Open Thread

Distractions in the not-virtual world will keep me away from The Line for a while. Talk amongst yourselves. Some places to start:

  • The Ruppe sisters have signed with Daywind. DBM wonders why the new start?
  • The Gaither empire has released an official youtube clip of the five-man vocal band.
  • Kyle has some old Oaks music up for comparison to the current crew’s gospel work on the new Gaither album.
  • Is the sogospelluvers site dead?
  • Oh yeah … the Dove nominations are out. Ernie Haase is up for male vocalist of the year, Wayne Haun for producer of the year (about time), and “Reason Enough” for SOTY, among other sg nominations.

What else?

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  1. Mike McIlwain wrote:

    I have heard that SGML will be back online soon. They were searching for a new webmaster around Christmas of last year. I don’t know what the problem occurred to bring it down this time.

  2. Andrew S. wrote:

    Oddity of the day—

    Bart Millard’s Country Album nomination..??

  3. dmp wrote:

    I’ve been watching the Gaither reunion videos… Does anyone know, was Guy ill at those tapings, or was there something more severe going on with his voice? He seems to really struggle through most of the songs, especially his solo in Let Freedom Ring.

  4. ecrook wrote:

    Another oddity, Triumphant Qt as bluegrass.

  5. Jim2 wrote:

    check out a promo clip of the new “Oak Tree Live” series coming the end of March from Daywind Records. Includes footage from Austin’s Bridge, Crabb Revival and Aaron and Amanda Crabb

  6. Hummingbird wrote:

    Ernie Haase AND David Phelps were nominated for male vocalist of the year and as far as a group award EHSSQ all the way, but for male vocalist……… vote’s for David!

  7. Andrew S. wrote:

    #4-I understand the idea of “Old White Flag” being nominated in the Bluegrass category. But IMO, it was more deserving of a nomination in the Country category. IMO, Bart Millard’s cd falls into the “Randomness” category. =)

    BTW-Does anyone know the price of a decent record deal with a company like Daywind or Crossroads or Canaan?

  8. Wade wrote:

    they took down the Gaither 5 Video

  9. anonamust wrote:

    I heard Josh Feemster is back!

  10. Irishlad wrote:

    Re: The Oaks. I’ve listened to these guys for yonks,considering i’m 48,thats a long long time. The WW and NF days on tenor and bass were great. One could pick Willie out with his distinctive voice from all the other tenors,and, Noel on ‘The Son shines down on me’ just about blew a 10yr old away. Re: N’Harmony,looks like i wasn’t far wrong. Changes all ready!?.

  11. Derek wrote:

    Guy’s voice cracks on the studio recording of GVB/EHSSQ “His Love Is Like A River”…and they left it in there for the whole world to hear. Why?

  12. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #9: Yes, he’s singing lead with N’Harmony now. Shane Dunlap moved to baritone and Chris Whitaker has joined Mike & Kelly Bowling.

  13. Ron F wrote:

    Hey #11 Derek, I was shocked when I first heard that , when it first came out. You know they heard it. Why did they leave it in there??? It sounds so bad very noticeable.

  14. quartet-man wrote:

    I got my Singing News a few days ago and on the inside front cover they show that Daywind is releasing CD’s with double albums from Skylite. There is one from the Oak Ridge Quartet, Stamps Quartet, Master’s Five, Blackwood Brothers ,Statesmen, Speer Family I am not sure if these are from master tapes or old lps since I thought at least some of the Skylite masters had burned up in a fire. I’m still looking forward to it even though I would prefer they do ones from the HeartWarming releases which were much better IMHO.

  15. Phil wrote:

    #11…Derek, that crack or whatever…is it meant to convey emotion or something?!

    I remember hearing that track for the first time and thinking…..”Whatttt??!”

  16. Andrew S. wrote:

    Does anyone own a copy of Jim Brady’s new cd? If so, how does it sound?

  17. wanderer wrote:

    Is it possible he did it on purpose? I’ve heard singers give a little crack to protray a sad emotion.

  18. mark forester wrote:

    Jims new CD is amazing. I get bored rial quick with new music but this one has kept my interest for a long time.

    Michael English does a duet with him on a song called Just As I Am (not the hymn) and it rocks.

    Jim wrote all the songs and they are great and very diverse. There are guest appearances by Marsh Hall, Michael English, Melissa Brady, Judy and Jonathan Martin, Paul Lancaster and a few others.

    This really shows him to be a premier vocalist. The guy can sing.

  19. Brother wrote:

    Andrew I have the new Jim Brady Cd. There are 2 or 3 songs that Jim wrote or co-wrote that were recorded by other artist such as “Gold City- Truth is Marching On and Mercy’s Well- The Sun Will Shine Again”. Great songs in my opinion. The best song in my opinion is “River in The Rain”. I love the lyrics and the upbeat tempo. Overall a good Cd.

  20. Irishlad wrote:

    I’m brakin’ all the rules here! Where are you my friends CVH, Wade, Qman? I miss ur chat.

  21. Andrew S. wrote:

    Sounds great! I will chalk it up on my list of albums I need to get! Has anyone heard Jeff Snyder with the Greenes?

  22. WA wrote:

    I watched the GVB-5 clip before it was evidently taken down. I still have mixed feelings. I guess I’m used to hearing the 4 parts, knowing who’s singing what, and admiring the individual - as well as the sum of the - parts. Listening to that clip, I couldn’t really tell. I’m sure that Michael English fans love every note that he’s singing, but I sure do miss Guy. Phelps is the same as ever, as is Mark. It’s really great to see them back. I’m sure the VB will be a crowd pleaser wherever they go, but it’ll take me a while to love this new ensemble arrangement, if ever.

    As for the “new” Ruppe sisters, that’s a mystery to me. They had such a great sound with Michael, and I guess until I hear what he’ll be doing, my jury’s out. I have no doubt but that as a ladies trio, they’ll be incredible. I just wonder what this all means to Mike. Does anybody know yet?

