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I’ll be away for the next few days so feel free to talk amongst yourselves. Some kindling:

Finally, to any of my colleagues who may be joining us via the most recent FGCU CAS newsletter, welcome.

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  1. NG wrote:

    As well the DVD set of the reunion now occupies the Number 1 and Number 2 spots on Billboard Magazine’s Music Video chart (all types of music). Gaither site notes that resting beneath them are such artists as Il Divo, The Temptations, AC/DC and The Eagles.

    The Gaither machine does not appear to be slowing down.

  2. NG wrote:

    Re Ann Downings book: She says on her website: “….can I just “hug” you from here, those of you who have given to the “Skidmarks on the Road of Life” fund (my new book)? I know you new fANNs won’t know what that’s about, I’ll just elaborate briefly that I’m finally in the right place in writing and releasing my first book… As has been in the past with every new project that I’ve done, I’ve needed your help financially (most of all in praying for me) to bring it all together.”

  3. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Digesting the whole page #8 of the newsletter makes very informative reading.

  4. wondering wrote:

    Anyone heard Palmetto State Quartet in the last month or so? It seems there has been another shake-up, and only Kerry Beatty and the piano player plan to stay. Just wondering who is filling in the vacant/ or soon to be vacant slots….

  5. MP wrote:

    Ya know, I was one person who read one of Doug’s earlier posts about the Reunion DVDs, and quite honestly? Say what you will, but I really enjoyed it. I had never been exposed to some of the songs that were on those DVDs and have since gone to ebay and started buying the classic CDs to get ahold of the originals. I think the project was good on a number of levels. Namely? I really enjoyed Jon Mohr. I think that Gaither should be proud of the project and I think it is very worthy of being numbers 1 and 2 on Billboard. Congrats to the “Gaither Machine”

  6. j-mo wrote:

    I have a question for you guys. How do you feel about homosexuality?

  7. Steve wrote:

    What’s up with “white gospel?” I’ve never heard SG referred to that way. Maybe that’s the way those brainy acedemics can diminish it.

  8. Steve wrote:

    Re: “Skidmarks on the road of Life”

    A hard of hearing old man goes for a doctor’s visit. He takes his with him.

    Doctor: “Next time you come in I need a urine sample, stool sample and blood sample.

    Old Man to Wife: What’d he say?

    Wife: He said to bring in a pair of your old drawers.

  9. Glenpaynerules wrote:

    What to make of Doug’s last item?(By the way, congrats on the prestigious award) Could it be Ernie got overzealous and The Godfather…err Bill told him it wasn’t time for a Gaither sanctioned Cathedrals Reunion album? When will we get that Southern Gospel movie with all the behind the scenes drama?

  10. Jake wrote:

    – (Yawn) –

  11. Linda Dillon wrote:

    This is off the subject, but does anyone know what ever happened to Candy Hemphill. She hasn’t been on the Gaither videos for some time.

  12. Larry S wrote:

    Steve, Steve, Steve - #8 almost made me choke on the piece of bread I was eating…
    That was AWESOME! I have you to thank for my laugh of the day.

  13. Bob M. wrote:

    Candy Hemphill Christmas has a ministry of her own, not the least of which is the Bridge ministry in Nashville. I know this because I receive regular emails from Earl Galloway of the Galloways, another group who ministers to the homeless through the Bridge ministry.

  14. Steve wrote:

    Linda #11

  15. JodieGreg wrote:

    There are many artists who have appeared on the Gaither videos/concerts who don’t appear now.

  16. DMP wrote:

    It looks like Bill won’t have any trouble making his car payment this month…

  17. Wade wrote:

    I know why Candy Hemphill is not longer on the Gaither stuff… but Dr. DH will not allow me to postit. I have tried to sneak it in a few times…even my most recent 5 [edit] post.

    I don’t blame him although I think he would be protected by the celebrity exception widely adjudicated. But it is his THANG and I respect that.

    He did offer to let it go if I would indemnify him.

    But really I know… I don’t know why Guy is retiring like some bozo on here claimed… but I do know why Candy is not longer a part of the Homec[oming]Friends!!!

  18. nonsgfan wrote:

    I love always being right.
    I was right that Gaither was doing the reunion to see which ones he wanted to bring back…

    I was right when I said David was doing dates because he wanted it to look like he was begged back, when in reality, word was in a 7 album contract and he’s out as soon as that it’s done…

    I was right that this reunion dvd would be huge and that the new vocal band would rock…

    Look at how many hits and positive comments they’re getting on youtube..

    I am always right. :)

  19. stunned1 wrote:


    Posting why Candy Hemphill is no longer with Gaither can’t be any worse than what has been posted on here about other artists. I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t allow it on here.

  20. Philip elwood wrote:

    Wade. Doing ok? Over here we have a great saying for anyone who ’spouts off’. It goes like this ‘WIND YOUR NECK IN BIG LAD’. Goes down a treat every time! Lol.

  21. Glenpaynerules wrote:

    I don’t know why Candy’s gone but it’s a shame. She’s sure a lot easier on the eyes than your average HC artist. Maybe she’s into that new Hemphill theology we heard so much about awhile back.

