Goodbye, Nick

Nick Trammell is leaving the Perrys (and yes, it did indeed say he “tenured” his resignation … though I see it’s since been fixed). Can’t say I’m shocked. Troy Peach will fill in for now. Is there any chance Katy Peach will make any appearances? Probably an arranger’s nightmare … but still …

Update: DBM has some thoughts on what might be next for Trammell.

Later Update: Well, that didn’t take long. Troy Peach is now the permanent baritone. Not the first person I would have thought of … his is a much less refined sound than the Perrys have been cultivating lately. But a sensible, safe choice all the same. He obviously knows the music already, so they don’t lose much down time bringing a new guy up to speed for the next project that is already in the works.

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  1. DeeAnn wrote:

    I love Nick and have known his family forever. I will be praying for him and Jessica that they will find what they are to be doing.

    I’ve heard Troy fill in with the Perrys and he did a GREAT job so I hope to hear him while he is there. And who knows if the crowd loves him, it may be a one step change. Time will tell on that!

  2. jbb wrote:

    Wow! I figured it would happen after he got married. He will be missed, but, he will be used of God. We will see the Perrys this week. God Bless them as they seek to fill the position.

  3. Andrew S. wrote:

    Not surprising at all! I mentioned this on the SN forums, but is Nick going to be on the new album or the new vocalist?

  4. sockpuppet wrote:

    That has got to be a tough job to leave - the Perry’s are definitely a class act, but I think we all wondered how long it would last with Nick and Jessica being on different buses.
    I’m happy to see Troy back singing - he is one of the good guys.

    I think it’s interesting to note that even though the whole world would understnd if he said he ws leaving for “family reasons” you don’t see that given as his excuse.

  5. Tony Watson wrote:

    New baritone will be on the new album

  6. DeeAnn wrote:

    The vocals haven’t been done yet for the new project.

  7. Ellise wrote:

    I am curious if they would consider the old line up with a Soprano. I always loved Nicole Watts. That would be great to hear if they would consider that possibility.

  8. thom wrote:

    Best wishes to Nick and to the Perrys as they consider his replacement.

  9. Proofer wrote:

    Bless their hearts, they STILL can’t get it right. Now it reads, “…Nick Trammell has resgined [sic] his position with the Perrys.” Should’ve stayed with “tenured”. :-)

  10. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    While you’re correcting typos, you might want to take another glance at how Mrs. Peach spells her first name.

  11. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    They could pull out of few of those older Perrys songs and let Katy (you got it spelled correctly now) do her best Nicole Watts Jenkins impression.

    Crowds might not want to hear the old sound of the Perrys brought back for a full evening, but I’m sure most would gladly sit through a a 3-4 song set.

  12. WA wrote:

    I also figured this might happen after they got married. He’d developed into a great baritone, and I’ll miss him. I’ve always liked Troy’s voice, and kinda wish the Perrys would just let him sing full-time! Or hey - maybe Mr. Bill could hire Nick for the new GVB…two tenors, two baritones. It could be the start of a whole new thing. LOL

    Anyway, I’ve just tenured my opinion, and am resgined to whomever the Perrys hire. :-)

  13. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Of course, I couldn’t leave well enough alone with one comment, and so I made my own typos…

  14. DeeAnn wrote:

    Tracy and Libbi are VERY happy with the one female vocalist, going back to the old style isn’t in their plans. Once they determine the correct replacement for Nick, they will proceed with the new project with 3 men and a woman.

    I again wish Nick & Jessica the best whatever they do. I guess if I don’t see or hear them before July, I’ll see them at the MTT Homecoming.

  15. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    I wasn’t suggesting that. I was simply saying it would be nice to hear her sing some of those older Perrys songs with the group during the transition.

  16. Ellise wrote:

    I wanted to clarify.I like 3 male,1 female format. I also liked the traditional mixed group format as well. I am looking forward to what they plan to do.

  17. DeeAnn wrote:

    David I was actually replying to post #7 Ellise with my comments. Things can get confusing if you don’t call names.

    While we are talking about things though, unless this has changed since the last press release they did (which I doubt) the quotes are theirs, the actual release is prepared by Daywind so that is where the typos come in.

  18. Jeff wrote:

    Young people switch jobs all the time.

  19. Rob Y wrote:

    According to a post by Libby in another thread, they let Katy sing a couple songs with them when she is at a concert close to home.

  20. wesK wrote:

    Nick will be fine and along with his lovely wife Jesscia. I believe The Perry’s will also be just fine, they are focused and a strong group.

  21. GAB wrote:

    Someone told me that they heard Troy Peach fill in for Nick Trammell when the he got married and that he sounded great with them. Reminded them of the big sound they had when Loren was there…I liked Nick and wish him the best though…

  22. DeeAnn wrote:

    Now that it’s official, we can all look forward to hearing Troy with the group.

