Dissent of the day

I TiVo’d the Doves to watch later, and listened to the different genres with rather more pleasure than dismay.

Contemporary Christian Music is supposed to be CONTEMPORARY music, and that will slice across all genres, I would think. While some folks, the author of this blog included, will fuss and fume grumpishly about the “copycat” nature of some music, the truth of the matter is: We as Christians are not supposed to shun the world. We’re to be IN it, but not OF it.

If Christ had been born in China rather than in Bethlehem, it’s a safe bet he’d have spoken Chinese. If the Gospel is to be taken out, especially to the young–it’s going to have to be in a genre they will engage with. Sorry, but that’s true.

I get as much out of Kirk Franklin, Israel Houghton, and Seventh Day Slumber as I do Bill Gaither & Steven Curtis Chapman–who, I believe, gave one of the most moving performances of the night.

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  2. SDC wrote:

    Do you listen to anything besides religious music? If so, you might notice there are alot more fusions going on in the world you’re “in but not of”. Stop reaching so hard and find something worthwhile to post about, will you?

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