9 months, 3 weeks, 3 days

That’s how long it’s been since I marked Paul Lancaster’s joining the Greenes:

Which means, somewhere a clock has started counting down the number of days until he leaves (if his erratic and sporadic history with other groups is anything to go by).

The clock has stopped. Lancaster’s out and Jeff Snyder, formerly of The Bowlings, is in. Whenever all the groups Lancaster has been part of start doing reunions, Paul is going to be one very busy man.

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  1. Bob wrote:

    Paul is one of the most dependable and reliable guys I have every known. And have had hundreds of dealings with him in the music industry. His So called erratic and sporadic history is due to his not being treated with dignity or truthfulness. I know every detail of everyone of his group situations and why he left. He has been truthful and honest with every one of these groups as to his ambitions of staying or going. And they all knew that he was just filling in with them. Except for the greens. They we’re another situation all together. He was promised several things in which they went back on their word and refused to honor what they promised. So he wasn’t happy and they knew it. So that is it. You the commentator however are a very irresponsible person to say the very least because when you say things like this, your potentially causing Paul and his family to endure hardship because of your pounding on his reputation. You should maybe try another hobby!!!!

  2. burt wrote:

    How many groups has he been with?
    The Mullins/Sunday Drive
    The Nelons
    The Martins
    Crossway(fill in)
    The Greenes

    That’s really no more than anyone else in SG.

  3. Bob wrote:


  4. Whazzizname wrote:

    UM, You forgot to mention Karen Peck & New River, there, Burt

  5. Glenpaynerules wrote:

    People who tend to have problems with everyone else… are usually the problem.

  6. B wrote:

    He didn’t make enough money with KPNR & the Nelons.

  7. NS wrote:

    Is Paul Lancaster the singer that sang “Miracle In Me” on the Phil Cross Song of A Lifetime showcase. I don’t know much about him, if that was him I think he is a good singer and hope he finds a place to stay.

  8. TERRY wrote:

    There’s an idiot in the house.Paul Lancster is a great guy and a great talent. Most of the groups he worked in was fill ins. If I wanted to start a group today he’d be a natural choice and could sing with Gaither or anyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. JJ wrote:

    [edit] I cant imagine anyone putting up with [Tony Greene] or his “its all about me wife.” I am wondering when Jeff is going to realise he has made a HUGE mistake!!!

  10. mark forester wrote:

    Most of the groups that Paul has been in (that did have Buddy Mullins in them) have been fill in jobs. Some of those groups have been a little over zealous in the press releases announcing him.

    Think of it this way…..if he was trouble….why is he the first call if someone needs a singer?

    Because he is a great guy and an awesome singer.

  11. Joshua Cottrell wrote:

    I can’t believe I am defending Doug, but here goes. This is not an issue of whether or not Paul Lancaster is a good singer or even if he is difficult to deal with or NOT. It is simply what Doug said he seems to move around alot, but it not necessarily a bad thing, just an observation.

  12. Keith wrote:

    I’m a fan of Paul. He’s been one of my favorite tenors for quite a while. Love his voice! There’s nothing wrong with being a fill-in, if that’s what he wants to do.

    I’m looking forward to hearing Jeff with the Greenes, though. He’s a great vocalist who was often overshadowed by Mike and Kelly.

  13. Earl wrote:

    I personally did not like the fit of Paul with the Greenes. He was an incredible addition to the martins, but I just didnt get it with the Greenes. He did a good job but it wasnt appealing to me. I seen them in service a few times and everytime I never really remembered anything about His performance. TaRanda Greene was so awesome, annointed, and flawless that I could not of noticed anything else in the room. She blows me away. Tony captivates the audience in a way most people could never be able to do. I love the journey the Greenes take you on when you attend a concert. The guy that plays piano for them is also a great singer, isnt his name John? and as far as the new addition Jeff, WOW! I seen them for the first time together at their winterfest concert last weekend, and they absolutley blew me away. What an annointing that young man has. One of the best versions of Who am I, I believe I have ever heard. Tony really picked a winner this time. The Greenes are here to stay with this new lineup.

  14. Brad Smith wrote:

    If you can’t get along and be honest with Paul Lancaster , then You STINK as a human being . If you did Paul wrong then it’s even worse. Any person HERE that has a problem with my great friend Paul. Please have the nerve to look me in the eye and say it to MY FACE!

