Monday round-up

  • If this entire Wade Weaver story (latest update via DBM) had been concocted for a parody news site, they would have rejected it as too perfect by half. I mean, c’mon. A guy who looks like he was sent straight from central casting for this story, running an outfit called the “Heaven Bound Talent Agency,” booking dubious gigs at Glen Hope Baptist Church (or else at the Ramada Inn) with a group called Valor 3. … and that name, Wade Weaver, it’s right out of a Flannery O’Connor story. You could make this up, but people would accuse you of playing to stereotypes.
  • A new Gaither Community¬† website has been unveiled. Or Facebook for Homecoming fans, as a friend of mine called it. So maybe it should be Homebook? MyFriends? GatherBook? FaceComing? … Ok … maybe not so much. But speaking of bad neologisms: did anyone else catch Barbara Walters referring to the website “MyFace” the other day. Hehe. Ah Babwa … even her malaprops are¬† naracissitic.
  • The Singing News fan awards ballot is not NOT online. This should be welcome news to southerngospelblog and friends, whose “positive daily commentary” rule was being seriously taxed by the SN’s original decision to bypass the web. Fortunately the cognitive dissonance was minimal, contained to a localized thread, and the blog’s regularly scheduled listing has now returned to normal.

What have I missed? Consider this your open thread.

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  1. Grave Digger wrote:

    In the “as if it makes any difference” part of the program . . . I know some of the guys from Valor 3 and I attended Glen Hope Baptist Church once, so they are genuine. I don’t know the booking culprit, but as Meat Loaf says (or sings) two out of three ain’t bad!

  2. Irishlad wrote:

    You wouldn’t trust that guy as far as you could throw him which wouldn’t be very far as you’d need a JCB to lift him in the first place. I wonder what it says on his t-shirt; Jesus is a….what? Anyone know?

  3. steve wrote:

    Hey! It looks ol’ Wade and Leon Spinks go to the same dentist.

  4. CommGuy wrote:

    As a Manager of three radio stations - one of which is a Southern Gospel station - this guy represents about 60% of the “promoters” who darken our doorway.

    The only thing this one-tooth-wonder is missing from his resume’ is being one of the opening acts.

    He embodies the reason we put a “cash-in-advance” policy in place.

  5. James Thornton wrote:

    Since this is considered a open thread, I thought I would see what you guys think about how the economy is taking it’s tole on the SG world. Today I received a email (bulk form of course) from Phil Cross basically begging for his fans to book for him. I guess things are tight all over.

  6. C.W.G. wrote:

    A sad commentary for S.G. promoters

  7. Shellye1206 wrote:

    Irishlad: the shirt says “Jesus Died For MY SPACE in Heaven”

  8. wesK wrote:

    this guy is a disgusting piece of work. Bad checks everywhere, but yet its always someone elses’ fault. Come on get real and get a life… what a jerk.

  9. wackythinker wrote:

    Is that the same “Wade” who frequents this site?

  10. Wade wrote:

    No Wacky One… I have the guts to put out who I am just click on the link on my name… you will see I don’t look anything like it… I thought it was you being WACKY!!!

    I have ALL MY TEETH & ALL MY HAIR!!!

  11. Irishlad wrote:

    Thanks Shelley,i’ll be forever in your debt.

  12. Brother wrote:

    Everyone beware of Wade. Tell everyone you know to be on the look out for him.

    He tried to put on a concert in East, TN back in July 2008 and recruited Squire Parsons and The Imperials and others. He wrote bad checks to both groups mentioned and skipped town! Charges have been filed and we got to spread the word before Gospel Music in the South East is tainted!

  13. Harry Peters wrote:

    FINALLY–Ernie Haase would be the perfect poster boy and look great on the front page of “Face Coming!”

  14. Irishlad wrote:

    Here’s one for all you budding music critics out there:dust off some of your old Lps from around the late sixties when, let’s call it quartet music, was going thro’ that curious change of direction, which for this purpose we’ll call ‘crossover’ songs, even the Blackwoods strayed briefly into that wilderness with for example “Bridge over troubled water”. So taking that as a starting point, have a re-listen and let’s decide what the passage of time makes of their efforts;ranging from 1ridiculous to 5 superlative.And let’s have ourselves some nostalgic fun.

  15. Harry Peters wrote:

    Old Harry Peters has one more thought on the unveiling of the G-5. Looks like you have to pay to see that part of the website, too. Harry Peters just has to pass. BG & Co. would have to pay for old Harry Peters…and then I don’t think I would sing for him.

  16. wackythinker wrote:

    Wade - you may put that link up, but unless we want to be your Facebook “friend”, it doesn’t show us a thing.

    And, frankly, I don’t care to be your “friend”.

    Even though Jesus says you’re my neighbor.

  17. Grave Digger wrote:

    The Blackwood Brothers strayed quite often. I wonder if that’s why Cecil Blackwood isn’t in the SGMA Hall of Fame.

  18. dmp wrote:

    #13, yeah, I saw that one coming. I really didn’t want to be the one to do it though…(this is my ashamed face…)

  19. Rob Y wrote:

    SN did make the nomination ballot available for on line subscribers. Deadline remained the same.

  20. Irishlad wrote:

    Yes chaps we all know about CB, but i was trying to get something interesting going; that era when established quartets were trying to keep up with the Imperials and to compare their(i think)incongruous efforts to similar avant- garde groups. They(the BBs and others)churned out some toe curling stuff in those days. Then whao… in ‘72 came along “He’still the King of Kings”,great song and,to a greater degree the superb production of Danny Davis. So;is there anyone out there willing to run with the ball?

  21. Wade wrote:

    Wacky One… I had already blocked you out… several others have found me…maybe you to WACKED to figure it out.

    Irish Laddy … I ran with the ball on another thread. But I hate to paste it here too. I was happy in the spirits and it FLOWED OUT Live Naturally!!!

  22. Wade wrote:

    Oh Wacky One… one more thing… THANKS for TRYING to look neighbor!!! Love ya regardless

  23. Randy Travis wrote:

    #10 They say that time takes it’s toll on a body
    Makes a young man’s brown hair turn gray
    But Wade, they don’t care, they ain’t in love with your hair
    And if it all fell out well they’d love you anyway

    #17 Your’re diggin’ up bones, you’re diggin’ up bones. Exhumin’ things that’s better left alone. You’re ressurectin’ memories of a love that’s dead and gone.

  24. Harry Peters wrote:

    Whackerthinker (16) Old Harry Peters thinks Wade should refer you to Ernie’s Face Coming Page.

  25. Wade wrote:

    Thanks Randy!!!

    Old Harry Peters… wacky will find it NO doubt and get it ALL over’r!!!

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