The Art Coach wrote:

    The fonts and pictures on Gospel Music Times slapped me outta my computer chair…Me thinks the world needs more artists.

  47. Extra Ink wrote:

    In other news, Rick Hendrix announced on that he has “some decisions to make within the next 30 to 60 days that would place me in a very strong position within the Obama Presidency.”

  48. Scott Spangler wrote:

    RE: Bobby, Post #35,
    Actually and with all due respect, Naomi is now working more than she has in the past 3 years or longer.If you look at our myspace site, you will see that we are indeed working more dates has been in quite awhile.

  49. Reader Up North wrote:

    According to Associated Press, Reba Rambo-McGuire has sued the driver of the bus and the company that leased it to Dottie Rambo. The lawsuit was filed Thursday in circuit court in Nashville.

    If this news has already been submitted, please accept my apologies.

  50. one of many wrote:

    Wow!! Blabber mouth, you emailed Rick Hendrix and got no response? Thats a shocker!!

  51. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Some solid information for you….

    Know where the little town of Cartersville, GA located?
    Lari Goss does.

  52. Kyle wrote:

    Here’s a good way to look at it….

    Your boss pays you for your work. Your boss is not entitled to know everything about your personal life. If you request a day off, a simple, professional reason needs to be given. You don’t have to go into detail.

    Since we, in a way, pay Guy’s salary, we got the professional reason for him not being around. Details are not necessary.

    And for the record, one of the Dove boys took a sabbatical for a year not to long ago….

  53. DMP wrote:

    I think I have already said this in a few different ways, but let me try again. I don’t want details. Please, read that twice if you must. I just think it was, and is, a PR disaster. I’m very excited for the new line-up, but I just think it could have been executed in a better way. We are supposed to believe that these men in these groups are in ministry (hey, that’s why they take sabbaticals, right?). And yet if our minister at our local church of 14 years suddenly left one day without telling us, we’d be offended and ask what happened. People have followed Guy for 14 years, and now he has simply disappeared. Do you believe the Gaither statement that says he left to peruse a solo career? I am inclined not to since Gaither also told us that Guy would be back in three months.
    I don’t think anyone believes it, otherwise we wouldn’t be talking about the “details” that no one needs to know. I think everyone thinks there is more to it. I just think it is odd to leave your fan base of 14 years under such ambiguous circumstances. It could be anything from personal or family illness to other things I won’t even speculate about in writing as to start false rumors, but I think we all get the idea. Wouldn’t it be wise to give fans a general idea of where he is and what he is doing? Again, I’m not saying (read that twice) that I have a right or that he owes it to us, I just think it is odd to keep the fans that have bought his CD’s and videos for the past 14 years in the dark.
    And thanks, but I don’t need a pill.

  54. Bob M. wrote:

    The more you try to explain your position, the more you show that you really think you are owed something. Believe Gaither or not, that’s your problem. It’s done. Over. Move on.

  55. DMP wrote:

    I think you may be delusional and illiterate:

    “I’m not saying (read that twice) that I have a right or that he owes it to us, I just think it is odd to keep the fans that have bought his CD’s and videos for the past 14 years in the dark.”

    Funny, you take Gaither’s statement at its word, but not mine. It’s almost as if you are reading between the lines, looking for some drama that is not there. Huh.

  56. SGfan wrote:


    I have read your statements mulitple times. You are saying you don’t want details and then in the next breath you are demanding those details you say you don’t want. You even do it in your example for comparison.

    “And yet if our minister at our local church of 14 years suddenly left one day without telling us, we’d be offended and ask what happened. ”

    Again, you are not accepting the statement by Gaither at face value. Is Guy going to a solo career? That is what the statement from Gaither says. I would bet that if he is, then he is not going to do the number of dates he was doing before.

    “Again, I’m not saying (read that twice) that I have a right or that he owes it to us, I just think it is odd to keep the fans that have bought his CD’s and videos for the past 14 years in the dark.”

    “Guy does owe his fans something, they are the reason he owns a ranch and can feed those 8 children.”

    Those are your statements and while you continue to say you don’t want details, you constantly contradict yourself by saying that Guy owes his fans further statement. You are looking for the details you are claiming that you don’t want.

    I do agree that Gaither did a poor job in the transition. I do agree that the whole transition could have been handled in a better way, but I do not and will not put that at the feet of Guy Penrod or of Marshall Hall ( of which almost nothing was said except he’s gone). I will be patient and wait to see what Guy and Marshall decide to do and how they decide to elaborate when they feel the time comes. A fan will be anxious yet patient about that. A fan will give them time to do what needs to be done in order to make the transition as smooth as possible on their part. There is no need for either of them to rush to release statements that end up being PR nightmares like the Gaither Press release.

  57. cynical one wrote:

    DMP — Do we know that Penrod bought that farm on the money he made from recording/touring with Gaither? Do we know it had nothing to do with money he made/invested/inherited otherwise?

  58. Bob M. wrote:

    You keep accusing me of that which you are plainly doing DMP. How does that make me delusional and illiterate? Reminds me of a certain political party whose tactics are similar.

    Yes, I am much more likely to believe Gaither than you. As I have said, your own words make clear what your agenda is.

    I will decline further comment on this thread.

  59. gina wrote:

    Reader Up North - Thanks for posting that info on the Rambo lawsuit; I certainly had not heard that. BTW, was the exact cause of the bus crash ever determined? I seem to remember an investigation would determine if it was due to a tornado but never heard anything else. Such a tragic event.

  60. dmp wrote:

    Sounds good to me Bob. I enjoy getting the last word.

    There is a difference between details and a general statement. Again, do you believe the Gaither statement that he left to start a solo career? Did you believe the one where he said that Guy would be back in 3 months?
    Perhaps a better direction to take this conversation in a civil manner is to ponder that very question… Does an artist have any obligation to their fans? Does that obligation increase because they are a Christian artist? We certainly hold them accountable for what they sing about (Wayne Watson, Sandi Patti and Ray Boltz have all found that out).
    I think several of you are twisting my words to mean something I never meant. Yes, I said that Guy’s career with the GVB has enabled him to have the things he has, and all good financial logic would seem to confirm that. I’d say royalties on those two million videos are enough to keep him going a long time. I never said I gave him the ranch. I never said I own the food. You’re twisting those words. All I said was that it would be nice to hear something, anything, from Guy’s own mouth. That’s all. And if he truly left to simply start a solo career, it seems very strange he would not do that. Am I wrong?
    I disagree with you about a singer/stars obligation to their loyal fans. They do not owe their fans anything legally, but they have enjoyed success because of their support. Perhaps the level of obligation reflects their level of gratefulness and desire for continued success. I’d like someone to rationally and calmly explain why that is not so. Guy aside, isn’t this true?

    P.S. Just for the record, I love Guy and am extremely likely to buy anything the man puts out…I just think the entire situation is odd.

  61. burt wrote:

    Penrod made plenty of money before Gaither doing studio work and TV stuff…and it’s none of our bidness what he does with his coin….you digg???

  62. dmp wrote:

    Food for thought…

    “Oh, fans! Thank you fans! Duh! Fans got me everything that I have and I owe everything to you, so thank you fans.” -Carrie Underwood

    “I owe so much to my fans, whether they are brand new or have followed me throughout my career.” -Patti LaBelle

    I owe a lot to my fans as well as to the all-star team that was on board for this record.

    “I owe it to myself, to the fans and to the Celtics and the coaches to come back next year ready to play. That’s my goal.” -
    — Al jefferson

  63. cynical one wrote:

    dmp — I’m not sure it’s safe to assume that, just because a particular artist appears on dozens of Gaither videos, that person received any royalties from said videos’ sales. My understanding is the singers are paid “for hire”, ie a daily rate. If a singer is already on Bill’s payroll, he may or may not pay the extra daily rate — I don’t know. Bill does pay for food and other expenses, as well, but I doubt ANY of the hired help is getting rich off these projects. I doubt anyone other than Bill & Gloria could buy a ranch off Bill & Gloria’s pay.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure they pay a fair wage. But not “get rich” wages.

    By the way, if I remember correctly, the announcement of the sabbatical several months ago indicated (or at least hinted) that Guy wanted to quit at that time, but Bill asked him to make it a (3-month?) sabbatical, before he decided to make it permanent. Is my recollection incorrect?

  64. cdguy wrote:

    Maybe Guy just doesn’t have his ducks in row, yet, and plans to make some kind of statement in the not-too-distant future.

    I’m sure, if there’s anything he thinks we NEED or DESERVE to know, or SHOULD know, he knows how to get the word out. And after all, shouldn’t HE be the one to determine if or when that happens? Not us?

  65. cdguy wrote:

    Check this out from Ray Boltz:


    I am happy to report that I have recorded a brand new single and it is available now as a FREE download. The song is called “Don’t Tell Me Who To Love” and was produced by JoJoHo & Seany P (Ari Gold, Jason & DeMarco, DC Talk, Carman, Nemesis Rising, etc.) at the HitPlay Productions studio in LA.

    You can listen to the song and download it for free by visiting my blog:

    I hope you enjoy the song.


    And please don’t think I am posting this because I condone it. I don’t. Just reporting the news.

  66. Crazy Fan wrote:

    Anybody know who The Oak Ridge Boy’s road manager is? I thought I heard that he used to play piano for The Blackwoods? Anyone know anything about this?

  67. Wade wrote:

    dmp… I often do not agree with SG Fan…but I am with him on this one… I believe you are wanting an explanation.

