Weekend Roundup

Some items that don’t really warrant a post of their own but are still worth pointing out:

  • The SGMG’s annual Tuesday Night concert during GMA week appears to be ditching the format of last year’s odd pseudo-awards show  approach and going instead with a “Celebration Concert.” Good. Less talking, more music, please. According to this GMA week chart of showcases, headliners include Booth Brothers, Perrys, Gold City, and KPNR, plus a Barbara Mandrell appearance. And unless I’m getting my hotels confused, it looks like the Hilton (the customary location for this event in the recent past) has been ditched in favor of the Renaissance Ballroom. Also good. The Hilton venue always was acoustically crap and seemed less like a showcase of sg to the rest of Christian entertainment and more like a cliquey reception for industry insiders who talked over the (usually too loud) music in between maudlin monologues about Compassion International.
  • Via southerngospelblog, Guy Penrod has booked what appears to be his first solo date in Branson. It’ll be interesting to see how Penrod positions himself as a post-Gaither soloist. He doubtless will be a decent draw on his own, but as long as he sticks by the official reasons he left the GVB, he won’t have a prodigal-son story or other faith-forging narrative to bring his persona into focus outside the bright lights of the Homecoming tour (and no obvious justification to rejoin the Gaither fold at some later date in high penitence and regret, after the manner of, say, his replacement, Michael English).
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  1. Jake wrote:

    Several years ago Mark Lowry left the GVB, mainly due to burnout. Penrod was in as long or longer than Lowry. Do we have to try to make up some “real” behind the scenes, sinister reason? Maybe he was just burned out and needed a change. Unless & untill Guy or someine who is in the know tells us. why can’t we just let it alone, and rejoice if he comes back in any capacity — soloist or otherwise — into the SG scene. And, although Lowry is back in the GVB once again, I don’t think that was ever a long-term plan.

  2. nashville ear wrote:

    The Nelon’s are also asking for suggestions for a name for their new reality show. How about “life on a bus?”

    the “Word” is that a shakeup is about to be revealed at “Canaan” records. A leadership change is brewing. what will this mean to the label that was to be the new/old mainstay in SG music?

    SGMG showcase can only improve after last year’s debacle.

    Penrod - when are we gonna hear the “rest of the story?” was it money? was it some moral failure? inquiring minds want to know. did Gaither push you out so Micheal could come back?
    Having the benefit of looking back over the last few months - the entire Gaither “reunion” thing now looks like a marketing plan to bring back English, and rescue the sinking solo careers of other former members - not to mention a ‘plan’ to put more rearends in the seats at the gaither concerts. whatever gets people to come to the shows again, it seems to be working.
    Don’t know how Penrod will do as a soloist. There are enough old ladies that get all hot and bothered over that long hair for him to do ok in Branson.

  3. SG Obzerver wrote:

    Regarding the “Guy Is Burned Out” angle: The Gaithers do such a small amount of dates I am not sure how getting burned out would be the issue. It is all speculation of course, but Gaither has always subscribed to the “work smarter not harder” way of doing things and for years have had the crowds coming to him as opposed to him going all over to meet the crowds. I can understand getting burned out on the dates and schedules that other lesser- financed groups have to deal with. Pulling one nighters in Booger Bottom, Arkansas and Bugtussle, Missouri does not sound nearly as appealing as suffering for the Lord in World class hotels in cities with huge arenas that one would actually want to visit. Oh I understand there is more to it than the traveling aspect. There is the added burden of recording in the best studios with the best producers and the list must go on for several more lines. At any rate, my guitar does not weep gently or otherwise for the Gaither burnout refugees. But I do love me some Gaither Vocal Band though…God help me I do…

  4. Rodney Glaser wrote:

    I just saw the nelons in concert twice over this past weekend in Waldo and then again at SNILakeland. Seriously, I was blown away. Their sound is better than ever, it was entertaining to say the least and then it climaxed at the end with the entire place standing on their feet in ovation full of praise. The most excited I’ve ever seen the mostly senior audience in Lakeland.