  23. Harry Peters wrote:

    IRISH LAD, don’t forget old Harry Peters is your bud, too.

    As for Ernie Haase being nominated for male vocalist of the year. What’s up with that? All of the female categories were full? Ernie, his pink eye shadow, eye liner and pelvic gyrations does not belong in a male category of anything.

  24. Grigs wrote:

    Harry, Ernie is probably to busy with his success to bother with a nobody like you, with you sophmoric screen name and 3rd grade insults, but if he ever decides to clean your clock, I’d be proud to hold his coat and watch for him.

  25. Revpaul wrote:

    Andrew #21,
    Yes I heard Jeff with the Greenes a couple of evenings ago at the Pasco County Fair in Florida. I think it’s a perfect match. His voice blends beautifully with TaRanda’s. I was glad to see that the Greens have already given Jeff a couple of solos which he does flawlessly. “Who Am I?” was especially well sung. After The Down East Boys finished their set, the curtain closed behind them. The Greenes were introduced, the curtain opened, and there sat TaRanda on a swivel chair, center stage, sporting the cast on her broken foot. It was really classy; way better than hobbling out there on crutches! I think we’re going to see Jeff Snyder really begin to shine in this new pairing.

  26. Irishlad wrote:

    Sorry Harry. Top of the morning to ye. Btw anyone know who represented the GVB and actually got up to receive the award at the grammys? That particular genre being an obscure art form along with likes of Gregorian hip hop chant-rap is never televised. At least not over here.

  27. Wade wrote:

    Irish Laddy… you must be in to the Jamison again…this is an OPEN THREAD so NO rulz unless you want to talk about [edit] having an affair with [edit] who no longer appears on the videos any more!! lol… but other than that… I been here… CVH has been alittle busy but qman is ALL OVER THE PLACE… he is so freakin’ nice I almost feel bad I give him so much grief about the current size of his church and how they could not afford to have an artist in. BUT I will get over it… because we are Brothers of Oaks for ever!!!

    Now it was good to see Harry again… I know he is still busy trying to figure out how much money he would have to pay for an add in the singing news based on his sin… Harry is very busy too in several ministries in the Myrtle Beach area.

    So we are all here… you just can’t see us through the Jamison!!lol Cheers

    ps while we are talking with Qman… I have to agree with him about something he said about the OAKS… I TOO loved the Oak with Willie Wynn & Noal Fox… as much as I love MY OAKS now and respect who is there…Willie was atleast a REAL TENOR SINGER and Noel was SMOOTH before bass airplane landing on the end of every song was the rage!!!

    PERFORMANCE is still the GREATEST LIVE Project EVER DONE… most ALL other including The Kingsmen where measured by THAT…as Duane said on the album when he introduced them…

    “Thanks YOU…all the Oak ridge Boys are thrilled to be able to sing tonight we are having a great time already and we hope you are enjoying your evening of Gospel Music. I want to introduce everybody at once that way everybody gets the same amount of applause and we save a little bit of time…

    Little Willie, Bill, Noel, Tommy…on the drums is Mark on the bass guitar is Don, I am Duane…that’s all the Oak Ridge Boys would you make them welcome???

    How did I do Qman???

  28. Grigs wrote:

    I want to make an apology.

    My third grade nephew and his little buddies were offended by my last post. If they do resort to insults, they are far more clever than the poster in question. Sorry, guys.

  29. Irishlad wrote:

    Grigs, Harry’s not that far wrong about EH. A few years back(12) EH busted an arm playing basketball, us Irishlads who at the time thought he was the best thing since sliced bread went out bought a basket ball signed it and presented to him in person. Know something? You could tell by his eyes he couldn’t have give a flying f***,and that was before he really hit the ‘big time’. As somebody once said ‘if you can fake insincerity you’ve got it made’(or something like that). Wade bud,it’s Black Bush! Lol.

  30. CVH wrote:

    Irishlad, Wade…I’ve been in and out lately…on the radio chart threads but not much else. There were like 8 different ballots for the Doves and by the time I got through my eyes were bleeding. Other than Wayne Haun being nominated for POTY, I didn’t see a lot that made me excited (yawn).

  31. Wade wrote:

    Grigs… your ready to kick some butt or help doing it!!! We can maybe get you & Harry in a cage match at NQC with Special Referee EH!!! lol Least they would not have to worry about the sound…

    CVH… Charting Threads huh??? BIGGER YAWN!!! lol

  32. Wade wrote:

    WA…puleeeze… “I guess I’m used to hearing the 4 parts, knowing who’s singing what…” I have been hearing 6-8 parts on those GVB stuff for a long time… Last time in Chattanooga. half of EHSSQ stood off stage with mics and sang along w/ Bill giving hand cues.

    Can’t believe the GU news has not broke here yet!! Oh Boy it’s good stuff…POWER!!!

  33. Wade wrote:

    Sorry …that was GUY news

  34. Harry Peters wrote:

    Grigs (24) Paul held the cloak of those who stoned Steven. Harry Peters bets Fonda could beat your (King James word for donkey) and get rid of some of that hell in you. Believe me, Harry Peters ministers in the streets with the harlots and tough necks. You definitely couldn’t match up against Harry Peters. Besides, Harry Peters doesn’t fight girls.

