Listening carefully

Kyle Boreing has a delightfully geeky post about ephemeral recording oddities that only other careful listeners can truly appreciate.

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  1. Fezzik wrote:

    “Geeky”, yes. “Delightfully”, maybe not.

  2. SGDoc wrote:

    MY GOD, How did this one get by!!!!! In the immortal words of Jackie Gleason, “What in the *&^% is the world comin to”

  3. Kyle wrote:

    Geeky? Guilty as charged. I LOVE blogs!!

  4. Amanda wrote:

    I know another blogger that Kyle would probably get along with very well!

  5. Wade wrote:

    Amanda…is her name Amanda???

  6. harmonicaplayer wrote:

    could be wrong but it sounds like a percussion instrument since it happens write on the beat and is preceded by a higher pitch woodblock on the upbeat. I say this because Terry McMillan was playing the harmonica on that song and probably did the percussion work as well. He usually did both harmonica and percussion in the studio during that time period. His style on percussion was very much what he felt at that perticular moment and could have been a random lick. Also would explain why it is not on other mixes since auxilary percussion was usually the last track added to a cut.

  7. Amanda wrote:

    LOL! No, Wade. Sorry, but I’m not a blogger! I was thinking of Daniel Mount. He pays great attention to detail the way Kyle seems to.

  8. Wade wrote:

    oh Well Amanda… I was trying to be a WINGMAN for Kyle… heard he needed it!!lol

  9. Kyle wrote:

    Sorry, Wade, I’m less than a month away from my wedding. Appreciate the effort, though!!

  10. Wade wrote:

    Well Kyle…if your a month away from a wedding you may REALLY need a WINGMAN!! lol Good Luck Brother… but Amanda’s a HOTTIE!!! ;-) :-)

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