Four chords and case of arson

Looks like we may be able to add arson to the list of “stupid choices” (to borrow a phrase from that gospel singers make (h/t, S and DY).

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  1. Scott wrote:

    Kind of sounds like the makings of a good Ray Stevens song.

  2. Tom wrote:

    Come on, now, you can’t tell this story without also including pictures . . . :

  3. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Let me guess…no love offering?

  4. cdguy wrote:

    I saw this item on the tv news in Nashville yesterday, and when I heard the words “gospel singer arrested”, of cource my ears perked up. I don’t know who made the decision to air the piece, but since the persons involved are no-name wannabe’s, I think it must have been a slow news day.

  5. cynical one wrote:

    BDM — or no love. It said she was upset with the pastor.

  6. volscot wrote:

    I live in the area. I read somewhere that she was upset at the pastor because he questioned their relationship since neither was wearing a wedding band. Allegedly, he told them that he wasn’t going to let them perform if they were “shacking up” and not married.

  7. cdguy wrote:

    Let’s face it, no wedding rings, a couple with different last names, calling themselves a husband and wife duo. In church circle, it is a little unusual. I can see why the pastor might be puzzled.

    It’s people like this that give the church a bad reputation. I can see someone using this as ammo against all traveling gospel singers. Just as people used the antics of certain televangelists to stereotype them all.

    And I’m sure we’ll see some postings herein, to that effect.

  8. Ron F wrote:

    From the looks of this chick, I think she………Oh Well Never Mind.

  9. Wade wrote:

    short that women on a flat and call the fire dept… lol… low level…no-name wannabe’s huh cdguy??

    But they are doing it for the right reason…their heart’s in the right place..they do it for the Lord!!

    They sing in fast food joins that have gospel music on Mon or Tuesday Nights… how high of a level could they be???

    Maybe the Pastor offered her some Acne CREAM!!!

  10. Promogurl wrote:

    Who is the singer?? Does anyone know?

  11. Wade wrote:

    P-Gurl…put down the pipe and follow the links and read the blog and it will ALL come clear…

  12. Wade wrote:

    I think CVH is her Producer & Radio Promo Person cause they are both from Chattanooga!!!

    Least he told her to get the acne cleared up . To get the account Rick H told her it was OK since she Loved the Lord, was pimping her man and her Mum had a few million to spend on PROMOTIONS!!!

    Has Promo Gurl finished reading all the links and back ground to this thread???

    Ppl who do not take the time to read the background and LINKS that Dr. DH so delightfully provides and then ask for AFL’s Dummies Translations… just MAKES ME CRAZY!!!

    We are not here for your heavy lifting Promo “Out side the Loop” Gurl!!!

  13. Tom wrote:

    Here’s another “gospel music singer” in some sort of trouble:

  14. Harry Peters wrote:

    Old Harry Peters hardly knows where to start. To begin with, Harry Peters hopes none of you ever sit on a jury in court. You have already tried and convicted this woman. May old Harry Peters point out, she HASN’T BEEN TRIED OR CONVICTED, only ACCUSED. I remember a woman like that in the Bible who was even rightly accused. Harry Peters is quite certain that none of you want Jesus showing up and writing in your sand pile. As for the “alledged” pastor, who was prepared to help, provided she passed his litmus test of people who are “worthy” of help, maybe he or any of you can point out in the bible where Jesus ever conditined his help on someone being the way he wanted them to be. Finally for all of the rest of you who judge, you might get used to a little fire. I can smell smoke from the pits of hell from here on earth and if you are judged by the same standard you judge, you just might find yourself in a lake of fire!

  15. Harry Peters wrote:

    Old Harry Peters cannot imagine a Christian taking delight in a website like I doubt it was put up by Christians for Christians. Second, the article speaks of the owner’s of the church. I think the article’s writer was poking fun at this fundamentalist church. Even non-Christians know that the true church belongs to God and not to any human being–yes…building, land and all. Finally, the ironic humor was not lost on old Harry Peters that the fire investigator’s name was “Captain Morgan.” Perhaps it was his nickname because he drinks too much of it. The case as outlined in the story (which is all any of us has to go on, except for gossip) will never be found guilty from a jury, unless of course…they are ALL like you.

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