    I believe you want ALL the details and I believe you would by The Enquirer if the details were in it!!!

    The real details are Guy is going to be the producer of Britney Spears next CD. He must take time off to get in shape to be able to do those dances WHILE he sings because they are going to do a couple of duets.

    They are going to do a few mixed quartets too… one with Vince & Amy and the other with Faith & Tim.

    Rick H is going to do radio promotions across all platforms and genres,

    So there ya go… I hate to break the embargo on the news it wasn’t supposed to be released until Monday… but I knew you wanted the details.

  68. wanderer wrote:

    Buddy Mullins is the best lead singer the GVB ever had.

  69. Wayne Kerr wrote:

    Time for a subject change…..

    I checked out the link that was provided to the the Gospel Music Times website. While surfing through it’s pages, I happened upon the classified section and the “positions available” section. I saw a listing for a new radio station that is coming to the Mid-Ohio valley that is apparently an affiliate of the Joy FM that we have here in North Carolina.

    This sparked me to comment on something that I have been wanting to get off my chest for a while.

    I think it’s been around two years since Joy FM here in NC shot itself in the foot with the new morning show. For many years I had been a loyal listener and supporter of the station, but quite frankly, the new morning show personalities (or lack thereof) are just too annoying to listen to, so I rarely even tune them in anymore.

    Daniel Britt does a fantastic job with interviews, but lacks the ability to connect with a live audience. The two women on there get on my last nerve with the constant chuckles and mind-numbing drivel. I think the old woman is the worst. It is quite obvious that the entire show is (poorly) scripted. This morning show makes C-SPAN seem more entertaining.

    I certainly hope that the Joy FM radio station that is listed on the Gospel Music Times website can find a better morning team than this trainwreck.

  70. dd wrote:

    Well if Gospel Music Times is accurate in their reporting….Reba Rambo is gonna lose more than win, in suing the bus driver. sad.

  71. CVH wrote:

    Going all the way back to #45 from Mark Crary, expect more of the same from Salem. They’re hurting big time and it’s already affecting their radio properties and staffing. The same will be true in their collateral media like the print publications which are bleeding badly. No different than other Christian publishers like CTI; they’re dropping people because of poor ad sales and reduced revenues. I think it’s only the beginning for Salem.

  72. Rob Y wrote:

    I think advertising sales is hurting every publication. I look at our local newspaper they have really cut down in number of pages. Advertising cost is probably one of the first things businesses look at. Is it really paying for it’s self. I have done some advertising myself and I kept check on the amount of trade it brought in. I cut out advertising that I wasn’t seeing benefited me. This is happening with Southern Gospel Groups, they are looking at ways to cut cost and many have either cut down on their ad size or cut it out entirely. Hopefully the ecomony will take a turn around in our great Nation before it’s too late. The more companys that close the door the less jobs there are and the more unemployment.

  73. Bill Johnson wrote:

    #70 DD—I couldn’t agree more. I wasn’t much of a fan of selling the DVD’s of her mom’s “Going Home” service for that matter. As for the Gospel Music Times being accurate…I wish they were not this time but I have also saw the story in various other places in the past couple days.

  74. Extra Ink wrote:

    #71, that’s sad because Singing News has been really a conductor and connector of all things SG for a many, many years with the fans. It’s the one “constant” in the industry. Every month you will get a mag in the mail that lets you know that, yes, here is concrete evidence that there is an industry that is still going forward and blessing a lot of people. If Salem and SN were to drop off the map as far as a print mag, a lot of people–especially older people–would lose touch with gospel music for the most part. The older set is still the primary market in SG music. Without that mag, their communications line with the industry would be pretty much extinguished and CD sales and concert attendance would lag. I believe SN has that big of an influence. I’m sure they would maintain a web presence, but most of the 60 and older crowd (most) are not into the ‘Net.

  75. John wrote:

    #66 . . .
    Wonder if you are referring to Ron Fairchild. He was a member of the Blackwood Brothers when his dad, Tommy, was the pianist for the group. I can’t remember what instrument Ron played for the Blackwoods, but he was with the group for a short time and is a part of the Oak Ridge entourage.

  76. scope wrote:

    # 70 What do you mean by ” . . .(Reba) is going to lose more than she wins?” I personally find the lawsuit distasteful, but I don’t understand from the press report how she is necessarily going to lose.

  77. WA wrote:

    #76 -Scope: The likelihood of Reba winning a lawsuit and receiving more than $25K in damages seems a far fetch when the coach leasing company is out of business, and the driver was terribly injured in that accident. On the stand, detailing his injuries, a jury might be unlikely to be angry enough with him to convict. But, who knows…OJ wasn’t convicted all those years ago.

    As well, if you believe that the Lord has our breath in the palm of His hand, and that when it’s our time to go Home, it’s time, Reba stands to lose any goodwill that she may still have with her Mom’s fans. Evidently God decided that Dottie’s work on earth was done, and it was time for her to go Home. Sad, but true.

  78. Gear Hound wrote:

    Tommy Fairchild is a legendary piano player that played for years for the Oak Ridge Quartet (that later became known as the Oak Ridge Boys) and later, for a number of years, for the Blackwood Brothers. He also arranged most all of the songs that the Oaks did, most notably ones with Smitty Gatlin as their Lead singer. He was known as one of the greatest “rhythm” piano players ever (along with Henry Slaughter and Jimmy Taylor). Listen to him on those YouTube videos. Many were done with nothing but piano accompaniment, but they rock! Would love to know what he’s doing these days….

  79. John wrote:

    #78 . . .
    Tommy is now playing with the Spoken 4 Quartet from Reeds Spring, Mo.

  80. SGS wrote:

    Regarding the comments about Reba. Again, we do not have all the facts. We only see there is a lawsuit. What you don’t know is why. It is not uncommon for insurance companies to demand you sue before they will pay a claim. I remember Barbara Mandrell’s accident. Everyone was shocked that she was suing the other driver - but if she didn’t her insurance wouldn’t pay off. As far as the DVDs of Dottie’s Homegoing - I was grateful to have the opportunity to buy one and feel a part of her homegoing celebration. Last I checked - purchase was optional. There really always is two sides to every story and I don’t think we can possibly know both sides unless we are Dottie and/or Reba.

  81. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    The groups that maintain accurate email and mailing list are mostly likely to stay in the ministry.
    The Hoppers do an excellent job at their solo concert. Claude does it so good he can be a good auctioneer.
    Even Bill Gaither collect email and mailing addresses by having a drawing form the nearest card box they can find at the venue.
    That tells you something.

  82. JM wrote:

    The drift of this thread brings us around to an issue that seems to come up time and again. And I suspect that we will make no further progress in openly confronting the issue than we have in the past. The issue is whether a Christian can openly and honestly discuss events, facts and reality without being held guilty to charges of judgement or character assassination? Let me see if I can position this question correctly, based upon other recent discussions.

    Guy Penrod leaves the GVB; some suggest he was pushed out and others suggest there is something darker and more hidden at play. Ray Boltz comes out of the closet; some suggest that this is between Ray and God and others wish to build a bonfire to burn any elements of Ray’s past CCM identity. Reba Rambo McGuire files a suit against the driver of the bus, who was driving when her mother was killed. Some see the suit as inappropriate “piling on” a man who was badly injured, while others are still in a snit because Reba sold videos of her mother’s funeral. I could venture into recent discussions related to Namoi Sego, the Goodman progeny or Rick Hendrix, but I think you get the general idea. Some of our averyfineline colleagues seem to believe that knowing the truth will set us free and therefore, feel justified in bringing out and discussing all manner of subjects, issues and tales, with little concern for how truthful the details may or may not be. All knowledge is good and a lack of complete knowledge is not good. Other colleagues suggest that everything brought to this site should be screened with empathy and seen through a prism of love and understanding. Because no one is without sin, they believe that no stones should ever be cast. I believe that this represents the gist of both sides.

    So, I would appreciate it if some of you would try to explain to me your personal concepts of the boundries you believe should be placed upon both public and private discourse. I don’t know that anything will be solved or accomplished; however, I would appreciate knowing the limits that you choose to place upon yourself in your discourse and discussion. Thank you.

  83. CVH wrote:

    Two quick thoughts - #74, Extra Ink: despite its journalistic shortcomings, Singing News has been ‘the voice’, with apologies to David Phelps, of southern gospel, but Salem is a company that operates based on the bottom line. You’re right, the target audience for SN is not desirable from a business standpoint. A token web presence maybe but a full-color print magazine? Could be harder and harder to justify, especially when they dropped the print version of CCM last year.

    Also, since there have been a number of posts by and about Ann Downing on this thread, I thought this might be interesting - their second (double) live album on Benson - still sealed. It always amazes me when I find records that have not had the shrink wrap cracked yet. And at $5.99, it’s probably less expensive than when it first released in when, 1975?

  84. Here you go! wrote:

    If you are bored today you can take advantage of phone party hosted by Mr. Rick Goodman.

    OK Everyone, Let’s Talk!!!!

    Here it is!

