That’s how much Elvis’s Madison Square Garden jumpsuit sold for at auction. You’ll recall we discussed a bit ago this item and a few others that belonged to the late sg songwriter Dottie Rambo going up for sale. Bidding for the jumpsuit opened at $100K. The karate card opened at $10,000 and sold for almost $22K. A bejeweled belt (hideously gaudy as per late Elvis couture) opened at $8,000 and sold for just shy of $25K.

If you need me, I’ll be furiously looking for any Elvis-related memorabilia I might have mislaid, forgotten, or otherwise overlooked.

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  1. Irishlad wrote:

    So tell me,is the raptorial Reba reaping the revenue?

  2. Observer wrote:

    So sad to see her sink this low. Now, If That Isn’t Love!

  3. SGFAN4LIFE wrote:

    Dony and Reba Rambo McGuire rank tops with me right above other notable crooks like Leroy Jenkins, Robert Tilton. Was Reba adopted?

  4. SGS wrote:

    I don’t understand all this verbal vomit aimed at Reba. Would you guys have been happier if they would have buried Dottie in Elvis’ jumpsuit? I mean, really why could you possibly care what Reba does with her Mom’s belongings? It is not like Elvis’ stuff is holy. Like it or not Reba was very much a part of the success the Rambo’s experienced and she donated her childhood and young adult years to that ministry. Of course, Dottie’s songs were the cornerstone - no one can deny her wonderful gift. You know for all the love you declare for Dottie - somehow I believe she would be saddened that you would display such hate towards her daughter. Only two people know the true relationship of Reba and Dottie, and one of them is dead. People give it a rest it is getting old and sad.

  5. Dexter wrote:

    I still say it’s nobody’s business what they do with HER mother’s stuff…..but go ahead…stir the pot….it’s what you all love to do…how pathetic…..

  6. JulieBelle wrote:

    Agree with SGS and Dexter…Reba can do what she wants with her mother’s belongings, and it’s really none of our business how much she makes off any of it.

    How else is Reba supposed to pay off the debts from Dottie’s estate? (and they are hefty).

    Would you rather her keep all that memorabilia as a shrine and go to jail for not paying it off? Yeah, you probably would love to see that.

  7. pk wrote:

    Seriously what would you do with that stuff anyway? Put it in a museum? Hang it on your wall? I’d be selling it too, just to get rid of it. The important thing is the music, and since it’s already out there as an established testiment of Dottie’s relationship with Christ, all that other is just stuff.

  8. Rick wrote:

    Re: #s 4-7: Amen. Reba lost her Mom, on Mother’s Day of all days. Unless you have personal knowledge of all of this, maybe you should just let it rest. Of course, that wouldn’t be nearly as fun now, would it? Even if you do have intimate info, maybe you should keep quiet anyway. As Mark Twain said, “Better to be silent and thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

  9. Terry wrote:

    I thought larry Ferguson inheirted the entire ministry….

  10. Norm Graham wrote:

    New York Post had an article on this with quotes from Reba:


    What surprised me was that Elvis planned to do an album of Dottie’s songs. Reba says she has the contract and won’t be selling it.

  11. DMP wrote:

    Anything Elvis seems to have a certain magnetism for people. I spent some time last week with a southern gospel legend, and he spoke about Elvis and his time working with him so frequently I was staring to think he was still alive. I think it is just the Elvis factor that has raised eyebrows. Nobody cares if she sells Reba’s car…

  12. notsofast wrote:

    to “Rick” -#8. while it is true that Dottie died on Mother’s Day it was not likely that Dottie would have heard from them that day anyway. She had not heard from them on previous Mothers Days, nor birthdays, nor Christmas. Dottie had a new adopted family that loved her and took care of her when her own turned their backs. There is a history that not many know about, so don’t try to paint Reba up as some saint- she aint.

  13. Norm Graham wrote:

    to #12: If Dottie was so estranged from her family then why, in her will, did she leave all her valuable possessions, including the gifts from Elvis, to Reba?

