Tuesday round-up

  • For anyone interested in Chapter 4,291 of why CCM is sinful according to southern gospel orthodoxy, you’ll want to check out this thread over at sogo (yes, that site does still exist), where a wide swath of CCM is described as a bunch of groups that “get drunk, use foul language, and watch those dirty movies” (h/t, NG and M). Except Avalon.
  • Ernie Haase and Signature Sound to use a live band on their solo dates? Maybe. Of course I seem to recall hearing that about Gold City a while back too (anyone know the status of the GC band? Still part time?). All together now: only time will tell.
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  1. Harry Peters wrote:

    Princess EH & SSQ with a live band? Old Harry Peters makes the prophecy that will never happen. There is the issue of the princess having to share $$$ and limelight with a band and other personalities. Another reason that they will never do an a capella project is that it would also interfere with the First Princess of SGMs, “pitch correction” software.

  2. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Gold City’s band will travel with them if promoters are willing to pay a bit of additional money. Danny Riley stated that in the recent GC newsletter.

    As far as EHSSQ’s band; fan response and BG’s thumbs-up will decide that one.

    The thread mentioned about CCM was also on the SN message board, but was moved to a different folder.

  3. Tom wrote:

    Sg fans have got to get over this insane and irrational and totally unnecessary battle with ccm. When I was in ccm radio, a ccm dj friend who grew up in Nashville used to tell me stories about the bad behavior of certain southern gospel artists he had encountered. He was convinced that the whole genre was full of hypocrites. He was wrong. And Ben is wrong with this present tirade.

    Yes, there are some ccm groups who don’t walk the talk. But most do. Yes, there are sg groups who don’t walk the talk. But most do. Yes, there are pastors who don’t walk the talk. But most do. Yes, there are lay church leaders who don’t walk the talk. But most do.

    Only the ignorant and self-righteous feel the need to negatively stereotype a whole class of people or genre of artists based on the behavior of a few lone bad apples. Given what we do know about some things that go on in sg . . . is this not an example of stonethrowing by someone who lives in a glass house?

  4. glenpaynerules wrote:

    It seems to me GC is about 100 times cooler than EH&SS. For that matter, so is L5. I would love to see GC go with a full time band and would be happy to pay a premium to see that. Who else is willing to step up and pay more for REAL music?

  5. harumph wrote:

    Re the CCM stuff, my only shock was that the original poster didn’t find some way to blame it all on the George Bush administration.

  6. apathetic wrote:

    I have been backstage and or travelled with many of the Christian Rock bands out there. Yes, there are a few who do not practice what they preach. There are just as many in Southern Gospel. The genre of music doesn’t matter. We all have the same temptations and sin nature. Most overcome both of those. Some do not, but the genre of music they are playing has nothing to do with it.

    As for the subject of REAL bands versus SG Karaoke, give me a real band any day. In no other genre of music would the fans get off the couch to go and see their favorite artist sing Karaoke. Why do SG fans settle for less???

  7. Shellye1206 wrote:

    apathetic: “Why do SG fans settle for less?” Answer: Most SG fans are cheap! They want a free concert at a local church and then will try to haggle with you at your product table for a deal on cds & t-shirts. There’s a business side and a ministry side to SG and SG fans need to step-up and put their money where their heart is. If you really love SG music, then be willing to pay for it. Most people don’t mind at all paying $50-200 for a single ticket to see a top-notch country performer. They’ll also drive 2-3 hours to see this country artist. But you try to get that same person to put $20 in a love offering for a good SG group at their church….most won’t do it and then want 2 or 3 cds from your table for $20 (knowing they just paid $15-20 for one cd of a country artist). sorry - I’ll get off my soapbox now…

  8. Charles Brady wrote:

    The flip side of Shelly’s comment could also be that the problem is due to the fact that “Most SG Artists are greedy”…

    If they really want to sing SG music maybe they shouldn’t push selling $2 tee shirts for 15 bucks or asking 5 grand from a concert promoter then doing a free concert 2 hours away at a local church for a love offering the same weekend…

    Maybe it’s time for the artists to put their money where their heart is ………..supposed to be…

    ****DISCLAIMER - This is only an attempt to show that ANY discussion can be turned on a dime (or dollar) by just reversing the entities involved. All of the above is just a bunch of cow chip tossing. Much like Shelly’s chip toss attempt LOL!! (Wash your hands before you get too far from that soapbox..) LOL!!!

  9. cdguy wrote:

    Shellye1206 — #7 — You’re right. We’re cheap!!!

    The only thing wrong with your post is that our money is ALREADY where our hearts are. That’s what Jesus told us about 2,000 years ago.

    You’re right. We’d rather pay $50+ to see a country or pop act, than $20. to see a really good gospel concert. We’d rather pay $18.99 for a country or pop cd, than $15. for a gospel cd.

    We’re cheap.

    And most of us don’t pay our pastors a decent living, either. Is a workman not worthy of his hire?

  10. NonSGfan wrote:

    It seems as though this moderator and head of this little website, when brain-locked on coming up with good ideas and debates to get into, goes and finds whatever controversial subject he can to try to “stir the stink” back up.

    Get a stinkin’ topic.

  11. 1 old fan wrote:

    Tom — #3 — Amen, brother!!! There’s nothing wrong with ccm that’s not also wrong with sg and the rest of Christiandom.

    Stories are legion about the “heros” of s/g who used to smoke & drink & run around with women (or men) on their busses So nobody need try to tell us it never happens(ed).