  35. Rose Smith wrote:

    Changing the subject, but I saw Jason Crabb last night and Sara, the girl that backed him up was not there and he had a new drummer, does anyone know if Sara is not with him any more and who she may be singing with now

  36. Harry Peters wrote:

    Wade! Old Harry Peters talked to an insider the the SGM recording biz, who is privy to BG’s recording sessions (By the way, aren’t you Glad BG’s name wasn’t Bill Jeffers?) and I asked him, “so who is going to sing bass for Bill Gaither, now that George is gone?” He laughed and winked (not like Ernie Haase winks) and smiled. He NEVER once denied it. Old Harry Peters knows a snake oil salesman when he sees it and Harry Peter’s ears don’t play tricks on him. You hear exactly what you say. By the way, Fonda Peters said to tell you the next time you are in Myrtle Beach to stop in and see her on a Wednesday night. That’s kind of strange. That’s when old Harry Peters has choir practice. Anyway, you are always welcome in the home of the Peters.

  37. WA wrote:

    I hear what you’re saying, Wade, with stacks and all. And, of course, Mike Allen sang Bill’s bass parts along with him too. I guess to fine tune it a bit, I couldn’t tell in that clip if Wes and Phelps were both singing tenor, or if Wes and English were doing lead, etc. I didn’t like that for some reason. Maybe I’m also thinking ahead to their first quintet CD. Who knows, but something about it makes me feel uncomfortable.

  38. steven wrote:

    in response to post 5: Jim2

    Thanks for posting that link to that clip…REALLY interesting idea daywind has come up with. I like the groups they are using…looking forward to that video when it comes out!

  39. Wade wrote:

    Harry you stay later to work out the Sopranos in your choir and I will have fellowship with Fonda!!!

    But Harry… I think Grigs was just having a bad day or a Man Crush on EH!!

    But the common ground here is … Me, You & Grigs…ALL Loved Glenn & George!!

    Let’s do not be like dr. jo blow and be haters!!!

    Let’s ALL LOVE Gospel Music TOGETHER!!

  40. Irishlad wrote:

    Ha ha Harry you mean Wed nite is the nite you go out to gargle for choir like i have morbid fascination with anything to do with drink…..hic).

  41. jbb wrote:

    #32: So what is the GUY news???

  42. writeon wrote:

    Whatever happened to Amy Unthank and Pamela Furr. I’ve googled their names and came up with various websites but I am cautious about which ones that are safe to open. What are they currently doing?

    They both used to have a comment for about every thread that was started on

  43. nonSGfan wrote:

    we all knew it was coming…but the entire Dottie Rambo homegoing is now viewable on the highly respected YOUTUBE.

  44. marie hardy wrote:

    Excuse me, but has anyone ever heard Ernie Haase’s solo projects? For him to be nominated as male vocalist of the year is just beyond me. To even put him in the same class as David Phelps is a slap in the face to David. Why do you think he started a group that can stack prerecorded vocals on the tracks? Think about it.

  45. Good Stuff wrote:

    #16 and #19:
    The first run of Jim Brady’s CD has a bonus behind-the-scenes DVD in it, and it gives a good sense of Jim, his writing, his family, his friends in singing, writing and producing, etc. The CD is excellent, especially for people who like progressive SG. Christian bookstores should be able to order it!

  46. dmp wrote:

    Anyone else read Emily Sutherland’s blog telling everyone to stop speculating on Guy’s departure? I know some of you will hate me for saying this, but something else is at work here… There is way more to this yet to come. Does this quote strike anyone else as odd?

    “Sure, we all feel personally connected with our favorite artists. But we don’t own them and we are not responsible for how their lives shake out. God, however, is. He is the one who has guided this process for everyone on the inside of the situation, whether or not everyone likes it. Trust me on this. I don’t protect or stand for unethical business practices, just as I don’t stand for unfounded gossip.”

    Lack of credible information will always breed theories, and after, gossip. Gaither has asked us to believe something that just doesn’t add up, and now they seem to be getting a bit angry that people are taling.

  47. promogurl wrote:

    I didn’t think LordSong was going to quit singing? I thought the “Sisters” did some things on their own? Is this not true?

  48. cdguy wrote:

    I saw/heard LordSong w/Sisters last month on a Christian cruise my wife & I took. Brenda was on board, too. They did some songs with Michael & the 3 girls (LordSong), some songs with just the 3 girls (Sisters), and a song or two with Brenda & the girls (Ruppes). Every configuaration was TOP NOTCH!

    They explained they had a cd of Sisters (as mentioned above), and would probably do more.

    My guess is Sisters will probably do some women’s events without Michael, and continue to tour as LordSong, as well. But that’s just MHO.

  49. Andrew S. wrote:

    Nick Trammell is gone from the Perrys. :(

  50. NotAFanOfVFL wrote:

    The video clip was not removed from YouTube. It’s still up for view of the fabulous 5 group GVB!

  51. Jake wrote:

    To #44 Marie — Actually, yes, I believe I have all of Ernie Haase’s solo albums. As far as who has a better voice, him or David Phelps, you are dealing with a very subjective matter. It is all a matter of who’e voice you like better. David certainly has some tremendous qualities, and I am sure many would consider him to have the “better” voice. However, I heard him sing a solo of “I Pledge My Allegiance” with the GVB over and over again, trying to figure out what the words were that he was singing in his high, dramatic part of the solo. I finally found out what he had been singing — once EHSS recorded the song and Ernie sang the solo of that last verse. Ernie may not have a certain sound that you like in Phelps, but at least he enunciates his words and you can understand him. Don’t get me wrong, David Phelps is a good vocalist, but sometimes I can’t understand his words when he gets to the “dramatic” part of his solo.

  52. nonSGfan wrote:

    Jake, you’re a moron.

  53. wackythinker wrote:

    Jake — Phelps isn’t the only one in GVB who doesn’t enumciate well. I had forgotten, until I saw the GVB reunion dvd’s, but English was always bad about this, and still is. During his previous tenure, I had trouble understanding a lot of the lyrics.

    As for certain people’s distain for EH, the only problem I have is his pitch problems. The first SSQ cd was really bad, especially considering all the tools available even then. I always felt he should have spent as much effort on intonation as he did the choreography.

