Hairshirt special

As many of you have probably seen or heard, Matt Dibler, whose sexual misconduct forced his resignation from the Inspirations last year, took out (what some people thought appeared to be) a full-page ad in the most recent Singing News asking forgiveness for misbehavior that goes unspecified in the ad (it’s actually a full-page letter to the editor).

The Singing News could really expand on this idea as a new funding model in these tough times for old media. Call it the Hairshirt Special. Add it to the rate card and everything. According to this comment, a full-page ad goes for $2300. So ascending up the scale of impropriety as judged by the sg world, your standard-issue marital infidelity ought to be worth at least $2500. Returning to southern gospel after a stint in rehab or CCM: $3000. Sleeping with the spouse of another performer: $3500 (additional charges apply for being caught in flagrante delicto on the bus, in the green room, or any kind of Sunday school classroom). Someone got sticky fingers counting the take from the product table? $4000. Homosexual anything starts at $5000 and goes up from there.

Monetizing (im)morality … just another service we provide here at avfl.

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  1. DMP wrote:

    Martin Luther is rolling over in his grave as we type…

  2. Irishlad wrote:

    I know someone from the sg past has clocked ‘em all up hehe. Btw just spent the last 11 days soaking up the sun in lovely Tenerife,and,on Sunday morning the crew from the Mercy Mission ship took the service. Although mostly black Africans i spoke with a few Americans (white) who were crew members. Lovely people they all were.

  3. rr wrote:

    Sleazy post, Doug. You’re far too intelligent to stoop to this level.

    You’re driving more of us away from this blog with your mean-spirited, warped subject matter. What has happened to you in life to make you want to torment other people?

  4. Wade wrote:

    rr… get a sense of hunor… sheesh… go start your own holy blog w/ dr. joe while I add up what I have to spend on my page…

    DO Those categories coumpound if you fall under more than one??? Or can I pay for everything short of homosexual activity.

    Do you get a price break if it was with a preachers daughter or another well known performer???lol

  5. RealOne wrote:

    Hey “rr”, have you absolutely no sense of humor whatsoever?!! Worried about what a similar ad is gonna cost you? I’m still laughing my fool head off! HeHe.

  6. Janice wrote:

    Was it a paid ad? I thought it was a letter to the editor.

    While it is wearying to keep forgiving repeat offenders, I’m glad that Jesus does. I guess we are all repeat offenders.

  7. CVH wrote:

    Excellent idea - just the right kind of economic ’stimulus’ we need in these distressing times.

    I remember emceeing a concert by a (at the time, 20 years ago) very well-known quartet at a venue I knew inside and out. Less than 5 minutes to curtain, the leader of the group appeared, somewhat flush and flustered from one of the dressing rooms…and 30 seconds later a young woman (who I’d seen earlier behind the record table) walked out the same door, looking even more disheveled. She blushed, smiled and quickly walked out the side door backstage.

    In the $3 to 4k range? No…priceless.

  8. Janet wrote:

    rr - The point has been made, quite correctly, that Mr. Dibler set himself up for public scrutiny by placing said ad. The dignified (& Biblically correct) thing for him to do was to go into his closet & ask the Lord for forgiveness. The public has a tendency to not be so forgiving…

    It would also be a good time for him to disappear from performing, for a long time. If he can’t learn to control his…um…urges…then his trying to remain in the public eye will only provide more fodder for the masses. That’s not good for the message that is SUPPOSED to be paramount in southern gospel.

    Oh, and Doug? Glad you’re back!

  9. ddougies wrote:

    Right. Great sense of humor. I’m sure the Lord had a little impish grin on His face as he said “Go and sin no more.” (Wink, wink at Peter)

    It’s always the one who shows a bit of morality who is accused of “similar” behavior. Old trick.

    I’ve been around the pastoral ministry all my life (30) and it’s never funny to see a brother or sister fall. Scripture says to restore such in a spirit of meekness.

  10. Jim Cumbee wrote:

    It was not a paid ad. It’s obvious to anyone — who’s paying attention — that it was a Letter to the Editor. If your objective is to take silly sophmoric shots, at least do so on the facts.

  11. Irishlad wrote:

    Yea Wade they do compound if i’m getting Doug’s drift right.That means my guy would have hit the 100 gs mark in todays terms. Easily.

  12. Brett wrote:

    Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen Ephesians 4:29

  13. ddougies wrote:

    Dear Editor,

    I want to apologize for my blatant and willful misuse of new media to disparage my brothers in the Lord without so much as checking the facts. I relied on rumor for stories and innuendo to report. I was wrong. True, I enjoyed the upper hand over the old media because they are so far behind the times. I also enjoyed criticizing from my ivory perch and painting with a broad brush the artists of this genre. Thinking new media so vastly superior, it became my right to post anything that would get hits on my site, true or not. But alas, the curtain call is made and I am the one caught engaged in an activity that is untrue and uncalled for. I sincerely apologize. While realizing I could never take back what was done, I hope this goes at least some of the way to heal those I’ve offended.

