Tears of a clown

Is it just me, or do these clips of Glenn Beck remind anyone else of a thousand hackilicious gospel performers who’ve tried to turn on the badly contrived affect and lacrimous chin-quivering in order to create a spayshul speerchul moment during a performance?

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  1. ITF wrote:

    While the Colbert piece is wickedly funny, the answer to your question is No.

    Glenn has been known for years to be a big crybaby, he’s just being himself.

  2. Matthew Moore wrote:

    You know, if you wanted to make a point about Beck, why not link to some youtube clips which are plentious? Why link to Colbert? While Colbert is funny at times, let us not forget that he is “playing” a news anchor on TV.

  3. Videoguy wrote:

    No, but I felt a tingle running up my leg during a Steeles concert.

  4. glenpaynerules wrote:

    Or could it be that Glenn has great concern for the country he loves and sees it being destroyed by the pro-Obama socialist crowd and therefore is driven to tears by his palpable angst? Hmmmm?

  5. AnnD wrote:


  6. beckwatchdog wrote:

    Ok…I could have said what you said in a whole paragraph and got my point across in one sentence…and i think you totally miss beck’s point here…and for a “christian’s” website to call glenn beck’s point of being a “9/12 person” a “clown” is pretty ridiculous…this is not blog worthy sis…..by the way gospel performers do it all the time, so what…your preacher preaches with a different voice than he talks to you one on one in…is he a clown too?

  7. TJ wrote:

    To summarize: Colbert thinks he’s insane, and you think he’s a charlatan. You’re both wrong. He’s a guy who sees government growing (notably, through the megalomanic plans of your buddy Obama, and Reid and Pelosi) beyond what could previously have been imagined, and he fears for personal and economic freedom. You should be on board with that.

  8. Alan wrote:

    I’d say it’s largely just you, Doug.

  9. CVH wrote:

    I see a lot of parallels between all the parties and types mentioned. Beck, Colbert, Limbaugh, Stewart, Ingraham, Hannity, Franken (when he was on radio) and all the rest are about 60% ideologues and 40% (your results may vary) actors. They’re performers and anyone who thinks they ardently believe everything they say is disappointingly naive.

    The same could be said for some southern gospel performers and ‘preachers’ in more extreme churches, whether fundamentalist or charismatic. Sure, they believe the basics but they also believe in performance as a method for getting their message across. Thus the chin-quivering, sweat-slinging, Captain Insaneo style of delivery. Most of it is bad acting, at least in comparison to the headliners mentioned above.

    And to those who suggest that any of these individual’s actions are a response to the “pro-Obama socialist crowd” or “meglomaniac plans” are both right and wrong. Of course they’re pounding on Obama. They had a limp Republican leader for eight years and even those conservatives who bashed Bush did so with a resigned sense of reluctance. Now that there’s a Democrat in the White House all their pent-up angst and loathing is joyously coming forth with a finger-wagging “See, I told you so” or “The apocalypse is coming” tone.

    These are serious times, I agree. But any constructive engagement and problem solving is going to take more than the crocodile tears and grandstanding I’ve seen from any of these windbags. That goes for the national politicos and radio/tv talk hosts as well as the local preacher and quartet lead singer.

    Say, “Jeeeeeeezuzzzzzzzzz!!! And let me tell you about our buy two get one free special out at the table…”

  10. quartet-man wrote:

    Glenn can get emotional. I would say that a good time to get emotional is when our country is going to the toilet. When we are more socialist every day. When politicians play Robin Hood and steal from who they perceive to be rich and give it to the poor in order to get votes.

    Glenn got emotional when he was on Headline News on CNN over things like service men who were hurt during the war, about a guy who did the right thing and kept his word when he could’ve renegotiated when selling a company after profits went up and they hadn’t finalized the deal, but didn’t.

    Glenn is unlike the liberal media whose values change according to how it affects them. Who aren’t fair to both sides. Glenn has called out the Republicans many times too. He has his principles and he stands by them. He loves this country and wants it to be what it once was.

    Sure, he is mormon and I disagree with certain beliefs, but he hits the nail on the head a lot. As usual the liberals attack and ridicule the messenger because they can’t attack the message as it stands on its own.