    Telephone Conference Live!!!! Sunday At 3:00 pm CST (Central Standard Time)

    CALL THIS NUMBER: 1-712-432-3900

    ENTER YOUR: Conference Access Code: 511431


    I Will Be Muting The Callers And Then Opening The Line For Someone To Ask A Question… This Is How The Conference System Is Set Up… If I Leave 1 Line Open It Opens All The Lines So When Someone Is Asking A Question Please Do Not Talk Over Them Or Everyone Will Just Be A Jumbled Noise & No One Will Be Able To Understand Any Thing That Is Being Said. So, I Hope You Understand And Respect Each Others Time Of The Open Microphone Per Say…

    I Hope This Conference Works Like I Am Told If So, We Will All Have A Great Time & You Will Get To Ask & Dianne & I Will Do Our Best To Answer Your Questions. We’ll Get To Have A Discussion But I According To The Website Of The Conference Center Will Be The Moderator. So, PLEASE Don’t Shoot The Moderator As This Will Be My First Attempt At This!

    Let’s all Please Start A list of our names on a continuing Thread so Dianne & I will know and you as well, will be able to see who is planning on joining in on this teleconference.

    1. Moderator
    2. Dianne

    We’ll Talk Sunday!!!! Pray ALL Goes Smoothly!!!


    Rick g

    Psalms 91


  85. Stormy wrote:

    Regarding gaither homecoming personel…

    Who, at one time, was married to Dr Charles Pyle?

  86. Gear Hound wrote:

    Who is “Dr. Charles Pyle?” And who cares? Who, of the Gaither Homecoming personnel, thinks they are Gomer Pyle? is my question.

    And #82, What the…. ????

  87. Stormy wrote:

    gear hounddog,

    It doesn’t matter who he is, I want to know who was married to him.
    Why are you being a wise$$$?

  88. Gear Hound wrote:

    Because I’m so good at it :)

  89. Olan Witt wrote:

    #77 Unfortunately, this whole saga appears to be more about the money than the loss of a legend, mother and friend, or the life altering injuries of those who were closest to her.

    Federal law required the coach company to carry five million dollars in liability insurance. The driver was qualified by the coach company which makes the company responsible for the driver.

  90. Kyle wrote:

    Ron Fairchild played with the Blackwoods for several years, playing bass, while his father, Tommy, played piano. He now plays keys (and has for the last 25 years) for the Oaks.

    Darrick Kinslow, who used to play bass for a couple gospel groups (I believe the Blackwoods and maybe the Nelons, but my memory is fuzzy) is now the Oaks’ road manager. Great guy!!

  91. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    My answer to the question by #82 is found in Ephesians 4.
    Discussing an subject would be using discernment as outlined in Hebrews 5: 11-14.
    I do not apologized for answering the question based on the Word of God because that is the foundation of southern gospel music.

  92. sockpuppet wrote:

    Are you still talking about Ron Blackwood?
    “Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labour, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth.”
    maybe you should be more specific which verse you are referring to.

  93. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Specifically, I am talking about Ephesians 4:29 & 4:29 about making our choices of edifying the church rather than run to the bank about the saints or
    saints who might have falling from a season of grace where a time of restoration is needed.
    Its seem as so it is lot more easier to condemned a falling from grace by a saint than to pray for the fallen saints and claim the promise of grace given by Christ for the falling saint upon recognition of sin in their life.

    29Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.

    30And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption.

    31Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice:

    32And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.

  94. quartet-man wrote:

    #90 Kyle

    Actually Ron has played keys for the Oaks for the past 28 years minus the time he left in 2001 to sell furniture and was replaced by Jimmy Fulbright. :-)

  95. promogurl wrote:

    Reba suing the bus driver is ridiculous- she is going to be sorry….her credibility among Dottie’s fans is slim now. She should be careful.

    As for Rick Hendrix- what a joke! And a scoundrel!

  96. dmp wrote:

    #82, hope you didn’t have high hopes of a discussion on that matter. This site confuses me more and more the longer I am here. I was raked across the coals by several of you for wondering if there may be more to Guys departure than a solo career because the circumstances were no inconsistent with others leaving for the same purpose. However, most seem fine tearing down Wes Hampton (“if the Bowlings can wait a few more weeks Wes Hampton should be available”), discussing all the latest gossip about Reba, and reprinting things like “i mean when Bill is done with you…He’s done.” Perhaps someone can explain to me, and #82, how posing questions about a GVB member’s sudden departure is different than these topics being discussed, and offered up as topics of discussion by the moderator? What am I missing?

  97. Oldtimer wrote:

    Discussing a situation about which you are neither part of the problem nor part of the solution is nothing more than gossip. I will not assign any spiritual weight or make any judgment - but let’s not kid ourselves about what is happening on this thread (and so many others like it.)


  98. Bob M. wrote:

    February 2009 edition of Singing News:
    Open letter from Matt Dibler, former pastor and former member of the Inspirations. Why “former”? He writes:

    ‘With every great privilege in life there comes great responsibility. Gospel music is no exception to this rule. While we all know that nobody is perfect in this world, there is still a standard to maintain when representing the Gospel. Recently, I resigned from the Insprirations and from the church where I was the pastor. I had things in my personal life that were not pleasing to the Lord. I had failed and I needed to step down.’

    He goes on to apologize to SG music fans and ask forgiveness. JM in #82 brought back up some issues that took place earlier in this thread. Let’s go back to one statement Matt made: There is still a standard to maintain when representing the Gospel. I submit that all who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ should, if we have not already, adopt this as a life statement. We don’t need to be in the spotlight in order to represent the Gospel.

    dmp, I felt compelled to comment this time after reading the conversations since comment #82. Just an explanation; I am not trying to initiate any argument with you.

    #97, Chris, makes the point better than anyone else on this thread has.

    Here’s something worth talking about:
    My church received three new people into membership yesterday during morning service. Let us focus on joining our brothers and sisters in proclaiming the Gospel, the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ to this lost and dying generation.


  99. dmp wrote:


    I would like to point out that what you gave us was a wonderful example of a statement from someone stepping down that is detail free. Just what I had been talking about.

  100. stunned1 wrote:

    I believe Bro. Matt has shown us what true repentance is. Not only has he received forgiveness from God and his family, now he has reached out and asked his fans to forgive him. Can’t wait to see and hear Bro. Matt singing in the future!

  101. Ron F wrote:

    I hope Matt is truely asking for forgiveness. But really I wonder is he sorry for his sin? Or is he sorry he got caught? None of us are perfect , especially me. Its people like Matt who are destroying our industry. This stuff has got to stop. I could care less if Matt ever sings again to feed his ego. I care about his soul, I hope he is truely asking God to forgive him. If Matt hasnt truly repented, I hope he just keeps singing in the Shower.

  102. dmp wrote:

    Wow Ron, how’s it feel to be God?

  103. Delores wrote:

    I hope that Matt has truly repented, however if you check several former churches where he was you will find this was not a one time happening nor did it happen with only one person.

    There were those that wondered when the Inspirations hired him if they knew much about his history at the local church. They also wondered when he left the church in Greenville while with the Inspirations how much the group knew about that decision and the reasons behind it.

  104. stunned1 wrote:

    Ron F:

    It’s not your place nor mine to judge him or anyone else. Sounds like you are bitter toward him but I just bet if you go to Bro. Matt about your “concerns”, he will ask you personally to forgive him. And God will give you a spirit of love and forgiveness in you heart if you would just ask.

  105. Rob Y wrote:

    God can and will use Matt in the way that he sees fit. We shouldn’t be judging Matt or anyother person. God knows if they have repented and that person knows if they have repented. It isn’t up to us to be the judge. It is up to us to forgive and forget. I for one hope Matt continues to sing. I’ve heard him sing several times and talked with him since the incident. If I were judging, which I certainly am not, I would say he has repented and God has forgiven him.

  106. scope wrote:

    I think this is exactly what Jesus was talking about when he said “Judge not.” Whether or not Matt is truly sorry for the sin, or just sorry for getting caught, is between Matt and God. I believe it is our responsibility as Christ’s followers to lift him up and pray for him. Not in effect hope for his downfall. I choose to take him at his word. If, down the road, it turns out that he wasn’t sincere, God will deal with him. But my conscience will be clear for having stood beside my brother in Christ, instead of tearing him down.

  107. Michael wrote:

    With all the talk about Guy, I find it fitting that one of the songs on the Reunion DVD is called, “Rumor Mill” Perhaps some on this board should give it a listen

  108. Ed wrote:

    Ron F- Do you KNOW that Matt is singing to “feed his ego?” I think YOU need a lesson in compassion. If Matt has asked God to forgive him, and has repented, then let it go at that. If he hasn’t then God will deal with him. I don’t think we need any of YOUR self righteous opinions.

  109. R.D.A wrote:

    Well I guess there should be no earthly consequences for ones action according to the post that are kicking Ron F. So Matt should be lifted up and praised, sounds like someone wants him to be God. Hypocrisy abounds in situations like this and no one evers pays the price for deceiving others. Yes let’s forgive him, but in the same light he MUST be held accountable for his actions. God does not tell us to NOT hold people accountable. So we let the Matts of the world get a free ride then you end up with the world you are looking at today. Everything will soon be allowed on the path listed here. And yes it sounds like Ron F. does have some inside knowledge of Matt and his action on stage.

  110. Ron F wrote:

    Ed, Michael, Scope, Rob Y, Stunned 1, DMP, Im sorry I offended you guys. I just think people like Matt should be held to a higher standard. You guys need to read Delores comments on #103. It sounds like Matt has a history of this kind of behavior. We all talk about how much we need more youth in SG Music. Well how does it look when the Matt Diblers of our Industry are taking a whole page of the Singing News begging everyone to please forgive him. He thinks this will look good when he comes out in a few months with a new group.Oops I shouldnt have said that.

