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I’ll have limited time and access to blogging for the rest of the week while I’m at a conference, so you’ll have to talk amongst yourselves. Some places to start:

  • DBM already commented on Bobby All’s passing. All was one of those names that hopeless sg junkies  like me grew up seeing in liner notes, and so while I never actually saw or knew him, it feels like something worth noting. And speaking of deaths, John Campbell, a Solid Gospel personality from the 90s, died recently (h/t, C).
  • We are awash in lists (somewhere off in the distance I can hear Daniel Mount giggling with glee): a list for Dove Awards nominations, one for first-round finalists in the SN Fan Awards, and another for SGN awards. Three more disparate, cognitively dissonant and, in many ways, inexplicable lists there could not be … Your ways are wondrous, oh Lord. And the search for a Grand Unified Theory of Christian music fandom continues. Oh and the SGMA Hall of Fame inductees list is out too (in case you missed the Charlie Waller discussion down below).

What else?

  • Almost forgot! … DBM is counting drum patterns over at musicscribe. Obviously, DBM and Kyle, who’s been listening for recording oddities lately with the intensity of someone trying to crack the DaVinci Code, are locked in a musicscribe deathmatch for who gets to wear the pocket protector over there. And to think, *I* get called pedantic? Welcome to the club, guys.
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  1. afan wrote:

    Do any of you think that the Perrys understood how special of a thing they had going with Loren Harris and Curt Davis? What great projects they produced during that time. Not that it wasn’t darn good when Habedank came along, but the blend with Harris/Davis was unmatched. That’s about the time they started their rise to becoming one of the elite groups in the Southern Gospel industry. Habedank brought in a better solo voice than Davis and a youthful exuberance, but Davis blended like none other. He was a team player who knew his role and carried it out to a T. I wonder if the parties involved look back on it now and think ‘wow, that was an exciting time to where we just were able to produce one of the greatest sounds that we ever will.’ Of course, maybe it wasn’t that special for all of them. Davis moved on and then Harris followed suit. Even Nick Trammell has come and gone. I still love listening to those CDs that configuration of the Perrys produced though. Would it not be great to have a Perrys reunion at some point? We don’t think of them as one of those groups that has been together so long that they need to have a reunion (like the Kingsmen, Cathedrals, Gaither Vocal Band), but would it not be a huge draw to bring Randy, Denise, Nicole Watts-Jenkins, Mike Bowling, Loren Harris, Curt Davis, Nick Trammell, etc. back for a homecoming/reunion. The Perrys don’t have a homecoming. Maybe they should have one at their home church or something. Bowling lives close to the Perrys. Harris is in East Tennessee. Watts-Jenkins and Nick Trammell are within driving distance in Alabama. Let’s take a vote. All in favor, reply…

  2. dortie wrote:

    I am really sorry to hear about the passing of John Campbell. I remember him from Solid Gospel radio. So young and a fine young man.

  3. quartet-man wrote:

    Interesting and thoughtful posts. I am going to change that. ;-) Doug, remember though David has glasses and Kyle does not. Kyle is going to have to work harder to keep up. :-)

  4. GH wrote:

    Here is the BIG story on Daywind. They had albums… NOW FOLLOW ME…nominated “BY THE FANS” that were not even released yet. So its easy to have 80 something nominations when you can block vote as much as you want. If Singing News were not so ignorant to let Crossroads and Daywind block vote, they would see how stupid it is to let them nominate albums that were supposed to be nominated by the fans get up for an award, when the album was not even released at the time of the final ballot.

  5. BiBlEtHuMpA wrote:

    GH (#4), ya noticed that, too, huh?

  6. John Anderson wrote:

    From what I know of Crossroads, they are all some of the finest people that you would ever want to know. Doing their best to record and produce the talant that is out there. All the while being straight forward with these artists that are investing their time and $$$. All the while trying to do what is best for the genre.

    I have never had a good experience with Daywind. While they won’t even acknowledge you unless your bill is paid, there are countless writers out here who haven’t received their royalties from Daywind. They better pray someone doesn’t press an audit.

  7. GD wrote:

    Bobby All was a tremendous talent. He played on one of my group’s latest projects about 4 years ago. He was not in the best of health at that time. I, too, recall seeing his name on many an “album” cover. So to have him play on one of mine was quite an honor and privilege. His family will be in our prayers.

  8. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    “And to think, *I* get called pedantic? Welcome to the club, guys.”

    Kyle and I still have a gap to leap before we get to your level, I think. :o)

  9. Irishlad wrote:

    Afan. Not into the Perrys,never was, but i still think you have good enough idea.

  10. Extra Ink wrote:

    #6, John Anderson,

    I must agree with you. I’ve had some dealings with Crossroads regarding publishing….my experience is that they are honest people, and treat you right.

