GMA Week: SGMG Concert

This year I wasn’t able to make it to Nashville in time for the Tuesday night concert hosted by the Southern Gospel Music Guild last night. But a few folks who were there have promised to send in some thoughts. I’ll be posting these as they arrive.

It was better than last year.  (How could it not be?)  The sound was better, the production was better and the talent was better.  And no random jumping off stage weirdness that haunted us all after last year.  Gold City sounds better than I’ve heard them in years.  KPNR is reliable.  Kim Hopper is simply briliant.

My take on it is this:  there is so much talent in the SG industry.  True talent.  To waste time on an unmemorized introduction for Barbara Mandrell, to give her an award in 2009 for…why, exactly?, to have us sit through her daughter-in-law’s okay song, well, in essence, to waste so much time when there was so much talent was the one, true, tragic misstep.  It was loooooonnnggg.  Most of us left before the Crabbs, in one version or another, took the stage for the last three songs.

It remains a mystery to me why SG just can’t do a blow-out, fantastic, “here’s some of the best we have to offer doing what they do for a twenty minute set” showcase like everybody else this week.  GMA is just not the time for a heavy three hour southern gospel cattle call.  And an SG showcase does not have to be validated by a country music legend.  I know, I know, it helps with advertising.  But does it?  Really?

They are going the right direction now.  So, here’s hoping next year that the “awards” can be given out at a different time (a private ceremony before the celebration concert?) and the people who aren’t good at public speaking will sit back and allow the people who are, our tried and true best artists, do what it is that they do best–sing.  And, in a perfect world, they’ll get more than one song.

More to come later, I hope.

Later: Another take:

In a word: tedious. Again, way too long.

Goods:  the sound & lights we’re pretty good unless you were sitting in the wings; music performances all went well except for a coupla things that just seemed (Where’d that come from?) thrown in.

The bads: The “presentation” to Barbara Mandrell was endless and Barbara was trying to own the stage, too.  All the top 10 songwriter/artist/publishers received little parchment thingys in groups of 2 or 3 (songs) throughout the program … EVERBODY associated with the songs came to the stage not knowing where to stand, who was to talk, etc. Judy Nelon, the presenter, tended to ramble on and on and let everybody talk as much as they wanted. It was a mess–and again, took forever.

Aaron Wilburn was the “emcee/glue” between songs and seemed to be trying to keep things moving except that he, too, had a hard time relinquishing the stage for the next performer.

Had they just done the music and kept it moving, it would have been quite good, I think.

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  1. notintheloop wrote:

    Ok, so I tend to keep a stopwatch at things like this: The showcase started a little bit late, not sure why…but with all that said, it was not that long - it actually went just a tad bit over 2 hours, so the loooooooooooong comment is not really fact. it was not three hours…it was actually closer to 2 1/4 :-)

    Secondly, the Barbara tribute thing, as I understood it, was to honor her for presenting gospel music to millions of people each week on her tv show and then to the millions of fans she sang to each year in concert…i thought the honor was deserved.

    christy’s song: i just got triumphant’s new cd, and the song she sang is on it…and i know she wrote a song on kim hopper’s new cd, and she has songs nominated for doves this year. i think the purpose of the harmony honors were to honor folks who had dove and grammy nominations/wins and chart and touring success…

    i don’t think barbara was trying to “own” the stage - what does that even mean? i thought she was extremely complimentary to sg music and even at one point said she LOVED the music and that “southern gospel is here to stay!” wow, that was pretty neat to hear her say those things about our music.

    i don’t think it was a “cattle call” either. everyone i heard last night was fantastic!!!! the music and talent were just incredible!

    and honestly, i was at gma for a few more things this week, and 2 1/3 hours is nothing for a showcase, i went to one this week that lasted 4 hours….that is a LOOONG TIME!

    i don’t think mrs. nelon rambled on and on…i think she was extremely heartfelt in her wording and what she said about barbara and barbara’s love for our music and exposure to our music.

  2. Diana wrote:

    I attended the Harmony Honors Celebration Concert last night. It was my first one so I can’t do a comparison as to whether this one was better than last year. But here are some of my thoughts:

    I thought all of the artist performances were very good. Mics weren’t turned on the very beginning of the song for a couple of artists. The tracks were way too loud for many of the artists. I thought the sound at last week’s awards was MUCH better.

    The introduction of Barbara Mandrell didn’t go very smoothly and was really too long. I enjoyed seeing Barbara though. I thought she was very charming. She also introduced her daughter in law, Christy Sutherland, who sang Somebody Died for Me, which she had written. Christy did a fine job, but Scotty Inman sings it better on the new Triumphant “Everyday” CD!

    The transitions between emcees/artists/song award presentations was rough but I thought Aaron Wilburn did as good a job as anyone could in the circumstances and I enjoyed his humor a lot.

    The show started about 10 minutes late and ran more than 30 minutes over their scheduled time of 7:00 - 9:00 and then after 9:30 Judy Nelon asked the Crabb Family to do another song, so we left — we had to drive several hours to get home back in the eastern time zone!

    One more thing. The artists sat to the one side of the ballroom, and I was very, very disappointed that a number of them were talking and milling about during the entire show. I guess they thought they wouldn’t be heard, but there always seemed to be a buzz coming from that area.

  3. gina wrote:

    Was Christy Sutherland’s husband, Matt Dudney (Barbara’s son), involved in the ceremony at all?

  4. Diana wrote:

    Gina, he might have been there but he wasn’t introduced or have a part in the concert.

  5. nashville ear wrote:

    The show was too long, I agree. The sound was a vast improvement over last year, but the tracks were entirely too loud on every song, ( all ten of them?) and the subwoofer was up WAY too loud. I think they hired some kids from a rock concert to come run the sound. I know by the time the Crabbs did the big last set it had to be cranking 120 decibels in there. ridiculous.
    The lighting was pretty good. The transitions between sets, artists songs, award presentations, Judy Nelon’s awkward ad libbing, and Aaron WIlburn trying to emcee were very rough.
    If the SGMG wants a slick production they should hire some professionals.
    Either let Judy Nelon talk incessantly, or let Aaron emcee. But both together did not work very well.
    There are other people they could get to emcee the thing that could probably keep it going along a little better - one of the artists maybe could emcee?

    I did not get the fawning over Barbara Mandrell for what seemed like 30 minutes. Give her the little glass thingy and let’s move on. Would like to have heard a lot more singing and a lot less talking.

    Have the top artists in the genre come out and do a 15 - 20 minute set of whatever they want to sing. Not 10 artist who had to sing what the SGMG told them to sing.

    Speaking of artists: Gold City was OK, but Aaron McCunes bass vocal was nearly unintelligble. If I had not been familiar with the song I would have not been able to tell what he was saying. “I cass my breh upon tha waaaa, by heehhin my bruuahh, strurghlin on lice stahrm seee.” You get the idea. And that nappy lookin beard has to go. The lead singer was good, tenor was good, Danny forgot part of his lyric.
    Perrys - still solid even with the new facial contortionist/baritone singer - and I am NOT making fun of his lazy eye, just his Mike Bowling/Hinson/Crabb style facial contortions. Maybe that makes it sound better? I don’t know. Tracy, the bass singer is solid and underrated. Libby is about the best alto in the business. And that Joseph can sing a mean lead line.
    (I’ve also heard there new project and it is going to be incredible!)

    KPNR - good as always, but that song “HEY” - just grates on my nerves. Hey, hey,hey! Should have let them do something else.

    Triumphant Quartet - did a remake of an old Oak Ridge Boys tune, “Everyday”, off their new CD. This is the most solid all around quartet out there today - in my humble opinion.

    Tribute Quartet - another solid group. These guys have all 4 parts down pat but again I wish they could have done a different song, and had time to talk and for us to hear the piano player actually PLAY the piano.

    There was no live instrumentation until DOyle Lawson and Quicksilver did their little bluegrass number. I wanted to stand up and shout because someone finally something besides Karioke. (note to Doug - put spell check on here!) Not sure why we had a bluegrass artists on this showcase - BUT .

    Easters were pretty good. It is good to see Sheri doing well. and Jeff, (bless his heart). There son who plays bass guitar needs to be introduced to a shampoo bottle.

    Some “new” trio - Living Waters was there. Not too impressed with them. What’s with the hat?

    Crabbs - all 3 manifestations of them = were good. They DID actually have live musicians playing which adds SO much. The tender ballad that CR did with just acoustic instruments may have been my favorite thing of the entire night. A&AC were good too, a little too “spiritualized”, but solid vocally. Jason Crabb would have been a great emcee. He is so relaxed on stage. His songs were good - but the kids on the sound board went nuts on the house mix and tried to blow everybodies ear drums out, as I mentioned earlier.

    Overall - like I said, it was better than last year but FAR from a professional presentation. Next year find someone else to emcee - someone who has a little experience hosting concert/showcase type events - and consider using a little scripting to cut down on all the endless chatter.

  6. Thom wrote:

    to: Nashville ear - let me please clarify something for you. I certainly hope you weren’t in any way dissing the talent of Troy Peach, the new baritone singer for the Perrys. He is as solid as they come.