    And as for Christian music needing to “sound Christian”? What in the **** does THAT mean? “Sound Christian?” The only thing that makes music Christian is the lyrics. There is Christian music in ANY genre: Classical, pop, country, bluegrass, rock, hip-hop, r&b, and everything in between. EVERY genre. (S/G is more or less a hybrid and collection of styles.) But you name it, and there’s a Christian counterpart to the secular.

    Hymns that are now 200 years old were originally written in the pop style of the day. But because they’ve stood the test of time, we think they “sound Christian.”

    The same thing happened with quartet music of the 30’s, 40’s, and beyond. In the 50’s & 60’s, John W Peterson wrote church music in the style of Broadway musicals of that era. He took flack for it, but now those songs are considered standards. Same with Ralph Carmichael, the father of CCM, and Bill Gaither, the godfather of sg. Their music that some considered worldly in the 60’s and 70’s (yes, BG was considered worldly by many) is now “sacred”.

    Some people need to get off their high horses, and examine their attitudes.

    I heard a wise man once say, “music is neither moral nor immoral. It is amoral. What makes the difference is the lyrics.”

    Now, should we pay attention to the lifestyles of the performers we idolize and support financially? Definately!!! But don’t lump all singers of ANY genre into one heap.

    “One bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch.”

  12. dmp wrote:

    I think they will get a live band when they get live vocals.

  13. apathetic wrote:

    Awesome #12

  14. CVH wrote:

    Wow! Going to that site made my eyes bleed. But the context of many of the comments there only reinforces the point I’ve put forth many times here that SG as a genre - the artists, industry, fans - are not only notoriously small-minded, but just have small minds. Hypocrisy is everywhere so welcome to the real world; thanks for stopping by.

    However in an attempt to help our beloved southern gospel groups raise the bar and compete with those terrible CCM bands, I offer my services, along with those of Old Harry Peters, Irishlad and Wade to preview those ‘dirty movies’ to make sure they’re of the quality needed to keep our boys up while they’re on those long, lonely road trips. It’s the least I can do.

    Which begs the question - what kind of porn does Point of Grace watch? Hmmm…

  15. Shellye1206 wrote:

    TO Charles: I agree 100% ‘Most SG artists are greedy’. But also, most promotors are pretty greedy themselves. But not all of them. It’s too bad that this hurts everyone: the artists, the promotors and the fans! Yeah, and I also agree with the 5grand concert and then the love offering just down the road the same weekend. Crazy! You don’t see country or pop acts booking like that! I really wish SG artists would book like country & pop acts: Big concerts/Big tickets/Big crowds and only 1 or 2 a weekend and then only 6 months out of the year. Most SG artists HAVE to book 3-4-5 dates in a weekend just to make payroll if they’re full-time…and sometimes it’s still a stretch. Just think how much better cd projects would be if the artists could spend 6 months writing & recording a cd without having to travel so much every weekend….I’ll hush now - for good!

  16. Rob wrote:

    # 8 Charles Brady you hit the nail ont he head. There is nothing worse that a group wanting to charge a promoter thousands of dollars for a Saturday night concert then within two hours Sunday do a concert for a love offering. Even many of them are doing love offerings more than just on Sunday evenings when they can’t get a promoter to book them. I think it they keep this up you will find more and more promoters getting out of the business. The groups will then have to live on love offerings, if they can survive the dollar that is dropped in the offering plate.

  17. scope wrote:

    It does not seem unreasonable to charge a promoter a flat, then later do a love-offering concert. The flat pays the salaries and business expenses, and the pick-up dates for love offerings help defray the travel costs. If it were not for the flat, the group most likely wouldn’t be in the area to do the love-offering concert. That’s the reality of the business today. Why is that so hard to understand?

  18. dortie wrote:

    #1***Harry Peters, in response to your review of the Princess EHSSQ…I think I love you!

  19. Lisa wrote:

    Why keep calling him Princess???

  20. Rob wrote:

    scope, I would not book a group and pay their flat and have them do a love offering night the next night or even the next week. Fans WILL NOT buy a ticket to a concert when they can see the group for a $1.00 love offering. I had a group do that one time. Guess what I have never booked them again and I never will. They have contacted me several times to get booked again and I always remind them what they pulled. I know a lot of other promoters that feel the same way. Promoters are keeping these groups on the roads, it’s not the Churches and love offerings.

  21. Wade wrote:

    CVH… yeah I will be glad to preview what they are watching and if it is not good stuff maybe I can direct them to a few places they can get whatever their freak is!!!

    But yeah it is not just CCM… I’ve seen some pretty good porn on a SGM Bus and some of it was on VHS & DVD!!! lol

    Lisa… you seem pretty smart and can probably figure out why we call EH, The Princess… if you can’t figure ot out I would hate to see those papers you were grading!!! lol


    SOMEBODY from here figured out which church it is I play for and they contacted the church to report my facebook page!!! lol…lol


    That is some of the funniest bs I have ever heard of… Thanks again it got me 3 more facebook friends from the staff members!! lol

  22. Extra Ink wrote:

    Someone asked why SG artists don’t book like country artists……I think EHSSQ has been modeling that for a couple of years now. They pretty much do ticketed events only, from what I’ve seen. You could probably get them in your church for a hefty flat, but you will not get them for a love offering. Like them or not, it is working for them financially.

    The problem lies in the fact that not many groups in SG can do that. Not many groups in SG have the backing of Gaither and the advertising/promotional power of Gaither that has catapulted Ernie & his gang to the top.