  23. wackythinker wrote:

    Just saw the press release that Troy will be the new baritone singer for the group. I’m glad, as Troy is too good a singer to be sitting behind the sound board.

  24. Chuck Stevens wrote:

    I will see them in April at Singfest in Tulsa. Looking forward to it. Wish they would hire a drummer!! It would make those old Goodman songs come alive!

  25. Ellise wrote:

    I just read the press release. I am excited for Troy as well as the Perrys. I liked Troy when he sang with the Steeles. I can’t wait to hear them together. Maybe they will come to my area soon.

  26. facebook fan wrote:

    I read on facebook that The Perry’s had narrowed their choice down to Troy and Brandon Andrews. Here’s what I saw today — Libbi Stuffle at 1:06pm February 24
    don’t be discouraged!!! you were the only one besides troy that we even considered!!! hang on… God has a bigger door for you to walk thru!! —

  27. buttercup wrote:

    “most recently” weren’t Troy and Katy the “T” & the “K” of TK and McRae? You would think that SN would have the knowledge or take the time to make sure a press release was accurate before posting on their site.
    What do you think, Chuck?

  28. Hello wrote:

    #18 - Joseph Habedank is a young artist and he has never switched jobs!

  29. jbb wrote:

    Who is Brandon Andrews?

  30. cynical one wrote:

    buttercup — SN ain’t the only one who got that wrong. Check the press release.

  31. ROC wrote:

    I heard a song by Brandon Andrews on XM the other day and got really curious because I knew my FAVORITE group in Southern Gospel, the wonderful Kingdom Heirs had recorded that same song I Want to Be the One. I found this guy’s website: and then his myspace. Even though I’d never heard of him I can see why the Perrys would want him. Great voice.

  32. agentleone wrote:

    hey jbb - i went to stamps-baxter school of music with brandon andrews year before last. he’s this great kid out of mississippi who makes me think of ivan parker just like libbi said. he’s young - i think maybe 18 or 19 or even 20 by now - but he’s got this big voice that shocks you when he starts singing. i know ben speer sure did like him. he sang power in the blood one night at the school and when he finished ben started the track over and made him sing it from the beginning because he liked it so much. if the perrys turned him down this time he’ll for sure be singing with somebody else real soon. that’s for sure.

  33. Kenneth Coker wrote:

    Wow, I remember Troy from The Steeles. Speaking of which, I looked up Jeff Steele today and man does he have an awful toupee or what?

  34. DJPhil wrote:

    Brandon Andrews is a great young artist whos voice sounds very much like Ivan Parker and has an excellent following in SW MS. I think he will make a great LEAD singer for some group.

  35. Rob Y wrote:

    # 28 Joseph H was singing as a soloist before he joined the Perrys

  36. WJG wrote:

    looks like being a solo is a popular trend before going with a large group - it seems to be a plus when the new guy already has a “fan base” from the solo days — I checked out that Brandon Andrews’ site - he’s got a new single that was written by Rodney Griffin that plays as soon as the site comes up - His voice is way beyond his years

  37. Chuck Peters wrote:

    Not sure if I am the “Chuck” you are asking.. but the SN story wasn’t wrong.. just not complete. I think it was a DAYWIND press release.. and the SN printed it “as is.” That’s the lazy way.. but seems to be the “accepted way” for Southern Gospel news reporting.

  38. Hello wrote:

    RobY #35 As a friend and fan, I know for a fact Joseph Habedank was not full time when he was singing solo. His only job has been with the Perrys for the past (nearly) 6 years since he was 17 years old. There is something to be said for that, especially with the turn over the Perrys have had in recent years.

  39. freddyfastbeat wrote:

    I heard that Lib’s sister Debbie is starting a group. Does anyone know about that?

  40. gina wrote:

    Debra is in a new group with her husband called Perry-Reed & Company. Noticed they are available for a “Friends Tour” with Archie Watkins. See

  41. scope wrote:

    On another message board, a comment was made by a person who saw the Perrys last night, which was Troy’s first official concert as their baritone. ” . . . I thought I would miss Nick more than I did. Troy fit like an old worn glove.’” She meant that in the nicest way, that it seemed as if Troy had been with them for quite a while. He really does fit well, and I wish him many years with the Perrys, who are some of the best people in the business.

  42. jbb wrote:

    Scope: I’m not the person who posted “the old worn glove” comment, but, I was there to see the Perry’s on Thursday night and WOW!!! We had church. Not because of Troy, but, because we invited the sweet Holy Spirit to open up our hearts. It was an awesome service and the Perry’s were great. Troy does add so much on stage and he blends well. He was comfortable on stage and you could tell he loves who and what he sings about.

  43. Matt wrote:

    Id love to hear Tracy, Libbi, Troy, Katy. my favorite perrys was when Mike and Nicole were there. wow. What annointing.