    Perhaps I am reading something into your post that you did not intend. Maybe I should give you the benefit of the doubt, show you some grace and offer what the post could have said instead.
    The post could have made a reference to the facial expression “style” that Troy Peach and Mike Bowling uses, -like Kenny Hinson used, etc. -it’s a “style” and adds emphasis.

    Also, I think you can hear some of the same tonal qualities from Peach that Mike Bowling has and this will give the Perrys a unique sound.

    Remember the vocal blend that Mike Bowling had with Libbi and Tracy? It’s sort of like that with Peach when he takes a lead part. So it’s definitely a more soulful sound. I say let the man loose to sing! For he can.

    I have had the privilege of hearing their new project at various stages of development and this has already become my new favorite! just wait.

    As for the SGMG Honors Concert - I thought Judy, Aaron, Emily, and countless others whose names I do not know busted their butts to try and offer a nice show last night. Kudos to all of them for their hard work. BUT, If you ever need any help with emcee duties keep me in mind. =)


  7. Thom wrote:

    P.S. Saying that you were “not making fun of his lazy eye” was cheap. Cheap shot. You either don’t know or don’t care, but Troy Peach looks like Troy Peach -and you should be careful how you make fun of people. God made me look like me and you look like you. And Troy looks like Troy.

    You shouldnt make fun of something someone cant change.

    (Make fun of McCune’s beard all you want though)

    You should be careful making fun of people with all your cynical remarks.

    im just sayin

  8. john wrote:

    Folks can sure join the SGMG and be able to voice all of their “better” ideas!!! Also, Hey Nashville Ear….that’s a great name since obviously you only have one!!! Retarded!!!!

  9. Hunter wrote:

    I believe ALL the artists did a fantastic job. Judy did tend to ramble, and Aaron should have maybe had his own set. And then maybe let someone else emcee (*ahem Thom *ahem). But over all i think it was a unrehearsed and it showed. Things could have gone a lot smoother. Also I thought the sound, the tracks in particular, were way too loud. I think I saw an older lady take out her Belltone.
    I also have had the opportunity to hear The Perrys new project, and it is just awesome. Every song is better than the one before. Y’all just wait!
    Gold City is better than they have been in years. They have such a great sound. Aaron McCune needs to shave though. At least sport the gotee like Steve and Daniel, haha. And ,yes he’s talented, but i don’t like the way he “growls” all the time. After every phrase is a little excessive. But that’s just my opinion.
    All the Crabbs are so unbelievably gifted.
    I especially enjoyed Aaron and Amanda. They ARE anointed, as Aaron said.
    Crabb Revival is great and sang a great song as well. Not all the artists sang a song that exactly showed off their talents.
    Mike and Kelly Bowling are fantastic. They are so blessed and talented.

    But i could go on and on. Overall I enjoyed the artists and may God continue to bless their ministries. Cause that’s what its all about.

  10. Grigs wrote:

    I wasn’t there. I got nothing.

  11. rglaser wrote:

    who are Living Waters, and are they related to Mandrell?

  12. Glen A. Board wrote:

    Every time I see Peach sing, he puts everything he’s got into it. I would rather watch that than someone stand there looking unmoved and indifferent. Nashville ear, maybe you just get uncomfortable when the atmosphere gets thick and the annointing is strong on a vessel like Peach, so all you can do is look at the messenger instead of the message, not sure. I don’t care what he looks like, when he sings I can sense something rooted deep within his soul coming out. It makes that ticket I just bought, valid and worth it…Anyway I think the Perrys sound better than ever…just my opinion…

  13. sgpromogurl wrote:

    Who were the two people with Kim Hopper when she sang? And what did she sing?

  14. intheloop wrote:

    Nashville ear,
    LEAVE Troy ALONE! This insinuation inflames me!

    Troy has forgotten more about this music than most folks will ever know. He has logged millions of miles, learned how to be a team player, and oh yes, learned how to sing with the heart and delivery of a “here to stay” singer!

    STOP this conversation as it pertains to his facial expressions and/or his lazy eye. NOTHING about this boy is lazy!!!

    If there was intent to humiliate Troy, God help you.

    Oh, and one more thing: Mike Bowling is
    one of the great talents of this generation. Are you really a frustrated singer that no one wants to hear? It’s probably a very good thing that no one knows who you are. Hmmm, maybe someone does know????

  15. intheloop wrote:

    The Crabb’s were all great seperately and as the Crabb Family. Mike and Kelly Bowling were great. Thank God for Judy Nelon. She leads that organization an an advocate of the music, THANK God she is not a singer in a group! She is not shamelessly promoting “her” own self interest as other folks were in the past. Her agenda is always to further the music!

    Judy is a brilliant networker and most of us could learn much from her.

    My dad always said that those that do nothing always criticize those that do everything.

    There will always be those that lead and those that are jealous of those that lead. I am convinced that if your life is so uneventful that you are on this site criticizing everything about the event, you desperately need a life!!

    I don’t read this site much. I got a call from an angry friend regarding the post about Troy Peach. Hence, my rant.

    Frustrated folks that didn’t got that job with the Perrys, are the worst. LOL Seriously, if it is so bad, DON”T go. If the facial expressions are so terrible, sell all your Hinson records in a yard sale. Burn the Crabb/Mike Bowling titles, or better yet, put them on ebay. It’s been done before!

  16. Brett wrote:

    What did songs did the Crabb groups sing? Just curious if it was Rescue Me from CR?

  17. Libbi Perry Stuffle wrote:

    To Nashville Ear, yes I am the old Mother Hen being protective over her little chicks here. I am sure you probably didn’t mean the comment about Troy’s facial looks on stage the way some have taken it, or at least I hope not. I just want to let you know that Troy has Bell’s Palsey. If you don’t know what that is, I have the definition for you. Bell’s palsy is caused by damage to the seventh cranial nerve, the facial nerve, resulting in weakness or paralysis on one side of the face. If you need more information on this, you can do so by googling it. What you probably are not aware of, Troy doesn’t see out of his left eye and the left side of his face has not feeling from the paralysis caused by Bell’s palsey. So maybe a lot of what you were seeing was the effects of the praralysis. I have known Troy for many years and being around him all the time, we don’t even notice it.
    I am sure you didn’t mean your comment to hurt him, but sometimes things are not always as they seem. We are honored to have Troy a part of our family!

  18. RowdyReverend wrote:

    Just wanted to respond to Nashville Ear’s comments on the Perry’s baritone singer, Troy Peach. If you think Tracy Stuffle is underated.. Troy most definitely is! As far as your comments regarding his facial expression- you can state that you are not making fun, but your very words condemn you. And remember IT IS STILL TRUE THAT WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND. I don’t know if you have ever suffered any medical problems/issues or had anyone in your family do so, but it is not easy. And it is certainly not easy to try and give your best to God when idiots like you intentionally draw attention to our imperfections. My gut tells me that you do deal with medical issues. The bible admonishes us to comfort the “feeble minded.” Your comments indicate that you are feeble minded, as they were mean spirited, out of line and completely uncalled for. Your type of trashing God’s people (especially those who have been blessed with such talent)… makes it very evident that your intent is not to edify the body of Christ, but to simply try and hinder the work of the kingdom. I’ve been watching Troy sing since before anyone had ever heard of Jason Crabb… so get your facts straight - after all, you are walking a very fine line! I must wrap up my comments for fear that your stupidity might rub off on me. Since you boast of having a “Nashville Ear” (I assume for listening)… maybe you check your other senses… touch, smell, etc… because it’s obvious you can’t tell the difference between a pile of dog poop and a scoop of good ice cream. Oh yeah, try using your brain before opening your mouth and certainly typing out cruel statements.

  19. Big Jim wrote:

    Peach sings with more power and conviction than 99% of all the other SG fakers out there. He gives 100% every times he steps on the stage, and is one of the hardest working guys in the biz. Its not his fault that you dont like it when the anointing is thick and you feel uncomfortable because of your own conviction. I have known peach his whole life, and you do not know the things that he went thru with his bells palsy. Even though you call yourself nashville ear you have one the worst ones in history. The perrys are better than ever and Troy has become one the most solid singers in the SG music. KEEP ON SINGIN PEACH!

  20. Wade wrote:

    Yeah Libbi you go Girl… You better watch it Nashville Ear or she will whip your ass and take the other ear. I would put my money on her…those stirred up God’s Little Ppl can GET UP UNDER YA FAST!! lol

  21. criticismcanhelp wrote:

    Okay, okay, okay - let’s be realistic here. Some of you people have lost your minds, well, lost your ear, or well, never had an ear. Anyway, what appeals to you is in the interpretation. However, to say that the Perrys have as big of a sound now as they’ve ever had. Now, that’s just silly. They’ll likely never have a bigger sound than they had with Harris and Habedank. They were capable of having such fullness there with Habedank’s voice singing the baritone part or with Harris’ voice singing the baritone part on songs that Joseph led. They’ll likely never have a better blend than they had with Harris and Curt Davis. However, they’re still one of the best things going in that genre of music. The reason for that is because they are unique. There’s no other group like them, no group that is relatively polished but still has that down-home country charm with a little of the pretty-boy appeal that Habedank brings to the table. I don’t know what the industry thinks of Troy Peach, but he seems like a total class act. We’re not the closest of friends, but in the limited interaction that I’ve had with him, he’s been super. You can’t help but feel good for that type of guy to get thrust into an out-front position with a group of the caliber of the Perrys. I really like Troy. Is he a good singer? To me, he’s adequate. Will he give them that fullness I feel that they need singing the baritone part? He may in time, but he likely will not. His voice make-up is just not conducive to that. Will he give them some vocal energy? Sure he will. Vocal energy just means that he’ll belt into his part and give them a little bit of shock effect via volume and enthusiasm. His voice isn’t unbelievable in my estimation, but it’s certainly adequate for what the Perrys do. He seems totally professional though and a big-time team player. Those are all qualities that will allow the Perrys to sustain the level of appeal that they have risen to achieve. Things haven’t been the same since Harris left though. The blue-hairs were wild over the Perrys when Harris was leading all of the big tunes back a few years ago (I Rest My Case, Calvary Answers, I Wish I Could Have Been There). I do believe that Tracy is underrated as well. Libbi makes them distinctive. Joseph is still an untapped talent. When he finds the right vocal coach and/or mentor, he will be really special. He seems like a really good guy as well.