  15. Auke wrote:

    I think Paul is a superb singer…and a great addition to any group.


  16. quartet-man wrote:

    Remember that SG history has some great people who “fill in” or move around. The great Jack Toney comes to mind although he has had longer tenures. There were a few SG basses who really moved around in the day.

  17. TERRY wrote:

    Someone please call Paul in a hurry,I’m ready to hear him sing again!!!!!!!!!

  18. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    We do not know all the facts with the business arrangements of any of the artists nor should we be inform of such matters.
    Sometimes I wonder, while viewing this blog, some might be working themselves into facing the question:
    Where would you want to spend eternity?
    Smoking or non-smoking!

  19. Inigo Montoya wrote:

    By chance is your Boss a Jewish Carpenter?
    Do you believe that America needs a Faith Lift?
    Or are you just another dopeless hope fiend?

  20. WA wrote:

    Yawn. An increasingly irrelevant blog, and increasingly inane comments. It’s sad, as this was once a fairly interesting place to visit. No longer.

  21. RDB wrote:

    Wow what a frenzy of humorless remarks! I guess I just called Doug’s hair shirt post unfunny so I’m as guilty as anyone, but still, allow me some room on the hypocrite soapbox.

    Whenever someone shuffles around from group to group, which as was fairly observed describes more SG performers than just Paul Lancaster, one is allowed to have a little fun with it I would think? Lighten up children. There’s enough really offensive things in this world without going and getting all offended about other stuff that’s just silly . . .

    I like Paul Lancaster’s work, for the record. Not my favorite performer, but I did really enjoy his work with the Nelons and the Martins in particular.

    Also, whatever issues may have caused him to not remain anywhere for very long, one can be almost certain that Paul Lancaster was at least partially responsible for what happened in those situations, whether it was getting into something he should have known wouldn’t go well or something that came up while he was with a particular group.

    Blessings, all.

  22. Bob wrote:

    No one is saying that Paul had nothing to do with his leaving the groups. Its just the commentators way of trying to make Paul appear unreliable to shaky which is the absolutely not true.

  23. Bryan Hutson wrote:

    I traveled with Paul as well. He was filling in with The Blackwood Gospel Qt the same time I was with them. Paul is such an incredible singer that he can learn lyrics and harmony quickly. He is an easy going guy who is GREAT to travel with. That is why we contacted him to “fill in.”
    He never officially joined the group because he did a lot of studio work and wanted to be home more with wife and his 3 sons. A great guy. So cut the guy some slack.

  24. JRod wrote:

    Bob you are really living in your radio aren’t you. Get a grip man! You can’t observe something about someone that has not come to pass. The moderator was not insinuating anything. Come on. Oh, and I am gay.

  25. pk wrote:

    I thought when Paul was with The Martins, that was the best they ever sounded. I was kinda disappointed when Paul left and the brother came back…lol.

  26. MM wrote:

    Dang. I didn’t realize this blog had such a gay following as it apparently does.

    That sure explains a lot.

    Sorry…just thinking out loud.

  27. CVH wrote:


  28. C.W.G. wrote:

    I read a lot of the posts that are posted on this blog - and it has never been clearer to me that we humans love to play “ain’t it awful” with each other. Most of the posts are not positive, uplifting, or Christian. I put a capital on christian, meaning Christ like. I don’t want any comment on this comment, but I just had to say something when I read this post. Lets give us all some respect and positve posts.

  29. ol' blue eyes wrote:

    I think EARL is actually Tony Greene in disguise, ’cause nobody in their ‘right-mind’ could think that Jeff sounds better in any situation than Paul!!! In every group situation that Paul has been in, he has brought a NOTICEABLE improvement to their sound and blend. Get real Earl!

  30. Glenpaynerules wrote:


  31. Bob wrote:

    JRod, ” You can’t observe something about someone that has not come to pass ” Huh???? The reality is, Paul keeps his word. He has made mistakes in his past in which he gladly admits. But I’d rather work with hin that most.

  32. Oldtimer wrote:

    I just wanted to say that I have never worked with Paul and never met Paul and of all the people I have never worked with he is the one that I enjoyed not working with the most.

