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Regarding the “Guy Is Burned Out” angle: The Gaithers do such a small amount of dates I am not sure how getting burned out would be the issue. It is all speculation of course, but Gaither has always subscribed to the “work smarter not harder” way of doing things and for years have had the crowds coming to him as opposed to him going all over to meet the crowds. I can understand getting burned out on the dates and schedules that other lesser- financed groups have to deal with. Pulling one nighters in Booger Bottom, Arkansas and Bugtussle, Missouri does not sound nearly as appealing as suffering for the Lord in World class hotels in cities with huge arenas that one would actually want to visit. Oh I understand there is more to it than the traveling aspect. There is the added burden of recording in the best studios with the best producers and the list must go on for several more lines. At any rate, my guitar does not weep gently or otherwise for the Gaither burnout refugees. But I do love me some Gaither Vocal Band though…God help me I do…

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  1. Dexter wrote:

    Hey, I’ve heard things really get tuh hoppin’ in Bugtussle! hahaha (according to the Clampets anyway!)

  2. knee deep wrote:

    Quote of the day sounds like the rantings of a bitter weekend warrior / gospel quartet wanna bee. So does the blogmaster here, for that matter.

    I love the way people say there is more to the Penrod story, yet don’t have the testicular fortitude to say what they might think the “real” reason for his exit was. It is like they know something, and talk about it, but never say what it is. Kinda smells like poultry fecal matter to me.

  3. Rodney Glaser wrote:

    Although new and rather over-matched and outwitted by the likes of avery and company re: the blogisphere, I am somewhat of a radical, traveling fan with the artists I prefer or those that simply interest me and selfishly consider me-myself-and-i to be a fair critic of SG. Of course, I was saddened to hear the departure of Guy and the other little guys from GVB, but can’t say that my musical taste-buds were left wanting more after hearing the new GVB in FL recently. Powerful is an understatement! Vocally incredible and Bill seems to be having the time of his life.

    Only thing they look like they keep running in to each other on a stage with 5 vocalists. I’m sure they’ll talk to Ernie to get some advice there!!!! Or maybe they can hook-up with TomJackson again.

  4. Yeah... wrote:

    Well put, knee deep. And so true.

    As every insider will tell you in honesty, the only story on Guy Penrod’s leaving is that there’s no story. No drama. Just a man who got tired of the same old-same old after 14 years, and has to get ready for the next chapter of his family’s life. How sad is it, that some feel the need to try and bring a really good man down to their pathetic level.

    Yes, the Gaither folks travel well, and have the best working conditions of anyone in sgm. All true. But, that’s not the full story…Penrod et al got vocal workouts on many of the VB songs that few singers do, or could do.

    This post is really just pathetic.

  5. judi wrote:

    Actually, Bugtussle is not in Missouri; it’s an unincorporated community in Oklahoma, on the shores of Lake Eufala near McAlester. Former Speaker of the House Carl Albert hailed from there–something only an Okie like me might remember. (There’s also an unincorporated town in Monroe County, Kentucky by the same name, and there is a Bug Tussle in Alabama, according to Internet sources.)

  6. Irishlad wrote:

    I know the real story about Guy. He’s now a self-employed light-blub changer. Why let those big arms that reach right up to the ceiling go to waste?

  7. Wade wrote:

    Irish Laddy … I can’t believe you told!!! lol

    So let me hi jack the thread a sec… so you are a WASp living in North Ireland???

  8. Irishlad wrote:

    Yea bud we’re roughly 50/50 over here WASP’s having a slight advantage in numbers thus keeping N.I.part of the UK. That’s just a fact,not a political statement on my behalf.lol Wade hijackin’ bro in arms.

  9. Bones wrote:

    #5 Who cares?

  10. Ron F wrote:

    I am so glad that Guy is coming back. August 30th seems like a long way off. Is he working on a solo Recording?? . I wonder what Guy will ask for . I cant wait to hear him again.

  11. Rita wrote:

    This sounds like an old folks retirement community. There’s nothing going on so why don’t you just make up something bad to say about someone. Did you ever think about looking for something good to say?
    Knee Deep and Yeah have it right.

  12. AnnD wrote:

    I love your post, Rita!! :)

  13. quartet-man wrote:

    #11 Rita, would you like my pudding cup? I didn’t get a chance to eat it. I am due to go back to my room and get a sponge bath.

  14. soldier wrote:

    I couldn’t agree more (for once in my life) with Doug on this one. I didn’t know there was such a thing as “burnt out” with the Gaither Tour.