    As far as the SGMG event goes, Gold City sounded awful. I don’t know if it had to do with their monitors or what, but they looked - and sounded - about as scattered and somewhat flustered as any Gold City performance I have ever seen. They were singing a simple song that they sing every night, and they laid an egg. It was uber sloppy. Taliaferro and Riley have great solo voices. The question remains as to how good they can be if they jell together. I see no lime green jigglers in sight, though I want to.

    Judy Nelon obviously was an integral part of putting on a star-participatory yet boringly-average event. She and the SGMA had great talent. I believe their intentions were good. The execution was the problem. Judy is not an out-front type of person. She should smile from the wings and take an occasional bow. She and the microphone are not fast friends. There was way too much stammering and lack of direction on her part, though much of that could fall back on the individual who scripted the event (or maybe I should say the individual who halfway scripted the event).

    I thought it was genuis that you have Triumphant in the country music capital of the world bringing back a high-energy song that the Oak Ridge Boys made famous more than two decades ago (Everyday). I wouldn’t have thought it, but it fits them very well. The song needs big, full voices singing the middle parts, and Clayton and Scott Inman fit that very well. Bennett needs to calm down some of the bass ad libs, and Sutton can always bring whatever it is that he does down a couple of notches. But the nostalgia that the song evokes is just great.

    Aaron Wilburn was not the emcee for that type of event. He seems like he was confused all night as to how much time he had to squeeze in a zinger before rushing into an awkwardly rushed introduction of the next group.

    There was way too much talk at the beginning of the show, and it’s great if you want to honor Barbara Mandrell for her limited contributions to Southern Gospel music. However, it doesn’t need to drag on for 20 minutes. Please be more sensible.

    Who wouldn’t have loved to hear more of those artists sing a second song. Cut out some of the needless stuff and let’s check out some of the best that Southern Gospel has to offer.

    Kim Hopper did her normal thing. She’s just a great performer, whether she’s your favorite singer or not. She communicates a message uniquely well.

    Devin McGlammery is a great asset to Karen Peck and New River. He should be gradually pulled more out front.

    The venue change was nice. I liked it much better, acoustically and aesthetically.

    There were just too many slow songs as a whole. Both Crabb Revial and Aaron and Amanda Crabb did slow songs, and then, Jason Crabb did a slow song too (I think) before the Crabbs did their normal blowout to close it out. Kudos to Aaron and Adam for the attention to their voices. Their so much better vocally now than they were even two or three years ago. The Crabb Family’s time had run it’s course, but people love the energy they bring to the stage when they’re able to reunite. It’s kind of neat to see in a way, yet, to me, it gets old quite quickly. Can anybody say one and done? Part of the attraction to the CF may be in part that they genuinely seem to be enjoying being on stage with each other. That’s wonderful.

    HisSong, calm it down some please. You’re decent vocally, but nobody wants to see all of that distracting movement on stage.

    Tribute, bad song choice. The tenor did fine, but what a blah song for an event like that. Josh Singletary, you’re talented man. I enjoy hearing you play and sing your part so solidly. You all just need a standout vocalist. Your sum is far greater than the individual parts.

    Mike and Kelly Bowling are okay. Lots of people are drawn to Mike’s voice. I’m not sure what it might take to get you to that next level of being able to sustain a full-time career in Southern Gospel though. You’ve had great songs, successful songs. It seems as if you’re still struggling to break through though despite all of that radio success. Maybe that should tell all of you groups who are dying to have your song do well at radio - thinking that it will allow you to finally “arrive” on the Southern Gospel scene. Maybe it will, but just ask Mike and Kelly, maybe it won’t.

    The Booth Brothers were ultimate professionals. Jim Brady, well who’s not on his bandwagon, but talk about a team player who is far too talented to just be a team player. I mean, he doesn’t have that huge voice (not even a Habedank voice really), but he’s just far better than average at everything he does. You can tell the hard work has paid off for that gentleman. He’ll make enough money to eventually be able to branch out and do something musically with his wife. I’m sure his wife is great, but I hope it’s later rather than sooner.

    The lady who led the song that the Living Waters Trio sang had a very nice voice. There’s no draw to them though.

    Did anybody notice how many Daywind artists were a part of the event…quite a few. I’m surprised that Legacy Five - most of whom reside in Nashville - and Greater Vision were not in attendance actually.

    Also, I thought it was classy for Wayne Haun to show up and accept a couple of songwriting awards. Playing piano with the big-timers now (EH&SS), he doesn’t seem like he’s caught up in all of the status of being a part of that group. I just don’t believe you’d ever see any members of Signature Sound nor the Gaither Vocal Band at an event like that. I love his production work, always have. He seems like a team player with a lot of perspective. I like that a lot, though I don’t know him at all. It could be my misperception, but until proven otherwise, I’ll see the positive side of it.

    The event was significantly better this year. I just wish I could honestly say it was in the ballpark of good. I’ll keep hoping each year though.

  22. Diana wrote:

    Here’s the performed songs from the concert:
    Yahweh — Paula Stefanovich (the writer) and Omega Christian Singers & friends (the friends were any of the artists that wanted to join them). Kim Hopper sang the lead and I don’t know who the other man was that was out front with Kim and Paula.

    Welcome to the Family - Booth Brothers

    Everyday - Triumphant Quartet

    Somebody Died for Me - Christy Sutherland

    I Cast My Bread Upon the Water - Gold City

    Your Cries Have Awoken the Master - Mike and Kelly Bowling

    Hey - Karen Peck & New River

    Gospel to the World - Kim Hopper

    I Know it Was the Blood - The Perrys

    Help Is On the Way - Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver

    Life Is Great and Getting Better - Jeff and Sheri Easter

    Good Side of Goodbye - Living Water Trio

    God Knows - Tribute Quartet

    Joy In My Heart - HisSong

    The Blood of Jesus - Collingsworth Family (the trio of Phil, Kim, and Brooklyn sang - not the whole family)

    Rescue Me - Crabb Revival

    Miracle - Aaron & Amanda Crabb

    Jason Crabb - don’t know the name and it wasn’t printed on the program - something about You Don’t Have to Walk on Water.

    Crabb Family - Homesick and another one that I can’t remember!!

    Here are the 2009 Top Ten Songs:
    Good Side of Goodbye - Living Waters Trio
    Help Is On the Way - Doyle Lawson
    Hey - KP&NR
    Reason Enough - Ernie Haase & Sig Sound
    The Old White Flag - Triumphant
    They’re Holding Up the Ladder - Jeff & Sheri Easter
    Welcome to the Family - Booth Brothers
    When I Cry - Gaither Vocal Band
    Yahweh - Hoppers
    Your Cries Have Awoken the Master - Mike & Kelly Bowling

  23. Rob wrote:

    This was certainly been an event for all you critics (or thing you are). There certainly has been enough criticisn here to last a year.

  24. john wrote:

    Living Waters Trio is from East TN. Kingsport area I believe. They are nominated for 2 Dove awards, and are one of the best Trios vocally out there. Their new record is awesome!

  25. wanderer wrote:

    I believe Paul Downing suffered from Bell’s Palsey in the early 70’s. Although I don’t have Bell’s Palsey, several years ago the right side of my face was paralyzed after an operation. Thankfully God healed me, cause it wasn’t much fun not being able to blink my right eye or everytime I smiled my whole face went to one side. Libbi, thanks for sharing about Troy.

  26. thom wrote:

    I have known Troy Peach all his life and I love him like a brother. He was destined to be a minister of the gospel in song. He grew up traveling around with his grandfather who was a great preacher/evangelist, the late Rev. Bobby Shelton. Back in the day, my Dad had a quartet, the Missionaires, who often sang with Bobby Shelton. So, in many ways I have watched Troy grow up and overcome obstacles in his life for the cause of Chrust. He is an anointed, spirit filled, instrument of God. You know the bible warns admonishes us not to attack God’s anointed.

    Try sowing some kindness, encouragement, and edification into the lives of these singers and musicians. Most of the spend more nights in the bus than they do at home with their families. Being on the road is not as glamarous as some people think it is. It’s hard work and you get very little good rest.

    Events like the SGMG concert, NQC, and other awards type shows give us a chance to tell the artists how much we appreciated the sacrifice they make each day. But, we can do more and we can do better! We can pray for them, we can say a kind word of encouragement when we see them.