    Of course the group works very hard on vocals, arranging, and choreography, and most of your groups–even pro groups– are too lazy or aren’t interested in doing that.

    Slim, Tom, Flex, and Smith all lope onto the bus on Thursday around noon and head out for the first date of the weekend….they haven’t seen each other since Sunday night, they certainly haven’t practiced, and they are for sure not going to work on staging before the Thursday evening concert. Again, like them or not Ernie & The Boys are outworking these people.

    I have found in a lot of cases that God honors hard work, sometimes even over skill or ability. Ernie and SSQ work hard.

    By the way, I’m not really a fan of EHSSQ, but I can appreciate the fact that they are doing a lot of things right.

  23. art wrote:

    You hit the nail on the head! EHSS is the hardest working group in SGM…and it shows.

  24. apathetic wrote:

    To the issue of groups booking an event with a promoter and then turning around the next day and playing a love offering event in the same town or very close to the promoted event, good promoters have something called a “Radius Clause” in their contract that states the artist cannot book another event within a specified date range within a specified mile radius of the promoted event.

  25. jbb wrote:

    HOw do you know it is just a love offering? We have had many groups at our church and we advertise it as a love offering to the community because we have already paid the flat fee ourself.
    The difference in EHSS and the other full time groups is their personal promoter. I’m thankful I don’t have to wait 6mths. to see a good group and I disagree with one comment…I think the majority of groups work very hard.

  26. cynical one wrote:

    Lisa #19 — Would you rather they refer to him as “a queen”?

    Hey everyone, do we really thing fans will drive 2 hours on a Sunday morning to see an artist in church, when there was ticketed concert in their town? Most people won’t even drive 10 miles to church on Sunday morning.

  27. GoldCitysBiGGESTfan! wrote:

    Gold Citys band is AMAZING!!!!! they are a great group of guys! i had a great chance to meet them! yeah, they are part time, but with this economy, can you blame them for being part time??! for those of you who havent heard the band click on the link below, they are aweome!!!!!!!


  28. Wade wrote:

    DMP # 12…lol… yeah right… it is so easy especially if you have some one LITERALLY RIDING the Board with 10 fingers if they know what they are doing and just push solo lines and song endings… if they can actually HEAR someone drop out to push them on the stack you can make some one sound million times better!!!

    Why do you think so many of them have went to having SOUND TECHS instead of Bands???

    Don’t hate them for it… but am impressed when some one comes out and BRINGS IT FLAT FOOTED without the TRACT to play and sing with.

    I laughed and grinned the other day when I saw the new OAKS stuff and they were stacking vocals when Willie was still singing tenor. 3 of the band members where singing… if that is not a stack I don’t know what is???

    BiG Jim and The Kingsmen stacked vocals for years… their LIVE ALBUM experience taught them well.

    When you go to a Face Coming Event they have digital and live off stage stacks going on every place… if you did not know those things sorry to telling you about SANTA!!!

    The Ultimate STACK is Bill G…feeding the audience the next line RIGHT at THE BEST TIME… that is a SPECIAL TALENT FEW PPL CAN DO!!!

    To hear all those voices and all the IRON LUNG ALTOS and Soprano Divas from ever local church in attendance BELTING IT OUT can be a fun experience!!!

    What really whacks me out is the SING ALONG PERSON setting behind ya screaming out thinking they are going to be discovered!!!

    Thanks for all the Facebook and myspace adds… believe me when I say there are some other freaks out there that loves Jesus and knows he came to die on The Cross for our sins but we are just naughty!!!


  29. cynical one wrote:

    Subject change: How long can Michael English play the “prodigal card”? I realize he just re-joined the GVB a few weeks ago, but he’s been doing TV, and the Homecoming concerts and videos, for a few years, now. How long can he milk this?

    Not saying I don’t love him. Just wondering.

  30. Rob wrote:

    # 24 - Some artist are like some promoters and Churches don’t honor their contract. They will slip a concert in on Sunday night after they were at your venue on Friday night without you knowing it. You have already paid them so what do you do?

  31. Ed wrote:

    Off topic; but Charlie Waller being inducted into the SGMA Hall Of Fame? What a joke. The man promoted the Old Timers Convention and now has the Florida Boys. (which they are horrible) What has he done besides worn The Big Chief’s old suits?
    Put me in there, I’ve done more than he ever has.

  32. mark forester wrote:

    Cynical, (post #29)

    He will tell his story only so long as there are sinners in need of hope, people struggling with addictions, secret sins tearing at a believer, ect…..

    He is a sinner saved by grace and restored through mercy. He should tell his story forever, each and every time the chance is given.

    There are enough people out there that think he doesn’t deserve the chance to sing or tell his story…..i hope he gets even more opportunities. He is a changed man.

    I watched him give a few interviews lately and was amazed at the clarity in his speech, thoughts and actions. If you compare them to anything he did in the previous 20 years, there is unbelievable change.

    I also think that he is sounding the best right now that he has in about ten years. He is not as high as he used to be (although he can pop a bflat easy) but he still has the chops, slides, licks and overall coolness that we all wish we had.

  33. Ron F wrote:

    Hey #31 Ed you are on it. That is a joke, putting him in the Hall of Fame. He always likes to take shots at Bill Gaither. He says Bill Gaither copys him on everything he does. I dont think so Charlie, Have you all seen those videos that Waller did of his concerts.So now he owns the Fake Florida Boys. Why would Les Beasley let him do that to the Respected Florida Boys Name.