    Come on boys and girls - he is a great singer, and by all accounts a good guy. Why must there be some sinister angle to the story?


  33. WAYNE wrote:

    I would believe satan himself before I believed anything The Greenes said. They are not good people. I think Jeff Snyder is an incredible talent and a very humble young man and I hate that he has joined The Greenes. This is a step down for Jeff in talent level and in the type people he is working for.

  34. wackythinker wrote:

    Those of you who stated that moving around in sgm is not new are correct. Even some of our most beloved pioneers did that. Look at the resumes of folks like J D Sumner, Glen Payne, George Younce, Jake Hess, Gary McSpadden, and so many others. Only people whose names were Blackwood, Goodman, or Speer seem to have had REAL longevity with one group (and not all Blackwoods). I’m sure someone will point out a few other exceptions, but you get the idea.

    Didn’t King Solomon say, “there’s nothing new under the sun”? Maybe it’s still true.

  35. Bob wrote:


  36. Wade wrote:

    While we are on the subject of ppl that bounce around…

    What is the deal with Buddy Mullins??? Great singer but never seems to stick with any thing a long time???

  37. Lucas Jay White wrote:

    I just wanna say that I am a personal friend of The Greenes. They have been through alot over the years. They are continuing to face hardships and storms that I know I could never handle especially with the schedule and the life that they live. Ive been on the bus, Ive been in the home. I know how they live. They are everyday, normal, down to earth people that love God and love what they do. I have seen more of a ministry side to their ministry in the past few years with Tonys health, Tims ongoing battle with Mold poison, TaRanda having to deal with 2 kids, a sick husband, and also manage and maintain the business of the Greenes. Their ministry is solid in Faith right now. That is the only thing that would keep me going as well, Faith and Hope in Jesus. Ive seen guys come and go with the group and every one of them have done a great job. Whether its Brad, Paul, or Jeff the Greenes ministry is still the same. Paul was a great addition to the Greenes. I toured with them on several occassions while Paul was with the group, he done an awesome job. The same goes for Brad. THe Greenes have had some incredible talent with them on stage over the years. The lineup 2day is no exception, with a powerhouse vocal like TaRanda Greene, and probably the best emcee in the business- Tony Greene, they are joined by 2 great guys Jeff and John. WHich complete the sound of the Greenes. Jeff is a great annointed young man that is doing a super job.

    I do want to comment on something that someone said about Taranda being “all about her”………I cannot tell you the number of times I have bragged on her and she doesnt let me. Ive never been around a more talented person, but yet doesnt think that of herself. You would think with all of the accomplishments and oppertunities she has had over the last year that she would think a little bit highly of herself, I know I would. ha :-) but when its all said and done, whether she has just sung at oak grove frewill baptist to 50 people in some southern, AL town, Or on stage in front of 22,000 people, or ministering at the most celebrated church in the world, the Brooklyn Tabernacle…she is still the same a mom of 2 and a wife that loves her husband and always puts family first.
    So those of you that wanna criticize her by saying stuff that you have no idead what you are talking about. Please think before you speak. Or at least KNOW what you are talking about.

  38. Earl wrote:

    #29, No im not Tony Greene in any way shape or form. I am however a lover of Southern Gospel Music and Im not saying that Jeff is a better singer than paul, they both are great singers. I am saying that when I heard them in concert last weekend it was only his 2nd or 3rd day to sing with them, and he blend was similar to when Brad Hudson was with the group. It just sounded more together. Paul never really fit the Greenes to me at all. But I do love Paul Lancaster. I think that hes an awesome singer. The Martins never sounded better, and im with whoever said they were disappointed when the brother came back. So theres no question Paul is a great singer, I just did not get it with the Greenes, But after hearing Brad Hudson with them for 3 years or however long he was with them, that kinda spoiled it for me. I think now that they have hired Jeff, who is a great singer, and very underrated, they really made the right move.

    #9, - You are just an idiot. thats really all I can say about your comment. Taranda has never gave that impression that its all about her….Of all the people I have got the chance to see perform in SG music, I will have to say shes been the nicest and most down to earth real person that Ive met. So that comment was very strange to me. I will say this. IF I was Taranda I would probably be “all about myself” because when you got it you got it. I would be very confident if I had the sound and presence that she does.