  14. Pentecostalgrandma wrote:

    Juliebelle how do you know what the debts were? I knew Dottie, Larry and Chris personally and Dottie didn’t leave Reba in her will at all. Dottie told me she left everything to her two grandchildren and her ministry to Larry Furgason. Reba’s children who still live at home filed to have their mom Reba be executor. After all has anyone even seen Dottie and Reba together in the last decade or so? I won’t reveal any intimate detail of what Dottie expressed to me in phone conversations but from stage and television we all have heard how her family dropped her in a hole. As a matter of fact she refused to go to their church because she said it would hurt her name. Has anyone heard how Chris and Larry are doing?

  15. Dottiefriend wrote:

    @#12 — Very true. I had many many late night phone conversations with Dottie in which she was crying her eyes out over how her family had turned their backs on her. [edit]

  16. df1 wrote:

    She didn’t leave ANY of her possessions to Reba!!!!! Her will specified that Larry have R.E.A. and that her grandchildren be the beneficiaries of her royalties and her estate. Check it out!

  17. Norm Graham wrote:

    I’m confused. The Post article said Reba owned the Elvis suit which Elvis gave to Dottie. Reba seemed to also own other Elvis material which had once belonged to her mother. If all this valuable stuff was left to someone else, how come Reba gets to sell it for a fortune.

  18. Larry Ferguson wrote:

    Hi. Doug, the webmaster of averyfineline.com asked me if I would make a comment and clear up any misunderstandings.

    Dottie left her personal estate to her grandchildren Destiny and Israel. She left her ministry, The Rambo Evangelistic Association to me. She made this will about 4 years before she passed. At this time we are still having legal issues that need to be resolved in order for Dottie’s wishes to be carried out and the ministry to be handled as Dottie desired.

    As far as the Elvis suit and all Dottie’s belongings that was all left to her grandchildren. So I would hope that they would be the one who wreap the benefit of the auction but really that is none of my business.

    I pray for everyone involved and I hope that I have cleared up everything that Doug wanted me to. I’m only addressing this as Doug asked me to.

    I think everyone who actually knew me or knew Dottie knew how much my family loved her and she us. And no matter what her relationship with any other family members that she may or may not have made public, she loved her grandchildren very deeply.

    Please continue to pray for me and my family. I’m still healing up and have more surgeries ahead. But Thank God from bringing me from where I was to where I am. I also ask that you continue to pray for Chris who worked with Dottie as well.

    God is good, and I just pray that his will be done. If not, then nothing anyone does will ever be blessed.

    All my best,

  19. Daniel wrote:

    Norm—Reba only owned it because she is the executor of the estate—another thing Dottie didn’t want but the court let happen anyway.

  20. Norm Graham wrote:

    Thanks Daniel. Does this mean Reba does not get to keep any of the money from the Elvis sale but has to turn it over to the beneficiaries named in the will?

  21. rr wrote:

    Elvis used to freely give silver dollars to folks. A member of his entourage once gave me one. Wonder how much it is worth? :-D

  22. wackythinker wrote:

    Norm — Usually, the executor has the option of spending the proceeds from any such sale for the benefit of minor beneficiaries. So, if she wants to buy a new house for them to live in, or a new car for them to ride in, she can do that. If she wants to take her kids on a European vacation, she can do that. Or if she wants to say her kids sent HER on a European vacation, she can do that.

    Generally, any money that’s still there when the kids reach the age of majority goes to the kids.

    Now, this probably only pertains to the portion that is supposed to go to her kids. I’d be surprised if any judge would allow her to control Larry’s or any other adult’s inheritance, if that is in fact the situation.

  23. Southern Comfort wrote:

    Is 21 considered “Majority?” I think both the grandchildren are over 21.

  24. LW wrote:

    Amen #4! Enough said!

  25. Kitten wrote:

    Oh Puke!