  34. Jeff wrote:

    Gospel Hall of Fame will mean nothing come judgment day.

  35. art wrote:

    Note I said…they are the HARDEST working. I didn’t say no one else was working hard.

  36. ok wrote:

    #28 what in the world are you talking about? give examples

  37. Ed wrote:

    Yeah, when Waller took over the Hall of Fame ceremony, IMO it lost it’s sense of prestige. I remember the first several years everyone wore formal evening wear, now the majority of the people wear shorts and t shirts. Yes, fake Florida Boys!

  38. John wrote:

    Unlike Ed and Ron, I think that Charles Waller is quite deserving of inclusion into the SGMA Hall of Fame. He has promoted gospel music concerts for more than forty years. In his promotion endeavors, he has put food on the table of many gospel artists.

    When Waller began the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion in 1988, this was a new concept for the industry. I wonder how many forgotten artists revived their careers in gospel music in no small part from the exposure at the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion.

    The Grand Ole Gospel Reunion has also been the launching pad for several of today’s top groups including the Booth Brothers and the Dove Brothers. Would these groups have reached the national prominence without the promotional efforts of Charles Waller? Possibly, but they certainly got a major boost through his efforts.

    Waller accepted the position of director of the SGMA Hall of Fame at a time when they lacked leadership and direction. His promotion and insight has enabled the Hall of Fame to keep a fresh look each year even in tough economic times.

    Not everyone likes Charlie nor do they appreciate his off the wall sense of humor. However when you consider what he has done for the industry in the past 20 years, I say the committee has made a strong pick in nominating him for the class of 2009.

    So, Ed, if you have done more for gospel music than Charlie Waller, please send me your resume and I’ll be happy to put your name on my next Hall of Fame nomination ballot.

  39. Irishlad wrote:

    Either that bus driver was emotionally unstable or just coming off a bender. Even solid ole Ben got freaked. Btw,i’d pay 50 bucks for GC without a live band,they’re that good. IMO.

  40. jbb wrote:

    Just to show that “professionals” are not always spot on and that mistakes happen….A few weeks ago we went to hear GC. and after they were introduced the piano player hit the button for the first song “I Cast My Bread Upon THe Water” and the lead and tenor weren’t up on stage yet. The song started _ _ _Bread and they all came in on the word Bread. I’m not making fun, I thought it was funny. I’m sure a lot of the people there didn’t even realize it. GC was laughing when they finally got to their mics. It happens to the best!

  41. dmp wrote:

    That is soooo funny. I have sat in front of those people on many occasions. The worst one was a mid 20’s Phelps fan who had memorized every lyric and lick and screamed them all out with him. It’s great when someone posts a YouTube video of a concert and you can hear the tone deaf audience member singing along…

  42. Alan Kendall wrote:

    I’ll echo John’s sentiments when I say that Charlie Waller has done more to earn his way into the Hall of Fame than many will ever know. Just about any Hall of Famer would probably tell you the same thing. Traditional gospel quartet music as we know it might just be dead if it weren’t for Waller raising the awareness of the legends and their music and bringing it to a younger audience, myself included. If it weren’t for Charlie Waller, I wouldn’t be the fan of gospel music that I came to be, and I would probably be long gone astray.

    A great portion of the Hall of Fame artifacts were donated by Charlie. He took over the Hall of Fame when it was very near being shut down, and he has helped to bring it out of debt with his tireless work. If it weren’t for Charlie Waller, there would not be a Hall of Fame today.

    It’s a fact, Bill Gaither was at the early Grand Ole Gospel Reunions taking notes. The Vocal Band came to the reunion in ‘91 and gave the fans a glimpse into the future as they gathered with several of the Grand Ole Gospel legends on stage and sang into the wee hours of the morning. Charlie unselfishly opened the spotlight to Gaither. Charlie and Gaither, believe it or not, remain friends to this day and talk to each other frequently.

    Simply working for 40 years in gospel music as a promoter ought to be enough. Several great promoters are in the Hall of Fame…WB Nowlin, Lloyd Orrell, J Bazzel Mull are just a few….why not Charlie?

    And I don’t know how many years Charlie has taken his name off of the nomination ballot for the Hall of Fame now, but it has been a while. The board finally overrode him and told him he was going in.

    Ed and Ron (and anybody else with a negative word to share), if you would like some testimonials from those in our industry as to why Charlie Waller should be in the Hall of Fame, you could check with anybody on the board, just about any of the Hall of Famers, or just about any of the members of the SGMA, because their votes got him in. See if your opinions match up with theirs.

  43. Gerald Williams wrote:

    In response to the views of Mr. Charles Waller going into the SGMA Hall of Fame, I speak as a member of that very distinguished honor, having been inducted in 2006. My view of Mr. Waller is that he deserves to be there. Anyone who is so blind as to what he (Mr. Waller) has done to preserve the very music that the Hall of Fame represents is, in my view, totally ignorant of what makes a person eligible to be inducted.

    In previous years the man, Charles Waller, has asked that his name be removed from the nominating ballot and has done so again in 2009. However the board overruled him and he WILL be inducted.

    Now for an example of what he (Mr. Charles Waller) has done, let’s look at “America’s Gospel Favorites” television series, a series that the Melody Boys Quartet was a part of for six years, making it possible for us to go on the western states tour where we otherwise would not ever have been heard much less seen and now we do two annual tours in that area, singing to crowds that truly appreciate and support the music Charles Waller has promoted, so stop your whining!

    This is my view of what’s real,
    Gerald Williams.