  111. curious wrote:

    Just wondering what Matt did?

  112. nonsgfan wrote:

    no matter how much you flatten a still has two sides.

    Just thought i’d throw that in.

    dont know why…

  113. stunned1 wrote:

    R.D.A.: I would say that Bro. Matt has suffered more for his actions than most sg singers have just by the public humiliation that he and his family have had to endure through all this. What do you consider a sufficient consequence for his actions? Just what do you think he needs to do or go through to say he has paid the price? True forgiveness is not saying I forgive you but I want to see you pay dearly. I do not look at him like he is God but I do have respect for him being honest about the situation. How many sg singers are out there doing things they have no business doing when they get on the bus and they think nobody knows? I can promise you word gets out. It just hadn’t been plastered on the internet.

  114. Michael wrote:

    Ron F I am not offended at your comments…my statement about the rumor mill was not entirely directed at you…I am just saying in general and in fact saying it to myself at times…I really have no idea who most of these people are that folks are commenting on…it just seems like at times people are just fishing for info that is nothing more than gossip and will act as though people are hiding something just to see if they can draw out the JUICY details..all in the love of Christ..YEAH RIGHT :-)

  115. stunned1 wrote:

    To Curious: Ask Delores, she seems to know all the juicy details THAT IS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS!

  116. Delores wrote:

    I will say when I heard about a situation with Matt and a woman at his church several years ago, I did not believe it. I told the person telling me I did not believe it. I had high regard for him. When he joined the Inspirations, I knew the standards that Martin Cook held his guys to and I was positive they were wrong. He then when to another church where I know a number of church members. This time it was a choir member. I was shocked that he was still with the Inspirations until I learned recently that they weren’t told of the incident by the church and of course I’m sure Matt didn’t tell them. Then he went to GA and same scenerio again. That’s not a mistake, that is a habit.

    In the first 2 cases this wasn’t made ‘public’ only those in the churches involved were aware it seems. That’s didn’t stop him. Yes this time there has been some public humiliation and I’m so sorry for his family. I know this has been hard on them and I hate it. He was not ever honest about the situations until he was put in a position he had to be.

    Do I believe God can and will forgive him? Absolutely I do. I even believe that God can use him. But when something has been a long ongoing sin, it takes time to be restored spiritually and to regain the confidence of others. I can’t say how much time it will take to be restored but I think it may be more than a few months. I’m not saying it must be, God is the only one that can say what it must be. But when you quickly jump back in and try to pretend this is a one time thing, it doesn’t look like he has really faced the issues.

  117. R.D.A wrote:

    Paying dearly depends on how much Matt puts himself back in the lime light. He makes that choice. Respect him? How can you respect him for being honest about being hypocritcal? When you give him the open door to come back be a minister of Gods music, and you have not seen his repentance in his actions how can you accept him at face value? How can you allow him to minister to your heart and soul when you have no idea if he has stopped his wayward ways? He needs to step back and look at what he has done. The person that rushes back into the ministry after falling face down in hypocritical sin should not expect the Christian community to welcome them with open arms till they have proved that they have truly changed. As you read # 103 she has known him to do this often. Granted we (I ) do not know if any of the accusations are true, but given the appearance of smoke there is usually a fire that is brewing. I am not the one to punish Matt or any other SG person, but I for one will NOT allow them to parade around as if nothing has happened.
    Respect, no not for him and what he has done to his family, friends, and SG fans.
    Your thinking allows people to resume their ways without any consequences from anyone but the persons family. No one else can hold the Matt’s of the world to any standards. Sorry if this upsets those that think if you forgive someone that they have paid all the price for their indiscretions. I for one have much higher standards for all.
    Forgive him yes it is done and not even needed from an earthly being as I. But allowing him to freely assume his roll NO!!!

  118. imallaboutgrace wrote:

    Some of you have your opinions on Matt Dibler but you more than likely have the upmost respect for certain singers in the southern gospel realm that are guilty of the same sin and they think their sin is hidden because it has not been made public. Be careful what you say about him cause you would be surprised at the “prominent” southern gospel singers that are guilty also. This is not an accusation. There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed and you just might have to forgive the one you respect the most.

  119. JM wrote:

    Here’s a question: If someone making a full-time living within SGM is “caught in sin,” what typically happens afterwards? Notice I didn’t say “what should happen” or “what does the Bible say should happen.” My experience suggests that we typically see a wide range of reactions from the individuals involved. I’ve seen individuals who confront their problems, seek forgiveness and counseling and blend back into the church, not to be heard from again. I’ve also seen the same scenario, except that after a protracted length of time (over a year), the individual seeks out reinvolvement in SGM. I’ve seen folks who deny any wrongdoing whatsoever, even when confronted by the stark truth. And I’ve watched their SGM ministry and reputation go down the tubes! And I’ve seen some high-profile gospel artists, who seem to be able to “dabble” in sin, cut a secular project or two and then, be reembraced by SGM folks. I’m sorry to say that there is little Christain discipline excercised by the Church when these issues take place. I’m not suggesting a “scarlet letter” or stonings. BUT, I do think that moral irresponsibilty should lead to personal consequences. And, per my understanding of scripture, I believe the Church is empowered and even expected to hold our brothers and sisters responsible.

  120. stunned1 wrote:

    R.D.A. - Just forgive the man and let God do the rest. Singers are “parading” around in concerts every weekend that have sin in their lives and we think they are living for Jesus. You don’t feel that way about them cause you don’t know the truth. BTW, the standards you say you live by are no higher than mine.

  121. Delores wrote:

    “To Curious: Ask Delores, she seems to know all the juicy details THAT IS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS!”

    When a local pastor or minister of music leaves hurt, disillusioned and disheartened people in his wake, it isn’t just a family suffering. When his actions turn people from Christ rather than too him, it’s more than a mistake.

    As I mentioned in post #116, I didn’t believe this when I heard it the first or even the second time as ‘the rumors’ floated. Neither did the folks at the church he went to next, however they found out it was true when they faced the same circumstances.

    So it is better to bury our heads and pretend it doesn’t happen and let it continue to happen again and again. Or it is more prudent to say ‘it needs to stop and it can only stop if we realize it is happening’.

  122. trish wrote:

    Continuing the discusion about Matt, here’s my personal opinion: Matt’s a sinner (like we all are). Unfortunately, mistakes made by people who are public figures cause more problems for that public figure (unlike those of us who are not public figures). In MY opinion, Matt should handle this matter privately instead of publishing a letter of apology in the Singing News. There’s a time and place for everything. The Singing News is an enjoyable magazine which should entertain and inform. I feel certain that there were SEVERAL readers of the Singing News who have absolutely no idea what Matt was talking about. So him having that letter of apology just opens a “whole new can of worms”. He probably debated within himself as to whether or not he should have written the apology letter in the magazine. Well, I personally think he made the wrong decision in doing so.

  123. stunned1 wrote:

    Delores, My point is - nobody needs to know these details. I don’t think people should go out in the world and discuss details about a churches business whether it be about a members sins or how much the church has in the bank. All of this became public knowledge because of somebodys wagging tongue. Like I told R.D.A., just forgive and let got render the punishment in his own way and on his time table. Forgive me if I have offended you. It was not my intention.

  124. stunned1 wrote:

    Delores - that is let “God ” render the punishment not “got” ….sorry

  125. terry t wrote:


  126. The #1 Music Man wrote:

    Stunned1-To be honest, the fans deserve some knowledge of this. The reason is b/c he dangled the information over our heads like fish bait without completely coming out and telling us everything. That’s why I’m thankful for ppl like Kirk Talley and and others i can’t think of at the moment for their ability to tell ppl in the open what they did and ask forgiveness for it. It makes the road a lot smoother to walk on.

  127. Ron F wrote:

    Stunned1 who is got? If thats who Matt is praying to then that is his whole problem. ha ha. Just kidding

  128. SGFAN65 wrote:

    DOUG -

    Please come back and RESCUE us from this endless debate about the sins of a gospel singer………


  129. stunned1 wrote:

    The Inspirations web site says that Troy Burns was having by pass surgery today. So I think we can put aside our differences and opinions and pray for him and his family.

  130. Delores wrote:

    Stunned1 - there is a part of me that agrees with you 100%. I am not God and Matt owes me nothing.

    Then there is the part that says if this person keeps doing it because no one makes it known, are you guilty of helping him do it?

    What is the quote it goes something like ‘all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men(women) to do nothing’. Now I’m not saying that Matt is evil, I don’t believe that.

    But if the first church had not tried to ‘keep this quiet’, I doubt he would have gotten the chance at the 2nd church - how many innocent people who have been kept from hurt if that had happened?

    Had it not come out this time, how many more churches and people who have been hurt?

    ImallaboutGrace - I did respect Matt and did not believe this the first time it happened even though I knew the person who was hurt by it and knew they had no reason to lie. I have seen others that I respected who failed in the past and unfortunately it will probably happen in the future.

    But the Bible doesn’t tell us to stick our heads in the sand when there is something wrong. We should seek to restore the person but for them to be restored them must repent, not repent of getting caught but repent of the well known and lesser known actions that could bring shame on the Lord.

    None of us is perfect. Any of us can fail the Lord today or tomorrow. But there is a difference between ‘mistake’ and a habit and the history here says it is happen.

