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Via Adam Edwards, a clip of Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus singing “The Climb,” the cut that will - as we discussed a bit ago - be released to sg to radio soon.

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  1. pk wrote:

    that was well…..interesting….heard better songs, but probably the kids may like it. I hope the released copy is more polished.

  2. NS wrote:

    It was ok I don’t think it will do much on the charts, but it is not a bad song. I am not a big fan of her voice however.

  3. Andrew S. wrote:

    Yep..interesting song. I like the fact that Southern Gospel reaches many genres; however, it bites back to the true label/style of Southern Gospel when there are secular artists releasing songs on a somewhat consistent level (Hence-Josh Turner, Oak Ridge Boys, Randy Travis). I understand the Oaks’ roots are deeply Gospel and that Randy Travis has been on the borderline for several years. I’m curious to see how SG fans will accept this song and more if she were to release more. I just can’t wait ’til Rick Hendrix (who promotes most of these secular artists) gets his hands on a High School Musical song or something like it! lol

    BTW-Somebody should try to introduce it though on Paul Heil’s Listener Favorites next Call-In.. lol. j/k Don’t take me seriously!! :D

  4. nonsgfan wrote:

    who stinking cares.

  5. Jake wrote:


  6. Andrew S. wrote:

    To be honest, I don’t care now. I will care if she were to make an NQC appearance, whether on a showcase or the main stage. It would be interesting if in the Singing News Fan Awards for Horizon Individual or Young Artist were a secular artist who released an Inspirational song on SG radio. Those would be skidmarks on the road of life! lol ha

  7. William wrote:

    What does she hope to accomplish? Will this somehow boost her career? What’s the point?

  8. cynical one wrote:

    William, the point is more exposure. And ASCAP royalties for the writer(s), albeit very LITTLE royalties for sg airplay.

    I’m sure a little bit of sg airplay would be good for her already squeeky clean image. We know EVERYONE who gets airplay on sg radio is squeeky clean. Just like those of us who post on this blog. And our moderator.

    Oops! There I go with that cynicism, again. I’m sure I’ll get lambasted by the purest of hypocritical critics here. You know, the diehard … better not go there, getting political and everything. That would be SOOOO off-topic. And we never get off-topic here.

  9. blancopantera wrote:

    This is hardly SG. She’s a cutie (which should help in any genre), but “Inspirational” would be a far more accurate title. Besides, can you imagine a real SG artist singing for the Obama kiddies?

  10. RF wrote:

    Interesting. Why did Cyrus and Hendrix think this was a good idea? Why did Frankie Laine record and release “I Believe”? We’ll nver know, but maybe it has something to do with faith, and ambition. Beats me. I’m just glad there were lots of kids there that heard it and maybe get something from it.

    Is it sg? That’s open for discussion. I expect the sg community to totally reject it, but what else is new?

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