    Signed- unfortunately not this arrogant blogger

  14. RealOne wrote:

    Though I’m not at all comfortable with categorizing sins improprieties from lesser to greater, I think the Rate Card funding model is deliciously humorous. A few of the more minor items could be added — and would bring immediate funding . . .

    Gossip — .02
    Gluttony, obesity — 1.25
    Off-color joke — 200.00
    (if really funny) — 150.00
    Smoking on bus — 250.00
    Drinking on bus — 500.00
    Smoking-Drinking combo — 800.00
    Add Cussin’ to above — 1,000.00

  15. Butch wrote:

    I got an idea for you Doug. Rename your blog the southern inquirer. Your gossip column continues to improve.

  16. Little J wrote:

    ok, so thats what happened.

    now, i am going to get completely off subject, but since i am newto Avery Fine Line, i hope you will forgive me.

    why do they call you Doug?

  17. Irishlad wrote:

    Apart from the “mistake” about the advert v’s open letter i bet Mr Dibbler didn’t compose it of his own volition. Bet you some spurned other half quietly thro’ gritted teeth omniously breathed “DO IT OR DIE”.

  18. Wade wrote:

    Jim # 10… don’t come on here ALL HIGH & MIGHTY!!! What Dr. DH did was no worse than some of the editorial BS y’all are doing. Least it was FUNNY!! Biz must be bad if you are here reading this blog scanning for NEWS probably!!! It’s been a long time since y’all had ANY REAL NEWS!!!

    I used to subscribe for YEARS except for the last 2 years cause it is such a joke… and I have not missed a thing!!

    Say what a few of ya want to about The Enquirer of SGM… but The real Enquirer has taken down a few evangelist and even a former presidential candidate from North Carolina.

    A little guy with a blog name Drudge even broke a pretty big story about a former president… so get used to it. I can’t wait until he starts selling ads.

    If Dr. DH REALLY wanted to roll it out this blog could make MORE news. But he will not go after [edit] because he is scared of his [edit] & [edit]!!

    Whats funniest is some of you Mightier Holy’s are fast to criticize but here ya are reading it. I know dr. joe is still out there. YOU CAN’T Take your eyes of the Scene of the Crime.

    It is amazing what the SN’s decides to print and what you don’t… WHY did you decided to RUN the Letter???…cause it would make NEWS and ppl would get the magazine to READ IT…what you are probably MOST pissed off about is now there is SOMEPLACE you can go and get the news on a consistent basis and that’s just not right after years of a monopoly!! Wonder how many little old ladies got THEIR praise letters bumped because y’all chose to run that BS letter instead??

    Hey Irish Lad good to see ya back… been missin’ ya!!!

  19. Gospel Has Been wrote:

    It always amazes me how many who’o who add comments on here when it gets a little hot (re:#10). I seen comments from artist and industry people that I would have never thought would check this site out. So I guess we all like a juicy story every now & then. It seems we have talked enough about Matt Dibler it is getting really repeatable. They should be someone else who has screwed up that needs to be talked about.

  20. quartet-man wrote:

    #16 Doug is the owner / writer. Some call him Avery because of the site name, but the site is really called A very fine line. However, since the words run together many thought it was avery fineline. :)

  21. Irishlad wrote:

    Ok everyone when i mentioned the guy who stroked up at least 100k of infidelities and transgressions who d,yall(sorry)think he was? Initials will suffice of course.

  22. Irishlad wrote:

    P.S. Thank you Wade for the mention,still being your creative self i trust? And CVH keeping well? Still driving the Beemer? Just bought myself a Dodge Caliber(European diesel model) had to do my bit to keep GM going you know! Sorry for unashamably going off topic,but had to talk to a couple of my mates.

  23. CVH wrote:

    Wade - right on.

    Irishlad - welcome back my friend.

  24. quartet-man wrote:

    #19, not necessarily. First of all, this site isn’t all juicy stuff. Then, there are a lot of SG fans here. Also, although I am sure some artists hang out here (we see some), some come to see what people are saying about them and their performances etc., others might come here due to someone cluing them in if they are being discussed.

  25. Irishlad wrote:

    QM meant to mention yourself. We usually have a good tête-à-tête mainly about the best in quartets,then and now. Keep well pal.

  26. RDB wrote:

    Lousy post. Enough said.

  27. sockpuppet wrote:

    #14 (Real One)
    Your comment reminds me of an old SNL bit where Father Guido Sarducci was enumerating the penalty for assorted sins in re: reincarnation and “paying for your sins” — thanks for the flashback!
    Gossip may only be 2 cents on your schedule, but it can sure add up!

  28. Gospel Has Been wrote:

    Does anyone have any idea why Jonathon Pierce or Terry Franklin were not at the REUNION and not even mentioned?

  29. BaritoneBob wrote:

    Do any of you have a link to a media site that might explain whatever happened to Parker Jonathan? I enjoyed hearing him sing for many years but all I ever hear is that he is now driving a tour bus but I have not heard anything stated publicly about his apparent total withdrawal/banishment from SGM.