  44. Irishlad wrote:

    AK and GW both have it spot on about CW,he’s done more to keep traditional quartet music alive than most people will ever comprehend,and,i’m not talking off the top of my head,i’ve seen first hand several of his endeavours the ‘bass competition’ at the NQC being just one,where you yourself Gerald shone.

  45. Gayla Fooks wrote:

    I also must express my opinions about Charlie Waller being in the 2009 “Class” of Inductees into the SGMA Hall of Fame. I totally agree with John, Alan, Gerald and Irishlad - Charlie Waller is truly deserving of this honor! I have had the distinct pleasure of attending Charlie’s Grand Ole Gospel Reunion since 1989, and it is truly the greatest event I have ever attended! I was able to meet, hear and visit with many of my “Quartet Heroes” of the past that I would have never had the opportunity to meet without Charlie’s GOGR. He truly gave gentlemen such as London Paris (Blue Ridge), Ace Richmond (Sunshine Boys), Lew Garrison (Prophets) and many other legends and “fathers” of this industry the opportunity to once again perform each year. They would have truly been forgotten by most of the “SGM World” if it were not for Waller’s tireless efforts. I literally have album after album of pictures of these wonderful gentlemen performing and having the time of their lives at GOGR. I am forever indebted to Charlie for allowing me the opportunity to meet these “legends”. Not only do I have pictures and memories; I have the wonderful videos from each GOGR where each “classic Quartet performance” was documented!

    I also attended the GOGR where Gaither literally walked around with a legal pad taking notes! I have pictures of the evening on the stage where he led the “Choir” of most of the living greats of the “Quartet World” concluding the Saturday evening concert! Charlie was in the choir because it was his event, the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion! This was before Gaither’s original “Homecoming”. I am privileged to count Charlie Waller as a friend, and I can tell you that he and Bill Gaither are good friends who visit often.

    As several have already eloquently stated the Hall of Fame was not in a good state when Waller “inherited” it. He has worked tirelessly to make it the “showplace” it deserves to be. The move to the more “informal” induction ceremony had already been made before Charlie took over. Please be sure your facts are correct before you type them on a public forum. Also, if you have ever attended an Induction Ceremony, you would see that the entire ceremony is more geared to actually honoring the “Inductee” since Waller has been at the “helm”. Charlie works for many long hours compiling, and editing wonderful video biographies of each Inductee.

    I realize that this response is already too verbose. However, I am passionate about my love and respect for quality, traditional Quartet Music, and Charlie Waller has done more to preserve this wonderful art form than anyone. And for those who have no use for preserving the past…Waller also had great influence on the beginnings of the Dove Brothers, Booth Brothers and many other of the top groups of today. He is a true innovator in the concert world. The GOGR is a concert experience like no other with events such as Let’s Make a Deal, Piano Roll of Honor, Late Night Jam Sessions, Breakfast with the Stars, Up Close and Personals, etc. He also was the “idea man” behind the incredibly popular dunking booth at the NQC! Is it not amazing at how many of these same types of events can now be found at major concert venues all around the country!?

    Congratulations for this well deserved honor Charlie Waller! You are loved an appreciated by many Gospel Quartet Lovers all over the country!

  46. Irishlad wrote:

    This may fall under “recording oddities”,but go to youtube deanhaskins video of the BGQ singing Jesus is coming soon. CVH,Wade, Harry will love the funny side of it and Qman’ll just adore the singing. Let me know what you think.

  47. Lisa wrote:

    Since I’ve been at school–I’m the STUDENT, not the teacher–I’m an Ed major, but not finished yet– I have not had time to post.

    Because I come to this dance late, give me a couple of minutes to make my position clear.
    I have not been a lifelong Christian, nor have I been a lifelong Southern Gospel fan. What most of y’all refer to may be common knowledge to you, but it’s not to me.
    In reference to EH & SS…referring to him by anything other than his name to me seems kinda disrespectful.
    I do not mean to be a stuffed shirt, but… it BUGS me…it would seem to me that some folks on the boards would take great exception to name calling–?…and nowhere in Scripture can I find where it’s recommended.
    I’m just sayin’…

    Carry on.

  48. quartet-man wrote:

    I wouldn’t say “adore”, Laddy. You know a copy of something isn’t usually as good as the original. :)

  49. Norm Graham wrote:

    I concur with those who outlined in detail what Charlie Waller has accomplished to earn induction into the SGMA Hall of Fame.

    Unlike some of the other posters who know him well, I have never spoken to Charlie. I’ve simply attended his gospel reunion seven times and thought he put on first-rate events with an emphasis on entertainment and not preaching. It is wonderful that he brought back artists from the past as well as giving new artists opportunities.

    Folks mentioned Gaither being at the 1991 Reunion. He was also at the 1989 one directing a choir made up of gospel singers. Gaither went on to produce videos that were far more polished than Charlie’s but that in no way takes away from Waller’s many achievements and innovations.

  50. Wade wrote:

    Lisa… God Love Your Heart!!!

  51. Irishlad wrote:

    Qman. I thought it very original. Plus it was the guys themselves singing,watch it again if you don’t believe me.

  52. CVH wrote:

    Irishlad - what a great way to start a Monday morning - that is AWESOME!

  53. quartet-man wrote:

    Lad, it was unique and they did change some. My comment was that the arrangement had similarities to the Oaks and my point was that the Oaks did it better. :)

  54. Ed wrote:

    Ok, I really raised a stink when I gave my opinion on Charlie Waller’s nomination. Congrats to him anyway, I still believe he doesn’t deserve it.