  39. Wayne Kerr wrote:

    #26…….In my opinion, I think that the reason this site has such a high number of gay followers is very evident. (I know this post will never see the light of day, but here goes anyway) Is the auther of this website married? Has he ever/never posted in his ramblings his orientation? He has admitted to leaving behind his Southern Gospel roots and upbringing. Oh, and he’s all about the drama. Nuff said.

  40. Brandon Andrews wrote:

    If there is one thing that I’m not good at - it’s sitting back and watching lies in print - so therefore I’m writing in to put in my (two cents) part -
    If I had one word to describe TaRanda Greene - it would be HUMBLE - she has talent that could go FAR BEYOND Southern Gospel Music yet she chooses to answer the call that God has placed in her life - and you all should be grateful for that, I’ve bragged on her many times - and she just denies all the compliments - I really like TaRanda and her ministry - so BACK OFF! :)

  41. Good Greif Charlie B wrote:

    This is real entertainment. LOL.

    I think that if the news that a SGM sound topped the Pop Charts….this bunch would find fault in that.

    AND in that thread of comments, Inevitably someones post would contain something about someone being gay.

  42. Wade wrote:

    Well IT IS all about her ( Taranda ) because it is .. the girl can go!!!… she is among the few in SGM I would pay good money to hear!!!

  43. Ron F wrote:

    I too love the Greenes, and they are personal friends of mine as well. They will never sound the same as they did back in their Hey day. With Tim in the Group they had one of the most unique sounds ever. From what I hear, I dont guess Tim will evre be back.

  44. jj wrote:

    I think its so funny. Tony must have alot of alias email addresses. And sure Taranda can be a diva is she wants, but it just not there. The fact is Tony Greene is a [edit] idiot, and most that have been involved in SG for very long have crossed paths with him and it has been ugly. He is like a BIG girl,[edit]

  45. Rev. Ed Robinson wrote:

    One question to consider —

    Do rumors, gossip, criticisms, and speculations bring honor and glory to God?

  46. Bob M. wrote:

    Unfortunately Rev. Ed, that is not the point of blogs…especially this one. The introduction of cable TV opinion programs and the internet has turned everyone, even Christians, into insolent boors who believe that not only is their opinion the only correct one, but that they, and only they, have the right to express that opinion. We no longer care about bringing glory to God; the only thing that matters is what WE think. We don’t listen to our pastors anymore; we fire them if they don’t say what our itching ears want to hear.

    We would do well to heed the admonition in 1 Thessalonians, making it our ambition to live a QUIET life, and minding our own business.

  47. Miss Manners wrote:

    I never post here, but since the subject of the Kingsmen has been brought up (Jonathan) and since the Kingsmen obviously read this blog (Hudson), I thought I would comment. I attended the Gold City/Kingdom Heirs/Kingsmen concert last Saturday night. I won’t even get started on Gold City right now (I wouldn’t want them getting into trouble with their wives…) but I do have something to say about the Kingsmen. My best friend and I have gone to that concert for the last several years and always get the biggest kick out of watching Brandon Reese fly around the room like Barney Fife…Urgently dash from behind stage and march to the sound booth. Open drawer at sound booth and take out a pencil. Put pencil in pocket. Take pencil out of pocket. Return pencil back to the drawer of the sound booth. Then fly behind stage again…We always go when the doors open just so we can watch him. Well, while he was flying all over the auditorium, he darted past (and slightly ran into) a little, old lady with a walker and nearly knocked her over. Honestly, she was struggling to regain her balance. It’s bad enough that he did this once, but he did it three different times (except only one of the Grannys had a walker…). He didn’t give anyone the right away…Just darted right past them like he owned the place. I fussed about it all weekend and I’m still fussing. Anyways, Gentlemen, I mean, Kingsmen, I’m sending you boys to finishing school…

  48. Angie M wrote:

    Is Paul the Kevin Bacon of SG?

  49. Wade wrote:

    # 39 - Wayne Kerr… You don’t even have enough guts to say it!!! How pathetic!!!

    You just became a member of the dr joe snake club!!