  30. Little J wrote:

    thank you QM, now it makes sense. =] cause i totally thought Avery…

  31. Ted (Tjeerd) wrote:

    Baritone Bob:

    Thats all I know. He came home back to Tonawanda NY and got a job riding a Bus. His exit from SG music letter stated he was trying to start a family with his dear wife.
    Parker gave his heart into the Kingsmen. I had the pleasure of seeing him sing live several times. He hosted a annual concert in Tonawandal a every year at the Rivera Theatre. That annuconcert is no longer. Parker if you are reading this, we love ya brother, and hope all is well.

  32. wanderer wrote:

    If memory serves me correctly, Parkers wife was ill or she had just had a miscarriage. That type of thing is hard enough to deal with in a normal life. I can only imagine how hard it would be being gone on the road all the time. I’m sure he could have another singing job tomorrow if that’s what he wanted. He was a power house vocalist and sang well with Hammil.

  33. Harry Peters wrote:

    Monetizing (im)morality? Sweet baby Jesus, Fonda and I will break the bank!

  34. WA wrote:

    Irishlad - all Americans wish to thank you for buying a Dodge, and supporting GM.

  35. Bones wrote:

    The truth with Parker is really bad. It don’t have anything to do with someone being sick. I believe the Indian ancesters would not even approve.

  36. wanderer wrote:

    Brother he we go again. Someone else to bash.

  37. Harry Peters wrote:

    Harry Peters wants to know why you are bashing this young man and who appointed YOU to judge what is good/acceptable and what is “really bad.” Harry Peters can’t imagine anything Parker did that could be worse than judging a brother. Don’t we save any jobs for God any more?

  38. Disgusted wrote:

    You have some nerve! I don’t know where you get your information, but it is incorrect!
    It sure is none of your business about any of these people you are speaking about. I think your website is the biggest hoax I have ever seen. And anyone who believes anything you say is crazy!!
    God will forgive anyone at anytime for anything, southern gospel singers aren’t perfect, they mess up just like anyone else.. you just think you have the right to publicize their wrongdoings.. It’s just disgusting and wrong!

  39. JimT wrote:

    I attended a concert in Palmetto, FL last night on which The Diplomats (with Les Beasley) appeared. Lo and behold Matt Dibler was introduced as a new permanent member. This may be common knowledge, but it surprised me.

  40. gina wrote:

    JimT - Interesting info, thanks. So, where exactly will he fit into the group? Isn’t Jimmy back from his surgery now?

  41. Rob wrote:

    The Diplomats are mixing it up now. Matt is singing with them permantly. They do mixed quartet, all male quartet and all five members sing together.

    Man may not be forgiving, but just remember God is a forgiving God.

  42. Wade wrote:

    Never did hear back from BiG Jim C did we??

  43. Menendez41 wrote:

    John 3:16 Doug!!!!! It amazes me how some people on this website call themselves christians. Yet whenever a fellow chrsitian brother or sister falls by the wayside, the people who you would think help them in a time of trouble and strife, go behind their backs and degrade them!!! The bible says several time throughout that we are not to judge one another. Its not our place but yet it is up to GOD almighty to judge!!

    Evil speaking of people is bad Psalms 41:5; 109:20

    We should really watch what we say not knowing the whole story!

    Its certainly big of Matt to post a letter to his fans/friends asking for forgiveness. Most people would use the old go to excuse such as “Im leaving the road to spend more time with my family” lol. This industry is so easily to love you one minute but yet if a single fault is discovered, the industry will condemn you the next minute!! For example Michael English people condemned him and pushed him away now years later, hes back. May God bless you Michael English and may god forgive the ones who trespassed against you, and the same goes for you Matt!!. I was among many who were in Palmetto, Florida when Matt sang with the Diplomats Quartet. Wow!! “I have not forgotten” has never sounded so good. Thank God his son has never forgotten me. I also among many went to the Diplomats and thanked them greatly for allowing Matt an opportunity to sing again.

  44. Disgusted wrote:

    Thank you Menedez. Im glad someone has something positive to say on here..:) I totally agree with you.

  45. Happy wrote:

    Everyone has a right to their opinion - anytime we disagree is saying that only our opinion matters and no one else (unless we agree with them) - we say let God be the judge as a self righteous statement because you are being a judge as well - I for one, appreciate this site’s honesty and straight forwardness -

  46. Rebekah Benton wrote:

    At least Matt was man enough to ask for forgiveness. I bet half of you people on here wouldnt ask for forgiveness if he found out you were talking about him like this. You ADULT people need to get a life and obviously i need to to since im reading this crap.

  47. wendy J wrote:

    Please, someone give me the name of some gospel groups that living the same way they are singing. It would be nice to reward people that really do have moral standards and please the Lord with their lifestyle.

  48. Happy wrote:

    Wendy J - I have been checking periodically and surprised that no groups have been listed ?? Is that really the way it is ?? One thing I see is that there is no responsibility or remorse - you sin and then a couple of weeks, you are out there like nothing happened, so why should they be real ?? EXCEPT for who they are continually singing about - our Lord Jesus Christ -

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