    How come Cecil Blackwood is not in this Hall Of Fame? He contributed more to Qt music than most.

  55. steve k wrote:

    It won’t be that much longer til EH&SS lose their appeal, IMO. I don’t know Ernie and can’t claim to know his heart but when I see his performances he seems to be an attention getter and sometimes…just plain ridiculous. I could be wrong. I’m not interested in watching a fake performance.

  56. Ron F wrote:

    Ditos, Me too Ed, obviously Charlie has done something right. He just comes off cocky the way I see him. Congratulations Charlie, You deserve it. Thanks for all you’ve done for this industry. God Bless you and yours.

  57. ray wrote:

    I found it comical when I read what Ed said…
    “How come Cecil Blackwood is not in this Hall Of Fame? He contributed more to Qt music than most.”

    You are right Ed. Cecil contributed alright! He singlehandedly kept most Quartets out of churches for years after he fleeced the congregations with multiple offerings and other money making shenanigans!!!!

  58. Irishlad wrote:

    Ray,i don’t know who you are,but as they said over here’you’re as sound as a pound’(in the comment you made).

  59. McCray Dove wrote:

    Let me throw my hat into the ring. The night Charles let the Dove Brothers sing at the GROG is when it all started for the Dove Brothers and I will never forget it. But that is not the reason why I believe he is worthy to be in the Hall Of Fame.

    Helping the artists make a living paying us money when the crowd was down but never once ask for us to take less than what we agreed on. Saving the Hall of Fame would be a good one to start with.

    Many of my friends have already told you some of the things charles has done for this industry. I will say this, if some of the promoters and artists had the passion and love for the music and its history and also its future that Charles has we would be way ahead.

    Is the man perfect no, does everything have to be like it use to be NO! Charles knows that and we have talked about it many times but as far as being Worthy to be in the Hall of Fame in my heart no question about it. I voted for him.

    Hey by the way. How many of you are SGMA members? I have been for the last ten years! You know for $20 a year you can vote for who you think is worthy to be in the Hall of Fame!

    I don’t post much on the blogs anymore because I don’t have the time. But when I heard about this I had to stand up for one of my BEST FRIENDS, Tha Man Charles Waller! Now I know many of you will fire back and that’s okay I can take it, So fire away.

    The grammer on this post might not be a A+ but I think you can understand what I wanted to say. I would also like to invite all of you to come see the Dove Brothers when we are rolling through your town!

    McCray Dove

  60. quartet-man wrote:

    Nice to see you post, Dove. I miss your old posts elsewhere. I also commend you for ignoring your aversion to posting to stand up for a friend. And then putting in a plug to help the SGMA. You go, Dove. :D

  61. Kitten wrote:

    McCray Dove #59 you used to be friends with ernie & boys (ehssq) you didn’t mention them in your post. are you still there friends or are you like a lot of people on this website that don’t like them & think ernie is gay or something?

  62. Wade wrote:

    Irish Laddy… I could have looked a year and never found that… did sound like they used The Oaks Music tract or arrangement.

    Who was the guy in the sunglasses in front???

    OK I don’t know everything so some of you REAL SGM freaks out there answer this…

    I know that many son’s and grandson’s of SGM Greats have been stupid… fill in name here _________, but when I was looking this up it said this was Mark Blackwood and the Blackwood Gospel Quartet. Then on you tube there was also a Mark Blackwood that has died!!!

    So some of you bigger freaks fill in the blanks. I am sure Lisa will want to know too!!! lol

    Lisa Baby have you come to terms we do not always use PROPER NAMES here on this site??? God Love her heart!!! She is SOOO tender!!!

  63. Dean Haskins wrote:

    Wade, the Mark Blackwood who died is a different Mark Blackwood–too bad we don’t get to copyright our own names. Also, a “tract” is a little printed message used to share the Gospel. Pre-recorded accompaniment music is called a “track.”

  64. steve k wrote:

    Kitten, just because McCray didn’t post about Ernie doesn’t mean he has anything against him.

  65. wesK wrote:

    hey there all, Ernies not gay he’s just metrosexual, look it up for definition.. I think it will put things in perspective.

  66. rr wrote:

    I looked up “metrosexual”. That defines about half the people in most any music genre.

  67. observant dude wrote:

    Has anyone noticed the headline on Singing News website? “Daywind Music Group Celebrates 81 Singing News Fan Awards Nominations”. 81??!! Good night! Could that be because the ballot actually had a fake ballot produced by Daywind itself right on the opposite side of it, tricking people into thinking that was the only ones they could vote for? Noooooo, that couldnt be it. I mean…Austins Bridge….seriously. If they’re southern gospel, so is Rascal Flatts and REO Speedwagon.

  68. Grave Digger wrote:

    The guy in the sunglasses on the Mark Blackwood video is their former tenor singer Dustin Beardon.

  69. Ben Harris wrote:

    I agree with Gerald, John, Gayla, McCray and Alan and several others who have came to the defense of Charlie Waller. He deserves this award as much as any man still living. What he has done in for the SGMA is proof enough where his heart is at. I am a board member of SGMA and I can testify to the fact that Charlie has tried to get his nomination thrown out, but the board overrulled him this time. GOGR is a great success and we are honored to be a part of such a great concert series. Charlie may sometimes come off as gruff, but I can guarantee you that is just a fascade. Underneath he has a heart of gold. I have Charlie come to us more than once when GOGR was winding down and tell us “Thank you guys, and I love you.” He is a friend, and I cherish his friendship. Get to know Charlie and I guarantee you will love him for what he does for Southern Gospel Music.