    For some of you who write on here, the only part you ever see is the few minutes in the spotlight that a handful of artists enjoy from time to time. You don’t see the hard work behind the scenes. To take things at face value, pick them apart, jump on someone and criticize the way they look, or dress, or wear their hair is just not fair.

    It is no secret that I am a huge Perry’s fan. I consider them my friends. I see them for the ‘real’ people they are - and they are the REAL deal. They live the life they sing about - and that to me carries more weight than anything.

    These singers are real people with the same feelings, emotions, problems, struggles, heartaches and victories that you and I have.

    Let’s be found faithful to pray for those who minister. It is our duty as God’s people.

    p.s. - when Libbi kicks your hiney for pickin on Troy, I’m gonna be in her corner ready to tag team your sorry butt.

  27. worthepost wrote:

    I thought the event was pretty good overall. There was rambling and awkwardness, but have any of you ever been to one of these things before? There is always rambling and awkwardness. J. Crabb would have been a good host though. Not always my cup of tea, but he hosted a few years back at the Hilton and did a good job.

    ‘criticismcanhelp’ was about as close as anybody on the course of the night. However, Roy Webb was present a few years back when he was still a member of SSQ. One can only imagine that he knew the not to distant future and was doing that networking thing that the Judy Nelon’s of the world have perfected.

    Gold City’s latest is in my player right now. But they were sloppy, and if you couldn’t see that, you weren’t paying attention. Some nights it clicks and some nights it doesn’t.
    I thought it was humorous that Danny laughed while walking off stage. I can only imagine that he found it humorous when he forgot the words to their radio-release. “Let you who have sang, cast the first stone.”

    I think Peach is solid. More of a lead than a baritone, but he adds. Though I’m not on first name with the Perrys, what little convo I’ve had with them tells me they are truly grateful for what he offers the group, a team player, and always positive. Habedank is bank for the Perrys.

    Living Waters could be good with time and experience. Harmony was there, just not very dominate.
    HisSong was good, Paid-in-Full-ish.
    Tribute picked a bad one, for a one song set.
    Never want to hear DL&QSilver, but they were good Tues. Shout out to the Dobro player.

    Triumphant was my happy surprise for the evening. They clicked hard and the sound they created was great.

    Liked seeing the Crabb Family, but did anyone really doubt that would happen when they read the line-up.

    Where was Louise and Irlene?

    One bad thing was the sound. Who makes these decisions. It’s SG Music, and thus sound quality matters. I thought I saw Sykes next to the board at one point. He ran it for the Crabby Bunch very adequately, let him do it.

  28. scope wrote:

    I am so happy with all the people on here who have come to support Troy. When I watch him sing, I see the love of the Lord and the love of the music on his face. Those who know Troy love him. He is the hardest-working person I know. His love for God, his family, and SG music are the priorities of his life. His voice is just like Troy himself: able and willing to do whatever needs to be done. He can blend, he can sing lead. The thing I love most about Troy is his even-tempered personality. I have never seen him down, never seen him angry. Troy will say that the mean-spirited comment doesn’t bother him. And for the most part that will be true. He will let it roll off his back and go on. But it is also hurtful to those of us who know Troy, and love and admire him. I wish I could sing as well as Troy does. I hope to be more like Troy when I grow up. The world sure could use a few more like him.

  29. cdguy wrote:

    criticismcanhelp - #21 - Check out Jim Brady’s solo cd/dvd combo. I bet you’ll like it. He and wife do some writing together, and my understanding is that they do some dates together, when BB’s schedule allows.

  30. Daniel Riley wrote:

    You’re right! We laid an egg. It happens. The monitors were horrible, but it was our own fault. We drove to the event from our home, Gadsden, AL, but got held up leaving and didn’t make it in time for a soundcheck. As we were leaving, countless people came by to say how incredible we sounded. Ya’ll killed it!! Amazing!! You guys are awesome!!! I knew they were being trying to be nice, and I appreciate it, but any singer or group knows when they knocked it out of the park or struck out. If you don’t know the difference, you shouldn’t be singing. As we were walking off the stage, we all looked at each other with the exact same disgusted look, it struck me funny. We all knew immediately that we had bombed. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with honesty even if it’s critical. That’s my 2cents!

    Daniel Riley

  31. Brett wrote:

    Diana, thanks for posting the list of songs performed. I would have loved to see CR sing “rescue me”, i love that song.

  32. Wade wrote:

    If I Produced a Show like that and some1 didn’t show for sound check they might get bumped.

  33. criticismcanhelp wrote:

    Mad kudos for Daniel Riley to post on here just to say, “yeah, it wasn’t our best.” That’s phenomenal to own up to it, especially when he didn’t have to do so. I’ve heard Gold City so many times to where they did nail it, and I’m sure that’s going to continue. Despite our criticism and occasional silliness at times, we appreciate and admire what you do for the upbuilding of the kingdom of God. After all, “Ain’t that what it’s all about.” What I feel that many fans overlook is the quality of the product. I appreciate anybody who is willing to stand up and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through song or sermon, but that doesn’t make me want to sit there and listen to all of them. Whether Gold City nailed it on Tuesday night or not though, they’re still one of those elite groups to where most of us sit up and take notice when they take the stage. We’re praying for you. Keep on keeping on…just nail it next time.

  34. Sensible wrote:

    #30 - Daniel:

    Anybody that has sung with a group at all has had an off night. Just like professional baseball pitchers, some nights it just isn’t coming together.

    After singing with two professional groups and observing other groups, I notice that the off nights usually come at events like SGMG Concert. Not always, but usually. Most of the time it is because the group is out of its natural habitat of running the sound and controlling the monitor mix. This will continue to happen. (Correct the event if it is wrong, but remember the huge blundered ending in the early nineties by the Cathedrals. I think that was at the Dove Awards. Again, it was that sorry ole monitor mix because “we could not hear!”) Most sound companies hired for these events do not understand the sound needs of SG Artists. I know it is a little different today with these mixers that are automated and “remembers” the mix. However, we used to have a member of the group who would say, “Why get a sound check, it will change anyway before we go do our set.”

    I always have said that a true professional singer is more professional off-stage than on stage. Daniel Riley has proven his professionalism. Roll with the punches, admit faults and failures, learn from it, correct it in the future, and keep going on for the glory of God.

    Nice post Daniel.

  35. Gear Hound wrote:

    Hats off to Daniel. This engineering business can be rough. All of us have tough days. One thing often left out is this: There are some groups notorious for being ridiculously LATE for sound checks. This also applies to being late for cutting studio vocals. It makes our lives really rough as engineers when, along with all the other stuff we deal with, we have to listen to your bitching about your monitor mix WHEN YOU WERE 45 MINUTES LATE. But we still smile and get you your coffee.

  36. thom wrote:

    Daniel Riley you are a class act.

  37. worthepost wrote:

    Daniel Riley just proved in a small way that he has the same personality on stage and off.

    It’s refreshing that honesty appears to mean something to the man.

    thom was right. “class act”.

  38. Ron wrote:

    We love Barbara Mandrell and glad she was given this award. The daughter n law (Sutherland) couldn’t make it in country music so she is swinging on the Mandrell name to get some where in gospel. She is a ok singer/song writer but come on, she is no Mandrell. Make it on your own.

  39. Wade wrote:

    ALL you folks can give GCQ a pass if you want but….they will never get any better with out a kick in the butt!!!…

    Do you think that Hamill, Foxy, JD, Jake or even Tim Riley would have his group miss sound check at such an event??? … it is OK NOT to BE YOUR BEST when you do EVERYTHING you can TO DO YOUR BEST!!!

    Getting to sound check is such a FUNDAMENTALLY easy thing to do… there is no excuse except if there was a SHUT DOWN of the I-24 for several hours getting in to Nashville… then there would be several late I am sure. It does not even have anything to do with SINGING or NOT!!!

    Hey I am a HUGE GCQ Fan. I booked them the 1st time they were in Chattanooga Area after Robe of White was released. I want them to do good.

    I think that being late for a sound check for a show like this exposes a lack of attention to details that will hold a group back… if you are SOOO SLACK you are late to a sound check for such a show… IMAGINE what other details are being missed that WE DON’T SEE!!!

    SLACK is SLACK no matter how you cut it!!!

    Oh learning the words to your CURRENT radio single is another GLARING example… no need to wonder what’s up with GCQ and why they can’t get back over the hump. NOW we know!!

    If I were Tim I would be raising hell & whipping some ass for sure!!!

    NO EXCUSES… Leave on time… Arrive on Time!! LEARN the words before you PREACH the WORD!! .

    This may sound Harsh BUT SOMETIMES a Good Smack in the back of the head or on the ass is what is needed… just ask Jethro Leroy Gibbs!! lol

    It is an HONOR to be asked to perform @ an event like this…ACT LIKE IT!!!


    Love you guys… but come on!!!

    Be glad to come down kick some ass and be a ruthless road manager… Probably what ya need!!