    #10 WHAT? Guy is coming “back” to where on August 30??

  15. dmp wrote:

    Well “Yeah,” love me.
    I know why Guy left, but after getting the full story, I don’t feel it would be appropriate to share it on this site. Anyone who thought it was a simple departure was being naive. I am really surprised it has not leaked out to more though. My source is about as close to the story as you can get, so I feel it is accurate.
    As far as his new solo date goes, let’s not forget that English went back to singing very, very quickly before dealing with his problems, and I hope this will not be the same. Guy has some issues he needs to take care of, and here’s hoping he takes care of them before returning.

  16. cynical one wrote:

    #15 dmp — This sounds like another “I know something you don’t know” (read that in your best sing-songy voice - na-na-na-na-naaa-na). I don’t know why anyone who really knows something bad about someone would post like this, and not tell the whole story. Unless your attorney has advised against it.

    We’re just as much a gossip as if we’d posted the whole story. And I’m just as bad as anyone else, for egging it on. :-)

  17. dmp wrote:

    It really is not a “I know something you don’t know” scenario. All I hope to do is to convince you that there really is more to the story, because I know there is. I just can’t handle those saying that people who believe there is more to the story are just evil.

  18. Wade wrote:

    QMAN … # 13 that was a little out there for you congrats… puddin’ cup & sponge baths in the same comment!!! lol

    cynical one… # 16 actually an attorney did advise me not to disclose the Guy story. As a public figure Guy would never win… but they sure can suck the life out of you with discovery & interrogatories. Not to mention my personal fav… a deposition!!!

    Unlike Michael English & Kirk Talley there is NO authorities PUBLICLY investigating or in the case of Matt D. an OPEN LETTER in the SN… which always OPENS the door to being able to speak about it.

    Somebody with the name WOODY has commented on this very site, who I believe to be Woody Wright, that Bill would definitely be THE GOOD GUY when and if this story breaks public.

    Dr. DH will not allow other MORE WELL KNOW things posted on this site so I doubt he would let this hit day light either as we have discussed previously.

    knee deep # 2 can get on here and call dmp and myself chicken shit if he/she wants but I like what I do and do not want to get caught up in the negative vibe a law suit brings… if anybody that knows wants to post the story get on GO DADDY and buy ya a URL. Or easier than that just post it on your myspace or facebook page. Mention you have the story posted and give your page ID and away ya go!!

    Just mentioning here has got me a number of friends on facebook and at last count 34 request for information through my email or social site contacts.

    But think about what could separate you from the cushiest gigs in ALL of MUSIC??

    I personally would get it out before an public appearance and use it the best way I could for MY TESTIMONEY!!! and yes I spelled TESTIMONEY as what it could be.

  19. dmp wrote:

    I thought the same thing. Why not use the situation to your advantage. I also agree Bill will be the good guy in all of it. Quite a few people know, so it will come to light yet. Wade, just curious… I really don’t think it is a career ending problem, do you? I honestly don’t think it is THAT big of a deal. Kirk had way more on his plate in my opinion.

  20. Wade wrote:

    dmp…If Kirk & Michael are still sing then NO nothing is not a career ender… Hey I am not perfect… I would still love to hear him style a song!! even Jesus & John Wayne!!! lol

  21. DMP wrote:

    Looks like I crossed the magic “GUY LINE” in my last post that got nixed. Let’s try this again, but better put.

    Cynical one, I disagree on the gossip issue. I think any fan deserves to know, or at least deserves a pass on wanting to know, just where the artist they loved has gone. Let’s face it, they left the door wide open for speculation. Guy leaves for a solo career with no album, website or trace. Finding Guy in the latest homecoming advertisement that came to my house is like a Where’s Waldo book. Something happened, and I think that is all those of us who happen to privy to the story are trying to get across. This wasn’t the standard go solo route taken by others. That doesn’t mean Guy is evil by any means.

    I’ve also wanted to mention for a few weeks that I probably owe Bill Gaither an apology (I’m sure he is reading this right now…). After learning the details of the saga, or most of them, I see many scenarios where Bill may have been being truthful all along and may have never meant to mislead anyone. I think Bill handled a messy situation with class, and I failed to give him the benefit of the doubt. Sorry Bill. I’ll be waiting on that call to join the group as a 6th part (well, let’s be honest, 5th part…)

  22. onlygodknows wrote:

    LOOK UP!

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