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Since I’ve taken shots after the years at the SN’s website (most recently noting the apparent disinvestment in the existing site),  it’s probably worth pointing out (via Daniel Mount) that the SN currently has a redesigned beta site up.

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  1. confused wrote:

    yeah, it’s called the solid gospel website.

  2. Wade wrote:

    think the number of responses here are = to THE IMPORTANCE of SN!!

  3. HHE wrote:

    I went to look-up concerts in my area on their site. You gotta subscribe for that too. Below is a copy of an email I sent the BASTARDS of Gospel Music.

    Why are you Bastards so greedy? Can’t even look up a concert without having to pay.. I bet the Old Man is rolling in his grave, knowing what you all have done to his Baby since Salem took over.

    I quit subscribing when when it turned into a nearly all advertisement rag.
    Your features & Chart are a joke…”Advertise here, get in the charts and get a feature story for $$$$$ in the name of Jesus.

    You asses will never get anymore of my money. To HELL with you!

  4. cynical one wrote:

    HHE - I guess you showed them! I’m sure they’ll want to re-think their policies, after that well-reasoned missive.

    Whitfield let us read his magazine for free, to look up concert info. So Salem should give us free info, too, right?

  5. Chuck Peters wrote:

    I like the content of the SN website.. but the design is kinda hokey. I would have thought that SALEM would do a better job.. or hire out their web design work.

  6. Chuck Peters wrote:

    I just went back and forth between the current,.. and the “soon to be” sites.. The one they have now looks way better than the new site.

  7. Wade wrote:

    who cares… yawn

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