  40. Rhonda Thompson wrote:

    I make it a habit of usually not posting because it only fuels the fire for people who think they know but they really don’t have a clue. I was one of the producers of the Tuesday night’s concert. The production team consisted of myself, Emily Higenbothem, Crystal Burchette-Johnson, Terry Thompson, Aaron Crisler and our executive producer was Judy Nelon. We have lived and breathed this concert since February. We all volunteered to do this and I can honestly say I was honored and blessed to work with this wonderful
    group and I hope to do so again. It was our blood, sweat and tears. First of all let me say I do realize that no one show is perfect and you’ll never be able please everyone. Judy Nelon put everything she had and more into this year’s event. She worked so hard to make sure we had great artists on the show. I do want to respond to some of the above comments. If you watched any of Barbara Mandrell’s TV show you should know she always had a gospel music segment on there. She didn’t own the stage Tuesday night she was touched to be there and be honored. I know I was backstage with her. Her daughter in law, Chritsy is very sweet and talented. Yes…it really did help to have Barbara there…we had GMC, CMT, GAC and many others there to cover this event that would probably have never come otherwise. Hats off to Crystal and Aaron for their hard work with the media…along with the many other responsibilities they each had that night. Emily was backstage making sure that the slides ran smoothly. She put the whole presentation together and did a fantastic job. We did rope off a section for the artists to sit. They had to be pulled from the audience to be brought backstage. We didn’t want to put them in the middle section because that would have been a distraction to everyone else. Next time remember….sit away from an artist section. Yes the show did go over. I thought the sound was great! That college kid you said that was running sound was my husband. He’sworked with just about each artist that performed Tuesday night. They trusted him and knew their sound would be great. Everyone stop making comments about Troy. You’re just getting too personal and it’s totally uncalled for. I’ve known Troy for many years and I know his love for our music. The comments about Madison Easter…that was tacky. His look is fine. He was at sound check hours before their call time supporting the other artists. He didn’t have to be there but he was. Ok…Living Waters Trio…they are new to the scene. If you want to go to you’ll see that they were nominated two 2 Dove Awards. They did a great job along with everyone else that night! Thanks for all of the positive comments on the show. We appreciate the good and the bad. Everyone has a right to their opinion but I take offense when it gets nasty and personal. You live and learn and take from this year and apply to next year and make it even better. These artists gave of their time to come and perform. Many on the show were from out of town. I was thankful for each singer that was there. I think instead of criticizing you should be sending each group an email to thank them for performing and giving of their time to promote this music we all love. Many came from out of town to do this for the Guild. Many of the songwriters that were honored also came into town early for this. It was all volunteer except for the actual sound crew who are paid by GMA. Touching on the songwriters segments….Judy has a heart for writers and feels they deserve to be honored. I’m strongly encourage all to join the Guild and we can then all work together to make next year’s event even better! Ok…there you go.

  41. Ed wrote:

    Hey Ron- Gospel music is all about making a living off of someone else’s accomplishments. Look at the Blackwoods and The NEW Florida Boys.

  42. B wrote:

    Mike and Kelly have a very bright future. They are a new group, their first album is great! Radio has honored them with three #1 songs already, from the first album. The fourth song is at #2. They are a two year old group. They have moved their singles quickly, they sing great, and they seem to know what they want to be. They are very busy with touring, and people love them.

    Mediocre they are not. Can you think of another artists that has accompolished this in less than two years single handedly. My money is on them.

    They know who they are, and they know what they want. Stand back and watch.

    When you look at the 18 years that Karen Peck said it has taken her to get to this place, the Booth Brothers claiming 18 or maybe it was 19 years, and they are finally viable, the comments about Mike and Kelly look a little skewed. I read this thread and agreed with many things, disagreed with a few, but I strongly disagree with the dismissal of Mike and Kelly’s successful freshman attempt at recording, and their stellar first two years.

    I am involved with many artists and these folks know what they want, and that is 90% of the battle. They will get there.

  43. nashville ear wrote:

    i want to offer a public apology to Troy Peach and anyone else that I offended. my remarks were harsh and crass and i feel very convicted about it. believe or not, i am sorry if i hurt anyone.

    I offer no excuses for myself. i was rude and offensive and i am sorry.

  44. GCs BiGGEST FAN! wrote:

    1-EVERYBODY make mistakes, even the best of the best! have you ever made one?
    at least Daniel admitted it and didnt just let it go.
    2-im a singer also and I forget the words all the time! Every singer has those ‘moments’
    GET OVER IT!!!
    Its not like they did it on purpose just to make you mad! ever heard of the song- EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES, EVERYBODY HAS THOSE DAYS, EVERYBODY KNOWS WHAT IM TALKING BOUT EVERYBODU GETS THAT WAY!

    The guys of Gold City are helping me with something right now, taking time out of their BUSY schedule just to help me and my family! Now, Thats class!! :)

  45. Daniel Riley wrote:


    First of all, I didn’t ask for a “pass” as you call it. I just basically said that everybody was right. I don’t think anybody was giving me a pass, they were just being Christ-like. You can be critical without using foul language and calling people names on a public forum.

    Second, I didn’t wake up that morning and decide I didn’t care enough to make it in time for a sound check. The circumstances that caused us to miss were beyond our control. It was not the first time we’ve missed a sound check, and by the way, my dad missed a few himself. I am insulted by your comment that we missed because we are slack. You are skinning your ignorance and showing your arrogance.

    Third, I know the words to our latest radio single. I went blank. It happens. It even happened to every man you mentioned in your post, even the great Tim Riley.

    Fourth, If you were Tim Riley, I would drink poison. There is not a finer man on the planet than my dad. He knows when to be tough and when to be forgiving, and i promise you that if he thought I was slacking, tough is not a strong enough word to describe the wrath I would experience.

    I don’t know who you are and I really don’t care, but if I did know you I would have lost all respect I may have had for you. We work very hard and make a lot of sacrifices to do what we do, but we do it because we have a genuine love for God and for the music that we sing. We are not perfect and we will make mistakes, but we strive for perfection. I believe that this was an incredible event and I have nothing but the highest praise for those who were responsible for it. They did our music proud and we were honored that we were invited to be a part of it.

    Daniel Riley

  46. Rob wrote:

    Daniel, I commend you on your comments. Don’t let Wade get under your skin. He is the type that finds fault with anything he can because he always wants to be critical and trys to keep something stirred up all the time. If I were a group and he was booking a concert you bet I’d never work for him.

  47. scope wrote:

    Daniel, the majority of us know that you are dedicated to your profession, do your absote best at all times, and you sacrifice much to be on the road spreading the gospel. We appreciate all you do. We also recognize that you are human, and things happen. Please accept my sincere apology that you were subjected to the criticism, and my thanks for handling it in a way that would make your father proud.

  48. GoldCitysBiGGESTfan! wrote:

    you go danny! ; )

  49. scope wrote:

    # 43 Nashville ear, it takes a big person to apologize, and I appreciate that you were willing to so. Thank you.

  50. Yeah... wrote:

    Kudos, Nashville Ear. If more commenters on here had your kind of integrity, this would be a better website. Anonymity can allow people to write things that they’d never say to a persons face. That you came back and apologized took a big person.

    Daniel, thank you for coming on here to present your side. I also wish that more of you folks would do that routinely. It would also make this a better place. We all have off days, and you had the class to say that evidently that was one for you and GC. You guys have a great thing going again, so keep up the great work.

  51. JW wrote:

    Anyone have any spare rocks left to throw at Nashville Ear?

    Ear didn’t seem to be aware of any illness on the singer’s part and made what was an honest mistake most if not all of us have made.

    Good grief! Let me get the sledgehammer to swat this fly who just flew in.

  52. Yeah... wrote:

    Umm, JW, in case you read #49 and #50 a little too quickly, we both gave him high marks for being an adult and coming back to apologize…something that doesn’t happen here a lot. Sounds like someone’s rock missed and got you upside the head. LOL

  53. Shane Jordan wrote:

    #21…Your comments concerning Mike & Kelly Bowling are just ignorant. This is a NEW group and the success that they have had is about to be record breaking. They are on their way to their 4th #1 song off their “Faith To Believe” album. That has never been done before. I don’t see that they are struggling to break through at all. They’ve had the cover of the Singing News magazine, singing on some Gaither dates, Singing News song of the year. So if this is bad I’m sure a lot of groups would love to be doing bad. You seem more like a jealous group or someone with a grudge, or maybe even someone from their past. No one can sit and look at Mike and Kelly and say they are struggling. You just look stupid, ignorant, and misinformed.

  54. Wade wrote:

    Daniel, Daniel, Daniel…

    Looks like you got some important biz to attend to so I will try to be brief… but if I am not it is because I REALLY LOVE GOLD CITY…always have… but it makes me sad you can’t get back over the hump and I SO WANT YA TOO!!!

    I did not write my post to gain your respect… who cares, you would have to really impress me before that would be important. So far so good.

    I looked through my post and did not see where I called anybody any foul names. If raising hell and kickin’ your ass if I was your Daddy bothers you…well you might not be cut out for ANY LEVEL of show biz… cause like it not that is what you are in… you can trick your self to think you are in ONLY a ministry… but come on… if you do not entertain them enough to gain their attention you will NEVER get a message across. You are in the ENTERTAINMENT BIZ with a MESSAGE!!

    How do you do good with THE MESSAGE??? Be REALLY GOOD with the ENTERTAINMENT.