    And their cd that they did independantly (done like a 40’s radio broadcast) is the same way. Ernie’s flat most of the time. otherwise, it’s a great recording.

  54. nonSGfan wrote:

    you’re both morons. David Phelps graudated from Baylor with a degree in vocal performance..and there are to bozo’s sitting on averyfineline talking about his enumciation problems?

    Ernie Haas shouldnt even be allowed on the same stage as David Phelps. When David Phelps steps on stage, Ernie should get on his knees and worship.

    Ernie not only has pitch problem, but is overall voice is simply not good. He’s a lucky man, who lucked into some groups, and lucked into fame. He is stacked to high heavens on every song he does, and half the time isn’t singing himself.

    Ernie Haas should carry Davids Dolce and Gabanna bags into concert.

  55. DMP wrote:

    You’re quite the master of words nonSGfan. There are days I wonder if you might not just be a 13 year old kid left unattended. Morons call people names for having opinions. And so, add me to your moron list, because I agree with what they are saying. David’s upper range and dramatic style does render some of his words unintelligible. We understand he went to Baylor, but let’s be honest, he isn’t singing in the same style he was taught at Baylor, though he learned technique there. I’d say his professors are probably mortified at some of his less than music department appropriate performances and vocal liberties. There have been many times on Phelps and English solos that I had to grab the CD jacket to figure out just what on earth they were screaming about. Again, despite that, they are both quite good. Now, call me a name, take your meds, light your commemorative Phelps alter candle and relax.

  56. Ed wrote:

    I agree, Ernie has always had a pitch problem.

  57. Irishlad wrote:

    For what it’s worth,for the most part i agree with DMP and Jake,and, nonSGfan it’s two not to. Moron.

  58. Jake wrote:

    nonSGfan (#52) — I have plenty that I would like to say to you for your response to my personal opinion (# 51) , but I will keep my words to myself. However, I would strongly suggest that you voice your opinion of me to the Lord, since He is the One you and I both answer to. In the end, it is only His opinion that will count anyway.

  59. Tim wrote:

    I really wish that bluegrass gospel artist were the ones nominated in the bluegrass gospel categories. For the most part they make the music on the recordings therefore you are getting live what is heard on the recording unlike Southern Gospel. I am not against the way SG goes about the recording process but with artist doing their own playing it remains more true to art form.

  60. nonSGfan wrote:

    Moron, Moron, Moron. Thats exactly what any person who tries to being to suggest that David Phelps cant be understood in his upper register when he built his career on it.

    Also, a Moron is a person who tries to compare Haas with Phelps.

  61. WA wrote:

    You don’t have to be a long-time reader here, guys, to realize that nonSGfan has the only viable opinions here. Once he gets a bone in his mouth, he’s a pit bull. Ignore him, and he may just go away. In the meantime, we get to read his fractured syntax like this: “That’s exactly what any person who tries to being to suggest…” Items like that, and so, so many more make it impossible not to just laugh a bit. He’s David Phelps’ #1 fan, and that’s fine. But don’t ever try to suggest that DP has any single flaw. You’ll get called a moron. Saying that Ernie Haase has one single redeeming feature will also bring the same vitriol. It’s all just sadly funny.

  62. Wayne Kerr wrote:

    #60 THE MORON wrote: “Also, a moron is a person who tries to compare Haas with Phelps.”
    #54 THE MORON compares Haas with Phelps. Case closed, MORON.

  63. dmp wrote:

    Ignoring may work WA, but it may be time to have him put down.

    I remember seeing Fernando Ortega in concert once where he told the story of winning the dove for bluegrass recorded song of the year in 1998 for Children of the Living God. He said he felt really bad and was apologizing to the men he called “the real bluegrass singers” on his way up to get the award

  64. Irishlad wrote:

    Re:nonSGfan and his infantile scribblings. I’d like to think i come across more coherently despite being handicapped by a 2″x 1.5″ screen with no spell check plus being usually pissed as a newt than our resident moron. (IMHO of course). However i do feel slightly guilty stooping to trade insults,so, i’m retiring from such nonsense and this particular subject.

  65. nonSGfan wrote:

    OOOH Thin-skinned people…don’t you comprehend the purpose of my spewing out names?? It’s all for attention. I am incredibly attention starved, and I need those reactions in my life. It has nothing to do with the fact that I am a superior intellectual when It comes to music, and think the half-witted opinions you give are ridiculous.
    And btw, I wasn’t comparing the two, I was contrasting, el’, guess the tag is back on your back.

    David Phelps has many flaws…

    1. his solo career flopped because he couldn’t find a specific style to commit to

    2. He’s WAY To “Diva” and over-dramatic, and sometimes downright feminine on stage..

    Did I say many flaws? I meant any rate..
    …on a vocal side, he’s the best in the business and will continue to be for many years to come unless he becomes vocally paralyzed within the next couple a’ days.

    There is nothing (in my opinion) technically correct or vocally enjoyable about the voice of Ernie Haas. Then again, obviously, many of you think he’s the god of tenors…soo….once again…
    its aaaallll just opinions..and, Ironically, the same rights and freedoms that you have that enable you to THINK that I am a moron, is the same rights and freedoms that I have to WRITE that you are a moron. Whats the difference? you thought it about me, and I said it about you. You pious patriarchs of commentary and critisism..

    :) smile today.

  66. scope wrote:

    Here we go again with the childish behavior. Knock it off.

    I personally don’t like either David Phelps or Ernie Haas. I don’t like their voices, and they are both full of themselves.

  67. cynical one wrote:

    Is nonSGfan a pseudonym for our host? They both seem to have no low opinion of their knowledge of music and s/g.

    They both can be condescending. Neither takes critism well.

    And both are often right.


  68. Pamela Furr wrote:

    I am here. I must admit, I was googling my own name and saw that someone was asking about my whereabouts. #43, I do believe.