    JM makes some good points on restoration and what needs to happen. If you are truly humbled and have a contrite spirit of repentance, do you really want to be back in the limelight before you have a chance to heal?

  131. Delores wrote:

    That should say ‘the history here says it is HABIT’ not happen.

  132. Rob Y wrote:

    See Jeff Snyder has left Mike & Kelley Bowling. They lost their piano player not too long. They have changed booking agent again. Wonder what’s up with Mike & Kelley?

  133. Stormy wrote:

    I’m sad for Matt’s wife and family. We don’t know the pain unless we have “walked a mile in his/her moccasins”.

    Should I be the wife/husband of a “repeat offender”, if my love for him/her ceased to exsist, then drop him/her and go on with your life. If I love him/her after all I’ve lived with, him/her tied up in a sheet and beat with a Louisville slugger would work for me!

  134. K.D. wrote:

    Delores, You are right on target,just not sure the target has a grasp on it all.

  135. asgfan wrote:

    I just read that Jeff Snyder is apparently joining the Greenes, taking the place of Paul Lancaster. Here’s my question. I’m a huge Paul Lancaster fan. My first exposure to him was when he was a part of the Nelons back in the late 90s and early 2000s. I love his voice and think he’s a great singer. Why can he not stay with any group longer than a few months? What’s the story with Paul?

  136. Bob M. wrote:

    It was my comment at #98 that got these recent comments started. I am sorry that I ever posted about Matt. I was hurt that earlier on another commenter had referred to me as “delusional and illiterate” in referring to another discussion. I lashed out by opening my Feb. SN magazine and starting more stuff. I am sorry. I repent, and I will, once again, not comment further on this thread. All I am is a troublemaker.

  137. Auke wrote:

    A non-Christian friend of mine recentely got interested in SGM. He asked me where he could read up on history/trivia about this particular music field.
    I gave him a few links (including averyfineline).
    He called me the other day saying and i quote “i read some of the threads on fineline, i was disgusted and won’t go there no more”.
    Wow….here’s a non believer…and he’s disgusted by the sharptongued,hateful, and childish things ppl say…i felt embarrased to say the least (since i provided the link).
    I’m the first to say that i in the past i’ve posted (on various boards) sour and cynical remarks on artists and fellow posters, but as all i’m growing older both fysically,emotionally and spiritually…and i simply won’t do that anymore.

    Now on the Guy Penrod issue…there isn’t an issue at all, y’all (most of you) make a issue out of it.
    On Wes Hampton…he’s still with the Vocal Band..if he leaves, you can say ‘i told you so’…if that isn’t gratification enuf..what is?
    On the Matt Dibler thing…i’m in a Qt (amateur) but i’ve did simular things, infidelity..cheating…etc…and i still struglle daily with temptation of the flesh…i can resist most…and sometimes i can’t. Even after i got saved…huh? yes! because no one after their salvation is without sin…take your pick sex,drugs rock and roll…gossip, foul language,lies, jealousy,greed,pride,vanity…you name it…they don’t go away instantly.
    They will be reduced at the most, cause of spiritual growth, but even when you think you;ve matured in spirit…the great tempter will have his hand in yr life…like it or not.
    If we could do it (living sinless)..we wouldn’t be needing Him….anyone who claims to be without sin after their salvation, is at the least guilty of lying…and therefore is a sinner.
    Now i will get of my soapbox…but i’m reminding myself everyday of the sinner i am, and that there’s no need to focus on other ppl’s transgresions. I have my hands full on my own.
    Someone said Matt Dibler was held to a higher standard…what??? There’s only one level we are called to…and that is Calvary..the ground is the level..and that’s it!
    A higher standard…hah balony!!
    I listen to this song daily, it’s that great song Joel Hemphill wrote ‘He’s still working on me’.
    And i want to leave you with the words of the 2nd verse to that song, we can all use these (yes myself included).

    “In the mirror of His Word reflections that I see
    Make me wonder why He never gave up on me.
    He loves me as I am and helps me when I pray
    Remember He’s the Potter, I’m the clay”


  138. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    I noticed today the Daniel J. Mount has posted today on Southern Gospel Blog a Maxim of the Day.
    I read a Maxim of the Day from nationally (maybe not respectable) newspaper.
    To add salt to the womb, check out the source.

  139. dmp wrote:

    Flog Bob!

  140. Steve wrote:

    On a brighter note George Beverly Shea, a man with an impeccable reputation, turns 100 years old on Feb. 1.

  141. SG Obzerver wrote:

    #101 and 109 - When God forgives us does He then turn around and gaze at us as unworthy screw-ups with suspicious motives? Does he hold court with the angels and take bets on how long it takes before we “do it again”? Even though God has intimate and full knowledge of our character and habits and He knows what hides in every corridor of our heart His Grace is STILL the rule and not the exception. I know its a tough concept for us to grasp but while humans are bent on giving us “just what we deserve”, God is intent on giving us exactly what we DON’T deserve.

    And I, for one, am grateful.

  142. Ron F wrote:

    Ok guys you win Iwas too hard on Matt. Lets put him on the cover of the Singing News, Lets fill up his date book with Singings and Revivals for the rest of 2009. Lets get him on TV as well. He doesnt need to sit out like Michael English and heal his soul. Lets put Matt Dibler out there now, he is ready to minister to us all. Maybe the Gaithers could use him some. Maybe Matt can Run for President in 2012. Hey guys I wonder if Matt is Democrat or Republican?

  143. KDM wrote:

    This is boring. Let’s talk about something else…

    Did anyone else see the Ernie Haase bobblehead dolls they’re selling at Family Christian Stores? They even come with rhinestone accents (tie tack and pinky ring)!! Sincerely, I’m not making it up!!! So tackilicious!!

  144. Auke wrote:

    to #142…what is your problem? You are so pityfull…and may i throw in quite pathetic!
    Speaking needing a soul healing..i think yr up for one yourself…but maybe i’m guilty of assuming too much.
    Man i sure hope Matt is a democrat, that would prove the selfevident point that sane ppl also have their weak moments.


  145. SGfan wrote:

    #136 Auke,

    To quote my pastor, “You don’t have to get cleaned up to get Jesus, but if you get Jesus you’ll clean up.” Yes our sins were paid for by the price He paid on Calvary, but Jesus is not just a “Get Out of Hell Free Card”. Part of the salvation process is allowing God to transform our lives into a reflection of His image as seen through the life of Christ. If you are still comitting the same sins you did before your repentance, then did you really repent. To repent is to do more than just confess that you have sinned, but to turn away from those sins. Are you going to be perfect, no. Are you going to make mistakes, yes. Is comitting infidelity and cheating a mistake, no! It does not just happen. It is a willful action that requires at least some thought or planning before hand. I guess my point to you is this. If you repent, then go on living as you did before the repentance comitting the same sins, did you really repent in the first place? No one is saying that temptation will disappear. However, a life in Christ is a life reflecting His image and a life above sin. If you hit you finger with a hammer and let out a four letter word, mistake. You still need to work on that, but that is almost an involuntary reaction. If you decide to shack up with a woman while on the road, not a mistake. Its time you used Calvary for what it is, a turning point. Quit sitting at the base saying you want to be forgiven while keepind your feet in the tracks of sin that led you to that point. Get up and walk in the light of the path that He has provided and allow Him to be God of every aspect of your life. Only then can you say that you have truely repented.

  146. Sobro25 wrote:

    It’s amazing to me that this person who wrote this blog is able to dress their selves in the morning.

    Obviously this person knows nothing about music in general and nor has this person ever traveled on the road and should not be commenting about anything that pertains to Southern Gospel music. I’ve traveled across this country since I was 15 years old I know what the inner workings of Gospel music is, and obviously this person has no clue what they’re talking about. Michael English has more of the testimony in his pinky finger than this person will ever have. So my advice to you is, Shut Up.

  147. K.D. wrote:

    To Auke
    In post 137 you state you sent a non-christian to this site to learn about SG.I wouldn’t say that makes you pitfyfull or pathetic(quoting you from post 144)…..but it does show a great lack of wisdom.

  148. Larry S wrote:

    I’m just trying to figure out why so much bandwidth is being occupied with this discussion? Gimme a friggin’ break! Someone call me when something of value shows up…

  149. ng wrote:

    sobro25 (#126) Since you are dissatisfied with Avery’s blog, will you soon be writing a blog sharing what “the inner workings of gospel music are?” If so, please let us know how to access it. With all your knowledge of the industry, I would hope it would be insightful but will it also be critical or do you feel there are no problems in SGM?

  150. ng wrote:

    In my response to sobro25, I meant to refer to poster 146 not 126. Sorry.

  151. BUICK wrote:

    OK - I feel I must break radio silence.
    #146 wrote (and I’ll add some grammatical corrections):

    Obviously this person knows nothing about music in general and nor (”AND” or “NOR” BUT NOT BOTH…ACTUALLY, “AND” WOULD BE APPROPRIATE HERE) has this person ever traveled on the road and should not be commenting about anything that pertains to Southern Gospel music (OK, THIS SENTENCE IS SO CONVOLUTED, IT CANNOT BE CLEANED UP. DELETE IT AND START ALL OVER, SOUTHERN BROTHER.). I’ve traveled across this country since I was 15 years old I know what the inner workings of Gospel music is (AHEM…”ARE”. THE NUMBER OF THE VERB MUST MATCH THE NUMBER OF THE NOUN.), and obviously this person has no clue what they’re (”HE’S”…LIKEWISE, THE NUMBER OF THE PRONOUN MUST MATCH THE NUMBER OF THE NOUN THAT IS THE ANTECEDENT.) talking about. Michael English has more of the testimony in his pinky (PERHAPS “PINKIE”??) finger than this person will ever have. So my advice to you is, Shut Up.