  11. Aubrey Phipps wrote:

    This is the way I see it. The left says this is how it should be so do what I say or I will make a law that demands you change. The right says this is how it should be but you must choose it and then gives you the space to make up your on mind. It is the liberals that take away our freedoms.

  12. WA wrote:

    CVH, I’ll agree with one point of your post: “These are serious times”. Yep. However, ignoring much of your opinion and post, may I fast track to your last paragraph:

    “…any constructive engagement and problem solving is going to take more than the crocodile tears and grandstanding I’ve seen from any of these windbags.”

    Really? Was it constructive engagement when Congress voted for the last stimulus without reading it? Does solving our problems involve handing billions of dollars (of our money) to failing auto makers, without addressing the unions - a major part of the problem? How does one constructively engage in conversation about the systematic elimination of our rights, the incredibly rapid slide into socialism, and a rather complete suspension of our Constitution?

    So, a few pundits bother to point these things out, and, with disregard for their message, people like Colbert - who have never solved anything in their career, if we’re honest - make millions with their satire, and a man like Glenn Beck is demonized because his emotions get the best of him? I think I know who’s “disappointingly naive”.

  13. Not even close wrote:

    CVH: “These are serious times, I agree. But any constructive engagement and problem solving is going to take more than the crocodile tears and grandstanding I’ve seen from any of these windbags.”

    Really? Seriously?

    How do you think we arrived in these “serious times”? Why are we even in this mess?

    Those “windbags” are doing the long-abandoned job of the journalistic community — the supposedly non-partisan segment of our civilization that guarded free speech and used it to investigate and detect the facts underneath the press releases from the eternal campaigns of all modern presidents, House and Senate members, (and permanent bureaucracies at every level).

    But you know, you’re right. Why should today’s journalists be at all concerned or even interested that Congress might be rushed to sign yet another trillion dollar spending bill WITHOUT EVEN READING IT? That’s just smart stuff right there. Only insane “windbags” read the fine print. Most people read their grocery coupons with more attention to detail.

    Yeah, so what? So what if every self-serving, self-preserving statement from members of Congress can be fact-checked against their voting records and their bank records and their family connections? So what if every campaign promise can be fact-checked against what happens AFTER the election? Who has the time to do that? Journalists are just too busy supporting the CAUSES they believe in to act like information detectives. They know what’s important. How can they really make a change in our world (the reason they became journalism majors in college) if they mess things up by reporting how certain political statements don’t line up with facts — especially if it takes down a few felons?

    And the journalists of today certainly aren’t there to see if long-standing policies of the government bureaucracy actually WORK and deserve further tax dollars. No, they’re just around to keep the train moving more quickly down that same old track — headed straight for the cliff.

    So I really couldn’t care less whether that list of “windbags” have personalities that lean toward tears or humor or whatever. I don’t care about their style. Even when it comes to the preachers who have performance styles, I can’t help but think of Philippians 1:18 (NIV): “But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice.”

    Similarly, when it comes to the political windbags, whether from false motives or true, we should make sure that they have a free market opportunity to win an audience — NOT government control over who can access the airwaves.

    See, I do care about substantive debate and disagreement about policies that have real consequences. I do care about someone, SOMEONE actually having the guts to shine a light on the absurdity we are supposed to just accept every single day from our overreaching, corpulent government. I care about someone having the guts to point out that the “Emperor’s New Clothes” do not exist. (If some of you have missed that classic fable, go read it. It describes our current political situation quite well.)

    So if those windbags are still talking, then free speech is still alive and well, too. And maybe, just maybe, some insane policies can be diverted before every single job is gone — except for working for the government, that is.

  14. NotAFan wrote:

    In the article at the link below, Beck says ““I say on the air all time, ‘if you take what I say as gospel, you’re an idiot.’ ” And that’s coming from someone who is pretty dumb. At least he realizes that he’s an entertainer not to be taken too seriously.


    His Mormonism brings up a tangential point: would you vote for a Mormon as President? I maintain that Romney will not ever get elected because his religion is ultimately an affront to the Republican base.


