“Hip” your “friends” for “Jesus”!

In response to our recent discussions about piracy and piety, a commenter wonders:

Why couldn’t a group or record label allow a few songs (maybe one from each album) for free mp3 download. That way a person could sample the music or if a fan wanted to introduce the music to a friend the fan could either download it or burn it to a cd. This way the music would get out into the world as ministry, others would be exposed, and maybe a desire would be created for the new listener to buy the entire cd.

Good news, gospel music fans! Ernie Haase and Signature Sound have listened and want to give you and your friends who may be interested in the group a free song! Just go to their website! Hmm, ok I’m getting dizzy from the excitement (all those exclamation points!), so let me hand this off to the EHSSQ newsletter from here:

At that point you “Hip” your friends to EHSS.  Don’t send it to just everyone.  Maybe pick 5-10 of your best friends who you know “might” like our music “if” they were only hipped to it. (Encourage them to check the box that says “l want to receive more information from EHSS….. or else this is all in vain.)

I don’t know which I love more: all the “random” quote “marks,” the parenthetical confession that this whole promotion is really just a way to bribe you into pressuring your friends into agreeing to get more spam, or the effort to introduce use of the word “hip” as a verb to southern gospel audiences. Mos def. … er, I mean, “mos def.”

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  1. Angie M wrote:

    I “especially” love the part about how you should pick a “few” friends who “might” like the music. Shouldn’t we send it to “all” of our “lost” friends? Oh wait…that would be “spam,” and our ISP’s would “block” our “service.” Stupid privacy laws!

  2. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    “Now for all you squares out there, ‘hip’ means wise.” - Moms Mabley (quote circa 1965)

  3. Wade wrote:

    Hips and make up are 2 things EH KNOWS about!!! Old Harry Peters said he had seen less make up at Drag Shows!!!

  4. doesSGsell wrote:

    I thought EHSS had a typo and first and meant to say “Hype” not “hip.”

    Show how “hip” I am, huh? (and I’m in my 20s)

  5. apathetic wrote:

    “Hip” and southernpel do not belong in the same sentence. It is an oxymoron.

  6. Harry Peters wrote:

    Old Harry Peter wonders if there is anything EH will not do for a buck. This email roullette reminds me of some of the wayward girls old Harry Peters counsel, who will turn any trick if the money is right. Wayward and lost as they may be, THEY won’t even give it away.

  7. SGDoc wrote:

    Aren’t there already demo MP3s on most sites anyway? LOOK! a skinny gospel “Boy Band”

  8. Harry Peters wrote:

    I can see the marquee now: “EH & SSQ: The second coming of the Back Door Boys tonight LIVE and in action!”

  9. disrespectful_1 wrote:

    Harry, they didn’t act gay when I kissed them.

  10. Harry Peters wrote:

    Disrespectful_1 (9)

    Old Harry Peters says, “there you go again, Robert.” Are you saying you kissed the BDB or EHSSQ? You know both groups have to keep appearances up for their fans. Sorry if either group insulted you by not acting interested, Robert.

  11. disrespectful_1 wrote:

    Harry, it was a joke. I don’t kiss and tell.

  12. Harry Peters wrote:

    11. Disrespectful_1 Old Harry Peters didn’t really think you were serious. Sad part is the SGM ministers/artists don’t kiss and tell, either….or maybe that’s just don’t tell.

  13. Wade wrote:

    Can you imagine if they did write a book!!!???

    Matt, [edit], [edit] or Kirk… or even Michael English if they could really be open and honest and not what ppl wanted to hear!!!

    Everybody seemed so shocked that he was messing around with a back up singer… I always thought that was what back up singers where for???

    Some run sound boards, some merchandise at the product table, some drive a bus and some drive the headlining singer!!

    You have to Multi Task to be REALLY VALUABLE!!! lol

  14. cdguy wrote:

    Michael English has written a book, “The Prodigal Comes Home”. It’s been out a couple of years, now.

  15. Wade wrote:

    CDGUY… yes I know it has been out and have read it… but like I said if they could REALLY WRITE what happens!!!

    THAT BOOK has NEVER been written!!

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