    Can you really look yourself in the mirror and tell us you have DONE EVERYTHING YOU could the last few years?? I said EVERYTHING… not TRY real hard or working harder than you have ever worked before…or EVEN getting a PASS for being a “DEDICATED PROFESSIONAL”… BUT HONEST TO GOODNESS set around every day thinking what you could do to be BETTER??? AND THEN DID IT??

    I think we know the answer. HECK (see I played nice cause I don’t want to offend your tender ears) I can’t say that… CVH can’t, Old Harry can’t, Irish Laddy can’t, not even dr. Joe or Dr. DH can say it say it, I DOUBT there is ANYBODY that can say that… but if you can’t there is something to strive for.

    Ya know…”skinning your ignorance and showing your arrogance” may be something you might consider you are being guilty of if you think CAUSE YOUR DADDY did it it makes it OK for you to do it!!???

    You will have to try 2x hard than your Dad ever did, and you should… you had the biz handed to ya. While others WERE SACRIFICED along the way to make sure you GOT IT!! I have seen your Dad cry about missing kid(s) events. It was your Dad’s desire for you not to even have to be a Gospel Singer, he told me so when pitching Herbalife to me. But since you and Doug showed so much interest he wanted to do well to have something to pass to you so your road MIGHT NOT BE SO HARD!!

    He was even kind enough to bow out WAY early so as not to over shadow you as much. I know he was probably tough on ya some. But the guilt he carries for missing those THINGS in your life when he was on the road REALLY sacrificing probably keeps him from really winding up on you like he would some one who is NOT his kid.

    You might be showing MORE…”skinning your ignorance and showing your arrogance”…to try to impress us with YOUR SACRIFICES… IF IT is such a sacrifice get a real job. DON’T do it if it such a burden to carry… but how BIG are your sacrifices compared to ppl like Hamill , Foxy and yeah your Dad and the many others WHO REALLY SACRIFICED. Your sacrifices PALE in comparison. So that sacrifice road is not open to you.

    I doubt your reason for missing this sound check was not really BEYOND your Control if it where honestly accessed or you would have been more detailed about it…. but like I said, short of a SHUT DOWN on 1-24 getting in to Nashville I can’t think of one… and I have thought about it. Saying it was, “BEYOND YOUR CONTROL” is usually reserved for SUPERIORS to relay to UNDERLINGS… NOT HERE!!

    See some ppl do not have the luxury of traveling in a Motor Coach. A sacrifice you have had to make rarely. I even travel quite a bit my self in show bi’ness and every time I have been late that I did not have control was when I had a show above Nashville and I was not aware of how bad traffic was in Coffee Co around Bannaroo and I still only missed call by 15 minutes. Because if you leave 45 minutes earlier than you think you should for ever 3 hours you have to travel to be there you would be amazed at how few sound checks and calls you will miss.

    As far as blowing the words, to NOT a NEW SONG, but your CURRENT RADIO single, chances are had something to do with being distracted by the bad sound which was brought on by missing sound check. You missed sound check because… SEE IT FLOWS DOWN AND COMPOUNDS!!

    Setting around in a forum for ppl in my biz we talked about WHAT makes you freeze up… after analyzing it we came up with things like above. PLUS…We might think we are too good or too COOL to have to do a silly sound check. We really did not think we need to be a little earlier than call time cause WE ARE PROS. We don’t need to get there a little earlier to become comfortable in stage and the venue over all.

    How BRIGHT are the lights??? How does sound travel in the building??? How does the sound system being used work??? Who is working the board??? Did you have time to give them any clues??? Did we do our visualization of what later that night would look like from the stage???

    See it is THE LITTLE THINGS that make the difference in being GOOD and Sweeping the Fan awards again!!! If you think it is OK to do those things like missing a sound check (and you admitted this was not THE 1ST TIME for you) then who is…”skinning your ignorance and showing your arrogance?”

    If that is what ya want find some singers like Brian, Ivan and yes Dad and cut them in on the action to where they will STAY!! Why do you keep loosing ppl after 5-10 years???

    Besides Brian, Ivan & Garry there have been Mark, Jay & Jonathan. Besides the BS (see I was nice again) of saying The Lord was leading in another direction… very few ppl hear that call if they have a piece of the action some way…kinda funny how that works.

    Get some singers like that and maybe you can BLOW a sound check every once in a while. Until then leave a 1/2 day earlier.

    But you are about to have to replace arguably the TOUGHEST PART to replace. They will be singing with a NEW Lead singer and Sacrifice Boy, who even others not as MEAN as I am say has NOT JELLED!! GOOD LUCK with THAT!!!

    You don’t have to respect me or like me. But ya have to admit there’s alot of TRUTH!!

    If what I said got you all worked up Jim Hamill would have chewed you up and spit you out on The Kingsmen Bus. I have seen him have Shep in tears, but you know what?? He was a heck of a singer the last few years he was on the road with them. You might have lasted about as long as Kurt Young with the Cats. IT’S A TOUGH WORLD OUT HERE.

    If you do not set around fretting right up to time to take the stage what you could have done to make it better and then analyze after wards the SAME thing then GCQ will plod along and you will probably be able to keep from getting a real job, but you will never again do something like sweep the Fan Awards.

    As far as me being tough on ya in this thread and another recently it was nothing compared to the dressing down I have taken from some of my coaches, music teacher and mentors. I have been getting paid to be a musician longer than you have been alive. I did not like some of them at the time, but I sure do NOW.

    AND… If someday GCQ sweeps the awards again, even in MULTIPLE YEARS, maybe you might look back and say, ” WoW that asshole (see I am calling myself that… is that OK???) was really right about some things… The 45 minutes per every 3 hours of travel to call time will be the BIGGEST ONE!!

    Working 2x as hard as your Dad, and not being so sensitive will be a bonus. If I was your Dad I MIGHT… “DRINK YOUR POISON” if you thought it was OK to do a negative because some one you idolize did it. Much less making REAL SACRIFICES.

    So far you have had 5 ppl post tring to tell you it was alright and give you a pass for what you did cause…let me see if I can do this as well as YOUR GHOST WRITER DID…

    1.) Rob # 46… Cause he would not work for me if I were booking a concert and I keep it stirred up…OH THAT HURTS…lol…probably would not book him any way so he’d never get the chance. Throw that one out.

    2.) scope # 46… cause you are a DEDICATED professional. NOW there’s a reason…NOT!!!.. so throw that one out too.

    3.) Yeah # 50… “You guys have a great thing going again, so keep up the great work.” OPPS you are loosing a GUY… so that one does not count either.

    4.) GCs BiGGEST FAN! # 44… “The guys of Gold City are helping me with something right now, taking time out of their BUSY schedule just to help me and my family!”

    GCBF is getting something from you… so that one is out, but maybe the BEST of the bunch for honesty.

    5.) GoldCitysBiGGESTfan! # 48…”you go danny! ; )” … most likely a Diesel SNIFFER…they might make you feel warm like a camp fire… but they usually leave you smelling funny!! lol… so can’t count that either.

    They were all the same ppl who came up looked you in the EYE and TOLD ya…”Ya’ll killed it!! Amazing!! You guys are awesome!!!”

    It has taken me over 2 hours to make this message and the only time I have done that is when dr. joe disses The Oaks and when it is MY HEARTS desire for gcq to be GCQ again.

    But I have to go now because I have to travel tomorrow and a call to make, so it is under my control to sleep and get going EARLY!!

    As far as ppl who might agree with my tough love part, silence should be deafening for you. Most of the ppl who would likely be in Strong agreement with me are REAL INSIDE INDUSTRY PPL that don’t want to be seen BEING MEAN ASS to some one WHO CAN get GCQ back to prominence… you can do it Danny!!!

    Regardless of how you feel about me… you should love me… you know I will always tell you the truth, even if it IS PAINFUL.

    I DO WANT GCQ to do VERY WELL even if it takes you NEVER LIKING this ASSHOLE!!

    Go GET’EM Champ!!! You can do it!!!

  55. criticismcanhelp wrote:

    It must be awfully hard to breathe with your head in the sand, huh? Nobody said that Mike and Kelly didn’t have charting success. Nobody said that they weren’t producing No. 1 songs. That’s wonderful. It’s a credit to their work. However, that also shows you the lack of impact that Southern Gospel radio can have. Mike and Kelly didn’t appear on the NQC main stage last year. They are appearing one night this year. They have had numerous personnel changes in the short history of their group. In May, they have nine dates scheduled. That’s two weeks for most groups (four dates per week, Thursday through Sunday). They’re just not major players…yet. Maybe they will be at some point. I just find it strange seeing as they have had so much radio success and seeing that Mike has been such a renowned soloist and member of the Perrys and seeing as Kelly was so visible as a part of the Crabb Family.

    I wish them the best. I really do. I hope they convey messages that will encourage believers and win lost souls. As far as their current status in the Southern Gospel music industry though, it is what it is.

  56. Daniel Riley wrote:


    I can’t believe I am arguing with someone I don’t know. I think that is what irritates me the most. Why not contact me privately to share your opinion? I would contact you but, your anonymous so that presents a bit of a problem.

    I don’t recall saying anything about entertainment vs. ministry. I too believe they work hand in hand. Hey! We agree on something!

    No, I can’t look in the mirror and say I have done EVERYTHING I should have done. I have made a multitude of mistakes. There, happy? Sure I would do some things differently if I could. But, I learn from my mistakes.

