Confessions of a blogademic

Later this morning I’ll be giving a talk by that title at the NEA Higher Education conference (don’t worry, the confessions aren’t forced or coerced at all; in fact, they’re treating me magnificently, and this year the conference is in Portland, OR, which is officially my new favorite city). The presentation is about the convergence of the blogosphere and academe (bonus online confession: I regularly draw from avfl in my academic work as a way to nudge the system into widening the range of “acceptable” scholarship), and part of the presentation (which draws largely from this article) will involve a field trip to avfl and the archives. So I wanted to preemptively say welcome to some of the site’s newest readers.

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  1. Todd wrote:

    i’m listening to this talk right now.

  2. Grigs wrote:

    It was on at the same time as “Beverly Hillbillies” so I missed it. Sorry.

  3. Jed Clampett wrote:

    Well doggies Grig, I shore am glad y’all watched us. But I reckon I feel a bit bad fer Doug.

  4. Jethro Bodine wrote:

    Aw, Doug’ll feel better after eatin’ some of Granny’s vittles and a dip in the cement pond.

  5. cynical one wrote:

    Jethro, he’ll probably accept your invitation quicker than he would one from Ellie Mae.

  6. quartet-man wrote:

    Jethro, you didn’t mention Granny’s tonic. ;)

  7. Grigs wrote:

    Someday, I’m gonna have to have a looooong talk with you boys! :)

  8. Wade wrote:

    Congrats Dr. DH… Hope your new visitors realize it is not just the Beverly Hillbillies here.

    While I sometimes wonder just how effective the NEA has been at improving the learning systems I respect the art of TRYING to relay NEW INFORMATION to ppl and especially the phenomenal observation of ppl paying GOOD MONEY for ADVICE and then IGNORING IT!!!

  9. SgDoc wrote:

    He’s really going to have a “man to man’ with DBM. Aint ya a man and a half short?

  10. quartet-man wrote:

    LOL, Grigs

  11. wackythinker wrote:

    Quartet-man, I think Irishlad too all of Granny’s tonic.

  12. quartet-man wrote:

    11. WT :)

  13. Irishlad wrote:


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