    Regarding the post about the Perrys, I agree. Curt Davis could be compared to Doy Ott of the Statesman in some ways….not flashy, almost nobody’s favorite singer in the group, but an unbelievably good blender. “Changed Forever”, which was their first album with 3 male vocalists along with Libby, blew me away. Their next one, “This Is The Day” was smoking as well.

    However, I must also say that I love Joseph Habedank’s voice. As a soloist on a verse, he is unrivaled in SG music today, possibly with the exception of Ronnie Booth and Ivan Parker. He is a very nice young man, too. I think he was the BEST replacement they could have gotten for Loren. They had a very, very big sound when it was Loren and Joseph in the middle, and I loved that about as much as the Curt Davis days. I am looking forward to seeing them with Troy Peach soon, which should be sort of a throwback to the “big” sound they had with Loren & Joseph.

    I, too, would pay money to go see a Perrys reunion.

  11. J. Bazzel wrote:

    The Oaks have a new non-Gospel CD coming in May. They have covered a White Stripes song on it. Pretty different sounding for them but I kinda like it.

  12. crabbfan wrote:

    I don’t know how Troy Peach will bring back a “big sound” when he doesn’t have a “big voice”.

  13. Andrew S. wrote:

    Does anyone know what happened to the members of New Journey (originally New Song Revival)? I know John Rowsey writes song with Karen Peck, but how about Nancy Click Banfield and Patsy Ezel? Does anyone know what they’re currently doing?

  14. scope wrote:

    I have heard the Perrys with Troy Peach, and the Perrys sound great. Troy is one of the best in the business at filling or blending. He has a great ear. And watching him sing is also a blessing, because what he is singing about is written all over his face. I think he was a great choice to replace Nick.

  15. Irishlad wrote:

    Hahahaha. Here’s a youtube for all’ya who love/hate Ehss,’Never grow old’ it’s a homecoming vid from jan’09. Only lasts 1.16. Enjoy the ‘princess’ squirming Harry

  16. Wade wrote:

    Hey Irish Laddy…put down the bottle and remember to send the link…

  17. sogodad wrote:

    Speaking Of the Hall of Fame, I wonder when Tim Riley will finally be selected? I think he’s alot better singer than Ray Dean Reese. Any other suggestions for the HoF?

  18. Ron F wrote:

    Hey Guys, just wondering did anybody attend or perform at Southern Gospel Fan Fair in the Smokey Mts. last week. I was wondering if the crowds were ok. I hope they were. When I say ok meaning I hope there was alot of people in attendence.

  19. Irishlad wrote:

    Hey Wade just punch in youtube never grow old ehss homecoming,don’t worry bud you’ll find it. I can’t do that linky thang on this dose of a cell fone…sorry.

  20. Wade wrote:

    Speaking of Tim Riley, oh Irish Laddy…

    I wonder when Tim will get 3 other legends and Taco and put a group together to do a selected number 2-3 dates a month???

    Who could he get for the other 3 places???…ppl not already regularly with a Group or Gaitherites who could form a GREAT QUARTET!!!

    I would volunteer to manage The TOUR!!! Well maybe not volunteer… but do the job!!

    Irish Laddy could hook us up a few dates so we could tour internationally.

    Tim is one of my personal hero’s. I have him listed on myspace page and maybe face book as a hero.

    I have had ppl ask me WHO Tim Riley is??? If I do not have a CD handy I make them listen to something on YOU TUBE!!! They are ALWAYS BLOWN AWAY!! The want to know who Jay is??? Who the Elvis Love Child IS (Jonathan of course) and who the guy is needing a better piece (Daniel).

    So see I get to witness to ppl about Jesus cause they want to know who Tim is… this sinner may not be such a bad guy after all.

    Whenever I think I have a good set of pipes I slide alittle GCQ in and become humble again.

    Speaking of PIECES… Tim has had a few Good Ones over the years!!! lol

  21. Diana wrote:

    Hey, Irishlad — that is funny! I found the video but it took me a little while, so here’s the url for everyone else:

  22. brad wrote:

    no doubt. Tim is the man

  23. Rob wrote:

    wade - Tim Riley is singing with the original group that he started with The Southmen Quartet. They don’t travel all that much but do several dates in the southeast.

  24. Rob wrote:

    Tim is singing with The Southmen Quartet, a group that he sang with before Gold City.

  25. Irishlad wrote:

    Wade my good buddy here’s your all star quartet. Tenor Garry Shepperd, lead David Hill, baritone Tony Peace/Jon McBroom the great man on bass and when he needs a break Chris West and of course ‘Taco’ Jones tinkling the old ivories. Nice eh?