    I don’t comment as much because I haven’t been reading avery as much. (sorry, buddy)

    I had been hosting a talk show on WVNN here in Huntsville, AL for the last year with much success! HOWEVER, the economy has taken its toll, and Cumulus decided to lay off 7% of its workforce a few weeks ago. This was corporate-wide, so many people lost their jobs across the country who had been employed by Cumulus.

    It’s the nature of the medium. I’ve been in radio for over 25 years, and it happens. Unforuntely this year I believe more broadcasters have lost their jobs than I have ever seen it, but again, the nature of the medium. When advertisers come back to the table, things will be different, and people will be working again.

    In the meantime, I’m putting my money where my mouth was and volunteering for a candidate who is hoping to be a State Senator in Alabama, Roger Richardson. I encourage anyone and everyone to get involved in the political process.

    If you think it doesn’t have an effect on our beloved Gospel Music, you are sadly mistaken.

    You can find me on myspace and facebook if you want to keep track of what’s going on in my world.

    And now that I have more time on my hands, I believe I’ll be visiting avery online a bit more often.


  69. Kitten wrote:

    nonSGfan stated in post # 65, “I am a superior intellectual when It comes to music, and think the half-witted opinions you give are ridiculous.” Well, sir or ma’am (whichever you are), your statement shows that you are an arrogant, pride filled, and pompous person who clearly has major psychological issues which cannot be addressed or settled in a forum such as this.

    You then have the gall (in the same post) to point out your own “opinion” which is based on your own experiences and feelings about another singer. May I remind you that some of the postings by others here were simply their opinions, nothing more and nothing less, in which they gave their personal experiences of David Phelp’s voice as it related to them, and you proceded to call them morons!

    You ought to be completely ashamed of yourself, but I suspect in your present state of mind you are probably justifying your beliefs and words by fooling yourself into thinking that your “education” has given you the right and ability to know more about what others hear and know than they theyselves do. So tragic that an intelligent mind like yours has fallen to such depths.

    Not only do we reject your totally outlandish and hypocritical input as invalid as it relateds to the discussion at hand, but I strongly suggest that you seek psychological counseling to deal with the unresolved issues in your life that are affecting your judgment regarding the opinions of your peers. For you see, this is no longer about David Phelps or Ernie Haase or any other singer, it is about your internal anger and rage that is spilling over in venom and bitterness toward others and threatening to be the complete undoing of you.

  70. Tim wrote:


    Sorry to hear about your job loss. I live within hearing range of WVNN and have listened to your show. I hope you can stay in the market if that is your desire. Let me know more about your candidate.

  71. nonSGfan wrote:

    O miss Kitten read it again…You misquoted me entirely! :)

    “It has nothing to do with the fact that I am a superior intellectual when It comes to music, and think the half-witted opinions you give are ridiculous” THATS what I said.

    You sounded like the main stream media when you bent that statement. You totally left out the first three words!! “It has nothing to do with”…oh wait thats 7 words…I digress..

    its all just fun and games. It’s not psycology, or anger, or vitriol, or venom..

    Its “Critisism and commentary of southern gospel culture”.

    LIghten up, you people are too serious.Smile, Jesus Loves you..even the morons


  72. Tony Brown wrote:

    For anyone wishing to visit the SoGospellovers site, we’ve experienced a bit of a meltdown on our old site. We are back up and running at a previous address:

    That address will get you there. Thanks!

  73. nonSGfan wrote:

    459,100- Number of youtube views of David Phelps top song

    159,000- number of youtube views for ernie haas’s top song..


  74. Good Greif Charlie B wrote:

    type in
    david phelps = 1330 pages
    signature sound = 2760 pages

  75. dmp wrote:

    Bottom line? I’d trade paychecks with either one of them

  76. notanonSGfan wrote:

    do a YouTube search for nonSGfan

  77. Harry Peters wrote:

    Although it is hard for Harry Peters to disagree with anything anyone says negative about Ernie Haase, I find that I must disagree with the earlier post that Ernie lucked into a couple of groups that gave him his break. Knowing how cold, calculating and “all business” EH is, Harry Peters believes that he planned and positioned himself to date and marry the King of basses, George Younce’s daughter. It accomplished two things: Despite EH’s inferrior singing (and believe it or not, he was even worse when he started) dating the King’s daughter assured him of a spot with the number one quartet, The Cats. Second, it set in place a deceptive illusion, forever protecting EH’s image from queerdom and buffering his need for feminity and metro-sexualality. If Harry Peters saw someone in pink eye shadow with hair and grooming like Ernie in the streets, Harry Peters would give him a tract on how to be saved and avoid the eternal damnation of hell. All Harry Peters can say in regard to EH’s pitch (or lack thereof) is that EH’s biggest break was probably a technological one of “pitch correction software.” May the King rest in peace and may Princess Ernie finally be exposed for who and what he is.

  78. Harry Peters wrote:

    All Harry Peters can say about the new GVB 5 is that some of you folks who are now paying $75-$100 a ticket to see their “act” owe The Oak Ridge Boys of the 70’s a huge apology.

  79. nonSGfan wrote:

    DMP, absolutely. I would say, however, that Ernie trumps David by far in total net worth.

  80. cynical one wrote:

    Might “moron” be appropriate for anyone who spells Ernie’s last name “HAAS”, rather than the correct “HAASE”?

    Just axing!

  81. dmp wrote:

    You’re probably right, though I bet David isn’t worried about his next house payment…

  82. Wade wrote:

    See Non there is another person on here who thought you might be a woman

  83. Wayne Kerr wrote:

    #76. That is amusing. Juvenile, but amusing.

  84. Amanda wrote:

    I just don’t get what people see in Ernie Haase. I have never had a high opinion of his voice, or his attitude.
    Oh, well. We are all entitled to our opinions!!