    Seems to me, SoBro, that instead of hitting the road at 15, you maybe should have hit the books. Not judging, mind you, just observing hick-grammar. :)

  152. Ron F wrote:

    Well Guys Its Midnight and I just got in from Huntsville AL. I got to see the New or Old Gaither Vocal Band. Im very tired so let me make this as short and sweet as possible. Ernie Hasse and SSQ performed first and they were on as usual. Their performance was almost flawless.David Phelps came out next and he Brought the House down with a Solo. Then Bill Gaither comes out and sits at the piano and leads the crowd in a few of his great songs like He Touched Me, Lets Just Praise the Lord, etc. Then the rest of the Vocal Band came out and sang With him “Where Could I Go. Wes Hampton kept the group going tonight with his singing. Michael English is awesome but he struggled with the words to the songs that he sang with the GVB years ago. He also struggled a little vocally, but I think with him back singing with Bill, He will be back.David Phelps is David Phelps what else can you say. Alot of people were disappointed that Mark Lowry was not with the Vocal Band, He will join them in about 2 Weeks. I think with Marks smooth Baritone it will help solidify the Group. I must admit it was an emotional ride for me. It was great seeing David and Michael back but I miss Guy Penrod. After all Hes been there 12 years. And I do wonder if the fine folks in Birmingham AL will ever see the Gaithers return to the rundown BJCC. The Crowds in Birmingham every year have been less than 5,000. Last night there was between 8 and 10,000 people in attendence.

  153. Auke wrote:

    To #136, you can quote your pastor,but i know that i’m saved…in spite of all my short comings.
    I’m trying to livde my life as good as i can, with the help of Christ i’ve come a long way.
    All i wanted to say is that no matter how i try…i make mistakes (as you call em) i like to call em for what they are and that’s sin.
    Your interpertation of Salvation isn’t the right one…..the thief at Calvary just aknowledged Christ as the son of God…and that was what saved him.

    Luke (23:38-43).

    “And there was also a superscription over him, THIS IS THE KING OF THE JEWS. And one of the malefactors that were hanged railed on him, saying, Art not thou the Christ? Save thyself and us. But the other answered, and rebuking him said, Dost thou not even fear God, seeing thou art in the same condemnation? And we indeed justly; for we receive the due reward of our deeds: but this man hath done nothing amiss. And he said, Jesus, remember me when thou comest in thy kingdom. And he said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, Today shalt thou be with me in Paradise.”

    Jesus didn’t ask questions, didn’t ask for a tracklist, a resume…the thief is walking the golden streets today…probably chuckling over our discussions over what is right and wrong.
    There ain’t no big or small sins….there are just sins…there is a big God and that\s all.


  154. Wade wrote:

    I have to agree with dmp in 136…FLOG BOB!!! lol

    Every one in SGM new for years Matt was a skirt chaser. But it was kept quite because Martin Cook is so powerful in SGM and nobody wants to upset him, except for Dr. DH!! lol

    Auke…refreshing to see some one be so honest about the failures you have had personally… but come on spare us the GUILT trip.

    All you are going to learn here is why & how everybody sux, who is doing who in SGM & hopefully one day we will learn WHY Guy LEFT!!!…don’t be sending NEWBIES here until they are properly jaded!!

    So Bro25…146… while I agree with you about Michael and getting some of these ppl to SHUT UP… So while we are shutting up … you must now tell us how it all works… and if you got sack enough tell us who you are… it is one thing to be out since you were 15 if it was part of a local or regional group vs. some of the REALLY FULL time has 2 songs a year in the charts kinda performer…there is a BIG DIFFERENCE!!!

    Just wondering for perspective when we read your post!!!

  155. Gospel Has Been wrote:

    It is amazing to me that so many of you are disgusted with Southern Gospel Music and it’s performers yet you still support it. You go to the NQC (but I guess that is to collect stories to put on here) and many other concerts around the country. If I didn’t like the industry as much as some of you I’d stay completely away.

  156. Bubba wrote:

    Hey #151!
    You missed correcting #138’s “To add salt to the womb,” ROFLOL

  157. Auke wrote:

    Wade GUILT? i was pointing out to all the folks who judge any singer in a blink of an eye who falls by the wayside…that they shouldn’t do that, not because i think so or say so, but it’s not the way to travel for us Christians! It’s kinda weird hearing that some experience simple honesty about past failures as refreshing….but i’ll stay out of this ‘topic’…..and don’t feel guilty…it my and my decisions only.


  158. Phil Boles wrote:

    You can hear some of the New Gaither Vocal Band at Ernie Haases Blog….

    Once Mark rejoins them, they will sound fuller and smoother im sure….

    Oh yeah, Whats that song Tim Duncan is singing at the end?! “Up Above My Head”?

  159. SGfan wrote:

    #153 Auke,

    “Your interpertation of Salvation isn’t the right one.”

    Any time someone in scripture asks how to be saved, the answer that comes back is repent.

    Try reading the following:

    Matthew 11:20, 21:32
    Mark 6:12
    Luke 5:32 “I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance”
    Luke 13:3 “I tell you, no! But unless you repent, you too will all perish”
    Acts 2:38 “Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.”
    Acts 3:19
    “Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord”

    You see, every time someone in scripture asks what shall I do to be saved, the answer comes back repent (and those are just a few references). Part of that process is accepting and aknowledging that you can not pay the price of your sins and that Jesus was the only one that could and did on the cross. You can aknowledge that all day long, but if you don’t walk in His teachings and begin to walk in a new way, then you have not completed the definition for repentance. You can aknowledge all day long that cigarettes cause cancer, but if you don’t stop smoking then you are still likely to get cancer. Yes the thief at Calvary aknowledged Christ as the son of God, but he did not live afterward to exhibit the walk he had aknowledged. You on the other hand are still living after your aknowledgement. You are supposed to be walking in repentance. You see, you have to look at context when you quote scripture and not try to create your own. The thief you referenced is walking in paradise just as Jesus said. For you, you have been blessed with the opportunity to live out you salvation before others. Better yet, you have been blessed to live out you salvation. So, if my interpretation of salvation is not the right one, then the interpretation presented in the Bible is flawed. After all, that is exactly the interpretation I have presented you.

  160. Jake wrote:

    To Ron F (# 152) — Thanks for the update and first hand report. It sounds like a concert I would have enjoyed being at. It’s nice to see something posted here that isn’t bashing someone. I too will miss Guy and Marshall, but life moves on — as will the GVB.

  161. HabeHolt Fan wrote:

    ummm..Is the Mike’s LeFevre’s group the LeFevre Quartet or the Mike LeFevre Quartet? I’ve seen album artwork for their newest cd with both names. Does anyone have a clue?

    BTW-The GVB reunion cds are cool. I’m am steaming mad that Terry Franklin wasn’t on them though. :(

  162. John wrote:

    I find it refreshing that God’s people have found a way to express their inner frustration in such a constructive well meaning way. I have visited other sites and I think it is great that this site has found a way to bring out the best in folks. I mean where else can you can you find good Christian folks calling each other “wise$$$’s” and wondering out loud if you have the sack to tell the blogging world you true identity. I think that we should have fifty of these sites maybe we can talk about how the church is better when all of God’s chosen perfect people can bash each other with their words and then say we have the right because they sang a song about him. I hope one day that I reach a point in my faith where I can stand in judgment of those I think should be perfect and run them into the ground. But hey I am still a work in progress…..

  163. Ron F wrote:

    #161 I didnt see Johnathon Pierce on the Reunion video either.

  164. Wade wrote:

    BUICK…151… you really need to get a life!!

  165. WA wrote:

    Dear Buick - If you were to invest the time to correct all of the incredibly terrible grammar, diction, word choice, etc., on here, it would be your full-time job, along with giving you a chance to help our ailing economy by hiring several more people. This blog is a living testimonial to the sad state of public education in America! Should you persist in your corrections, you’ll either die frustrated or go insane!

  166. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #161: I believe they are the Mike LeFevre Quartet.

  167. BUICK wrote:

    Bubba, (156) - that one’s a stitch! I missed that when skimming the posts.

    Wade (164) - I not only have a life (pleasant, rewarding and fulfilling), I have a new life in Christ. Grace is just amazing!

  168. Leslie wrote:

    regarding #80 and #95
    Reba Rambo-MacGuire may be required to sue the bus driver. I am not an attorney, but I am aware of a law in the state of Tennessee in which the family of the injured/deceased party must sue the other driver (not the insurance company of the driver) in order to release THEIR insurance company’s benefits. It sounds crazy, but as someone else said, this happened in Barbara Mandrell’s case in 1986. She too was blasted by the media for suing the deceased teenager who crossed the center line in Madison, TN and nearly killed her and her two children. In short, Reba may have to go that route to get funds from Dottie’s policy.

  169. american wrote:

    Buick 151 talk about being an old grouch! Are you the grammer police?

  170. Auke wrote:

    Sgfan…where did i say that i didn’t repent? I said i struggle with sin…and i summed up a list of sins…most of us are familiar with…..they’re not neccesarily all my personal failures…some of the listed are i must admit.
    Why if i didn’t repent would i feel a struggle??