  50. Matt wrote:

    haha- I dont know about that. He shoulda been with the Hoppers. Since he hops from group to group. HAHA- Okay that was lame. I will admit it. Sry. Just a little bit of humor. He really is a great singer though. I saw the Greenes last night in st. Paul, NC. They did a fantastic Job. I had not seen them since the other guy was with them. I never got a chance to see them with Paul.

    So who is with the bowlings?

  51. Wayne Kerr wrote:


    The guts to say what? That I believe that the author of this blog is a homosexual? Why would I be afraid to say that? But, like I posted, that’s just my opinion. Thanks for calling me out. So manly of you.

  52. Stephanie wrote:

    I am very good friends of the Greenes and I have to agree with Luke, TaRanda is not one to brag on her self, or let others brag on her. She is a very humble person. Yes shes very talented and dosent get the credit she is due. So who ever wrote the post “Tony Greene and his”"its all about me wife” you are WRONG and have no idea what you are talking about. The Greenes are a awesome people, who Im honored to call my friends!

  53. Wayne Kerr wrote:

    By mistake I responded to you using post #48 instead of post #49.

    And to strenghthen my opinion, I suggest you read the FGCU newsletter. As someone else noted, page 8 is very interesting reading. Especially the last two paragraphs of the main article on the page.

  54. TERRY wrote:

    Matt you might be on to something, should Connie decide to retire Paul would be a great replacement. Those Hoppers work hard therefore can probably pay pretty good.

  55. Matt wrote:

    I think Connie’s replacement will be Dean and Kim’s daughter. That young girl can sing. The Hoppers are such a class act. None finer in the business.

  56. Lucas Jay White wrote:

    JJ- or whoever you are..

    What is your deal with Tony and TaRanda? Were they too busy one night to speak to a absolutley STUPID IDIOT like yourself.

    1. Tony has like one email, that Taranda probably checks for him because he hates the internet.

    2. Taranda never said she was a diva. I actually like to call her that to be funny, but she never actually considers herself a diva. Unlike many in SG music today… BUT i will say this if anyone in SG could be a diva. It would be her. She has got it all.

    As for you…pretty much the best thing for you to do is shut up. Yep thats pretty much it.

  57. Lucas Jay White wrote:

    I want to apologize for stooping to JJ’s level of name calling. But I get real defensive of my friends. I know they would never stand up and actually even get on this post to even comment. Everytime I mention anything like this to them, all Tony ever says is oh its just talk, Let them talk. Or, It’ll be allright it doesn’t matter. I do not understand how he would not even let “trash” or “lies” upset him when stuff is being said about him as a person. He is way stronger than I am. I would have went off. Kinda like I did earlier in my post.

    I am 24 years old. I met Tony Greene when i was 14. I traveled with them during the summer months when I was 15, 16, 17. I turned 18 and joined their ministry full time for a few years. I seen alot out of the industry of SG. I was a huge fan, and looked up to alot of people, especially the Greenes. Alot of groups I met or seen really failed my expectations as far as character. I will say that The Greenes bus is a ministry, faith based bus. Their home is a house hold built on Faith. I have never once felt as if there was anything fake about Tony Greene. His Character as a business man, is something I look up too. His Character as a husband and father are most important to him. Last, his character as a Christian is sincere. He has been sick for the past year. The day after he had his surgrey for his dialysis port, he climed the bus to head to st. louis, MO for an 8 day road trip. Nothing to say about that except - DEDICATION. I could never do what he does. Night after night he tells people of how to trust in Jesus and God will see them through any situation. Yet he sits on the bus or in his house 4 times a day and does dialysis treatments. That is where the faith comes in. It really disappoints me that people spread lies on people that they may have had a bad experience with or because of some lie someone has told about that individual. Especially when those people are my friends. Basically my Family. Tony Greene is a good man. Hes a good manager. Hes a good Christian. A good Husband. A good Daddy. Cut him some slack. 32 years of full time ministry. Singing more than he ever has to the small church on the corner or the largest church uptown….the ministry of the Greenes goes into all areas. They wanna spread the message that no matter the situation or storm you and your family is in….Hold On.

    Your actions and posts can cause alot of people a world of hurt. Think before you speak.