  85. Irishlad wrote:

    On the youtube comments most people (a lot who are not exposed to gospel music) rate DP over Josh Groban. Forget the tenor/baritone difference,i’m talking technique and other qualities,yet ,JP made $12 mill last year and DP won’t make that in a life time. Why? It’s his gospel background is it not.

  86. Irishlad wrote:

    JG not JP.

  87. nonSGfan wrote:

    Cynical, obviously my degree of comedic sarcasm isn’t caught by EVERY intelligent mind.

    HAAS- Ha’s …as in laughter.

    Irishlad, you’re wrong about david not making that in his lifetime..he will. I honestly dont think he has nearly the control that phelps has..however he is a brilliant performer.

    Wade, you’re right.

  88. Fonda Peters wrote:

    Well, Harry Peters is out ministering to women of ill repute, even though he let on like he was going to do some farming, saying he was going down to the chicken ranch. Fonda Peters found his laptop and has finally said goodbye to Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting, which has turned out to be nothing but a gossip fest. As those of you who have been following Harry Peters life and ministry are aware, Fonda Peters has never posted on this bulletin board before.

    Anyway, Amanda, Fonda Peters agrees with you about Ernie Haase, even though she thinks Harry Peters comes down a little hard on the little five letter word for cat.

    What do EH and GVB5 have in common? It’s ALL SMOKE AND MIRRORS and it smells like smoke from the pit of hell to Fonda Peters.

  89. nonSGfan wrote:

    I love Ernie, nice guy.

  90. quartet-man wrote:

    Harry Peters wrote:

    All Harry Peters can say about the new GVB 5 is that some of you folks who are now paying $75-$100 a ticket to see their “act” owe The Oak Ridge Boys of the 70’s a huge apology.

    Posted 25 Feb 2009 at 10:35 am ¶

    Not exactly, Harry. the $75-$100 was in today’s dollars, and I was a kid in the seventies when they were gospel. :-D I can’t be the only one either.

  91. nonSGfan wrote:

    quartet man, good point. At that time, you also paid a couple thousand for a decent car.

    Stacking, to me, is comparible to steroids in baseball. Is it cheating? yes..but does it attract more of a crowd? YES. People came out in groves to see Mark Mcquire knock a ball 14 billion feet, and everybody KNEW he was juicing. (I know I did)….

    People KNOW that the GVB and SS are stacking, yet the buildings are still filling up…point is..we are ALL obsessed with entertainment.

  92. Jake wrote:

    I guess the question re. stacking is, Does knowing it takes place really bother people? When they are playing tracks rather than using a live band, we all know it was pre-recorded, but that doesn’t bother us. If a group was up there just doing lip-sinc it would be overtly fake, but if they use stacks to fill in the vocals or to give a “fuller” sound, what difference is there between that and the “canned” accompaniment tracks? We can tell if they (whether it be GVB, EHSS, or anyone else) are faking a performance for us, or if they are singing their hearts out with some “help” from the soundboard & tracks.

  93. Harry Peters wrote:

    Quartet Man, #90. You missed the point. It wasn’t about the dollar amount. It was that the holier than thou people in Southern Gospel Music drove the Oak Ridge Boys out and into Country Music because they considered them to much of a “show.” They were nothing like the GVB5 or EH prissing his King James word for donkey across the stage.

  94. Harry Peters wrote:

    ne other note, Quartet Man. Harry Peters was a kid in the 70’s, too. Adjusted for inflation a $75 ticket in 2009 would have cost $15 in 1971. Do you think the Oaks were getting that? People bi-yach and moan today if they have to pay $15.00 for a SG ticket, unless it’s BG or princess EH. The Oaks were getting more on the order of $5 a ticket in the 70’s. That would be more like $25 in today’s dollars. It’s okay, you had no way of knowing old Harry Peters first degree was in economics.

  95. jake wrote:

    Harry Peters (#94) — if you were a kids in the 1970s then you aren’t as old as you make yourself out to be. I was a late teen/early 20s in the 1970s and today I am 55. I don’t consider that to be old. (Of course, the older I get, the higher my definition of “old” gets!)

  96. wackythinker wrote:

    A quick check of ticket prices on the Gaither website indicates the highest price ticket at $39.50. If I’d spent $40 or more in service charges, I’d be questioning TicketMaster, or whomever.

    Otherwise, I don’t think I’d tell the world (or at least this little corner of the world) I was stupid enough to pay double.

  97. cdguy wrote:

    Back in those old days (1970’s) that $5.00 ticket would get you 1 or 2 artists, maybe a 2 - 2 1/2 hour concert. Occaisionally more artists, but mostly not more than 3.

    The Gaither ticket gets you generally 10 - 15 artists, and a 4 hour show. Granted, each artist only does 1 or 2 songs, but they still have to be paid for the entire evening, just as if they sang the entire 4 hours alone.

    Might the value be a little more comparable than initially indicated?

    And I think your $5.00 today is probably more like $30.00 today. So is the Gaither ticket that much out-of-line? Maybe not.

    Also, I used to promote groups in a church in the late 70’s. The top-tier groups of that day had a flat of $1,500 - $1,800. Inflation would bring that up to around $5,000. today. How many top-tier groups are in that bracket today? I don’t know, but it would be a curious bit of info to compare.

  98. nonSGfan wrote:

    i actually agree with Harry.

  99. quartet-man wrote:

    Harry, I did miss your point. I guess because you mentioned the dollar amount which I guess is pretty irrelevant in your point. (Unless you are saying they are willing to pay good money for a show now, but didn’t want a show then for a cheaper price.)

    Some people made points I thought of which is the Gaither concerts are longer, with more artists, and of course the Ticketmaster chargers and the like. I didn’t get into that before because I was pressed for time. I think the Gaither tickets I bought were around $50 after the convenience charges and stuff. These were through the fan club and in the artist circle.