  70. Inigo Montoya wrote:

    #67 O b.s. dude
    Maybe it is just Daywind’s turn this year - I seem to remember Crossroads pulled the same stunt last year. It’s all about name recognition, right?
    I’m sure Singing News made a buck or two off of that transaction

  71. Not Likely wrote:

    It’s a shame, Mr. Harris, that not everyone who has worked with Mr. Waller can say the same about him.


  72. GH wrote:

    Here is the BIG story on Daywind. They had albums… NOW FOLLOW ME…nominated “BY THE FANS” that were not even released yet. So its easy to have 80 something nominations when you can block vote as much as you want. If Singing News were not so ignorant to let Crossroads and Daywind block vote, they would see how stupid it is to let them nominate albums that were supposed to be nominated by the fans get up for an award, when the album was not even released at the time of the final ballot.

  73. Wade wrote:

    Sorry Dean… you are correct, my bad, please forgive me, don’t judge me harshly for missing one letter… I was being ministry minded when I wrote that!! lol

    Also about the OTHER Mark Blackwood… he isn’t related directly to The Famous Singing Blackwoods… he looks kinda like them…did I spell ALL THAT CORRECTLY???

    Thanks Grave Digger.

    I have never met Charlie Waller but as a promoter of events… if he has done all the obvious things ppl talk about he should be in the HALL of FAME just for dealing with ALL those EGOS!!! lol OMG… maybe only dealing with comics are worse than gospel singers. But Gospel Singers might be worse because they have to kinda ACT Straight until they get to know ya…once they let that barrier down it is much easier to deal with the gospel singers.

    I laughed out loudly very longly when I read that there is not or should not be in competition in GOSPEL MUSIC!!! lol

    That was a REALLY funny line… about as funny as Lisa wondering why we did not call every one by their proper name!!!

    God Love their hearts!!

  74. Mark Cochran wrote:

    I’ve known Charlie Waller for over 20 years and worked with him closely for over 15 years, and agree that he should be in the Hall of Fame. I was involved in the video production side of the Grand Ole Gospel reunion since 1989 and have spent many hours shooting, editing, and traveling with Charlie and can tell you that his constant concern and passion has always been the furtherance of Old Style Southern Gospel Music. His love and respect for the Old-Timers like J.D., Hovie, Jake, James, Big Chief, Eva Mae, Naomi, to name just a few was always evident.

    While he may seem to have a gruff exterior, that is just a result of his burning desire to always put out a high quality product, whether it be a show, a video, or a CD project his desire has always been to give the people 100% and properly promote SGM. For more than 10 years we were business partners and I consider Charlie one of my most cherished friends. I have personally witnessed him on numerous occasions reaching into his own pocket and helping some old down-and-out gospel singer and helping to revive a long forgotten career.

    I know you can ask any number of groups and individual singers who were all but forgotten and they will tell you that without Waller and the GOG they would be in poverty and still forgotten today.

    Inside the crusty exterior you may see beats the heart of a man that dearly loves SGM and has devoted his entire life to its promotion .

    Without doubt Charlie deserves a place in the SGMA HOF and those that say otherwise are either grossly misinformed or just jealous of his many achievements.

    Just because there are some people that don’t have the same glowing testimony about Charlie means very little. There has never been a man on earth that was equally loved by everyone they met.

    My life has been enriched in many ways by my association with Charlie and I haven’t told him so nearly often enough.

    Charlie, I love you, man!

  75. cdguy wrote:

    GH #72 — Just curious, which projects were nominated prior to release? I didn’t see any that made the top 10, but I haven’t seen the older longer list.

  76. justplainfooks wrote:

    When I think of the legends of gospel music, names like Jake Hess, Hovie Lister, Bill Shaw, J. D. Sumner, James Blackwood, Big Lew of the Prophets, Leroy Abernathy, Eva Mae, Naomi Sego, Lily Fern Weatherford, Billy Todd, London Paris, and on and on, I remember fondly who introduced them to me. When I think of seeing The Statesmen, The Blackwoods, The Rebels, The Prophets, The Couriers, Naomi & the Segos, again I remember who introduced me to them.

    I say introduced them to me because before attending Charlie Waller’s GOGR, these were just names on a record album. Charlie Waller rounded them up and put them on stage together, many for the first time in years. As a young southern gospel fan, Mr. Waller introduced me to the trailblazers of the industry. He made these people real to me.

    He also introduced me to countless other legends in the gospel music field. I also had the chance to meet the future of the industry through him, The Dove Brothers to name just one.

    Charlie Waller is a “fan” of quartet music. In the nearly twenty years that I have known him, he is what the Big Chief would call, “The Common Man.” Charlie has worked hard to preserve the history of the music and has allowed those fortunate enough to attend GOGR or to visit the Hall of Fame the chance to share in his passion.

    I am honored to call him friend, and cannot think of anyone more deserving.

  77. Lisa wrote:

    ok ok —
    Point made.

    I just know when I repented of stuff—I was in a pretty bad case, so when He cleaned me up, He left a few reminders of why I can’t afford to be judgmental.

    I’ll tell you the OTHER reason it bugs me.
    Since EH is married to George Younce’s daughter, (and I was a HUGE Catherdrals fan)….put the pieces together yourself.
    And you can count on something else: if I think someone is being disrespectful to someone I call a friend, I’ll defend the friend, too—to the fullest extent of my ability. (something I keep tied behind my back when I post on blogs.)