  44. Justin wrote:

    Yes, I have heard Debbie Perry/Reed and Her Husband…They Sound Great Together!!! Chris reminds me of Michael English when Mike was in his prime and all I can say is WOW!!!

    The Perry’s could only wish they had Christopher and Debbie has a much better voice then Libbi anyway. I still think they sound good, but The new Group is the better of the two for sure.

    Everytime The Perry’s start to have a great sound, something happens with a member…Is anything going on that we should all know about behind the scenes???

    Well,I hope and pray for both groups and wish people would just let Debbi move on and be the real person and Christian she and her husband are.

  45. Delores wrote:

    Chris Reed sounds like Michael English as much as I sound like Sandi Patti!!! And Debra has a good voice, she cannot now or ever hold a candle to Libbi.

    Tracy and Libbi are a class act, Chris is a desperate wannbe trying to live off Debra’s family name.

    And Justin, I don’t know how well you know Chris but if you know him well at all, you know there is where you might want to look for what is happening behind the scenes!

  46. DeeAnn wrote:

    Justin, I had to read your comment, walk away and think & pray about it a bit before I replied. I’ve been around the Perrys a lot and Chris and Debra some. Debra does have a beautiful voice but Libbi has a special quality that makes people take notice. That doesn’t tke away from Debra’s talent, it is just recognizing the difference. Chris has a good voice but I personally would not compare it to Michael English nor have I heard anyone but you do so. But everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

    It is obvious that you are a friend/fan of Chris and Debra’s that’s cool but I find it hard to believe that they would be comfortable with someone tearing Libbi & Tracy down to build them up. I know in the reverse Libbi and Tracy would be furious if someone spoke of their family that way.

    Right now Tracy and Libbi have a great group put together, no one knows what tomorrow will bring. Nick didn’t realize how much he would miss being away from Jessica until they were married and he had to deal with it. There is nothing sinister about that, just love.

    Joseph is a dynamic young singer who has grown and matured over the past couple of years. Troy is a veteran that adds a special chemistry to the group.

    I remember the Perrys when Debra and Randy were with them and they had a terrific group. Randy and Debra each had other duties/calling that led them to go their own way. Libbi and Tracy have continued to work hard to build on the foundation started by the family.

    I’m sure that Chris and Debra can find the same succes if they lean on God for His help and direction. But that help isn’t going to come by belittling others. My granddad used to tell me to ‘be careful, when you are slinging dirt, you are the one losing ground’. I think that is good advice to follow.

    In one sentence you say the Perrys could only ‘wish they could have Chris & Debra’ and in another you say ‘pray for both groups and wish people would just let Debbi move on and be the real person and Christian she and her husband are’. I don’t think that can happen when folks like you are trying to compare the groups and use one group to put down the other.

    I do pray for the Perrys and I’ll pray for Debra and Chris as well. God has a place for each of His children to work. When you are in that place, you don’t have to worry about comparisons or putting others down because you have God’s assurance you are truly where He wants you. It doesn’t matter if that place is on a public stage or a custodian in the church, it’s about God’s will and being submissive to it. We all have dreams and desires. Psalms 37:4 tells us to ‘Delight thyself also in the Lord and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.’ The promise “he shall give thee the desires of thine heart’ comes with requirements , ‘Delight thyself in the Lord’. it is not an automatic just because you are a Christian. It doesn’t say delight in your talent or delight in your abilities, it says delight in Lord. I pray that for them and for you as well.

  47. DeeAnn wrote:

    Delores, I understand your passion and your comments but I truly believe that Tracy and Libbi would prefer that we not make negative comments about Chris or Debra just because a fan of theirs made negative ones about Tracy and Libbi. I think Justin needs our prayers because there seems to be some bitterness there and God cannot work in bitter soil.

  48. christine wrote:

    This amazes me…wow….

  49. gina wrote:

    Well, the link for the dates available with Archie Watkins appears to have been removed from the Perry-Reed website.

  50. Christopher Reed wrote:

    I am a little confused. What in the world are all yall talking about? Tracy and Libbi are awesome singers and people. I nor Debra want to be compared to anybody. Our wish is that everyone would please pray for us all. I dont know why people say the comments they say, but all I know is, I know my heart. People may judge you by your past, but God still forgives… The scripture does teach us that forgiveness is not a suggestion.. but a command. How can you be forgiven if you cant forgive, Jesus even went on to say, “How can you love God whom you have not seen, and not love man whom you have seen”. I think everyone needs to check up here. Do you have love and forgiveness in your heart? Are you talking bad about people when you should be talking about them on your kness? God in heaven only knows. Lets be children of the light, bearing one anothers burdens. That is what Jesus Christ would want from his children. Not to be fighting and tearing down anyone, especially children of God. I personally am not living off of a name like Perry, Gaither or whatever. The only name I want to live off of is Jesus Christ. He is truly the best role model anyone could ever want. So if you want to accuse me of anything, accuse me of loving HIM. We all desire your prayers. The devil desires to sift us all as wheat, but God is still in control and has a plan for us all. Thank you for your time. God bless
    Christopher Reed

  51. freddyfastbeat wrote:

    Someone is defensive! Must be from some underlying guilt.