  15. John Anderson wrote:

    Beck has a concern for our country, Doug simply knows what our mainstream media knows. Stiring the pot sells., Bad news sells, Depression Sells. Therefore opening the markets for Government Bailout (Obama’s title for Obama Control), Drugs (illegal and prescription), Alcholol and the list continues on. And yes I’m Pro-life, Pro-American and many times Anti-Doug.

  16. Michael Davis wrote:

    The comments of #11 WA are right on target.

  17. Irishlad wrote:

    Not even close.Phew! You took the meaning”windbag” to a whole new level. Do you not think you could have said that using 1/3 of the words? No matter,it would still have sounded like the rant that it was.

  18. Jake wrote:

    Sad to say, but as the saying goes, America is heading for Hell in a henbasket. Unless we wake up and change, we are going down a path of no return.

    My 82 year old father — so proud of the fact that he served as a Marine in World War II — recently told me that this isn’t the same country he fought for back then. Sad.

    Unfortunately, Washington has far too many windbags who are pompous, arrogant, and in some cases, downright evil.

    Excuse me — What was that rumbling I just heard? … Oh — it’s George Washington, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson all rolling over in their graves.

  19. Hello? wrote:

    Well, Irishlad, that’s pot calling the kettle black if you ask me.

    You and your buddies have hijacked this blog with your never-ending playtime, and most people don’t care to visit anymore for substantive discussion.

  20. WA wrote:

    Irishlad, in all due respect, you don’t live here. If most things that your country was founded on were being systematically legislated away, you’d likely be a touch upset yourself. Even if it took “Not Even Close” a while to write down his (or her) thoughts, the concerns expressed are agreed with by many millions here. Take what he wrote about “journalism” today, and apply it to the BBC. It’s a perfect fit.

  21. Jaded wrote:

    Doug, you and Colbert can’t really say anything more damaging about Glenn Beck than he says about himself. He calls himself a radio clown, and a recovering alcoholic. He says if someone as dumb as he is can read the U.S. Constitution, then anybody can.

    His emotion can be over the top, but it seems that he feels pretty stupid about it, rather than believing it’s a tool to manipulate. The preachers you mentioned may or may not willfully use emotion as a weapon in their communication arsenal. Who knows? Who cares.

    And it’s no different than Obama trying to equate the Queen with his grandmother, or your crafting a long egghead-ish blog entry or a short “red meat” entry to 1) fulfill your academic goals, and 2) get some responses.

    Again, whatever.

  22. Jim B wrote:

    Well #13, NotAFan, congratulations on quoting the New York Times who has no hesitance in taking a quote totally out of context to advance their ideology. When Mr. Beck said ‘if you take what I say as gospel, you’re an idiot.’ it was in an entirely appropriate and astute context. His message was that you should, rather, take what he says as well as what others say and mix it in with some independent yet responsible, educated thought and coomon sense to arrive at what you perceive as “gospel”.

    Let’s don’t quote the New York Times as gospel unless you want to really change the direction of these discussions.

  23. Irishlad wrote:

    WA .At least you got my country right.(i think).

  24. Irishlad wrote:

    The saying goes’when America sneezes the rest of the world catches the cold’.What goes on in the US has an effect on everyone wither they live there or not. I think that qualifies me a blow into Avery’s hankie now and then.

  25. Kitten wrote:

    #23 Irishlad, when you blow into Avery’s hankie be sure to leave him some big, green, juicy boogers! It would be funny to see Doug all grossed out!

  26. Jake wrote:


  27. WA wrote:

    Irishlad, I understand and completely concur. My words were not even slightly an attempt to discourage you from your commenting, just because you happen to live in the North of Ireland.

    My work takes me to the Emerald Isle once or twice a year, and it’s not at all uncommon for me to spend 8 weeks there in a year. While I’m there, I’ll watch the BBC, and listen intently to their presenters’ words on US news. As one who mostly lives in the US, and is very interested in all current events, I have been stunned to hear what to me were incredible inaccuracies in their reporting. I’ve been interviewed by the BBC myself, and when the editing was done, what I “said” in my interview remarks was quite different than what I’d actually said and meant to say. (And in fairness, this happens routinely here too). So, my remarks were only to illustrate that it’s likely that what you’ve heard over there is quite likely a lot different than what many of us perceive as truth. And that was all….