    I never said that missing a soundcheck is okay. I think it’s terrible. I hate that we missed it. But, we did. If I felt like I owed you a full detailed explanation as to why, I would have shared it with you.

    What is this “had the business handed to ya” crap? You don’t have a clue!! I had NOTHING handed to me. My dad made me work my tail off for everything that he’s handed me. I started when I was a kid, and WORKED my way up. My dad was tougher on me and Doug than anybody. There was NO free ride. I started with Gold City as a kid rubber-banding those 3 for 10 cassette specials they used to sell. At 15 I started washing and cleaning the bus every week, keeping the grass cut at the office (17 acres) and anything else that needed to be done that nobody else wanted to do. As I got older I had to maintain the product inventory and load the bus every week. In the meantime, I went to school to be a recording engineer. I started working in the studio engineering vocals on everything they recorded. Finally, I joined the group on the road. Dad would bring me up on stage to sing one song most nights. Otherwise, I was to be at the product table. From there, I started running sound for the group. I did that for several years before my dream of being on stage became a reality. Dad didn’t make that easy either. At the time, I thought he wanted me to hate it because he stayed on my case all day every day about everything I did. Looking back, I know he was testing me to make sure I could handle it. He didn’t want to retire and leave the group in incapable hands. When he did retire, I had a lot to learn then, and believe me, I’m still learning. I appreciate the fact that I didn’t have anything given to me. Dad knew that I would never take care of it if I didn’t work hard for it.

    The notion that dad bowed out WAY early to keep from overshadowing anybody is also a load of crap. Doug and I begged him to come off the road. He was tired, his health was taking a nose-dive and we decided that if we couldn’t make it without him we’d rather have a job somewhere else than know he killed himself trying to keep this group going. He was ready, but he knew it would be tough on us for him to retire. And tough it was and has been. To that point, he was the only constant for Gold City. When people came to a concert, they knew that no matter who was on the road with him, it would be great. With him no longer on the road, that confidence was gone. It has been a tough hurdle to jump, but I feel that we have come a long way in regaining that confidence.

    As far as blowing my words, you are exactly right. I was very distracted and it was my own fault. Again, we agree on something.

    You have again proven that you don’t know what you are talking about when you say we should find some singers like Ivan and Brian and cut them in and then maybe they would stay. They were cut in. They were equal partners. They didn’t stay because apparently they wanted more than a piece of the pie. They wanted the whole pie. Nothing wrong with that. We take care of our people very well, and I will leave it at that. Another thing, Jay never said he was coming off the road because the Lord led him. He was tired of being on the road. Same for Jonathan. I agree that many people use the “Lord Leading” line as their excuse, and that is wrong in my opinion. Just be honest.

    Lastly, let me say that I would not take issue with you like I have if we weren’t on a public forum. i have experienced tough love many times in my life. This is nothing new to me. I have been dressed down with the best of them. If you had come to me and said what you said on this forum, to my face, then I would call you a man and maybe I’d even walk away respecting you, like I do so many MEN in this industry who have taught me so much over the years. I love honesty, and there are a few of my elders still around that I would die for because they have been honest with me. THEY knew what they were talking about. They knew all the facts. Heck, if you are such an industry insider, pick up the phone and call me. Maybe one day you will be man enough to face me and talk to me like you have in your post’s on this site. Until then, I will see you as nothing more than an asshole. Call me.

    Daniel Riley (a.k.a. Sacrifice Boy)

  57. wisdom wrote:

    I don’t know you well, but the little interaction we’ve had in the past gave the impression you were a good group leader, and more importantly, a good man. However, you seem to be letting ‘Wade’ really get to you. That is no good.

    ‘Wade’ is a nobody, with nothing better to do than take two hours to post one message on this website. What a joke. If that is not enough to make his comments neither valid, nor reliable, than what is. As well, he readily shows his ignorance by his poor choice of words on a “Southern GOSPEL” forum. I think the entertainment side of things might be a little more at home for old ‘Wade’.

    In conclusion, I would venture to say that 98% of those who post here know who you are. We love that you took time to post and do wish others like yourself and Libbi Stuffle would post more often, but don’t let a ‘nobody’ get to you. He, more than likely, wanted a job with ’somebody’ at one point and wasn’t good enough.

    I have no use for his foolishness, nor should you.

  58. gina wrote:

    Wow, are we sure #56 was really Daniel Riley? Can’t imagine the opinions of an anonymous person got to him to THAT extent!

  59. chuck stevens wrote:

    Daniel, I say right on! I appreciate you standing up for the group. And more so, for your dad and his business ethic. I have posted here before about how nice and helpful you were with me making sure i had Gold City Music to play on our gospel show here in Tulsa. I have been blown off by the best in the bizz, and you were very helpful, we exchanged quick hello’s, but I walked away impressed by the way you took a quick minute to make sure we had what we needed. I have a country band here in the Oklahoma area, Merle Jam, we play in and around the tri state area. I’ts not easy keeping a Gospel group on the road with the cost of fuel, promoters who don’t want to pay the flats or better yet, can’t come up with it all when you do your part and show up to perform. There are so many things the audience never sees that take place on a daily basis to keep a group on the road. i’m sure many days it would be much easier to stay home than put up with the headaches it takes to keep it going, But know that in Tulsa a few weekends ago, I showed up to see some good Gospel singing and ended up taking home alot more than just entertainment, i love that part of it, but there was a great spirit in the place that night. I needed that. I am a Honky Tonk singer for the most part, but Gospel has always been my first love, and it was good to soak in what made me fall in love with this music in the first place. The live band realy added to it, I hope to see you guys in concert again soon. You can join my band on Myspace, I don’t know if they allow us to plug that or not.

  60. Yeah... wrote:

    Daniel, I don’t know if you’re a regular reader of this blog, but somehow I don’t think so. If you are, you’d never let Wade get to you like he has. He’s the #1 resident pot-stirrer here, and never has much of real substance to add.

    By the time you were 15, you’d already done more in sgm than many people who call themselves the “insiders” and post here. Anyone who knows your Dad knows that he’s a good man. Likely if we knew him better, we’d elevate him to what you called him - a great man. I have no doubt but that by the time he retired from GC, he had passed on to you and Doug everything that he felt was necessary to so that you’d not only survive, but prosper. And, you have.

    Daniel, every singer or group has gone through things that caused them to miss a sound check or the like. Life happens. Please don’t let anything here
    get under your skin because you missed
    one. Please? And don’t let anyone call you a slacker or question your work ethic on here! We really appreciate that you’ve come on here and defended yourself, and 99 point-something percent of the readers here probably feel sorry for you about now. We all have times when we have to decide if this is the hill we should die on. This isn’t your hill, friend. Save it for when it’ll really count. We love you guys, and pray that Steve’s replacement will be the guy that the Lord has for you, to join in carrying you men to new heights. All the best!

  61. Not Likely wrote:

    I’m behind Daniel as well. Wade attacked Danny’s fellow group members and standing up for them shows that he really is a man who takes care of the guys in the group.

  62. Daniel Riley wrote:

    Hello All-

    Thank you for your encouraging words. You’re right. I never should have let him get to me. I also want to apologize for stooping to his level at the end of my post and using the language I used. That was totally unnecessary and for sure not appropriate. I have asked the Lord to forgive me and I will ask all of you to do the same. God bless you all!! (Even you Wade!!)

    Daniel Riley

  63. Wade wrote:

    # 61- not likely - I went back and read my 2 post and do not see any place I Attacked other Gold City members besides Danny.

    Danny thinks it was an attack. But really it was done with the desire to try get GCQ to be as good yes even if it is in their own way. I liked Jay , Jonathan, Mark & Tim as well as Brian/ Ivan/ Mike/ Tim. So NOT LIKELY please point that out for me where I ATTACKED other members.

    # 57 - Wisdom … Your right I should not have taken 2 hours to write that post. AND yeah I am a NOBODY with NOTHING TO DO!!! I did probably have better things to do … I lost 2 hours sleep that night I will never get back… but I clearly stated I have only done that when some one talks bad about the Oaks, Condemns ppl in the biz that might be gay & in this case to show a desire for my favorite group to be The BEST they can be and to get back to being the undoubted THE BEST GROUP in Gospel Music.

    I think the fact I have paid SGM groups an unexaggerated amount of easily $300,000. I have been involved in promotions of over 200 events 50 or more of them was from my wallet both Christian & Secular Concerts. Have been involved in church music for over 30 years. Been a paid musician since I was 14 in both church & secular settling. For years was there was only one other member younger than my self in the Cadek Music Conservatory…ahhh his name was Anthony Burger.

    I have made my living doing stand up comedy the last 3.5 years & producing both DJ & Band Shows up to 3 times a month. I am one of the original Gold City fans. My very first concert to promote was Gold City & The Nelons and it was FIRE. We put over 3,000 ppl in an High School Gym. Robe of White peaked that weekend on the SN Chart. Rex did not like it AT ALL the fact I had Gold City go LAST…can still remember the look on his face when I told him. lol… Jeff Hullender, former bass player for Gold City gives me credit, even recently on TV for helping him get the job with Gold City. I had booked Gold City in a HUGE BAPTIST CHURCH, where they still play to this day. They heard Jeff play and a certain EASTER Brother was about to go help start another group. Garry ask me if I thought Jeff could do it and I TOLD him NO DOUBT the boy can pick. So I go back a while being a SERIOUS Gold City Fan.