  52. W Stephens wrote:

    Just an observation, Troy lacks the qualities of a smooth baritone, however he does make up for it with power and showmanship. I beleive it was a step in the wrong direction for the Perrys, I believe it was an act of conveinence for them, you know already on the bus in all. I wonder if they will be looking for a bus driver. hmmm.

  53. DeeAnn wrote:

    #52 - each of us is entitled to our opinions and that is why some groups are loved by many and not cared for by many as well, people have different tastes.

    No one except those on a bus knows what goes on there but I doubt very seriously that this move took anyone totally by surprise. If I’m correct on that, I’d also bet there was time to pray about the correct move and I trust that Tracy and Libbi followed the Lord’s direction after that prayer.

    As for Troy’s qualities - smooth again is a subjective description in many cases. He blends with the group well - I’ve heard him with them twice and he does bring power and stage presence to the position. If you listen to the Perrys over the years that is what they do - they have powerful vocals that are used to convene even more powerful songs.

  54. DeeAnn wrote:

    Opps, should say “convey even more powerful songs”

  55. W Stephens wrote:

    #53- Only time will tell if it was the “correct move” as you stated for the Perrys. I was very surprised in the choice of Mr. Peach, in the past, the Perrys have chosen what I choose to think, are more polished vocalists. Just one persons opinion as you said.

  56. Michael wrote:

    I wouldnt say that Troy was the worst choice to be made, but he is definately better than Nick. Troy has alot of experience and has more stage presence than nick. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out..

  57. walks like a duck wrote:

    Nick was a great addition to the Perrys during his tenure there. Troy is a great singer, and will make addition to the group, as well, as have previous members who’ve since moved on.

    One of the realities we seem to forget (and has been stated previously) is that folks change jobs. Whether it’s s/g or the real world, people change jobs. Sure, there are people who stay with a group for decades, but even they will make a change at some point, either through retirement or passing away, or changing jobs.

    It’s nothing new.

    We all tend to think a particular group will never get over the loss of the singer who was most special to us. But the last great example of a group not getting over the loss of a key singer was probably when Big Chief died. The Statesmen were never quite the same after that — they never quite captured the glory years after that. They were still great, but not the same greatness.

    Well, ok, maybe another good example is the Kingsmen losing Jim Hammell. His stage presence was unique.

    Anyway, life goes on. The music goes on. The ministry goes on.

    And so should we.

    I wish Nick the Lord’s blessings, and pray God will continue to use the Perrys in a mighty way.

  58. gina wrote:

    #52 W Stephens, you are absolutely correct in your comment about the convenience factor. Even Libby stated in her blog that the economic factor played a role in the selection of Troy.

  59. Wade wrote:

    Wish y’all would not talk bad about Troy and it being CONVENIENT choice… doubt many of us could pull the gig off.

    Troy is a great guy and has a Hot Wife!!!

    Y’all pray for Troy and The Perry’s and be a little more supportive.

    Y’all need prayer!!!

  60. gina wrote:

    Quote directly from Lib’s blog on the Perrys’ MySpace about the baritone selection:

    “With the economic situation
    right now going on in not only gospel music but the whole country, we feel like
    this is the thing to do, this is not taking away from the fact that Troy is a
    great singer and we have traveled with him and we know his life.”

  61. DeeAnn wrote:

    I’m a manager in a large company that hasn’t been hit that hard by the current economic turn. But as a part of our financial responsibility we have looked at the economy and realized it could hit us next.

    So when we have a position come open we are looking within first. That doesn’t mean we are only going for convenience because if there is no one internally that can do the job and do it well, then we will look outside.

    But if we do have someone internally that is a win/win situation, they already know the company and our policies. They have a step on the other folks that might fill that position. But again, that isn’t our only criteria.

    The same could be said for Troy, he is there, they already travel together (that alone is a HUGE asset, you how you will get along on the bus), AND HE IS INCREDIBLY TALENTED!

    So do you take the guy who is there and already proved he can fill the shoes (he filled in when Nick took time off to get married), he travels well with everyone, and it cuts down on the extra expense.

    Or do you venture into the unknown.

    From a business stand point it is a no brainer you go from within UNLESS there is no one there that can fill the need. There was someone who could fill it and fill it well. From a ministry stand point, Troy has been with excellent groups before and understand what is needed on stage, needed emotionally, physically and the work ethic it takes to make it happen.

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