  58. Brandon Andrews wrote:

    “no good deed goes unpunished” hmm seems to be the running theme in these comments - I think we have forgotten “the only thing constant is change” so my goodness - get off the bandwagon of hate and hurt - Tony and TaRanda Greene are GREAT people - and would never do anything that would be categorized under “unjust” or “mean” or “hard to work with” — I know where I’m from - we kind of like PRAY for people when they are really sick and in pain - and I think you could respect Tony and do the same instead of trying to bash a perfectly honorable good Christian man. so once again BACK OFF :)

  59. WAYNE wrote:

    Jeff please be careful or you’ll be singing with Crystal River again. It’s not too late to call Mike and Kelly and beg for your job back.

  60. Ron F wrote:

    Hey Brandon you are the man, I just received a Disc from you. Son you can flat sing. Are you in the ministry fulltime?

  61. Brandon Andrews wrote:

    Hi Ron - Yes I am - Email me at brandonandrewsmusic@yahoo.com I’d love to talk with you more

  62. cynical one wrote:

    Lucas, Taranda may not consider herself a diva, but few divas recognize the trait in themselves.

    I’m not saying she IS a diva, mind you, just stating a fact.

    Actually, she could be, for all I care. She can just flat-out SANG!!!!

    Kim? Now that’s another diva story.

  63. Wade wrote:

    Tell us cynical one… do you think KGH is a Diva!!!???

  64. promogurl wrote:

    LOL@ Wade…..OH my….Yeah, I would say KGH is A DIVA!!!!

  65. Tom wrote:

    I’ll bite….who is KGH?

  66. Wade wrote:

    Tom… KGH = Kim Greene Hopper… our little grass hopper!!! lol

    PromoGurl… do you think she was that way when she sang with her Bro??? She is slipping a bit… funny to me that the one that is on her heals is her Bro’s Wife… to me the Greene’s for years purposely never had a singer better than KGH…then BAM they got one to blow her away!!!

    Last time I heard her I was more impressed than the last time I heard Sandi P.

    Like I have said before. I would pay Good Money to hear Taranda… the other 2 would be fine if there were alot of other ppl on the bill!!!

  67. Wade wrote:

    What’s up with the Greene Bashing??
    I have hired them several ties and had them at different churches the next AM and have always found them easy to work with!!

    I get a kick outta Tony as he acted like an old man LONG before he became ill.

    AND that thing Tim used to do at the end of a song tag always made me laugh!!

    The worst problem I had with them is I thought I was going to have to go out and get them one night cause Tony kept going WAY beyond their time… But I did have to go out and get Rex one night as it seemed he was trying to wear the crowd out to mess with the last group on the bill that night was Gold City!!

    I personally think Tony talks way to much in a CONCERT setting like he does not get that there is a difference in a concert vs. a church setting. Their 10th Anniversary Live project made me want to scream they talked so much.

    But I did see them at a church not to long ago and it was great. Like I have said I would pay GOOD money to hear Taranda!!

  68. Tom wrote:

    Kim Hopper…..ding ding…der…should have known! A diva though? She was really nice to me when I saw the Hoppers, helping me pick a couple of CDs and all.

  69. cynical one wrote:

    Tom, of course she was nice. She was selling.

    I’ve never had any personal interaction with her, I’m speculating, based on her stage presence. She APPEARS to be quite full of herself.

  70. Tom wrote:

    Cynical one…True I guess…I’ve never interacted with her either other than the 2 minutes buying the CDs. I never noticed anything peculiar about her stage persona other than she’s an attractive woman.

  71. Grassroots wrote:

    I’ve got 4 words for cynical one (and I’m not even a big fan of KGH): You’re jealous. Shut up.

  72. cynical one wrote:

    Grassroots — I’m not sure you’re right about jealousy, but I’m probably not the best judge. If I were female, I might not dismiss your comment so quickly.

    Maybe I’ve misread her flamboyancy, but I still think she’s pretty stuck on herself.

    But then, if I were as good as she is, I may be stuck on myself, too. Probably just not as flamboyant.

  73. Grassroots wrote:

    You’re entitled to your opinion, Cynical. I just reacted to your post about judging someone “being full of themself” merely by watching them sing onstage. It has to be BAD before you can actually judge that from the audience, and I don’t think Kim is anywhere near that arrogant.

    I’ve seen some people judge what they perceived as arrogance on stage when that was about the farthest thing from the truth. I knew because it was me.

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