  26. wackythinker wrote:

    New Subject — Did anyone else catch Reba Rambo’s appearance on TBN last night? Frankly, if it hadn’t been for her backup singers, it would have been totally unbearable. I used to like her some, but her voice has gotten so much raspier in the past few years. The only thing I can say is, it’s a good thing she’s got her mama’s coattails to ride on.

    Now, I will say, she used to write some pretty good lyrics herself, but she now apears to be just a has-been.

    And, of course, these comments from a “never was”. :-)

  27. JR wrote:

    Whoa Irishlad, Garry Sheppard?!? Since when did he ever rank as an all-star tenor?

  28. BiBlEtHuMpA wrote:

    #14, scope, I fully agree. Troy Peach is an excellent singer and he’s all heart…it shows. I wish he and the Perrys the best.

    #18, RonF, I attended FanFair all week. The crowds were very good every night. Wednesday and Saturday were a bit smaller than the rest of the week, but still good crowds. Friday was standing room only. The event, in every way, was 10 times better than when it was in Chattanooga.

  29. Spectator wrote:

    #26-Have you heard her recording of “Because of Whose I Am” with Karen Harding? That was her clue to the Christian music world that she practically has a name, but not a voice. Why does she have to do all the screaming and throwing of her voice? I’d like to know who told her it was best to do otherwise. She sounded so good with her mom and dad in the 70s, but she changed her voice and vocal stylings sometime after that. It was like instead of being heavy on the heart and easy on the ears, she was easy on the heart and heavy on the ears. Does anyone know what her daughters have been doing? I remember seeing them do a “dance” for Dottie on TBN several years ago.

  30. Cliff Cerce wrote:

    #18 - Yes, we (The Cerces) were there Monday through Thursday and performed 4:30 pm on Tuesday and 8 pm on Wednesday.

    The room was packed and people were standing most nights. I’m sure they will soon outgrow that facility (if they haven’t already) and will be at a larger auditorium. It seems to have been a real success and the fans and the artists were talking enthusiastically about “next year”.

    You can read a review of the week here:

  31. Irishlad wrote:

    JR, listen to Garry on’ He’s all i need’,his voice control was superb plus he was a distinctive tenor,or,if you don’t like him what about Ernie Philips or better still his dad or his own son or…..zzzzz.

  32. Ed wrote:

    Fan Fair was good. But could have been much better, if so many of the “small timers” would’ve stayed off the stage.

    It amazes me that people want groups to get back together for a tour or reunion.
    Wonder why Gold City hasn’t made a reunion dvd? Maybe there are hard feelings between the former members.
    They could make some serious cash, but grudges and bitterness is more costly.

  33. gc wrote:

    Thanks for the positive post! All small timers suck and Gold City members do not get along after they leave the group..Are you a former GC member?

    Did you know the lineup before you purchased your ticket?

  34. Rob wrote:

    Ed, the small timers is how Fan Fair pays the bill they charge them an arm and leg for the small booth space they occupy and as a reward for them renting the space they let them sing on stage 3 or 4 songs.
    What a rip off.

  35. MS wrote:

    #34: Rob, I’ve paid an arm and a leg for a booth at NQC for 15 years and they haven’t let my group sing the first song in a showcase, much less the main stage. So Fanfair doesn’t sound like such a rip-off. I don’t know of ANY large festival-style event that promises stage time with a booth rental EXCEPT for Fanfair and the new Branson Gospel Music Convention.

  36. crabbfan wrote:

    So does anyone know the attedance per night at fanfair?

  37. Wade wrote:

    I knew about the Southmen singing at the reunion but that is all I have heard. I mean if Tim Riley is singing some place it would be BIG NEWS and living in Chattanooga pretty close to Gadsden I surely would have heard about it.

    If there was an AL STAR Quartet with Tim Riley I bet I could get $ 10K three times a month and maybe more for some private events. Product sales would be CRAZY with people getting to hear Tim and what ever group that could be put together.

    Irish Laddy… I doubt the Great One would ever need a rest.

    You are also right about Garry Shepard when he was with the Kingmen. But without BiG Jim riding him the way he did he would be all over the place. I loved Garry towards the end of the run with the Kingsmen… but with out BiG Jim he would have been another Kurt Young.

    If you did only 3-4 dates a month you could probably get Jay & Jonathan. Wesley Pritchard would be good cause he can sing anything.

    But I do not understand why Bill G. does not have Tim on those Shows imagine Tim Riley with GVB???

  38. Irishlad wrote:

    Thanx J.Bazzel. The White Stripes cover by the Oaks if nothing else shows how good these guys really are. I realise that statement has probably escaped a large proportion of Oaks fans.

