King’s Gold

Some of the late Dottie Rambo’s Elvis memorabilia is now up for auction. Two items that are described as having been gifts from the King to Rambo will open for bidding soon. Presley’s Madison Square Garden jump suit opens at $100,000. A signed karate card for $10,000.

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  1. MM wrote:

    So, am I correct in my assessment (after reading the descriptions on each item) that Reba owns these items and is trying to cash in on some of her mother’s prized posessions? And I’m curious to know who will benefit from the proceeds…Reba or “The Rambo Evangelistic Association”? Anybody know? Anybody care? Just axin.

  2. RF wrote:

    I just shake my head of all this greed. It really makes me think less of Reba and the family. How sad.

  3. joe wrote:

    #1 & #2: Sorry, but I have to disagree with you on this. Are you saying that if someone inherits something that potentially has significant financial value, they’re being greedy by trying to “cash in”? Using that logic, no asset that is ever inherited would ever be sold.

    I agree that some actions that have occurred since Dottie’s death have appeared to be in bad taste, to say the least (the selling of the “home-going” DVD’s, suing the bus driver, etc.). But this isn’t one of them.

  4. Dexter wrote:

    It’s no different from having an estate sale…come on people…haven’t we beaten the greedy Reba Rambo horse to DEATH??? Move ON!

  5. Wayne Kerr wrote:

    I guess that I should be counted in the ranks of the greedy. Last year my mother-in-law lost her long battle with bone cancer. My wife was her only heir, so we ended up with all of her posessions. After we donated the appliances, clothing and furniture to charity, we were left with a storage unit full of figurines and knick-knacks (please forgive me if I spelled that wrong. I’m sure that someone will correct me if I did.) Many of these items were collectables, but my wife and I are not collectors. So, we decided to put them up on a popular internet auction site. We sold all of them, and made a modest amount of money. My point is this….what good would those items do me sitting in a storage unit that I would have to pay $100 a month for, when I could sell them to some dear person who could enjoy them in a nice curio or on the mantle? If you wish to call me greedy, so be it.

  6. MM wrote:

    I was not at all suggesting, in my original comment post, that Reba was doing anything wrong, immoral, unethical, etc. Sorry if I came across that way. I was merely asking if these items were in fact being auctioned by Reba, and is it for personal gain or to benefit REA. Either way is fine…I was just asking.

  7. joe wrote:

    #6 MM: I read more into your comment than I should have. My apologies.

  8. RF wrote:

    Sorry, but the public auction of these items reeks of greed. Never mind that when my parents died, I gave away a lot of stuff, some of which were somewhat valuable. But this money machine the Goodmans and Rambos keep marching out is a little much for me. Chastise me all you want, but it’s a little much for my taste. Opinions are like a nose. Everyone has one and taste is in the mouth of most people.

  9. wackythinker wrote:

    Wayne, the difference between this estate sale and that of your mother-in-law might be that your family wasn’t trying to make money off of your mother-in-laws’ celebrity. I’m guessing your auction didn’t include an 8×10 of your mother-in-law with Sister M I Hummell (or whatever collectibles she had), and a letter of authenticity from your wife.

    Who CARES who’s estate the jumpsuit came from? And 20 years from now (or 10 minutes from now), who will care about a letter of authenticity from Reba? Most Elvis collectors probably have no idea (nor do they care) who Dottie was. We do, but most of the world doesn’t.

    But one difference between this and selling Vestal’s hankies, is that the Elvis stuff has value outside of s/g circles.

  10. quartet-man wrote:

    I don’t know if it is so much trying to make money off of Dottie’s celebrity as it is in trying to show how she got a hold of the suit and to demonstrate its authenticity.

  11. woodstock wrote:

    The funeral DVD thing aside, what is it about Reba that inspires such distaste? A lot of SG fans really don’t like her. Is it that she left SG for CCM?

  12. joe wrote:

    #11: Woodstock, I’ve often wondered the same thing.

  13. cynical one wrote:

    woodstock & joe — For one thing, her voice grates on my last nerve. Way too much a diva for the quality of her voice.

    For another, I saw her get out of a taxi, several years ago, one cold November evening in Indianapolis, in fishnet stockings, miniskirt, black leather boots, etc. My wife thought she was a hooker, but we were headed into a Christian music event, as was she. (This was back in the day she and Dony were courting while married otherwise.)

    Third, I’ve seen her on tv, unable to make coherent sentences. I’m sure whe wasn’t but almost like she was on something.

    Other than that, I think she’s a great lyricist.

  14. Harry Peters wrote:

    For those of you who are so concerned about DR’s family cashing in on her celebrity, aren’t you calling what most people in SGM do when they leave websites up to sell records, books and the like of those who have departed? Debbie Bennett, Clara Younce and even the prissy little prince that so many adore all do it. Harry Peters wouldn’t call it cashing in on celebrity. Old Harry Peters would call it using a resource God has given them to continue to make a living.