    I do know that the All Night Singings had even more singing (I suppose something like NQC although I have never been to either.) However, I don’t know how well money the artists got paid, and of course there were I am sure more people into that sort of entertainment than now.

    You are right that there were those who didn’t like what the Oaks were doing. Although some might have just disagreed with their approach or believed things about them etc. I am sure others were just jealous and knew that presenting it as a “moral” thing was about the only way they could stop them. I have known people like that who were jealous, upset about other things and used the moral thing to feel justified when it wasn’t the issue at all. I have a relative a couple of decades or so in teen choir at church act like the “rock beat” of the music was what he was upset about, but it was totally something else from what I saw. He was just ticked off about something else and used that as an excuse IMHO.

  100. quartet-man wrote:

    I do want to add something else though. Times have changed since the Oaks were gospel. Not just in gospel music, but movies, TV, etc. What the Oaks were doing in those days as tame as it is now, isn’t really comparable to the ones mentioned. What I mean is what the Oaks were doing in those days was about as radical as gospel music would get. Today it probably be comparable to a SG group trying to wear eye makeup (oops bad example ;) ) colored long hair past the waist, leather clothes etc. :-D Think some of the eighties secular groups. That stuff would not be accepted in SG today even though it might in CCM.

  101. Harry Peters wrote:

    Wacky Thinker, Give us a report on other Gaither venues like Myrtle Beaches “Singing In the Sun” and old Harry Peters thinks you’ll find a much higher ticket price.

    Quartet Man, Harry Peters agrees with you on more than we disagree on. That being said, in my opinion, EH SSQ and GVB are way farther out there than the Oaks. GVB doesn’t look any different than your average Country Band, with the exception maybe of wardrobe. The hair, the beards, all of that are the same. And the Oaks never did the hoochie-cootchy like EH & SSQ, plus they are trying to look 20 years old and very effeminate–especially EH and his pink eye shadow, which matched that spritely pink shirt worn with that nasty shade of blue suit (the only one they had when they started and is on their first CD cover). Harry Peters saw EH’s pink eye shadow and eye liner with his own eyes. I even got Fonda Peters to take a look at it for verification from a female perspective. Fonda Peters loves Ernie and wishes he would change his name from Ernie to be her name sake. I don’t know how Fonda Peters Haase would work. It just sounds funny.

  102. GH wrote:

    Harry Peters, Fonda Peters, Loves the petter who ever you are. You are a joke. It obvious that Ernie has fired you as a previous employee or left you in the dust. You are an idiot.

  103. Harry Peters wrote:

    so….GH…what part of what old Harry Peters said isn’t true? [edit]

  104. nonsgfan wrote:

    I agree with Petersman, again.

  105. Wade wrote:

    lol… petermans… good one NoN

  106. Jake wrote:


  107. nonsgfan wrote:


  108. wackythinker wrote:

    Harry, I checked the ticket prices for Myrtle Beach a few days ago, and I think it was about $80. for the 2-day event. That’s $80 for 3 or 4 concerts. Still not a bad value, for the amount/calliber of music, and the number of artists they have to pay.

  109. Harry Peters wrote:

    Hey, whacky, old Harry Peters says giving it all away to other artists is probably why Gaither became a millionaire the year after the first “Homecoming” video came out. Harry Peters knows personally a big SG name who BG gave that information Do you really think he stopped with one million? Harry Peters asks how many million do you really need? Do you really think the princess of SGM would give up all of his 5000 flats (last information 5 years ago) to go on “tour” with Gaither Homecoming 36 or whatever it is by now, if he weren’t making MORE money? It’s like a bad Friday the 13th movie. Jason just keeps coming back for more and the sequals never come close to the original.

  110. wackythinker wrote:

    Harry, whoever told you that was Bill’s FIRST million was sadly mistaken. I can’t swear to it, but I think that happened right after Elvis recorded “He Touched Me”.

    (Can I expect some punctuarian to correct me for putting the period after the end quote, instead of before?”

    He may have made his first HOMECOMING MILLION on the first video.

    And although BG may have been the first to make a million dollars (and the most) off Christian music, he’s centainly not the only one. And just like any other millionaire, once is not enough.

  111. DMP wrote:

    is it sad that I noticed that period before you mentioned it?

  112. Harry Peters wrote:

    Yes, whackerthinker, you can’t swear to anything, but you can pontificate on EVERYTHING like you had a meeting on Mt Sinai with the almighty–just you and him. If all you can criticize is puntuation, I suggest you take a close look at the following sentence. You are a dumb-ass. Notice the hypen.

    Incidentally, greed does run counter to the teachings of Jesus. And one million is not enough for a Christian is a weak argument. Works pretty well for a rock star, though and we all know BG and princess Ernie are that in SGM circles and they are laughing taking your money to the bank.

  113. Wade wrote:

    Old Harry Peters… you are a pimp!!! Notice the P!!!

  114. Harry Peters wrote:

    Wade (112) Old Harry Peters is into full time mission work and spends all of his idle time at the ranch, trying to discover the answer to the age old riddle: why DID the chicken cross the road?

  115. cynical one wrote:

    Harry, It was to prove to the ‘possum it could be done.

  116. Harry Peters wrote:

    Cynical one (115) old Harry Peters says ‘possum might be very close. At least ‘possum could be the native american word for it.