    They spoke briefly about the show opportunity but I’m not sure if they know all the details yet.

    My friend and I both agreed this group is back and will be a force if they continue with what I heard this weekend!

  5. Andy wrote:

    Guy will not do well as a soloist. Dont know what happened, but Gaither dropped him like a bad habit, but he is still alive and well via stacked GVB Tracks. [edit]

  6. Doug Sword wrote:

    After looking over the GMA schedule that Doug posted a link to, I noticed that Ernie Haase, Wayne Haun, and Joel Lindsey are appearing at the BMI Songwriter showcase on Monday night. Also, the Classic
    Imperials are appearing at the Tuesday night Dog and Pony Show.

  7. Andy wrote:

    I dont know why Michael English would be a reason to re-arrange. Not stellar vocals anymore. I guess taking Guy out of the mix removes the reason to do country-flavored songs.

  8. GVBFAN08 wrote:

    I love it that Barbara Mandrell is going to be at the SGMG showcase…I remember well how she always included gospel on her show. She is such a great talent! I’ll be going to this and can’t wait to see her!

  9. JulieBelle wrote:

    Anyone think Guy will show up in the country music arena anytime soon? Maybe that’s what the Branson booking is all about.

  10. Terry wrote:

    Since everyone at Canaan are volunteers- a shake up would only mean more volunteers LOL

    Word and Warner pulled the money last August and some stayed on free…

  11. Lucas Case wrote:

    Hey folks!

    Just to let you know, Guy Penrod WILL be at my theatre, Music City Centre, on August 30th for an 8:00pm concert!

    This is his FIRST solo date since leaving the Gaither Vocal Band.

    We here at Music City Centre are proud and looking forward to working with him on August 30th. Beckie Simmons has been a great help and has worked tirelessly for Southern Gospel Music all of her life and she has done an astounding job at getting things worked out between our theatre and Guy.

    Since it being released yesterday (April 2nd) our Box Office phones have been ringing off the hook from people all over the country (Texas, North Carolina, Wyoming to name a few).

    These tickets WILL SELL FAST so call our Box Office today and get yours now! 417-339-SHOW (7469).

    Every Sunday night beginning May 31st Music City Centre will host the “Sunday Night Gospel Concert Series” and will feature different groups EACH Sunday night.

    Ivan Parker, Hoppers, Greater Vision, Triumphant, Les Beasley and the Original Florida Boys, the Downing Street Boys, Gold City, Brian Free and Assurance, the Nelons, N’ Harmony, Jeff and Sheri Easter, Kingsmen, Mark Trammell Trio and so many more.

    Kicking off the series on May 31st will be the Isaacs!

    All performances will begin at 8:00pm Sunday evenings and doors open at 7:30pm.

    We hope to see you here at Music City Centre this season for the very best that Gospel Music has to offer!

    Call me, Lucas Case, for more information at 417-336-1600 X 6311.

    See you soon!

  12. SgDoc wrote:

    WOW good job Lucas. Free Advertising! Cut & Paste, Cut and Paste, Cut and……..

  13. afan wrote:

    Booth Brothers sent out an e-mail on Tuesday stating that they will not be appearing at three specific dates over the next few months. They’re all dates they were supposed to do with Frank Arnold. So, you industry insiders tell me…does this likely have to do with a disagreement as far as appearance fee with Frank Arnold? That’s the first thing that popped into my head. Just an outsider who is curious as to theories about situations like this

  14. Rita wrote:

    #5-Bill may have dropped Guy, we’ll never know for sure, but he (Bill) is making the most of all the support for Guy. The Best of Guy Penrod is playing right now on the Gospel Music Channel and has been on several times on various Gaither sponsored shows in the last few weeks. He’ll probably sell a few more DVDs. It’s all about the money.

