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Last week’s Prairie Home Companion featured songs written by listeners for Valentines Day. I was particularly smitten with a song whose hook was “as love would have it.” I don’t know how original it is, but it was new (and well turned) to me. How bout you? Heard any good hooks lately?

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  1. Another G H wrote:

    Not sure if they qualify as hooks but a few lines have stuck with me recently…on EH&SS’s song, Reason Enough, “when i took His grace for granted, He granted even more”. Also, the McKameys’ song, He Calms Me, the line “it’s good to know that my God knows just what I need..”. I guess this would be more evidence that it’s the songs that really make the impact regardless of your musical taste.

  2. Jake wrote:


  3. quartet-man wrote:

    One that comes to mind is the old Dottie Rambo song “The Holy Hills Of Heaven Call Me” The line “This house of flesh is but a prison, bars of bone hold my soul.” What A line!

    In secular, there was an Oak Ridge Boys song called “Where Can I Surrender” in the nineties that had an interesting line. “Lock me in your velvet cell and throw away the key.”

  4. Dean Adkins wrote:

    It’s not new but I have always loved the phrase in “Sansom” by Jim Wetherington (Big Chief):
    “she plied her femininity and all her wily charm…”

  5. quartet-man wrote:

    One I neglected to put down this morning is Rhythm Guitar by the Oak Ridge Boys. It is a clever way of saying we want to run our own lives. “Nobody wants to play rhythm guitar behind Jesus. Everybody wants to be the lead singer in the band.”

  6. Snarfie wrote:

    I’ve been toying with lyrics regarding God’s love, mercy and grace which includes a line about “stepping off into a deep pile of this”.

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