  22. MM wrote:

    #19, stunned1…THANK YOU! My thoughts exactly, and then some. I’ve tried posting a couple of comments about a former sg artist, referencing a particlar issue that is already public knowledge.

    The point of my post was merely to point out the hypocrisy of one who is found to be heavily involved in “ungodly sin” that he publicly and privately accused others of, ironically, trying to point out THEIR hypocrisy and damage their reputations

    My posts were short and to the point without using foul language or nasty attitude, and wasn’t libelous. And did I mention my comments concerned an issue that was already public knowledge?

    They never saw the light of day. But I got a “nice” e-mail from Dr. Doug.

  23. JodieGreg wrote:


    Just because you know something doesn’t mean you should say it!

  24. Lynn Z. wrote:


    Wade is the first and the best at heaping dirt on others here. His posts are the most edited, from what I’ve seen.

    If y’all want some dirt on Wade, dig here…

  25. Bob M. wrote:

    Take the time to go to page 8 of the aforementioned newsletter, and note the last paragraph. Reason enough for this commenter to never return; there indeed is an agenda by this blog’s author.

  26. JEB wrote:

    24 - I noticed that…

  27. Irishlad wrote:

    I wouldn’t like to hug anyone with skidmarks. Oh my,what an unfortunate title.

  28. Ralphie wrote:

    24 - Makes his slams against Kirk Talley look a bit slanted

  29. JulieBell wrote:

    Re: “Skidmarks”…what a marketing nightmare!

  30. JM wrote:

    Just read the FGCU CAS Newsletter. Normally, if one is attempting to “stay below the radar,” they steer away from identifying themselves as an affiliate of a particular group. However, when a particularly astute person does so, I have to believe there’s a reason. Perhaps he is tiring of maintaining two different identities with two different constituencies. Whatever the reasoning, Doug now has one less participant. While I have no problem with a vigorous debate about the world of SGM, I thought I could safely assume we were on the same team. Now, I know differently. To quote: “Shake the dust off your feet and flee from them.”

  31. Irishlad wrote:

    Re: Gaither and the year the Vocal Band kicked off. Gaither came to Belfast in 1980 with a full entrouge (unheard of then)and thrilled the packed-out Ulster Hall audience to memorable night. It was during that concert Bill told the listeners how much he enjoyed quartet singing and on cue 3 of the backing singers came out and did an impromptu version of ‘first day in heaven’. It went down a storm that night.That was the nascent GVB.

  32. Janet wrote:

    Bob M (24):

    Hmmm….explains a lot.

    It was fun while it lasted, I suppose.

  33. Jake wrote:

    #24 & #25 — Yeah, I see what you mean. I guess that answers some questions.

  34. Andrew S. wrote:

    Yeah, hopefully Mrs. Ann will think it through if she were serious. Has anyone heard whatever happened to John Darin Rowsey? I know he has his own ministry, but I would like to know where I can get a copy of the album of the group he and his wife had, “New Journey.” He still does a lot of songwriting with Karen Peck Gooch and Susan Peck Jackson (hence- 3-5 songs on their newest cd).

  35. quartet-man wrote:

    #24, agenda or not, he let’s us post contrary to his beliefs (or at least I don’t know that I was edited). We are to be light to this world, not to run off. I could understand your point more if he was promoting it and didn’t let us post our beliefs.

  36. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    I offer the John Darin Rowsey’s link as a point of information in response to a request but not the opening bell for a character assassination process of decent human beings which has very familiar ring on this blog.

  37. BaritoneBob wrote:

    I thought Candy Christmas might have left the Gaither tour in order to obtain some rest for her neck. If you look at all the video’s that she is in, when the camera comes to her, she is always moving her head back and forth, never seeming to stop.

  38. quartet-man wrote:

    #31, the version you heard wasn’t impromptu and it had been done before. :-) It is on the Gaither Trio Live Across America double lp. I would have to check the dates. but Gaither tells about rehearsing backstage and doing it in Florida I believe as the first. But then, he also says it is 1981. :-) Someday I will have to get to my lp and see what places it says the lp was recorded at, but I do know it is 1980. Lee Young confirmed it to me years ago, and it is nice that you can verify 1980 as well.

  39. Dean Adkins wrote:

    Live Across America was recorded at Opry House - Nashville TN and Theatre of the Performing Arts - New Orleans, LA.

    Also the backliner (in the shape of a postcard) is stamped Oct 1, 1980.

  40. Wade wrote:

    Well lynn z… lease I have the guts to tell who I am… why don’t ya join us… pretty easy to do unless you like to hide like the snake dr. joe.

    Congrats you found the mortgage blog too… but the snake dr. jor found it about a year ago.

    PLEASE NOTCE despite the name of the blog I was never accused of mortgage fraud…the C& D was for closing a loan without a license. A $100 registration fee. Believe me back during the rock & roll mortgage days $100 was not an issue…the issue was an assistant who stole money and did not pay the bills!!

    But for the record please see my facebook page linked by clicking on my name above. Not just the links in lynn z’s post who has now joined the dr. joe snake club. But I don’t see what I write as piling dirt… I do CALL BS on ppl many times.