  15. dmp wrote:

    I think this story will break yet on Guy. In all reality, it wasn’t THAT big of a deal (unless there are some yet to break details…) My sources have sworn me to secrecy, but I can assure you there is more to the entire story…

  16. Rita wrote:

    dmp-I’d like to hear “the rest of the story”. Guy’s leaving was too sudden for the reported story to be true. First Bill “suggests” that Guy take a sabbatical, then we hear nothing for 3 months, then Guy’s leaving to pursue a solo career? Give me a break. I still think Guy is a Godly man and a good family man and I look forward to seeing him in Branson and I hope Angie and all eight children will be with him.

  17. JDC wrote:

    Yes, there is more to Guy’s departure than has been released as yet. Yes, you can look for Guy’s Country Music debut soon. No, there is not a Mike English type of juicy scandal behind the scenes of his departure. When the story breaks, I’m thinking fairly soon, the usual pharisees will point and accuse but there is no “there” there. God bless your future efforts Guy, I wish you nothing but success. You are one of the few truly fine men associated with GVB.

  18. Rita wrote:

    Thank you JDC. There is no doubt in my mind that Guy is the real deal. You can’t fake the love of God that shows on his face when he sings. The “rest of the story” I would like to know is why Bill seemed to dismiss Guy without a second thought. I thought they were friends.

  19. DMP wrote:

    Oh, don’t get me wrong, I think Guy is a good man. I know exactly what happened, and to some it may tarnish his image, but to most I think he will still be a very respectable man. Guy ran into a problem that any one of us could have, and my opinion of him will be unchanged. However, it seems like there is more to the story than I know. That three months is troubling to me and suggests that there is a bit more to it all. If anyone out there knows anything, I’d love to compare notes and see if we have each others missing pieces.

  20. SgDoc wrote:

    Maybe Guy was tired of all the “childish”, “pre-school” and immature back stabbing. comments. His hair, his look, his..Christian people are the worst.

    I simply cannot wait for a “country” release from him. He was never a fit for this industry. He is 1000 times better as a vocalist, a Christian and a man, than this “joke” of an industry deserves.

    Is that statement, “over the top”? NO. Southern Gospel artists believe they are better than everyone else, typically are off-key “church worship singers” at best. But, grandma told them they were the greatest singers ever! Thanks Grandma!

    Then we have the “money hungry vultures” who fly the skies above, waiting to pick the bones of that artist who believes, “we’ve been discovered”, cause they get some attention from…

    the “record executive” who wants 1000’s of dollars to record them, wait they pay and the record co. owns the master…WOW

    the “booking agent” who is out for more money but has no intention of making sure the artist is working…

    the “radio promoter” who lies to them and puts them at the bottom of the disc. And will never send them a list of stations because, that would mean they had to send the disc to all the stations on the list…

    The “Radio DJ” by their own admission, lies on the report to the “Singing News”..

    The “Promoter” who wants 15% of everything they book in his area…

    is anyone laughing yet? Might as well.

  21. dmp wrote:

    It’s tax day, I’m laughing.

  22. ml wrote:

    I never cease to be amused, as well as irritated, by all the “I know the real story…but I can’t tell” garbage that I see repeatedly posted in reference to Guy’s departure from the GVB.

    The fact that Guy simply resigned from the GVB after taking some time off is just too “boring” for the gossip-mongers to swallow.

    Since there isn’t a juicy scandal or some sinister happenings behind Guy’s decision to leave and pursue a solo career, you just can’t handle it, and have to create a story yourself.

    Only thing…you fear the repercussions of starting false rumours - since it could land you in court for libel - so you sit there and make posts saying you know the real story, when you don’t have the first clue!

    And those who DO know the truth sit back and read the garbage posted here…shaking their heads — amused, and irritated.

  23. SLMR wrote:

    ML…My thoughts exactly!! Well said!!


  24. Andy wrote:

    I would like to know about Guy. Is his marriage okay? Did him and Bill just not agree? I know his family a little, but not enough to ask!