  39. Irishlad wrote:

    Morning Wade,it might show 4am on our posts,but it’s 9am over here. You having an all night southern gospel liquid fest? lol. Enjoy it my imbibing friend.

  40. sogodad wrote:

    Last June at the GC Homecoming some old members of the group did come together. Tim Riley was joined by Mark Trammel, Johnathan Wilburn, And Jay Parrack.

  41. Rob Y wrote:

    I’ve heard the Southmen at least twice in concert in Rome, GA. I know they have sang at other concerts also. The Group consist of Tim Riley, Jim Hefner, Randy Lacy, Larry Beck and Jimmy Wofford. You might check out their website.

  42. Ed wrote:

    The reunion I was referring to is the “Tim, Mike Lefevre, Ivan and Brian Free.”

  43. Montana Man wrote:

    Congratulations to Neil Enloe for being named to the SG Music Hall of Fame. He has become a great pianist as well as lead singer and song writer, he’s modest, and his intellect produces some fascinating discussions. He makes me glad, and proud, that I know him.

  44. Alan wrote:

    Finally, something to chime in on. I cannot agree more with Montana Man…Neil Enloe is totally deserving of being in the SGM Hall of Fame. A total class act, a kind and humble man. He and the original Couriers represent all that’s good in the music we love. Most of all, when I was a whole lot younger, Neil, Dave and Duane invested themselves in my life; not financially, but in ways more necessary and more fondly remembered. They invested themselves…their time, encouragement, honesty, and taught me life lessons that I’ve never forgotten. Congratulations, Neil. Few are as deserving of this as you are, although I’d love to see Dave and Duane so honored as well. May I give my “Well Done!”, at least until you hear it from the One Who really matters.

  45. GH wrote:

    I was at the Gaither show in Corbin KY and I saw Mike & Kelly Bowling singing there. Are they on the tour now? I have to say though they were pretty amazing.

  46. Rob wrote:

    Tim Riley and the Southmen will be singing at Mark Trammell’s Homecoming July 25 in AL for those of you that were interested in what Tim Riley is doing.

  47. Ron F wrote:

    #36 Everyone is saying a good crowd but still no Number. I guess it was a good idea to move this concert to the Great Smoky Mts.

  48. afan wrote:

    Anybody have any idea where to go to purchase some old Mercy’s Mark CDs? I’m especially interested in getting a copy of the Southern Selections Vol II with Anthony Facello. Does anybody know if that’s the one that has Gonna Be Movin on it? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  49. Wade wrote:

    I bet Garry Jones will sell yo one if he has it!!!

  50. afan wrote:

    Tried contacting Jones and receive no response. Maybe he doesn’t need my funds.

  51. Jdawg wrote:

    I hear Kasey Kemp and Judson Horner have started a new group. I’m curious to know if anybody else has heard this or knows if it’s true, and if so, anybody know who else is singing with them to make up this group?

  52. musicman wrote:
    Ain’t this some ****? These boys got balls.

  53. Rob wrote:

    Ron #47, That auditorium only seats around 500 to 550. You be the judge if it is full is that a good crowd? We were there Monday night and it wasn’t 2/3 full. I won’t be going back. They had speakers on the floor and the sound was too loud in the front part of the auditorium and not loud enough in back. Speakers should have at least been on stage level but better if they had been on stands higher.

  54. musiklover wrote:

    #53 We must not have been in the same place. We weer there all week and we had general admissin tix and we had trouble finding seats everynight but Wed, and Sat. Only 2/3 full, you need glasses man.. It wasn’t packed, but it was more than that full. Be real! And I heard it held 700-750. We won’t miss you next year if you can’t be more optimistic than that.

  55. Rob wrote:

    musiklover….count the seats when you go next year or check the Smokey Mountain Convention Seating Charts, you’ll see it won’t possibly seat 700 people. I was there for another program recently and I counted the seats. They had 15 rows of chairs and the whole conference opened and it would only hold 550 - 600 people.

  56. Harry Peters wrote:

    Boy old Harry Peters thinks the princess looks a little rough in that video clip. Maybe it’s time for a new make up artist.

  57. Harry Peters wrote:

    Irish Lad (19): Old Harry Peters found a clip of the princess, prancing around in all of his glory.

    It is a MUST see!

  58. Joey Rhodes wrote:

    Bobby All was on my first project with Fortress produced by Chris White. That day Doc and I had Sonny Garrish steel, Bruce Watkins fiddle/banjo, and All to name a few led by Gary Prim. Bobby was a master at the guitar and he will be sadly missed by many in our ministry. BTW. I too love to hear and watch tenors like Garry, Ernie, and Eric. They have an edge that keeps the performance alive for my personal preference.

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