    My BS calling on you is to join us in revealing who you are and not hiding behind the blog if you want to call ppl out and post other things about them. This would get you out of the dr. joe. snake club too.

    If you live in the Chattanooga Area lynn z stop in and see a show!!!

  41. Irishlad wrote:

    Wade hi kiddo i posted my name a while back by mistake whilst i was under the influence of the Baptist red fall down soup. Silly old me….hic.

  42. Gospel Has Been wrote:

    #6- I for one of many on here like it because I practice it. Right or wrong? I don’t know but I still try to serve the Lord.

  43. cdguy wrote:

    Per a discography I found on the net, LIVE ACROSS AMERICA was released in 1980, and the first GVB album in 1981. Knowing how these things are planned in advance (usually), the live project was probably recorded in either late 1979 or early 1980. And the fake post mark on the back was probably the release date.

  44. afan wrote:

    The proposed riff over Marsh Hall being ousted from the GVB may not be as severe as many people theorized since Wes Hampton’s blog says that Marsh will be filling in with the GVB this coming weekend… “Marsh will be filling in during the Ft. Myers concert this next weekend! Mark and David have some last schedule conflicts, so Marsh has graciously stepped in to help Bill and the GVB out. What a guy he is. So, for all those critics out there who seem to know what’s going on and say that there’s bad blood between Marsh and Bill and whomever else…there you go.”

    Wes has spoken!

  45. j-mo wrote:

    Spoiler warning for those of you who were shocked by the info about Doug in the newsletter…

    The sky is blue.

  46. Andrew S. wrote:

    Hey, y’all “Gaither Bashers” go read Emily Sutherland’s blog (on Gaither’s website) from sometime last week.

  47. Wayne Kerr wrote:

    #4 wondering

    I did some searching and found this:
    Just like GospelMusicFan, I too offer this for information purposes only and not as an invitation to bash, berate, or belittle anyone.

  48. quartet-man wrote:

    Re; Live Across America, I can’t recall if the LP gives the dates that the recordings were done. I almost thought it may have inside, or at least the locations, but I might be wrong. It has been a long time since I had it out. It is in storage right now. I think it was probably recorded in early 1980 and released in late 1980.

  49. DMP wrote:

    I haven’t heard anyone say Marsh and Bill are angry at each other. I think the question was if Marsh left on his own or was dumped.

  50. Curious wrote:

    I went to church with my daughter and her husband in VA this weekend. As we pulled up I was surprised to see “In concert - Young Harmony”. I was even more surprised to see the lead singer from Crossway singing with Young Harmony now. Does anyone know what that is about? They sounded pretty ok together, but still weird.

  51. Wade wrote:

    Curious # 50…was YH doing a trio??? in other words was Jonathan with them??

    They are all from the Chattanooga Area so that probably helps.

    Is CW even still going??

  52. Annie B wrote:

    Re. remarks by Steve and Larry on the Title for Ann Downing’s book. Thank God she got the inspiration for the book and it’s title from the Lord and not from someone like you, who think you are wits..
    You are both half right.. Half Wits!!

  53. jj wrote:

    Can someone tell me why Crossroads is putting out a press release saying they are leading the field by having a digit download site for DJ’s. Where have they been they are probably the LAST company to provide us stations with this service.

  54. wackythinker wrote:

    jj — Maybe Crossroads thinks we know-nothing laymen would be more impressed with “leading the field” than with “me too.”

  55. anonymous wrote:

    Maybe all the folks who’ve worked for Ann Downing over the years should write their own Skidmarks book. Except, we’d call it “Skidmarks on our Faces.”

  56. Harry Peters wrote:

    LynnZ (24) and Ralphie (28) By the way, Old Harry Peters says with a name like “Ralphie,” I’ll bet you could date the princess of SGM.

    You ought to both be ashamed of yourself. If that is the best you can dig up on Wade, it looks like a pretty big amount of your God given breath you have wasted while you looked for it. You are both a disgrace to the term “Chrisitian” and are exactly why so many people are turned off by it. Christians are the only army in the world that shoot their own wounded. If all of the damned holy rolling, “holy people” would just stay away from churches, it might be a more appealing place to go.
    Harry Peters says a big old God loves You, but right now the devil HAS you!

  57. Harry Peters wrote:

    Wade (51) Crossway is still going (barely).
    They went from a SG quartet to an EH looking “pretty boy” contemporary group, less one pretty boy later, a trio and now they are down to a duet. They’ve sure changed since they left their very first regular gig here at Alabama Theatre in Myrtle Beach. By the way, Big Boy, you need to come over here and help Old Harry Peters minister to some of these wayward women. It’s the most exciting ministry I’ve ever been involved with.

  58. Lisa wrote:

    To #55 “Anonymous”
    That comment is uncalled for. It is awfully easy to come to an open forum and post anonymously something to malign someone. If you have a personal problem with someone don’t post it…go to that person and discuss it. But then again, seeing as you posted anonymously…you wouldn’t have the courage to do that.

    And to the rest of you commenting about the skidmarks title. How Juvenile! Grow up. No wonder I don’t check this forum more often. And I never post, but I couldn’t let this one go.

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