  25. wackythinker wrote:

    Rita #18 — Don’t be so quick to judge Bill as dismissing Guy “without a second thought”. He may not have dismissed Guy at all. Guy may have left of his own free will. I don’t know that is the case, but I’m guessing you don’t know, either.

  26. Rita wrote:

    #25 - You are right, I don’t know what happened and it’s really none of my business. Maybe it’s that I like Guy a lot better than I like Bill. For unspoken reasons, Guy has a special place in my heart and there is nothing he could do that would lower my opinion of him. He sings from his heart and he truly loves the Lord. He’s not perfect, just forgiven. Just like the rest of us are. I’ll see him in Branson in August and given the opportunity, I’ll tell him the same thing.

  27. ml wrote:

    Would you feel satisfied if Guy’s marriage was in trouble?
    Would you feel satisfied if Bill and Guy had a huge fight and Bill threw him out?

    Why is there such a hunger to hear only horrible, scandalous news?

    Why can people not just accept the fact that Guy felt God leading him in another direction, and, after much prayer, decided to follow that leading?

    Can you only be satisfied with your own life if you believe that others are in much worse shape?

    You want to know about Guy?

    Buy a ticket to his August 30th concert, and ask him yourself. All you will get in places like this is gossip, fabricated stories by people who want attention by saying “I know…but I can’t tell you”.
    They can’t tell you…because there is NOTHING to tell!!!

    Why not look for something good instead of kicking at every rock looking for some dirt?
    Why not be an encouragement?
    Why not act like a Christian and be in prayer for Guy’s new career direction?

  28. onlygodknows wrote:

    #27 Well-said, ml….nothing here, people…go home

  29. rglaser wrote:

    i just listened to Charles Billingsley “worship leader for TRBC” one of the greatest singers you’ll hear. Dont judge talent on bottom-dwellers of any music movement or industry….SGDoc.

  30. gaithergirl wrote:

    #20, alittle bitter, are we? I was lead to believe there was some kind of family crisis (nothing like immorality), and that is why he left. BUT, I will have to admitt, after the Reunion Videos I does look alittle suspicious! Having NEVER been an English fan, or Phelps fan, I cannot find any GVB excitement in me. I have always seen ’self’ when watching English & Phelps, and have aways seen Jesus in the life of Guy when he sings! I do hope at some point we are allowed the rest of the story, NOT for the point of gossip, but for understanding of the Gaither agenda!

  31. Rita wrote:

    Hey Gaithergirl, You have a way of saying just what I’m thinking. I don’t know a lot about Michael English, but I sure agree about Phelps. I have never seen him indicate that he thought anyone else did a good job on anything. On the Reunion video, there were a couple of times that Guy raised in hand in praise when David was singing and put his hand on David’s shoulder in acknowledgement as well as on Michael’s shoulder on his solo parts. It was like saying “good job”. All I ever see from David is a self satisfied smirk. I will say I saw acknowledgements from other people as well as Guy, just never anything from David. I’m sure I’ll get chastised for these remarks, but I’m just saying what I think.
    I have my reservations for Guy’s August 30th concert in Branson and hope I get the chance to tell him how much he is missed and loved. Keep up the good work.
    And by the way, I read something yesterday that fits Guy. It said that a true smile comes from the heart, not from the eyes. You can tell he means what he says and sings.

  32. gaithergirl wrote:

    Rita, thank you for always lending your support! All I can say is you better take lots of pics that night in Branson! Chicago is just to far for me to be there that night, but I should would love to go! I am not computer savy enough to know how to share my email w/you, but I would love to do that as well!

  33. Rita wrote:

    Gaithergirl, I’m not very good at computer stuff either, but let’s try this. Go to Gaither.com and click on Community. From there click on Members. I’m on there as nanarita. You can send a message and we can communicate easily. There are over 300 members on Guy’s fan page and some pretty awesome photos and great discussions. Hope to hear from you soon.

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