  26. Reginald wrote:

    I loved the Rambo’s since I bought my first recording in 1973. Buck, Dottie, and Reba, were all a team. Buck, I am told had an affair, married the office manager (still married today), of every recording that Dottie did for the last years of her life, she made no mention of Reba in her credits. I was also told they lived within 15 minutes of Dottie and never spent holidays with dear Dottie. I don’t know about all of this, I just hate to see Reba drag her Mother’s estate through the mud. Dottie was the greatest songwriter/singer we have ever known. I had the opportunity to meet her about 7 times, and my picture made with her at least 4 times, I would not take anything for them. May God’s will be done.

  27. Lee wrote:

    I know firsthand that Dottie’s Grandchildren CHOSE to sell the jumpsuit to pay off their grandmother’s mounting debts. Reba was the only one who could authenticate that the jumpsuit belonged to Elvis because she was there when it was given to Dottie. That’s why she wrote the letter. We should not be so quick to judge!

  28. diane wrote:

    I need to find a collector to sell my elvis collectibles to thanks

  29. waycross48 wrote:

    I have personal knowledge Dottie worried constantly that her grandchildren would never realize any of her estate. I encouraged her to set up a trust for them. Reba and her mother were never close and although she sang with her parents in the early years, she went out on her own - notifying them through her manager. She was free to do that. Reba was close to her father, but it was not the close mother/daughter relationship most think it was.They were not close and barely communicated in the last years. But, I won’t go further. I don’t begrudge Reba selling anything, but those g.children were her Dottie’s heart and it remains to be seen if her wishes are carried out, including those regarding Larry and the ministry that was so close to Dottie’s heart.As far as Buck, he told me he left her in 92 because HE couldn’t stand the pain anymore, that doesn’t explain the early years. The woman he married was a secretary in their office. This affair was not the first. The album, “Love Letters” was penned after God stopped Dottie from a suicide attempt following the first affair she became aware of. She promised God it would never happen again. This woman lived with far more than physical pain. She was very open to the partners of her ministry about Buck’s final indescretion so this is no secret. Publically, not many knew of the estrangement from her daughter, but now, it’s become common knowledge. The relationship was civil until later years but Dottie’s greatest love was her grandchildren. HER wishes should be honored. Her great fear later in life(she said this over and over to me) was being placed in a nursing home by her family. But God spared her further suffering, and what would have been, to Dottie, humiliation. HE took her home. We often wonder “why”, in times like this, but God knew; and now, Dottie is at peace and free of pain; both physical and emotional, for the first time in many years. These experiences of her life are why her music will continue to touch the world. Her heart knew sorrow, great trials and heartache, wonderful joys, and she shed a river of tears. But all of these experiences are felt in her music. From the time she was a young child God was always her strengh and her source. Whatever happens here in this world, she is at Peace and her annointed music will touch lives for years to come.

  30. waycross48 wrote:

    I’ve not said anything until tonight, yet when I see Reba being represented as a loving daughter- I feel I must. I do understand that many people are not aware of these problems, but a frank discussion should not change their feelings about Dottie in any way. There ARE more than two people who know the inner workings of their relationship - I KNOW - and I’ve known Dottie’s feelings toward Reba for years. There was never a close relationship between them. She would not have left Reba ANYTHING, she only wanted her g.children to have her personal possessions. Dottie had at one time been offered $100,000 for Elvis’ jumpsuit but she refused - even though she needed the money at times. She was keeping it for her grandbabies. The karate card had both of Elvis’ thumbprints on it - she kept it in a Bible he gave her. When she was racked with pain for hours and hours, as she often was- this was the Bible she wanted me to read from. She’d say, “get Elvis’ Bible”. NOT because it was his, but it was the transcription she preferred. She told me they were in Memphis with him one night just riding around and he told them he had a stop to make. They went inside his karate studio so he could renew his membership. He handed her the old card and asked if she wanted it. She didn’t think much about any value it may have, and stuck it in her bag. The night she received the jumpsuit, she told me that she and Buck had gone over at his request - she told me Elvis often called when he was depressed and wanted to sing the old hymns. He had been trying for a long while to buy her a car; as he did with those he was close to. She said “No, I want to be one person who doesn’t want anything from you”. Then on one visit, it was her birthday and he again wanted to buy her a car - she refused and he said “well, I’m going to give you something”,so she allowed him to give her a jumpsuit. He told HER to pick out whatever she wanted from his closet, but she told him she wanted him to chose one he didn’t wear any longer. He came out of the closet with the blue jumpsuit with gold lame’. When I saw it, I was amazed at how small it was. When I arrived in Nashville, her family had deposited her in a condo at Wessex Towers. She was so frail; 97lbs., not eating, and unable to walk without steadying herself. I nearly cried when I saw her. She had gone down physically so much since I last saw her. I hugged her on my arrival and felt just skin and bones. Yet, there she was, alone. She had already told me what was happening but, I was also told by a close friend, the family and this friend had been counseled by their pastor that they were “enabling” her by continuing to help her. So, she was put there alone to fend for herself. How can you enable someone in her physical condition? HER story of why she was there is this, and I heard it, exactly the same, many times: she had asked Buck to move out of the estate the TWO of them owned in Franklin, Tn. because of the affair. Reba and her family were sharing this very large home. She said Reba came to her one day and told her that it wasn’t fair for her Dad to have to move out and for “Mother” to remain. So, she was asked to leave the home SHE owned. But, Dottie would have never displaced her grand”babies” as she called them. So, she went from friend to friend for a few weeks (I talked to her all during this time and she was so depressed) then they moved her into Wessex Towers. This was the depressed state I found her in - sick, frail and alone. We traveled some, during July, Aug, Sept., then came pneumonia for almost two months (at home because she hated hospitals - so the Dr. agreed - ONLY BECAUSE I WAS THERE WITH HER) then,after several falls she suffered a broken hip and underwent surgery on the day after Christmas. We then went through physical therapy and more illness here and there. Very few times during the year did any family come by except for the g.children and their nanny and that was usually at Dottie’s request. Once in that year, they spent the night with her. In fairness, Reba traveled and was home about once or twice a month, but was still, there was little real relationship between them in person. She seemed relieved to have someone assume the care of her mother. I went for a WEEK’S VISIT and stayed nearly a YEAR. I would do it again but it was like no experience I’ve ever had in my entire life. The level of jealousy toward me being there was unlike anything I’ve known, others couldn’t understand that Dottie was too sick (OR didn’t want) to talk on the phone - yet she was aware of each call that came into the house. It was an emotional and stressful time for both of us, but, unbearable for Dottie. This was not the life she wanted - a life of pain, depression, upset over family situations. We did manage to travel and keep the pre-arranged dates during July, Aug,Sept before the pneumonia. Even though it was hard on her she was determined to do all that she could to stay active and fulfill her obligations. But, in Oct. came pneumonia. It seemed to be one thing after another - illness, stress, strife and jealousy. I’d never experienced anything like this and it made her life even more stressful. Several real friends genuinely appreciated me being there caring for her, some, however, were jealous (and I understood why - afterall, this was “Dottie Rambo”.) But, her care remained my main focus and I tried to just ignore all the things going on around us. It wasn’t all tears and pain, we spent hours laughing and sharing things with each other - things we’d never shared with anyone else. It made the days more bearable. And, it made her life easier to cope with on a daily basis. After I finally was getting her to EAT - my happiest day was when she reached over and woke me at 5AM and said “you’re going to kill me! but, I’m hungry for eggs, bacon, fried potatoes, biscuits and gravy” “I said, Sissy, if you’ll eat it, I’ll fix it - and she ATE IT. THEN, she asked one afternoon for fried chicken drumettes, milk gravy, mashed potatoes,biscuits and a veggie - asking first if I knew how to make milk gravy. I did. And I made this SAME MEAL EVERY DAY AT 4PM FOR TWO MONTHS. I finally found something else that appealed to her and she ate that for every day for weeks. IT WAS A MIRACLE TO SEE HER EATING like that - probably not the best menu but it was the country food she loved. Finally, she began to gain some weight. So, I’ll close with a positive memory of my Sissy. She was beyond thrilled with even the slightest weight gain and, as she slowly gained weight, she began to feel alive again- to feel she could battle her way back. There is SO much more to share, but much of it is far too personal. So, I’ll keep those memories for myself.

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