    I’m glad about the first positive recap of the new gvb performance.


  171. Stormy wrote:

    John (Post #162)

    You are making an assumption.
    You know what is said regarding making assumptions….

    I mean where else can you can you find good Christian folks calling each other “wise$$$’s”

  172. Gear Hound wrote:

    Does anyone know what the GVB sounded like WITHOUT the vocal stacks. You could even hear the stacks on Ernie’s Blog video. The solos and “step out” parts of the song are live, but everything else is Milli Vanilli. Guy Penrod was there, in a big way. Via tape.

  173. Tusk Molarr wrote:

    SGfan (#159) wrote:

    “Any time someone in scripture asks how to be saved, the answer that comes back is repent.
    “…every time someone in scripture asks what shall I do to be saved, the answer comes back repent…”

    You listed just a few references. You did not list Acts 16:30-31– “…[the jailer] asked, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?” They replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved- you and your household.”
    No “repent” there (not that I’m against repentance). But you did say “every time.”

  174. DMP wrote:


    What rule allows you to write in all capital letters?

  175. Little J wrote:

    you guys hurt my head. i cant find the topic of choice. but, i did meet Guy Penrod once. it was AMAZING. i was walking in Disney minding my own business, when i see the super tall man with long flowy hair, and i think, wow, that looks like Jesus, i mean, Guy Penrod. and then, i take a second look and realize that it IS him. talk about freak out. him and his wife and yes, all 8 boys. seriously. i will never forget. he even took a picture with me. i feel special. so. can you beat that? no, i think not. because the rest of you PAID to see him, like pathetic fans, while i staked out Disney, knowing that everyone visits at some point in their life. I am a true fan.

  176. Little J wrote:

    dmp. you are my favorite. i just thought you should know that.

    um. i dont know what whats his name did? i dont understand why? but, its safe to say that you will get flogged if you ask again. so, this is my NOT asking what happened. (pssstt, psssstt, dmp?? what happened??)

    please ignore any whispers that were not for you. because that would be you getting in my business, and you will be flogged for that as well…

    o, and dmp, you are right. his fans did make his career, thats what the industry is about. i also understand, that you, as a devoted fan, much like myself, would wonder why he left you hanging. i know. its saddening to think that fans get overlooked. i mean, seriously? we feel connected to him. you’d think that connection was mutual. but, then, i have been known to form connections that are a bit one-sided…anyone else have that problem? i need to stop listening to music…

  177. J wrote:


    I was privileged to hear the Gaither Vocal Band, Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, Janet Paschal, and Gordon Mote tonight in Dothan, Alabama.

    The concert began promptly on time with the song “Holy Highway.” The group had not yet come to the stage, however, the music was blasting, the live band was playing(Mote, Williams, and Ritchie), and the vocals were already going. About 30 seconds into the song, the GVB and EHSS walked on stage and joined together singing.
    After their first song, the group sang “Swing Down Chariot” with Michael English taking the lead several times. This was followed with an A capella version of “Sweet, Sweet Spirit,” and then “Love Is Like a River.”

    At this point, Janet Paschal came onstage with “I Shall Wear a Crown” accompanied by EHSS on the backup vocals. She closed her set with a touching testimony about her victory over cancer and a heartfelt performance of “It Wont Rain Always.”

    EHSS followed Paschal and did a fairly lengthy set. Some of the highlights include; “My Heart Is a Chapel”, “Lead Me Guide Me”, “Swingin’ On the Golden Gate”, “Heavenly Parade”, “Glory to God In The Highest”, “Reason Enough”, “A Good Heart”, and a standing ovation worthy performance of “Then Came the Morning.” For me, the highlight of the set was a glorious A capella rendition of “Wonderful Grace of Jesus.”
    –These guys were good. It was obvious at times that they were heavily stacked, however, they did a large group of songs with only live accompaniment and their vocals were as tight as it gets. I think they are perhaps the best Traditional Male Quartet in the business.

    After EHSS, Gordon Mote came out and sang two songs. His first song, “All That Noise” was a great opener for him and truly showcased both his singing and keyboard talents. He closed his set with “Don’t Let Me Miss the Glory.” I truly feel you could go hear every Christian Artist in the business and never find a more heartfelt performer than Gordon Mote. He is incredible and the love of God radiates in his performances.

    DRUM ROLL——-

    The next act was the “new” old Gaither Vocal Band. To open the set, Bill came out and sat down at the piano and began prompting the audience to sing along as he played “Something Beautiful”, “Let’s Just Praise the Lord”, “He Touched Me”, and “There’s Just Something About That Name.”
    After this, he began singing “Where Could I Go”, at which point the GVB came out and joined him around the piano. The group consisted of what he referred to as “3 tenors”—Wes Hampton, David Phelps, and Michael English. Now, keep in mind this is not the same Michael English that you remember from years ago. Physically, Spiritually, and Vocally—this is a new man.
    The group did a lot of switching…part to part…David would take the tenor some, and then Hampton would…and English would take the lead and then the baritone….depending..

    Their second song was “Satisfied” which was a crowd favorite. They followed this with “Temporary Home” which English shined on. They began to sing “The Love of God” and it was clear that they (everyone but Phelps) weren’t as prepared as they could have been on this one. With the high tenor lead, they did some switching between Hampton and Phelps…and it was painfully clear that Bill would just point at the guy whom he wanted to sing…. And they sang. There was a mix-up at one point and Hampton came in almost a bar too late. The crowd laughed and Hampton did a good job playing it up and recovered well. It was also evident that English was not as familiar with this song as the others up to this point. He was guessing at words and notes. “Journey to the Sky” followed this and Wes Hampton did a great job on this one…he truly shined…. I found myself feeling sorry for Wes all night. I felt that the new members were in a way catered to a bit more and overshadowed him. I do have to give it to Wes though, when he got his turn, he didn’t disappoint. Wes got another chance with “Place at the Table”, and he brought the house down with it. What a communicator he is. English followed this with a heartfelt testimony and then a stirring and tearful rendition of “Lord Feed Your Children.”

    At this point the GVB left and Phelps sang a pop/opera version of Puccini’s “Nessun Dorma” from Turandot. It was good, just a bit out of place.

    When the group re-entered, they sang “Let Freedom Ring.” This was the last song of their set, and personally I would have went with something different. Michael had no clue on the words, and it affected their performance. David, however, carried his part and the song did well with the audience. They were stacked heavy enough throughout the night to cover up most of the errors…to the average listener anyways.

    I did appreciate their heartfelt performances…I just wish they would have put a bit more time into memorization, polishing, etc……
    In the second half, they did a “Homecoming” style concert. Some of the hits were Ernie on “O What a Savior”, Gordon on “I cant Even Walk”, and Michael on “ I Bowed on My Knees and Cried Holy.”

    It was a good night… I think the new group is going to work out. When Mark comes back it will complicate things even more. I am interested to see how the comedy between Bill and Kevin Williams is treated when Mark and his antics return.

    Anyways, its 3am… IM going to bed!!

  178. Ron F wrote:

    Hey J #177 what kind of crowd did they have in Dothan AL?

  179. J wrote:

    I think the seating capacity in Dothan is a little under 4000…. And it was full. The crowd was fairly lively, with the average age in my estimation being around 70.

    MOST of the crowd stayed through the intermission….however, they did lose some.

  180. SGfan wrote:

    #170 Auke,
    The main thing I think I took issue with you on was the idea you presented that

    “the great tempter will have his hand in yr life…like it or not” and “and i still struglle daily with temptation of the flesh…i can resist most…and sometimes i can’t. Even after i got saved…huh? yes! because no one after their salvation is without sin…take your pick sex,drugs rock and roll…gossip, foul language,lies, jealousy,greed,pride,vanity…you name it…they don’t go away instantly.
    They will be reduced at the most”

    I thought you might need to be reminded that salvation was more than just accepting, but it was also transforming.

    #173 Tusk Molarr

    Good homework! However, the verse still has to be used in context. Notice they did not say accept Jesus as you Lord and Savior, but they said ““Believe in the Lord Jesus”. When you truly believe in something, it becomes totally ingrained in who you are. Notice in the rest of the story the difference in the jailer’s demeanor. A complete 180 from earlier on when he was probably the one that had beaten Paul and Silas, now cleaning their wounds.

    The whole point I was trying to make to our dear friend Auke, is that salvation is the beginning of a new life. We are supposed to allow God to transform us into a reflection of His image. Are we still tempted, yes because we are still flesh. Should that temptation have “control” in our lives? Not if we are allowing God to have control of all areas first. The word repent was not used in the scripture you presented, yet it was fully visualized by the context of the story. When you walk in repentance, it will be very noticeable. The temptations you were so subject to before will no longer be such a big issue. Are they there? Yes. But you are no longer fighting against them alone, because the old man has died and you are a new creation in Christ.

  181. GVBFAN08 wrote:

    there’s photos and a review from the debut concert of GVB at - i can’t wait to hear this group!!!! i am so excited! looks like they were all having a ball!

  182. quartet-man wrote:

    #177 J,

    Thanks for the review. I wish I had been there. :-) I do want to comment on one thing you said: “I found myself feeling sorry for Wes all night. I felt that the new members were in a way catered to a bit more and overshadowed him.”