    So I think those give me a very unique perspective and ability to comment on just about any thing musical and entertainment. I have not done a SGM Concert in over 5 years cause I kept loosing my butt.

    Danny & All who said I am anonymous…I am probably one of the MOST OPEN PPL HERE. A very small percentage of the posters even have a link. Of the ones that do most of them are to sites where they are trying to sell something. I AM SELLING NOTHING and still have a live link. Mine is just to my FACEBOOK page cause I DO call BS on here from time to time and don’t want anybody to be able to say I am hiding. All you have to do is click on the link that is my name and it take you to my FACEBOOK page so NO HIDING HERE!!!

    NONE of you others commenting on this issue have a live link on your name except Thom and he is selling concerts and would not want to ruffle the feathers of what could be potentially a VERY BIG DRAW for one of his concerts!! lol

    Danny, I am on the road right now and will be glad to call you next week when we are probably both back in from the road. Except I am not in a Motor Coach Sacrifice Boy!!! lol :-) ;-) When I call I will ID my self as ASSHOLE!! lolllol

    When you introduced Bruce @ Homecoming you stated, ” This will be the crowd that is toughest on you”…well take me and turn that knob up to 10 and that is what I AM.

    Sorry if you think what I wrote should not have been in a public forum. I will not say anything else negative here. Point taken. Please accept my sincere apology for doing that if that is how you feel. Was not hiding behind anything like I said just click on my name to go to my FACEBOOK page.

    On MYSPACE PAGE … …where you list HERO’s I LIST Tim Riley among others like…Donald Trump, Ron White, Oak Ridge Boys, Elvis, George Younce, Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins. A pretty impressive list of ppl huh??? Every time somebody reads it and ask WHO IS TIM RILEY??? I send them the link to GOD’S BUILDING A CHURCH!!!

    Yes I have nothing to do tonight but try to wind down from my show. That is why I am ususlly posting after 3am. I could have crashed an hour ago, but don’t want anybody calling me chicken and trying to hide.

    Call me an asshole but never chicken!! lol

    God Bless All of you back and ESPECIALLY You Danny and ALL of GCQ!!!

    I GO IN PEACE!!!

  64. brad wrote:

    Our family has followed Gold City for 15 years.i believe the Rileys are a class act and have put some great lineups together.
    Jay Parrack is and will always be our fav but we loved Steve Ladd and i thought he had done an awesome job. we hate to see him leave.Daniel Riley has done a great job leading this group.i have nothing but admiration for this group and the Rileys.Those that bash them are jealous.Gold City will always be our group of choice.Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing you in Douglas Ga in June.

    Brad Hughes

    Brad Hughes

  65. wackythinker wrote:

    criticismcanhelp - I’m with you. M&K are just not major players yet. They have a great start, but radio’s about the biggest thing working for them right now. Their schedule is light, they’re not hitting heavy at retail, and the bus door seems to revolve.

    And identity/personnel changes seems to be Mike’s hallmark. First he part of someone elses’ group(s), then he wants to be a soloist, then he has the “Mike Bowling Group” (what a stupid name), then it’s Mike & Kelly Bowling. Mike & Kelly are both very good singers (and I’m sure great people), and each incarnation has been very good, but “Mike & Kelly Bowling” is still a new group (less than 2 years?), and has a ways to go before they could be considered “top tier”.

    Also, all the configuration changes might make some people think that, as individuals, they’re flakes. I’m not sayin’ they are, I’m just sayin’ some people might come to that conclusion.

  66. Karla wrote:

    Wow, Wade you must have a lot of time on your hands! I don’t think I would’ve wasted 2 hours telling a guy(I don’t even know) everything he is doing wrong. Danny is a class act. He’s Tim Riley’s son, so how could he be anything less? Danny learned from the best. Danny didn’t get anything just handed to him. Tim knew he and Doug could handle the responsibilities. If Tim wanted to just hand over the business, he could have handed it to his daughter, Amy. That wouldn’t have been a wise decision because Amy doesn’t know what it takes to run a group(I can say this because I’m her sister in law). Tim knew that allowing Danny and Doug to carry on his group was a wise decision. Danny started out with his brother alongside of him. I think Danny deserves a lot of credit for carrying on without Doug. It’s not Danny’s fault when group members leave. Family has a lot to do with why some members leave groups. My brother ran sound for the group for 2 years and his daughter didn’t want him to leave each week. It’s not always because they don’t get a piece of the group. If Danny didn’t care about this group, the ministry, and if he was “slack”, he could stay home with his wife and daughter each week. He’s an intelligent man, so there are plenty of things he could do outside of Gold City. I think he’s doing a great job carrying on with the group. Wade, if all I had to do was criticize the groups that I’m a fan of, I think I’d find a new hobby.

  67. Bill Martin wrote:

    Wade if you think Gold City does not care about the ministry side of their work then you are DEAD WRONG. I was saved at a Gold City concert on 01/27/2007 in Lynchburg Va. The guys in Gold City are some of the finest people around and I appreciate them more than they will ever know. I am not ashamed to give my name at all It is Bill Martin and where I come from we would just call you a MORON. eNOUGH SAID.

  68. Wade wrote:

    # 67 Bill please read what I wrote. I never said they had any kinda problem with Ministry. I am glad you got saved. I have an Uncle that got saved at a concert in Knoxville that would have NEVER came to church… But Sammy Hall was there that night and his words softened his heart.

    For all the GCQ Fans and Family that wrote to GET ME… I have written Danny on his personal email. I even said I was sorry above but y’all did not seem to see that part… here it is again for ya…

    “Sorry if you think what I wrote should not have been in a public forum. I will not say anything else negative here. Point taken. Please accept my sincere apology for doing that if that is how you feel. Was not hiding behind anything like I said just click on my name to go to my FACEBOOK page.”

    As a concert and event promoter & producer I have a HUGE pet peeve with “ARTIST” that think they are too good to make call times and sound checks. In my mind the way Danny reacted to it was OH WELL that is what happened.

    As a LONG TIME FAN of GCQ I want them to get back to be THE VERY BEST. I don’t think they have to have Brian/ Ivan etc to do it… they could have there own sound.

    Danny even mentioned when introducing Bruce at Homecoming that the crowd there would be hardest on him… well as I said take that knob and turn it up to 10 and yank it off.

    I do think it s telling that the only ppl that tried to call me down were family & fans that Danny mentioned in his post that would have told them ANYTHING sounded good.

    There are TONS of industry ppl here and if I had been TOTALLY WRONG they would have jumped me too. THEY HAVE BEFORE!!So there might have been alittle message in my song!!

  69. Luke wrote:

    The Crabb Family portion was incredible…as a matter of fact I looked over to Beckie Simmons and said its about time this show took off . They opening with Ive never been this homesick before….amazing. I thought the whole concert was great. THe production was awesome as well. Hats off to all of the producers and hard workers for presenting SG music with such class. Someone made a comment that AAron and Amanda Crabb were too spiritualized….Is that possible?? Thank GOD for REAL people that arent ashamed of getting radical for Jesus. Wow. I love all of the individual ministries of the crabb family. When they come together on stage as a family again, its magical. everytime. But most of all Annointed. Such genuine people. I love them and honored to call them friends.

  70. Dread Pirate Roberts wrote:

    Wade - comment #68,
    I will probably live to regret this, but here goes anyway….
    Don’t be encouraged by the fact that no industry people “jumped on you” - the simple fact is that you, “Irishlad” and “Harry Peters” have ruined this site for many and we simply refuse to be dragged down to your level. It is futile to point out facts to you because you are so locked in to your mindset that you can (will) not listen to clear reason.

    You claim to be open about your identity, but clicking on your name only takes me to “my” facebook profile, and I have no interest in sharing my identity with you - I’ve been on your Myspace page and that is all I needed to know about you and your lifestyle.

    There is a good reason that you are the “most edited” poster on this site, and it’s really not something to brag about.

    I’m not writing this because I’m some big Gold City fan - the last contact I had with them was when Tim was still singing bass, so I don’t even know Daniel, but I know he reacted with class and you reacted like you always do - and the contrast was overwhelming

  71. Wade wrote:

    Dread Pirate Roberts… Well I am SOOO SORRY we are coming to your little play ground, the likes of Old Harry Peters, IrishLaddy & me just ruining it for ya!!!

    I don’t know what problem you have getting to facebook page… it seems to work for about 100 others from here that have found me and become my friend there… even MR UNTHANK was able to find it. He won’t fix the the slight he gives to the site but think he acts like alot of fine christian business ppl… be warned of those business men with fishes on their card & cars… be afraid!!!

    I purposely left your post be the last one for 4 days just waiting to see if you would get anybody to pile on… THEY DID NOT!!

    Go on back over to the open thread and beat up on gays with your friend dr joe blow.

    I gotta get to myspace page and make it acceptable to you!!! lol yeah right… thanks for risking your eyes by coming to look…LEAST I have sack enough to tell who I am and not some coward like you and dr joe blow. Do you really expect any respect by HIDING behind the skirt of your bogus ID???

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