  28. Irishlad wrote:

    That’s fine WA,however,besides the BBC i do watch ITN,SKY.CNN and even FOX occasionally so i’m not solely influenced by the ‘liberal’ BBC. Thank you for your response.

  29. Robert wrote:

    I won’t get into the liberal/conservative debate. I’m conservative and always will be. I do think that liberals and conservatives (Democrats and Republicans) need to come together instead of holding up progress by always bickering.
    About Glenn Beck. I’m not going to judge whether or not Glenn is sincere with his tears or not. I think he is but I have grown tired of Glenn. His mostly negative, anti-government, doomsday views make me tired of listening. I ask myself why he sounds like a broken record and the only answer I can come up with is that it makes him a lot of money.

  30. Wade wrote:

    Hi IRISH LADDY… Hello?… in #19 said you were black like the pot… now I have seen some purple pot and even some REAL IRUSH Green Pot… but guess HELLO? is a bogart…or accused us of it… here is what she says…

    “You and your buddies have hijacked this blog with your never-ending playtime, and most people don’t care to visit anymore for substantive discussion.”

    So I thought I would hi jack the thread a sec for some never ending fun…

    Did I ever tell you the love of my life is an Irish Woman. Both her parents where 100% came over on the boat. Last name Cadigan.

    She is beautiful. Black Irish Woman with Blue Eyes and that creamy skin!!! When I see her I think of you in passing and when I talk to you I think of her.

    Irish are wonderful ppl. They are serious Catholics, well this family any way!!

    Hope you been dealing with the tonic well. I love to see you post when all your characters are strung together.

    It is fun to see Dr. DH tweak some of these ppl like he has in the last 3 post. He did not get them to blast off to like 120 entries. But I did not help him tweak any body and pile on. It was obvious what he was doing I decided to let him have ALL the FUN.

    Plus I still not gotten over the fact he did not stay for the 2nd half of that Face Coming Event down there in Florida. I bet he did not walk out early on any of the brilliance they were sharing NEA pow wow!!! lol

    I know his presentation was videoed…wish he would post it on youtube.

    I also want to hear how the NEA defends the fact that they have had primary control of setting the agenda in the class room for over 40 years…and …well look where it has us?!?!?!?!

    Now that’s a great topic you might expect the Clown Glenn Beck rant on one night!!!

    Oh and YES he reminds me of some TV Preachers, hackilicious singers…also reminded me of some hackilicious, record broken, posters here too!!!

    Guess hello won’t be back because we have hi jacked this thread. I am still looking for a SGM Blog that gets more action than this one… haven’t found it yet!!!

    If any body knows one post the link and lets go hi jack that one too!! lol

    Good Sunday Morning

  31. Irishlad wrote:

    Nice to hear from you Wade bud. Happens i’m a blue blooded WASP. No matter,i’ve had a few catholic girlfriends,a big no no over here. But, my friend times they are a changin’.

  32. Tim wrote:

    TOTALLY and COMPLETELY reminds me of the “canned” emotional jabber you see on stage in this industry.

  33. David wrote:

    Glenn Beck is phoney. He literally makes up stories then when proven wrong he starts crying. I have read the posts on here from people who have some misguided conception that we are moving toward socialism and are losing freedoms (we lost more freedom under Bush than under ANY president since WWII, read the patriot act). Your hatred for the president shines through. I noticed today that I had an increase in my take home pay because the president was able to push through a bill that reduced payroll taxes almost $400 per year. Bush never did that! You need to make a trip to the alter the next time you visit church. Last time I checked hypocrisy is a sin and as Christians we are commanded to love our brother and I see no love here.

  34. Harry Peters wrote:

    Old Harry Peters understands Irishlad and loves him immensly. Old Harry Peters loves
    Glen Beck and believes he is one of the only people who care about America. If anyone has observed the last 100 days, they realize that we are headed toward a day when SGM might be taken over by the Feds and princesses might be overtaken by them and even old Harry Peters doesn’t wawant to see that.

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