    Gaither (and not just Gaither) has a tendency to focus on “the new guy” who joins a group. Although English and Phelps are former members, they have been gone for a while. You look back to when Guy joined, or Russ etc. and you will see more leads for them. Admittedly sometimes he might do this more than others and sometimes it takes a while before he does this, and sometimes maybe not as often with some members, but it is a way to feature something new or different than before. Then after a while it becomes more even as members are on more equal footing. It might also have to do with the material chosen. But, even that might go back to picking songs to feature the “newer” people to begin with.

  183. quartet-man wrote:

    #174, I believe he (or she?) did that to separate his (or her? :-)) explanations of why things were changed from the corrections themselves and the original post. Bold or italics are not an option while posting here as far as I can tell.

    #169, careful. I am biting my tongue so as not to get into this anymore, but you left yourself wide open for a comment (correction) from Buick. :-)

  184. BUICK wrote:

    American (#169) - Nope, not the grammar police (not even the “grammar police, whatever “grammer” may mean), any more than any other contributor is the music police or the gossip police, etc. We all share our observations here and on a variety of topics. I happen to appreciate language because it is the vehicle of communication of our thoughts. Poor grammar is often poor communication. But, no, I’m not the grammar police, just an observer of some pretty poor use of the English language. Sorry if my observations offended you. I doubt that I am the only one who has written something you didn’t wish to read. I guess we all just have to deal with that kind of thing on a blog site.

    DMP (#174) - No rule allows me to use all caps. And no rule forbids it. I used them so readers could distinguish between SoBro’s words and my editorial comments. Sorry if that nuance escaped you. I was not yelling at you any more than you are yelling your initials (”DMP”). It is a diacritical tool for the benefit of the reader. Please accept my apologies if it confused you.

    But, hey, it kept the conversation off of adultery, homosexuality and stacks & tracks for a little bit and that’s a very good thing. (IMHO)

  185. Steve wrote:

    # 174 I heard Buick bought the rights to all capitals from Angie Hoskins.

  186. BUICK wrote:

    quartet-man (#183) - Thanks for your two comments. Obviously, you could figure out the purpose of the caps in my previous post. And I repent for pointing out the “grammer” error. It was in my wheelhouse and I just couldn’t seem to hold myself back.

  187. Wade wrote:

    QMan is a trouble maker from WAY BACK!!! lol …biting you tongue!! lol yeah right… just to nice to do it but you threw up a softball for some one else!!lol

  188. Ted (Tjeerd) wrote:

    Brother Auke:
    I am with you on all this.
    I can hear Guy Penrod singing “I am just a sinner saved by grace”
    It speaks to my heart and inspires me in my daily walk with Christ. SG music helps me cope with with my own struggles. Reading all these posts convinces me that the church needs a little more grace.
    Go Feyenoord!

  189. Ted (Tjeerd) wrote:

    One more thing, to SGfan

    Yes the Christian life is about transformation. Totally aggree.
    That means we deal with our struggles in a prayerfull way. I cannot fathom what my life would be if I was not a Christian.

  190. SGfan wrote:

    #189 Ted (Tjeerd)

    I’m glad at least we’re in agreement. I am just getting tired of hearing people offer excuses for their sins by saying things like:

    “no one after their salvation is without sin…take your pick sex,drugs rock and roll…gossip, foul language,lies, jealousy,greed,pride,vanity…you name it…they don’t go away instantly.
    They will be reduced at the most, cause of spiritual growth, but even when you think you;ve matured in spirit…the great tempter will have his hand in yr life…like it or not.”

    People like to offer excuses for their sins instead of taking responsibility. The “great tempter” only has the power that we give to him. He has already been defeated by the One who gave His life for our sins. So the point then becomes this. What power are we giving to the “great tempter” if we are still living in the same sins we were before salvation? Also, why blame the tempter when he did not and could not force you to commit the sin in the first place? Finally, if we are still living in those sins and making excuses for them, then have we truly repented? Those are the points I was trying to get across.

  191. Ted (Tjeerd) wrote:

    SGfan: Your right, its the old “the devil made me do it”, its his fault, and we wipe our hands. That has to stop.

    I have met amazing giving people who are not Christians, and crabby self centred people who are, so what gives?
    Just think of what the giving non christian would be like if he WAS a Christian. What kind of person who was self centred would be if he was not a Christian.
    Not sure if I am making sense but my point is that as a Christian I have Christ to help me with my struggles, and as long as I am maintaining my walk He can help me overcome my temptations. Does that mean I will never slip,.. no. But his Grace can carry me. It is also incumbent on me to extend that Grace to others such as Mr Dibler, and that is where I am with Auke, my brother in Amsterdam.
    If you have ever been in Amsterdam, its even more difficult given the permissive nature of Holland.

  192. SGfan wrote:

    #189 Ted (Tjeerd),

    I agree 100% that if we are reflecting the image of Christ, then we are to extend that grace to others that we are so in need of ourselves. We can not quit loving someone because of their sin. We love them and hate their sin. It is in that spirit that we walk with them, realizing that we ourselves are flawed and unworthy of the grace that God bestowed upon us. We help them get back up, but we don’t put them into a position of authority until they themselves are ready for it. I don’t think it is right for us to sit and point fingers at Mr Dibler. We need to reach out a hand to him the way Christ did for us. All the while, we do not excuse his or our own sins. We do not blame them on “the devil” but take responsibility and grow in Christ so that sin no longer has the stronghold. I have not been to Amsterdam, but I understand how easily it must be to fall to temptation in that type of environment. Whether there or here in the U.S., sin remains the same. It is sin and we have to be ready to allow Christ to live through us so that we can walk in a fallen world as a light or reflection of Him. When we allow Him full control in our lives, we will not be subject to falling to the temptation. Will we still be tempted? Yes. The only time we fall to temptation is when we decide that we know better than God in that part of our life and decide not to follow His instruction. We know very well what we are doing and that it is wrong. In short the tempter can tempt all he wants to, but he can not force us to sin. We do that on our own. “The great tempter” just presents options and opportunities. It is always up to us as to how we react.

  193. Bob M. wrote:

    Book suggestion:

    Respectable Sins: Confronting the Sins We Tolerate by Jerry Bridges

    I’ve made it through chapter 2 so far….and I’m gonna get my toes stepped on. So be it.

  194. Bones wrote:

    Who cares now why the Downings didn’t sing ay NQC in 1973? Maybe we cared then. That the year Big Chief died.

  195. GaitherFan wrote:

    You know, I feel like I have to point out that everything I have heard from people close to the Guy situation indicates that it is not even remotely similar to the Matt situation. There is no indication that Guy did anything wrong or that anyone near him did anything wrong. In fact, there is every indication now that this was something internal at the Gaither empire… A falling out of some kind…

  196. AnnD wrote:

    I agree #194 :)

  197. Stormy wrote:

    AnnD, do you remember which homecoming artist was married to Charles Pyle?


  198. just wondering wrote:

    Delores: if this sin that Matt has committed has been a habit, how come the women he was involved with have not come forward? Especially if it was made common knowledge in the churches he was attending at the time. Are you sharing something that is only second hand information or is this something you have proof of. To make untrue accusations is not nice. Further more, his wife is still with him and surely if it has happened as many times as you claim she would not still be there.

  199. Wade wrote:

    just wondering… are you serious???

    His wife staying with him is no indication he did or did not do anything… you know how many women stay with men who have done LOTS worse and many more times??

    Often they blame themselves for some kinda short coming that cause the behavior of their husband.

    Face it he can’t keep it in his pants and he is not the only one… just the latest to write the Sing News about it and they JUST happened to PUBLISH his letter because they are such good folks… in fact if you want to blame some one for much of the behavior of performers you should thank the Singing News…because for years they would not dare print anything negative unless it was a SELECTED Letter to the Editor like Matt’s or written by Roy P. & JD…why do you think their writings were so popular???

    What’s really funny is how many of JD’s writings were ghost written by Danny.

    Yes the Ole Singing News Protecting the performers have caused much or atleast enabled it to continue.

    You never heard anything about [edit], [edit] or [edit] did you??

    I have heard much about the Guy situation but not going to waste my time writing about it… because as much as Dr. DH may bash Bill from time to time…there are several things known in the industry about the empire and he will not allow it to be seen here… I am thinking he got the bejesus scared out of him by a letter from SOMEONE!!!

    I don’t blame him nor do I think bad of him because of it… he has offered to let me post it if I indemnify him… but I don’t have the money to spare and I doubt he does either!


  200. Luke 6:37 wrote:

    Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven.

  201. Night Voices wrote:

    I got to see Michael English with the Gaithers friday night. AMAZING! He really was on top of his game. Dave and Wes sounded good, but it was Michael that really led the way. I love the concept of the 3 tenors, and they play well off one another, but it took on a completely different aspect when Michael sang. He is right back where he belongs…”for my son was lost, but now he is found” The prodigal comes home!

  202. Mary wrote:

    Ms. Delores: Thank you so much for your postings - you see, I am out of the church that Matt pastored in Georgia and it is like a tornado went through our church (so much hurt and confusion) - and it is as if the tornado has just kept on - no regards to the damage left behind ??? your postings has hit the target… I understand that God does forgive, but there is a price to pay for sin and it seems like the only the innocent are paying ?? Please pray for our church….

  203. James wrote:

    I didn’t know we had so many ppl on here that wanted Bill Gaithers job, and able to hire everyone the Gaither Homecoming uses + buy a bus, sing in the GVB, prouduce Gaither videos-takes alot of money people-I will be expecting to hear your name on TV-OH yes tell me the URL of your new website when you take over.

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