GMA WEEK: Twittering Doves

Mostly because I feel bad that people keep “following” me on twitter and I haven’t tweeted in months, I’m going to try twittering the Dove awards tonight. Not sure how it will go. I last tweeted from NQC back in September but found it a mixed experience over all. I use my Blackberry to post, and the compressed keyboard is not well suited to rapid typing (you can get some really unfortunate results from the recognition software that tries to anticipate and auto-fill words for you). So we’ll see. If you’re interested in rubbernecking and haven’t signed up, Avery’s tweet deck is here.

The Aftermath: You can see tweets from the live show here (no need to sign up for anything). I’ll be curious to hear from people who may have been monitoring the twitter thread last night. I guess for my part I see some advantages to the immediacy and brevity of the Twitter format, but I’m still uncertain of my personal affinity for it. A friend of mine texted me during the show to thank me for me tweeting, but ultimately said she didn’t think it was worth it. Kinda how I feel, I guess. But I’ll think on it awhile. In the meantime, feel free to weigh in.

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  1. K. Allen wrote:

    Install TwitterBerry:

  2. judi wrote:

    All ready to follow your Dove tweets. Actually, Twitter is a help to bloggers like me who are sometimes too busy to blog but have brief updates to post. My family says they check the tweets on my blog to assure themselves that I’m still alive :).

  3. JJ wrote:

    Thanks for posting. It was great to follow the events as they happened!

  4. Charles Brady wrote:

    I’m still wondering if twitter is worthwhile or not. It was fun the first few days but it quickly became one more time drain to an already overworked schedule. I mean is it really of great importance that I’m about to ( fill in the blank ) …

    I could have twittered about the Myrtle Beach fires yesterday but it seemed better to post a picture of the smoke today on one of our sites…

    I do think that your twitter on the NQC was better… but then again more of us could probably relate to wanting to be there maybe? Maybe it is really an issue of relevance? If it is something we are really interested in maybe it becomes more exciting and interesting and thus a more useful tool…

  5. Videoguy wrote:

    Someone please update re: Crabb’s daughter

  6. Jim2 wrote:

    I did check in when I got home (about 45 minutes into the televised show) and was grateful for some of the winners you had tweeted about. My wife was watching the telecast, but the bluegrass and SG awards weren’t on the “main” show.

  7. pk wrote:

    I checked this morning on the dove offical website and they still had yet to put up the winners! I got the 5 of the winners on USAtoday, and thought I would find out the “rest of the story” but this morning, the day after, nothing….lol, that is too funny.

  8. judi wrote:

    I didn’t follow your tweets live but checked in a couple of times last night and again this morning to see what you had written. As far as raw reporting goes, the tweet transcript is a great set of notes that has both a sense of the event as well as the facts of who won what. And as others here have noted, traditional news hasn’t transmitted the full story to those who can’t be there. That’s because traditional journalism is a gatekeeper, often in a good sense, gathering up what news will seem to be the most significant to the greatest number of the reading/listening audience and delivering it via TV or web or newsprint. But the gatekeeper cannot know what the individuals who are posting here are the most interested in, even in something that might strike an editor as obscure. So the big advantage I see in tweeting is both the immediacy of the report and also the detail that remains on record for anyone to access if they want to, when they want to. One disadvantage is that it might detract from your experience, because you are always having to stop to transmit the news as it happens, instead of taking in the ceremony on your own terms to enjoy it. That, and the painful tweeter’s thumb disorder that you are going to have one of these days if you keep it up…:)

  9. Derek wrote:

    #5: The SG show prep today quoted Jason as saying she was ok and home…just had a nasty cut on her head. (Sorry gang for the off-topic response but I didn’t want to leave him hanging!)

  10. Hummingbird wrote:

    I appreciate the preshow tweets ’cause I was unable to watch the show at home, and the categories I was interested in happened during that time. Thanks!

  11. Robert wrote:

    From the parts I saw of the Doves, Sandi Patty wasn’t the only one having pitch problems. BFA too. Seemed to be more of a “could not hear themselves problem” than anything else. Mercy Me and Rambos family must have not had the same problem.

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