    As far as DR looking like a “hooker” or like she was on something, Old Harry Peters thinks you are over-reaching in your judging. First of all, clothes do not “make the man,” (or woman) and they in no way represent what is on the inside. Second, if DR seemed like she was “on something,” she probably was. She lived with an incredible amount of pain due to a back injury and took a lot of medicine to deal with it. It’s legal and many readers of this blog probably do it. Old Harry Peters sees those who turn to alcohol and drugs in much the same way. They are trying to kill a different kind of pain. If christians focused on trying to heal the pain of others instead of judging them, we might be able to truly help them.

    Back to SGM. If someone really wants an auction of significance, Clara Younce ought to auction off George’s cowboy boot collection. After all, everyone knows that Elvis is still alive and George was the “true king.” :-)

  15. cynical one wrote:

    Harry, it wasn’t DR that I was referring to. It was Reba.

  16. Harry Peters wrote:

    cynical one,

    Harry Peters is sorry. I thought this post was supposed to be about Dottie. And assuming you know for a fact that Reba is the executor of her mother’s estate to be true, how does your judging the way Reba appeared to your wife getting out of a taxi or your denial but insinuation of her being “on something,” have anything to do with belt buckles? The way old Harry Peters sees it, the only thing relevant in your post is that Reba’s voice “grates on (your) last nerve.”

  17. cynical one wrote:

    Harry, Woodstock’s question was “what is it about Reba that inspires such distaste?” I was just responding to that question. It had nothing to do with the original post by DH, and didn’t pretend to.

    I don’t have any idea whether Reba is the executor. I’m not sure it matters, other than the fact that other previous posts seem to have assumed that. I don’t think I said anything that might have indicated that.

  18. Harry Peters wrote:

    Sin-i-cal One,

    You may not have overtly said that Reba was the executor of the estate (although the estate’s disposal of DR’s assets WAS the topic of this thread) but you did have to be a smart ass and from out of left field interject that your wife thought Reba looked like “a hooker” and make an insinuation that she may have been on drugs. There was NO REASON FOR THAT AT ALL.

    This was the original post: “King’s Gold
    Some of the late Dottie Rambo’s Elvis memorabilia is now up for auction. Two items that are described as having been gifts from the King to Rambo will open for bidding soon. Presley’s Madison Square Garden jump suit opens at $100,000. A signed karate card for $10,000.”

    What about that has anything to do with Reba?

  19. joe wrote:


    First let me say I’ve been a big fan of both Dottie and Reba for most of my life. But in cynical one’s defense, if you followed the links in the original post, they led you to the online auction site where the items were listed. It says the items come with a signed and notarized letter from Reba.

  20. Harry Peters wrote:

    Old Harry Peters has no gripes with you, Joe. He just can’t figure out Cynical’s need to bring that his wife thought Reba looked like a hooker into the thread. Perhaps there is a justification that I’m just not privy to. Although, when called on the carpet about it, I haven’t heard Cynical’s justification.

  21. cynical one wrote:

    I was just answering the question as it was asked: “what is it about Reba that inspires such distaste?” Those are the things I’ve seen from Reba that inspire my distaste for her. . . her appearance on the street and her actions on the stage.

    I’m not sure how I can answer your question any clearer.

  22. Harry Peters wrote:

    Old Harry Peters suggest that maybe you could run away with Dr. Joe Blow and SG Fanatic.

  23. cynical one wrote:

    Harry — let’s just say I won’t be running away with Reba Rambo-Gardner-Rambo-McGuire-Rambo (or whatever she calls herself these days) any time soon.

  24. Harry Peters wrote:

    Cynical one….you are way too uptight about women who may have experience with more than one man. You need to come over to Myrtle Beach and relax with old Harry Peters on the porch in a rocking chair at the ranch. It would probably calm you down a notch or two.

  25. cynical one wrote:

    Harry, to paraphrase the old country song, I’m just a one-woman man, happy with my one-man woman.

    But hangin’ out at Myrtle Beach in a rockin’ chair on the porch sounds plenty relazing, though. Can’t say it wouldn’t do me good.

  26. cynical one wrote:

    Sorry, “relaxing”.

    I must really need to head to the beach!

  27. Harry Peters wrote:

    Cynical one, old Harry Peters says it ain’t no fun at the ranch until you’ve relaxed enough to let your “spellin” slip. lol

  28. The One Who Knows wrote:

    Please all of you, just respect Dottie’s Memory and all the wonderful songs she wrote from God through her pen. She was an absolute Angel here on earth. The life she had to live was very sad. If all of you knew the whole story, I am sure you would agree. I met her personally and she was so warm and kind. She certainly loved her Sweet Jesus and lived every minute for Him. He was her One True Love. Her ministry may not make it, if you want to do something positive pray for REA and that her music will live on. God bless all of you with His Grace and Mercy.

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