  117. Dianna wrote:

    Why are you Heathens Raging and Why do You Heathens Imagine a Vain Thing ??? - - My preference is definite ERNIE HAASE. — The fact is that David is a nice tenor and my intention is not to run him down. However, Mr. Haase is The best Tenor today and probably EVER… David and Mr. Haase have different styles, but David hums and squeals in hig tones… Ernie has such a beautiful and powerful voice. He has no more pitch problems than any other professional singer… No one works as hard as Ernie, No one is as talented , blessed and gifted as Ernie…. All of this SILLY talk and LIES about Ernie is evidence of your childish JEALOUSY. Ernie knows how to use his voice. He can Blow You Away with his power, Soothe you with its beauty , or blend it to perFect the BEST QUARTET EVER : EHSSQ….- What do we see in Ernie ?.. We see a man who worked hard, waited his turn, and so graciously give back!! - When Ernie was with the Cathedrals, he got that job based on his Talent and his warm Personality. He let Glen and George shine as he performed his job. Shortly, After being in this group, Ernie met his now wife . NOW, it is that same Talent and personality that fuels EHSSQ, and I ( We) LOVE IT, and we LOVE Ernie and EHSS.- Bill Gaither didnot make Ernie and he did not make EHSS. Bill signed EHSS AFTER he saw how GOOD they were!! - Both GAITHER and ERNIE have benefited greatly from their business association.- There are groups and artists who have been with gaither much longer that Ernie, and you hardly know of them.– If Ernie and EHSS were not SOoo GOOD, you would not constantly look for criticism and lies about them. - Ernie is a good Christian man. - No one is perfect, not even you. — I am sorry that you are a failure, but don’t blame Ernie for that. -Ernie is The Best TENOR.. He has The BEST Stage Presence EVER!!.. He is kind Hearted and generous!!- GOD has blessed ERNIE and ERNiE is making the most of his blessings.. Ernie SHOULD win BEST MALE VOCALIST, because He is the BEST !!.. SEE ya,

  118. Harry Peters wrote:

    All old Harry Peters hears out of the blathering and diatribe of 115 (Dianna) is, “he can blow.” From your post it is evident that you have no musical training at all. You brag on EH and SSQ so much old Harry Peters suspects the princess himself may have written it. Clever–”Princess Dianna.”

  119. Wade wrote:

    I agree with Dianna & Old Harry Peters Both… EH can Blow!!! But watch out… he will eave make up on your collar

  120. cdguy wrote:

    Dianna, it’s obvious you either have no musical ear, or you haven’t listened to the projects EH has done without pitch-correction technology. If you don’t have the tin ear Harry Peters presumes, go back and listen to EH&SSQ’s self-titled cd and their table project from last year. They are not the high quality vocals you should expect from one of the biggest money makers in the bidness.

    No, let me restate that: EH’s vocals are not the on-pitch vocals we should ALL expect from one of the biggest money makers in the bidness. His hired help does much better.

    I think if Ernie had put as much effort into the vocals early on, as he did the choreography, Garry Jones would probably not have left to start his now defunct Mercy’s Mark.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with the choreography. I just think it shouldn’t be an either/or situation. But then, EH wasn’t any better with The Cathedrals than he is now. Why should we expect better now (other than advanced technology)?

  121. Wade wrote:

    Well said CDGUY… They just announced the TWO TENOR Tour!!! Ernie & Archie!!! lol

  122. Sarah wrote:

    Well, My family and I do have musical training and we agree with lot of what Amanda said… Garry Jones!.. Did you say Garry Jones? — How many concerts did he sell out year ?.. What about last year?– How many concerts did he have in the last few years?- What about that very good lead singer who left with Garry?… Ernie hired to almost unknowns who were still learning to replace Garry and the lead, — Yet, EHSS did not miss anything .. They continued to prosper..Why? Because of Ernie Haase and his Magnificent Tenor.. Why do you think that other groups are now either dropping out, falling apart, or regrouping?.. They are trying to compete with the Best group ever, EHSS. - You see, Ernie could even sing Baritone because of the versatility in his voice. That is why some groups have Two Tenors, in a vain attempt to replicate that Signature Sound . All of the guys in EHSS are great singers, but it is tha Tenor that lifts the sound up and carries it to a very unique and wonderful signature sound.. - I am not telling you all anything that you don’t already know. It is the reason that you try to tear down.- Christians are to build up and not tear down. - If you do not like an Artist, a Group, or their music, thay is your right. - Just stay away from them !.. But some of you are pitiful.. I can only imagine how awful your lives must be in order to say the mean-spirited things you do.- May GOD Bless al of you!

  123. cdguy wrote:

    Now there are 2 terms you seldom hear or read in the same sentence: “Ernie Haase” and “Magnificent Tenor”.

    I don’t care how much musical training you have, if you think EH is “magnificent”, or sings on-pitch, YOUR EAR IS TIN!

    Many on this site feel EH would not have made it, had he not had the BG machine behind him. I don’t know whether that is true or not, but it is a popular opinion here. It would be interesting to see what Garry’s group could have done, if he’d had the BG machine behind him, like EH has. I guess we’ll never know, will we?

    You’re right, Garry never sold out the big auditoriums night after night, like Ernie does. But the times I saw Garry and Mercy’s Mark, their “spirit bore witness with my spirit” in a much greater way than I’ve ever experienced in an EHSSQ concert.

    That may not mean much to some here, though. But the fact remains, in the musical quality department, MM was ALWAYS high above EHSSQ.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate EH or SSQ. I always enjoy their show. But musically, EH is FAR from “magnificent”.

  124. 1 old fan wrote:

    Sarah #122 — Maybe Ernie SHOULD sing baritone, since he has so much trouble hitting the tenor notes.

    And by the way, decades of musical training have nothing to do with having a musical ear. Have you gone back, like CD Guy suggested, and re-listened to his early material and the one from last year without pitch correction, and compared them to the newer projects WITH pitch correction technology? You go back and re-listen, and tell me there’s no difference.

  125. DLee wrote:

    Hey, I recently heard that The Gatlin Brothers were working on a farewell concert tour.- Any info?

  126. cynical one wrote:

    Farewell tour again? I thought they’d already done that.

  127. wackythinker wrote:

    Farewell tours appear to be like the furniture stores’ 3rd Annual Going-Out-Of-Business Sale.

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