  78. Not Likely wrote:

    Haha… BGQ video on youtube is quite hilarious.

    quartet-man, in answer to your comment, #53, I would venture to say that they weren’t in the competitive mode during that recording.

    I would most certainly hope that the Oaks could do it better than, what is obviously, a comedy routine.

  79. Wade wrote:

    Lisa… I think everybody on here loved George & Glen. That does not mean they automatically like other members of the group.

    Stay calm. you will put it all together and maybe best explored in another media to catch ya up!!!

    Hope the paper grading goes well!!

  80. steve k wrote:

    I don’t think it’s anyone’s place to say Ernie’s gay or to call him princess. I mean, I personally don’t care for his stage presence or how he dresses but that’s just not for me. I’ve got to give props where props are do…and Ernie and the guys know how to market themselves and put nothing less then the best product. I enjoy listening to them but when it comes to watching them…not for me.

  81. soldier wrote:

    Steve, well-said. It’s one thing not to like EHSS (I don’t), but it’s another thing to call them gay when there has been no evidence (that would hold up in court) that any of them are.

    …and it’s ironic that at least some of the people calling him gay have openly admitted that they’re gay themselves.

  82. Wade wrote:

    Soldier… The reason the gays have said something about EH is … because they know who each other are and do not like it when some one is not OUT!! lol

    I personally do not know a straight man who LIKES make up as much, especially one that is not ON TV like an news head.

    I don’t know… but what I do know is I hope you do not have to deal with him as a talent where you are a promoter!!!

    But there are a few NO doubt who are straight that are not much fun to deal with as talent too.

    Old Harry Peters has dirty dealings with EH on more than 2 occasions and has The Scares to Prove it!!! lol

  83. susan wrote:

    I’m not asking you to name any names, but you mentioned that some of the people calling ernie gay have admitted that they are gay themselves? the only person that i’ve heard of in gospel music that has came out was kirk talley. so, has kirk said anything about ernie? if not, then i don’t know how you are aware of any other gays in the genre? suspect there are, yes, but know it, no.

  84. Dread Pirate Roberts wrote:

    I don’t think the commenter was saying people in the industry (singers) but was more talking about commenters on this site. We really don’t need to rehash all of that mess, do we?

  85. wackythinker wrote:

    Susan #82 — I wouldn’t exactly call Kirk’s statements as “coming out”. He admitted to some issues that had manifested themselves with homosexual BEHAVIOUR. I think there’s a difference.

    And even though he’s never been considered “southern” gospel, check out Ray Boltz’ confessions on his website.

    As for “other gays in the genre”, they may or may not have admitted the issue, but as Jesus said, by their fruits ye shall know them.

  86. dmp wrote:

    What an odd conversation. I work with Christians very, very frequently, and often find they have these same religious based, vigorous anti-gay feelings. Odd thing is, if I ask them where in the Bible it speaks about homosexuality being a sin, they stop, think, and then tell me where they think it is, but they’ll check and let me know. No need for someone to google it and post it here, we’re all capable.
    I think this has much more to do with people being homophobic that religious. Seriously, homosexuality didn’t even make the 10 commandments, yet we don’t ponder the legitimacy of ones faith when say people covet or tell a lie. Heck, most of the people I work with will openly admit that they would rather their son be a womanizer that a homosexual. Odd.
    Accusing someone of being homosexual is about the most cowardly, McCarthyish style attack there is. It is unable to be proven or disproven, and it damages ones image. I for one could care less how Ernie or anyone else likes it, it really isn’t my place. What happened to all the things we learned in the Guy Penrod conversations about us “not owning an artists” and how they spend their time and money is none of our business? Seems that only applies when it doesn’t serve the purpose of feeding our ego driven faith. Love the sinner, and worry about your own sin.

  87. Wade wrote:

    AMEN dmp…. but believe me HERE it comes somebody is about to QUOTE the scripture… what I think is so funny about what they site is THERE IS A LONG LIST of other sins there too and if those list a precluding there are a BUNCH of us that have issues getting in to heaven. In fact it is one of those list that HITS EVERY ONE I THEY ARE HONEST!!!!

  88. wackythinker wrote:

    Why do we never hear sermons (or read comments here) against gluttony? Is that no longer a sin?

    If that’s no longer a sin, I need to head over to the Golden Corral. Then pull the bus into Shoney’s for their breakfast buffet in the morning. And just roll me into the next smorgasbord down the road for lunch, before we start the cycle all over again.

    Homosexuality isn’t specifically mentioned in the Ten Commandments, but it’s probably covered in “Thou shalt not commit aduletry.” Maybe that wasn’t an issue at that time, but needed mentioning later.

    We humans have such ADD, perhaps God knew we wouldn’t sit still long enough for Moses to read “The 157 Commandments”. There are a LOT of extra things that needed specified in the Levitical Law. Or maybe folks said, “Hey, God didn’t say we couldn’t do this, so let’s try it. It looks like it’d feel good.” Not that people are evil enough to think like that, huh?

    Let’s ask him about this when we get to his big house. Put it on the list.

  89. DMP wrote:

    On the list it goes! Right up there with fleas. Gluttony? Wow, there is a sermon the USA needs to hear! Please Lord, my son can be fat, just don’t let him like boys…

  90. wackythinker wrote:

    DMP — “Please Lord, my son can be fat, just don’t let him like boys.” Could be the hook for a sg song.

  91. dmp wrote:

    oooooh, that is funny!

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